canthus13thafreak: Honeypot? Sounds fun.... :)00:24
Derath-SrvrHmmm.... did somehing to screen... looks like it locked my session...01:53
Derath-SrvrWell, I guess we were the only ones at Ubuntu Hour tonight...01:55
Derath-SrvrOh well...01:55
Derath-SrvrI'll wait until I have confirmation before going to the next one01:55
Unit193CTRL-a + x will lock it01:55
Unit193Did you have fun?01:55
Derath-SrvrWasn't that type of lock... it froze it, couldn't input or anything...01:56
Derath-Srvrerr meh01:56
canthus13Derath-Srvr: You hit crtl-S. Flow control.01:58
canthus13Ctrl-q unfreezes it, I think.01:58
Derath-SrvrAh, that looks like it there01:59
Derath-Srvrthanks canthus01:59
Derath-SrvrHard to tell what I was hitting on my EVo02:00
canthus13No prob. :)02:00
canthus13I found out about it the same way you did.. I hit C-s instead of C-a02:00
Derath-SrvrStill trying to figure how what to hit to detach...02:00
canthus13C-a D02:01
Derath-Srvrsince doesn't seem like I'm hitting ctrl-a right02:01
canthus13err. C-a d rather02:01
Derath-SrvrOkay, and how does that translate to an android with screen keys only02:01
canthus13A hammer.02:01
Derath-SrvrYeah, just been disconnecting lately after getting fed up with it02:01
Derath-SrvrLet me try, brb02:02
canthus13that usually works, but sometimes leaves you having to force detach the session the next time you recover it.02:02
Derath-SrvrThat worked...02:03
canthus13Cool. :)02:03
Derath-SrvrAlthough screen doesn't like me changing screen sizes so badly lol02:04
nhandlerDerath-Srvr: You might also like byobu, but it doesn't work that well on tiny mobile devices02:04
Derath-SrvrAlso not in Fedora 10 repos... lol02:04
Derath-SrvrYeah I know my server is dated02:04
nhandlerDerath-Srvr: I think it is in the fedora repos, let me check02:05
Derath-SrvrCore 10...02:05
Derath-SrvrWhich is inaccessible now02:05
Derath-SrvrWill have to spend time to update to 14-15 sometime...02:05
nhandlerDerath-Srvr: Ah, yeah, probably not. You could get it installed, but not from the repos02:05
Derath-SrvrMight switch it to CentOS since I dist-update it so infrequently..02:06
Derath-SrvrEither way, just thought I'd peek in for a bit... laters!02:07
* Derath-Srvr will be idling and idling watching at times02:07
* Derath-Srvr and wishes that spwelton was around as well... oh well02:08
dmcgloneHello all02:09
Cheri703hey dmcglone02:11
dmcglonewhat's everyone up to this evening?02:12
* Cheri703 is planning a packing list for UDS :)02:13
dmcgloneHello EricR242702:14
Cheri703hey EricR242702:15
dmcglonehow ya doing?02:15
dmcgloneCheri703: UDS? what's that?02:16
Cheri703I pm'd you02:16
EricR2427hi Cheri70302:17
EricR2427Doing good, not much new02:17
dmcgloneEricR2427: are you new?02:19
EricR2427Relatively, I've hung around here a bit02:19
dmcgloneCool. how long you been using linux?02:21
Unit193EricR2427: dmcglone is/can be the funny one (at takes the punches ;) )02:22
EricR2427A couple years, haven't gotten very in-depth for the most part, though02:22
dmcgloneLOL Unit19302:23
dmcgloneI do goof off a lot more than I should02:23
dmcglonebut what fun is it when there's no one to help02:24
Unit193I like that I don't have to worry about offending you too  much...02:25
dmcgloneEricR2427: do you like it better than M$?02:25
dmcgloneUnit193: nothing offends me :-)02:25
dmcgloneI'm absolutely not the offensive type02:26
dmcgloneI like hearing differing opinions and considering them. I think it makes me a better person02:27
dmcgloneto each his own :-)02:27
EricR2427dmcglone: yeah, but I still use the other for games and such02:28
dmcgloneEricR2427: Same here. Command and Conquer Yuri's Revenge is my favorite game02:29
canthus13yum... fresh pineapple.02:31
Unit193Anyone smart besides canthus13 that I can pester?02:31
dmcgloneAh dang!!! send me some!!!!02:31
* Cheri703 coughs at Unit193 *ehem*02:31
dmcgloneThank god I'm stupid02:32
canthus13dmcglone: Kroger had 'em 4 for 5 bucks. :D02:32
dmcglonebut then again I'm smart enough to see Unit193 kissing some major butt02:32
canthus13might wanna shave it first...02:33
dmcgloneAhhhhhhh I love pineappl;e02:33
Unit193Na, he just always has to help me02:33
Unit193http://paste.ubuntu.com/590526/ <--- that doesn't look too good...02:33
canthus13Unit193: If I were trying to avoid questions, I'd stay off IRC. :P02:33
canthus13Unit193: What are the temps?02:34
canthus13It could be that the threshold is just set too low.02:34
