* waltman waves from plug00:24
waltmanSo anyway...00:24
waltmanxfce seems to have bettter font support, but otherwise it didn't seem to provide much additional functionality00:27
andrewok, somebody needs to buy this one (wootoff, "police line do not cross" shower curtain)04:55
andrewIt's hard to 2-finger scroll when one has a bandaid on05:06
waltmanandrew: Not only did I write some checks last week, I even included an actual letter with one of them!05:07
waltmanI normally write a check a month to my car insurance company, because I wasn't able to find them on wachovia's online billpay.  I'm hoping maybe they'll be on Wells Fargo.05:08
waltmanAnd there are some other ones -- local taxes, gifts, medical bills, etc.05:09
andrewPNC lets me add whatever company I want to the billpay05:09
andrewand they'll do the work sending the check05:09
waltmanWell, it's just one a month, and I've already got the checks and the stamps...05:10
waltmanand it was a bit confusing because they're sort of there, but I'm not sure if it's the right division.05:10
waltmanand sometimes it's a split between auto and homeowners.05:10
andrewhrm, 'screaming giant monkey w/ green cape" on woot, wootoff must be nearly over05:12
InHisNameWe'll know in next minute or so05:57
JonathanDMorning Pennsylvania.10:46
ChinnoDogrise, all ye coffee zombies12:40
andurilcoffee has gotten expensive. I can get a case of beer now for a pack of coffee beans12:41
ChinnoDogBut, would you drink that with breakfast?12:54
andurilIf I didnt have to go to work or accomplish much that day? Heck yes :)12:54
anduriland Im pretty sure there was a decent amount of days in college where that happened. ahem12:54
InHisNamer u a coffee zombie, ChinnoDog ?13:58
ChinnoDogInHisName: sometimes. I picked up a Chai this morning.14:19
ChinnoDogno need for caps14:20
toggles_ok, agreed, it's too early for that much noise...14:28
bts3685|vpstoggles_: are YOOOUUU SURE?16:01
toggles_bts3685|vps: very16:04
ChinnoDogI could use a nap18:34
andrewbut the morning was good, fios was installed at work. (adding it on the network might still be a day or two away, but the install is complete)18:41
JonathanDyay fios!18:43
waltmanstill no fios for me :(18:44
waltmanIt's obviously waiting until I sign up with comcast :)18:44
JonathanDDon't you get a trial period?18:45
waltmanI'm sure it will wait until the day after it's over18:50
andrewand then realize that you cancelled, and not bother you19:01
JonathanDMy parents have internets again :D19:14
JonathanDThey moved.19:14
waltmanis that good or bad?19:16
JonathanDIt's good.19:17
JonathanDThey bought a place, paid up front.19:17
JonathanDIt's in the same condo complex as the old one.19:18
JonathanDSHort move.19:18
InHisNameMusta  liked it there a real lot, JonathanD20:14
JonathanDThey like the place, yeah20:14
JonathanDBut they were renting and got an opportunity to buy a larger unit in better condition.20:14
JonathanD3 bed, 2 bath, and a den.20:15
JonathanDand a kitchen that is larger than a cubicle, unlike the last place.20:15
waltmanplenty of room for them to entertain the grandkids next time you go on vacation! :)20:17

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