roothorickjoepa: well, to recover anything, you need to boot the system... if there isn't a bootable OS on the hard drive, and you don't have an external media to boot from, you're SOL, *period*.00:00
ZykoticK9joe75, assuming Grub2 this might help (i haven't looked at it carefully) http://michael-prokop.at/blog/2009/05/25/boot-an-iso-via-grub2/00:00
nerdshellwhat's the difference between sudo su and sudo -i00:00
nerdshellwhat's the difference between sudo su and sudo -i ?00:00
mellois it possible to update to gnome 3 on ubuntu 10.10? and if so how do i do it?00:00
ZykoticK9nerdshell, don't use "sudo su" -- it sets environment variables differently (i don't know the specifics)00:01
roothorickjoepa: unless you're thinking of removing the drive and imaging a partition with a second machine, in which case, cut out the middleman and use the second machine to recover data directly00:01
ZykoticK9mello, gnome-shell is broken in 10.10 (not possible due to some bug)00:01
nerdshellZykoticK9: what do you mean sets environment variables differently ?00:01
nerdshellwhat's the difference between sudo su and sudo -i ?00:01
joeparoothorick: okay, good point, I'll do that00:01
mellook ty ZykoticK900:01
ZykoticK9nerdshell, it sets environment variables differently (that IS the difference)00:02
ZykoticK9nerdshell, don't use "sudo su"... end of story really.00:02
nerdshellZykoticK9: yes, I mean, in fact, how could this be dangerous ?00:02
capletonI'm trying to auto-mount two ntfs software-raid drives, in Nautilus they appear but I have to mount them manually, but in /dev/ they all appear as seperate drives :/    could someone help out?  how can I auto-mount these ntfs arrays?00:02
roothorickI'm not an ubuntu guy, but sudo su seems kinda silly00:02
ZykoticK9nerdshell, not up for debate.  good luck.00:03
mellonerdshell: if u use man sudo in the terminal u can read what the -i command dose00:03
roothorickcapleton: ntfs? software-raid? Wait, what?00:04
roothorickcapleton: you can't be doing Linux MD RAID with NTFS, so... what RAID solution are you using?00:04
capletonit was the one that came with ubuntu server edition... if that's what you're asking00:05
roothorickcapleton: so you seriously... NTFS in Linux MD RAID? Why?00:05
capletonthe drives were already formatted witha  bunch of data00:05
capletonI can mount and use them fine with Nautilus00:05
roothorick...okay, I'm not following, maybe someone that knows ubuntu's idosyncracies will understand what's going on00:06
capletonhah, i hope.   I think it has to do with /dev/mapper00:06
capletoni'll be back00:07
[deXter]Hi all, just installed lubuntu on this laptop but the problem is it doesn't automatically connect to the network upon a fresh boot, any ideas? Thanks.00:08
dotjoshSoooo... I'm sure I'm not the first person asking, but I can't find the info anywhere.  How do I upgrade to gnome 3 on my ubuntu 10.10 desktop?00:09
halpbatmanjoin ubuntu-beginners00:09
frankhello, does anyone know where to find the desktop effects in natty narwal???00:10
Aginor!natty | frank00:10
ubottufrank: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not intended for production systems.00:10
frankI know but it works like a charm already (beta)00:11
[deXter]Does anyone know if GNOME3 can be installed on Maverick, and if so, how to go about it?00:11
ZykoticK9[deXter], it can't :(00:11
Picifrank: Please ask in #ubuntu+1, as ubottu said.00:11
[deXter]ZykoticK9: Thanks. :(00:11
ZykoticK9[deXter], regarding lubuntu networking issue - you might want to ask in the #lubuntu channel (i'm not sure what, if any, network manager it uses).  Good luck.00:12
[deXter]ZykoticK9: Thanks, but I figured it out.. 'connect automatically' wasn't checked for some reason.00:13
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capletonOkay, I semi-figured out the situation, the raid is mapped under /dev/mapper/nvidia_adf1 etc.     But now I don't know whether to use regular mount or ntfs-3g00:16
capletonWhat would be the difference between using regular mount and ntfs-3g?00:16
ayeceecapleton: what's the regular mount?00:16
ayeceecapleton: you should usually use ntfs-3g00:17
capletonjust using sudo mount, idk00:17
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ayeceentfs-3g is read/write, the kernel ntfs driver is read-only.00:17
capletonoh  i c00:18
ayeceentfs in theory offers slightly higher performance, but in practice you'd rarely notice the difference.00:18
ayeceerather, the read-only in-kernel ntfs driver does.00:18
capletonokay.  Now i've gotta find a good fstab tut :/00:18
ayeceeor maybe a manpage00:18
capletongood call :)00:19
deshymersif I'm logged in to my pc with my gui and leave it and go into single user mode, is there a way to go back? or do I jsut ahve to reboot?00:19
ayeceedeshymers: how did you go to single user mode?00:20
deshymerscontrol + alt + F100:20
ayeceeah. that's not single user mode. that's just a virtual terminal.00:20
deshymersahh ok00:20
ayeceehit alt-f7, usually.00:20
ayeceesince X is usually on the 7th virtual terminal00:21
deshymersexcellent, I was trying to do that before but wasnt able to find it, thanks00:21
GatunoRoxcan someone give me suppor with grub problems on USB HDD00:22
ayeceeGatunoRox: only if you describe the problems.00:23
GatunoRoxhello ayecee00:23
GatunoRoxhere's the deal00:23
bluenemo_can i chroot into ubuntu from a debian live stick?00:24
GatunoRoxI've installed ubuntu on an USB HDD, full install 640GB ext4, without any internal hard drive sou grub wouldn't install anywhere other than the HDD, and oh well, works like a ccharm on the compute i used to install00:24
ayeceeit's good to know that the deal is coming, that way i can prepare to receive the deal.00:24
ayeceebluenemo_: i don't see why not00:25
bluenemo_ayecee, cool thank you00:25
GatunoRoxyet, when I use ito to try and boot on my laptop computer or on my other pc, all I get is either grub rescue or black screen with type cursor flashing00:25
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miles__Does anyone know the dd command to clone a interntal hdd to a external00:26
ayeceeGatunoRox: it could be your laptop bios doesn't handle booting from such large usb devices. Maybe there's a bios upgrade available for the laptop?00:27
MrBushidowhat tool would i use to create partitions with?00:27
ayeceemiles__: dd if=internaldevicename of=externaldevicename00:27
ayeceeMrBushido: fdisk00:27
* MrBushido facepalms00:27
GatunoRoxit didn't have any prroblem on my previous install, though00:27
MrBushidoayecee: thanks00:27
armor-64;miles__nope i don't know if somethink like this exist in ubuntu!try norton ghost00:27
miles__ayecee: thanks00:28
miles__armor-64: norton ghost is for windows00:28
ayeceeGatunoRox: perhaps the boot files were placed in a different location on this try, further into the disk. If there's an option to create a boot partition first on the disk, that'd probably fix it.00:28
bluenemo_MrBushido, use gparted, its veeery simple. sudo apt-get install gparted && gparted00:28
ayeceeMrBushido: gparted probably does a better job of it though, if you're within a gui00:29
armor-64miles__:have you try it?00:29
ayeceearmor-64: several program like that exist in ubuntu.00:29
miles__armor-64: why mess up with wine to get a program working, while ubuntu has the same commands built in00:29
armor-64ayecee: can you tell me one of them(a good one)00:30
shcherbakarmor-64: dd00:30
armor-64miles__: i am no messing a wine into this!a bootable ghost exist(i am using one of this and it's good00:30
ayeceearmor-64: ghost is also commercial software, so one would have to go out and buy it.00:31
dotblankusing dd is not idea.. as it will copy pointless portions of the disk00:31
dotblankincluding the "free" space00:32
armor-64ayecee: have you try piratebay(i downloaded a pirated edition)00:32
dotblankI would use a tool like ntfsclone00:32
fisixreinstalled openoffice. it now has a seemingly ugly gui, like windows 98 style. wat happened..00:32
ayeceearmor-64: it is not polite to pirate other peoples' work.00:32
ubottupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o00:32
pooltablehelp with play an mkv the audio and vedio do not match how to fix it ?00:32
ayeceedotblank: that's sensible for ntfs partitions, at least :)00:32
ayeceedotblank: there's probably similar tools for other filesystems00:33
armor-64ayecee: i know sorry but i don't have much money(if ubuntu have a program like tha then i will instal it)00:33
dotblankwell its easier on linux you could just do a loopback mount then cp and use archive mode00:34
pooltablewhat program ?00:34
dotblankyou may run into problems with special udev devices00:34
ayeceearmor-64: why, how much does it cost?00:34
fred_hey guys00:35
dotblankThere are lots of programs that are open source and like ghost00:35
fred_Need some help00:35
dotblankin fact better00:35
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ayeceedotblank: myself, I find it easier to use dd and then gparted to resize, even if it's more time consuming. it's not like I'm sitting there waiting for it.00:35
armor-64ayecee: around 60euros or more(i live in greece so imagene with the crisis we have here how it will cost)00:35
pooltablehelp with play an mkv the audio and vedio do not match how to fix it ?00:36
ayeceearmor-64: money must be very tight for you, but I suspect you merely have other things you'd rather spend money on.00:36
shcherbakarmor-64: abs is totaly free, in some way you could write own custom solution.00:37
dotblankayecee, for what type of images? ntfs images?00:37
ayeceedotblank: plus, most of the time when I'm cloning, I'm doing it because the data is damaged, so recovering the (maybe) free space is useful.00:37
dotblankor ext2/3/400:37
ayeceedotblank: any kind. also including bootloader.00:37
dotblankayecee, Yea for use with computer forensics I would use dd00:37
armor-64ayecee: i help my family with the financial problems so no money for pc :(00:37
ayeceeor data recovery, yeah00:38
dotblankbut if I'm distributing a network image i wouldn't use that00:38
ayeceedotblank: true enough00:38
armor-64shcherbak: what do you mean?00:38
dotblankits a 1 time occurrence then dd is fine but after the 4th image using dd you look elsewhere00:38
shcherbakubottu: tell armor-64 about abs00:38
ubottuarmor-64, please see my private message00:38
ayeceeheh. abs. what a horrible name for a linux program.00:39
miles__Ayecee: you said  dd if=internaldevicename of=externaldevicename for the command, but it doesn't seem to be working..00:39
pooltablehow do i fix the audio sync mkv file?00:39
shcherbakayecee: it is guide.00:39
ayeceemiles__: you know that you have to replace internaldevicename with an actual device name, yes?00:39
miles__Ayecee: should i be naming their factory names or their set names.00:39
ayeceemiles__: likewise with externaldevicename ?00:39
dotblankmiles__, its not verbose00:39
miles__Ayecee, i should feel insulted you asked that.00:39
coz_ good day all00:39
armor-64shcherbak: you mean this!sorry i imagine something else(i know about this)00:40
ayeceemiles__: well, I wondered because you didn't show the command as you yourself had entered it.00:40
miles__ayecee: dd if=ATA TOSHIBA MK1234GSX of=WD My Passport 071A00:40
ayeceemiles__: aiee. those aren't device names.00:40
Guccimsg hey00:40
GucciI ned some help00:40
dotblankpooltable, vlc might be able to fix files and you could use a tool like avidemux00:40
ayeceemiles__: device names would be similar to /dev/sda, or something.00:40
maimsterHi everyone.00:40
miles__Ayecee: Ah, i see alright.\00:41
shcherbakarmor-64: bash provides all needed tools and elegant transport solution (ssh) for any form of data.00:41
GucciCan I get some help00:41
Guccidual booting00:41
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:41
pooltablebotbank: is avidemux with vlc or another program ?00:41
ayeceeGucci: that is an excellent question.00:41
dotblankpooltable, avidemux is a standalone program that you can install with the software center00:42
pooltabledotblank: will try00:42
armor-64shcherbak: yeah i know,i will try to do something that will help me in my job00:42
Guccihow do I reply00:43
Guccito ayecee00:43
dotblankpooltable, I just checked.. with avidemux you can shift the audio track00:43
pooltabledotblank: gtk+ or qt version ???00:43
dotblankpooltable, gtk+00:43
Guccianyone help me dualboot?00:43
shcherbakarmor-64: Try to describe problem, we are keen to help.00:43
dotblank!tab | Gucci00:43
ubottuGucci: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.00:43
ayeceeGucci: you must describe your problem before anyone can help you.00:43
pooltabledotblank do i run vlc and avidemux at the same time ?00:45
StarminnHow can I burn a non-Ubuntu iso to a USB drive?00:45
dotblankpooltable, no, you should be able to shift audio all in avidemux00:45
shcherbakStarminn: try unetbootin00:45
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andornautI'm considering upgrading from 10.04 to 10.10. I can't upgrade past gdm 2.2 b/c I require multi-seat support which was dropped with the next release. Can I upgrade ubuntu, but prevent GDM from being upgraded?00:45
dotblankpooltable, I suggested vlc because people often have that and it can repair streams00:45
armor-64shcherbak: some one asked about how to copy the hole HDD to an external HDD and i don't know about such a program that's why i ask if something like that exist(everything in Ubuntu of course)00:46
ejayhi, how do i partition my hard drive for ubuntu on windows xp?00:47
ayeceeejay: using gparted on the ubuntu livecd.00:47
pooltabledotblank i have vlc it was still off00:47
dotblankejay, ubuntu should detect your windows instalation and allow you to install it along side it00:48
ejayok, that's what i heard.  how do i use it?00:48
dd214Spoog  thnx, but IMAP does not appear to be supported on the Exchange server I'm trying to connect to... at least when I telnet domainXXX 143 I'm getting a connection refused err.00:48
ayeceeejay: i'm not sure how to answer that. what do you mean?00:48
dotblankpooltable, ok.. yea avidemux is your friend00:48
ayeceeejay: I mean, aside from the obvious steps of 1) boot livecd 2) run gparted from livec00:48
dotblankdd214, the network or system admin has to enable imap support on the exchange server00:49
dotblankmost of the time it is enabled i find00:49
Starminnshcherbak: Thanks00:49
ejayi understand that but i mean use the program00:49
ayeceeejay: then you'd use the slider to resize the partition, and then apply the changes, and then gparted makes the changes. it's sometimes time consuming.00:49
dotblankejay, I personally like the new disk manager and prefer it to gparted00:49
pooltabledd214 were you in the US service ?00:50
ayeceeejay: is that what you mean by use?00:50
ejaywhen i insert the disk and hit install now, i hit run alongside windows and it shows 1 partition and says if i continue it will erase my WHOLE other partition and replace it with ubuntu00:50
shcherbakarmor-64: To copy system (does someone expect copy to be bootable?), for raw data: i would use fdisk (or gpated) to copy partition, and gzip/find to copy directory tree and then gzip/find to fill it with files (and report), or just use dd (best if drive is failing)00:50
dd214dotblank Strange, I use the same config information that works with my Android, but can't get Evolution to work.00:50
miles__Ugggh, oh boy, its taking forever to reformat my ext00:51
The_Pharoahcan someone hack me into 4chan i just got banned00:51
pooltablebotblank why does it take so long to load a file is it fixing it?00:51
armor-64shcherbak: ok thanks man00:51
dd214pooltable USMC00:51
pooltabledd214 Navy here00:51
ejaywhen i insert the disk and hit install now, i hit run alongside windows and it shows 1 partition and says if i continue it will erase my WHOLE other partition and replace it with ubuntu00:51
ayeceeejay: okay, insert the disk and reboot. hopefully a boot menu comes up that lets you "try ubuntu without changing your system", or something to that effect.00:52
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pooltabledd214 odd nick00:52
ejayi've done that before00:52
ayeceeejay: good! then you know how to get there :)00:52
ejaynext step please00:52
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot00:53
pooltabledotblank h.264 detected what do i do ?00:53
ayeceeejay: launch gparted from the menu when it comes up. I don't have the location memorized.00:53
dd214pooltable I've been using it as a handle dating back to my Quake days.00:53
miles__ayecee: alright so, after reformating my ext its dd if=/ of=/media/Distro right?00:53
ejayi know where it is00:53
ayeceeejay: i'd imagine it's under system menu.00:53
ejaynext please00:53
dotblankpooltable, I think I should explain video format 10100:54
dotblankpooltable, h264 is a codec00:54
ayeceemiles__: erm.. no, those are directories, not device names.00:54
dotblankpooltable, mkv is a container00:54
ayeceemiles__: if you just want to copy the files and not the partitions, maybe cp is easier to use00:54
dotblankpooltable, the container allows you to have multiple audio/video streams00:54
pooltabledd214 my a form of my old freenet days eightball00:54
miles__Ayecee: sure whatever works, i'm just trying to copy my whole isntall onto my ext00:54
ayeceeejay: like I said, resize your partition using the slider00:54
ejaythen how do i add a partition?00:54
dotblankpooltable, Example 1 video stream and 2 audio streams (english and spanish)00:54
ayeceeejay: you can safely leave that part for the install.00:55
ejaywill it erase my data (thats what i heard)00:55
shcherbakmiles__: Why do you need to copy whole system?00:55
dotblankpooltable, h264 is a common format used now adays for hd video00:55
bibornhello.who know if we can set our mac address to 00:00:00:00:00:00??00:55
pooltabledotblank still skips what to do ?00:55
ayeceeejay: will gparted erase your data? no.00:55
miles__so i can take my install with me places with out dragging the laptop around.00:55
ayeceemiles__: oh. that's a bit different, eh?00:56
dotblankpooltable, the audio skips? can you be more specific.. does the audio skip get greator over time?00:56
bibornhello.who know if we can set our mac address to 00:00:00:00:00:00??00:56
dotblankpooltable, or is it constant00:56
miles__Well copying the whole install like i said is basically it.00:56
ejaythank you very much ayecee!  i really appreciate it.  if i need more help, i will come back00:56
ayeceebiborn: you cannot.00:56
shcherbakmiles__: Do you have separate /home ?00:56
dd214pooltable  No go on the IMAP, it's a corporate Exchange and have no control over it.  I've got Win7 running in VM Workstation and will use Outlook using "Unity" mode.. ugh..00:56
miles__Shcherbak: What do you mean separate00:57
pooltabledotblank i push play i am playing a wwe file and it say wecome to but it skips the word to00:57
ayeceemiles__: see, the way that I was describing it would have made a clone of your drive, but it probably would not have been bootable, and would probably be bad to do while you're actually running on the same drive.00:57
shcherbakmiles__: Separate partition for /home and/or any others?00:57
dotblankpooltable, I am even more confused...00:58
miles__shcherbak: No00:58
miles__ayecee: Well what should i do then.00:58
dotblankpooltable, are you talking about the audio or the actual video00:58
pooltabledotblank the audio00:58
dd214pooltable LHA-4 1996-97 / 26MEU / 6th Fleet00:58
dotblankpooltable, is the video in hd or is your computer slow/underload00:59
ayeceemiles__: is the external disk larger than the internal disk?00:59
miles__ayecee: of course it is.00:59
StarminnFor some reason, the GNOME3 I'm running isn't the right one.01:00
ayeceemiles__: okay, it may work anyways then. boot from a livecd to do the copying01:00
miles__Ayecee: well what command do i use.01:00
ayeceemiles__: it would probably be easier just to install ubuntu again on the external disk.01:00
bibornhello.who know if we can set our mac address to 00:00:00:00:00:00??01:00
ayeceebiborn: can you see me?01:00
pooltabledd214 USS Constallation CV-64 1994-198 USS NImitz CVN 68 1999-2001 USS Portland LSD 37 2001-200301:01
MrBushidowhich filesystem should a carefree noobie use? ext2/3/4?01:01
pooltabledotblank viedo HD01:01
bibornayecee: yes...see what??01:01
ayeceeMrBushido: a carefree noobie should use the default.01:01
dotblankpooltable, have you tried playing the file in mplayer01:01
StarminnMRBushido: And the default is ext401:01
ayeceebiborn: did you see that I said no?01:01
MrBushidoayecee: i dont know what th edefault is :<01:01
StarminnMrBushido: Read my message01:01
ayeceeMrBushido: the default is what is presented to you before you make a choice.01:02
bibornno i dont01:02
shcherbakbiborn: Why do you want to do it, some devices support MAC clonning.01:02
pooltabledotblank avidemux01:02
ayeceebiborn: okay, now you do.01:02
dotblankit could dbe the actual file is currupt or the container format you are using is unsupported by linux01:02
MrBushidoStarminn: ah ty <301:02
dotblankstuff like windows media seems glitchy at best01:02
eamondo2how can i connect to #aethermod @ irc.esper.net:555501:02
StarminnMrBushido: :)01:02
=== grim76^ is now known as grim76
ayeceemiles__: I'm not very good at explaining this part, I guess.01:03
bibornayecee: then how can i bypass mac filtering that only allow 00:00:00:00:00:00 to enter the router??01:03
eamondo2how can i join #aethermod @ irc.esper.net:555501:03
ayeceebiborn: I guess not.01:03
bibornayecee: u mean there's no way??01:03
ayeceeeamondo2: /server irc.esper.net 5555, then /join #aethermod01:04
ayeceebiborn: correct01:04
shcherbakbiborn: Spoofing, but this is not supported here01:04
pooltabledotblank with avidemux it look like i can save in another format should i do that then it way work ?01:04
ayeceeshcherbak: i don't think you could even do that with that mac address.01:04
dotblankpooltable, yea go ahead and give it a try01:05
dotblankpooltable, if the video is long it could take some time01:05
bibornshcherbak : make it for educational purpose only, how can i get to it??01:05
shcherbakayecee: He could ack, but configuring router seems more effective.01:05
dotblankbiborn, you can spoof your mac address01:05
ayeceedotblank: not all nulls, though.01:06
biborndotblank:do u mean by using macchanger??01:06
ayeceebiborn: could you reconfigure your router?01:06
dotblankhe could do some fancy packet forging01:06
ayeceeeven if it went past the filter, the stack would through it away.01:06
dotblankwhat kind of router uses all 0s for the mac01:06
dotblankin an acl01:06
shcherbakbiborn: Wiki: MAC, Man in the middle; Google: <Your router type> configuration01:06
dotblankayecee, you can make the stack ignore it01:07
biborni cant even enter my router even the passwords are correct cause im filtered01:07
dotblankyou can send anydata you want providing you have the user permision on the system and you change policy01:07
ayeceebiborn: in that case, you may have to reset it to factory defaults.01:07
ayeceedotblank: no, I mean the stack on the router.01:08
dotblankayecee, oh yea.. it would01:08
deadduckHello guys :) i have one question before i do a new clean install, should i ask here or in pm? dont want to flood your channel01:08
bibornayecee: FYI, im remote01:08
shcherbakbiborn: null MAC most likely meany "ANY MAC"01:08
Jon--I am missing the battery indicator from my panel and it no longer is in the panel by default like I would like it to be. How do I fix this?01:08
ayeceedeadduck: in channel, please. be concise.01:08
ayeceebiborn: then you will have to be local to reset to factory defaults.01:09
=== b is now known as Guest70696
dotblankJon--, you could reset your panel01:09
shcherbakJon--: disconnect charger01:09
ubottuTo reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »01:09
bibornayecee: that's almost imposible01:09
ayeceebiborn: nevertheless, it will be required if you can't access the unit any other way.01:10
Jon--shcherbak, did nothing01:10
Jon--dotblank, how?01:10
jeeves_what causes a server to stop respoinding to pings from one subnet to another?01:10
Starminn!resetpanel | Jon--01:11
ubottuJon--: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »01:11
deadduckok, here it is : I made a separate partition with gparted and copied my <username> (/home) folder in it with all the hidden files and it copied fine , now i want to do a clean install of 11.04 and point this as a home folder, will my transmission torrent list be ready after i install the new transmission? (using 10.04 and 1500 torrents in transmission)01:11
ayeceejeeves_: power outage01:11
bibornscsherbak: then u mean i have set thet router to block any mac wirelessly??01:11
Guest70696is there anyplace to report "bugs" at the ubuntu.com website?  (I noticed a couple of bad links, and some buttons that did nothing.)01:11
dotblankjeeves_, there can be many reasons.. it could be a router is filtering traffic or the server doesn't have a default gateway01:11
dotblankalso the router could be dead.. or the server could be off etc01:11
bibornsscherbak: then u mean i have set thet router to block any mac wirelessly??01:12
roothorickseriously trying out ubuntu for the first time... running 11.04 beta. I'm really, REALLY impressed. A lot of thought was put into this installer.01:12
ayeceedeadduck: maybe, providing the versions of transmission in 10.04 and 11.04 aren't too different.01:12
dotblankthis is assuming you arnt using PAT01:12
bibornshcherbak: then u mean i have set thet router to block any mac wirelessly??01:12
jeeves_I have a cisco router connecting my 2 subsnets (internal).  I can ping other boxes from one subnet to another ( -->, and back again), but I can't hit the server.  I KNOW the port is working (since it's serving up DNS, e-mail, etc to the external clients01:12
ayeceebiborn: that's how you described it..01:13
dotblankjeeves_, this is off topic for ubuntu.. I would take it into #cisco01:13
deadduckayecee: ok what can i do to be sure? i would really not have the time to do it manually... i am currently using Transmission 2.00b2 (10722)01:13
jeeves_dotblank, it's not a cisco issue.  I was just there.  and since I can ping other systems on each subnet, it's ONLY the server that refuses to play nice01:13
StarminnWill the GNOME3 install for Natty also work in Maverick?01:14
ayeceedeadduck: I can't think of a way other than trying it.01:14
dotblankjeeves_, is there an acl or firewall?01:14
dotblankjeeves_, acl on the router01:14
jeeves_dotblank, no.01:14
shcherbakbiborn: No, you do A) permit ALL and block SOME, or B) block ALL and permit SOME. Try to hook up with A at first.01:14
dotblankthen it must be the server dropping icmp packets01:14
FreeaqingmeWhat's the preferred way of installing gnome 3 on 10.10?01:15
pooltablestarminn: i try it i did not like it was not sure how to mount my ext hd it is listed in places under ubuntu01:15
dotblankjeeves_, must be a firewall on the server01:15
Starminnpooltable: It's also under places in GNOME301:15
bibornayecee: would it be possible for me to clone my mac to the mac of wired client connected to the router even if im wirelessly connected??01:15
Starminnpooltable: Wait, what did you try it in? You're in Ubuntu either way.01:16
=== yang is now known as Guest99955
jeeves_dotblank, I can hit the server (and all of the services) from the same subnet that the server is on.01:16
skpldoes anyone know if gnome 3 will be available for ubuntu 10.10?01:16
ayeceebiborn: you said that you had blocked all mac addresses except the one, so no, that would not help.01:16
dotblankjeeves_, it could still be a firewall issue on the server tho01:16
jeeves_dotblank, how do I check?01:16
pooltablestarminn i log out chage to gnome 3 back to ubuntu01:16
Starminnpooltable: You never leave Ubuntu.01:16
dotblankjeeves_, the server could say deny all icmp packets outside my netmask01:16
bibornshcherbak: i set it to allow, and set all list of mac to nulls01:17
jeeves_dotblank, where am I looking for that?01:17
pooltabledotblank isave it not is work in vlc thanks01:17
dotblankjeeves_, it depends on the server01:17
pooltablei did early01:17
deadduckayecee : okay, then i assume just copying /home folder is ok then? and is a common/used technique? because i didnt follow any guides on the net like http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome to move home folder, i just copied <username> folder in a new partition. its the first time i am trying to make a separate /home partition so i can do clean installs easier01:17
dotblankpooltable, :/01:17
shcherbakskpl: In some form yes (like source), and propably ppa.01:17
jeeves_dotblank, ugh, I think I found out why the network is hitting the DNS server.  UGH!  ok, off to #cisco again01:17
StarminnWhere can I find an up-to-date GNOME3? The one in the repos is outdated it would seem.01:17
ayeceedeadduck: yup, that should do it01:17
pooltablestarrminn i did not like it i did not even come here to say that01:17
Jordan_Udeadduck: You don't need a separate /home partition to preserve /home during re-installs.01:18
shcherbakbiborn: Is it Linksys?01:18
deadduckjordan_U : how else can i preserve it?01:18
bibornayecee: OMG what have i done?then how can the local user connected to the router using wired connection connect to internet??01:18
ayeceebiborn: isn't the mac filter just for the wireless side?01:19
bibornshcherbak: im not so sure ijm not at the scene now to check maybe linksys or dlink01:19
Jordan_Udeadduck: Choose manual partitioning, set the mountpoint for your current '/' partition to '/' and be sure that the "format" option is *un*checked.01:20
=== draven_sol is now known as draven
ayeceedeadduck: still, having a separate /home is easier.01:20
bibornayecee: yes u r right...i almost forgot bout that01:20
shcherbakbiborn: Block and all fields with null MAC01:20
bibornshcherbak:no. allow and all fields with nulls01:21
The_Pharoahhow do i hack 4chan bc i just got banned01:22
edbianThe_Pharoah, That is not Ubuntu support.01:22
shcherbakbiborn: It will allow none. just make sure you will add your MAC in this case.01:22
deadduckJordan_U, ayecee :ah yes of course but isnt a clean install after format better? .01:22
bibornshcherbak:i got ur idea but now im disconnected and cannot even connect to add my mac as allowed one01:23
deadducki already made the partition so.. i am going to try it now thanks for the advice guys01:23
Jordan_Udeadduck: Better how?01:23
=== AaronMT_ is now known as AaronMT
shcherbakbiborn: Do you have wire?01:23
pooltablejordan_u files are where there to be asscess faster01:24
bibornshcherbak:as i mentioned before, im remote...there's no way that i can connect to the router through wire01:24
deadduckJordan_U: i dont know i just have randomy seen people in forums always recommend clean install , i assume alot of useless stuff being deleted01:24
shcherbakbiborn: you mean out of lan?01:24
bibornshcherbak: of course01:25
Jordan_Uadministrator__: Please stop.01:25
administrator__ni shuode shi shenm ya01:25
stevecamhow do i change the max volume that i can go up to when im using the gnome desktop environment, alsa lets the PCM volume go over 0dB and I do not want this to happen01:26
shcherbakbiborn: MAC filtering is only for wlan. Run nmap on wan IP to see if router is visible.01:26
bibornshcherbak: how to do wan ip scanning ? any hint?01:27
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=== jsecc is now known as Jasonn
shcherbakbiborn: nmap <IP of router>01:27
bibornshcherbak: how could that be possible if im disconnected?? what ip do you mean?