canthus13/proc/acpi/thermal_zone/<something>/temperature should have the temp.02:34
* Unit193 was trying to see why X(?) keeps going down... (don't think that's it)02:35
dmcgloneUnit193: I never hear you ask questions in here. You're usually quiet unless I drag you out LOL02:35
Unit193I just ask canthus13 (you're not normally here)02:36
canthus13It's worth double checking the temps, though.  Should write a script that throws the reading from that /proc/ file every second with a timestamp to see if there's any correlation.02:36
canthus13(Don't ask me how.. I'm an idea man, not a programmer. :)02:36
Unit193canthus13: /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/ is empty02:37
canthus13Weird. What sort of processor?02:37
dmcgloneUnit193: is the computer shutting down?02:37
canthus13but it's kind of suspicious that it reports normal and then over temp at 5-second intervals.02:38
canthus13P4s don't overheat very easily, either. they're pretty resilient.02:38
canthus13err.. s/second/minute02:38
dmcgloneif the computer is overheating it would be shutting itself down, is that the case here? Forgive me, I'm entering late in this discussion :-)02:40
Unit193dmcglone: You have been here for the entire thing, but it's still "on"02:41
canthus13Could be a GPU issue. got another video card you could try?02:42
Unit193About the X issue?02:42
canthus13I'm thinking the overtemp threshold is set too low and that's what is triggering the alarms.02:43
canthus13A P4 doesn't go critical 'til ~95-105C02:43
dmcgloneUnit193: I missed the question, I scrolled up and don't see one02:43
canthus13He pasted logs at 21:3402:44
Unit193canthus13: I see a dash in the top left corner (and can't get to the TTYs) only fix, reboot02:46
dmcgloneI've had this problem, but my computer would automatically shut down, I remedied it by cleaning out the dust in the tower and applying a new layer of thermal paste to my heatsink02:46
Unit193I'm not so sure the issues are all that related...02:47
dmcgloneI was taught that you always look for the simplest problems first  and I used to always go for the worst problem and it finally came back to bite me in the ass a few months ago, from then on I've always started diagnosing with the simplest and obvious first02:50
dmcgloneI bet canthus13 recognizes that one02:52
Unit193I need X more then the temp issue (if there is one?)02:53
canthus13Unit193: I'm not so sure there *IS* a temp issue.  install sensors and see how the temps look.02:56
dmcgloneI'm trying to find the X issue from above02:58
Unit193Any ideas on X? (if it's an X issue)02:58
Unit193Xubuntu 10.10, LAN, all updates (except maybe the ones that need rebooting)02:59
canthus13yay netsplits.03:02
dmcglonewow what the hell happened?03:03
Unit193dmcglone: netsplit03:04
dmcgloneeveryone just suddenly left the room03:04
canthus13dmcglone: you left.03:04
dmcgloneI did?03:04
dmcgloneI seemed to have stayed here with BiosElement and gilbert03:05
dmcgloneeveryone else went poof.. LOL03:05
canthus13dmcglone: We thought y'all were sneaking off for some nookie...03:05
dmcgloneI was trying, dang you busted me03:06
Unit193BiosElement: Loved your new name03:06
BiosElementNew name? lol03:06
dmcgloneBiosElement is now known as 31NAAAEYW03:06
canthus13I like it.03:08
BiosElementbaka >.>03:08
dmcgloneWell looks like BiosElement, Gilbert and I are on the super server ;-)03:10
BiosElementAwesome hah03:10
BiosElementFreenode is a tad sick03:10
dmcgloneeveryone else got stuck on the B side server that split03:10
BiosElementWhen I start getting disconnected, I know it's sick since I run my IRC via a server daemon heh03:11
BiosElementAnyways, back shortly03:11
dmcgloneyou prefer boring black screens with white text huh? ;-)03:11
BiosElementlol, nope. Quassel :P03:11
Unit193I get red text... :D03:11
Unit193Can't seem to get the temp... acpi -t03:12
dmcgloneIs it a hassle?03:12
Unit193I like it...03:12
canthus13Unit193: Did you install sensors?03:13
dmcgloneI just checked it out, looks cool, I might try it03:14
Unit193dmcglone: checked out...?03:14
Unit193canthus13: Sometimes they have it built-in...03:14
dmcgloneUnit193:  took a look at it03:15
canthus13quassel. an annoyingly complex client-server way to do what we do with irssi and screen.03:15
canthus13Unit193: I've had to install it on a few machines.03:15
canthus13Mostly older ones.03:15
Unit193I have 2 Optiplex GX260s, one is huge (the one with X issues) and another one that has sensios...03:16
