mandelmorning all!08:25
karnihi mandel08:36
mandelkarni: hello :)08:37
mandelkarni: how is the crazy android app doing?08:37
mandelI'm sure that better than windows ;)08:38
karnimandel: it's been a crazy night. I started implementing REST and was able to query for account info and volumes via REST only.08:38
karnimandel: I wouldn't be so sure, we basically decided to replace the core of the app for the speed's sake..08:38
mandelkarni: ouch! so I guess it is a lot of re-writing in the process...08:39
mandelkarni: we are not that bad atm, sso is working on windows, which was a huge mile stone to get Linux and Windows use the same code, but I'm using twisted.spread.pb for the IPC which is not great and will have to be replaced08:40
mandelnext, the sd, which was blocked by the lack of sso, good news is that we hve a sprint next week :)08:40
karnimandel: I see. Thats great news anyway, I'm very happy you're making progress on the Windows client.08:41
karnimandel: hah, cool :)08:41
mandelkarni: well, we are getting there, I think that adding android and windows support is a great idea, the problem is that it is a lot of work ;)08:42
karnimandel: it will be fruitful in the end08:42
karnishit.. my upper backbone hurts since I crashed on snowboard 3(?) weeks ago08:42
karniI think I'll have to have it checked..08:43
mandelwell, at least is not the coxis :)08:43
karnimandel: that I've hurt badly as well (~5 serious crashes on my ass), but this has healed already. but my neck is still making strange sound when I turn left, and hurst just a little from time to time. but this is not something I can ignore..08:45
karnidamn it.. seeing a doctor is always a PITA, especially that I'm so busy with the Android client now08:45
mandelkarni: well, my neck always makes a sound since I'm 17 (got hurt during a scrum in a rugby game) I got used to it, but is better to go to the doctor08:46
karnimandel: ouch08:47
mandelkarni: well, I've had 13/14 broken bones, so I'm kinda used to it :)08:47
mandelworst was when I broke two teeth down to the root, that was painful08:48
mandelI was on drugs for a week hehe08:48
karnimandel: you're hardcore. I've been skatebording 7.5 years and had only one serious twisted angle (the sack of the bone end was ruptured, not sure how that's in English)08:48
karnimandel: you've been through things! since it didn't kill you, you must be much stronger now ;)08:49
mandelkarni: yes, but I look way older than I am hehe08:49
karnimandel: too bad. but it's imporant how you feel! :)08:50
karniI'm gonna have a shower and rest some, mandel. I've been hacking all night.08:53
mandelkarni: oh, so that was the funny smell…. I though my dog farted again ;)08:53
mandelfagan: morning, how is the QPainter thing going?09:33
jderoseaquarius: so week after uds-o, are there any hackfests or anything that i should consider sticking around for?09:49
jderosemandel: so week after uds-o, will you be doing drinking that i should consider sticking around for?  :)09:55
faganmandel: good09:55
jderosefagan: what are your drinking plans after uds-o? :)09:56
mandeljderose: hehe I dont know… I'd like to give you a hand, it me nice to have my free coding a little for dmedia, do you fancy to do a mini sprint to update me about the code and let me know where I can help?09:57
jderosethat would be awesome09:57
faganjderose: nor09:58
fagannot going09:58
jderosemandel: a mini sprint when we're all in the same place (uds-o), or online?09:58
mandeljderose: in person would be nice, specially since 'til we release the bloody windows port I will be using all my free time on it :(10:00
mandeljderose: although we could do it online, as you prefer :)10:00
jderosemandel: how's that going? BTW, is dc running on OSX yet? been thinking more about seeing if i can get community to write a Final Cut Pro plugin to integrate with dmedia10:01
jderosemandel: i prefer in person. it's damn hard to toast online :)10:01
ryeralsina, poke10:01
mandeljderose: then in person, I'll get the first round :) OSX is not there yet, but we might have windows and desktopcouch ready for O if I can pull together the thing using wincouch10:02