=== peregrinator_six is now known as pqatsi_3
shcherbakbiborn: I am confused. Are you trying to connect to that router via wifi?01:29
MuimiHey smart guys: I went to /gcc-svn/configure --prefix=/usr/local/     and typed         gcc --enable-languages=c --disable-bootstrap01:30
Muimioutput: gcc: no input files01:30
MuimiDid I say that twice?01:30
Xylchstevecam: You can go over 100% volume in Sound Preferences01:30
MuimiI'm reading an sh file that reads ../gcc-svn/configure --prefix=/usr/local/gcc --enable-languages=c --disable-bootstrap01:30
Muimiwhat am I doing wrong?01:31
bibornshcherbak: or course i am..and i am failed since i've misconfigured the mac filtering option..01:31
Muimino input files01:31
panfisti'm using iostat to check out some stuff on my system, and it's listing two devices, dm-0 and dm-1, and i have no idea what these are. any help please?01:31
shcherbakbiborn: then you are not remote, you are local. Do you have wired access to router, or do you know its internet IP (to access it outside of lan)? Or can you reset it to deffault.01:32
=== xiambax_ is now known as xiambax
MrBushidowhat port does samba run on by default?01:33
MrBushidocant find it in the config01:34
MrBushidoor even better, is there any way for me to find out what ports processes are attaching themselves to?01:34
macoMrBushido: netstat -anp01:34
MrBushidoty maco <301:34
YankDownUnderSamba = Port 44501:34
shcherbakMrBushido: sudo netstat -tulp01:34
MrBushidoi'll go man netstat01:35
bibornshcherbak:i dont have wired access since it is my friends router.i dont know its internet ip.and of course i also cannot reach the router by my hand.i am not beside the router my friend.01:35
ramy_danyone having trouble booting since the latest updates?01:36
pooltableramy_d no01:37
YankDownUnderBooting? Rebooting? Um...218hrs since last reboot...um...01:37
ramy_ddamn, i guess it's just me then01:37
itaylor57ramy_d: whats is your problem?01:37
ramy_di'll go look at what the problem is exactly01:38
pooltableramy_d my computer is 5 years old it takes a few to start but is fine for the age01:39
bibornshcherbak:i dont have wired access since it is my friends router.i dont know its internet ip.and of course i also cannot reach the router by my hand.i am not beside the router my friend.01:39
shcherbakbiborn: hm... Do not look good.01:39
jmorrisI'm partitioning my disks for ubuntu server install - but I cannot make /boot "bootable flag: on"01:39
jmorrisThe screen juts flashes and i cannot set it to on, only stays at off01:40
jeeves_dotblank, are you still in #cisco?01:40
bibornshcherbak: do u mean i'm dead?? i just want to roll it back to norm,al..01:40
shcherbakbiborn: Do not recall to much, in real term you can try to scan whole net in search for The One (assuming that remote management is on), or...01:42
=== jsec is now known as DRUNKWITHGUN
=== DRUNKWITHGUN is now known as jsec
shcherbakbiborn: or try to spoof, but this do not let you far (for sure not to web-configuration-interface)01:44
ramy_dright so, pretty sure i did an update yesterday01:44
ramy_dwatched a movie, shutdown, not it won't mount the drive01:44
=== mdpatrick__ is now known as mdpatrick
ramy_derror is mount failed for /dev/blabla the uuid of the disk here   on /root failed01:45
ramy_dthen the same message for01:45
ramy_d /dev on /root/dev01:46
ramy_d /sys on /root/sys01:46
ramy_d /proc on /root/proc01:46
bibornshcherbak : and 1 more thing. i have changed the admin username and password of the router.would it be possible for wired user to connect to the router to make some changes to the router??01:46
ramy_dfinally, "target filesystem doesn't have /sbin/init" then "no init found" and "try passing init= bootarg"01:47
shcherbakbiborn: Did you use this router to access any logged sites (like gmail), that would give you wan IP. Wired, yes (with new credentials)01:47
ramy_dthen it throws me in busybox shell01:47
theshadowwhat package does u1sdtool exist in?01:48
ramy_dthis used to happen a long time go, but after a reboot from the shell, everything was fine. now it's stuck though, happens at every boot01:48
bibornshcherbak: i just log into facebook.would that count?and what do u mean by new credential?01:48
shcherbakbiborn: password/username = credentials, facebook? Not sure that they show last log.01:49
ramy_dreading this on the forums now, seems related but i'm pretty sure i shutdown correctly http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=163318301:49
=== DavidH is now known as David_HII
bibornshcherbak: how can they ahve those new password?? sory for the stup*d question.01:51
brightsparktheshadow: where do you see mention of it?01:51
David_HIIcan somone tell me how to fix this error?   /etc/mail/sendmail.cf: line 109: fileclass: cannot open '/etc/mail/local-host-names': World writable directory01:51
shcherbakbiborn: They?01:52
bibornshcherbak:i mean they are wired user.01:52
shcherbakbiborn: I ment, if they know new password.01:53
bibornshcherbak:how if they do not know the password i set??i have never tell them before..01:54
StarminnWhat is the most "proper" way to resize a Windows partition, then give it to Ubuntu?01:54
shcherbakbiborn: Then they cannot (unless they are smart enough to reset unit).01:54
bibornStarmin: using disk management in windows to shrink first and then create new partition.maybe that's the best way i think01:55
bibornshcherbak: what do u mean by resetting unit??01:56
Starminnbiborn: I was thinking: 1.)Boot Windows, resize partition. 2.) Reboot Windows so it knows it's there and doesn't freak out. 3.)Hop on a LiveCD and move the unallocated to Ubuntu. 4.)Boot Ubuntu and I'm done if all went well.01:56
navatwoStarminn: windows partitioner is scurry01:56
The_Pugilistbiborn: i belive the live cd comes with a tool called 'gparted' which is a pretty nifty partition manager01:57
navatwouse parted01:57
bibornStarmin: that's what i mean01:57
navatwo[g|k]parted are the GNOME and KDE equivalents01:57
shcherbakbiborn: Reseting unit = pressing (for aprox 30 seconds) small (often obscured) button, with in effect restoring factory setting of router.01:57
Starminnbiborn: Awesome. Thanks.01:58
shcherbakStarminn: Plan is good, just add point 0) Back up all important data.01:59
bibornThe_Pugilist: i think the shrink option is more handy for new linux user which are scared using gparted.in case the progress is unsuccessful,no linux apps is there to be blamed since he done it using windows.01:59
The_Pugilistthis is true02:00
kieldoes ubuntu have a hashmap library for c++02:00
smoakcan someone help me with bridging? when i create my bridge and issue a /etc/init.d/networking restart, all network traffic gets killed02:00
bibornshcherbak: iam afraid they are not that smart to reset..*igh*02:00
ramy_dthis might be my solution! http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=163318302:02
shcherbakbiborn: and since no one will use they recently secured wifi, they internet speed will significantly inrease.02:02
Starminnshcherbak: Bleh. I don't believe in backups. ;)02:02
shcherbakStarminn: You do not have to belive it, just do it regulary.02:04
bibornshcherbak: but before i have checked the clients and all are using wireless.i am afraid that they are too brainless02:04
Starminnshcherbak: All important info I have on Ubuntu One.02:04
bibornStarmin: get an external man.02:05
aguywhoeatspiejoin #matrixdev02:05
shcherbakStarminn: In One we trust.02:05
Starminnbiborn: I intend to as soon as I can. A nice, big one.02:05
Starminnshcherbak: Haha, very nice!02:05
bibornStarmin: i've never and will never believe cloud computing that hold our data.02:05
Starminnbiborn: Nor do I. I don't like the idea of storing sensitive files through cloud computing. Ever. No matter what anybody tells me.02:06
Starminnbiborn: But, in lieu of anything better, it's my only method, really.02:06
bibornStarmin: but just now u said u believe in Ubuntu One didn;t u????02:07
Starminnbiborn: Nope.02:07
maodunI'm trying to see if my kernel has TAP driver support, so I'm doing "modinfo tap", but I'm getting: "/lib/modules/2.6.18-028stab070.10/modules.dep" - any idea why?02:07
maodunthat modules.dep file exists, I've run depmod -a02:07
Starminnbiborn: That was shcherbak. "In One we trust." I just said it was funny. I'm only using One because I don't have anything better.02:07
maodunIt appears to have a size of 0 though02:08
bibornStarmin: oic sorry i didn't realize that.02:08
Starminnbiborn: :) Not a problem.02:09
bibornshcherbak : which 1 u prefer? seagate or WD??02:09
maodunlsmod also returns an empty list02:09
jubeiHello. I am trying to find out what graphics card my laptop has . LSHW gives me this: http://pastebin.com/LAvVvhUT any ideas?02:10
bibornjubei: no sticker on the laptop??02:11
maodunmodprobe.conf is also empty02:11
jubeibiborn, no. And the manufacturer's site offers all sorts of different configurations so I've no idea what my lab selected when they purchased it02:11
hdpbmt-daapd/forked-daapd is not recognizing all of my music library. Any suggestions?02:11
jubeibiborn, i know it's an intel , just wanna know exactly what02:11
shcherbakbiborn: No preferencies, well still on IDE.02:11
bibornjubei: what OS u use?02:13
jubeibiborn, ubuntu 10.1002:13
m_fuldercan I give a user full 777 chown to a folder ?02:13
bibornShcherbak: what's wrong with sata??02:13
MrBushidodoes anybody know if there are still problems connect to a samba share with windows 7 home? I'm not sure if i've messed up my samba config or if its windows just being dumb02:13
Cengkadakwhy my nick is banned in #ubuntu ?02:14
Irish`MrBushido: I'm running Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.10 with Samba shares working fine02:14
=== jeeves_ is now known as jeeves_moss
rwwCengkadak: Your current one obviously isn't. Which one do you mean?02:14
MrBushidoIrish`: home or prof/superduperawesome edition?02:14
superrootHello, I have a problem running the novashell(rtsoft.com) Game Maker Under Ubuntu I'm not sure if this is a ubuntu problem, or a novashell problem, but when i run it i get the results found at http://paste.ubuntu.com/590523/02:14
=== MK`` is now known as MK`
Cengkadakrww: my nick ApOgEE is registered. this one isn't02:15
Irish`MrBushido: two Ultimates and a Home02:15
MrBushidoIrish`: ok thanks, then it's probably just my config! I'll go read more in to samba02:15
superrootPerhaps i should add to my question that i am running ubuntu 9.1002:16
Irish`MrBushido: Home Premium as it turns out, not sure if that'll matter, but good luck :x02:16
shcherbakbiborn: I am few years delayed with hardware (best PC is P4 3.02), but have sata-usb adapter.02:17
rwwCengkadak: I don't see that nick on #ubuntu's banlist. Easiest way to sort it out would be if you switch to whatever's banned and /join #ubuntu-ops02:17
=== jsec is now known as ZzZzZzZzZ
Cengkadakis there any reason why my nick ApOgEE is banned in #ubuntu ?02:17
=== ZzZzZzZzZ is now known as jsec
CengkadakApOgEE [apogee@gateway/shell/bshellz.net/x-vqpxcvdacvygwfog]02:18
=== shcherbak is now known as Ap0gEE
rwwCengkadak: bshellz.net is banned from #ubuntu due to abuse.02:18
Cengkadak09:18 -!- Cannot join to channel #ubuntu (You are banned)02:19
dd214I've got 10.10 as my host and a VM Win7, both connecting using OpenVPN.  The Win7 works fine, but my LNX host is not getting the DNS from OpenVPN.  I can access all the sites but must know the IPs... any workaround other than this>  http://www.softwarepassion.com/solving-dns-problems-with-openvpn-on-ubuntu-box/02:19
Ap0gEECengkadak: Am I looking good.02:19
nickalsBRASS MONKEY!02:19
=== Ap0gEE is now known as shcherbak
fr00gI need help. I had Lucid and Compiz was working fine, but when I upgraded to Maverick, it doesn't work anymore. why?02:21
navatwofr00g: reenable desktop effects02:22
fr00gIt says that it can't02:23
fr00g"Visual effects could not be enabled" or something02:23
=== jsec is now known as GETONWITHIT
shcherbakfr00g: Do you have properiary driver? menu > Admin > Hardware Drivers02:23
=== GETONWITHIT is now known as jsec
fr00gIt says "No proprietary drivers in use on this system."02:24
shcherbakfr00g: Do you have any listed to install?02:24
shcherbakfr00g: Check your video card (type) and pass through google. It will tell you what open driver you can use to get most of your card. Some card dropping from support.02:26
fr00gHow do I check my video card?02:27
abiss27guys whats the least i can put an / partition in ubuntu 10.1002:31
fr00gDo I use the VGA compatible controller or the Display controller?02:32
diegovio1amark shuttleworth is an idiot, the best gnome released has been done today with gnome3 and he will write "unity", omfg...02:32
Starminnabiss27: This should help: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/i386/minimum-hardware-reqts.html02:32
lwizardlI was wondering if there is a way to make shortcut keys to do various things on my ubuntu system. like say ctrl+shift+f5 to turn on screensaver. etc02:33
abiss27ok thanks for the link02:33
diegovio1anvm, sorry about that02:33
Starminndiegovio1a: I think he's going for the Mac ideology of further integration from the base.02:33
GucciCan anyone help install xp over ubuntu partition02:34
StarminnGucci: Ask in ##windows02:35
GucciHow do I change02:35
StarminnGucci: but if you want to eliminate Ubuntu like it seems, just erase all partitions and install with nothing on your hard drive.02:35
Belial`you gotta be official, gucci02:35
StarminnGucci: /join ##windows02:35
Belial`every time you do something speak in the third person02:35
GucciHow do I reply to you guys02:35
GucciMake my text red02:35
shcherbakGucci: Installing two systems on same partition should be avoided.02:35
Belial`"gucci mane join ##windows"02:35
Guccidifferent partitions02:36
GucciHow do I reply to you guys02:36
Gucciindividual people?02:36
GucciSo my text is red like your text is to me02:36
StarminnGucci: Oh. So not over ubuntu partition. But next to it?02:36
Starminn!enter | Gucci02:36
ubottuGucci: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:36
Starminn!who | Gucci02:36
ubottuGucci: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:36
shcherbakGucci: try Gucci: make it red02:36
StarminnGucci: ^^ Just stick their nickname in there02:36
Gucci!Starminn Yes02:36
StarminnGucci: No ! is needed.02:37
GucciStarminn ye02:37
shcherbakGucci: And use tab, like star<TAB>02:37
GucciStarminn: like this02:38
GucciStarminn: got it lol02:38
StarminnGucci: If you put my name anywhere in the message, it will highlight me and show a popup message on my Ubuntu system.02:38
shcherbakGucci: Awesome!02:38
GucciStarminn: whas missing the tab lol02:38
StarminnGucci: Now then, you wanted to install XP next to Ubuntu?02:38
GucciStarminn: So yeah I have two different partitions, I installed windows originally. Then immediatly after I installed Ubuntu and created two seperate partitions. But I'm pretty sure I messed up somewhere during partitioning so once I finished installing Ubuntu. It booted and no boot options were shown. It now simply loads into Ubuntu by default. I dont know what happened to windows, but It says my hd is still partitioned like I set it. I02:40
Guccican describe my partitions for you if you want02:40
brightsparkGucci, do you know if Windows still lives on your old partition?  It might still be there even though Grub doesn't show it.02:41
StarminnGucci: So basically, Windows isn't showing in your GRUB menu?02:41
Guccibrightspark: I think it does but Grub doesnt show it.02:42
GucciStarminn: exactly02:43
StarminnGucci: Have you tried manually adding XP to that list?02:43
digitalfizis ubuntu one always so horribly slow?02:43
GucciStarminn: No, which is exactly why I need people like you to help me lol02:44
nickalsdigitalfiz, live or installed?02:44
brightsparkGucci, try opening a terminal and running update-grub.  Off-chance it will solve your problem quickly.02:44
digitalfiznick_h, i set a folder to sync and it has taken over an hour to sync a few mb's of files02:44
brightsparkGucci, sorry, it must be "sudo update-grub"02:45
nickalsdigitalfiz, idk honestly, i dont use ubuntu except on my headless server02:45
Guccibrightspark: ill give it a try and restart, then get back on IRC02:45
Guccibrightspark: brb02:46
digitalfiznickals, i tried it over dropbox to see if it was better but it is like 500x slower so i suppose ill stick to dropbox02:46
roothorickWhat's the apt equivalent to equery belongs?02:46
MrBushidohmm, any pointers as to why i only get around 1.1MB/S on a 1Gb connection?02:46
roothorickor to put it differently, how do I find out which package a file belongs to?02:46
MrBushido***hmm, any pointers as to why i only get around 1.1MB/S on a 1Gb connection with samba?02:46
roothorickMrBushido: the other end may not have a gigabit connection?02:47
roothorickMrBushido: or maybe a poor quality cable prevented a gigabit link from being established?02:47
Seven_Six_Twoaren't cat6 cables required for gigabit connections>02:48
roothorickofficially, but I've gotten good results with short runs of pretty crappy cat502:48
GucciStarminn: back02:49
roothorickit'll work over eight separated 22-gauge wires if the run is short enough02:49
PhillyKingstoncat5e is able to do gb02:49
roothorickthough cat5 is so cheap, there's no excuse02:49
GucciWho was I talking to02:49
jan247hi guys. i have 6 quad core E5620 servers, each with 32 gigs of RAM. I was hoping to assemble a UEC set-up for it. Should I assign one machine as the cloud controller/cluster controller/walrus and storage controller and the rest as node controllers? or should i find a lower specc'd machine and use it as the controller?02:49
GucciWho helped me02:49
Guccitold me to update grub02:50
GucciDidnt work02:50
brightsparkGucci, how did that work?02:50
DinkWhen something is nfs mounted. Does the bw taken from master or client ?02:50
FloodBot3Gucci: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:50
helpkwHey can the update manager resume the updates from where it left off? I mean I'm halfway through updating atm but I need to log off really soon so it won't complete by then, or will I have to re-download everything again?02:50
Guccibrightspark: to no avail02:50
GucciStarminn: you there?02:50
brightsparkGucci, sorry.  thought it might be a quick fix.  Last one was.02:51
GucciYour manual xp addition sounded brilliant (the idea)02:51
Guccibrightspark: no Im pretty positibe i tried that before lol02:51
Guccibrightspark: not that much of a noob02:51
Seven_Six_Twohelpkw, you'll be fine. you can stop it02:51
GucciStarminn: do you know how to make it happen?02:52
Seven_Six_Twohelpkw, only if you are still downloading, not installing02:52
helpkw238mb of 313mb...02:52
helpkwall over again then yeah?02:52
brightsparkGucci, for future reference you don't necessarily need to restart; Windows whsould show up in the terminal of the update command.02:52
Guccibrightspark: can you help fix it?02:52
Seven_Six_Twohelpkw, downloaded? or installed? you can stop it if it'd still downloading packages.02:52
Guccibrightspark: woops lol02:53
helpkwim stil downloading packages via update manager02:53
helpkw<helpkw> 238mb of 313mb...02:53
StarminnGucci: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-237172.html02:53
Guccibrightspark: im still a noob when it comes to that type of stuff02:53
GucciStarminn: thank you02:53
Seven_Six_Twohelpkw, then you're fine. it'll have to redownload whatever gets cut off, but you can stop it, and you'll be fine02:53
GucciStarminn: Ill check it out02:53
helpkwAh kk sweet, thanks02:53
StarminnGucci: So you just go to the file that controls what shows up, and add what the folk at the bottom put (adjusted to your particular position)02:54
GucciStarminn: Im on 10.4 brw02:54
GucciIm on 10.4 btw02:54
GucciSo Grub202:54
GucciDo you guys want me to show you what my partition looks like?02:54
GucciFrom Disk Utility or something02:55
Seven_Six_TwoGucci, only if it's purple and fuzzy.02:55
fr00gMy video card is Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07), what driver do I install?02:55
StarminnGucci: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Custom%20Menu%20Entries02:55
GucciStarminn: would you like me to detail my partitions from the Disk Utility?02:55
StarminnGucci: This is from Ubuntu folks, themselves, and should cover you I'd say.02:55
GucciStarminn: ill try the first link to it. This isnt robby btw is it? Starcannon?02:56
GucciStarminn: you see im not sure I partitioned right when I installed ubuntu02:57
StarminnGucci: No Starcannon I know here.02:57
GucciStarminn: oh02:57
StarminnGucci: Why didn't you just use the default installer? Works fine with XP.02:57
StarminnInstead of "manual"02:57
GucciStarminn: if I go to disk utility02:58
GucciStarminn: what do you mean? I installed xp before ubuntu02:58
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
StarminnGucci: "Install them side-by-side"02:59
StarminnGucci: Anyway, too late now, what are your partitions?02:59
GucciStarminn: yeah. I didnt know any better. A year or so ago, maybe two years, Starcannon helped me setup daul partition on my old computer03:00
GucciStarminn: just b4 it died coincidentally lol, 6 years old. Motherboard gave up03:00
jam_What should I search to learn more about how the [mouse,keyboard, usb, ethernet...] sends data to the computer, and how linux goes about interpreting the data.?03:01
GucciStarminn: so I didnt know any better this time. I should have come here for answers03:01
GucciStarminn: Okay anyway in Disk Utility, Under Volumes it says, in the partition pictures03:01
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit03:01
GucciStarminn: 162 GB ext4 = dark grey03:02
GucciStarminn: 156 GB NTFS = white space03:02
GucciStarminn: and all the way in the right we have two little white boxes03:03
=== abc is now known as Guest20754
fr00gMy video card is Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07), what driver do I install?03:04
tyler_dhow do I upgrade to the latest beta ??03:04
Guest20754can sb tell me how to install ubuntu 10 on sata hdd?03:04
pm2Hello - I'm trying to use Skype, and my microphone is part of my USB webcam.  I can hear audio output, but the mic doesn't seem to work.  When I go into options the only option for the microphone is PulseAudio Server.  Any ideas on how to fix this?03:04
GucciStarminn: Extended 1.5 GB. Under Usage it says : Container for Logical  Partitions03:04
Guest47224!natty | tyler_d03:04
ubottutyler_d: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not intended for production systems.03:04
GucciStarminn: still there?03:05
tyler_dso I will try again.... how do I upgrade to the latest beta ??03:05
GucciGod I just closed the view menu up at the top. Anyone know how to bring it back?03:05
=== Guest47224 is now known as Logan_
abiss27guys how to install new ubuntu and keep same /home partion without touching it...03:06
StarminnGucci: Hit Alt or something03:06
GucciStarminn: i did03:06
Starminnabiss27: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/natty/beta03:07
GucciStarminn: it says your robert!03:07
GucciStarminn: You must be starcannon03:07
GucciStarminn: Its Tejas03:07
StarminnGucci: Yes, I am Robert. But I'm not Starcannon.03:07
GucciStarminn: oh dang03:07
GucciStarminn: Lol03:07
StarminnGucci: You are testing my patience.03:07
abiss27will have  a look , thanks dude03:07
GucciStarminn: Sorry03:07
Starminn!enter | Gucci03:07
ubottuGucci: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:07
Guccitrying to get the menu bar back up03:08
Starminn!details | Gucci03:08
ubottuGucci: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:08
Guest20754can sb say why hdd is not visible during installation of ubuntu?03:08
GucciIm simply trying to bring back the view menu, which i clicked and disabled by acc03:09
GucciWont come back03:09
StarminnGucci: *sigh* I'm asking what program.03:09
lwizardlI was wondering if there is a way to make shortcut keys to do various things on my ubuntu system. like say ctrl+shift+f5 to turn on screensaver. etc03:09
GucciStarminn: woops03:09
GucciStarminn: Smuxi03:09
GucciStarminn: i just got it03:09
GucciStarminn: went to the Smuxi home tab and right clicked03:10
Starminnlwizardl: System->Preferences->keyboard shortcuts03:10
GucciStarminn: into blank space03:10
GucciStarminn: Okay so back to the problem. Did you read what my partitions said03:10
GucciStarminn: I have four boxes under volumes in Disk Utility03:10
lwizardlStarminn, yeah but that just gives you option for name and keys03:10
Starminnlwizardl: And you want to set those keys to execute an option.03:11
StarminnGucci: Take a screenshot, and put it on imagebin.org03:11
GucciStarminn: Yes sir. Brilliant idea03:11
icarus_How can I install gnome 3 ?03:11
chris17try synaptic.03:12
lwizardlStarminn, right but what would i link to for command "screensaver"03:12
StarminnGucci: Just do Applications->Take Screenshot->Select area to grab then put it on there03:12
Scottyis this channel still for 10.10?03:12
pm2Hello - I'm trying to use Skype, and my microphone is part of my USB webcam.  I can hear audio output, but the mic doesn't seem to work.  When I go into options the only option for the microphone is PulseAudio Server.  Any ideas on how to fix this?03:12
Scottywhere do i go for Natty support?03:12
Logan_!natty | Scotty03:12
ubottuScotty: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not intended for production systems.03:12
StarminnScotty: Yes, and it will be for a long time03:12
Logan_Starminn: well, 18 days03:12
StarminnLogan_: It will still be 10.10 support.03:12
Logan_*22 days03:13
rwwLogan_: #ubuntu is for supported releases of Ubuntu. 10.10 is supported until April 2012 ;P03:13
Logan_rww: no, but I'm saying that 11.04 will be supported here as well03:13
StarminnLogan_: Oh, yeah, absolutely.03:13
rwwthat's not what Starminn didn't say :303:13
Scottyokk, so it's not suipported here until release?03:13
Logan_rww: double negative much?03:13
StarminnScotty: Right. Natty is only in #ubuntu+1 till the 28th I believe.03:13
chris17my Internet keeps disconnecting me after a few hours of use. Then I must restart my computer. Anyone know why?03:13
Scottyubuntu+1 is always dead lol03:14
nanoBotterI have ubuntu 10.04 and an nVidia gt220.  the vga port works fine but plugging in a monitor to dvi only gives me 640x480 resolution.  I have the binary driver, and the nvidia manager doesn't help at all, that is the highest resolution it gives me! help!03:14
GucciStarminn: http://imagebin.org/14695803:14
icarus_is there any way to update to 10.04 from 10.10 ?03:14
Scottyanyone try out Gnome3 today?03:14
GucciStarminn: I can click on any of the volumes if you'd like me too03:15
rww!downgrade | icarus_03:15
ubottuicarus_: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.03:15
Muimiwhat does it mean when you try to make depend && make install a program in Ubuntu and then make install, and then it looks like the program is NOT installed at all?03:15
Muimiwhat do i need to do additionally03:15
StarminnGucci: So click on NTFS to see where it's at (i.e. /dev/sda1 or something) then using the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Custom%20Menu%20Entries do your thing03:16
chris17Anyone help me with my wireless issue? I disconnect after a few hours and I have to reboot.03:17
GucciStarminn: Yeah I clicked previously, it was sda203:17
GucciStarminn: Let me check it to make sure. Thankyou so much btw03:17
surhello, what tools are available for automating packages to be installed on a new ubuntu installation? I would like to automate the packages to be installed and settings to be done on a server...03:18
pm2Is there a way to tell skype to not use pulseaudio?03:18
Starminnsur: What do you mean "automate"?03:18
GucciStarminn: Yeah so its " /dev/sda2 "03:18
StarminnGucci: Alright.03:18
chris17theres a way to automatically install updates on the desktop version. not sure about server edition03:19
torchieI have an nvidia nforce NIC and it changes its MAC address on every restart03:19
torchiesetting the cloned mac address didn't seem to work03:19
torchiewould it be absolutely necessary to resort to the shell script?03:19
surStarminn, I';; install ubuntu on a new machine than tell this tool to set it up with necessary packages and settings03:19
Starminnsur: So why not just write a shell script that runs a bunch of "sudo apt-get <package>" with the "yes" flag?03:20
acerimmerpm2: still with us?03:20
surStarminn, and settings...03:21
Starminnsur: Oh..... :)03:21
aherronacerimmer: i was PMing with pm203:22
acerimmeraherron: ok.  problem solved I hope03:22
aherronbut i dont think it helped... told him to reload the alsa-drivers... no word on if it worked and he ran03:23
acerimmeraherron: I tend to suspect he might have set his sound preferences wrong.  EZ to do with SKYPE03:23
tjigi-fosur, see keryx and apt-offline near bottom of page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingSoftware03:24
etzerdhello all03:25
etzerdI just installed the beta version of 11.403:25
etzerdI love it.03:25
etzerdis anyone know when the stable version will be release?03:25
ubottuA schedule of Natty Narwhal (11.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule03:27
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not intended for production systems.03:27
torchiehow do I switch from the proprietary nvidia drivers to the open source ones?03:27
lelantosis the new one any good/03:28
Big_bear who teachs free english?03:28
vhdwhen you ctrl+z something in the terminal, does it get killed? or is it suspended? also what is the [1]+ for  when you use ctrl+z?03:28
Scottyis there a way to start in safemode?03:29
Aginorin screen, is there a way to move windows between different screen processes?03:29
Aginorvhd, you stop the process and you're returned to the shell. you can type bg to run it as a background process or fg to return it as a foreground process03:30
vhdthen how do you truly kill it?03:30
torchiedoes the system revert to the free drivers after you remove the proprietary ones?03:30
vhdctrl+c is also suspend no?03:31
oasisTopherI have a binary driver for nVidia, what lines do I need in my xorg.conf to get the proper resolutions out of DVI connection?03:31
Aginorctrl+c is a kill signal03:31
oasisTopherI can paste up my xorg.conf03:31
vhdhmm i see, I guess I got the two mixed up then.03:31
Aginorvhd, processes can chose to capture and ignore the kill, in which case you have to send them a SIGTERM (kill -9 <pid>)03:32
Aginorvhd, I can reccomend having a look at the jobs manpage03:33
oasisTophernvidia-auto-select is used as the requested mode, I think I need to change that03:34
PirschHi All. Anyone hear familiar with OpenVPN?03:37
PirschWhen I try to connect I get the following message: The VPN connection 'VPNReactor OpenVPN' failed because the connection attempt timed out.03:38
PirschHello, I have an OpenVPN issue03:41
tottto-drummondhello gang03:41
PirschThe VPN connection 'VPNReactor OpenVPN' failed because the connection attempt timed out.03:41
=== Robert_ is now known as Guest47139
Delerium_Hi guys, is there a repository that already contains gnome 3 packages?03:49
tumbleweed|iPodYes, it is a ppa but I do not have the exact URL03:50
brightsparkdelerium_ gnome 3 is in the software center already if i recall correctly03:50
tumbleweed|iPodYes but they are not the latest version03:51
Delerium_Thanks Brightspark / tumbleweed.  So, the final release of today is not yet avaiable?03:52
tumbleweed|iPodIt was released?03:52
* tumbleweed|iPod checks his facts03:52
Delerium_yup: http://www.gnome.org/press/2011-04-gnome-3.0-released.html03:53
Delerium_ouchhh.. the pages has been removed (?!?!?!!)03:53
Delerium_here we go : http://www.gnome.org/press/2011/04/gnome-3-0-released-better-for-users-developers-3/03:54
tumbleweed|iPodOh i was looking at gnome3.org03:56
Delerium_tumbleweed: It's a link coming from www.osnews.com03:57
eosshow can i cd into a restricted directory with sudo..it says command not found03:58
tumbleweed|iPodSudo -s03:58
eossthx it worked03:59
M\awsudo cd lolcat ;p04:00
necercishi, i have a kind of issue with my filesystem. i have got ext3 partition on /dev/sda5 and it is not mounted during boot on my ubundu server. i have chcecked my fstab for any errors but it looks clean. than i tried to mount it manually with specified mountpoint and it works just fine, but when i mount it without mountpoint it gets error "couldn't mount becouse of unsupported optional features". i am currently running fsck -c on that partit04:03
kermitwhats a fast terminal emulator for X?04:03
tumbleweed|iPodkermit: Xterm04:03
kermittumbleweed|iPod: thanks04:05
danyholas, un gusto desde el chat de ubuntu04:06
tianshizis there anything wrong with the following cron in crontab: * * * * * /usr/bin/wget http://site.com/daily_cron.php?pass=sdf324d04:06
tianshizfor some reason i cant get it to run at all :/04:06
tumbleweed|iPodtianshiz: No input file specified04:07
tumbleweed|iPodHai root_04:08
root_sorry i'm a bit of a newb04:08
tianshizno input file specified? can you give me an example?04:08
=== M\aw is now known as Malina\aweh
root_to both ubuntu and freenode04:08
tumbleweed|iPodtianshiz: Go to the link04:08
arandnecercis: How does your fstab look (pastebin)?04:08
tumbleweed|iPodroot_: We all were at one point04:08
root_i ran this command and i'm trying to fix it04:09
root_sudo chmod o-rwx -R /*04:09
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!04:09
tianshizoh well im just putting in a random link there...04:09
tianshizthats not the actual site or the actual file04:09
Jordan_Uroot_: You'll pretty much need to re-install.04:09
tumbleweed|iPodYea that pretty much covers it, ubottu04:09
tianshizi changed the domain name of what i was using04:09
Seven_Six_Twoawesome. There should be a channel dedicated to things you should never ever do.04:10
StarminnSeven_Six_Two: Make one04:10
root_what about chmod 777 or something extreme like that?04:10
root_no good?04:10
tumbleweed|iPodAnd invite me :)04:10
babyjeezI have a question about setting up SSH servers...is there a good channel I can go to for this?04:10
tumbleweed|iPodroot_: Does chmod still work?04:11
Seven_Six_TwoI just did. well, it's not registered..,.  #pandorasbox04:11
rwwroot_: nope, that's also bad.04:11
root_yeah. i can run pretty much any command using sudo04:11
hermanlfIt's like back in the day when ppl got duped in to making their irc faster by hitting F4 or alt+ctrl+del twice really fast on win95.04:11
necercisarand: www.pastebin.com/mqBWZztX04:11
rwwroot_: you'd need to individually re-create permissions for various files. This is non-trivial.04:11
tumbleweed|iPodroot_: But if you ran that command nothing is executable, right?04:12
[4-tea-2]Anybody got an idea why I can't reassign Capslock any more after upgrading to natty? (try: xmodmap -e "clear lock" to see for yourself)04:12
root_you're asking about the settings, or if i can actually run things?04:12
tumbleweed|iPodCan you execute files04:13
root_as root.04:13
tumbleweed|iPodTry chmod +x -R * I think04:14
root_is there an issue with making things like text files executable?04:14
tumbleweed|iPodBut you need to make these files in $PATH +x04:14
necercisarand: whoops fail http://pastebin.com/z9PmreR004:15
root_files in $PATH?04:15
root_ie the path that i used when running command-that-is-not-to-be-run?04:15
tumbleweed|iPodI do not completely understand what command you ran04:16
tumbleweed|iPodYou set -x everything on your system, right?04:16
root_for the 'other' user04:16
tumbleweed|iPodJust for one user?04:17
root_so a file with permissions -rwxr-xr-x is now -rwxr-x---04:17
tumbleweed|iPodOr all users but root04:17
danyubuntu, desde >Puyca, provincia la union, departamento de arequipa, Perú, el distrito más pobre de arequipa04:17
YankDownUnderVery bad form to be logged on as "root" or even to have "root" as a nick...04:17
root_yeah i figured. first time on freenode, don't even know how to change the nickname.04:17
tumbleweed|iPodroot_: Oooh I see, man I'm stupid04:18
arandnecercis: necercis Hmm, I fail to see any reason why it would do that...04:18
YankDownUnderNot really a matter of changing "nick" => being online as "root" is extremely dangerous...04:18
root_sorry wrong window04:18
arandnecercis: Not sure if using the UUID would help, but I don't see why...04:19
root_but yeah that makes sense.04:19
necercisarand: yea I'm confused, I have nerver had such problem04:19
[4-tea-2]Ah. setxkbmap is the new xmodmap. \o/04:19
arandnecercis: If you mount it with -o defaults does it give the same error?04:20
=== aron is now known as Guest29032
necercisarand: mount /dev/sda5 -o defaults /pub works fine, without /pub it does not04:22
jiltdilhow to check how much space my VM had taken through host via terminal?04:23
arandnecercis: Hmm, if you also use -t ext3 ?04:23
necercisarand: its the same as earlier04:23
Guest29032Can anyone assist me with this?   http://pastebin.com/MEnudw6g04:24
necercisarand: with /pub works, without not04:24
[4-tea-2]necercis: is http://pastebin.com/z9PmreR0 your current fstab?04:24
BiteWhat's the root password in linux, as opposed to the login?04:24
blah234hey all04:24
necercis[4-tea-2]: yes04:24
blah234this is the newb formerly known as _root04:24
arandBite: There is none04:24
YankDownUnderBite, There is only sudo => unless you create a password for the root account.04:25
arandBite: You use sudo in ubuntu04:25
[4-tea-2]necercis: is there a newline char after the last line?04:25
tumbleweed|iPodGuest29032: The repository docent support edgy04:25