dmcglonearen't the Optiplex's servers?03:22
canthus13anything's a server.03:23
Unit193Anything can be a server03:24
* canthus13 installs Apache on his cat.03:24
Unit193lighttpd on both linux boxes03:26
Unit193For irc/### logs03:26
canthus13lighty is starting to annoy me. I'm prolly gonna switch back to apache. :P03:27
dmcgloneapache rules03:27
Unit193irclog2html works better with apache, but I think lighttpd is lighter03:28
* dmcglone has used apache for many years03:28
Unit193dmcglone: That's because the others didn't exist when you were looking ;)03:28
dmcgloneI roamed with the dinosaurs ya know.. :-)03:30
dmcgloneNow they are behemoth paper weights03:30
Unit193Going to  reboot the comp with X issues...03:31
Unit193up 1 day, 32 min03:31
dmcgloneI still got my Odyssey video game console03:32
* Unit193 just added an ollllld video card in...03:36
dmcgloneguess what canthus13?03:39
canthus13dmcglone: chickenbutt?03:39
dmcgloneit's my bed time.. LOL03:40
dmcgloneyup, you know the drill.. LOL03:40
Unit193bed? sleep?03:40
dmcgloneSomeday Unit193 your gonna have kids, and them kids will bite and they bite hard03:41
dmcgloneand they drag you out of bed at all hours of the night03:41
dmcglonedang.. LOL03:41
dmcgloneJust my life.. ;-)03:42
dmcgloneanyway, I'm out. gotta lay and get some rest, morning comes fast :-(03:43
dmcglonesomeday I'll figure out how to keep up with everyone here and stay up all night and day03:43
dmcgloneg'night all03:43
Unit193Ohhhhh crap.... "mounting /dev on /root/dev failed" same with sys and proc03:45
canthus13 /dev shouldn't be mounted under /root...03:47
Unit193boot errors....03:48
* Unit193 really didn't want to do a reinstall03:48
Unit193I think I'm really SOL on that...03:51
canthus13Unit193: you broke it.04:00
Unit193Yeah, I don't think I can fix that...04:02
Unit193If I really have to reinstall, I'll need to backup /home and /etc (so I can remember what I configured)04:04
Unit193Cheri703: Still alive?06:21
Unit193We should both be there tomorrow....06:41
Cheri703k, cool06:44
* Cheri703 will be there. and I found my sign for the table :)06:44
Cheri703I think he'll be there06:45
Cheri703not sure if he'll be bringing his friend again06:45
Unit193dropbear doesn't support normal options...07:29
thafreakMorning Ohio15:01
thafreakSo do the only good conversations happen after 10pm?15:01
Derath-Srvrpossibly... I'm in training at someone else's cube, so not really here16:49
Cheri703so.. Unit193, I really hate to do this, but I don't think I will be able to make it tonight. :(  A health thing came up. However, Skrappjaw is/was planning to go, so you guys are welcome to have ubuntu hour without me19:29
Unit193Cheri703: I take it that Alden(?) won't be going also? Hope you feel better19:32
Cheri703yeah, I don't think he is19:33
Cheri703so do you still want to go? I can email skrappjaw and tell him to watch for you guys19:33
Cheri703or that it's canceled19:33
Unit193EricR2427 isn't home yet, so I don't know... (It would be nicer if it wasn't just me abnd him)19:34
Cheri703ok, let me know and I'll contact skrappjaw19:36
Unit193Cheri703: Confirm21:04
Cheri703confirm what?21:04
Unit193Sorry, we are going (train of thought doesn't work very well)21:05
Cheri703ah, ok. I will let skrappjaw know. one sec21:05
Cheri703ok, so...he has a thing tonight and the timing is too tight so he won't be out either :/21:07
Cheri703you guys are welcome to still go have an evening away from your parents, but...just wanted to let you know21:07
Cheri703you can carry the ubuntu flag still!21:08
Unit193Nobody else is going?21:08
Unit193(I think SkrappJaw, you and us are the only people that go)21:08
Cheri703yeah :/21:09
Derath-SrvrI haven't heard back from Spwelton over whether he's even running anymore, even through they are in the calendar...21:10
Cheri703Derath-Srvr: this is for mansfield :)21:12
Unit193Cheri703: ha! we are having U-H here ;)21:13
Cheri703:) that works!21:13
Cheri703viva la ubuntu hour!21:13
Unit193Maybe get my Xubuntu box (Sigma) back to working order...21:14
Unit193Have you done Ubuntu release upgrades? (The site says you can just do that, but everyone says to reinstall...)21:15
Cheri703I tend to reinstall21:16
Cheri703I've had issues in the past with upgrades21:16
Derath-SrvrI've done both, sometimes it works, sometimes I just wipe and reinstall...21:32
=== Unit193_ is now known as Unit193

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