holsteinthis is the first wednesday :/03:04
holsteinno meeting03:04
holsteinwe got our official status03:04
holsteinand kinda died off03:04
holsteinor fortunately, depending on how you look at it03:05
holsteinive gotten busy03:05
holsteinand cant really help out as much as i was once before03:05
holsteinbut, we should try and have a brainstroming via mailing list03:05
holsteinor here03:05
holsteincause, its dead like disco in here03:05
_marx_disco is dead?03:12
_marx_i'm up at five tomorrow03:13
_marx_on the road by 603:13
holsteindisco is what it is03:13
holsteinthis channel/team is dead03:13
_marx_i came in in late '08 or so03:17
_marx_bored unemployed Carpenter03:17
holsteinwell, as of 10:14pm EST today03:17
holsteinthis place is dry03:18
holstein_marx_: you still having ubuntu hours at crankies?03:18
_marx_geeks are lame, too busy making money or coding or living just like us blue collar types03:18
_marx_been working saturdays lately03:19
_marx_booked this sat03:19
_marx_should be 150 or so cash03:19
holsteinhow about 11.04 release parties?03:19
_marx_close to my birthday every time03:20
_marx_i'm not inspired to do anything other than pay my bills03:21
_marx_su lost her job a month ago03:22
_marx_how to pay the next round of bills is much more important to me than...most anything i can think of03:27
holsteini hear you03:28
holsteinits tough right now for sure03:28
holsteinwho is team lead now?03:28
_marx_i believe the contact is amber03:29
holsteinor team lead?03:30
holsteini dont think amber thinks she is the team lead03:30
_marx_w/canonical it's the same03:30
holsteinwell, we should probably figure out who the team lead is03:31
holsteinthats probably a good reason why the team/channel is dying03:31
* holstein sent an email03:35
holsteinwe'll figure out whos who03:35
_marx_"leading" a loco has a definition somewhere03:35
holsteinand whats what03:35
_marx_where's that cat herding video?03:36
holstein_marx_: i was under the impression you were the leader03:36
_marx_i can't be, i cuss too much03:36
_marx_seriously there are lots of reasons i'm not a good leader03:40
_marx_besides not leading03:40
holsteinwell, thats beside the point actually03:40
holsteinif you arent the team lead03:40
holsteinthats fine03:40
_marx_i have no contacts in any computer industry03:40
holsteinwe just need someone to do something03:40
_marx_i did already two three years ago03:41
_marx_well two anyway03:41
_marx_i'm stil a 50, yes Fifty something carpenter grandfather...03:42
_marx_not yer typical linux user or loco team leader03:42
_marx_5 grandkids03:43
_marx_that ain't new03:43
holsteinBugeyeD: i remember you saying you were an X guy right?03:43
holsteinim having some issues with XDMX03:43
holsteinwondering if you had any suggestions...03:44
BugeyeDholstein: i used to know my way around the x config, sure. don't know what xdmx is, though.03:44
holsteinim using it to fake a 2nd monitor03:44
holsteinwith an old laptop03:44
holsteinand its working well03:44
holsteinbut im getting some strange keyboard behavior03:45
holsteinwhile the server is running03:45
holsteinand after i disconnect03:45
holsteinand #xorg is ice-ing me ;)03:45
_marx_'02 or so i did a plug meeting on dual monitors on a P23303:45
holsteini'll keep fiddling03:45
holstein_marx_: with XDMX ?03:46
BugeyeDholstein: no idea about xdmx, sorry. and i'm too tired to be helpful right now even if i'd seen it before. :(03:46
_marx_a p233 w/2 monitors, no03:46
_marx_holstein: didn't exist then03:47
holsteinmaybe thats why im having a hard time getting help03:48
holsteini thought it was old03:48
_marx_ i don't even recall for sure what it ran, likely mandrake03:48
_marx_holstein: i can prolly do the winston ubuntu hour this month05:33
holsteini was just wondering if you were doing it still05:34
holsteinand if anyone was coming/interested05:35
holsteinim not trying to say you *should* be05:35
_marx_well can be, money to be made05:41
_marx_give up $150 when i could really use it or go meet..05:44
* _marx_ a 10+ year desktop linux user06:06
_marx_and that is all*06:06
BugeyeD_marx_: i'll be outta town saturday (leaving today, back sunday nite)16:00
BugeyeDi've been a few times myself, so we can prolly still mark up a couple of UH's if we wanted to. the kids love it there. they like sitting next to me, myself on my laptop and them on their olpc laptop playing games.16:01
BugeyeDof course, the hot chocolate and gargantuan cookies don't hurt their feelings either.16:02
BugeyeDi'm so oversubscribed now that i don't think i'd be a good team lead either.16:03
BugeyeDbut if you need someone to step in so there will be someone to "blame" then i'm used to that too. :)16:03
holsteini wasnt trying to say _marx_ should be hosting the UH's16:03