Bitearand: I'm getting the auth screen for running say, synaptics managers.04:25
[4-tea-2]necercis: i bet there isn't.04:25
Bitebut i'm having issues.04:25
YankDownUnderBite, Put in YOUR password.04:25
blah234tumbleweed|iPod: so you were saying I should just run chmod -R +x *04:26
abahkaiyisahgrub error show grub rescue> . if i use livecd always hang04:26
BiteI get an incorrect password error.04:26
tumbleweed|iPodNo, sorry blah23404:26
tumbleweed|iPodblah234: At the time I didn't understand it04:26
necercis[4-tea-2]: no there is not, I have added it now but no difference04:26
YankDownUnderBite, Well, what you can do is to open a terminal, and try: sudo passwd04:26
Guest29032tumbleweed: what does that mean?04:26
blah234tumbleweed|iPod: i see.04:26
tumbleweed|iPodBut yea, you need to probably reinstall04:27
tumbleweed|iPodSee if anyone else can help you04:27
BiteYankDownUnder: Does that change it?04:27
BiteBecause that's not the issue.04:27
YankDownUnderBite,  That allows you to create a password for the root account.04:27
BiteOh, ic.04:27
Guest29032tumbleweed I ipod: what does that mean?04:28
BiteYankDownUnder: Thank you, I understand the issue now.04:28
BiteI installed ubuntu server, but then installed XFCE over it.04:29
rww!noroot | YankDownUnder04:29
ubottuYankDownUnder: We do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.04:29
BiteSo the root account never had a password.04:29
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo04:29
[4-tea-2]necercis: you could put "hexdump -C /etc/fstab" on pastebin if you want me to believe that. :D04:29
BiteI was having issues authenticating things.04:29
tumbleweed|iPodGuest29032: The file doesn't exist on the server04:29
necercisarand, [4-tea-2] I solved it, cfdisk showed me that fs is ext3 but it was ext4.04:30
jiltdilyesterday i made video using desktop recorder  and from there is an image of the video i am seeing in the middle of the screen and it os still there and not going from there how to fix this please help me04:30
rwwBite: then fix that, instead of using a dubious workaround04:30
arandnecercis: There we go =)04:30
Biterww: dubious workaround?04:30
rwwBite: in this case, start with investigating gksu-properties and whether it's set to use sudo-style behavior04:30
rwwBite: yes04:30
muteHey, a bad video apparently put my ubuntu netbook into a freeze.  I'd rather not do a sysrq+b reboot as I have N04:30
tumbleweed|iPodWhat's N?04:31
Biterww: Where's gksu-properties?04:31
muteHey, a bad video apparently put my ubuntu netbook into a freeze.  I'd rather not do a sysrq+b reboot as I have an unsaved OO spreadsheet I was working on.  Nothing I can't replace.04:31
rwwBite: it's a program. Type alt-F2 and type it in there04:31
muteAnyone got an idea?04:31
necercisarand, [4-tea-2] thank you for help :)04:31
Biterww: Auth mode: Su, Grab mod: Enable.04:32
[4-tea-2]mute: ssh on the netbook, send a HUP to OO and hope it's smart about saving the file?04:32
rwwBite: change auth mode to sudo.04:32
muteOH! I managed to get to a vterm.04:32
Biterww: what does it do? Asking out of curiosity.04:32
mute[4-tea-2]: No sshd running.04:32
Biterww: and should i remove the password i set on the root account? how?04:32
rwwBite: asks for your user password and authenticates using sudo, instead of asking for the (hopefully non-existent) root password and using su.04:32
[4-tea-2]mute: That's bad.04:32
rwwBite: see that RootSudo page ubottu linked04:32
BiteOkay, will, thanks. How do i remove the password for the root account?04:33
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo04:33
mute[4-tea-2]: I wouldn't know how to do it even if I did.04:33
rwwBite: the RootSudo page has the command for it. I don't have it handy.04:33
Guest29032tumbleweed I ipod: so i shouldnt worry about it?04:33
jiltdilyesterday i made video using desktop recorder  and from then there is an image of the video i am seeing in the middle of the screen and it os still there and not going from there how to fix this .Also the word written on anything looks like fade please help me to fix this04:33
Biterww: Thanks for the help. If i were to install xubuntu from the xubuntu iso and not the ubuntu server, would that be preset to sudo instead of su?04:34
new_to_ubuntu1I'm hoping someone can answer this one for. Is there a auto hide function to this Launcher in Unity?  Running 10.1004:34
muteYou really don't need a superuser in this era of single user machines, but having the extra layer of requiring sudo permission is still beneficial.04:34
rwwBite: I'm not sure why it gets set wrong, or if there are other considerations it uses. It works out of the box on Xubuntu though, so I guess so.04:35
Biterww: I would assume so as well.04:35
arandnew_to_ubuntu1: There is in natty, I'm not sure if it is availble in the 10.10 version04:35
Biterww: I just think that there was an issue in installing the window manager over it.04:35
muteooh, pulseaudio's CPU usage is up to 97%04:36
muteThere's the offender.04:36
Biterww: Is there a GUI program that would let me configure grub?04:36
BiteI'm aware of startupmanager.04:36
muteHow should I kill it? 9?04:36
rwwBite: I just use the text configuration files, so...04:36
rww!grub2 | might mention one04:37
ubottumight mention one: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub204:37
arandmute: just pulseaudio -k04:37
arandmute: Normally doe sit04:37
mutearand: I'm in htop.04:37
mutegives me the option of killing with a certain signal.04:38
new_to_ubuntu1arand: thanks.  I have not put Natty on any of my boxes yet? Are you running it? What do you think of it?04:38
Biterww: i just need a quick fix. I don't necessarily want to go back to grub.04:38
nafrihello, has anyone sucessfully installed gnome3 on ubuntu 10.10??04:38
arandnew_to_ubuntu1: #ubuntu+1 For further discussion, I'm only running it in in a VM, hence no unity/effects.04:39
[4-tea-2]mute: 9 (KILL) is for when you want a program to be gone, immediately, no questions asked (so, yes)04:39
new_to_ubuntu1arand: okay, thank you for the info.04:39
jiltdilhelp me please whenever i opens any thing that has black screen it shows my video image that i had made sometime ago over it.how too fix this also the words written above the open thing goes faid04:39
[4-tea-2]mute: HUP is for when you want to give a program a chance to shut itself down properly, just fyi.04:39
arandmute: The proper way to restart pulseaudio is with the pulseaudio -k command rather04:40
[4-tea-2]mute: and TERM is HUP for programs that do different things when you send them a HUP (like reload their configuration or other obscure stuff)04:40
Biterww: i can't find something specific for removing the root password04:40
mute[4-tea-2]: Does TERM work on the others?04:41
[4-tea-2]mute: yes04:41
rwwBite: sudo usermod -p '!' root04:41
muteThe ones I always hear about are 9 10 and 1504:41
Biterww: thanks for everything. I'm off, bye!04:42
jmorrisI just installed ubuntu server 10.10, and i am getting random network drops, if I am SSH'ed into the box ill get booted, cannot connect to in via SMB or http, then all the sudden it will come back, Any guesses where I should look?04:42
Bitepff, skimmed right over that part....04:42
[4-tea-2]mute: historically, 1 (HUP) is "hangup", which causes some programs to treat this signal as "the user might have accidently closed his connection or X server or whatever".04:43
[4-tea-2]mute: that's why I try it first when I want to give an application a chance to save my date.04:44
jiltdilfor using 64bit OS in virtual box will i have to enable VT or VT-d or simply both from BIOS menu?04:45
munzwhere do trayed apps go in unity...like xchat?04:45
faryshtaHello. Is anyone else having troubles adding people to msn/pidging?04:45
[4-tea-2]faryshta: I had, until I got a fresher Pidgin from the PPA.04:46
nickalsfaryshta, yea i was trying to add your mom last night, but it just wouldnt work04:46
[4-tea-2]faryshta: usually some error message complaining about an invalid mail address format, iirc.04:46
faryshta[4-tea-2], well I know the emails are corrects.04:47
jiltdilfor using 64bit OS in virtual box will i have to enable VT or VT-d or simply both from BIOS menu?04:47
faryshta[4-tea-2], can you recomend me other program to access msn?04:47
[4-tea-2]faryshta: I don't doubt that. Get the fixed Pidgin.04:47
Seven_Six_Twofaryshta, I use empathy04:47
faryshta[4-tea-2], I just updated my system :( Seven_Six_Two let me try.04:48
[4-tea-2]faryshta: the bug is fixed in the pidgin-developers PPA.04:48
[4-tea-2]faryshta: https://launchpad.net/~pidgin-developers/+archive/ppa04:49
faryshta[4-tea-2], let me try too.04:49
hiexpopidgin works great for msn04:50
c00lryguydoes anyone know how would I play a midi note from my soundcard?04:50
Muimipidgin don't work for facebook04:50
Muimifriends don't get your messages04:50
dinhiexpo: irssi + bitlbee works great for everything imo04:50
Muimiit's annoying.04:50
hiexpoMuimi, well than i am special cause mine does04:51
Muimiget it together, guys.04:51
Muimibetter check to be sure.  i checked against 3 remote computers and checked 2 local computers.04:51
Muimibut hey.. if you know you know, i mean04:51
shane4ubuntuc00lryguy: timidity04:51
shane4ubuntu!timidity | c00lryguy04:51
c00lryguyill  check that out thanks04:52
sysRPLhas anyone here mentioned gnome 3 today? i'm wondering if/how it can be installed on 10.10?04:52
hiexpoyou have to use xmpp for facebook04:52
shane4ubuntuc00lryguy: It isn't a gui, so in the command line, timidity file.mid04:52
shane4ubuntuc00lryguy: also, you should install freepats or something for the intstruments to make it sound nice, there is a gui midi player, but I don't know what it is off hand.04:53
nownotwhen ever i try to run ffmpeg i get "ffmpeg: error while loading shared libraries: libvorbisenc.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory " what do i do?04:53
Muiminot that i have seen sysRPL.04:53
nownoti have libvorbis installed04:53
YankDownUnderGreat MIDI => Rosegarden04:54
Muimisomeone said04:54
shane4ubuntusysRPL: I saw today there is a ppa setup for the 11.04 version, I think I saw something for 10.10 too, but it was ir-reversible if you install it, so back up first.04:54
Muimi07:49:42 PM) Delerium_: Hi guys, is there a repository that already contains gnome 3 packages?04:54
Muimi(07:50:48 PM) brightspark: delerium_ gnome 3 is in the software center already if i recall correctly04:54
c00lryguyOh I'm sorry. I'm not trying to play a midi file. I have a program thats using midi input/output from a keyboard i have and i want to use my sundcard to play midi notes when i hit the mon the keyboard04:54
Muimii got earlier logs if you want me to check?04:54
sysRPLshane4ubuntu: i'm running ubuntu on a htpc04:54
sysRPLshane4ubuntu: there's nothng too crtical on it04:54
sysRPLgiaga n2004:54
sagarchaliseHey people I am new to this bug reporting thing, the two finger functionality of my touchpad doesnot work in ubuntu11.04 although the touchpad section shows it to be enabled . Shall I report this as bug ??04:55
YankDownUnderc00lryguy, I'm using JACK and all the JACK input/output coupled with Rosegarden => works wonderfully.04:55
shane4ubuntusysRPL: you are at your own risk here:  http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/11/install-vanilla-gnome-3-in-maverick/04:55
c00lryguyYankDownUnder: sounds good. i'm ot entirely sure what JACK is but I'll look into it04:55
=== xiambax_ is now known as xiambax
shane4ubuntuc00lryguy: ohh, that is totally different, scratch the timidity suggestion I gave you then. :)04:56
c00lryguyThanks for the input though!04:56
Seven_Six_Twoc00lryguy, jack is "jack audio connection kit" and you'll want the realtime kernel too. probably the easiest is to install the ubuntu-studio metapackages04:56
YankDownUnderc00lryguy, On a silly Toshiba P4 laptop, I've replaced the Pulseaudio with JACK, installed Rosegarden, setup JACK for my keyboard via USB, and hey, it's great. For recording - or whatever.04:56
c00lryguycool thanks guys04:57
boumacan someone tell me of a console pdf tool that will aes encrypt an exisiting pdf, that isnt pdftk, which needs tones of dependancies, something small?04:57
jmorrisAnyone know why I would be getting random drops of SMB, SSH, and HTTP connections so ubuntu 10.10?04:57
sysRPLshane4ubuntu: that post was from november last year ... i was hoping for something more current04:58
sysRPLshane4ubuntu: but ty anyways04:58
c00lryguybouma: On ruby, there is a library called Prawn that can do wonders04:58
jiltdilDeleting my boot partiton and instaling new ,will it also delete my virtual box from system?04:58
c00lryguyI believe it is a C extension as well so it's all in C04:58
shane4ubuntusysRPL: ohh, I didn't look at it too closely, just noticed that it could be done, however if the repo is still up, and up to date, then all should be good.04:59
c00lryguyscratch that, its all ruby04:59
sysRPLshane4ubuntu: no problems. thanks04:59
sysRPLdoes anyone here use mon and c# on ubuntu? i'm considering doing some stuff with opentk on ubuntu, but don't know if it has a lot off issues i don't want to deal with05:00
sysRPLmon = mono05:00
edbiansysRPL: Have done very minimal work with mono on linux.  (I've compiled some simple programs and run them).  For what it's worth, it was error free.05:01
sysRPLi've never really done foss ... just my own stuff mainly for windows05:01
daweefolkI set up two partitions when i installed- one for / and one for /home. I made the one for /home almost 100G bigger, but when I installed I accidentally set them backward. I am already 25% in /home and i installed saturday. is there a way to fix it? i.e. just swap the contents and edit lilo?05:01
sysRPLedbian: do you do any other foss development?05:01
shane4ubuntusysRPL: that ppa was out-dated and pointed to this ppa, that is only for Natty, :(05:01
shane4ubuntusysRPL: https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3/+packages   the ppa.05:02
edbiansysRPL: Not professionally.  But I code in python all the time! :D05:02
sysRPLshane4ubuntu: "This PPA currently publishes packages for Natty."05:02
sysRPLedbian: what editor do you use?05:03
pwnyouracecan someone please help me? i installed ubuntu with wubi and rebooted and it set it up and then i got a flash of code and my computer turned off, now when i pick to boot to ubuntu i get a command prompt type thing and idk how to boot to the os05:03
edbiansysRPL: :)  I'm actually writing my own right now!  :)  I use that, or gedit and a terminal.05:03
shane4ubuntusysRPL: right, that is what I was saying, :(05:03
sysRPLedbian: i need tools like visual studio, eclipse, monodevelop, etc05:03
edbiansysRPL: Visual studios is windows only.  eclipse is available on linux.  Not sure about monodevelop.  I generally code old school with a text editor and a terminal05:04
Scottyohh gnome 3, you ruin my life lol05:04
Scottyi have 4 files on my linux drive i need to get off, whats the best way?05:04
YankDownUnderScotty, copy to USB05:05
edbianScotty: use linux to copy them?05:05
Scottyi try mounting it as external, no go. on that one05:05
Scottycant boot up, gota re-format05:05
sysRPLedbian: doesn't that make it hard to refactor/goto compile errors/debug inside the editor/use an immediate evaluate and modify window?05:05
Scottykilled machine with Gnome 305:05
edbiansysRPL: yes.  I make up for it by coding well.05:06
jiltdilplease help me how to recover from this locking the screen shows me the part of  current opened applications in a fade from why it is happening and how to solve this?05:06
tehroflmaoercan someone help me with this unusually long boot time I'm having?05:06
linuxtechI want to upgrade a server to natty, prior to our migrating mail and web services to it.  Recently we had an issue where our Xen VPS wouldn't reboot after upgrading to Maverick.  See bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/727814.  What is the url to find known issues with Natty, and does anyone know of red flags why I shouldn't upgrade now.05:06
ubottuUbuntu bug 727814 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) "[Maverick] Reboot of linux-virtual hangs on EC2" [Medium,Fix committed]05:06
edbiansysRPL: Admittedly I have never worked on a large project (more than 10,000 lines)05:07
Seven_Six_Twojiltdil, I believe that there's a screensaver that does something like that.05:07
jiltdilSeven_Six_Two; no i changed screen saver too but still there is a problem also typing to google serach bar the word typed by me is fade05:08
aauthorlinuxtech, is this the URL you're looking for? <linuxtec05:09
aauthoroops, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+bugs05:09
jiltdilAny solution to my problem05:09
=== xiambax_ is now known as xiambax
sysRPLby the way peoples ... i am super impress with nettops and ubuntu ... computers like the giada n20 i got last week http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2372300,00.asp05:10
linuxtechaauthor: Perhaps it is.  In previous releases they had some pages setup on  showing a bit of what they wanted tested.05:11
sysRPLi'm not a very knowledgeable linux/ubunut guy ... and i managed to get the hdi with sound working, as well as vdpau for real smooth 1080p video playback05:11
sysRPLhdmi rather05:11
aauthorlinuxtech, you might also check out this page: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/natty/beta#Known%20issues05:12
linuxtechthanks, that is what I was looking for!05:13
aauthorNo problem.05:13
[4-tea-2]Anyone else experiencing Liferea crashes (segfaults) on natty?05:13
moesUbuntu 10.04 grub 1.98 ...How do I display grub menu at startup05:13
aauthormoes, the file you need to edit is "/etc/default/grub"05:14
YankDownUndermoes, Edit the /etc/default/grub configuration file, then run "sudo update-grub"05:14
moesaauthor yes but what entry in the default file05:15
Stronzeneed help. installed ubuntu 10.04 on very old desktop. itunes and a graphical game crashes computer. no clue where to start. im thinking bad graphics driver05:15
sysRPLmoes ... hold shift05:15
* aauthor checks documentation05:15
tensorpuddingStronze: ubuntu doesn't have itunes05:15
Stronzetensorpudding - itunes via wine05:16
moessysRPL, That works but want to see it at boot05:16
YankDownUnderStronze, Success stories of running iTunes via WINE - or at least any version greater than iTunes 7.0, are nearly nil.05:17
vyper1877I think I tried that once without any luck05:17
Seven_Six_TwoStronze, and what do you mean by crash? Kernel panic? Black screen?05:17
Stronzeyankdownunder - i know, i was testing to see if it would work but thats not the issues, graphics get overloaded and crash computer05:17
aauthormoes, comment out GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 (i.e. put a # in front of that line)05:17
jiltdilmoes:hit esc or down arrow  key,to see grub menu05:17
Stronzeseven_six_two black screen with graphic glitches05:17
Seven_Six_TwoStronze, can you ssh in from another computer?05:18
YankDownUnderStronze, Yeppers - been there done that heaps of times...on many different types of machines...just for giggles and grins - I love an exercise in futility.05:18
Seven_Six_TwoStronze, or can you switch to a tty?05:18
aauthormoes, documentation is at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#/etc/default/grub (file)05:18
Stronzeyankdownunder - this a my cousins family computer and their windows did its windows thing. figured why not05:19
aauthormoes:  erm, we'll try that again: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#/etc/default/grub%20(file)05:19
vyper1877Stronze, try a virtualbox xp machine for that05:19
Stronzeseven_six_two im not an advanced linux user. slow down bud05:19
YankDownUnderStronze, Yeah mate - kinda know what ya mean...05:19
Stronzevyper1877 - i was thinking that but im not sure this pc can handle that05:19
jiltdilAnything typing on google using firefox is looking fade also locking screen shows some fade pictures of the running program how to resolve this05:20
vyper1877Dual boot?05:20
Seven_Six_TwoStronze, can you get a login screen with alt+ctrl+F105:20
aauthormoes, don't forget to update grub afterwards by running "sudo update-grub2" in terminal.05:20
YankDownUnderStronze, Just as an FYI, my missus uses a iPod Nano 8gb, and uses Rhythmbox quite happily...however, it's not a "brand new" item, and she's well aware of how to download music instead of "Apple Store" purchasing...05:21
sysRPLmoes: did you read my comment about holding shft at boot to get to grub?05:21
sysRPLmoes: shift05:21
vyper1877there actually a couple of programs for linux that can interact with ipods, however most ipods have to be older models05:23
Stronzewoot learned a new command05:23
puren00bis anyody available to help me? My nick says it all05:24
Stronzebut forgot how to start graphical interface from text lvl05:24
puren00bit's a miracle i was even able to get this chat program going :)05:24
moesaauthor, Thanks that worked05:24
Seven_Six_Twopuren00b, there's a lot of people available, but nobody can make you a not-n00b05:24
xanguapuren00b: and my name says i am not a mind reader so say your problem05:24
sysRPLpuren00b: and you set you nick05:24
aauthormoes, no problem.  Glad to help!05:24
puren00bhow to set my nick?05:24
puren00bi thought i already had!05:24
Stronzeseven_six_two :D05:24
Seven_Six_Twopuren00b, register your nick?05:25
Seven_Six_TwoStronze, I'm guessing that gave you a terminal?05:25
xangua!register | puren00b05:25
ubottupuren00b: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode05:25
puren00b!register puren00b05:25
StronzeSeven_zix_two gave me non graphical interface05:25
shcherbakpuren00b: /join #freenode05:25
StronzeSeven_six_two forgot what each interface levesl are, read it awhile back and forgot05:26
aauthorpuren00b, did you have a question about ubuntu?05:26
puren00bi do05:26
Seven_Six_Two Stronze that should have given you a text login.05:26
aauthorpuren00b, what's up?05:26
puren00bi've installed 10.10 on this machine i'm on05:26
Stronzeseven_six_two it did05:26
puren00band it's perhaps beyond this machine's capabilities05:26
puren00bwhere can i find i list of the system's specs on ubuntu?05:27
vyper1877Google it05:27
YankDownUnderpuren00b, You can always try: sudo dpkg --reconfigure xorg-server => see if that straightens ya out.05:27
shcherbakpuren00b: Is it desktop or laptop?05:28
Stronzenow how do i record the graphical error during a pc crash and retrieve after reboot?05:28
puren00bhave ubuntu tell me the specs of the machine its on05:28
vyper1877Oh, my bad05:28
shcherbakpuren00b: What model of laptop?05:28
Stronzeyankdownunder - you telling a noob to access xorg's text file?05:28
Seven_Six_TwoStronze, and when you login, try typing   dmesg    and read whatever is at the end of the output (while machine is not working). That might give you a hint. or try    less /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:28
arandpuren00b: lspci gives you some of it05:28
puren00bokay hang on05:29
YankDownUnderStronze, Nah mate - tellin' him the basic console command for reconfiguring xorg....easy peasey05:29
puren00bit's a packard bell easy note05:29
puren00bi actually can't find any other info on the case05:29
YankDownUnderUm...the Packard-:Bell site doesn't have any information?05:29
puren00bso can't ubuntu tell me what speed cpu and amount of ram are in here?05:29
Stronzeyankdownunder - im still learning. of of these days im gonna get unlazy and read the guide i printed up for the nuts and bolts05:29
YankDownUnderStronze, Um...yeah...reading is a good thing...hehehehehhehe05:30
aauthorpuren00b: System>Administration>System Monitor05:30
shcherbakpuren00b: Any easynote will run Ubuntu, can you boot it (till what stage if yes)05:30
=== david is now known as Guest2719
YankDownUnderaauthor, Um...if he ain't gotta GUI, how's he gonna do that?05:31
aauthorYankDownUnder:  Oh, ha ha!  I missed that part.05:31
puren00byes it boots05:31
puren00b700mb ram05:31
lashahey guys anyone plays online chess on ubuntu 10.10 ?05:31
Stronzeyankdownunder - love to read but tech manuals are the best sleeping aides in the world for me05:31
puren00bmobile AMD Athlon XP-M 2400+05:31
puren00bit runs05:31
shcherbaklasha: a bit05:31
puren00b10.10 slowly05:31
shcherbaklasha: Nf305:31
xanguapuren00b: it will work good if you don't use compiz05:32
lashashcherbak: which software do you use ?05:32
YankDownUnderpuren00b, Mate, hows this sound => boot to the console, login, right? Once ya login, type: dpkg --reconfigure xorg-server05:32
puren00bi don't05:32
puren00bat least i haven't enabled it05:32
DaPenguintech manuals are good when used in conjunction with actually tearing something apart :)05:32
lashashcherbak: Nf3 is an application name ?05:32
geekahedron1anyone know offhand how to open compiz config manager from a terminal?05:32
puren00bit works too slowly; i actually switched to ubuntu because xp was just getting too slow and the CD drive in this one is broken05:32
xangua!ccsm | geekahedron105:32
ubottugeekahedron1: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz05:32
puren00bso i thought i'd tyr ubuntu from a usb stick05:32
puren00bi've installed it now05:32
shcherbaklasha: jin (for fics), scid (database), xboard, fritz, arena (wine)05:33
aauthorgeekahedron1, the command to start it up is ccsm, but that gives the gui.  That not what you want, right?05:33
geekahedron1yes, actually it was05:33
YankDownUnderpuren00b, If ya got the point of getting it installed, ya might, stressing MIGHT be able to get Xorg running...05:33
lashashcherbak: i have heard of fritz, from web or from repository ?05:33
geekahedron1i disabled unity from the gui05:33
shcherbakpuren00b: ok, get Xubuntu, much faster.05:33
geekahedron1but i couldn't get gdm to run05:34
puren00bwhat's the difference?05:34
aauthorgeekahedron1, alright, make sure you install it through the synaptic first.05:34
geekahedron1it's installed05:34
puren00bwill Xubuntu still run google chrome? and VLC?05:34
geekahedron1but i had no gui05:34
geekahedron1i could only run things i knew by name :p05:34
Unirgyhi, i've upgraded to 10.10 and now apache gives segfaults all the time... where should i look for details?05:34
aauthorAh OK!05:34
huchosihi, do you know a link where i can make a kind of ubuntu one but with a folder from my server05:34
YankDownUnderpuren00b, Yes...05:34
shcherbaklasha: one from web, one via wine (and arena run well older engines)05:34
xanguayes puren00b , even less resourses¿ !lubuntu05:34
aauthorgeekahedron1, quite the conundrum. :)05:34
puren00bi'm having another prolem too05:35
puren00bi can NOT get video to play on this one05:35
puren00baudio comes through but no picture05:35
puren00beven on VLC05:35
LancelotQuestion about the new version of skype: does anyone know if it will work on Karmic? Is there another place I should be asking this?05:35
DaPenguinpuren00b, what kind of gfx hardware?05:35
lashashcherbak: I am trying to avoid installing wine because i feel like it corrupts comp with windows aura :D so there is no popular client specifically for linux/ubuntu ?05:35
YankDownUnderpuren00b, Um, mate, did you install all the codecs necessary to play video?05:35
shcherbakLancelot: "new" version of skype?05:35
Lancelotshcherbak: the beta 2.205:36
DaPenguinshouldn't need installed codecs for vlc...05:36
puren00bi had ral difficulty in acquiring codecs05:36
puren00band yeah, shouldn't need codecs for VLC05:36
xanguaLancelot: download it and try it¿05:36
puren00bVLC is GREAT :D05:36
Stronzeyankdownunder - give em that after install guide for his version05:36
DaPenguinpuren00b, possibly an issue with the video driver05:37
Lancelotxangua: I don't want to install it just yet in case something goes wonky. I wanted to see if anyone else running Karmic had tried it05:37
lashaLancelot: they made new version of skype for linux ?05:37
puren00bi figured it's because this computer just isn't up to running this OS and playing video at the same time05:37
vyper1877Lancelot, I was runing skype beta without a problem in karmic05:37
shcherbaklasha: xboard and scid is very decend duo, you will need to play around polyglot to get some engines to run.05:37
Lancelotlasha: Yes, an update. It's 2.2 now. http://blogs.skype.com/linux/2011/04/2_2_beta.html05:37
Lancelotvyper1877: are you running the new version of the beta?05:37
YankDownUnderpuren00b, Just FYI, have you thought about using an older version of Ubuntu - like maybe 9.10 or so?05:37
lashashcherbak: hmm ok i will try those thank you :)05:38
vyper1877Lancelot: I was05:38
shcherbakLancelot: I recall 8.10 deb on skype website.05:38
shcherbakLancelot: You right, let try it!05:40
puren00bwhat's the difference with Xubuntu?05:40
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels05:40
puren00band how hard is it to change distro from this to an earlier one, or to Xubuntu?05:41
=== rene is now known as Guest20542
Guest20542i need help!!!05:41
YankDownUnderpuren00b, Mate, you can just install it from the console: sudo apt-get install xfce-desktop => and wait...05:41
puren00bhow big is it?05:41
Lancelotshcherbak: sounds good, I'll be back in a little bit05:41
Guest20542how can I unistall JULinux from my PC?05:42
YankDownUnderpuren00b, I reckon about 30mb or so...05:42
puren00bso wait05:42
shcherbakpuren00b: Guest20542 JULinux?05:42
puren00bXubuntu will STILL google chrome and VLC and it's a 30mb download05:42
shcherbakGuest20542 JULinux? What is it?05:43
Guest20542ill give you a link05:43
puren00bXubuntu will STILL google chrome and VLC and it's a 30mb download?05:43
puren00bwill it still run games under wine?05:44
=== awvtui is now known as _awvtui
ramanandNopes no way to play games under wine  !!!!05:44
YankDownUnderpuren00b, It's just a different GUI that doesn't suck up system resource...05:44
puren00bwhere does the extra 670mb go?05:44
=== _awvtui is now known as awtui
YankDownUnderToo much WINE and ya can't do anything, really...05:44
Guest20542i wanted to put windows7 to my pc so that I can do some programing uisng C#05:45
ramanandhad anybody a replacement for KMP player the korean one05:45
Guest20542has anyone heard about JULinux?05:46
YankDownUnderHeck of a place to ask about different linux distros...05:46
aauthorGuest20542, you installed it as another operating system on your computer?05:47
puren00blol dude i'm new here05:47
Guest20542yeah, i should not have05:47
puren00bmy nick says it ALLLL05:47
puren00bi know nothing about linux other than it's free and i have it05:47
Guest20542The only OS I have is JULinux05:48
puren00band terminal kicks the bollocks out of the DOS prompt lol05:48
aauthorGuest20542, then you could format your drive and install the operating system you wanted on top of it, right?05:48
icedteapuren00b: you can run cygwin in windows, which uses bash05:48
Guest20542I try to pt WIn7 but it says that it cant define an OS on my PC05:48
Guest20542I thought of that05:48
puren00bokay srsly now though05:49
puren00byou've seen my spces05:49
puren00bwhat's going to e ideal and yet still do what i want05:49
puren00bi just want to make this machine surf internet and load videos in VLC as fats as possible05:49
shcherbakGuest20542: Looks like you need to be convinced to download Ubuntu and install it (like it should be done), any objections?05:49
Guest20542how can I format my drive05:49
Guest20542I would if I could05:50
Guest20542I will try it05:50
aauthorGuest20542, is your Win7 disk a fresh-install license?  (I.e. not an upgrade only disk?)05:50
YankDownUnderBoot with liveCD, click SYSTEM => ADMINISTRATION => GPARTED PARTITION EDITOR, format drive.05:50
icedteais there a 3d opensource driver for recent nvidia cards? I'd rather not load closed source drivers on this system05:50
Guest20542I have a legit key but the win7 is a copy05:51
Tuxx3danyone could lend me a hand with something?05:51
YankDownUndericedtea, Um...the "normal" drivers are fine and dandy...or what are you getting at?05:51
shcherbakGuest20542: What is problem? To format drive (before Ubuntu instalation) insert LiveCD (ev. adjust bios booting setting) and start live session, and format drive.05:51
icedteaYankDownUnder: I can't get desktop affects enabled with the standard drivers05:51
vyper1877Icedtea are you using the optimus technology cards?05:52
Tuxx3dtoday i came back from work and all i see is a black screen with a blinking cursor05:52
YankDownUndericedtea, Um...did you check SYSTEM => ADMINISTRATION => HARDWARE DRIVERS and see if you've got the recommended driver running/installed?05:52
Guest20542can I format it before anything else05:52
icedteano, evga geforce 9800GT05:52
YankDownUndericedtea, Funny that ....I"ve got the same card....05:53
Tuxx3dthen when i tried to restart the computer it doesnt boot, stuck after post with this black screen05:53
aauthorGuest20542, yes you can.  With a Windows disk you can tell it to do a fresh install instead of an upgrade and it will walk you through formatting your disk.05:53
Tuxx3dthen i popped a ubuntu live cd and it wont boot either05:53
Tuxx3dgives a error and warning something like "pwuid: Unknown user {0}"05:54
Guest20542i will try it05:54
aauthorGuest20542, however, if you want more detailed assistance, you might try going to #windows, as that's there area of expertise.05:54
icedteaYankDownUnder: its recommending I install the nvidia proprietary driver, I'd rather avoid that05:54
YankDownUndericedtea, Well, mate, that's your choice. All good.05:55
Guest20542how can I come back to this chat? I am new at this05:55
aauthorGuest20542, what program are you using to access this chat on IRC?05:55
Guest20542it was on the OS hold on let me check05:56
fizyplanktonGuest20542 is using xchat05:56
fizyplanktonjust use "/ctcp Guest20542 version"05:57
Lancelotshcherbak: I'm back, how's the client?05:57
kaushalis there a way to measure network data flow ?05:58
Lancelotkaushal: open the process monitor05:58
DaPenguinkaushal, or netstat05:58
kaushalDaPenguin: netstat ?05:58
kaushalI need measurement in real time05:58
Lancelotkaushal: do that, or if you pick the process monitor go to the resources tab05:58
DaPenguinkaushal, cli app, run it in a terminal and see what it pops up :)05:59
Lancelotkaushal: both netstat and the process monitor give you live information05:59
vyper1877Kaushal You can also add the network applet to your task bar05:59
povedaespinozaalguien sabe español aqui?05:59
DaPenguin!es | povedaespinoza06:00
ubottupovedaespinoza: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.06:00
vyper1877You can keep an eye on your monitor that way06:00
dr0idhi guiz, just wondering wuts the purpose of hard links ? :)06:01
nunuyabizwhy does my firefox jump up to 80% CPU usage all of the sudden?06:02
dr0idbecause yer loading loads of plugins ?06:02
nunuyabizI don't have that many plugins, and it did that before when I even had less.06:02
YankDownUnderCould be that "special" plugin - the "Eatupresources.xpi"06:03
vyper1877nunuyabiz: flash can also cause this06:03
LancelotYankDownUnder: HA! Nice one.06:03
nunuyabizvyper1877 that would make sense. can it happen even if I'm not playing a movie?06:03
YankDownUnderLancelot, (or could be the "ActLikeWindows.xpi")06:04
dr0idhi guiz, just wondering wuts the purpose of hard links ? :)06:04
icedteadr0id: the advantadge of a hard link is that even if you delete the first, original file, the second file that was linked will still have the data06:04
dr0idwell, that's no advantage06:05
puren00bhey guys; how would i go about finding out what grahpics driver i need in ubuntu?06:05
dr0idI mean, if I change the hard link, the original files are not modified06:05
nunuyabizalso there is another process that jumps up to 80% cpu. It's the gdm/auth-for-gdm WTXQ anone know why that hogs cpu?06:05
map7I just upgraded java on my Ubuntu box and now I cannot login to the tax department, where do I find previous packages of java specifically for Ubuntu 10.04 64bit?06:05
dr0idicedtea: so, better just have the original file ? :P06:05
ayeceedr0id: if you change the hard link, the original is modified.06:05
icedteadr0id: no, if you change the hard link, the original file is modified too06:05
dr0idwhy doesn't things work when I try :S06:06
dr0idhold on, will try again06:06
YankDownUnderpuren00b, Are you at the console, or in the GUI?06:06
vyper1877Nunuyabi, look at your system monitor, it has happend to me that I close a session where I was using flash and the process keeps living even after closing firefox06:06
puren00bthe gui06:06
puren00bi can use the terminal06:06
puren00btermainal is the same thing as console?06:06
=== _TechAway_ is now known as _Techie_
LancelotHas anyone tried out the new version of skype in karmic?06:07
icedteadr0id: I found in some instances some programs can't open symbol links properly though I think that was a while ago and may not have even been on linux, but another *nix os06:07
icedteasymbolic links rather06:07
kaushalLancelot: so just run netstat ?06:07
dini'm trying to upgrade to natty on my netbook but my ssd is only 4gb and doesn't have the space available to do so. can someone point me in the right direction?06:07
kaushalLancelot: process monitor ?06:07
nunuyabizvyper1877 that would explain why sometimes when I close or open firefox, an audio that I havn't listened to starts playing.06:07
ayeceedin: natty narwhal support is in #ubuntu+106:08
Lancelotkaushal: that's one way to go. If you just want bandwidth usage use the resources tab of the process monitor06:08
puren00bnope it's different on 10.1006:08
dr0idicedtea: aah yes. so symlinks just hold the reference to the original files, while hard links hold reference + data ? :)06:09