mandeljderose: although you can put me up to date, and I can port desktopcouch to OS X during UDS :)10:02
mandelrye: dude, this is not facebook! haha10:03
mandelfagan: do you think you will be done by the time ralsina gets here?10:03
jderosemandel: gotcha... concrats on widows port, that seems hard :)  my brain tells me in theory osx shouldn't be as hard considering  is at least POSIX10:03
mandeljderose: yes, so we could actually pull it together in a week, and a plug in for final cut pro would be awesome!10:05
jderosemandel: yeah, most of the novacut artists (aka artists tara has built a good dialog with) are currently using final cut pro, so a dmedia plugin could help them with a lot of the pain points they have right now10:07
mandeljderose: I think it can be done, is the replication of dmedia using the ubuntu one replication?10:09
jderosemandel: but it's been very encouraging in that 1) everyone wants distributed, and 2) most want their fans to very easily remix, submit remixes back to them10:09
jderosemandel: yeah, so right no replication is all ubuntu one... although i really need to get p2p replication on localnet working for times where there isn't internet, or the 10 minute delay is too long10:10
jderoseright *now*... ^^^10:10
mandeljderose: ok, so before I get to uds I'll take a look if we need anything to be moved to OS X to use the U1 replication, I think the p2p idea is more on the chads side he is smarter that me :P10:11
jderosemandel: out of curiosity, what do you do to get around lack of DBus on Windows/OSX?10:12
ryeralsina, dobey, we request public files list for every file in directory10:12
mandeljderose: atm on the windows side we are using twisted to communicate over TCP sockets so that you have a daemon running waiting for requests, on OS X we could reuse that, but I think I can write something in C for it that would work nicer10:13
jderosemandel: hehe. ah, the ol' "Ask foo, he's smarter than me" diversion :)10:13
mandeljderose: well, he is smarter than me, trust me, I know my limits10:14
jderosemandel: well, i guess i'm just saying that everyone i've met who works at canonical is intimidatingly smart smart smart :)10:15
mandeljderose: ha, then I tricked you :)10:15
jderosemandel: for Final Cut plugin, it actually wouldn't matter if dc was only available to FC... wouldn't have to be a desktop wide service, necessarily10:16
mandeljderose: well, I think you can make take both roots, ideally I'd like to have an actual port that works like on Linux, but if it is not possible, we can always make it start manually, solved the startup issue and knowing the port location, the rest should be easy10:17
jderosemandel: well, congrats again on windows port... no small amount of work, i'm sure.  you'll have to give me an overview, pointers on what to watch out for as far as portability stumblingly blocks in dmedia... over beers at uds, i think :)10:20
mandeljderose: superb, we have a deal, I'm going to get back to work, otherwise I will not be paying you or the code the right amount of attention :)10:21
jderosemandel: hehe. okay, cheers :010:21
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* mandel really hates merge conflicts… foes for a coffee11:07
mandelok, really goind now for the coffee, got a bloody criss-cross agg too many branches to take care of :(11:20
mandelfagan: ping11:36
duanedesign'lo all11:40
mandelduanedesign: I own you a branch review, but I have no time what so ever...11:41
faganmandel: pong11:51
fagansorry fell asleep11:51
* fagan doesnt feel too good today 11:52
mandelfagan: ok, so I should not ask about the QPainter stuff just yet, right?11:52
faganmandel: havent done it yet11:53
faganim on it though11:53
mandellisette: ping12:00
lisettemandel: hello :)12:06
mandellisette: helo, I remembered yesterday something that you might find useful: http://doc.qt.nokia.com/latest/qwizard.html12:06
mandellisette: take a look at 'Elements of a Wizard page', the rest is tech crap12:07
mandellisette: we are using that widget, nevertheless if you wanted to do something more expectacular we can easily write our own with not too much work12:07
lisettemandel: coolski; i also have a link to a windows docco, do you want it?12:08
