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Keybukjhunt_, SpamapS: one for your cookbook:19:43
Keybuk  start on <some event>19:44
Keybuk  script19:44
Keybuk    :19:44
Keybuk  end script19:44
Keybuk  start on <some other event> and stopped thing19:44
Keybuk  task19:44
Keybuk-- 19:44
Keybukespecially useful when <some other event> is "starting"19:44
peregrine81can anyone tell me whats wrong with this upstart script?? http://pastie.org/1769214 ubuntu 10.04, upstart 0.6.521:09
ionWhat’s ‘2>&1i’?21:26
Keybukion: a sure sign of a vi user22:15
ionFWIW, i don’t remember ever adding ‘i’s into files by mistake.22:16
ionIt’s probably not even my most frequent command for switching into insert mode.22:17

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