operahello everyone06:09
dr0idhi Ope06:09
dinayecee: this isn't natty yet. this is an issue with do-release-upgrade06:09
operai  am a new bird06:09
DaPenguindr0id, sort of06:09
operawho can help me06:09
puren00bthere's no hardware pane under administration06:09
dr0idDaPenguin: thanks :)06:09
ayeceedr0id: a symbolic link refers to the original by name, a hard link refers to the original by inode06:09
vyper1877Yeap, sounds like that is the problem, I ended up reinstalling a fresh copy of firefox06:09
[nDy]Hi all, am thinking of starting to use linux (a friend has put me onto it) but I listen to Itunes Radio a bit but I guess that isnt available on linux?06:10
ayeceedr0id: a hard link increases the reference count so the file is kept if the original link is deleted. A symbolic link does not.06:10
ayeceedr0id: thus, you can have a dangling symlink (points to a file that no longer exists), but never a dangling hard link.06:11
dr0idayecee: you thought symlink referred by inode too06:11
YankDownUnderThere are all types of internet based radio playing programs for linux.06:11
dr0idI thought*06:11
vyper1877Ask away opera, and someone will respond06:11
dr0idfor faster performance06:11
ayecee[nDy]: rhythmbox has a very similar interface, but I'm not sure if it does Itunes Radio in particular.06:11
icedteadr0id: think of a symbolic link as just a file that contains the original filename that it points to. If the original file is wiped, the symbolic link still points to that directory location but its broken06:11
ayeceedr0id: nope, by name.06:11
DaPenguinjust about any media player will accept an internet url as a playable file06:11
operavype, thank you06:11
ayeceedr0id: the name is often stored in the directory entry though, instead of its own inode06:12
dr0idyeah, own inode. sorry06:12
operai want  use opera , who can get me a book on how to use ubuntu06:12
nunuyabizvyper1877 I went to system monitor and it reports that everything including xchat. The only thing it reports as running is gnome system monitor.06:12
xangua!manual | opera06:13
ubottuopera: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/06:13
Seven_Six_Two opera the internets. I saw thems around here somewhere06:13
nunuyabizvyper1877 everything is sleeping.....06:13
itiliousis it possible to extent the partition that ubuntu resides on?06:14
operamy email is  XMYUAN@126.COM06:14
DaPenguinitilious, yes, check out gparted06:14
operaxmyuan@126.com who can get me a book on how to use linux operate06:14
itiliousi gotta be on live cd tho right?06:15
puren00bcan anyone tell me how to check out what video drivers i need in 10.1006:15
vyper1877So is firefox running?06:15
Seven_Six_Twoopera, ubottu gave you the answer to that question.06:15
nunuyabizvyper1877 is it possible that system monitor could report everything is sleeping except the gnome system monitor06:15
icedteapuren00b: the OS should figure that out for you during the install, but there are exceptions and closed source drivers that often provide better 3d acceleration06:16
nunuyabiznot right now. I will open firefox now06:16
puren00bi ask because my movies play without video, audio only :(06:17
puren00bit's killing me06:17
puren00beven in VLC06:17
icedteapuren00b: to see if you have additional drivers that could speed things up, click on System->Administration->Additional Drivers06:17
Seven_Six_Twopuren00b, what are you trying to watch06:17
puren00bi have no additional drivers listed there06:17
puren00bcartoons, movies06:17
puren00bmp4, avi, wmv, etc06:18
operathank you everyone06:18
Seven_Six_Twopuren00b, dvd?06:18
puren00bvlc plays it all but with no video06:18
nunuyabizvyper1877 I opened firefox, and even though the cpu usage skyrocketed, system monitor reports it a sleeping!06:18
puren00bnot DVD, this machine's dvd drive is bung06:18
puren00bthat's why i'm ubuntu now lol06:18
icedteapuren00b: what type of video card/chipset does it have?06:18
Seven_Six_Twopuren00b, can you put the output of   sudo lspci -vv       at    pastebin.com  and paste the url back here06:19
puren00bno idea06:19
deadlightwhats different between gnome3-session(10.10universe) and gnome306:19
vyper1877Nunuyabiz Hmmm that's weird, try using htop it is much better06:19
sykespuren00b, you have to enable universe, multiverse repos for restricted drivers06:19
nunuyabizI am using htop, that is where I'm getting my cpu stats from06:19
will_hey guys. can anyone tell me if gedit's scrollbars respond when the program is maximised and you click on the very far right side of the screen? as far as you can push the mouse06:19
will_i'm trying to compose a bug report for the new overlay scrollbars (they don't respond in the same way as the old ones) in that specific case, which i think is a usability regression06:20
puren00bi think i already have that enabled sykes06:21
vyper1877When you open firefox does it stay at 80% all the time or does the cpu usage go down?06:21
nunuyabizno, it only jumps up there for short periods of time.06:22
nunuyabizthe gdm/auth-for-gdm WTXQ does the same thing. what the heck is WTXQ?06:22
puren00bSeven_Six_Two didja catch that?06:23
linuxtechAs I started the upgrade to Natty I noticed it is using screen, is it also logging  to some file like script does?06:23
nunuyabizI searched it on google ... no results06:23
xangua!natty  | linuxtech06:23
ubottulinuxtech: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not intended for production systems.06:23
vyper1877Ok, if you can try disabling or uninstalling your pluggins one at a time and try to run ff to see if one of them makes a difference06:23
nunuyabizthat's a good idea..... I'll try that.06:24
Seven_Six_Twopuren00b, yeah, I was looking at it. SiS video...06:24
vyper1877Gots to go, good luck06:24
xanguavyper1877: mozilla recently published an article about addons that make firefox slower06:24
puren00bam i going to need a special driver for ubuntu?06:25
deadlightwhats different between gnome3-session(10.10universe) and gnome3,i want to use gnome3 in 10.10,can i use gnome3-session instead of gnome3?06:25
nunuyabizxangua thanks I'll google that06:25
puren00bI seem to recall even getting the right driver to make it happy in windows was a trial06:25
Seven_Six_Twopuren00b, maybe.     https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Sis06:25
=== ftjla is now known as fgwilliams
puren00bummm can you e a little more specific lol06:26
Seven_Six_Twopuren00b, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=149928006:27
ayeceeSeven_Six_Two: that seems to be for the sis671 rather than the sis65x06:28
puren00bshould i try it then? Putting in the wrong driver can sure mess things up under windows06:28
Seven_Six_Twopuren00b, not really. Those are important reading.    ayecee I didn't read that closely...06:28
Seven_Six_Twopuren00b, the second thread is from a search based on your "video card" which is onboard video.06:29
ayeceehmm. is that a very old chipset?06:29
puren00b6 years maybe 7?06:29
Seven_Six_Twothe thread makes it sound that way. no 3d available.06:29
dr0idthanks a lot ayecee :)06:30
ayeceepuren00b: from what I can tell, this one should be supported out of the box. are you having problems with it?06:30
ayeceepuren00b: but yeah, no 3d06:30
puren00boh bollocks, from the looks of this i won't have much luck playing games with it if i do anything with the drivers availalbe06:30
puren00byes ayecee06:31
puren00bi can't get it to play videos, only audio comes out, even under VLC06:31
Seven_Six_Twopuren00b, if it makes you feel any better, trying to get an ati card to work 8 years ago was how I learned to love/hate the prompt06:31
will_Seven_Six_Two: i've been trying to get an apparently supported ati card to work just a few WEEKS ago :(06:31
ayeceepuren00b: does it do the same in mplayer?06:31
puren00baw man the only things this laptop needs to do are play videos and surf the net\06:32
ayeceepuren00b: what output driver does mplayer default to, and have you tried others?06:32
Seven_Six_Twowill_, wow. I haven't had ati in a while.06:32
puren00bi only have the default ubuntu driver06:32
puren00bbrb smoke time06:32
zeusCan anyone recommend a good low cost mic and cam that will work straight out of the box with ubuntu?06:34
ayeceepuren00b: this is a shared memory video device, eh? It might help to increase the amount of ram allocated to it in the bios, it could be that it needs more room to do DRI of video.06:35
will_Seven_Six_Two: the open source radeon drivers are pretty cool if you get the lottery of having a card that works. my card downstairs in my other PC is perfect, gorgeous - KMS, compiz, smooth and lovely and moral06:35
ayeceezeus: I don't know about good and low cost, but the last one I picked up off the shelf at the supermarket worked fine.06:35
ayeceezeus: bizarrely, the cheaper it is, the more likely it'll work, since they'll use existing chipsets.06:36
icedteazeus: I have a cheaper logitech one (maybe $20??) that works fine06:36
zeusthanks guys06:36
=== ubuntu is now known as newby65
linux-noobjoin #python06:36
icedtealinux-noob: no ;)06:37
zeusi dont need anything fancy, so knowing that cheaper may be better is perfect06:37
abhinav_singhhow do i start mongodb service on ubuntu06:37
newby65I am already using 3 partitions for win7 on my Dell N5010, is there any way to dodge the requirement of 2 primary partitions for ubuntu installation?06:38
=== dustin_ is now known as folorn
will_zeus: that's probably a good rule of thumb. buying a 3D camera with bidirectional sound dampning and star wars-style blue projections is less likely to work than your standard lifecam type thing06:38
ayeceeabhinav_singh: perhaps "service mongodb start"06:38
will_newby65: does ubuntu need 2 primary partitions? or do you mean for windows 7 AND ubuntu?06:39
will_newby65: this might not be what you'd be happy with, but wubi would definitely work06:39
ayeceenewby65: you can have up to 4 primary partitions, but only one of them can be "active". however, if the bootloader is installed on the "active" partition or the mbr, that's not a problem.06:39
newby65I am convinced it does need, as /boot/ partition must be primary and then you want swap to be somewhere06:39
ayeceenewby65: swap does not need to be a primary partition.06:40
newby65it doesn't but it must be on an extended one which takes a slot of primary06:40
newby65as a subpartition06:40
ayecee/boot need not be its own partition, but if it is, it should probably be primary. / need not be primary06:41
newby65will_, thanks, I'll have a look at what it is06:41
Marcus_123ubuntu can be installed on a primary or extended partition06:41
ayeceejingqq5210: test passed06:41
jingqq5210ayecee: thx06:41
nunuyabizvyper1877 I have disabled all my plugins, and firefox is running unusually quiet. I'll turn them on one by one gradually until I find the culprit. Then I'll disable it and only enable it when I need it.06:41
newby65ayecee, /boot/ must be on a primary partition, it might be the actual / partition, yes06:42
nunuyabizwhat a difference. this thing has been driving me nuts06:42
will_newby: i recommend following everyone else's advice first - wubi is hardly ideal but it WILL work if you want ubuntu without adding an extra partition06:42
ayeceenewby65: wright06:42
ayeceeright, too06:42
newby65but that still means it takes a slot of primary partition, and I have only 1 remaining06:42
newby65so no place for swap06:42
ayeceenewby65: the swap goes into the 1 remaining, right?06:43
Marcus_123as long as the grub is installed on mbr06:43
newby65there is none remaining after I create the /boot/ (or /) one:)06:43
=== mike_ is now known as Guest91086
ayeceenewby65: you can have many extended partitions within a logical partition, and the logical partition takes one slot.06:43
Marcus_123it doesn't matter which partition ubuntu is installed06:43
Marcus_123just put ubuntu into /06:44
Marcus_123let ubuntu decide for itself06:44
newby65ok, to clarify it a bit: 1st primary - taken up by dell something, 2nd primary - taken up by win7 system restore, 3rd primary - win7 OS, 4th - empty06:45
ayeceenewby65: provided grub is installed in mbr instead of partition, that should be no problem.06:45
ayeceenot the most popular choice, but functional in your case06:45
Marcus_123just installed ubuntu as default06:46
Bluebill-Wolflol nice06:46
jiltdilhow to add music to my silent video ?06:47
abhijeetjiltdil: have u tried the prithvi06:47
will_ayecee: why don't people like installing it in the MBR?06:47
Seven_Six_Twowho's an op here?06:47
nunuyabizBluebill-Wolf I was so exhausted after I wrote your nix that I couldn't write a message06:48
Jordan_Uayecee: No partitions in Ubuntu need to be primary. You can make an extended partition for partition 4 and put as many logical partitions within it as you want.06:48
abhijeetjiltdil: I think you can add the audio to video using prithvi.. it is just like a video editor06:48
newby65indeed, are there any drawbacks?06:48
ayeceeJordan_U: perfect06:48
Seven_Six_Two!ubottu list ops06:48
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:48
Jordan_USeven_Six_Two: If you'06:48
ayeceewill_: dunno. aesthetics?06:48
=== chymos is now known as Chymos
Jordan_USeven_Six_Two: ... If you'd like to talk with the channel ops join #ubuntu-ops.06:49
Seven_Six_TwoJordan_U, thanks!06:49
Jordan_USeven_Six_Two: You're welcome.06:49
jiltdilabhijeet:ok i am trying,please tell me why my mic is not recording sound to any of recorder also when i voice chat to any other person his voice comes to me but mine doesnot goes to him while using Windows OS it works fine06:49
newby65ayecee, do I loose anything in comparison to having a 'real' /boot/ partition?06:49
Seven_Six_TwoJordan_U, now that you mention that, someone told me that recently, and I forgot I had even asked.06:49
nunuyabiznewby65 be sure to learn how to use vmware!06:49
ayeceenewby65: unless you're using a very old system, or very large disks, I don't think so06:50
newby65ok, thank you!06:50
abhijeetjiltdil: did u tried the voice recorder?06:50
Marcus_123try the mic volume, turn it up06:50
jwtiyarwhile upgrading its stopped here http://postimage.org/image/2b50uaack/06:50
abhijeetjiltdil: can u see the bars when you speak louder06:50
jiltdilabhijeet:yes they are not moving they are still06:51
abhijeetjiltdil: then there must be issue.. one sec..06:51
jiltdilabhijeet:i tried almost many but i fail to record my sound06:51
abhijeetjiltdil: try alsamix in command prompt06:52
nunuyabiznewby65 they are all real partitions. 4 primary is just an old microsoft standard06:52
jiltdilok now06:52
abhijeetyou can see a gui right06:52
jiltdilabhijeet:yes i see,opened i actually tried alsamixer but idnot understood what to do06:52
abhijeetthere go to the mice option increase the volume06:53
jiltdilabhijeet:front mic or just mic06:53
muteAnyone ever use Skype? Me and my girlfriend are skyping, and for some reason I'm getting her video on like a two minute delay and I don't know why.06:53
abhijeetjiltdil: u are in lappy06:53
jiltdilabhijeet:no in desktop06:53
jiltdilabhijeet:also there is option bosss mic06:54
abhijeetjiltdil: then i think it will be mic06:54
lywhat is lappy06:54
jiltdilabhijet:ok m trying06:54
abhijeetjiltdil: anyway increase all of them .. we will see what  happens06:54
ayeceely: lappy is slang for laptop06:54
jwtiyarwhile upgrading its stopped here http://postimage.org/image/2b50uaack/06:54
jiltdilabhijeet:actually i tried all of them06:55
ayeceejwtiyar: how long have you waited?06:55
abhijeetjiltdil: :(06:55
jwtiyarits 20 minutes or more06:55
arvyWho can tell me how to install my network printer [HP laserjet 1213nf MFP06:55
jiltdilabhijeet:it didinot work again06:55
jwtiyarayecee, its 20 minutes or more06:56
ayeceejwtiyar: any disk activity?06:56
nunuyabizarvy have you tried to plug it in yet? maybe it will hot plug06:56
abhijeetjiltdil: okay... have u tried the sound options from menu bar06:56
jwtiyarayecee, i dont understand06:56
abhijeetthere check the input h/w06:56
jiltdilabhijeet:i tried but you tell me i will also try it please06:56
ayeceejwtiyar: there is a light that flashes when your disk is used. do you see that flashing?06:56
jwtiyarayecee, nope06:57
abhijeetjiltdil: okay06:57
jiltdilabhijeet:please wait for 5min i am coming some urgent if u don't mind06:57
ayeceejwtiyar: there are two options, and neither one is pretty. one is to open a terminal and try to figure out what is stuck. the other is to reboot and pray.06:57
=== Guest84973 is now known as Khisanth
abhijeetjiltdil: sure06:58
ayeceeKhisanth: have i seen you on efnet?06:58
jwtiyarayecee, sorry but i dont know what to do in terminal ? , its not finished yet to restart it06:59
ayeceejwtiyar: run "ps aux" and pastebin the results07:00
povedaespinozadisculpa el canal de español cual es??07:00
jwtiyarayecee, http://pastebin.com/mDGsGC9J07:01
arvynunuyabiz: Thanks.I've plug it in my computer all ready.07:01
ayeceejwtiyar: sorry, "ps auxwww"07:01
povedaespinozacomo hago para ir al panel de español..07:02
ayecee!es | povedaespinoza07:02
ubottupovedaespinoza: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.07:02
jwtiyarayecee, http://pastebin.com/KeSjSL2J07:02
arvynunuyabiz: The printer can be found.But the driver is wrong...and,I can not find the current driver for ubuntu07:03
ayeceejwtiyar: my guess is to "kill 26903", the process that's trying to start mysql. Anyone else want to take a stab at it?07:04
jwtiyarayecee, ok whats whole command to kill it?07:04
ayeceejwtiyar: that's the whole command07:04
nunuyabizarvy here is a thread on how to do it:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20017907:05
ohsixy helo07:05
NegativeZer0how goes it?07:06
jwtiyarayecee, i did and itarted again07:06
nit-witNegativeZer0, ask your question07:06
ayeceejwtiyar: with a different process id?07:06
arvynunuyabiz: thanks07:07
jwtiyarayecee, after i killed mysql the installing updates started againg and its doing updates now07:07
ayeceejwtiyar: oh good!07:07
jwtiyarayecee, thanks , i will install lamp again if the mysql doesnt work07:08
jiltdilabhijeet:thanx should we proceed now please07:08
nunuyabizarvy I don't know if that will work but I think it's worth trying. I see you said you can't find the driver, but Besides, whatever is wrong may become evident when you go throught that.07:08
ohsixbrusque up!07:08
RealOptywats best filesystem for linux? ext4?07:09
ayeceeRealOpty: yes, sure07:09
ohsixthere's no best, ext4 is pretty good for a lot of things though07:09
ohsixtheres a lot of things you can do with files and each scenario will have an ideal choice; but for general use, ext407:09
RealOptyis ext3 better?07:10
ayeceeRealOpty: not in a way that you'd notice.07:10
ohsixdepends, ext4 has different file allocations and extents, which can make it much faster in ideal situations07:10
RealOptymmm does the journal use less filespace?07:10
ohsixext3 added a journal to ext2 and made some other changes, but nothing i can remember stands out as worth mentioning07:10
ohsixcouldn't say07:11
nunuyabizRealOpty ext4 is good for fast bootup and it is more mature than ext3 it has greater recovery capabilities07:11
ayeceenunuyabiz: wait, what? more mature?07:11
nunuyabizjournaling uses more space07:11
ayeceenunuyabiz: I think you're using that term in a way I have not seen.07:11
abhijeetjiltdil: okay07:11
ayeceenunuyabiz: perhaps you meant "modern" or "advanced"07:12
ohsixthe log size is adjustable but you probably wouldn't want to mess with anything you can change when you create the fs; defaults are good outside of exceptional cases07:12
RealOptyi think he means more like bleeding edge07:12
xroHi, i would like to  create a script that backup some files and send me an e-mail at the end... what should i use to send an e-mail in a bash script?07:12
ayeceexro: maybe sendmail07:12
nunuyabizyour right, that is not the correct use of mature07:12
RealOpty^- sendmail07:12
xrobut sendmail is a mail server, no?07:13
ayeceexro: yes, and it's also a command to send mail07:13
ohsixxro: bsd-mailx works and is small / default thing for most packages needing to send mail07:13
jiltdilabhijett:please tell me hnow what to do07:13
ohsixxro: and much less complex if you just want to send a mail to a local or remote address07:14
nunuyabizayecee it seemed to me that ext3 was more mature than ext2, even thought the bugs may not have been worked out.07:14
DNDhi guys need help with scripting. here is the line: CRITICAL - load average: 0.48, 0.53, 0.54|load1=0.480;0.000;0.000;0; load5=0.525;0.000;0.000;0; load15=0.540;0.000;0.000;0;07:14
RealOptyAnyone have any suggestions on nvidia HDMI audio? I dont want to remove pulseaudio :\07:14
xroand don't really want to install a mail server on a production server... so i would like a minimal tool to send mail... mailx is the best?07:14
DNDi wanted to get the 0.54 only so how can i cut everything else07:14
ayeceenunuyabiz: in what way?07:14
ohsixRealOpty: probably should state the problem, from the information you've given, you just need to switch the device in the volume control properties07:15
ohsixRealOpty: unless you mean you want to _use_ hdmi, and send more than pcm stereo07:15
RealOptyoh yeah lol07:15
nunuyabizwasn't ext3 based on ext2 but journaling was added to it?07:15
ohsixxro: no best, but like i said, small/simple, and default used by a lot of  packages that send mail07:15
ohsixnunuyabiz: among other things, but yes07:16
RealOptyproblem is it dont work with pulseaudio. it detects it but no sound. but ALSA works07:16
xroohsix, ok... so i will use it...07:16
ohsixnunuyabiz: there's lwn articles about it, and detailed summaries on kernelnewbies.org, btu you'd have to find out what kernel it was introduced in07:16
noisewaterphdxro: check out SSMTP07:16
xrothanks all for your advices07:16
ayeceenunuyabiz: that was the most notable feature, but there were also directory htrees, and presumably other things07:17
noisewaterphdxro: its what i use in my projects. very small stripped down, can connect out externally to like gmail for sending, or send from the localhost, secure and only does what you need it to07:17
sangeethHow to install gnome3 stable in ubuntu 10.10?..07:18
ohsixRealOpty: you might need to set default-sample-rate; but i don't think you still need to, it would be something to try (don't forget to revert it if it isn't the fix) it's in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf, and you can restart pulse with killall pulseaudio or pulseaudio -k07:18
superman097is gnome3 stable?07:18
noisewaterphdsangeeth: i believe its apt-get install gnome3-session07:18
RealOptyohsix, ty ill try07:19
ohsixsuperman097: i don't think it is upstream yet, but i haven't checked in a while07:19
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.07:19
noisewaterphdsuperman097: gnome3 was officially released today, so yes07:19
ohsixthat settles that, thanks noisewaterphd07:19
Big_beari got "##c++ Cannot send to channel", does anyone tell me what happened?07:19
ohsixBig_bear: you probably need to be registered to speak07:19
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest94162
cheater00Big_bear: you got banned or muted07:19
cheater00or need to register.07:19
noisewaterphdohsix: i don't think the release has made it in to the package repositories yet, I have no idea whats in there right now07:20
ohsixor it's +m and you're not voiced07:20
sangeethnoisewaterphd: I hope that it is not yet updated with the latest release...07:20
ruanhelp! if i go to sound properties, no sound hardware is detected! and i cant play any audio07:20
cheater00i have a problem, the update manager is mentioning an upgrade to me, but i don't know what it would be upgrading to. how do i find out?07:20
ruanbut in lspci, it shows 00:05.0 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP61 High Definition Audio (rev a2)07:20
ohsixruan: see if the output of fuser -v /dev/snd/* is empty07:20
noisewaterphdsangeeth: no, im sure the official release hasnt made it in yet, but you can download and build yourself07:20
ruanohsix: Specified file name /dev/snd/* does not exist.07:20
JohnTeddyIs there any way in the software center to find out which package is teh most popular?07:20
sangeethnoisewaterphd: Thanks !!!07:20
Big_bearthanks all07:21
sangeethnoisewaterphd: Hope building it would be simple...07:21
ohsixruan: then something is very wrong, did you mess with the sound related modules, modprobe.d options, or try and install from source OSS or newer versions of alsa?07:21
nunuyabizcheater00 what version of ubuntu are you running?07:21
ayeceesangeeth: hah! that's funny.07:21
cheater0010.04 LTS07:21
ruanohsix: i tried to install OSS before this happened, not from source though07:21
sangeethayecee: Which is???07:21
ruansound was very choppy in OSS07:22
ohsixruan: well there you go, just revert it and forget OSS exists; come back with your real problem and we'll fix it without papering over it :]07:22
noisewaterphdsangeeth, should be straightforward if you are comfortable building from source, or maybe gnome has a .deb download already, i don't know.07:22
RealOptyAnyone use OpenWRT :D ?07:22
nunuyabizcheater00 it will upgrade to 10.1007:22
sangeethnoisewaterphd: Cool07:22
ruanohsix: how do i revert it? remove the packages?07:22
ayeceesangeeth: the idea that any gnome project would be easy to compile :)07:22
ayeceeRealOpty: kind of the wrong channel, eh?07:22
noisewaterphdsangeeth: i'd just hit http://gnome3.org and see what is available.07:22
cheater00nunuyabiz: but i chose not to upgrade to 10.10 when it first came out, why would it be mentioning the upgrade now?07:22
noisewaterphdsangeeth: and report back your experience because I'm considering checking it out myself07:22
ohsixruan: what's the package name?07:23
RealOptyayecee, nah, just wondering if any one that uses ubuntu uses it :)07:23
ayeceeRealOpty: in that case, yes :)07:23
nunuyabizcheater00 you don't need to upgrade, and you don't have to. Just don't click on the upgrade button and close the update manager07:23
ruanohsix: oss4-base07:23
ruanohsix: and oss4-compat and gtk07:23
ohsixruan: chances are the package blacklists all of the alsa modules too07:24
sangeethnoisewaterphd: I had already checked it out... The beta version before 3 days... It's real awesome... Especially the modifications for chat and Activities, a new addition are superb...07:24
ruanit does07:24
cheater00nunuyabiz: ok, but why is it all of a sudden mentioning the upgrade at all?07:24
ohsixruan: ok purge it07:24
Nick_Meisterhello guys i tried to update my 10.10 to 11 and now it freezes at startup07:24
sangeethnoisewaterphd: Just do it, sudo apt-get install gnome3-session07:24
nunuyabizcheater00 It's just letting you know. I don't upgrade because I want LTS07:24
Nick_Meisteri am able to drop into root shell and start up gdm from there07:24
ruanok brb, rebooting07:24
Nick_Meisterbut other than that normal boot freezes07:24
sangeethnoisewaterphd: I already got it, but not getting any update for the first stable release07:24
cheater00nunuyabiz: but it let me know a few months back already07:25
sangeethnoisewaterphd: Will try to build it07:25
cheater00nunuyabiz: why would it "let me know" again?07:25
icedteaNick_Meister sounds like a video card driver problem07:25
RealOptyayecee, i <3 openwrt. do you use ushare at all?07:25
ayeceeRealOpty: never heard of it07:25
nunuyabizcheater00 it will always let you know. It doesn't matter if it lets you know07:25
Nick_Meistericedtea, so what should i do>???07:25
icedteaNick_Meister:  look at the xorg.log in /var/log07:25
cheater00nunuyabiz: then why did it not let me know every time i ran the upgrade manager for the last 6 months?07:26
nunuyabizcheater00 just a fluke!07:26
cheater00where does this fluke come from? i want to figure it out07:26
noisewaterphdsangeeth: it looks like the gnome3 website hasnt even been updated yet which is wierd. you wouldnt think they would send out a press release before the site is ready? here is a link to the press release though: http://www.gnome.org/press/2011/04/gnome-3-0-released-better-for-users-developers-3/07:26
icedteaNick_Meister: Xorg.0.log, sorry07:26
RealOptyayecee, its a upnp streamer thingy. love it. just needs a the ability to transcode on the fly.07:26
nunuyabizcheater00 it doesn't matter. That's all that matters.07:26
Nick_Meistericedtea, where can i find that?07:26
ruanohsix: thanks! my sound works now07:26
cheater00i don't think you have helped me07:27
ruanevil oss :(07:27
ohsixruan: np, why did you bother with OSS?07:27
icedteaNick_Meister: its in "/var/log" folder07:27
ruanohsix:  a game needed it07:27
ayeceeRealOpty: transcoding on the fly sounds processor intensive07:27
nunuyabizcheater00 feel fortunate, now you have a purpose in life!07:27
ruanohsix: sound was choppy with its version07:27
ohsixruan: padsp or aoss didn't work?07:27
Nick_Meistericedtea, ok ill brb going to go check it out07:27
ruanohsix: havent tried aoss, padsp came out choppy, original game had no sound at all07:27
sangeethnoisewaterphd: Just check this out... Goto gnome.org and then click on the banner that's appearing...07:27
nunuyabizcheater00 I'm really trying!07:27
cheater00i don't think so07:28
cheater00ok, never mind07:28
ruannow it's not choppy anymore07:28
cheater00maybe there's someone else who actually knows07:28
RealOptyayecee, it is indeed. i just need to find a codec that works on the PS3 and XBMC07:28
ayeceeRealOpty: oh hey, that looks useful07:28
noisewaterphdsangeeth: thanks, found it07:28
sangeethnoisewaterphd: No problem :) !!!07:28
ohsixruan: pulse can get a little messed up if it's long lived, something with the resampler and swapping out; i haven't tracked it down, but it is safe to kill it if you suspect it is messing up, it will restart itself07:29
sangeethnoisewaterphd: It is really cool... I suggest you to try  it...07:29
nunuyabizcheater00 you could be that someone! what an honor!07:29
ayeceei bet rhythmbox would like talking to that07:29
Nick_Meistericedtea, the last thing that it says is NVIDIA using gamma correction and boom EOF07:29
cheater00nunuyabiz: please stop trolling07:29
sangeethnoisewaterphd: Also, for its complete features try some features description in any site...07:29
RealOptyayecee, rythmbox needs a upnp client integrated.07:30
ayeceecheater00: what was your question?07:30
noisewaterphdsangeeth: here is what looks like a decent write up on installing gnome3 on ubuntu from the source repo: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/install-gnome-shell-from-git-in-ubuntu.html07:30
ayeceeRealOpty: doesn't it have one? I don't have it handy to check07:30
ayeceeRealOpty: maybe as a plugin07:30
ohsixit does have one, you just need to turn it on07:30
sangeethnoisewaterphd: Checking it out...07:31
noisewaterphdsangeeth: ya, I plan to install it this week and see what's up. I'm testing out unity on 11.04 right now, and so far I'm not very impressed at all07:31
RealOptyayecee, i dont remember seeing it in the pluin list07:31
* RealOpty looks again07:31
icedteaNick_Meister: if you hit ctrl+alt+f1 can you return to a console?07:31
Jordan_Ucheater00: To have it only prompt for LTS releases go to System > Administration > Software Sources and change the "Show new distribution releases:" option to "Long Term support releases only".07:31
sangeethnoisewaterphd: Oh !! Let's Wait till it gets perfect !!!07:32
icedteaNick_Meister: or does X just freeze up07:32
Nick_Meistericedtea, nope complete freeze07:32
jingqq5210icedtea: that's tty07:32
icedteajingqq5210: ty07:32
sangeethnoisewaterphd: But, I love GNOME 3... Try it right now... sudo apt-get install gnome3-session07:32
=== newbie is now known as Guest83073
sangeethnoisewaterphd: It's really COOOOOL...07:32
cheater00Jordan_U: that's the weird thing, i remember having set it when 10.10 first came out, and it still is set. what do you think is going on?07:33
RealOptyohsix, where can i find this plugin?07:33
icedteaNick_Meister: where you using the nvidia closed source drivers before?07:33
ohsixRealOpty: in the options07:33
Momenhi all my problem after install lamp and php5 all my systm not work  how can add php4  in server07:34
Nick_Meistericedtea, i was using nvidia-current package07:34
noisewaterphdsangeeth: i may do it sooner than later, ive got a multiboot system and im using natty right now. I'll probably boot back into meerkat to install gnome3 though. Maybe tomorrow07:35
panfisti'm trying to delete a user but i get an error that the user is logged in07:35
RealOptyohsix, its not in the plugin list lol or 'options'07:35
Jordan_Ucheater00: Can you pastebin your  /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades?07:35
NoPasaranhey guys07:35
NoPasarangot a problem07:35
NoPasaranain't there a firefox 4 for ubuntu yet ?07:35
panfistbut, if i ps ef|grep username or |grep uid, nothing shows up07:35
ohsixRealOpty: hm07:36
sangeethNoPasaran: Firefox  4 will be inbuilt in Ubuntu 11.0407:36
cheater00it's just  "[DEFAULT]", comments, and "prompt=lts". (without the quotes)07:36
NoPasaranok thanks07:36
ohsixRealOpty: it's here, theres a rhythmbox-plugins package, but i don't remember having to had it installed and it's worked as long as i can remember07:36
cheater00Jordan_U: ^07:37
Jordan_Ucheater00: "prompt" or "Prompt"?07:37
systemf1join #ubuntu cn07:37
ohsixRealOpty: hm it's not here anymore, let me look into it07:37
Jordan_Ucheater00: Try changing it to "Prompt" then.07:38
cheater00Jordan_U: ok. how does it look on your installation?07:38
icedteaNick_Meister: can you post the Xorg.0.log somewhere?07:38
ohsixRealOpty: it's in rhythmbox-plugin-coherence, i forgot i reinstalled07:38
Jordan_Ucheater00: Prompt=normal07:38
noisewaterphdNoPasaran: firefox4 is in the package manager right now. just sudo apt-get install firefox07:38
Nick_Meistericedtea, do you happen to know the command line tool to send files to pastebin>>>???07:38
Nick_Meistercause its a different computer07:39
RealOptyohsix, ty :)07:39
Momenany answer07:39
Jordan_U!pastebinit | Nick_Meister07:39
ubottuNick_Meister: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com07:39
noisewaterphdNoPasaran: its been there for at least a week, because i installed it about a week ago07:39
cheater00Jordan_U: that has not changed the behaviour of update-manager07:39
Jordan_Ucheater00: Can you post a screenshot?07:39
Nick_Meisteri tried apt-get pastebininit and it said not found07:40
icedteaapt-get install pastebininit07:41
nunuyabizNick_Meister go to paste.ubuntu.com07:41
Nick_Meistericedtea, it did not work07:41
Jordan_UNick_Meister: sudo apt-get install pastebinit07:41
Nick_Meisterdont work....07:41
ohsixcheater00: it has an upgrade button but doesn't say what version? its safe to click on that button btw, it will bring up a readme about the new release; which you can cancel07:42
Chr|sIt should. Dbl check07:42
Jordan_UNick_Meister: Please pastebin the exact output of "sudo apt-get install pastebinit"07:42
cheater00ohsix: no it has a "partial upgrade" button07:42
cheater00ohsix, Jordan_U: http://tinyurl.com/3vhgugh07:43
ohsixcheater00: peculiar07:43
Jordan_Ucheater00: Partial upgrade is not the same as distribution upgrade. Partial upgrade is most likely caused by a PPA.07:43
cheater00Jordan_U: hmm..07:43
ohsix(ppas should be purged before upgrades)07:43
ohsixcheater00: ahh that is a different dialogue than most people would think based on what you have said07:44
cheater00ohsix: "purged"? what does this mean?07:44
ohsixcheater00: it doesn't mean a distro upgrade, it means among the packages with new versions, it can only handle partially upgrading them07:44
Jordan_Ucheater00: Partial upgrade means that some packages have been held back or need to be removed to complete the upgrade. As the message states this shouldn't normally happen with a stable release, unless you are using third party packages / repositories.07:45
cheater00ok, sorry about the confusion then07:45
ohsixcheater00: i was talking about distro upgrades, (say 10.04 -> 10.10, which this isn't is) but the package ppa-purge removes and pins original versions to restore your system as if the ppa hadn't been installed07:45
ohsixcheater00: no problem07:45
cheater00ohsix: so was i - i thought it was a distro upgrade07:45
cheater00how do i find out any details about what cannot be "upgraded"?07:45
ohsixanyone have a clue to how to get aptitude to prefer solutions that will do holds over any installs or removals07:45
Jordan_Ucheater00: Run "sudo apt-get upgrade" in a terminal.07:45
ohsixcheater00: i'd use aptitude, synaptic can probably give you a list too; but i don't use it07:46
NoPasarannoisewaterphd: did you find it in Synaptic?07:46
ljsoftnetwhere do i get skype the full version, not the beta version?07:46
cheater00The following packages have been kept back:  winetricks            ok, makes perfect sense07:47
cheater00thanks guys!07:47
systemf1ubuntu cn07:47
erkan^what mean %u example firefox %u for a command?07:47
icedtealjsoftnet: I think they only offer the beta version right now07:48
Seven_Six_Twoerkan^, that would be to pass firefox a variable, like a file name07:48
ljsoftneticedtea ah ok, you know where i can get the 2.1 version?07:48
erkan^ow ok07:48
Seven_Six_Twoerkan^, or a url, of course07:48
icedtealjsoftnet: not been released yet I believe. I check the website ever so often07:49
erkan^Seven_Six_Two, sorry for pm. i am tried a url07:49
icedtealjsoftnet: www.skype.com has deb's to install from there07:49
ljsoftneticedtea the latest beta version, is showing a very dark color on my webcam07:50
systemf1ubuntu 中文聊天室如何进入?07:50
