h00ktonyyarusso: Not by much! but yes, I voted.00:21
* Takyoji wonders if anyone happens to know of an alternative to getty/agetty (since it's not available in Ubuntu 10.10)01:48
tonyyarussoh00k: yay.  Should give us some good entertainment for the next few weeks.03:49
tonyyarussoTakyoji: Cisco's network simulation thingy has a Linux version.03:50
tonyyarussoDid ripps' mail get hacked?04:06
nnonixAnyone running the beta yet?04:42
tonyyarussomy parents are04:44
nnonixHow is it .. really?04:44
nnonixI assume you set that up for them.04:44
tonyyarussoI installed it, but didn't do anything else interesting.04:45
tonyyarussoDad would have, but he wanted to go to bed.04:45
nnonixWell, if you haven't gotten any phone calls yet, I suppose that's good feedback.04:46
rippstonyyarusso: my google account was hacked on april 1, google shut it down and gave me the oppurtunity to reset the password05:35
tonyyarussoripps: ah.  Got a funny-looking e-mail from you today.05:37
rippstonyyarusso: really? It should have been fixed05:41
rippsand I don't have any sent mail in my inbox. Is somebody posing as me now?05:41
* tonyyarusso checks headers05:43
rippsI suppose once they got access to my account, they then had everything they needed to pretend to be me, even without access to my account05:44
tonyyarussobah, can't really tell because mailman scrubs stuff.05:45
tonyyarussoSee PM for pastebin of the message05:46
rippstonyyarusso: yeah, somebody accessed my account from Brazil 3 hours ago. I don't know how they got access, I changed my password05:54
tonyyarussoGeez.  It's going to be a doozy of a year for road construction.06:13
sparklehistorytonyyarusso: How so?06:14
tonyyarussolots of pretty high-impact projects06:14
sparklehistoryWhat else are they doing besides the light rail stuff?06:17
tonyyarussoMetro area list:  http://www.dot.state.mn.us/construction/2011/lists/2011Metro.pdf06:18
tonyyarussoGM list:  http://www.dot.state.mn.us/construction/2011/lists/2011OUTSTATE.pdf06:18
sparklehistorytonyyarusso: Aww, they're ripping up 35E at Hwy 96?  That's annoying.06:22
tonyyarussoThey're ripping up everything :P06:22
tonyyarusso35E north of my house, 35E east of my house, 694 east of my house, 694 west of my house, 36 east of my house, and 36 south of my house - wooo!06:23
sparklehistorytonyyarusso: So, you'll be using Snelling a lot this summer then...06:23
tonyyarussomaybe, when I can06:24
tonyyarussoThe bridge over 694 will probably be closed sometimes, if not totally knocked out06:24
sparklehistorytonyyarusso: Good lord, where the hell are we getting the money for all this?  Last time I checked MN was broke.06:29
tonyyarussoa) These projects were approved and funded like 3 years ago, and are not part of the current budget06:30
tonyyarussob) Theres a bunch of federal money in there06:30
tonyyarussoc) MN is nowhere near broke - the GOP just wants you to think it is.06:31
sparklehistorya) I suppose that makes sense.06:31
sparklehistoryb) oh, is this still part of the Reinvestment and Recovery Act stuff?06:31
sparklehistoryc) $5 billion dollar deficit?06:32
tonyyarussohuh, you can sign up for e-mail updates on the projects you're interested in.06:33
tonyyarussob) Some of it, yes.06:33
tonyyarussoc) Is different from "we're broke".  There's money, they just don't want it.06:33
sparklehistoryc) Well sure there's money if they raise taxes, but that's different than what's in the current revenue stream.06:35
tonyyarussoc) Exactly.  You don't get to throw away all of your money and then cry about how you have no money.06:41
tonyyarussoInteresting legal wrinkle in road construction:  http://www.dot.state.mn.us/d1/projects/hwy53relocation/06:52
sparklehistoryha, yeah that's a problem with easements06:53
sparklehistoryYou only have the rights specifically granted in them and no more, someone probably should have thought of that when they signed06:54
sparklehistorytonyyarusso: (This is also why I'm glad your parcels have direct road access :P)06:54
tonyyarussoHuh?  They obviously did think of that when they signed.06:55
sparklehistorySo moving a road is a desired outcome?06:55
tonyyarussoSure, if it doesn't happen until 50 years later and you save money.06:57
sparklehistoryI suppose it's has been a number of years and the road probably needs repairs anyways.  And if there are minerals on the land buying it would have been expensive.06:57

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