mandellisette: sure :)12:08
lisettemandel: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/confirmation.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=e49820cb-954d-45ae-9cb3-1b9e8ea7fe8c slightly interesting stuff starts on page 70812:09
mandellisette: ok12:10
* mandel wonders why all this things have to be at least 400 pages...12:10
lisetteindeed! and have a bad index too.12:11
* mandel1 dog walking12:36
mandel1alecu: good morning :)13:48
alecuhi there MandelOne13:53
thisfredmandel1? There's more than one? God help us all...13:53
ryethisfred, ohai!13:54
mandel1thisfred: evil twin here :)13:54
CardinalFangWhen mandel Prime appears, we are doomed.13:54
* alecu thinks every u1 dev on the channel should follow manuel's lead13:54
thisfredhi rye13:54
ryeCardinalFang, hi, bug #746367 - can has you see?13:54
ubot4`Launchpad bug 746367 in erlang (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "erlang/desktopcouch/beam.smp don't let the processor go idle (affects: 1) (heat: 493)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74636713:54
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mandel1CardinalFang: hahaha that is a terrible joke with some many possible interpretations (I'm going for the math one and the maximus prime ones)13:55
CardinalFangvds__, weren't you doing something with erlang stats?  We talked about it.  ^ rye asks about bug #746367.13:57
ubot4`Launchpad bug 746367 in erlang (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "erlang/desktopcouch/beam.smp don't let the processor go idle (affects: 1) (heat: 493)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74636713:57
rye1CardinalFang, i don't know why would desktopcouch need http://wiki.apache.org/couchdb/Runtime_Statistics at all13:58
CardinalFangrye1, Yes, we had a plan to disable it.14:00
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=== Card1nalFang is now known as CardinalFang
CardinalFangThat's better.  Just know that the "i" is sqrt(-1).14:02
rye1CardinalFang, can we override [daemons] section in desktopcouch couchdb.ini ?14:02
CardinalFangrye1, yes.  We were investigating.14:02
rye1CardinalFang, 'cause it is not really battery friendly at the moment. I spotted beam.smp always doing something even while no replication or application access was present and changing the rate to 10 minutes really made a difference14:03
CardinalFangrye1, mmmhmm.14:03
mandel1alecu: actually, adding a 1 in the ick could mean you are a developers, seems to be a nice idea14:04
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vds__CardinalFang, I haven't yet, I need to schedule it14:04
* mandel1 and rye1 are setting a trend 14:04
rye1ooh, disabling stats collector and aggrigator in daemons brings "description":"number of open databases","current":null .... and no beam.smp anywhere in top14:05
CardinalFangvds__, dang.  I'll work on it, then.  rye, I'll take that bug.14:05
dobeycan i get a second review on https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/libubuntuone/rescan-library/+merge/56650 please?14:05
vds__CardinalFang, I'll check if it can be disabled from the configuration14:06
rye1vds__, it can!14:06
rye1vds__, copying the daemons entry from couchdb.ini and removing stats_collector and stats_aggregator, no need to disable _stats view then14:07
rye1dobey, how can that be tested?14:07
mandel1dobey: got you14:08
=== vds__ is now known as vds
rye1vds, however...14:11
mandel1dobey: I've got a question about yur branch14:14
mandel1which is probably related to the fact that I'm not a great c programmer, why dont you unref subdir after the async callback?14:15
dobeyi just updated the description14:17
dobeymandel1: it is unreffed in the callback14:17
dobeymandel1: it will be "dir" when the callback is called.14:18
mandel1dobey: ok, so the G_FILE(source) will not increase it once more then, right?14:19
dobeymandel1: no, that just casts14:20
mandel1dobey: cool, I guess that asking to check that the casts are possible is a bit stupid since you should not be getting other struct pointers...14:22
mandel1dobey: I'll run the tests and will approve when done :)14:23