Seven_Six_Twoerkan^, no problem. if it is calling that in a shortcut or menu item, it would also be use with "open with" in context menus and such07:50
erkan^yes i understand it07:50
icedteasystemf1: #ubuntu-cn07:50
systemf1icedtea 谢谢07:51
kreantoscan i use 11.04 already for productive needs?07:51
Seven_Six_Twosystemf1, !ubuntu-cn07:51
thumb1040i'm having some audio problems. mp3blaster is saying "failed to open sound device." my audio works on rythmbox and movie player though. any thoughts?07:52
arandkreantos: no, and #ubuntu+1 for support07:52
icedteasystemf1: /join #ubuntu-cn07:52
kreantosok, thanky you07:52
blockyanybody able to tell me why I can't get tftpd running no matter what I try?07:52
blockydnsmasq is supposed to enable it, no?07:53
icedtealjsoftnet: strange, yeah the skype beta for linux isn't as nice as the windows one unfortunately, they really haven't put that much time into it and it shows07:54
* RealOpty trys gnome307:55
ljsoftneticedtea ok thanks, im gonna try 2.1 which worked, im downloading it rigth now07:55
RealOptyum lol gnome3 reminds me of a crippled netbook running ubuntu07:57
noisewaterphdRealOpty: you should try unity if you think gnome3 is bad07:59
noisewaterphdI see my self revisiting xcfe in the near future08:00
RealOpty^- same08:00
ohsixor the classic session08:00
RealOpty<3 terminal08:00
noisewaterphdwell, if i have to bother messing with defaults, i slightly prefer xfce anyway so I would go back. gnome2 isnt bad enough to warrant the small amount of work, unity on the other hand definitely does08:01
RealOptydoes flash work in lynx LOL ?08:01
ohsixRealOpty: it probably could with great effort, or for silliness, but i don't know of anyone who has done such things :]08:02
RealOptyat least someone caught my humor08:03
noisewaterphdapparently you missed mine08:03
RealOptylol :) why am i awake at 3 am?08:04
nunuyabizI noticed it <silently>08:04
noisewaterphdeast coast eh?08:04
Seven_Six_TwoRealOpty, maybe you are like me, and think better when nobody else is around.08:04
RealOptyI do love quiet time.08:05
RealOptyoh yeh now i remember !08:06
RealOptyanyone use XBMC?08:06
Seven_Six_TwoI have in the past08:07
RealOptylike on the oldschool xbox?08:07
Seven_Six_Twono, on a pc08:07
Seven_Six_Twooh, yes. like that. but it was in ubuntu08:07
NoPasarannoisewaterphd: still have problems with firefox08:08
nunuyabizOther than gnome, I only use ice on my server08:08
MK`If I put my home directory on a separate partition, is it easier for me to resize that partition later?08:09
kriscoltanyone know the apt-get line for grabbing codecs?08:09
RealOptyI have a NAS that runs OpenWRT, i use ushare to stream my media to 3 xbox's, 2 ps3s, and a few computers. i need a codec that works on all.08:09
jigerHI, quick question is there anyway that i can play " rtsp link extension .wsx in vlc player? well its live feed. all comments/help welcome.08:09
Seven_Six_TwoMK`, no08:09
noisewaterphdNoPasaran: what problems08:09
nit-witkriscolt, which codecs08:09
tyrezahello there08:09
jigeris there anyone can help please? or is there anyway to download or convert that stream to another wmv or any other extension?08:09
kriscoltum... all of them?08:09
nunuyabizkriscolt do a google on medibuntu08:09
NoPasaranis just say " firefox is already the newest version.08:10
kriscolti think i'm trying to play divx or xvid08:10
tyrezahello there08:10
robbiethe1stHey guys - Simple question: what's a good way of 'preloading' a copy of Ubuntu onto a spare harddisk(from within a ubuntu install)?08:10
phrozenhi I made sudo adduser --system --no-create-home  --group svn08:10
phrozen and now I am trying to connect via ssh and ubuntu wants password to log in - when I turned on users manager then I can not see user svn - where is a problem - how to set up the password?08:10
tyrezahow to ping 3 ip at same time ?08:10
nit-witkriscolt, for general stuff in the terminal sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras  if your runninh=g ubuntu08:10
NoPasaranand i can't find it in Synaptic08:10
tyrezai mean how to ping 3 URL same time08:10
MK`Ah, so I need to have both mounted at all times?08:10
tyrezai mean is it possible to ping :        $ping  www.bing.com www.google.fr www.yahoo.fr08:11
noisewaterphdNoPasaran: sorry, i though it was there by default, it looks like you actually need to add this repository: ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable08:11
tyrezaat the same time ?08:11
Seven_Six_TwoMK`, if you only have / and /home then more or less. You don't have to have /home mounted unless you want to do something user related.08:11
phrozenAdding new system user `svn' (UID 117)...08:12
phrozenadding a system user `svn' (UID 117) to group `svn'...08:12
robbiethe1sttyreza: Uh... why?08:12
phrozen and now I am trying to connect via ssh and ubuntu wants password to log in - when I turned on users manager then I can not see user svn - where is a problem - how to set up the password?08:12
tyrezajust liket that08:12
Seven_Six_TwoMK`, which of course is just about everything except fixing stuff08:12
NoPasaran<noisewaterphd: thanks I will try that08:12
gaurav_helpwhile updating my ubuntu 10.10 is Shows me  error "requires Installlation of untrusted packaages08:12
MJBrunehow many packages are there in ubuntu and what is a site that can tell me this number?08:12
robbiethe1sttyreza: Uh... I'd just open three terminals, run 'ping X' in one, 'ping y' in the second etc.08:12
noisewaterphdNoPasaran: So in ubuntu software center choose Settings>Repositories>Other Software, click on the add button and paste in that PPA08:13
folorndepends on how many programs u dled08:13
robbiethe1stMJBrune: Uh... a lot. Many thousand08:13
Seven_Six_TwoMJBrune, !repos08:13
MJBrunerobbiethe1st: I understand this, freebsd has 22k in ports and tells this.08:13
NoPasarannoisewaterphd: OK08:13
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories08:13
gaurav_helpwhile updating my ubuntu 10.10 is Shows me  error "requires Installlation of untrusted packaages08:13
MJBruneSeven_Six_Two: again i am looking for a number08:14
MJBruneSeven_Six_Two: none of these say a number.08:14
robbiethe1stMJBrune: Hm, let me check. apt may give that info08:14
folornim haveing a minor problem with tor and need the right repos i think possibly anyone know the correct ones so it will recongize and find them when i go to update before the install?08:14
MJBrunerobbiethe1st: probably wont08:15
nunuyabizgaurav_help that probably means that you have installed packeges on your box that are not in the supported reposetories08:15
robbiethe1stMJBrune: Uh... why not? it has a cache file with the entire list08:15
MJBrunerobbiethe1st: ok sorry, i meant it might but that wont help me if its not on a website.08:15
MK`I know you can't alter the size of the / partition without using a livecd, but if I have /home on another partition, can I unmount it to resize it, then remount it, I mean?08:15
robbiethe1stMJBrune: well, at least of all the ones in the repos you have enabled08:15
robbiethe1stMJBrune: Uh... why?08:16
robbiethe1stMJBrune: what are you trying to do?08:16
MJBrunerobbiethe1st: creating a report.08:16
MJBrunerobbiethe1st: i need hardcore statistics.08:16
gaurav_helpnunuyabiz, so what i do08:16
nunuyabizMK that would depend on if you have free space eg. if you want to increase the size08:16
robbiethe1stMJBrune: Well, cite it as being from apt in Ubuntu 10.10. Anyone who actually cares can look it up08:17
pc_i am confused08:17
pc_has any installed justlinux08:17
tyrezathat's not a good solution robbiethe1st08:18
MJBrunerobbiethe1st: ok how many are there?08:18
nunuyabizgaurav_help personally, I would just go ahead and upgrade because I am the one that installed any unsupported packages08:18
MJBrunerobbiethe1st: thats a piss poor way to cite but meh im not a stickler08:18
asadeddin Hey all. I have a problem that i need some help with. We're moving from one ip to another and I need to update the MX record, doing this will give me some downtime because i have to wait for the thing to propagate and then swtich the hardware and software setup08:19
asadeddin<asadeddin> is there a way i can setup the new MX record while keeping the old one so that the new one propagates and then i can switch the hardware and software setup quickly  then i can delete the old record08:19
robbiethe1stAccording to "apt-cache search .+ | wc -l", I get 3501308:20
kurratahi, today my eclipse plugin for c++ broke, anyone knows what could be wrong?08:20
gaurav_helpnunuyabiz, How i Install these unsupported packages08:20
=== mgolisch_ is now known as mgolisch
robbiethe1stMJBrune: So, incase you missed that - 35013 for my system with Universe/multiverse and some other bits enabled08:21
MJBrunerobbiethe1st: :/ thats not accurate.08:22
MJBrunerobbiethe1st: thanks anyways.08:22
Seven_Six_TwoMJBrune, 32,218 for me. 10.10 with everything but sources enabled08:22
nunuyabizgaurav_help are you updating from the update manager? When it give you an error, does it give you a "Details" button?08:23
robbiethe1stMJBrune: Uh... how is it not accurate? I mean... it's going to vary based on the version used, the repos enabled and such08:23
robbiethe1stMJBrune: Best you could get is a per-repo/version table... But even that's subject to change08:23
gaurav_helpnunuyabiz, yes its shows me08:24
MJBrunerobbiethe1st: yeah your pull of wc -l could mean that the description took 2 lines or more08:24
folornim haveing a problem finding the right source's for it could anyone help?08:24
nunuyabizwhat are the details? post them in pastebin or tinyurl08:24
robbiethe1stMJBrune: Doesn't work that way. Pipe it through less witrh a wider console; they all are on one line excluding wordwrap08:25
robbiethe1stMJBrune: and it doesn't count that.08:25
nit-witfolorn, http://www.torproject.org/08:25
nunuyabizgaurav_help you need to run apt_get update in the terminal08:26
nit-witfolorn, tor has it's limitations in speed and privacy, read up on it.08:26
Seven_Six_Tworobbiethe1st, that's what I would do too, but my synaptic says 32218 and your command counts 30469. I don't know why08:26
robbiethe1stSeven_Six_Two: Uh, it should. I've got different sources enabled.08:27
gaurav_helpnunuyabiz, then after running that in terminal what i will do08:27
Seven_Six_Tworobbiethe1st, lol. I'm an idiot. I forgot I had ssh'd into my server  :/08:27
robbiethe1stSeven_Six_Two: Heh08:27
nunuyabizguarav_help after you run apt_get update go to this website for instructions on how to get the missing keys08:28
MK`<nunuyabiz> MK that would depend on if you have free space eg. if you want to increase the size08:28
folorni know nitwit im on the torproject just haveing trouble with the sources. think u can help?08:28
MK`Yeah say I have [/] [space] [/home] and I want to expand /home into that space08:28
MK`can I do that without a livecd?08:28
redCan anyone help me with SSH tunneling?08:28
sobersab1eI have a local admin user user1. I am trying to duplicate it by copying->chowning/chmodding files for user2.08:28
redI need to route my internet access on this PC through a remote server08:29
sobersab1ewhen I am trying to pop up update manager, I am still being asked for password for user1.08:29
Seven_Six_TwoMK`, I created a partition, and set it to mount at /home/username/storage08:29
=== nuke is now known as Guest83256
sobersab1eWhy is it so, and how do I fix this ?08:29
robbiethe1stred: Easy. PM me08:29
CheeryI plan migrating to nginx on my server. But before I'm going to install one, does ubuntu have a process manager that'd particularly let me provide multiple instances of nginx all with different configs?08:29
=== Guest83256 is now known as nuke_
Seven_Six_TwoMK`, so you don't have to resize your home in most cases08:29
dragonkeeperWhats the best graphics driver to use with ubuntu 10.10, i have a hd 577008:30
sobersab1eCheery: what do you mean by "provide"08:30
Cheery(and different users)08:30
MK`Ok. I just wanted to know if what I said was possible08:30
rodhashHey guys.. I'd to install gnome3-session, but how can I make a backup of my entire system? This is my work computer and I can't take the risk of any problem.. I'd have a big problem if I can't login..08:30
Cheerysobersab1e: well I'll need one root nginx to proxy around things, and many user nginx to serve each site in it's own user space.08:31
Seven_Six_TwoMK`, it's possible to resize. I wouldn't try it without a live cd, and I wouldn't do it if I had important data. If you got it wrong you can always start over,,,08:31
Cheerysobersab1e: and I'd need to get them start up on boot08:31
sobersab1eCheery: I don't understand your sentences. I understand each word though.08:31
MK`Ok. It's a fresh install and /home is empty08:32
MK`right now it's on the same partition as /08:32
Seven_Six_Tworodhash, a live cd, and dd  will give you a bit by bit image08:32
Cheerysobersab1e: it's common that ppl don't understand me. but you understand this right?08:32
sobersab1ethe last sentence - I do understand.08:32
Seven_Six_Tworodhash, if you don't mind bash08:32
sobersab1eand partially some of the previous ones. speak simply. makes it clearer. moment.08:32
Cheerysobersab1e: 1. I need to define bunch of processes to start up at boot.08:32
rodhashSeven_Six_Two: what do you mean?08:33
Cheerysobersab1e: 2. I'd like to have a way to stop and restart them.08:33
sobersabreI'm back.08:33
Cheerysobersabre: how to do those things? :)08:33
sobersabreCheery: I don't think this is the right channel.08:33
sobersabreit's app-specific domain.08:33
sobersabrego to nginx related chan, IMHO.08:34
Cheeryubuntu is a distribution, it has a process manager.08:34
sobersabreCheery by "process manager" you mean an app to show you the processes running, etc. ?08:34
Seven_Six_Tworodhash, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dd_(Unix)08:35
mark-ahey, i knwow this is a bad idea but need it for torubleshooting: can i get a python script to run with su permissions or the permissions of a particular user?08:35
ferengeered, all your trafic? or just one port08:35
Cheerysobersabre: nah. that'd be `top` - display linux tasks08:35
sobersabreCheery: then wtf are you talking about... ?08:35
sobersabrewhat is "process" you're talking about ?08:35
Cheerysobersabre: process manager is a program that starts and stops processes autonomously.08:36
theoshi! the beep sound in my system suddenly changed to static sound. how can i change it?08:36
theoslike a buzz08:36
Cheerysobersabre: process is an instance of program, executing the program in system memory.08:37
theosits called "alert sound". it was "default" but now its an annoying buzz sound08:38
folorndoes anyone know anything better than tor thats user friendly that accomplish's about the same thing08:38
NoPasarannoisewaterphd: you are the demigod of the day, thanks for the help!08:38
theosfolorn, tried a shell?08:39
folornthat doesnt protect the browser?08:39
kragehow do you go under a proxy via ubuntu  netbook remix08:40
nunuyabizCheery do you want to run something like apache virtual hosts in ngix?08:40
rodhashGuys, what if I run 'dd' with the ubuntu running? Will it work?08:41
Cheerynunuyabiz: well nginx does virtual hosts, but I need to protect the web apps from each other too. that's why I'll put them into their own user space each.08:41
CheeryI guess I found what I need anyway though.08:41
biopytehi, how can i preload openoffice at startup, so its starts faster once i need it? and how can i preload the ubuntu main menu, so there is no delay clicking it the first time?08:42
=== JimmyJ_ is now known as JimmyJ
Seven_Six_Tworodhash, not a good idea on a mounted partition and open files. unmounted only, which means live. There are ways to backup without imaging. there are quite a few solutions listed in synaptic08:42
folornyou know much about that torproject theos?08:42
nunuyabizCheery doesn't apache do that? in other words it gives each virtual user its own configuration.08:43
rodhashSeven_Six_Two: Ok, another question: I'm using LVM, can I back up only the system or should I back up the entire disk?08:43
Seven_Six_Tworodhash, I have never used lvm, so I will have to defer to someone who has. sorry.08:44
Cheerynunuyabiz: yeah, and I've got apache running as well, but I'm bored to apache and the messy configs it has.08:44
nunuyabizCheery what solution did you find?08:44
Cheerynunuyabiz: I guess I'll need to write a python script which I'll then position into /etc/init.d/08:45
Cheerynunuyabiz: not sure yet how I'll make it run at bootup08:45
Seven_Six_Tworodhash, a quick search reveals that dd isn't recommended with lvm, but a filesystem backup would be easiest.08:45
MK`does /home contain anything aside from user-specific settings?08:52
MK`Like, if I installed a new version of ubuntu, would it touch /home at all? etc.08:52
tuxx-MK`: not only the user specific settings, but also their files.08:52
MK`yeah of course08:52
tuxx-depends on what your setup is. Is your /home directory on your root partition? Or did you place it on a seperate partition?08:53
MK`It's on the root partition right now, I am reading up how to move it to a separate partition08:53
MK`but once I do move it08:54
V3NOMhi guys08:54
tuxx-best thing to do, in my opinion, is backup /home, install the new system with a /home partition, and copy them back :-P08:54
V3NOMdoes it exist a ubuntu news channel or something like that?08:54
MK`This is a brand new install of linux btw08:54
tuxx-MK`: maybe you can look at http://www.howtoforge.com/linux_resizing_ext3_partitions08:55
tuxx-if its ext3 ofc :-P08:55
MK`I am currently reading this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving08:55
susundbergV3NOM: mayby google it: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ubuntu+news08:56
V3NOMthanks guy08:56
V3NOMI love ubuntu :-P08:58
MK`what is stored in gvf files?08:59
MK`and yeah it's great08:59
jussihow do I find out how much space is available on a usb disk from the CLI in ubntu 8.0409:01
nunuyabizjussi df09:01
ruansudo fdisk -l09:01
jussinunuyabiz: thank you :)09:02
MK`say, about the article I linked09:02
MK`should I login as root for that09:02
MK`or use any admin user09:02
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo09:02
MK`ah, so just prefixing with sudo will do the same?09:02
ruandepends on the command09:03
MK`I thought it would limit it somehow heh09:03
ruansudo does all root commands09:03
ruangksudo for graphical apps09:03
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V3NOMbye bye09:04
MK`can I resize my root partition from either side using a livecd with no problems?09:04
=== administrator is now known as Guest94759
kleinlappieshey guys if i want to do a dist upgrade do I enter sudo apt-get dist-upgrade? or should i first do something with the sources.list file? eg edit it with the newdist. sources list? did a install last night off older cd, now just want to updrage.09:04
ruanyes. with gparted which is included09:04
ruanbut always backup before partitioning09:05
MJBruneis ubuntu rolling release?09:05
MK`How much space do I need for /, excluding /home?09:06
DJonesMJBrune: No its not, it has a 6 monthly release cycle09:06
nunuyabizkleinlappies first do sudo apt_get update then do sudo apt_get upgrade09:06
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap09:06
MJBruneDJones: yes but does it require a CD to install the next version?09:07
kleinlappiesoh cool so just the upgrade on need to edit the sources file? the system is up to date at the moment, thx09:07
ruanMJBrune: no09:07
DJonesMJBrune: No you don't a cd to upgrade, you can upgrade automatically via the web09:07
phonex01how can i make FTP server on my own laptop so i can login to it and manage users and such things ?09:07
ruanMJBrune: but you can upgrade via the alternative cd if necessary09:07
nunuyabizMK you can easily get by with 5 or 6 gigs, but I use 1009:07
phonex01im using ubuntu 10.1009:07
nunuyabizto be safe09:07
=== apt is now known as Guest86223
nunuyabizIn case I need room to install lots of packages later09:08
Guest86223hello everybody09:08
MK`it's a 15GB drive, I figure I can use it for / and swap09:08
kleinlappiesnunuyabiz j ust  the upgrade on need to edit the sources file? the system is up to date at the moment, thx09:08
MK`and have home elsewhere; it's 1.5GB09:08
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Guest86223hey is there anyone who help me for project????09:08
ruanGuest86223: what is it?09:09
nunuyabizkleinlappies I don't think you need to edit sources file, they will import to the upgrad I'm pretty sure09:09
benzaldehydephonex01: sounds like fun. apache makes i believe /var/www world wide accessable. can't imagine it would all that different than how 'it' handles it. as far as creating accounts i'd imagine that would be a system wide thing with permisions and such09:09
kleinlappiesnunuyabiz great thx gonna do that justnow.09:10
benzaldehydephonex01: when you find out let me know :D09:10
Guest86223ruan: my project is to add a package to the kernel and than again recompile the kernel so that package shud get installed automatically along with the  kernel..09:10
phonex01FTP servers: ftpd, proftpd, pure-ftpd, twoftpd, vsftpd, MuddleFTPd, wzdftpd - Graphical front-ends: PureAdmin, GProftpd (for GNOME), KcmPureftpd (for !KDE) - See also !FTP09:10
ubottuFTP clients: Nautilus (Places -> Connect to server), gFTP, FileZilla (for !GNOME); Konqueror, Kasablanca, KFTPGrabber (for !KDE); FireFTP (for Firefox); ftp, lftp (for !cli) - See also !FTPd09:10
wizardken_any utilities that are internal dictionaries??? meaning no connection needed to use them and are comprehensive?09:11
theoshi! the system alert sound suddenly changed to static/buzz sound. how can i change it?09:12
benzaldehydephonex01: ubottu will also tell you that !webmin is no longer supported or maintained or what have you but i used it before and it was kinda like operating a webcart with a backend and all that, user friendly though i know i will get flamed for recommending it to you :D09:12
MK`can I resize swap safely with gparted on a livecd as well?09:12
ruantheos: system > preferences > sound09:12
ruanMK`: i believe so, yes09:12
theosruan, i tried that thanks. but it doesn no effect09:12
ruantheos: choose an alert sound?09:13
_-_Marek11_-_Is that the first channel on that server?09:13
theosruan, yes i chose an alert sound but it doesnt get applied. i can hear it when i click on it like dog bark etc. but it doesnt get activated09:15
kjesleWill the new Gnome 3 work for ubuntu 10.10?09:15
theosmust be buggy09:16
LarsTOHope somebody can help me too09:16
ikoniaLarsTO: you need to ask a question09:16
LarsTOwell ... start at the beginning09:17
ikoniaLarsTO: just summerise your question09:17
LarsTOit was a sunny day i walked around in the park garden. i thought and thought ...windows is expensive09:17
LarsTOok well09:17
Vanquish349thia channel is impossible to talk on09:17
ikoniaVanquish349: what's up ?09:18
LarsTOi want using Gnome 2 ! or at least gnome 3 but not unity09:18
theosLarsTO, you can try the gnome shell for the time being09:18
ikoniaLarsTO: gnome 2 is available in ubuntu 8.04 to ubuntu 10.1009:18
LarsTOin the next ubuntu editions... no possibility ?? only advice changing to xfce ?09:18
ikoniaLarsTO: use what ever desktop manager you like, all have pros/cons, gnome/kde/xfce/fluxbox etc, try them see what works for you09:19
LarsTOi want gnome09:19
theosLarsTO, (will be buggy) sudo apt-get install gnome-shell , gnome-shell --replace09:19
sainix11/keysym.h not found problem09:19
ikoniaLarsTO: ok, so then you are limited to ubuntu 8.04 to ubuntu 10.10 for gnome 209:19
LarsTOand ubuntu 11.0409:20
LarsTOit is also gnome 209:20
ikoniaLarsTO: that is upgraded to a later version of the gnome base09:20
LarsTObut not ubuntu 11.1009:20
benzaldehydeAre there any hotkeys like nano has ctrl+w to search through a manpage?09:20
ikonia11.10 doesn't exist yet09:20
LarsTOyes i know09:20
LarsTObut i read any articlesa09:20
benzaldehydeand firefox has ctrl+f etc.09:20
sainix11/keysym not found09:21
ikoniaLarsTO: then it's wrong - as 11.10 doesn't exist so people don't know what's available in it09:21
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MK`since /home is empty I am just going to reinstall.09:21
ruantheos: click the round button next to the sound09:21
theosMK`, you can try adding users and see before reinstalling. /home has users09:22
MK`see what?09:22
theosruan, which round button? to select the desired alert sound? i tried but it doesnt select it09:22
Karen_mI installed openjdk and 'idea' complains.  it wants sun-jdk, how do I install sun-jdk09:22
suprakengod damn't i love ubuntu09:23
ruanKaren_m: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre09:23
mikebeechamhi guys...I'm getting a little worried about my machine. It's not a bad spec, but the screen is starting to lag when I drag windows around09:23
sainix11/keysym.h not found problem09:23
ruanKaren_m: wait, jdk?09:23
mikebeechamALMOST like windows when there are no driver files installed?09:23
ruanKaren_m: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk09:23
ikoniasaini: what are you trying to do ?09:23
sainix11/keysym.h header file not found09:24
benzaldehydei have heard that chromium is a fast lightweight web browser but i just want to throw in the ring a good word for Mirdori09:24
Karen_mruan, i do aptitude search sun and it doesn't come up,trying that09:24
ikoniasaini: what are you trying to do09:24
=== P4R4N01D1 is now known as P4R4N01D
ikoniabenzaldehyde: no-one is asking for browser opinions09:24
Karen_mE: Package 'sun-java6-jdk' has no installation candidate09:24
sainix- windoes programming09:24
ruanKaren_m: the partner/multiverse repos must be enabled09:24
Karen_mruan, oh.. have a guide?  sorry lol09:25
ikoniasaini: ok, so you need to install the X11 development packages for the headers09:25
ruanKaren_m: go to software sources09:25
benzaldehydeikonia: that's rude, you misspelled summarize unless however you are from the UK :D09:25
ruanKaren_m: in system > administration > software sources09:25
sainitell me command09:25
ikoniabenzaldehyde: it's not rude, it's pointless you making random statements like that, and I am from the UK09:25
nunuyabizbenzaldehydy I might try Mirdori.... Firefox is such a hog, I'm getting tired of it and Chromium is a hog too09:25
LarsTOikonia: do you use ubuntu 10.10 gnome ? :)09:25
ruanKaren_m: then check the multiverse option (fourth option)09:26
ikoniaLarsTO: it doesn't matter what I use09:26
rodhashGuys regaring my concern in installing gnome3, if some incompatibility occurs among the gnome3 and any of the softwares from my company.. is there a way to go back to the previous state?09:26
Karen_mI don't have Software sources under that, hrmm09:26
ikoniarodhash: what pervious strate ? eg: gnome 2?09:26
UbuntuUserHey guys, I would like to start using Linux... Could you maybe give me some more information?09:26
benzaldehydeikonia: if one is to avoid making repititious statements about that which he seeks help for what other alternatives are there but to change the subject09:26
rodhashikonia: yes09:26
ruanKaren_m: enable it from Main menu in system > preferences09:26
ikoniaUbuntuUser: http://help.ubuntu.com is a good introduction to Ubuntu linux09:26
ruanKaren_m: or go to software sources from synaptic09:26
ikoniaUbuntuUser: as is http://www.ubuntu.com09:27
ikoniarodhash: if there are no packages available for your distro, no09:27
rodhashikonia: what do you mean?09:27
avinashhmHi , is there any way to specifiy which all applications to run after a machine boots up ?? ex - i want xchat to be launched on a restart ... any way to do that ?09:27
ikoniarodhash: if canonical push out gnome3, but put gnome2 packages in the repos you can downgrade, if not, you're limited to gnome309:27
ruanKaren_m: or run gksudo software-properties-gtk09:27
rodhashikonia: so, can I back up the current packages installed and reinstall later in case of any issue occurs?09:27
ikoniarodhash: what version of ubuntu are you using ?09:28
nunuyabizrodhash I'm not gonna touch gnome 3 for a while. I'm sticking with LTS 10.409:28
rodhashikonia: 10.1009:28
sainicommand for install x11 package09:28
ruansaini: which x11 package?09:28
ikoniarodhash: ok, so 10.10 uses gnome2, so there shouldn't be a problem09:28
Karen_mruan, the weird thing is.. multiverse is selected09:28
benzaldehydenunuyabiz: not a bad idea, LTS is released every two years?09:28
sainiX11/keysym.h not found problem09:29
nunuyabizevery three years09:29
benzaldehydenunuyabiz: thank you09:29
ruanKaren_m: odd. what happens if you search it in synaptic?09:29
rodhashikonia: Ok, lets say the gnome3 doesn't work fine with the softwares from my company.. how would I go back to gnome2?09:29
Guest86223is there any one who can help me for my kernel recompilation project??????09:29
ikoniarodhash: on 10.10 ?09:29
ikoniaGuest86223: what's the question ?09:29
rodhashikonia: yes09:29
ikoniarodhash: you won't have a problem with gnome3 as 10.10 uses gnome 209:29
sainix11/keysym.h not found problem09:30
rodhashikonia: I hope so, but I'm using a lot of softwares from my company.. and I'm worried if any of them gets any incompatibility09:30
ikoniasaini: yes, and I've told you what to do09:30
benzaldehydenunuyabiz: and now, i am gonna wiki search to prove you wrong, because, i have no wife, uh uh i mean life :D09:30
ikoniarodhash: why ? 10.10 uses gnome2 NOT gnome3, so any problems with gnome3 won't affect 10.10 as it doesn't use gnome309:31
sainicommand & process09:31
nunuyabizbenzaldehyde same difference09:31
ikoniasaini: what ?09:31
benzaldehydenunuyabiz: my sentiments precisely09:32
rodhashikonia: Sorry let me explain, I know it uses gnome2 but I wanna upgrade to gnome3.. and my concern is if there's a way to go back in case of any issue..09:32
sainihow i can install it09:32
ikoniarodhash: remove the gnome3 packages, install the gnome2 ones09:32
ikoniasaini: open the package manager, browser for the X11-devel packages and install them09:32
rodhashikonia: ok.. could you give me some tips on how to do that?09:32
benzaldehydenunuyabiz: "It was decided that every fourth release, issued on a two-year basis, would receive long-term support (LTS)" -wiki09:32
Karen_mruan, , OH I NEVER ENABLED THE KEY or something, it complained about the key09:32
=== lolmatic1 is now known as lolmatic
Karen_mi did this, hopefully it works : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu09:33
ruanKaren_m: ok09:33
nunuyabizrodhash make a clone of your system before you install gnome 309:33
ikoniarodhash: open the package manager, install gnome3 packages, if you don't like it, open the package manager, remove the gnome3 packages09:33
ruanKaren_m: also, sudo apt-get install restricted-extras09:33
Karen_mruan, what is that?  says "unable to locate package restricted-extras"09:34
Guest86223ikonia: i wanna add a vlc player along with kernel so that when i install the kernel than vlc player must also automatically install with it.09:34
Karen_mi finally have the sun version now!!09:34
benzaldehydenunuyabiz: i had heard a rumor that it was supposed to be every three years but then moses dropped the third tablet :D09:34
Karen_mmaybe now all my issues will go away09:34
nunuyabizbenzaldehyde I guess your right 8.04 10.0409:34
meerahi, can someone tell me what grub is09:34
ruanKaren_m: hmm, now i cant find it09:34
ikoniaGuest86223: that's not a good idea09:34
Karen_mruan, what would it have done?  i will search google :)09:34
ruanGuest86223: you can package it with ubuntu09:35
ikoniaGuest86223: plus, that's not kernel complilation, that's just creating a meta package09:35
ruanGuest86223: not sure about the kernel.09:35
Guest86223ikonia: but is there any chance to do it?09:35
MK`Is it possible for me to create a swap file to supplement an existing swap partition if I add more ram?09:35
MK`and have ubuntu use both09:35
ruanKaren_m: it would've installed sun java, adobe flash, and other stuff09:35
Guest86223ruan: how give me the appropriate way?09:35
ikoniaGuest86223: no, the kernel has no interest in vlc or awareness of it, you can however make a meta package09:35
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Karen_mruan, oh neat.. darn that package would have been nice..09:35
rodhashikonia: How could I do that with apt-get or aptitude instead of the graphical package manager?09:35
ikoniaGuest86223: a meta package is just a package that installs multiple subpackages09:35
Guest86223ikonia: how i can make it09:35
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:35
nunuyabizmeera grub is a boot loader09:36
Guest86223ikonia: ok09:36
benzaldehydenunuyabiz: I only just recently started to 'boon too' am i to understand that the previous mirrored the recent such as 10.04>10.10>11.04>11.10 therefore 11.10 ought to be the new LTS?09:36
ikoniaGuest86223: you need to read up on how to make ubuntu packages, however I would strongly advise you not to do this09:36
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility09:36
Karen_mruan, let me ask you this.. i have "openjdk-6-jre" installed, and i tried to remove it in favor of installing the sun version but my 'freemind' depends on it.  Any idea how I do this?   swap one with the other?09:36
Guest86223ikonia: tell me the way of making it09:36
ikoniarodhash: same way as with the gui, add/remove the package names you want09:36
ikoniaGuest86223: it's quite complex, you need to research09:36
ruanKaren_m: you don't need to remove it before using sun java.09:36
Guest86223ikonia:y? wats d reason behind it for not doing it?09:36
ruanKaren_m: i'm running sun java and openjdk fine09:36
nunuyabizbenzaldehyde no 12.04 will be the next LTS09:37
Karen_midea says openjdk is terrible, that's why I wanted to get rid of it.  Ok i will install the sun version...09:37
ruanKaren_m: maybe it's ubuntu-restricted-extras09:37
ikoniaGuest86223: because they are not associated technologies, and the kernel packages should be updated by canonical, not you, which can cause a conflict09:37
DNDhi guys how can i increase my cpu usage for testing?09:37
Guest86223ikonia: so there none other way to add any of the package with the kernel09:37
Karen_mdo I use that... update-alternatives --config java  to enable sun over openjdk?09:37
rodhashikonia: look:09:37
rodhashrodhash@rod-t400:~$ dpkg -l | grep gnome | wc -l09:37
rodhashThere're a lot of packages from gnome2 installed.. Should I install all of them again if I decide to go back to gnome2?09:37
FloodBot1rodhash: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:37
ikoniarodhash: yes09:37
benzaldehydenunuyabiz: seems inconsistant09:38
ikoniarodhash: however there is a metapacakge called "ubuntu-desktop" which will install the ubuntu desktop, which includes gnome209:38
ruanGuest86223: you can add preinstalled packages with !remaster09:38
ruan!remaster | Guest8622309:38
ubottuGuest86223: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility09:38
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nunuyabizbenzaldehyde nope 2 year..... like you said april of 2010 to april of 201209:39
ruanKaren_m: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java09:39
MK`Is it possible for me to create a swap file to supplement an existing swap partition if I add more ram, and have ubuntu use both?09:39
sainiwhere is package manager09:39
Guest86223ruan : u mean to say like redhat installation dvd we can cutomize the ubuntu cd with the packages09:39
ikoniaMK`: sure is09:39
MK`ok :)09:39
ikoniasaini: system->administrations->software09:39
ruanGuest86223: well, the link explains it09:39
nunuyabizMK how much ram do you have now09:40
rodhashikonia: wow, that's big work to do then.. :)09:40
MK`1.5GB on the PC I am working with09:40
rodhashikonia: 111 packages09:40
MK`the HD is only 15GB09:40
Guest86223ruan : ok thnx buddy09:40
kthhi - is there anyone who has some trouble in using "man" ? actually my apt says i've already installed man-db but also i should install man-db to be able to call "man" ? whats wrong there?09:40
nunuyabizMK ram is usually so big that swap is not necessarily needed these days09:40
=== coder8 is now known as tangoIII
ruankth: check your dependancies09:40
MK`and, it's a business PC. No games more intensive than tetris, limited video09:41
nunuyabizMK if you do a 2 GIb swap you're pretty much set for life09:41
MK`most intensive program on it is probably libreoffice09:41
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kthruan: ? how should i do this? - executable "man" should be in "man-db" included or not?09:41
=== vegetableshoots is now known as VegetableShoots
ruankth: it should09:42
ruankth: type "whereis man"09:42
benzaldehydenunuyabiz: i am often severely confused. however, April 28th marks my one year non-smoker anniversary. so it is kinda cool because as you may know all ready 11.04 goes 'stable'09:42
nunuyabizkth are you saying that you do man commands and they don't work?09:42
kthruan: it gives me : man: /usr/src/blcr-0.8.2/man /usr/bin/man /usr/local/man /usr/share/man /usr/share/man/man7/man.7.gz /usr/share/man/man1/man.1.gz - yes09:43
benzaldehydenunuyabiz: . . .  goes stable on that day09:43
=== tangoIII is now known as autotron
kthruan: also the man-db version seems to be correct - dpkg -l man-db gives me "ii  man-db             2.5.7-4"09:44
nunuyabizbenzaldehyde good thing it's not on April 1st09:44
Guest86223ruan: hey ruan is there any link which cud explain better that how to chnge the view and luk of ubuntu from each and every side09:44
benzaldehydenunuyabiz: if it were that would be kinda cool, one of my grand fathers died or was born on that day, can't remember which09:44
