Shadow__Xhey guys when i am trying to boot an ubuntu live image from a 2010 mac mini i am able to select live mode but then the screen goes black and does not come back even when removing quiet from the boot line02:37
Shadow__Xi hear it reading from the cd though02:37
celestialhi everyonecan anyone tell me how to install cursors i have some with the extention .cur and want to know how to peice them together to use them13:45
michael_can anyone on here help me with mass storage devices?18:54
Bachstel1emichael_: what's the issue ?18:56
michael_ok this is really weird for me. i have two usb thumb drives. made by the same company. they won't work unless i plug one in first, then plug in the second one and then ubuntu will pop up with a file system with the usb drive18:57
michael_file system window*18:57
Bachstel1ethat's weird indeed18:58
michael_yes it is lol and i have two other usb devices like my wireless adaptor and mouse adapator and they work fine18:58
crondOkay I need some help - AMD V160 2.4ghz vs. AMD Athlon II X2 P340 2.2 ghz both with 4GB DDR3 and Radeon Mobility HD 4250 graphics.  Which is better for some mobile gaming like WoW or Torchlight, etc?21:09
Shadow__Xhey guys i have a question my sans digital 4 port esata enclosure uses port multipliers for each drive. Under windows only one drive shows up when using the integrated esata port on my dell m6400 in windows 7 but when i am running ubuntu 10.10 2 drives are detected and i am able to mount them but any io from the drives makes my system load sky rocket to 6 levels21:31

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