mandel1dobey: you've got a green light14:25
dobeymandel1: gracias14:28
mandel1dobey: de nada!14:28
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karnimandel1: coming back to our early morning discussion -- it's also a pain to work on code, that's either not complete or unstable/new. and that's what I had and have to do. we want to move to REST, while we don't have uploads and shares there yet. so it's balancing some risks as well, but the persistent connection to u1 servers has been the greatest challenge to properly design and implement, and though I've put much work into it, I would be v15:05
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dobeycan i get two super quick reviews on the super trivial https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/libubuntuone/missing-translation/+merge/56780 please?15:14
mandel1dobey: only if you use super one more time ;)15:17
ralsinadobey: I can give you onw15:18
ryethis1fred, could you please look at bug #688187 - is it still valid? I have filed it on maverick15:18
ubot4`Launchpad bug 688187 in desktopcouch "Excluding database in management only works one way (remote to local replication continues) (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68818715:18
this1fredrye, pretty sure it's still valid, I'll try and see if I can get a fix for it15:19
this1fredbut with a new couchdb bug found that breaks replication for big documents, I'm not sure it's gonna make it15:20
ryethis1fred, big docs???15:20
dobeygracias al todos15:20
ryeralsina, http://blog.rtg.in.ua/2010/12/ubuntu-one-gallery.html15:22
ralsinarye: so I am not even original. Nice ;-)15:23
ryeralsina, i like your better, it does not try to import a full-fledged js thing like mine one does15:25
ralsinarye: but yours is much much prettier15:25
ralsinarye: I am sure someone that has measurable web skills can make mine much better15:26
ryeralsina, because I am using a standalone js gallery script - http://galleria.aino.se/15:27
karnirye: I really like how you levarage Ubuntu One! :)15:27
ryeokay, evolution, this is not funny anymore, I marked 30 messages for removal15:28
ryeand it decided to re-check the mail, and now they are again live15:28
ralsinakarni: I did something similar yesterday: http://ubuntuone.com/p/lKT/ produces http://ubuntuone.com/p/lKX/15:28
dobeyrye: why are you always having so many problems? :)15:29
ryefagan, you said that was being fixed with move to trash or smth like15:29
ryedobey, I have no idea, i am clicking too many buttons and running too many commands I believe15:29
ralsinarye: STOP BREAKING THINGS ;-)15:29
faganrye: ?15:30
karniralsina: right, awesome!15:30
ryefagan, ok, nm, i think I'll go googling about this15:30
* fagan doesnt remember the conversation :)15:31
nessitaI need a couple of reviews for https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/raise-and-handle-unauthorized/+merge/5678215:41
nessitaralsina: you may be able to ^?15:42
ralsinanessita: sure15:42
karniralsina: rye: you should work on this, perhaps even together, and make it [public image gallery] and option available from the webUI! :) that would be very nice, very nice.15:43
ralsinarye: what do you say? Should we spent a friday or two?15:47
ralsinakarni: the fun part is actually that this requires no server side support.15:47
ralsinakarni: you could add this to the android client easily!15:48
ryeralsina, that's an interesting thing, I have 10Gb of photos in Ubuntu One and don't mind having something like http://notes.rtg.in.ua/ for pictures15:48
karniralsina: yeah I know, and that's cool. but you won't tell a windows user "hey! here's a python script that will make your folder a picture gallery online!" ;)15:48
ryeralsina, however resizing is a bit of a problem15:48
karniralsina: YEAH! awesome thought :)15:48
* karni adds to blueprints15:48
ralsinarye: yeah, we could do thumbnails and sync them, or just trust the browser and make the page heavy15:49
ralsinakarni: what I would give a windows user is a GUI app to do it.15:49
nessitarye: you up for a review?15:49
nessitanot sure how busy you are15:50
karniralsina: I would give him a "make gallery" next to a folder in WebUI! ;)15:50