ruanGuest86223: you can preinstall themes, or use kubuntu/lubuntu/xubuntu instead09:44
Guest86223ruan: no i wanna chnge it manually by just chnging the files,so is there any way09:45
ruanGuest86223: you can change the default themes or change default settings09:46
Guest86223ruan: ok so theres none othr way to chnge the luk and appearance09:46
ruanGuest86223: that's the limit of how you can really change themes.09:47
ruanGuest86223: you can change gnome's settings09:47
shomonhow do I use ls to tell me the last few files modified in a directory tree?09:48
shomonor is there a better way than using ls?09:48
YcareneAnyone know how well Gnome 3.0 works with oss?09:48
kthruan: also update the mandb by invoking "mandb" as root is possible it says that there are > 9k entries - but it seems that the binary of man isn't there?09:49
kthruan: i found the solution ... texlive has overwritten /usr/bin/man with a symbolic link oO09:52
nunuyabizshomon maybe ls -time=word.......   check out the man page09:52
A_I_how can I know in debian/postinst if it is an new install or an update of my .deb ?09:52
shomonnunuyabiz,  hi, thanks - yeah I was trying to decipher that...09:52
nunuyabizshomon or --sort=time09:52
shomonwhile I'm at it, ubuntu 10.10 isn't doing very nice cut and pastes. I like unix style, where it automagically copies anything I highlight, and pastes with a middle mouse click, but for some reason this isn't working since upgrading from 10.0409:54
shomonnow I have to ctrl-shift-v and menu->paste to do it... is there a setting to switch this behaviour? or is it per-app?09:55
matorhow do i manage ubuntu daemons, which is started via /etc/init/*.conf files ?09:56
cutouthi I want to link an html folder to apache /var/www. how can I do that?09:56
nunuyabizshomon ls -ltr09:56
shomonthanks nunuyabiz that worked fine!09:57
nunuyabizshomon you might be able to customize hotkeys the way you like it09:57
nunuyabizcutout what do you mean link it. I think what you are asking is that you just need to put the html in /var/www09:59
nyuszika7hHi, I want to install MySQL, but I get this error:10:00
nyuszika7hE: Unable to locate package mysql10:00
U8untuhey i can`t install ubuntu from USB.. it says No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found! ... and i have checked the MD5SUM and its the same..its OK..what`s the problem ?10:00
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)10:00
koltrollHey guys. Just booted up my ubuntu computer that's running 10.04. I'd like to update to 11.04. Is this possible through the update manager? I only get 10.10 as a option.10:01
nunuyabiznyuszika7h what method are you using to install10:01
ruannyuszika7h: try mysql-server10:01
LarsToshould i install debian or ubuntu10:01
ruanLarsTo: it's a user decision, but ubuntu is best for beginners10:02
U8untuhey i can`t install ubuntu from USB.. it says No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found! ... and i have checked the MD5SUM and its the same..its OK..what`s the problem ?10:02
LarsToi am using linux since 3 years @ ruan ;)10:02
nunuyabizkoltroll you must update to 10.10 before you can update to 11.410:02
nunuyabizLarsTo go to the debian chanel to ask that10:03
ruan!debian | LarsTo10:03
ubottuLarsTo: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!10:03
koltrollnunuyabiz, hm ok. Then I haft to make a decision what's faster. Downloading 11.4 make a clean install or make upgrades in steps... =) Thanks10:03
bibornshcherbak: r u still there?10:06
nunuyabizthis is like the calm after a storm10:07
bibornis there ny suport for linux mint?10:08
DJonesbiborn: I think mint support in is #linuxmint10:08
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org10:08
gaurav_helpwhile updating my system its shows me duplicate list entry10:09
gaurav_helphow i resolve this10:09
nunuyabiznot sure I understand duplicate list entry10:10
nyuszika7hIt seems I've accidently deleted Windows instead of FreeDOS :/10:10
llutz_gaurav_help: check your sources.list(s) and remove the duplicate entry10:10
nyuszika7hOn turning on my computer, I see Ubuntu, Ubuntu (recovery mode), two memtests and FreeDOS.10:10
gaurav_helphow i find the duplicate entry . and where is the list10:11
gaurav_helpllutz, help me10:11
dagon666gaurav_help: /etc/apt10:11
llutz_gaurav_help: /etc/apt/sources.list(.d/*)10:11
ExxonValdeezhi all10:11
nunuyabiznyuszika7h do you have a dual boot on your hard drive?10:12
ExxonValdeezdoes anyone know how to change empathy shortcuts?10:12
ExxonValdeezi know you can do it10:12
ExxonValdeezby pressing some keys and editing the shortcut in the menu10:13
ExxonValdeezjust don't remember how10:13
ExxonValdeezand google is not turning anything up10:13
gaurav_helpllutz, i cont't find any duplicate entry all list shows me first main then source code10:13
=== VegetableShoots is now known as blueghost
gaurav_helpllutz, i cont't find any duplicate entry10:15
nunuyabizgaurav_help what are you using to look at the file?10:16
llutz_gaurav_help: if apt-complains about it,  theres one (most likely). look again, carefully10:16
gaurav_helperror comes to me "Duplicate sources.list entry http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/ maverick/partner i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_maverick_partner_binary-i386_Packages"10:16
=== adnan is now known as rambo3
Guest86223is there anyone who is presently working for canonical?10:17
divyabunty  i have problem in installing canon mp250driver help me10:17
erUSULgaurav_help: check also files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ directory not just /etc/apt/sources.list file10:17
gaurav_helpllutz, i list the error what i find and what i have 2 remove10:17
MoopzHey. My PDFs load unusually slow. Every time I scroll to a new page it takes 5 seconds to load. Using Okular. Anyone have any clue why this is?10:17
divyagaurav_help i have problem installing canon mp25010:18
divyagaurav_help please help me10:18
Chr|sMoopz: could be memory, could be your graphics card10:19
Chr|sdivya: did you enable your graphics driver?10:19
gaurav_helpdivya, see my personal note10:19
divyagaurav_help  where10:19
gaurav_helpleft side of ur pane of this xchat10:20
gaurav_helpsee just below #ubuntu10:20
MoopzChr|s, I set Okular to aggressive memory usage, and I have 4GB ram so it's not that. I do use the proprietary FGLRX drivers for my ATI card though.10:20
ohsixMoopz: it could be that10:21
Chr|sMoopz: did you set it to aggressive before or after this problem10:21
ohsixMoopz: generating data "agressively" ahead of time, takes time10:21
testerHi i need an older version of wuftpd installed in my ubuntu system and I cant install it because the bison/yacc in the system seems incompatible.10:22
testerPlease have a look at this http://paste.pocoo.org/show/367070/10:22
MoopzChr|s, I set it to aggressive to counter the problem but it doesn't work.10:22
ohsixMoopz: you could also see if the same thing happens in evince10:22
fisch246anyway i can get help with virtualbox? if not, can i be pointed to a place that will help me?10:23
ohsixfisch246: #vbox, but fair warning, i do not know if its a user support channel personally10:23
sipiorfisch246: depends a bit on the sort of problem you're having10:23
Moopzohsix, same happens in the default Document Viewer10:23
testerAny hints on how i can install wuftpd 2.6.0 on my ubuntu 10.04?10:24
ohsixMoopz: sounds like a challenge! :]10:24
fisch246sipior: has to do with the screen running past the bottom of my monitor, when switching to fullscreen...10:24
sipiortester: you could of course build it yourself, bearing in mind the risks of running an older version of a network service.10:24
ohsixMoopz: do you get a flurry of disk activity when this happens?10:25
Moopzohsix, checking 2 secs.10:25
sipiorfisch246: the guest monitor resolution is the same as that of the host?10:25
fisch246sipior: no it's smaller10:26
testersipior, yes i am aware of it and am trying to build it on my own. However the make fails. Please see http://paste.pocoo.org/show/367070/10:26
skplcan someone tell me where to find the package automake1.8?10:26
Moopzohsix, no unusual disk activity, however it overtook one of my CPU threads entirely and used it 100%.10:27
ohsixskpl: do you need 1.8 and 1.8 only?10:27
erUSUL!find automake10:27
ubottuFound: automake, automake1.10, automake1.4, automake1.9, automake1.9-doc10:27
sipiortester: was there a configure line before that?10:27
skplohsix: yes10:27
sipiorfisch246: what happens if they are set to be equal?10:27
testersipior, i just did a "./configure"10:27
=== itheos is now known as theos
fisch246sipior: if it helps i'm testing arch... and using the command "vga=842" on a "1366x768" screen10:28
sipiortester: would be nice to see the output of that.10:28
testersure, one sec10:28
ohsixMoopz: ok, can you install linux-tools; run sudo perf top in a terminal, then switch pages in the viewer & tell me the top few entries in the output of perf10:29
testersipior, http://paste.pocoo.org/show/367073/10:29
sipiortester: could i also get you to pastebin the output of ./configure --help?10:29
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testersipior, sur10:30
=== [^_^] is now known as nyuszika7h
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=== \[^o is now known as nyuszika7h
Moopzohsix, System_call, copy_to_user, schedule10:31
testersipior, http://paste.pocoo.org/show/367075/10:31
ohsixMoopz: hm interesting; thanks10:32
kubancis the ubuntu 11.04 gonna have gnome 3?10:32
erUSULkubanc: no10:32
erUSULkubanc: no by default anyway10:32
dydhi all10:33
skpldoes anyoen know  where to find the package automake1.8?10:33
G00053so i upgraded from 10.10 to 11 b and had huge problems , right now have no bars on top or side..10:33
ruanskpl: look for a ppa10:33
erUSULG00053: 11.04 uses no bars/panels afaik. ask in #ubuntu+110:33
erUSUL!11.04 > G0005310:34
ubottuG00053, please see my private message10:34
kubancerUSUL, thank you for you answer10:34
Moopzohsix, what also annoys me that even after loading a page, if you scroll away from it, its already thrown it out of memeory and have to reload it.10:34
xroHi, i'm looking for an rss reader... I want one i get let on my gnome desktop "like a widget" and with good looks... have you an idea? a google gadget?10:34
sipiortester: nothing looks terribly out of the ordinary. you *might* consider modifying the makefile to remove the "-y" switch from bison. might be that the file is not compliant with the posix variant.10:35
skplruan: how do i do that?10:35
ohsixMoopz: well i wouldn't say that; it sounds like the drawing part is the slow part10:35
ThePunisher60hello everybody10:35
sipiortester: best bet really is to contact the maintainers, although i suspect they'll just tell you to run the latest version :-)10:35
skplruan: would it hurt my installation to use a package from a previous version of ubuntu?10:35
sipiortester: mind if i ask why you need this specific version?10:35
fisch246ah found the issue >.<10:35
ruanskpl: is 1.8 the latest?10:36
nyuszika7h(: I never knew gedit supported syntax highlighting... Nice!10:36
ruanskpl: it shouldn't hurt, but if you remove the latest you may have dependancy issues10:36
sipiornyuszika7h: i don't think you can call yourself an editor these days if you don't :-)10:36
* erUSUL notepad FTW10:37
itali-chanTHE VP8 and ogv. look bad, you can not encode better?10:37
ohsixMoopz: i'm thinking of a simple way to see what it is10:38
xronobody use a rss reader on the gnome desktop?10:39
ohsixnot me10:39
ohsixlifrea is the one i've heard of t hough10:39
chenkaiI have one, but I don't use it.10:39
erUSULxro: i use google reader in the browser10:39
xroerUSUL, that is a good solution... but i would like to have it on the desktop... instead of that i miss a lot of them...10:40
ohsixmissing rss feeds is the best part if feeds10:40
erUSULxro: lifearea? rssowl? research in the ubuntu software center10:40
ohsixoverwhelming yourself so you ignore triviality10:41
Moopzohsix, personally I have no clue what it could be.10:41
ohsixMoopz: its probably the way its drawing10:41
xroerUSUL, i saw thiese name.. but they are not integrate in the destop like a widget10:41
ohsixis it just one file or all files?10:41
mithran1Hi all is there a command like top for ifconfig10:42
Moopzohsix, All files. Not sure how I can change the way it renders the files..?10:42
sipiormithran1: ntop, if i understand your question correctly10:43
ohsixMoopz: you can't, but you can report the bug10:43
sipiormithran1: you're looking for a top-like network usage application?10:43
Moopzohsix, but do we actually know what's causing it?10:43
ohsixMoopz: i'm thinking of a way  to check10:44
giannisanyone know how to solve this http://pastebin.com/HrG7BEKu ??10:44
d3vic3seek: if you need help just ask :)10:45
osseI usually set up an SSH tunnel by running "ssh -fN hostname" but for some reason it doesn't work if I add that command as a startup application. Does anyone know how I can do this?10:45
ohsixMoopz: can you handle building a tool to record a drawing trace?10:45
mithran1mithran1: yes one of the computers we use has mulitiple network interfaces, and I want to get an updating list of the transmitted and received packets10:46
mithran1sorry sipior: i meant to send that to you10:46
MK`Strange question: the sole partition on this disk is /dev/sdb2. Is there any way for me to "rename" it to /dev/sdb1 without recreating the table?10:46
vadviktormithran1, then you might wanna try Wireshark10:46
Moopzohsix, no. While I consider myself fairly competent, that's well out of my reach.10:47
ohsixk, one moment10:47
mithran1vadviktor: but its too complicated, b4 i know it i have tons of packages, i want to monitor something on a long term basis, not to isolate an issue and analyse10:47
vadviktormithran1, i see10:48
mithran1in specific i want to see the Tx and Rx of the interfaces10:48
nyuszika7hHello! I have FreeDOS, Windows 7 and Ubuntu installed. On starting my computer, I can't select Win7. Could anyone help?10:48
nyuszika7hI installed Ubuntu after Win7.10:48
nunuyabizMK sdb is usually a usb drive10:48
MK`it's a second harddrive10:48
MK`I want to rename it for ocd purposes10:48
MK`is this possible?10:48
bigMikehello, any good web app deployers here?10:49
benzaldehydeMK`: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder purposes? :D10:49
icerootbigMike: wrong channel10:49
vadviktormithran1, would you like to log that data or just monitor the changes on a display?10:49
MK`I want the first partition to be sdb1, not sdb2 :P10:49
ohsixMoopz: ok, install cairo-perf-utils10:49
nunuyabizMK it may be possible, but probably not a configuration that ubuntu supplies10:49
bigMikewhat's the best approach to managing various apps, say most are based on ubuntu, mysql backed on each virtualised server10:49
mithran1Its a multipath, so I want to see which path it is running on, for a given policy algorithm over time :)10:50
bigMikebut the apps are largely php driven joomla/drupal etc.10:50
bigMikesome rails apps too.  Puppet or Landscape?10:50
Moopzohsix, do I need a special repo? It's not in my standard ones.10:51
mithran1vadviktor: The policy determines which ethernet interfaces data runs on, i just want to see that policy in action...10:51
ohsixMoopz: hm let me look10:51
nyuszika7h^^---Nobody can answer my question?10:51
nunuyabizMK you could probably switch the hard drive cables, or reset the master slave switches on the drives one or the other10:51
Moopznyuszika7h, what loader do you use?10:51
ohsixMoopz: ok, easy way to install it, use software center; otherwise enable the universe archive in software properties10:52
nyuszika7hMoopz: GRUB10:52
=== harry is now known as Guest40566
MK`No I mean... I have HDD /dev/sdb. I created 2 partitions on it, [/dev/sdb2][/dev/sdb1]. Then, I deleted /dev/sdb1, and merged it into /dev/sdb2. So now the only one has that name, and I want to rename it10:53
nyuszika7hIt seems different than in older versions... it uses a console font.10:53
vadviktormithran1, I don't think I can imagine right what you want, but I try to suggest one possibility:10:53
Guest40566Empathy 2.32.1 problem z połączeniem do serwera gg10:53
HfXHow do I get color into ircii in ssh?10:54
vadviktormithran1, I would use the watch command in combination of ifconfig and grep. watching the ifconfig data in some intervals and filter the lines with grep10:54
Guest40566 problem z połączeniem do serwera gg moze ktos pomoze10:54
ohsixMK`: that depends on the order of the partitions, if its not partition one i don't know theres a lot you can do besides break out a hex editor; you might get lucky if you read and rewrite the partitions with cfdisk or something10:54
vadviktormithran1, specifically Tx and Rx, but I don't know how would I pipe the commands to filter that specific interface of yours10:55
ohsixHfX: you install a script that does it, ircII doesn't do _anything_ by default10:55
Moopzohsix, can't find that software properties you're talking about.10:55
MK`it's the sole partition on the drive now, encompassing the entire thing10:55
mithran1vadviktor: ok let me try that10:56
ohsixMoopz: oh eh, it's software-properties-gtk, you can start it by itself or got to "software sources" somewhere in the synaptic menus10:56
nyuszika7hMoopz: So any ideas?10:56
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
Moopznyuszika7h, get StartUp-manager10:57
nyuszika7hMoopz: where can I get it?10:58
Moopzohsix, universe repo is enabled.10:58
MK`I'd need to hexedit the mbr?10:58
Moopznyuszika7h, sudo apt-get install startupmanager10:58
nunuyabizMK this is probably the closest you can get to doing what you want to do, but it would be tricky to to this on bootup10:59
MK`I have a livecd I can use to do it10:59
artistikim running pinguyos and my desktop froze. i can still move my mouse around but nothing else. i can access a terminal through ctrl-alt-f1. my question is how can i restore or restart my desktop enviroment without losing the documents i was working on?11:00
nunuyabizMK you need to know where the kernel assigns the devices on bootup11:00
sipiorMK`: if you're really brave, just delete the partition, and then recreate it *with exactly the same boundaries*11:00
sipiorMK`: it probably goes without saying that you'll want to check on the status of your backups, etc.11:01
MK`it's an extended partition. If I deleted it it'd probably still delete the logical paritions inside11:01
sipiorMK`: if the boundaries of the new partition are identical, i don't see the problem.11:01
nunuyabizMK do you want to save what is on the partition?11:01
MK`it's a fresh install of ubuntu, so, no11:02
zepherinfirefox runs slow on my laptop11:02
nunuyabizjust reinstall the more you do it the more you learn. if you do it again you will know ubuntu that much more11:03
MK`so if the entire drive were deleted I wouldn't lose anything. I just want to do something faster than reinstalling the OS11:03
MK`well, I will learn by editing the MBR X)11:03
nunuyabizyou are not going to find anything faster than reinstalling11:03
MK`and if that messes up the drive, I'll learn to/be too afraid to try that again11:03
ThePunisher60i'm new with ubuntu11:03
nunuyabizthat will take you much longer11:04
ThePunisher60what can yu advice me for beginnig11:04
bigmahat1ahello. I added the text " noapic" to the file /etc/default/grub, in the line "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=". But, running update-grub, it says "noapic: not found". What to do?11:04
ThePunisher60anyone ??11:04
MK`what is a good hex editor? ThePunisher join #ubuntu-beginner11:05
MK`or #ubuntu-beginners11:05
MK`one of those 211:05
benzaldehydeThePunisher60: with what?11:05
ohsixMK`: the hex editor was not a serious suggestion11:05
MK`I just need to change a 2 to a 1 :P11:05
ThePunisher60thnx mk11:05
ohsixMK`: why do you need it to be sdb1? you should be using uuids not bare devices11:05
tioxHai, n00b here to make fun of.11:05
ThePunisher60benzaldehyde 'm using backtrack 411:06
MK`I have OCD :(11:06
tioxBut seriously, I am a n00b when it comes to rebuilding packages and making programs from source.11:06
benzaldehydeThePunisher60: oh I see, testing your network?11:06
ohsixThePunisher60: you'll have to go to their channel for support, it's not supported here11:06
nunuyabizdo a dd if /dev/zero of /dev/sda  count???? bs??? and start over11:06
ThePunisher60ah ok11:06
tioxI was told in a readme to get a 32-bit file and have it blt for my 64-bit system. How can I rebuild it for 64-bit?11:06
ThePunisher60yes benza11:06
del_diabloI have a trust tablet, how do I get it working with Ubuntu?11:07
* tiox smacks his keyboard11:07
artistikwould someone help me with my earlier ?11:07
artistik how can i restore or restart my desktop enviroment without losing the documents i was working on11:08
Moopzohsix, I think I'll just have to live with it for now. Thought there might have been a quick fix but doesn't seem like there is.11:08
Moopzohsix, thanks for your help.11:08
sejocan one revert to a base installation?11:08
ThePunisher60how cn i extract files n an encrypted rar file11:08
MK`I'll try repartitioning with the same boundaries.11:08
nunuyabizMK do a dd if /dev/zero of /dev/sda  count???? bs??? and start over..... that is soooo OCD!!11:08
ohsixMoopz: well using a different driver will probably sidestep the problrm11:09
benzaldehydeThePunisher60: you could do all that in Ubuntu and i believe the alternate iso is a live cd, if i am not misstaken11:09
Moopzohsix, so I should try reinstalling my graphics driver?11:09
ohsixMoopz: i was more interested in giving you info to file a bug about it, so it gets fixed11:09
edwinkcwI have a laptop CQ42-170TX, I want to connect it with my external monitor BENQ 22". But in monitor resolution setting, the max res. is 1280x768 only, but my monitor can support 1920x108011:09
MK`if my ocd were bad enough I'd name the drive hdb since it's an IDE drive :P11:09
=== h3r0 is now known as h3r0_
edwinkcwHow can I fix it?11:09
ohsixMoopz: not reinstalling, using another one besides fglrx11:09
nunuyabizartistik what program is your documents in?11:09
Moopzohsix, are there others?11:10
ThePunisher60well i instlled it on my hard disk11:10
artistikthank you- libre office11:10
ThePunisher60i'm no longer working with the live cd11:10
h3r0_hi friend i want to ask something... why my nagios server cannot send to our email? but it can send email alerts to gmail and yahoo?11:10
ohsixedwinkcw: you need to add the mode manually because the monitors edid information is incomplete/incorrect11:10
h3r0_our company email11:10
nyuszika7hIs Firefox 4 available for Ubuntu? I tried to do "sudo apt-get install firefox", but it says firefox is already the latest version.11:10
benzaldehydeThePunisher60: one OS is as good as any other11:10
edwinkcwohsix: may I know how can I add it? I didn't have much knowledge about this.11:11
ohsixh3r0_: that probably depends on how your company email servers are setup, you'll need to ask them11:11
bboihi guys, im trying to run make menuconfig but im getting errors: invalid for RAR_REGISTER  and it says your display is too small to run Menuconfig how do i fix this11:11
ThePunisher60yes i know benza11:11
del_diablonyuszika7h: http://askubuntu.com/questions/6339/how-do-i-install-firefox-4/6348#6348 take a peek11:11
ThePunisher60i just want to know how can i extract files from a rar encrypted archive11:11
del_diabloThePunisher60: Install unrar?11:12
h3r0_oh... how can opmanager in windows can send to our company webmail11:12
DJones!ff4 | nyuszika7h11:12
ubottunyuszika7h: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox11:12
ThePunisher60okay del_diablo11:12
ThePunisher60i find it in the package manager i guess ??11:12
Moopzohsix, anyway, thanks for your help.11:12
del_diabloThePunisher60: Yupp11:12
artistiki have a terminal open by ctrl-alt-f1, just not sure how to restart or restore the desktop enviroment11:13
ohsixedwinkcw: i can't walk you through it, but i can tell you you use "cvt" and xrandr --newmode and then --addmode with its output11:13
nunuyabizartistik what program are the documents in that you want to save?11:13
=== xiambax_ is now known as xiambax
edwinkcwohsix: thanks, because in the old day, there is a x11.conf11:14
artistikim having a hard time reading your name otherwise id type it11:14
ohsixedwinkcw: are you using nvidias binary driver?11:14
nunuyabizartistic if you shut down your box hard kill libreoffice will restore your documnets11:14
h3r0_ohsix: thank you for replying11:15
edwinkcwohsix: I am using Radeon propietary11:15
artistikwhat about sys-ctrl-alt-r-e-i-u-s-b11:15
artistikwill that work11:15
jwtiyarhow to get gnome 3 ?11:16
nunuyabizartistic try it11:16
artistiki dont want to lose all my homework though. will it save it?11:16
achillionHas anyone had any experience running two distributions sharing one home directory? I suspect configuration files will be a mess but it could work, right?11:16
nunuyabizartistic I used to know a way, but it didn't always work anyways11:16
ohsixartistik: does libreoffice save backups periodically? i think it does11:16
ikoniaachillion: it will work the more important issue is how grub will work, in that with ubuntu 10.10 or later, it won't work well11:16
nunuyabizartistik libreoffice will definitely save it, and from now on......ALWAYS BACKUP11:17
ohsixartistik: so if its been like 15 minutes you can just restart with shutdown -r now; then look for the backups11:17
MK`I configured gparted to recreate the partitions exactly11:17
achillionikonia: How would grub be affected? I'm on 10.04 currently; is there something special about grub on 10.10?11:17
MK`and when I ran the operation it did it the wrong way for some reason11:17
ohsixartistik: you can look in the dir where your file is in the shell & check if theres a backup there to be safe11:17
nunuyabizachillion I do it all the time11:17
MK`so I need to reinstall P11:17
benzaldehydeThePunisher60: there are two unrar and unrar-free dunno which is pertinent, i suppose one could have both11:17
ikoniaachillion: yes, grub2 doesn't have it's config file in a shared location for the 2 distros11:17
ikoniaachillion: 10.04 will also be a problem11:18
benzaldehydeThePunisher60: and package rar to create rar11:18
achillionnunuyabiz: good to know :)11:18
artistikwell i was just working on a document and the desktop just froze, so how could i save a backup of something i was working on11:18
ohsixMK`: gparted does a lot more than edit partitions, that is almost secondary to the rest, i suggested cfdisk for a reason D:11:18
ThePunisher60but i didn't find any on package manager11:18
MK`Ah, i see11:18
benzaldehydeThePunisher60: add some repositories to sources.list11:18
MK`well, there goes my entire ubuntu installation :P11:19
achillionikonia: I'm sure there's a way around that. nunuyabiz: how do you handle grub?11:19
artistikbut its been more than 15min so if it periodically saves its self then i should be alright11:19
ThePunisher60what ??11:19
jwtiyarhow to get gnome 3 ?11:19
ohsixMK`: but even then i didn't know if it would reorder them i was being dismissive and suggesting you merely ignore it D:11:19
ikoniaachillion try it, there is not11:19
benzaldehydeThePunisher60: debian for sure, un# some of the restricted if there are resticated urls in the sources.list11:19
hot_wheelzcan somone pls confirm if the us k42f-vx312v is fully support under 10.10 i am trying to establish this for a friend...Thx11:19
nunuyabizikonia I havn't done it with the latest grub11:19
ohsixThePunisher60: you should really go to the backtrack channel11:20
ikonianunuyabiz: I know, it won't work well11:20
ThePunisher60well benza i'm not very good with ubuntu so i don't really know that11:20
benzaldehydeThePunisher60: whereis apt11:20
ohsixedwinkcw: re: ati, i do not know if it does xrandr, if it doesn't you'll need to use xorg.conf or their control panel11:20
ThePunisher60ohsix i'm asking general ubuntu question11:20
benzaldehydeThePunisher60: find it then scoot boot'n'boogie11:20
mang0guys, can you run AVG on ubuntu 10.10?11:21
artistikohsix: from a shell how would i save a copy of what i was working on11:21
ohsixThePunisher60: backtrack is modified in a number of ways that the odds on asking a general question still has a bt perspective11:21
ThePunisher60well i'll drop it for the moment and after i'll llok for it again11:21
ikoniamang0: you shouldn't need it11:21
mang0or is there another good free virus/malware moniter that you can use?11:21
ThePunisher60thanx anyway benza11:21
nunuyabizMK now you know.... you never suck sdb1 into sdb2 unless you'r okay with being stuck with sdb2   see you're learning11:21
mang0ikonia: why not?11:21
ohsixartistik: basically, you can't; thats why i suggest you look and see if its doing periodic backups11:22
ikoniamang0: virus' don't effect linux in the same way as windows, so most virus scanning is worthless11:22
benzaldehydeThePunisher60: good luck to you11:22
mang0okay thanks11:22
ThePunisher60ohsix can u give the bt4 channel link please11:22
ThePunisher60thnx benza11:22
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition11:22
ikoniaThePunisher60: #bactrack-linux11:22
ThePunisher60thnx ikonia11:23
ThePunisher60good bye all11:23
sunriverIs anyone have a package of  "matlab for linux "?11:23
ohsixgood luck11:23
artistikohsix: oh in the logs? could you narrow my search down for me and give me a general area11:23
MK`yeah I am learning :D11:23
MK`ohsix it was a fresh installation, I had no files on it11:23
nitsosunriver, bc might help you ;)11:24
sunriveroh ,thanks11:24
artistiktheres got to be a simpiler way to refresh my desktop- something like metacity restore, but that didnt work11:25
nunuyabizartistik when you are forced to hard kill your box and you restart it, you will appreciate libreoffice that much more when it restarts and asks you if you want to restore the documents that you neglected to back up.11:25
bigmahat1aCould somebody suggest me a nice program for reducing power compsumption? Like for downclocking the CPU?11:25
jwtiyarhow to get gnome 3 ?11:26
nunuyabizI'm not trying to push you to hard kill your computer..... I'm just sayin11:26
ohsixMK`: oh well, then the simple solution is to wipe it out11:26
MK`I deleted the disk, am starting over now11:26
ohsixMK`: but its also prudent to start using uuids for volumes, as the names/numbers can be unstable berween boots11:26
ohsixartistik: look in the same directory where the original files, look for one named <yourfile>.bak or <yourfile>~11:27
nunuyabizMK dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb count=1024 bs=????11:27
MK`i don't know what dd does yet11:28
nunuyabizartistic do you have access to a terminal?11:29
nunuyabizMK you don't need to zero out the disk, it's just something that I like to do11:29
[deXter]MK`: copy data from/to a device at a low level, bit by bit.. amongst lot of other things, in this case, dd can be used to wipe a drive11:30
ohsixMK`: he's telling you of one way to clear the mbr11:30
MK`I nuked the disk before I installed Ubuntu11:30
ohsix(and a little bit past the mbr)11:30
suprakenis there a table of contents for the man pages? or a list of all the man pages internally in ubuntu?11:31
Pantherahi there11:31
ohsixsupraken: not really, but you can search aming the installed ones on your computer with "apropos"11:31
ohsixsupraken: i think they're indexed in yelp too, or at least used to be :[11:32
nunuyabizMK nuked? are you talkin dban?11:32
Pantherahow can i host my own irc server ?11:32
nunuyabizPanthera you sure can11:33
iostreamPanthera: install an ircd11:33
iostreamnunuyabiz: "how"11:33
Pantheraircd ?11:33
MK`some windows ap11:34
iostreamirc daemon = irc server11:34
iostreamPanthera: apt-cache search ircd11:34
MK`heh, I chose to not format, and it says "removing conflicting operating system files"11:34
nunuyabiziostream run your own irc server11:34
MK`so maybe some files survived11:34
iostreambeware of the tanks!11:34
koltrollI'm getting all crazy at the new menu - even tho I like it's look. Trying to move the icons around but 50% of the times it thinks I want to move the whole section of icons!11:34
koltrollgahh ^^11:34
iostreamhi koltroll11:35
edwinkcwohsix: thanks and I fixed my problem11:35
iostreamthat's because the object is a group of icons11:35
ohsixedwinkcw: good :]11:35
LeanoXi wonder where is position when use  apt-get install a program11:35
skiwithpetehi, in 10.04 is there a way to boot to command prompt?11:35
PantheraWow 1544 users online11:35
Pantherathis my first time on irc11:35
nunuyabizMK yeah that removes all the addressing in the filesystem all the files are still there, but it's okay they will just be overwritten11:35
LeanoXin 10.1011:35
skiwithpeteI've changed xinitrc and now I only get flickering11:35
LeanoXi wonder where is position when use  apt-get install a program in 10.1011:35
skiwithpetecan't even ctrl+alt + Fkeys11:36
koltrolliostream, heya! What do you use for coding ?11:36
iostreamkoltroll: nano, gedit11:36
skiwithpetejust keeps flicking back11:36
koltrolliostream, ok :(11:36
iostreamLeanoX: whereis11:36
skiwithpeteis there a way to boot to command prompt?11:36
iostreamkoltroll: why?11:36
iostreamskiwithpete: press CTRL+ALT+F111:36
skiwithpeteiostream, have done that - it just flicks back to failing workspace11:37
karancan any one help to me recompile the kernel with a new package integrated in it11:37
iostreamskiwithpete: wonky.11:37
LeanoXiostream:yes ,where is ?11:37
iostreamLeanoX: no, whereis, it's acommand11:37
LeanoXi see  i try11:37
iostreama command11:37
skiwithpeteiostream, can I get to command prompt via grub?11:37
koltrolliostream, why what? why I ask? Cause I want a nice coding app. vim/emacs/nano is not an alternative. And even though gedit is nice and all, it's just a simple texteditor. And eclipse is too much. I wan something in between. Gonna have a look at bluefish and see what that's all about.11:37
iostreamkoltroll: gedit is not just a simple text editor11:38
skiwithpetei know what I have to do, I just can't get to a prompt...11:38
shomonhow do I go down a version from php 5.3.3 to 5.2.10 or whatever is newest?11:38
iostreamplay with the settings and you'll find a bunch of fancy stuff11:38
shomonon ubuntu 10.10?11:38
koltrolliostream, like some plugins, themes and "show line number" ? :)11:39
LeanoXiostream:thanks for your support .11:39
MK`this disk is a nice testbed anyway. it has like 33 bad sectors so I don't even know how long it's going to last11:39
shomonbluefish is a good in betweeny one... :)11:39
iostreamLeanoX: np11:39
iostreamkoltroll: you don't need any third party plugins, no11:39
iostreamkoltroll: it's all in the software already11:39
koltrollThe mission right now is to get my pc keyboard to act like it's a mac keyboard.11:39
nunuyabizkoltroll I use bluefish only..... I love it   but it's a little more than just simple11:40
skiwithpeteneed a prompt, x keeps flashing because of failed xinitrc11:40
benzaldehydeshomon: if you want a different version the only way i know of to do it is to purge the package and install the one you want manually11:40
koltrollIt's a pain working at a mac more or less all days and then switch back to a pc. So I'm thinking that if I can get the pc keyboard to act like a mac I'm all good.11:40
iostreamthat's not possible11:40
iostreaminstall linux on your mac instead11:41
koltrollit -kinda- works now. But the "apple-key" is on alt-gr. I would've preferred if I could get it on the windows-icon instead. That would be ace.11:41
shomonbenzaldehyde, that's fine I found a tutorial on randyfay.com/node/6311:41
koltrollWell of course it is possible? It's linux is it not?11:41
shomonlots of drupal folks have the same problem in 10.10 apparently11:41
skiwithpetehere's how I'll solve it:  I'll put a liveCD in and boot to that - then I'll change xinitrc - unless there's a way I can boot to prompt...11:41
koltrollRight now I can do shift+altgr+8/9 to get {}11:42
nunuyabizskiwithpete boot into recovery mode11:42
koltrollIf I could just map alt-gr to the windows-button I'd be allt good :)11:42
skiwithpetenunuyabiz, how - 10.0411:42
nunuyabizskiwithpete I don't remember but in previous versions you hit esc and you get the grub menu.... I'll google it just a moment11:43
koltrollwhen a window gets above the menu the menu goes away. How do I get it back without removing the window, and how can I set it up so that it doesn't go away ?11:44
nunuyabizdoes someone remember how to get to the grub menu in 10.04...... in previous versions it was hit the esc key11:45
skiwithpetenot anymore11:46
DJonesnunuyabiz: Press & hold down left shift during boot11:46
nunuyabizskiwithpete did you get that11:47
bullgard4Ubuntu installs by default an entry »gdm:x:119:« in /etc/group but without any operating system user. Why?11:47
nunuyabizskiwithpete when you are in the grub menu, arrow down to the recovery mode and hit enter then make the proer selection. you may want to select drop down to root11:48
skiwithpeteyep, seems to have done it11:48
ohsixbullgard4: files are owned by it, not having a user to access them is kind of beside the point11:48
skiwithpetehow do you rena?11:48
skiwithpetesorry, how do you rename at prompt?11:48
nunuyabizrename what?11:49
txhhow do I set up to build for another kind of lixux while running another like ubuntu??11:49
txhany tips or links would be helpful11:50
nunuyabiztxh google remix11:50
txhsearch for remix?11:51
nunuyabizyeah remix ubuntu or whatever distro you want to customize11:51