BugeyeDyeah, SURE you weren't.16:03
holsteini was just trying to guage if they were still happening16:03
holsteinwhat the interest level was like16:03
BugeyeDwe still do from time to time. our last one saw someone from greensboro show up.16:04
holsteini was really hoping someone else in our local LUG would take that on16:04
holsteinand either host an UH16:04
holsteinor maybe even an ubuntu users group16:04
holsteinseperate from the LUG16:04
BugeyeDi go every other week or so for a few hours and take the kids. i've had a few folks stop to talk because of the kids and the linux stickers all over their little green/white laptops.16:04
holsteini just cant do it16:04
holsteinbut our LUG is growing quite nicely :)16:04
BugeyeDwe have a problem in our area. i think we have plenty of folks who "would have been" interested, but16:05
holsteinwell, thats fine though16:05
BugeyeDa long-standing lug in our area has given most of them a _very_ bad taste ...16:05
holsteinand the UH's dont have everything to do with the team16:05
holsteini just think its a good potential recruiting tool16:05
BugeyeDgood point16:05
BugeyeDon another note, nginx rocks. it's so much better than apache, at least for my current purposes.16:08
holsteinits nice to find the proper tool16:08
BugeyeDvarnish looks nice too, and i may start using that for certain things. it has a constant-size ram cache which works very well.16:10
BugeyeDjust wish i didn't have to deal with php ...16:10
holsteinsql is the one that i always google about16:10
holsteinand paste in whatever blindly16:10
holsteinBugeyeD: i think it would be nice if one of you 'old-schoolers' took over for _marx_16:12
holsteinbut thats just my opinion16:12
holsteinand i totally understand being too busy16:12
BugeyeDthe sql doesn't bother me; it's the php layer between the sql and the user that gives me nightmares. so many security holes ...16:12
BugeyeDwho you calling old?16:13
BugeyeDi wouldn't mind, i'm used to getting blamed.16:13
holsteinBugeyeD: give its some thought16:13
holsteini'll be pushing the issue as i make/have time16:14
holsteingotta run... BBL16:14
akgranerhey y'all who wants to help plan an UbuCon for the Southeast Linux Fest in June?23:18
akgranerspace is secured already!23:18
holsteinakgraner: im actually pretty sure i cant be there already :/23:20
holsteinbut i'll help out if i can23:20
akgranerthanks!  I'll make a list of what all needs to be done and send it to the mailing list over the next few days23:23
akgranertotally forgot about the team meeting - I am neck deep in work and a book atm ...but my schedule should get back to *normal* (what ever that is) after UDS :-)23:25
holsteinakgraner: no worries23:25
holsteini have a message out to the list23:25
holsteinto determine who is the team lead23:25
holsteinand i'll try and make some time to stoke the fire a bit ;)23:26
akgraneroh crap  - I think I am still listed as the team lead23:26
holsteinakgraner: yeah?23:26
akgranerthis last cycle was crazy for me...23:26
holsteini see you as contanct23:26
holstein_marx_'s said contact = team lead23:26
akgranerI thought that is what we decided..23:26
holsteinbut i was asuming _marx_ was team lead23:27
akgranerbut I honestly don't mind handing it off...23:27
holsteinanyways, we all no how dead it is here23:27
akgraneryeah :-(23:27
holsteinand im not really in a position right now to do much about it23:27
akgranerbut the irc channel isn't the only place for activity23:27
holsteinother than just try and brain-storm here and there23:27
holsteinakgraner: true23:27
holsteini think the whole she-bang is kinda dead though :/23:28
akgraneryeah - I'll be around more after uds - so maybe between now and end of may we can brain-storm some more23:28
akgranerand come up with a plan of attack23:28
holsteinmaybe we could have a barleys meetup23:28
akgranerhowever, I don't think we are very different from most teams - sometimes participation and activity comes in cycles23:29
akgranerbarleys would rock!23:29
akgraner(but more towards the end of may) :-)23:29
holsteinyeah, im totally slammed for now too23:30
holsteinim thinking about going for ubuntu membership23:30
holsteinif i can find a thursday i can make the meeting for sure23:32
akgraneryou can also go to one of the other membership boards if you can't make an americas board meeting23:32
holsteinakgraner: good to know23:33
akgranerlet me know if you need a testimonial23:33
holsteini want to make sure scott lavender can go23:33
holsteinor you :)23:33
akgraneror more testimonials..make sure to send me the link to your wiki page once you choose a date23:34
holsteinakgraner: will do :)23:34
holsteinim thinking sometime this summer i'll try and make it happen23:34

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