nessitarye: is about a bug you reported, bug #72661215:50
ubot4`Launchpad bug 726612 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Value could not be retrieved: Need to validate OAuth tokens (affects: 1) (heat: 97)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72661215:50
ryenessita, as long as I don't hit some button that crashes everything I can do the reviews while I am thinking about the evolution/funambol/contacts15:50
ralsinakarni: but that would mean beuno has to do it, not me ;-)15:50
karniralsina: hahah15:51
ralsinakarni: and then we have to deploy it and so on.15:51
karniralsina: I know, I know. Just saying, having this integrated would provide a seamless experience, you know what I mean.15:51
ryenessita, ... which reminds me I need to file a bug against tomboy/ubuntuone sync plugin15:51
ralsinakarni: sure!15:51
nessitarye: you need to click only control panel stuff: for https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/raise-and-handle-unauthorized/+merge/5678215:51
ryenessita, doing the test15:53
mandel1ralsina: I think you script could be packages with the windows client and be added as a shell extension in a context menu of the explorer, that would look very cool15:53
ralsinamandel1: ooooooohhhhh good idea15:53
ralsinamandel1: it would have to be much improved though, right now it's a bad hack using u1sdtool15:53
ralsinamandel1: but if it were changed to use the actual APIs...15:53
mandel1ralsina: sure,  I think that if we spend a friday or two something really nice could be done15:54
ralsinamandel1: yeah15:54
ralsinamandel1: there is a problem in that if you edit an image, the gallery breaks15:55
karnimandel1: the windows client is python as well?15:56
mandel1karni: yes, and I went through a lot of trouble for that, I have ported the actual sd and sso projects to windows15:56
mandel1karni: in theory, there is a single trunk, although inside there are some platform specific parts15:57
karnimandel1: heh, we're in the same club. or not.. I had it worse, I ported ~60% of sd to Java! xD15:57
karnimandel1: and obviously, sso is pending for android as well :)15:57
karnimandel1: right, I've seen it :)15:57
karnimandel1: good work! so is the official release date with 11.04 ?15:58
ryenessita, Traceback (most recent call last):15:58
ryeFailure: ubuntuone.controlpanel.webclient.WebClientError: (400L, 'Invalid access token: xnRssLuVAdOoyCcuTGrTGhxwnNqfAZKRASRyziJoTuKcvdweNy')15:58
ryenessita, checking for full debug15:59
mandel1karni: a little bit later, I'll be more certain about the date in a week15:59
nessitarye: that's good, that's only the debug log15:59
nessitarye: that means the rest call failed and the control panel should automatically clear your token and redirect you to the overview page15:59
ryenessita, well, it is not16:00
nessitarye: what is happening instead?16:00
ryenessita, Welcome to Ubuntu One!16:00
nessitarye: the account page?16:00
ryenessita, The information cannot be retrieved. Maybe your internet connection is down16:00
ryenessita, wait16:01
nessitarye: can you go to the folder tabs16:01
ryenessita, i may be an idiot16:01
nessitafolder tab*16:01
nessitarye: we all may be, we're humans! :-)16:01
nessitarye: you didn't edit the webclient.py?16:02
ryenessita, no, no PYTHONPATH :)16:02
ryenessita, ok, credentials are cleared and new ones are written16:03
ryenessita, approved16:04
nessitarye: yeah! thanks16:04
ryeralsina, you haven't marked https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/raise-and-handle-unauthorized/+merge/56782 as approved16:04
ryeralsina, you just +1'd16:04
ralsinarye: I blame the flu16:04
nessitaralsina: has your doctor arrived?16:05
ralsinarye: OTOH, I do that same mistake about twice a week16:05
nessitaralsina: I'm worry about you (and about me, my throat hurts :-))16:05
ralsinanessita: yes, no redness on the throat, so it's a virus, I should just take it like a man16:05
* rye wonders whether it will cause the tarmac to land the branch as I did once16:05
nessitarye: tarmac is running in my computer16:05
ryenessita, hm, i need to run tarmac too, it is trendy these days16:06
nessitarye: :-)16:06