ohsixskiwithpete: "mv"11:52
nunuyabizremix ubuntu or remix debian or whatever11:52
Pantherasomeone know when 11.04 will be out ?11:52
DJones!natty | Panthera11:52
ubottuPanthera: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not intended for production systems.11:52
nunuyabizPnathera in 4-1111:52
PantheraOh only in the 28 =\11:52
nunuyabizI think on the 28th11:53
Pantheraand say can i keep the Gnome ?11:53
Pantherai dislike Unity11:53
bullgard4ohsix: You are writing a very complicated English. operating system groups are there to limit the access of files to certain operating system users, are they not?11:53
skiwithpetethanks nunuyabiz and ohsix11:53
nunuyabizPanthera it will be gnome 311:53
ohsixPanthera: grievance noted11:53
koltrollhow the heck do I access settings for the menu ?11:53
Pantherait will be Unity interface they say11:54
Pantherai just hate it11:54
ohsixbullgard4: users and groups, they are separate & you can have sgid executables like you can suid ones11:54
ohsixPanthera: i meant to say, that's not really on topic, you could try #ubuntu-offtopic11:54
nunuyabizPanthera unity will be default, but you can chose another11:56
sobersabreI have asked this before and don't remember getting an answer.11:56
Pantherai know that i can change it11:56
sobersabreassuming I have user1 with admin rights.11:56
sobersabreI want to use that user's data/settings for another user.11:56
Pantheraand what about GNOME Shell ?11:56
Pantherai will be able to use it ?11:57
sobersabreI copy /home/user1 to /home/user2, and then replace all the appearances of 'user1' to 'user2'11:57
skpljhbuild build11:57
DJonesPanthera: For questions/queries about Natty, the best channel to ask is #ubuntu+1 which is its support channel until its released11:57
sobersabrestill, when logged in as user2 and clicking update manager I am getting prompt for the password of user1.11:57
nunuyabizyes I believe you will be able to use gnome shell11:57
sobersabreWhat do I need to change/update so I am asked for user2's password in that case ?11:57
LjLsobersabre: you have changed the owner and group for all files, yes?11:58
Pantheraok tanks11:58
nunuyabizbeware of tanks11:58
sobersabreLjL: the problem I think is that some things not in the user1's dir are getting changed. or maybe there are some databases in user2's files that still contain user1 references.11:58
LjLsobersabre: well i don't know, but maybe it's something in gconf, so why don't you try grepping for the old user name in ~/.gconf11:59
sobersabreI hoped somebody could here point me out where EXCEPT .gconf I can find these references.11:59
sobersabreLjL: I did grep there...11:59
trungtrucI need a help12:00
trungtrucI want to change DNS12:01
adalalanyone here know how to refresh the gsettings for unity panel?12:02
sobersabretrungtruc: are you on a client machine and you want to make sure it uses a different dns server ?12:02
trungtrucyes, i am12:02
ruanadalal: ask in #ubuntu+112:03
trungtrucI'm using Xubuntu server12:03
adalalruan: thank...12:03
cvamIn log file What is the log entry for deleting a file12:04
cvamI have removed or moved a file from original location.I want to recover it12:08
LjLi don't think file deletions are logged12:08
cvamLjL:I have removed or moved a file from original location.I want to recover it12:09
arunscan someone recommend a decent gaming mouse that works well in ubuntu ?12:09
LjL!recovere | cvam12:09
LjL!recover | cvam12:09
ubottucvam: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel12:09
ohsixif it was in a package you can search for it with dpkg -S, or have debsums check all package files12:09
cvamLjL:I'm not sure that I've deleted. May be I've moved another location12:10
ohsixaruns: razer lachesis is my pet fav, i do not know about the status of tools to change the settings of the mice in linux though, i've never looked12:10
LjLcvam: well that's not logged either. if the actual file name hasn't changed, you can search for it using like "find / | grep filename"12:11
yang2Any idea how to use "ufw" firewall to redirect traffic from port 23 to port lets say 100012:11
ohsixknow your tools :S12:11
yang2i can only find manual for allow/deny rules12:11
ohsixyang2: i think it is only allow/deny12:11
[4-tea-2]Anyone else experiencing Liferea crashes (segfaults) on natty?12:11
ruan[4-tea-2]: you can ask in #ubuntu+112:12
cvamLjL:Thank you,I've tried find command wrongly12:12
[4-tea-2]ruan: I was under the impression that natty was released?12:12
nitsoyang2, did you try google? http://goo.gl/Thb1612:12
ohsixyang2: allow/deny/reject/log12:12
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not intended for production systems.12:12
DJones[4-tea-2]: Not until 28th April, is just in beta until then12:13
ruan[4-tea-2]: yeah. april 2812:13
[4-tea-2]DJones, ruan: Ah, I see, thanks.12:13
ohsixyang2: you can probably use fragments of manual iptables commands in a manner where they won't be clobbered12:13
ubottuUbuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) was the fourth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on July 14th 2009, Server support will end in June 2011. See !upgrade for upgrade instructions12:14
MemphizzzHi all, how do i access a connection in the terminal which was connected from Places->Connect to server?12:14
jribMemphizzz: ~/.gvfs12:14
ohsixyang2: ooh theres a gem in the man page, check the man page for ufw-framework, it describes the hooks; ie. where you can put those custom commands12:15
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=64612:15
Memphizzzjrib, thanks!12:15
PoNuts2shall ubuntu go over to postgre as default DB?12:15
ohsixPoNuts2: there is no default db12:16
jermy_to test those certificates in linux12:16
PoNuts2doh (exp. from homer simpsson) ;)12:16
ohsixPoNuts2: and its down to what the package says it can use / suggests, not "ubuntu"12:16
jermy_oh !sorry12:16
arunsohsix, thanks12:17
jermy_How to set ip ubuntu12:18
nyuszika7hHi, is it possible to override Ubuntu's titlebar with FF4's custom one?12:18
GOMIdont know why but my screen flickers ?!? first time is doing this12:19
xorxorxorxorxorwhat do you mean, title bar12:19
atlefjermy_: right-click the network icon in your taskbar and choose edit connections12:19
trungtruchow to install dns ubuntu ?12:19
ohsixnyuszika7h: ff should be telling the wm it doesn't want decorations, something in about:config probably controls that12:19
kurratai did something and my text in eclipse got greyish background and everything in outline view has such diognal line over it. whats going on? http://postimage.org/image/1hf9myqn8/12:22
bilal03hello there12:25
erUSULtrungtruc: a dns server?12:25
bilal03i've got a problem with my package manager i think12:26
bilal03anybody for help?12:26
benzaldehydebilal03: i like help12:27
=== anan is now known as andrej
benzaldehydebilal03: sometimes i --help the atm at the bank but it just hisses at me12:27
erUSUL!details | bilal0312:27
ubottubilal03: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:27
phoque_uniso Gnome 3 won't appear in Ubuntu?12:27
bilal03i got this error when i  want to install something via terminal12:27
erUSULphoque_uni: no12:27
phoque_uniis there a way to add another source to apt so I can install it myself?12:28
bilal03bilal@gujjar-203:~$ sudo apt-get install docky12:28
bilal03Reading package lists... Error!12:28
bilal03E: Encountered a section with no Package: header12:28
bilal03E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/ci.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_maverick_restricted_binary-i386_Packages12:28
bilal03E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.12:28
FloodBot1bilal03: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:28
bilal03bilal@gujjar-203:~$ ^C12:28
erUSULphoque_uni: it may be a ppa with it in the future... ask in #ubuntu+112:28
benzaldehydebilal03: dude pastebin12:28
DJonesphoque_uni: I believe there is a ppa for it12:28
bilal03Reading package lists... Error!12:29
bilal03E: Encountered a section with no Package: header12:29
bilal03E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/ci.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_maverick_restricted_binary-i386_Packages12:29
phoque_uniah, right12:29
bilal03E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.12:29
phoque_uniI read about PPAs somewhere12:29
phoque_uniI'll try that, thanks12:29
phoque_unioh and Firefox 4? :-d12:29
DJonesphoque_uni: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/04/gnome-3-released-to-be-available-for-ubuntu-11-04-via-ppa/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+d0od+(Omg!+Ubuntu!)12:30
FloodBot1phoque_uni: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:30
nyuszika7h!ff4 | phoque_uni12:30
ubottuphoque_uni: Firefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox12:30
erUSUL!ff4 > phoque_uni12:30
ubottuphoque_uni, please see my private message12:30
cvamthe output of ls command contains "Find Command Tutorial" ,But rm command on this directory fails12:30
nyuszika7herUSUL: Nice, I didn't know it supports pms.12:30
nyuszika7hs/it/the bot/12:30
erUSULcvam: rm -r is needed for dirs12:30
phoque_unicheers, DJones, nyuszika7h and erUSUL!12:30
cvamerUSUL:Thank s12:30
erUSUL!cli > cvam12:31
ubottucvam, please see my private message12:31
benzaldehydebilal03: that is weird12:31
nyuszika7h!ff4 > nyuszika7h12:31
ubottunyuszika7h, please see my private message12:31
erUSULcvam: no problem12:31
FloodBot1bilal03: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:31
benzaldehydebilal03: your partition might be filled12:32
benzaldehydebilal03: one of them12:32
bilal03i cannot access ubuntu software center as well12:33
bilal03synaptic manager gives the same error while opening12:34
bilal03no,, there is a lot of space available12:34
phoque_unihmm... I've added ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable to my package sources but Synaptic won't show any packages from there12:34
BaramiHello :)12:34
BaramiI have a question about unity.12:34
erUSULbilal03: try this 8 be carefull do nmot misspell ) « sudo cp -i /var/lib/dpkg/status-old /var/lib/dpkg/status »12:35
tjiggi_fo!ask | r4y Barami12:35
ubottur4y Barami: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:35
maxpnhow to install pyzmq-2.1.4 from launchpad.net?12:35
BaramiIn unity, How can i launch new window by left side bar ?12:35
bilal03<erUSUL> it asks about overwrite12:35
erUSULbilal03: say yes12:35
erUSULbilal03: then « sudo dpkg --configure -a  »12:36
bilal03it done12:36
kurratai made 1 files inactive somehow in eclipse, anyone knows how i can make it active again?12:36
bilal03<erUSUL> completed12:37
benzaldehydebilal03: try this sudo cp /var/lib/apt/lists/* /home | sudo rm -vf /var/lib/apt/lists/*12:37
nyuszika7hohsix: browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar is set to true12:37
r4yI am on a live disc of 10.04, I used Disk Utility to check this hard drive and it said it was clean but also says over on the right that Disk has a few bad sectors with a green dot next to it12:37
=== Peer is now known as Guest21824
bilal03<benzaldehyde> No command 'try' found, did you mean:12:38
bilal03 Command 'tty' from package 'coreutils' (main)12:38
bilal03 Command 'tr' from package 'coreutils' (main)12:38
bilal03 Command 'trn' from package 'trn' (multiverse)12:38
bilal03 Command 'trn' from package 'trn4' (multiverse)12:38
bilal03 Command 'trs' from package 'konwert' (main)12:38
FloodBot1bilal03: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:38
BaramiIf Aleady running terminal, How can run a terminal twice by side bar?12:38
phoque_uniwhat is wrong with him12:38
atlefBarami: try middle click on mouse12:39
bilal03<benzaldehyde> it do it12:39
bilal03<benzaldehyde> i do it12:39
Baramiatlef, aleady clicked..12:39
phoque_unibilal03, jesus, stop flooding!12:40
Baramibut event not happened..12:40
BaramiI'm using 10.10 maverick with unity.12:40
Baramiit is mutter based unity12:40
obscurant1sti have connected to my system using ssh. Now I have to copy a file from the client to the server to which i logged in. How can i do that?12:43
pc-mooni wanna know how run python cgi ? i have ubuntu gnome12:43
PoNuts2chroot is it just to add an extra / in passwd?12:44
=== Krabbe is now known as krabbe
susundbergif you mean chroot as command its something different than passwd file: http://linux.die.net/man/2/chroot12:45
HugoHi, does anyone know how I can manually get my Wireless driver in Ubuntu without having to go on the Internet? I've tried using ethernet but it won't work. (Ubuntu 11.04 Beta)12:46
rob_pobscurant1st: sftp user@host  <--- After that, it's very similar to FTP command syntax12:46
jussiI have a raid disk, and I am now in the live cd. How do I mount the disk?12:46
obscurant1strob_p, oh ok thanks!12:46
susundbergjussi: with standard mount command, but you might need to get some raid-tools / drivers -- could you specify your problem?12:47
BaramiIn unity 0.2.46 (official package of maverick), Does not support launch program by middle click on icon?12:47
madoohi evry one there12:47
susundbergHugo: Ether would be the simplest choise, any idea why it does not work?12:47
jussisusundberg: the raid drives didnt turn up in places, so Im wondering where to find them. they do appear in fdisk -l though.12:48
rob_pobscurant1st: Perhaps I should clarify... start a new terminal session and do, "sftp user@host" and once logged in, you will have a prompt at which you can put, get, list, etc.  Hope that helps.12:48
susundbergHugo: other options are to download the needed packages on other machine and transfer them via some other medium, like usb stick12:48
Hugosusundberg: It worked before when I had a problem using the Internet on Ubuntu 10.10, I don't know why it doesn't seem to be working this time.12:48
Fearless13Is it possible with apt to download the .deb and all dependencies if possible?12:48
Hugosusundberg: How would I go about downloading the packages onto my Windows partition?12:48
cutoutI want to link a folder to apache server, how can I do that?12:49
benzaldehydeHugo: did you tell it to issue an ip through dhclient12:49
obscurant1strob_p, the 1st reply was ok, i got it! :) thanks12:49
rob_pobscurant1st: cool, just makin' sure... :)12:49
susundbergjussi: 'mount /dev/my_raid_device_here /mnt/' should work12:49
Hugobenzaldehyde: No, not that I know of. It picked up the cable but wouldn't let me use the internet?12:49
cutoutcan anyone help me plz?12:49
obscurant1strob_p, :)12:49
susundberg(though i guess usually one wants to use /mnt/my_raid_id/)12:49
jussisusundberg: hrm, do I use the first raid device or the second?12:50
benzaldehydeHugo: connect the modem to your computer sudo ifconfig eth0 up then sudo dhclient eth012:50
susundbergYou should mount _partitions_ not devices12:50
susundberglike /dev/sda1 not /dev/sda12:50
ohsixsusundberg: unless the device has no partition & is a raw volume12:51
benzaldehydeHugo: if it does not connect try a different ethernet cable12:51
Hugobenzaldehyde: Thanks, I'll try that now although I will have to reboot, I may be back unless your solution fixes the problem, thanks!12:51
dydanyone knows the solution to this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=171286912:51
susundbergohsix: but surely you cannot mount raw volumes?12:51
soreau! mount12:51
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount12:51
cutouthtml.setData(Constants.Elements.TYPE, Constants.Elements.COMBO_BOX);12:51
cutoutI want to link a folder to apache server, how can I do that?12:51
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Fearless13ikonia: you're my guy !12:52
=== Jeremy_Rist is now known as Rister
ohsixsusundberg: sure; theres no distinction between a block device and how you mount it, partitions just let you slice it up12:52
ikoniaFearless13: ?12:52
Fearless13ikonia: by downloading with apt, is it possible to get the .deb that it has downloaded?12:52
jussisusundberg: Is it going to break something if I mount the wrong one?12:52
ikoniait sticks it in the apt cache folder, you can also dell apt to download and not install, so it just downloads the package12:52
ohsixsusundberg: you can have partitions on loob block devices too :]12:53
susundbergjussi: no it will not. but writing on the mounted directory disk will make changes to original disk12:54
susundbergafaik mounting is safe -- though always backup your data12:54
ohsixsusundberg: or partitions in partitions, but linux won't number them automatically, point is storage is storage, partitioning lets you break it up into sections, lvm lets you resize & combine sections12:54
ohsixsusundberg: mounting is not safe if logs are replayed on mount12:54
jussiits giving me "mount: unkown filesystem type 'linux_raid_member'"12:55
benzaldehydeohsix: couldn't one send the logs to /dev/null, 2>/dev/null ?12:55
ohsixjussi: md or lvm is supposed to be putting those together for you, why aren't they assembling?12:55
=== Andrew_ is now known as Guest78251
jussiohsix: Ive no idea. Ive a broken system that I want to try repair from the live cd. but its a bit hard when the volumes dont mount.12:56
ikoniajussi: this isn't a fake raid device is it12:56
ohsixjussi: mounting and assembly are separate phases, what kind of volume is it?12:57
jussiikonia: its possible, Im not certain of the setup completely. is there a way to tell?12:57
benzaldehydeInsecticide: :)12:57
Insecticidewow a chat room that talks lol12:58
ikoniajussi: sure, is this a true server platform or a "PC" / desktop platform ?12:58
InsecticideIm runnin ubuntu 10.04 how dose 10.10 compair ?12:59
jussiikonia: its pc based methinks12:59
ohsixInsecticide: you can run it from a livecd if you want to do comparisons12:59
rsaidanhi all, i'm trying to run add-apt-repository behind a proxy but it doesn't seem to work. i've added the http_proxy var to bashrc and configured the proxy in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/80proxy but still no joy. I saw some similar issues online with no solutions, does anyone have experience with this?12:59
=== phoque_uni is now known as phoque
benzaldehydeInsecticide: You are on a long-term support release13:00
Insecticideyeah i know but kinda wanted to get opions befor i burn a Iso13:00
benzaldehydeInsecticide: 10.10 is stable but not a LTS13:00
ohsixopinions are fickle things13:00
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=== iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii is now known as nyuszika7h
ohsixInsecticide: you can use usb-creator to put it on a usb drive too13:01
adittest message13:04
arcskyhello if i want to write anything in welcome message/ascii figure  to openssh where can i do it then ?13:04
ohsixarcsky: /etc/issue13:04
benzaldehydearcsky: that reminds me i want to put a little ascii art into my boot sequence13:06
arcskyohsix: doesnt work13:06
=== squishy is now known as SquishyNotHere
ohsixarcsky: works for me13:07
Insecticideim lookin for better wine where do i go ?13:07
ohsixInsecticide: a sommelier13:07
seravitaehi guys, my 10.10 machine was working fine a few hours ago, then i let some packages update, now my pc won't boot. i get a purple 640x480 screen briefly, then, nothing. i don't even know where to start looking as to why this occured13:08
seravitaei'm currently booted off a usb ubuntu 10.10 live usb stick that i used to install. any ideas where to start looking?13:08
wwwdohsix: I was thinking Norhtern CA13:08
ohsixseravitae: sounds like grub got FUBAR13:08
seravitaeohsix: nah im sure its getting past grub, the purple screen is def ubuntu loading, just before the 'good' framebuffer' loads13:09
GentDoes anyone know of Natty is gonna ship with gnome3?13:09
coz_ good day all13:09
seravitaebut im happy to try anything. i need this box up really soon13:09
=== Robert_ is now known as Guest33293
ohsixseravitae: then boot it without "quiet splash" and read the boot messages13:10
seravitaeok, ill try to do that - though, i dont get a grub menu so i'm not sure how to add the arguments13:10
Gentanyone at all?13:10
c0nsenseHello! i have an iPod Touch 2G, when i plug this on ubuntu 10.10 show this message: http://pastebin.com/5D1wiUa213:10
seravitaeit just loads instantly13:10
Insecticidena im talking wine for the os13:10
PiciGent : Natty/11.04 is not yet released. Please join #ubuntu+1 for further support and discussion.13:10
benzaldehydearcsky: http://patorjk.com/software/taag/13:11
wwwdI was messing around trying to useradd. When I log in to testuser I get: could not update ICEauthority file...then blank background. Can't remove user because tempuser is logged in. Anyone know how to log out user from virtual terminal or as sudo?13:11
arcskybenzaldehyde: thanks13:13
ohsixwwwd: you'll have to kill their session leader; but i think even if you do the greeter still says they are logged in (but if you try to log in as them it starts a new session)13:13
arcsky /var/run/motd it was13:13
c0nsenseany ideas?13:13
arcskynah doesnt work neither13:13
Srebrenicai wanna ask somethin about gfortran13:13
wwwdWhat is the session leader. I killed Gnu...Oh shit now I forgot what it was13:14
arcsky /etc/motd , /var/run/motd  /etc/issue /etc/issue.net13:14
ohsixarcsky: well thats shown on login, but not exactly what you asked13:14
arcskydoesnt work13:14
ohsixworks for me13:14
pitiplatchcan anyone name me a good video editor which is capable of .mkv?13:15
x404xI have a jfs raid6 volume , after a power failure it wont remount, I trying running repair and rebooting but it says the volume is missing, it seems to have no drives attached anymore when i look in diskutils, how to recover this ?13:15
wwwdohsix: gnome-terminal13:16
ohsixwwwd: i'm thinking gnome-session13:17
wwwdIs it possible to do top so that it only looks at a specific users PID's?13:17
ohsixwwwd: you can use htop or ps to look at processes as a tree and find the session leader13:17
ohsixwwwd: try pressing ? it tells you a buch of keys that do stuff13:18
x404xdo i go to "expand array" and add the drives back there ? now it says partially assembled in diskutil13:18
ohsixx404x: if it can't find the drives it is unwise to mess with it until it can13:19
birdthiefI just upgraded to 11.04 Beta,13:19
birdthiefand my trackpad no longer works13:19
soreau! 11.04 | birdthief13:19
ubottubirdthief: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not intended for production systems.13:19
ruanbirdthief: for natty support please go to #ubuntu+113:20
sipiorbirdthief: congratulations! you're a beta tester! submit a bug report!13:20
Srebrenicais there anyone13:20
Srebrenicai wanna ask somethin about gfortran13:20
sipiorSrebrenica: easiest if you ask your question directly13:21
Srebrenicayes u right13:21
x404xhow to fix a "partially assembled" jfs volume ? It seems to have dropped all the drives out, they show up but are not linked to the array and I cant find a way to add them back, also I cannot run repair again13:22
ohsixx404x: does jfs do raid internally or is it mdadm/lvm?13:23
Srebrenicai dowload gfortran and trying to compile my program but it doesnt work though it work with windows compilers13:23
laura23_hi folk! do you know if it is possible to install gnome 3 into ubuntu 11.04 beta?13:24
GucciCan anyone help me create a custom menu entry here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Custom%20Menu%20Entries, I am running 10.4. I was here yesterday and got help and wast told to do this but I am having some trouble. Can anyone help me with this process of creating an xp menu option13:24
Picilaura23_ : Natty/11.04 is not yet released. Please join #ubuntu+1 for further support and discussion.13:24
c0nsensehelp!? http://pastebin.com/vVJ077DU13:24
* syn-ack trips Pici13:24
ohsixx404x: well you can run mdadm from the console and ask it to be loud about what it discovers, might give you an idea about how to correct it13:24
ohsixwhat happened to just looking and trying13:25
Gucci Can anyone help me create a custom menu entry here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Custom%20Menu%20Entries, I am running 10.4. I was here yesterday and got help and wast told to do this but I am having some trouble. Can anyone help me with this process of creating an xp menu option13:25
wwwdohsix: I cilled session. Still tells me I'm loged in. Is it named session leader or session-leader?13:25
ohsixGucci: it should be done for you automatically, os-prober searches for you13:25
Gucciohsix: it cant find it but I have a windows partition13:26
x404xhm first i got bad superblock then i ran repair, it fixed it last time but now it remains "partially assembled" probably some kind of corruption due to power loss13:26
ActionParsnipGucci: have you tried using os-prober?13:26
Gucciohsix: http://imagebin.org/14695813:26
x404xis there a way to restore the jfs tables ? maybe i can add the drives manually in mdadm ?13:26
GucciActionParsnip: http://imagebin.org/14695813:26
GucciActionParsnip: ive run update grub. But idk. How do I use os-prober?13:27
GucciActionParsnip: updating grub didnt do anything13:27
ActionParsnipGucci: sudo apt-get -y install os-prober; clear; sudo os-prober; sudo update-grub13:27
DrengurHello there. I have a problem that I am quite sure is x.org related. My mouse (and keyboard for that matter) seems to lock itself within the focused window, not being able to click anything outside of it. This would include the Gnome-bars, etc. I am using Ubuntu 10.10, Gnome (and Xfce4, it's the same there). I have tried different keyboards, different mice, the problem persists. Any ideas? (I have tried various fixes, but am willing t13:27
Drenguro try again under guidance)13:27
ohsixx404x: i have to admit it does not sound good13:27
ActionParsnipGucci: if you just run update grub without doing anything extra, it will do nothing at all13:27
ohsixx404x: as long as the volume headers aren't damaged it should be able to assemble13:28
GucciActionParsnip: i will try this13:28
ohsixDrengur: what software does it get stuck in?13:28
sipiorx404x: what does mdadm -D report?13:29
GucciActionParsnip: so whats the first thing i type into the terminal?13:29
Drengurohsix: All kinds, it does not really matter what software. Same for xfce4 as Gnome13:29
GucciActionParsnip: sudo apt-get -y install os-prober?13:29
wwwdohsix: Killing gnome-key...seems to have done the trick. Thanks!13:29
GucciActionParsnip: do i include the semicolons and all = sudo apt-get -y install os-prober; clear; sudo os-prober; sudo update-grub13:30
ohsixDrengur: ok, no specific examples? whats happening is a grab and apps do them all the time, but they're supposed to let go13:30
ActionParsnipGucci: its all ONE command, just seperated by semicolons, copy it as ONE command and paste to the terminal13:30
ohsixwwwd: when all else fails kill random things :D13:30
x404xsipior it says device does not appear to be active13:30
GucciActionParsnip: k, thanks. didnt know you could copy to terminal lol13:31
ohsixos-prober should be there already, and you don't run it like that13:31
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sipiorx404x: can you assemble with -A?13:31
Drengurohsix: I've lived with this since i installed 10.10. I am able to free the mouse by right clicking, bringing up the properties menu, and then clicking outside. The funny thing is that, for instance, if I click within Firefox, I only control the content of Firefox, not even the Title bar, I have to free myself yet again for that.13:31
GOMIjust got logged off on its own ?!?13:31
wwwdohsix: True enough. Any idea why I am not able to log into a new user once I create it?13:31
x404xwhat does -A do ?13:31
GucciActionParsnip: k entered it. it asked for password and is progressing13:31
ohsixDrengur: are you using compiz?13:31
GOMI+ something strange with display flickering13:32
x404xdo i need to enter all the devices ?13:32
Drengurohsix: yes, but I have disabled all the bling13:32
sipiorx404x: the software comes with a man page :-) ("Assemble")13:32
ohsixwwwd: did you give them a home directory?13:32
GucciActionParsnip: its done. Now what do I do?  open the program or something?13:32
ohsixDrengur: bling or not, theres a lot of plugins that do a lot of things, you might check there13:32
ActionParsnipGucci: did you see windows mentioned?13:32
GucciActionParsnip: nv looks like it found stuff not windows i think though13:32
GucciActionParsnip: no13:32
pmitrosI had a few questions: (1) When I plug in a new USB audio device, is there a way to figure out what it gets assigned to in /dev? dmesg doesn't tell me. (2) Is there any codec for mencoder that can encode in real-time (1280x800x30fps, ideally, but I can cut back)?13:33
GucciActionParsnip: Generating grub.cfg ...13:33
GucciFound linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-30-generic13:33
GucciFound initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-2.6.32-30-generic13:33
GucciFound linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-28-generic13:33
GucciFound initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-2.6.32-28-generic13:33
GucciFound memtest86+ image: /boot/memtest86+.bin13:33
FloodBot1Gucci: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:33
ActionParsnipGucci: bah, that's all I know of grub, os-prober often just finds the other OSes13:33
Drengurohsix: should I install the advanced Compiz config-thing and play with that? (Does compiz run under xfce)13:33
mithranpmitros: sudo dmesg13:33
GOMIback again , just logged off again ?!?!13:33
GOMIon its own13:33
wwwdohsix: Yes. I used useradd -d /home/testuser -m testuser...then changed passwd13:33
ohsixDrengur: yes, ccsm will help13:33
Srebrenicai dowload gfortran and trying to compile my program but it doesnt work though it work with windows compilers,how can run it??13:34
Drengurohsix: I will try it out. Thank you.13:34
GucciActionParsnip: that sux for me then. The dude yesterday told me how to create custom menu entry for xp from this link .Cause I clearly have xp partition on here13:34
pmitrosmithran: See my question. dmesg doesn't tell me. It just says '[42375.484616] usbcore: registered new interface driver snd-usb-audio'13:34
ohsixwwwd: dunno, did you try a terminal logon? i don't think -d actually creates the directory, just says where it is13:34
GucciActionParsnip: heres a picture of my partitions http://imagebin.org/14695813:34
x404xhm that seems to do it, now it comes up as running-idle and not mounted13:34
x404xand capacity is correct13:34
ohsixx404x: huzzah13:35
wwwdohsix: I think -m creates the directory.13:35
wwwdI'll check the man13:35
GucciCan anyone help? help me add windows? cause I clearly have the partition in DISK UTILITY http://imagebin.org/14695813:35
ruanSrebrenica: do you have the libs required to compile it?13:35
x404xhow to make disk util run as root so i can mount the drive ?13:35
pmitrosmithran: That surprised me, since it does for my webcam and my USB mass storage.13:35
mithranpmitros: ok I have no idea, normally dmesg always tells me13:35
ActionParsnipGucci: I saw, it doesn't help me any as I am not good with grub. I single boot so have zero issues with grub13:35
ohsixwwwd: you're right13:35
GucciActionParsnip: dang13:35
ohsixx404x: it should ask permission to do it when you try13:35
PW-toXichi,  i want to plug off a hard drive, but i dont know which one i have to un-plug ... how do i know (for example) what hard drive is connected to /dev/sdb?13:36
Srebrenicai think there is not13:36
GucciMy partitions = http://imagebin.org/146958. My problem is windows is missing13:36
Guccibut the partition is there13:36
ohsixGucci: if you mount the ntfs partition in ububtu do you see any files?13:36
ohsixos-prober needs to see them to look13:36
celestialhi everyone dumb question but can any one tell me how to install custom mouse cursors some with the extention of .cur13:36
dtcrshranyone here from cannonical, that have access to the ubuntu site? http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download this link has 10.04 lts i386 twice in the download links13:36
ohsixsome things can make ntfs-3g refuse to mount them13:37
Gucciohsix: could you tell me how to do that?13:37
x404xnope it just says it cannot mount unless its root, maybe coz i changed it to not ask for password all the time13:37
ohsixx404x: maybe13:37
Gucciohsix: tried osprober already. DIdnt find windows13:37
x404xill just try rebooting that should do it13:37
Gucciohsix: I can upload new picture with details on my ntfs windows partition13:37
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Guccinew picture will be clicked on ntfs partition details13:38
ohsixx404x: if it doesn't assemble again it might be something weird13:38
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lolmaticis it normal that "preparing" dpkg takes ages?13:39
pmitrosHA! hal-device does it.13:39
Gucciohsix: http://imagebin.org/14700413:39
Gucciyes its not mounted13:39
ohsixlolmatic: it depends on how many packages you have installed13:39
lolmaticohsix: not many13:40
pmitrosdmesg doesn't, lsusb kinda does but not really, but hal-device tells me everything.13:40
GucciI g2g bight Ill be back in the afternoon. Can anyone possible find a solution and msg it to me13:40
ohsixGucci: that is not mounted13:40
mithranhow do i use the ls command to sort files by date modified?13:40
Picimithran: ls -lt13:41
mithranI am trying to list in order the most recent files that got copied into the directory13:41
Picimithran: use ls -ltr to reverse the sort.13:42
ohsix-R to reverse it13:42
Piciohsix: -R is recursive13:42
ohsixlawl, small r13:42
ohsixtrying to think which tool uses -R cuz it's not ls13:42
mithran Pici: thanks, works perfect13:43
PoNuts2ls -r reverse -R recursive13:43
x404xhm it seems to have assembled and all the drives says "fully synced" but it still cannot mount, it says running idle. will running repair again help ?13:43
ohsixx404x: after tring to mount it, what do you see in the output of dmesg?13:44
sipiorx404x: what does mdadm -D report now?13:46
dusfsince an ubuntu partial upgrade a few days ago i have intermittent sound it vlc, and choppy and intermittent sound when using WINE, are there any reports of this and how can i address the problem please?13:46
aeon-ltddusf: is the cpu maxing out?13:47
dusfaeon-ltd: i have a monitor on my top panel, checking now but i don't think so...13:47
x404xi get a lot of error connecting to socket 10113:47
dusfaeon-ltd: no it is not, and no sound at all in vlc at the moment, before now would work on first opening but stop halfway through, or if i skipped through a video13:48
kubanchas anyone ever tried to install Gemplus GemPC Key SmartCard Reader13:49
x404xmdadm says state is clean and superblock persitant, mount tells me superblock is bad or other error13:49
Frans-WillemHi, I have a 1TB HDD formatted as 100GB ext3, 4GB swap, remaining XFS. The swap and XFS parts are completely empty. Would anyone know what would be the quickest way to clone this drive ? (e.g. faster than just dd, seeing as most of it is just empty anyway)13:49
aeon-ltdFrans-Willem: use a livecd (clonezilla) to just copy the 100gb then use gparted to rebuild the other partitions?13:51
dusfdoes it suggest a problem if update manager tells me "Your system is up-to-date. The package information was last updated 84 days ago"?13:51
sipiorFrans-Willem: partimage is an option, or fsarchiver.13:52
syn-ackdusf, not necessarily. Which version of Ubuntu are you running?13:52
* Boothk waves a giant foam hand13:52
shineliqiangany Chinaese?13:53
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk13:53
bazhangshineliqiang, in #ubuntu-cn13:53
shineliqiangbazhang  ??/13:53
dusfsyn-ack: 10.1013:53
dsnydersHi All!  My digital camera allows me to attach a title to  a picture.  However  neither f-spot nor kphotoalbum  shows the title in the properties.  Is there a photo manager that might?  The camera is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7.13:53
bazhangshineliqiang, /join #ubuntu-cn13:53
bazhangshineliqiang, here is english; #ubuntu-cn for Chinese13:54
shineliqiangoh no13:54
soreaudsnyders: Perhaps its part of the file information?13:55
shineliqiangall of you say English?13:55
syn-ackdusf, That could suggest an issue... Which servers is it trying to use? Can you tell?13:55
mAritzIs there a current gnome3 PPA for maverick?13:55
dusfsyn-ack: can you tell me how to tell please? :)13:55
syn-ackshineliqiang, yes, that's what what we all say.13:55
ferengeedsnyders, you could use exiv2 or another exif reader to find out in which exiv tag the information is stored13:55
kubanchow do i install drivers for usb smart card reader?13:55
shineliqiangoh...where are you from?13:56
dsnydersferengee, exiv2?  I'll give it a try.13:56
syn-ackWhat does that matter? You saw what the man said, shineliqiang.13:56
shineliqiangAmerica or England?13:56
BoothkQuestion about shell scripting - if I run a predefined command in my script, is it possible to also automate the parts which require confirmation? (i.e adduser student creates a student but it also asks for details and such)13:56
ferengeedsnyders, you could than either rename the file using the exif tag or write the info to another exif tag that might be supported in your favorite photo manager13:56
shineliqiangsyn-ack  I don't know what you mean.13:57
erUSULBoothk: for scripting use you may want to use useradd instead of adduser but be carefull13:57
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shineliqiangI want to know what should we do here?13:58
shineliqiangask question or just for chating?13:58
ljsoftnetshineliqiang ask question about ubuntu13:58
