* wrst is pretty happy with gnome 3.012:45
* cyberanger beats the yawns out of orias16:24
cyberangermorning orias16:24
wrsthello everyone16:30
wrstcyberanger: i used gnome3.0/shell last night i must say its pretty nice16:30
wrstcyberanger: its really not bad at all and i think right now its better than unity, that being said unity at its stage in life i think may have a lot more upside16:55
wrstcyberanger??? i get teh feeling you are thinking something you aren't saying? :D16:58
cyberangerGo Openbox!16:58
cyberangerwell, that and I'm thinking that I missed something when remastering this livedisc17:00
wrstha ha cyberanger gnome3 is very different but after using it for about 30 minutes it flows really well short of not having a minimize/maximize button, which i used the gnome-tweak package to get that in17:00
cyberangerI did, at least it's just an iso17:01
cyberangerwrst: this will be so cool when done17:05
cyberangerbut an annoying pain right now17:05
wrstaren't most things like that :)17:06
cyberangermost are a challenge, annoying pain is rare in comparison17:09
cyberangerand it can be both (as is the case now)17:11
wrstoh cyberanger happy birthday?17:18
cyberangerThanks wrst17:18
cyberanger(yeah, yesterday when I said celebrating a birthday late, I meant my own ;-))17:18
cyberangersome events are better when not alone17:20
wrstok cool well happy belated birthday cyberanger!17:21
cyberangerThanks, it might mean missing one meeting, but I rarely miss them anyway17:21
cyberangeronce will not hurt, and knowing me, I won't miss it all17:22
cyberangeroh, and don't mind that reminder bit I metioned, cyberanger-bot will take care of it17:22
cyberangerI didn't send to the list yet, still debugging mailman17:23
cyberangergonna have my bot send some statements to the channel at meeting time, should cover it17:24
wrstcyberanger: this is pretty good: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/04/the-first-20-years-of-linux-video/17:30
cyberangerbut for that I need xorg ;-)17:36
cyberangerman, I've been using longer than him then17:37
cyberangershoot, that did not come out right, makes me sound like an addict17:37
cyberanger*using linux*17:37
wrstwell you are addicted to Linux cyberanger17:41
cyberangergood point17:41
wrstand aren't we all :)17:41
oriasdid chris ever get his home decrypted and restored?17:42
cyberangerorias: he's usually in here, not been since, not a good sign17:44
cyberangerbut the details are unclear, I wonder if he can even17:45
cyberangerI mean, I fear it's corrupt17:45
oriasruh roh17:48
cyberangerorias: yeah20:30
oriasthopter> orias, About to copy 9223 PBytes from /dev/zero to /dev/sdb20:38
=== electricus_ is now known as electricus
chris4585cyberanger, I think I'm getting a bit closer21:08
chris4585my original system with all the encrypted data I'm able to boot without a kernel panic now :]21:08
wrstchris4585: that's good21:08
chris4585cyberanger, when I try to login now I get an error message: Unable to allocate crypto cipher with name [ecb(aes)]: rc = [-2] Error attempting to initialize key TFM cipher with name = [aes[: rc = [-2] Error attempting to initialize .... mount: Invalid argument21:11
chris4585I believe I have to update the ecryptfs-utils package to whatever natty is using...21:11
cyberangersounds likely21:12
cyberangera possibility21:13
* chris4585 gets out a ethernet cable21:13
chris4585cyberanger, whats a command that will tell me what local IP I'm using?21:21
chris4585192.168.x.x etc..21:21
cyberangerifconfig | grep inet\ addr21:26
chris4585I'm not sure why I couldn't remember that21:26
cyberangerrare usage for you perhaps21:26
chris4585strange, I had to reinstall ssh21:26
chris4585yeah I don't use it too often21:26
chris4585I seem to have fixed my system enough to where I can login to it from a tty, but gdm doesn't even show the users21:36
cyberangerreal odd21:42
cyberangerhello brandonn22:33
brandonnwhats up cyberanger?22:58
brandonnu ever go around and cuss ppl out?22:58
cyberangerbrandonn: no, not really23:00
cyberangermy end is good, hope yours are better23:01
wrstwow cyberanger what was that?23:52

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