nessitaralsina: are we having the weekly meeting16:13
ralsinanessita: I am going to bed, Ithink16:19
ralsinalet's have it tomorrow16:19
faganralsina: oh and we should have a tutorial tomorrow or something since we havent had one this week16:25
ralsinafagan: yeah16:25
ralsinafagan: I'll try16:25
faganI couldnt do much today since i feel pretty bad16:25
faganshould be ok tomorrow though16:25
ralsinaok, I am not exactly sprightly either.16:26
faganralsina: hah well I didnt even sit at my main computer I used ssh to look at the QPainter code :)16:27
ralsinafagan: any progress?16:27
faganralsina: Well its more or less numbers thats left16:27
faganto get it resizing to scale16:27
faganIf I was feeling better I would have finished it in an hour16:28
faganbut instead it was trial and error for the whole day16:28
faganill probably look at it a bit later and get it on my own time16:29
ralsinafagan: if you are sick, get a doctor's note, and rest until you are ok. There's no point on trying to do things you are not up to it.16:31
* ralsina should follow his own advice16:31
faganralsina: I dont think its that bad to go to the docs i just think its fluids and a nap and ill be fighting fit16:31
ralsinafagan: as you wish, then. Hope you are feeling better tomorrow.16:33
faganralsina: you too16:34
faganim sure its just a 24 hour bug thing with me or maybe something I ate16:34
rodrigo_rye, there are a lot of thread-related bugs in lp about e-addressbook-factory, so can you run it under valgrind (valgrind /usr/lib/evolution/e-a-f) and send me the output, please?16:40
nessitalunch time!17:12
* mandel1 walking dog, bbl17:47
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dobeycan i have a couple quick trivials for https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store/fix-setup/+merge/56798 please?18:25
alecudobey, done18:32
this1frednessita: alecu: https://code.launchpad.net/~thisfred/ubuntuone-client/lp-753821/+merge/5680718:39
nessitathis1fred: on it!18:41
dobeythis1fred: https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store/fix-setup/+merge/56798 esta muy trivial18:41
* this1fred reviews18:41
alecuthis1fred, hasattr is discouraged. I don't have a link handy, but here are some workarounds: https://wiki.canonical.com/UbuntuOne/CodeReviewChecklist#Gotchas18:43
CardinalFangalecu,  http://tripit.com/18:59
CardinalFangfacundobatista, ^18:59
CardinalFangAdd the calendar ICS to your GOOG calendar, and see it on your phone.18:59
alecuthis1fred, approved.18:59
=== alecu is now known as alecu1
this1fredactually looks like hasattr may be fixed in python 319:01
dobeyisn't everything fixed in python 3?19:01
dobeywell except for kwargs and positional args19:01
CardinalFangPython 5 fixes that.19:03
dobeythe great thing about sprints is how you travel 5000 miles to sit in a room with your teammates, and talk to them on irc19:04
this1freddobey: CardinalFang looks like it wasn't fixed in python 3 after all19:10
CardinalFangthis1fred, https://bugs.launchpad.net/desktopcouch/+bug/746367  bitte19:33
ubot4`Launchpad bug 746367 in erlang (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "erlang/desktopcouch/beam.smp don't let the processor go idle (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Invalid]19:33
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alecu1dobey, can I ask you to review the share emblem branch? https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntuone-client/capt-nemos-share-hand/+merge/5682719:58
alecu1ralsina, around?20:08
dobeyalecu1: +120:21
alecu1dobey, thanks!20:21
alecu1this1fred, https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntuone-client/capt-nemos-share-hand/+merge/5682720:22
alecu1this1fred, chad: I've added testing instructions to that merge proposal.20:38
this1fredawesome, I'll do the manual testing20:38
mattgriffinnessita: ping20:43
nessitamattgriffin: pong20:44
mattgriffinnessita: not sure if this is control panel or something else - bug #75398920:44
ubot4`Launchpad bug 753989 in ubuntuone-client "Progress meter still shows on launcher icon when disconnected from U1 (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75398920:44
