lostsonno loitering!04:49
shagginsbots are rather boring. What happened to the so-called friendly Wisconsinites?06:36
lostsonits been nice outside so everyone is outside06:37
nickmoeckit's Wednesday, so we're not drunk yet08:01
nickmoeckMaybe by tomorrow08:01
shagginswasted wednesdays08:12
lostsoni thought it was thirsty thursdays ?14:45
lostsonguess i need to catch up time to put some vodka in me coffee14:45
mikeputnamvodka pepsi's are ok14:51
mikeputnamnot sure about coffee though14:51
mikeputnamwhatever gets the job done i supp[ose14:51
shagginsbaileys in the coffee for irish coffee is delicious16:12

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