Squirmanybody arond?00:04
totimkopfhallo almal06:16
inetprosqu[tab]: I'm here07:29
inetprogood morning07:29
sakhihi superfly inetpro 07:33
superflyhey inetpro and sakhi07:36
nuvolarimornings people :>08:24
* inetpro looking for kilos09:08
inetprothen again... I can wait for later09:09
inetprokilos is our resident data restore guru09:10
* inetpro has a friend who accidentally formatted the wrong USB drive (FAT partition)09:11
inetproIIRC kilos used testdrive?09:11
Lungahello people13:09
LungaI was wondering if there's a way to locate a phone using the IMEI #?13:09
froztbyteyes, speak to your cellular operator13:09
Lungathey can only blacklist it13:10
froztbyteno, they can also see which cell it's registered to13:10
froztbytebut what they can't do is tell you, because there's a bunch of laws regulating doing that13:10
Lungaok, thanx!!!13:11
cocooncrashInteresting chat.13:15
* inetpro just got a new corporate mecer notebook with stupid nvidia or something14:12
inetprosuperfly: is there a way to do the installation from live image before having the proprietary drivers installed?14:13
superflyinetpro: yes, the nv driver comes pre-installed14:14
inetprohmm... I get a funny screen14:14
superflyand nouvea too, I think14:14
superflyinetpro: funny screen?14:15
inetproblocks of white and black all over14:15
Morganvdi had that with my dell e641014:15
Morganvdi used a spare monitor to install with14:15
inetproMorganvd: ahh, sounds like a workable idea14:16
Morganvdinstall with spare monitor and then install prop nvidia driver after install14:16
Morganvdusualy works fine like that14:16
inetprobut I'm sure there is another way actually14:16
Morganvdyou can also try installing wiht nomodeset14:17
MorganvdF4 advance option nomodeset off 14:17
inetproMorganvd: ok, let me try that14:18
inetproMorganvd: nice... feeling better already14:19
inetproyep, that does the trick14:19
Morganvdhaha just be aware after reboot it does it again14:19
Morganvdyou need to set it in grub i believe14:20
drubinmarcog: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1722973 and every one else that cares14:21
marcogdrubin: i'll let you handle that, i've told you how we can help14:22
drubinmarcog: will you ship them to other cities?14:22
drubinit is actually a blah problem to solve as it involves time and money to ship stuff14:23
marcogdrubin: i told you we can get them to 6 universities outside of the cape area14:23
inetproyuk, size 800 x 60014:23
marcogif we have contacts there, we can setup "official" collection points14:23
drubinmarcog: honestly any one that has access to a university doesn't *need* cds14:23
drubinwe are talking about people like kilos and others that aren't near univierities 14:24
Morganvdinetpro: i would install the nvida prop drivers if i was you14:24
marcogi can't think of what to do in those cases14:24
marcogmaybe ask canonical for shipping funding?14:24
Morganvdthe opensource one does not play nice with some cards14:24
inetproMorganvd: will do14:24
inetpro1st I need proper permission to even format this thing14:25
drubinmarcog: Maybe but can't dealw ith it now. sorry :(14:25
inetprowas told that I'm not even allowed to install ubuntu on it14:25
Morganvdeven RMB let me install ubuntu14:26
marcogdrubin: also, i personally am not sure significant effort is warrented for non-LTS releases14:26
Morganvdi can help get it mooved from prov to prov14:28
Morganvdi think you should find people in each province and from there people can distribute14:32
drubinmarcog: yes but something we need to decied 15:43
nuvolariMaaz: ping16:58
Maaznuvolari: pong16:58
* nlsthzn lurks17:02
drubindecided* that is hardly  my worst typo :)17:03
Morganvdevening all18:22
Morganvdhey superfly18:57
inetprogood evening21:26

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