mattgriffinnessita: and should something different appear in the launcher icon to show that i'm disconnected?20:47
nessitamattgriffin: as far as I recall ( this1fred and alecu1 please confirm), te progress bar will not go away20:49
nessitamattgriffin: since syncdaemon still has pending stuff to do20:49
nessitamattgriffin: we need to indicate that syncdaemon is not done despite the user disconnect it on purpose20:49
this1fredmattgriffin: the progress bar will remain when the user disconnects in media res20:50
this1fredmattgriffin: I believe it will turn a different shade of grey though20:50
mattgriffinthis1fred: hmm... didn't notice20:50
this1fredalecu1 knows exactly20:50
mattgriffinthis1fred: ok20:50
this1fredmattgriffin: oh that was never implemented20:51
this1fredin unity20:51
this1fredmattgriffin: so this is expected behavior20:51
this1fredthough not ideal20:51
this1fredmattgriffin: the indications that the user is disconnected/reconnected were all deemed too intrusive20:52
this1fredor not sabdfl-compliant ;)20:52
mattgriffinthis1fred: i feel like the progress bar should go away since it has no idea how much i have left to sync... for example, I could delete all of the files that it thinks need syncing... and i interpret the progress bar as showing progress of sync. it kinda tells me that it's still syncing now20:52
this1fredmattgriffin: interestingly deleting the files previously would have updated the progress bar even when disconnected20:53
this1fredbut we also removed that because we didn't want to spend any time checking while disconnected20:53
this1fredmattgriffin: since the deletions would be added to the queue20:54
this1fredmattgriffin: progress would actually decrease, or not increase much, though20:54
mattgriffinthis1fred: yeah... to the user, all they think is files get copied to the server. they don't know about syncdaemon prep before pushing files20:55
this1fredmattgriffin: right, so now, progress stops when the user loses connection to the service for whatever reason20:55
this1fredwe're not lying, but it's also not super helpful maybe20:56
mattgriffinthis1fred: yeah... b/c if i were the user (wait i am one) i would be waiting for the progress bar to move if i was shown a progress bar20:57
mattgriffinsorry.. just a little misleading... but it sure is purdy :)20:58
this1fredmattgriffin: it should have been at the bottom of the icon, so it would show up even when the icons are folded, but that seems to have got lost in the shuffle20:59
this1fredmattgriffin: we may want to think about how to improve the experience in O, but I don't think there is much we can do right now, unless we apply for a UI freeze exception, and personally I don't think it's important enough for that21:00
mattgriffinthis1fred: true. cool. thanks21:01
this1fredbut I definitely think we should do something about it for O21:01
nessitathis1fred: bug #75398921:26
ubot4`nessita: Bug 753989 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/753989 is private21:26
dobeyugh, my internet, where is it21:27
dobeyralsina: are you on your way or something?21:38
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this1frednessita: bug #747677 and you may have to ask pitti to give you an ok for that since we're adding it after he gave us the FFE21:53
ubot4`Launchpad bug 747677 in unity (Ubuntu) (and 10 other projects) "[FFE] Need API to set urgency from background process (affects: 1) (heat: 12)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74767721:53
CardinalFangthis1fred, found the problem with pairing record.22:12
alecu1anybody wants to do a review that just removes a lot of code?22:20
thisfrednessita: bug #747677 and you may have to ask pitti to give you an ok for that since we're adding it after he gave us the FFE22:34
ubot4`Launchpad bug 747677 in unity (Ubuntu) (and 10 other projects) "[FFE] Need API to set urgency from background process (affects: 1) (heat: 12)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74767722:34
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mikaelHi, what is the status of couchdb on couchdb.one.ubuntu.com? I get 503 on and, and unauthorized on and
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