dydwhy all drummers are retarded?13:58
dsnydersferengee, I suppose that might be an option.  Is there a list somewhere showing which photo manager handles which tags?13:58
soreaushineliqiang: This is the official support channel for ubuntu.13:59
aeon-ltd!ot | dyd13:59
ubottudyd: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:59
shineliqiangoh...I think I'm wrong ,bye13:59
dydmkay :)13:59
ferengeedsnyders, not that i know of, and i don't use any standard photomanager myself13:59
jwtiyari cant see videos in ubuntu13:59
BoothkerUSUL: It's not limited to adduser though.. I also have apt-gets (remove, update, dist-upgrade and install) as well. Most of the commands I use require Y/N answers13:59
kubanchow do i knos more about USB devices, i know that lsusb exsists, but i would like to know more then thar13:59
jwtiyari cant see videos in youtube and all videos13:59
mAritzIs there a current gnome3 PPA for maverick?14:00
aeon-ltdmAritz: check launchpad?14:01
jwtiyarmAritz, do these http://pastebin.com/Kcx5EwwU14:01
erUSULBoothk: apt-get has -y option and other commands may have similar options14:01
BoothkerUSUL: I'm just trying to automate my script (which finally works), so that I can be doing other things while it works away14:01
branchmanhello, what does this mean please? http://pastebin.com/SVnHWyEn14:01
jwtiyari cant see videos in youtube and all videos??14:01
BoothkerUSUL: Really? I didn't notice14:01
mAritzjwtiyar: awesome, thanks :)14:01
erUSULBoothk: take a look at expect? but usually is better if the tool itself has options to suppress user interaction14:02
erUSULBoothk: -y, --yes, --assume-yes --> Automatic yes to prompts; assume "yes" as answer to all prompts and run non-interactively.14:02
mAritzjwtiyar: waaait a second. that would install 2.2814:02
jingqq5210has anyone experienced gnome3????14:02
dusfsyn-ack: can you tell me how to tell please? :)14:03
jwtiyarmAritz, iam using it now just gnome-shell realeased its not stable release yet14:03
coz_mAritz,   just to be sure,, you wont be able to run compiz with that  ,, you know this ,, yes?14:03
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mAritzcoz_: i'm not running compiz right now eiter ;D14:03
coz_mAritz,  ah ok14:03
tr4nsltrhi all, need some help14:04
BoothkerUSUL: Alright, that pretty much answers my question. Thanks :D14:04
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erUSULBoothk: no problem14:04
coz_mAritz,   well justin case you still want it    https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome314:04
tr4nsltrany reference to downgrade 64bit ubuntu 10.04 to ubuntu 32bit 10.04 ?14:05
erUSULtr4nsltr: you can't14:05
bazhangtr4nsltr, full reinstall14:05
mAritzcoz_: afaict that's just natty. :(14:05
dusfsyn-ack: it appears pulseaudio is the culprit and was reinstalled with the partial upgrade14:05
dusfwhen will the ubuntu software compilers learn?14:05
dusfpulseaudio doesn't work.14:05
coz_mAritz,  ah sorry,, i thought i was on natty channel14:05
erUSULit works for most people. dusf . quoting « anecdotal evidence ( yours ) is not evidence at all »14:06
jwtiyari cant play videosss14:06
soreautr4nsltr: Download 32bit and install it14:06
kubanchow do i see which USB device i have plug-ed in. i would like to see the model of the device14:06
soreaujwandbor1: why not?14:06
jingqq5210any one experienced gnome3 on ubuntu????????14:06
erUSULkubanc: lsusb14:06
dusferUSUL: i never said it was evidence14:06
soreaukubanc: lsusb14:06
ruanjwtiyar: what type of videos?14:06
coz_jingqq5210,  personally I dont like it  but  you will have to try it to see14:07
dusfpulseaudio continue to use standards other developers will not14:07
kubanclsusb only gives me Gemplus GemPC Key SmartCard Reader.14:07
soreaujwtiyar: How are you trying to play videos?14:07
dusfthe package is a joke14:07
jwtiyarruan, all videos from youtube and other websites14:07
tr4nsltri've successfully upgrade 32 to 64, why can't othervwise?14:07
ruanjwtiyar: install flash14:07
kubancbut now, i need driver for this device, but i do not know which model it is14:07
erUSULdusf: well you have to backup an absolute bold calim such as « pulseaudio doesn't work. » with some evidence; don't you ?14:07
jwtiyarruan, also i have flash14:07
dusferUSUL: aren't you a regular in ubuntu's support channel?14:07
soreaukubanc: What makes you think the driver isnt already installed and working?14:07
adittest message14:07
erUSULdusf: yes14:07
bazhangtr4nsltr, either requires a full reinstall14:08
ruanjwtiyar: apt:adobe-flashplugin?channel=$distro-partner14:08
ruanjwtiyar: enter that into your browser14:08
kubancsoreau, because i cannot see USB key in nautilus and also on virtual machine in Windows XP system...14:08
shadowmancerhey all got a current problem, could someone explain to me what gdm does14:09
soreaukubanc: After plugging in the usb key, what does dmesg have to say about it?14:09
soreaushadowmancer: gdm is gnome desktop manager14:09
kubancsoreau, [43349.825135] usb 3-1: USB disconnect, address 414:09
kubanc[43353.930769] usb 3-1: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 514:09
mang0Hey guys! I'm thinking about formatting my C drive and Installing Ubuntu (I already have a LiveCD, windows is playing up). If I put some files like videos etc onto my D drive, will I be able to acces them in Ubuntu after formatting C?14:09
ruan!info gdm | shadowmancer14:09
erUSULdusf: if you research a nations health by going to a hospital you will inmadiently conclude that everyone in that nation is ill. so no what we see in this channel is not evidence either :)14:09
ubottushadowmancer: gdm (source: gdm): GNOME Display Manager. In component main, is optional. Version 2.30.5-0ubuntu4.1 (maverick), package size 723 kB, installed size 2304 kB14:09
shadowmancerok so it handles that side bar, and all that? right14:09
soreaushadowmancer: Its your login screen14:09
erUSULmang0: yes14:09
soreaukubanc: Does it tell you a node name such as /dev/sdc1 ?14:10
shadowmancerso somehow every so often my side bars and everything except my windows disapear14:10
ruanmang0: yes you can access NTFS partitions in ubuntu14:10
mang0I have two HDs14:10
shadowmancerif i do sudo service gdm restart it fixes it but at the cost of losing everything and i have reopen everything14:10
kubancsoreau, NO14:10
mang0so i just wanna be able to get info off D when I wipe C and install ubuntu on it14:11
dusferUSUL: i will defer to you as i see you in here a lot helping others, i just know it's caused me a lot of problems and when trying to fix my own came across a lot of others with similar difficulties. when i took it to alsa and wine devs they said the issue was with pulse audio refusing to develop in an interoparable way, and that removing it has once again solved my problems :)14:12
ruanmang0: you might have to mount it first14:12
mang0and I can run .exes with WINE can't I? Just I'm an animator, I use flash 8 (exe) so if i copied the program files folder onto D, could i then run it in WINE?14:12
ruanmang0: but yes, it will work14:12
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soreaumang0: The drive will be labeled differently, instead of D it would be /dev/sdb1 or so but it works the same14:12
GibarianHave a problem with my xubuntu session14:13
ohsixdusf: haha who told you that?14:13
GibarianI got kicked out right after login14:13
mang0ruan: what do you mean i might have to mount it?14:13
ohsixdusf: the person you heard that from would rather it didn't exist, as it only causes problems for them; remember that14:13
Insecticideany body know any zombie games for linux ?14:13
GibarianAnd I keep getting log out14:13
aeon-ltdInsecticide: use WINE?14:14
BluesKajHey folks14:14
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount14:14
mang0god that bot knows everything14:14
shadowmancerhmmm so is there anyways of reseting gdm without losing everything14:14
dsnydersferengee, I think I may have found it.  Exiv2 doesn't interpret it though.  It's just a hex dump.14:14
InsecticideNo just open sorce14:14
ohsixdusf: it's a red herring, people that actually work with pulse have commit access and there is no trouble upstream14:14
adittest message14:15
jwtiyarruan,doesnt work14:15
banxi1988any one have try gnome3 in ubuntu 10.4,I want to try ,but i don't know what to do ! who can give some tips!?14:15
ruanjwtiyar: does it work in chromium?14:16
shadowmancerwhats the window manager for ubuntu now14:16
ubottuGNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu. To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.14:16
jwtiyarruan, wait a second14:16
stojkofacokako e14:16
shadowmanceri asked window manager14:16
kubancsoreau, i'll try to install libccid package, which holds drivers for smart card readers...14:16
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shadowmanceri thought their different to the desktop environment14:17
dusfoshix: someone from wine, it was some time ago now. every upgrade i have to remove pulse because it breaks my sound, insofar as not letting sound run in more than one program etc, or as described intermittent/no/choppy sound even when only one program is using it14:17
dusfwith it removed everythign works fine?14:17
BluesKajshadowmancer, X14:17
soreaukubanc: Is it a newer card reader?14:17
ohsixdusf: ah wine; yes, they don't have many people  working on their sound driver plugins, that's a wine problem14:17
dsnydersshadowmancer, were you looking for x11, xorg... that kind of thing?14:17
soreaushadowmancer: The default wm in ubuntu is compiz, unless there is some problem in which case it falls back to metacity which is the default wm for gnome14:18
lolmatichi, i did run update for all my software and now the installer hangs at "preparing dpkg" since one hour. what can i do?14:18
shadowmancersoreau: thanks14:19
ohsixdusf: you should use pasuspender with wine, then it will get out of the way; some day wine will have someone that can actually write a proper audio program work on fixing the drivers, i respect the work that they do but i've had discussions with all of them and they don't even understand the problem domain14:19
lolmaticeven the cancel button is greyed out14:19
jwtiyarruan, what i have to do? i think after upgrading this error appeared14:19
atlefbanxi1988: read here http://blogs.gnome.org/rodrigo/2011/03/03/gnome3-on-ubuntu/14:19
dusfohsix: i see14:20
suave____I need help14:20
esing123someone can help to install the terratec driver for ubuntu14:20
esing123i ve got following source14:20
shadowmancersoreau: what controls the side bar which is loaded by default with ubuntu (or atleast the netbook remix)14:20
suave____is there any expert on irssi here?14:20
ohsixjust ask your question14:21
Travis-42I have multiple monitors -- is there any way to enable the rotation of the monitors (separately)?14:21
esing123the only information i get of that site is this: Included in v4l-dvb repositery: ttp://www.linuxtv.org14:21
esing123do i have add that url now in my repository file?14:21
esing123and that apt-get install terratec t5 ?14:21
esing123because terratec t5 is my device14:21
Picisuave____: Probably, but #irssi is probably the best place to ask.14:21
suave____I messed up my irssi setting, i would like to reset the settings14:21
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!14:21
esing123ahh i think not many people are only because the time in USA is different thatn to europe hehe14:22
suave____Pici, thanks14:22
esing123pici you know some stuff?14:22
esing123maybe you can help me haha14:22
Piciesing123: I know you're pressing enter way too much. Try to keep your questions on one line.14:22
soreaushadowmancer: I am not familiar with netbook remix14:22
esing123pici should I rephrase ?14:22
soreaushadowmancer: In standard ubuntu, there is no side bar (at least, releases prior to natty)14:22
Piciesing123: Sure.14:23
atlefsuave____: try deleting your ./irssi folder and restart irssi14:23
jwtiyarplease peoplee14:23
BluesKajlolmatic, have you enabled all relavent repos in the package manager including canonical partners, if so then run , sudo dpkg --configure -a , in a terminal , then try updating again14:23
suave____atlef, thanks I'll try that14:23
GibarianLittle help here... I have a problem with my xubuntu session...14:24
esing123okay. I want to install my dvb-t tunner called " terratec T5" on my linux mashine. I found website called : http://linux.terratec.de/tv_en.html      which offers those drivers. But i dont understand how can i install those on my ubuntu. do i have to put the www.linuxtv.org into my repository file and then install through apt-get install?14:24
GibarianI am logged off inmediatly after login14:24
atlefGibarian: #xubuntu14:25
lolmaticBluesKaj: hi, well i dont have canonical partners enabled. but all the other ones are enabled14:25
=== Maraket is now known as Shadowmancer
Shadowmancerwhat is that bar on the desktop of ubuntu, its on the pictures of 11.0414:25
Shadowmancerits on the left side fo th14:25
debdanyone here?14:26
Shadowmancerof the screen*14:26
SirDeiuShadowmancer: that is the Unity launcher14:26
debdcan someone tell me how I remove the prev ver. of glib i.e. glib-2.0 from my ststem?14:26
ikoniadebd: don't do that14:27
ShadowmancerSirDeiu: excellent, now i know what to restart when i crashes when i close a program14:27
erUSULdebd: why would you want to do that?14:27
ikoniadebd: where has the "new" version come from ?14:27
debdbut to compile gtk it asks for glib 2.27.314:27
lolmaticBluesKaj: which process do i have to kill to stop the update?14:27
Picidebd: why do you need to compile gtk?14:28
ikoniadebd: are you aware how much this will probably break your system ?14:28
debdcause I cant get abiword to compile and work properly14:28
ikoniawhy ar eyou compiling abiword14:28
ikoniathese are packages that are all in the repo14:28
debdI know14:28
ikoniadebd: ok, so why are you doing it ?14:29
debdIjst wanted to compile abi from source14:29
debdI hot all the dep.s14:29
MasterBobWhat's a good IRC client?14:29
ikoniadebd: why ?14:30
debd I got all the dep.s for compiling aby14:30
fairuzHi, Any idea why I have a lot of /usr/sbin/console-kit-daemon when I did htop?14:30
ikoniadebd: why are you doing this, you are putting yourself in a position to break your system14:30
fairuzwhat does this thing do14:30
atlefMasterBob: pidgin, irssi14:30
MasterBobeipou_, Xchat or xchat-gnome?14:30
debdbut after installing it isn't opening14:30
BardologyAnyone had an issue where upon installing mysql-server with apt-get, no mysqld.sock is created and the server won't start?14:30
PiciMasterBob: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat14:30
ikoniadebd: how did you install it ?14:30
DJonesMasterBob: It depends what you want, xchat is quite popular with a gui, and irssi is a terminal based app14:30
debdran configure; make ; checkinstall14:31
ikoniadebd: ok - so that's where I end support14:31
ikoniadebd: you're trying to start an application that is failing to compile14:31
BluesKajlolmatic, which package manager ?14:31
ikoniadebd: from my opinion you should not be doing any of this14:31
eipou_MasterBob, whatever you prefer. There is not much difference.14:31
debdbut the dep. s I got through apt-get did'nt meet the ver. requirements14:31
debdit was compiled anyway14:32
jwtiyari cant open videos every wheere i have flash14:32
MasterBobThanks DJones, eipou_, atlef.14:32
debdand installed with sudo checkinstall --fstrans=014:32
ikoniadebd: I can't support you're system, you've made a mess of it and you don't know what you're doing,14:32
MasterBobeipou_, okay. Thanks, guess I'll have to try both.14:32
debdI have made no mess14:32
lolmaticBluesKaj: i was running the update from system menu14:32
debdabiword wich ws previously installed ; was removes from synaptic14:33
MasterBobBye bye14:33
debdnow I want to give it another try14:33
=== iqpi is now known as {qp}[comiendo]
debdand I havn't tried to install gtk2+ manually yet14:34
debdI was jst searching for the dep. s it required14:34
BluesKajlolmatic, hmm, the only thing I can suggest is somewhat dirty , log out and back in , open a terminal , sudo dphkg --configure -a , then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade14:36
dsnydersdebd, type everything on one line.  This is a busy chat and your question is being scattered all over the place.14:36
mithranis Glade used for GTK2 development?14:36
edbianmithran: You can use it14:37
mithranusing GTK2 can I write any applications for android?14:37
BMJackalhi, anybody who knows a thing or two about Perl? (XML::Simple specifically)14:37
debdyou are too impatient to hear me ikonia14:37
erUSULmithran: android does not use gtk14:37
GibbaTheHuttBMJackal, anything in particular ?14:38
RPG__MasterCan I install packages while running from a LiveCD?14:38
edbianmithran: pretty sure android is all about the javas14:38
anonbootsE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it? <- What is the dpkg command to fix this? I forgot it.14:38
mithranerUSUL: so Applications will just work on Gnome and XFCE then?14:38
RPG__MasterI need to use backintime to back up my home folder from my messed up computer.14:38
Picidebd: Installing things from source is something that is usually not needed on Ubuntu, especially for things that are already provided in the repositories.  I don't know why you're trying to do this, and you will break your system by randomly installing different versions of things that are critical.14:38
Pici!aptfix | anonboots14:38
ubottuanonboots: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »14:38
edbiananonboots: You have more than one package manager open at once (you can't do that).  Look for the process in ps -e  (or gnome system monitor) and kill it.14:38
BMJackalGibbaTheHutt: yup, I have the hash structure produced by XMLin, but I cannot access the array that it creates (always says the length is greater than it is)14:38
RPG__MasterSo I need to know, can I use synaptic and install stuff like normal even though I'll be running froma  LiveCD?14:39
erUSULmithran: will work in any unix that has gtk libs and in meego and in windows ( there are ports of gtk to windows )14:39
GibbaTheHuttpm me if you want, maybe nopaste the code, I may be able to help, maybe not :)14:39
lolmaticBluesKaj: i just rebooted the shit machine, now its installing properly14:39
Picimithran: #android and #android-dev are likely better places to seek information about making programs for android.14:39
debdI am aware of that.14:39
Picilolmatic: Please mid your language here.14:39
pkkmHow to set different nameserver for certain user?14:39
GibbaTheHuttSorry, that was to BMJackal14:39
anonbootsPici, upon running that command, I get this reply "dpkg: status database area is locked by another process"14:40
Picianonboots: Then it sounds like you do still have another apt front end running.14:40
anonbootsI do. Its software center.14:40
edbiananonboots: So kill that.14:40
anonbootsThe packages it was installing... arent installing.14:40
debdok. would you tell me only one thing?  is it possible to prevent apt-get from downloading outdated archives? and if yes, how?14:41
Travis-42Can anyone tell me how I can enable letting my displays rotate in Ubuntu?14:42
gimpy4685On ubuntu 10.10 x64 I installed finger-ldap but it complains "Can't read /etc/libnss-ldap.conf" and that file doesn't exist. Is there a package which does have it I am missing?14:43
dsnydersTravis-42, You mean to switch from landscape to portrait as you turn your monitor?14:43
Travis-42dsnyders, yea. I used to do that in Windows, but can't seem to figure it out in Ubuntu.14:44
BluesKajlolmatic, ok14:44
dr0idhow do i get folder contents count ?14:44
mithrancan someone suggest a good networking channel?, I have a DHCP client not recieveing offers problem :(14:44
mordofthis version 10.10... it says If i'm using windows, i can use Ubuntu Windows installer to run Ubuntu alongside your current system.   that could mean one of two things: A) it just installs itself to a seperate partition while i'm still in windows, or B) it installs itself as a VM to run inside windows..?14:45
icerootmithran: #network #freenode14:45
mordofwhich one is it?14:45
josipIs there any way I can attach a hook when a monitor gets plugged in ?14:45
atlefRPG__Master: read a little here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD/Persistence14:45
stjohnmedranogood evening i have a external WD hd my ubuntu cant detect even in Disk Utility, i tried to issue fdisk -l but no luck, need help thanks14:45
acer__Есть кто живой?14:45
dsnydersTravis-42, Not a clue.  Sorry.14:46
dr0idhow do i get folder contents count ?14:46
ssdthis is my first time here14:46
ohsixstjohnmedrano: look at the output of lsusb in a terminal, if it is not there there will probably be an error message in the output of 'dmesg' near the time when you plugged it in14:46
dr0idssd: o ye ?14:46
dr0idlets party14:47
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:47
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ssdits really cool14:47
dr0idhow do i get folder contents count ?14:47
ssdwhat kind of linux u use14:47
icerootssd: you have a ubuntu-support-question?14:47
dr0idwell, i use redhat but i am asking in ubuntu14:47
dr0idcuz am crazy14:47
g0tchahey guys, is there a way to give any user under group "test1" to have their home directory automaticly set to /home/test1/user ?14:47
dsnydersTravis-42, Google up xrandr.  Some people are using that.14:48
ssdim using backtrack 414:48
ssdreally nice14:48
Travis-42dsnyders, thanks, I'll look into that14:48
aeon-ltdARCH! linux....14:48
icerootssd: again, you have a support-question?14:48
dr0idhow do i get folder contents count ?14:48
iceroot!repeat | dr0id14:48
ubottudr0id: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:48
ohsix!backtrack | ssd14:48
ubottussd: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition14:48
acer__Sprechen sie deutsch?14:48
LjLssd: this channel is for Ubuntu technical support only. if you're not using Ubuntu, or simply want to chat about it, try #ubuntu-offtopic14:48
Picidr0id: ls /path/ | wc -l14:48
Pici!de | acer__14:48
ubottuacer__: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.14:48
LjL!de | acer__14:48
dr0idhaha , sorry. but its kinda urgent14:48
overshardWas 11.04 ever pushed back? It's end of month but for some reason I thought it was originally earlier14:49
dsnydersTravis-42, I think what you do is define two screens in xorg.conf and switch between them somehow.14:49
dr0idmmmm thanks Pici14:49
Piciovershard: No, its always been the end of the month.  Further Natty dicussion in #ubuntu+114:49
stjohnmedranoohsix: lsusb not found also,14:49
acer__oO ok, speak english :)14:49
AnubArackwhat was that app called that gives you an ASCII version of the test you input (like cowsay but not that one)14:49
overshardPici: ok thanks, just making sure14:49
RPG__Masteratlef, Thanks! That looks like just what I needed to know.14:49
Piciovershard: 10.10 was on the 10th, but only because they wanted to release it on 10/10/1014:49
mordofIs Wubi an in-windows install, basically it's own VM? if so - how reliably does it work / recieve updates?  I'd like to run ubuntu from a VM instead of a standalone OS but i'm wondering about performance issues and whatnot14:49
atlefRPG__Master: you are welcome14:50
ohsixstjohnmedrano: ok, if theres nothing about it in dmesg then you have to start wondering if it's even plugged in :]14:50
Travis-42dsnyders, ah that might make sense! I already switch between some screen setups using xorg.conf to let me enable/disable monitors. probably can't be automatic, but it'll be good enough, thank you14:50
Picimordof: Its not a VM, it installs it within a file containing a disk image. It works well, except that there are sometimes issues with updating the bootloader.14:50
ohsixmordof: it uses a file as a hard drive, it's as native as a partitioned install; except with the added overhead of 2 filesystems14:50
=== lars__ is now known as LarsTorben
stjohnmedranoohsix: i think its plugin coz there is a white light14:51
acer__You speak russia?14:51
ssdcan i find porn servers here?14:51
Pici!ru | acer__14:51
ubottuacer__: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke14:51
Picissd: no.14:51
mordofPici, ahsix: ah.. ok thanks :) i shall give that a try then and see how it works.14:51
ssdthere are no porn servers here?14:52
icerootssd: just stop it14:52
dr0idPici: not sure why that works tho :P14:52
FoolsRunHi, can anyone tell me where Alien saves converted .deb files? They're not in the same directory as the rpms I converted, but I can't re-convert because wherever they are, they can't be overwritten :)14:52
Picidr0id: ls changes its output if its being piped into another program. It confused me at first too.14:52
Picidr0id: Try ls | less to see for yourself.14:53
ohsixmore specifically, it checks if stdout is a terminal14:53
ohsixwhen it's piped by the shell it isn't14:53
dr0idyeh, i have tried | less or | more before :P14:53
Piciohsix: Thanks for the clarification.14:53
mordofoh, one last thing before i install Wubi and risk wasting bandwidth - Wubi is capable of going fullscreen overtop the windows UI right?14:54
ohsixglad i can14:54
mordofit'll be pointless if it doesn't :\ lol14:54
dsnydersTravis-42, You're welcome.  You may also want to do a bit of googling on grandr as well.  As far as the switch being automatic, you may be able to write a script and reprogram one of the function keys.14:54
atlefmordof: yes14:54
Picimordof: A wubi install does not run at the same time that windows does.  You still need to reboot to run it.14:54
aeon-ltdmordof: huh, wubi dualboots with windows using mbr instead of grub14:54
ohsixmordof: it will boot instead of windows; the only thing in common is where the files are stored14:54
mordofhm :\14:54
mordofthat's pointless then, i'm installing it normally14:55
mordofit sounded like it was nested inside windows, lol14:55
mordofrunning and everything like a VM14:55
asdohi. i am on debian right now. i want to prepare my pendrive that i can install ubuntu 10.10 from it. so i don't have "disc creator", how can i prepare my pendrive? (i have got ubuntu 10.10 desktop iso already)14:55
rumpe1asdo, use unetbootin14:55
Picimordof: Its an option for people who do not want to re-partition their drives, and that only.14:55
AnubArackhow come xchat link open in FF when i set chrome as default ? (other programs send to chrome)14:55
atlefasdo:  unetbootin14:56
ohsixmordof: which can help if you can't decide or don't know up front how much space you want/need for each14:56
asdohow about dd?14:56
ohsixdd'ing an iso to a usb stick won't do anything14:56
ohsixthere is an image you can use with dd though14:57
FoolsRunHuh. I really can't find these converted .deb files14:57
mordofis it still the case that i have to use the 64 bit version of the OS to get multi-core support?14:57
ohsixmordof: that was never the case14:58
mordofi think that was a very long time ago14:58
ohsixunless you mean software restrictions in windows, which obviously wouldn't apply; and ubuntu doesn't charge by the socket/core ;]14:58
IsoLinCHiPHi, can anyone think of a way to change the default monitor in a dual screen setup, without creating a xorg.conf? is there some gconf setting or the likes? Id prefer X to autodetect the correct driver, since I sometimes boot from a vbox and sometimes on real hardware14:58
mordofit's been a while since i've used ubuntu.. lol.  when multi-core kernel support was coming out it was only in the 64 bit kernel release if i remember correctly14:58
benccis there a way to have a "fake" webcam for development?14:59
icerootIsoLinCHiP: xrandr14:59
FoolsRunone more before giving up:  Does anyone know where Alien saves converted files? I can't find them anywhere.14:59
ohsixbencc: yep14:59
icerootFoolsRun: at the current directory you are calling alien14:59
mordofFoolsRun:  no idea what Alien is, so i can't help ya there14:59
ohsixbencc: v4l has vloopback; theres a few things that can write video to it15:00
FoolsRuniceroot: That's what I thought, but they're not there.15:00
FoolsRuniceroot: however, if I run Alien again, it says it can't overwrite the .deb files taht apparently exist somewhere.15:00
dsnydersHi all!  Is there a program that will convert space separated hex characters into ASCII.  eg 86 65 78 69 83 83 65 44 32 76 65 015:00
icerootFoolsRun: sounds like its time for "find" or "locate"15:00
FoolsRunlocate *.deb or something?15:01
iceroot!locate | FoolsRun15:01
ubottuFoolsRun: locate is a command-line file search utility. To make sure its cache is up to date run: sudo updatedb15:01
icerootFoolsRun: locate foobar*.deb15:01
mordofdsnyders:  you could probably write a simple bash script to do that15:02
mordofdsnyders: it wouldn't be that hard15:02
DJonesFoolsRun: Does this help? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=101719215:02
mk0i burned 11.04 iso to usb flash. How to start installing under linux?15:02
rumpe1bencc, http://hardc0l2e.wordpress.com/2010/01/20/fake-webcam-in-ubuntu-linux/15:02
icerootmk0: not a good idea to use a beta if you dont know how to handle it15:03
rumpe1mk0, difficult... much easer is booting from stick15:03
mk0i cannot boot from stick.15:03
aero_why not?15:03
benccrumpe1: thanks. trying15:03
mk0Smth is wrong with PC15:03
mk0with memory or hdd15:04
mordofmk0: does your motherboard support it?15:04
rumpe1mk0, "cannot boot" is not a sufficient error report15:04
mk0who is speaking about error support?15:04
FoolsRunlocate cannot find the files15:04
mk0I just  want to run installer under 10.0415:05
=== Lanathel is now known as Meya
tlvbDo anybody know what the difference between the 2.2Beta skype ubuntu package and the static/dynamic ones are? the md5sums of the binaries does not match. While it is reasonable that the static/dynamic ones are different of course, the binary in the ubuntu deb matches _neither_ ...!?15:05
atlefmk0: what did you use to create the usb stick15:05
mk0erhhh why?15:05
mk0the stick works okay in other PC's15:05
rumpe1mk0, well... then i would recommend installing it via virtualbox... but its much trickier15:06
mk0not a virtual box/ just run onstaller and install to a separate partition15:06
mordofmk0: there is an installer for that in ubuntu. you should download that15:06
mordofah nevermind15:07
mordofmisread something on the downloads page15:07
IsoLinCHiPOk, so after looking up xrandr, I read that basically the gnome monitor applet uses xrandr. Unfortunately the gui doesnt seem to provide settings for the default monitor, anyone know where the monitor applet saves its settings? maybe that would be hackable :)15:07
FoolsRunThis is ridiculous. I'm going to have to format my machine because I can't find these .deb files15:08
mordofFoolsRun:  just out of curiosity - did you do an updatedb before locate?15:08
FoolsRunmordof: I did15:08
dr0idlocate can find files15:08
mordofk, just thought i'd check to make sure, heh15:08
tlvbFoolsRun: try using find instead15:09
FoolsRunfind *.deb?15:09
mordofso on a side note - why is the 32 bit version of the OS recommended over 64 bit?15:09
dr0idfind -name '*.deb' ;)15:09
IsoLinCHiPFoolsRun: find / -name 'NameOfIt.deb'15:09
rumpe1FoolsRun, maybe try "sudo find / -iname '*.deb'"15:09
tlvbfind is very powerful, you can have regexes and stuff if you want that too...15:09
atlefmordof: on a system with 4gb of ram or more, get the 64bit. otherwise 32bit will do15:10
mordofatlef: alright. 64 bit it is~15:10
mordofatlef: i forgot about that limitation, thanks for the reminder... heh15:10
atlefmordof: you are welcome15:11
DasEimordof: that doesn't fit so much noadays nomore, former there where some apps hard to get in 64' , but lso can use pae, 64 is fine, use that15:11
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info15:11
geckosenatordoes anyone know how to run two programs, each one forced to use a different  network adaptor by default?15:11
atlefDasEi: im old :-)15:12
mordofDasEi: ehh.. i'll just install the 64 bit OS15:12
FoolsRunfind doesn't find the files I need15:12
aminhoHi guys15:12
aminhofor gmail and ubuntu users, what do you use to get inbox notifications in Gnome15:12
dsnydersgeckosenator, some programs allow you to choose the network adapter15:12
icerootaminho: what about the indicator-applet?15:13
mk0it's quite confusing that there's an desktop installer under win and under linux there's no anything.15:13
DasEiFoolsRun: locate is another possib', but database must be set up before15:13
geckosenatordsnyders: no good, I want a generic way15:13
tlvbFoolsRun: what is your exact command (just to be sure)15:13
aminhoiceroot, i'm taking a look at it15:13
geckosenatordsnyders: like a shell or something that blocks some interfaces15:13
FoolsRunsudo find / -name *.deb15:13
mordofmk0: not really.. you're already in linux. you shouldn't need to install the new OS - besides.. you can't reinstall the entire OS while in it anyway. i'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish by the route you're taking. a dual boot?15:13
geckosenatordsnyders: the best I know of is running qemu and only linking a certain adapter15:13
FoolsRunit finds some .debs in apt archives, but not the ones I converted with Alien15:13
tlvbyou need to escape the *.deb as either \*.deb or '*.deb'15:14
DasEiFoolsRun: looking for  a deb ? try *deb15:14
mk0not reinstall. Dual boot of course15:14
aminhoiceroot, looks like it needs evolution set up ?15:14
DasEiFoolsRun: or have some patience for : sudo updatedb && locate *deb15:14
mordofmk0: only reason for the windows one is so that windows users can try the OS without a format/partition management15:15
mordofmk0: you can't use a CD?15:15
PiciFoolsRun: Did you have write access in the path where you ran alien?15:15
dsnydersgeckosenator, You may be able to do something with permissions15:15
IsoLinCHiPgeckosenator: While just about any reasonable daemon will normally provide you with a option to specify which address (read device) to listen on, you could probably do some trickery with iptables15:15
mk0i have no cd. Only usb and iso15:15
geckosenatorIsoLinCHiP: I want programs like firefox and transmission, not daemons15:15
geckosenatorIsoLinCHiP: maybe I could use a proxy server though15:15
atlefmk0: there might be something here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes15:16
DragonbutWhat are some cool things you can do with Ubuntu desktop that you can't do with Windows?15:16
mordofmk0: you may need to fix the problem with why your USB won't boot up15:16
rumpe1mk0, well... if your pc doesnt boot from usb, you also could create an entry in grub2 for an iso... i guess.. and boot this way15:16
FoolsRunPici: yes, and I ran it with sudo15:16
geckosenatorIsoLinCHiP: any suggestions for which filter to use in iptables?15:16
mordofrumpe1: oh hey.. that's a cool idea :o15:16
rumpe1Dragonbut, you can get rid of the desktop and be still able to work ^^15:16
mk0it boots from usb. But this days something got broken15:16
atlefmk0: but do you want to dual boot different versions of ubuntu?15:17
PiciFoolsRun: Whats the issue with running alien again?15:17
mk0yep, this is the aim15:17
IsoLinCHiPgeckosenator: hmm, ok, if you want specific programms, either look into tsocks and setup a socks proxy server with filtering, or try a search for iptables and transparent proxy, thatll probably get you started in the right direction15:17
mk0to have lts and betas beside15:17
FoolsRunPici: I converted some RPMs and I can't find the .debs. They're not in the directory I ran Alien in, and they're not found by locate or find. I can't convert again because it says the .debs can't be overwritten.15:18
HuskiesHi all!15:18
rumpe1mk0, this sounds like something for you: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/02/how-to-boot-iso-with-grub2-easy-way.html15:18
geckosenatorIsoLinCHiP: cool... the really tricky part will be getting bittorrent to work using multiple interfaces for the same file :-P15:18
dsnydersDragonbut, You can have the program run on one computer and display on another.15:18
DragonbutThat's all?15:18
IsoLinCHiPgeckosenator: tsocks hooks into the system calls for network, so maybe a search for 'like tsocks' or 'LDPRELOAD network' gives you usefull hits15:18
PiciFoolsRun: Then it sounds like they are indeed in the path where your .rpms are.  What makes you think that they arent?15:19
FoolsRunPici: the fact that they're not there. ls, ls -a, and ls as root shows only the .rpm files15:19
atlefmk0: then you need separate root and home direcories15:19
HuskiesWho can use Metasploit Framework?15:19
mk0i know this, i'd prefer just launch iso that is on usb stick now. Afair smth similar to this i saw in 10.0415:19
mausHi there. I'm experiencing a weird problem. I'm not sure whether it's ubuntu related or not.  But since I'm on ubuntu I'm asking here. I have a large text I need to paste into a textarea in  firefox. Unfortunately, I can't paste a snippet when it becomes longer than a 1000 lines or so.  It can be pasted to text editor, but browser just does nothing then I press 'paste'. Any ideas?15:19
stevecamhow do i change the max volume that i can go up to when im using the gnome desktop environment, alsa lets the PCM volume go over 0dB and I do not want this to happen15:19
geckosenatorIsoLinCHiP: it would be best if the kernel could do this and send every other packet to a different interface15:19
PiciFoolsRun: ls *.deb  doesn't reveal anything?15:19
IsoLinCHiPgeckosenator: If your not on a LAN that wont give you any speed increase, as your 'dialup is still th