aaronth_xubuntu keeps freezing when I unplug the power01:40
aaronth_on my laptop01:40
ljsoftnethow do i put volume control on notification applet?05:23
Lord_Rahlright click on the panel. Panel > Add New Item. choose mixer05:31
Lord_Rahlljsoftnet, that work?05:33
ljsoftnetLord_Rahl i was looking for a volume control, that has an up and down, when i left click on it05:34
Lord_Rahlyea that what it is05:34
ljsoftnetLord_Rahl no, it pops up the whole mixer, just wanted the up and down05:35
Lord_Rahlljsoftnet, did you remove pulse auto?05:36
ljsoftnetLord_Rahl yeah i think, how do i get it back?05:37
Lord_Rahlsudo apt-get install pulseaudio05:39
Lord_Rahlin the term or you can use synaptic and search pulse05:40
Lord_Rahlsynaptic is under System05:40
Lord_Rahlonce it install logout and back in to get the volume icon back05:42
ljsoftnetLord_Rahl ok wait05:44
Lord_Rahlljsoftnet, Pulse is pretty good now.. not like few years ago buggy as all hell..05:46
ljsoftnetLord_Rahl still doesn't come out05:47
lostsonpulse is the first thing i purge05:48
Lord_Rahlare you ok with using the  term05:48
ljsoftnetLord_Rahl what term?05:49
Lord_Rahlif you do not like it. you can use volbar http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=169372605:49
Lord_Rahlvolbar is a volume control for alsa05:51
Lord_RahlI was think you can run sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop to see what you are missing05:52
puren00bhey all05:54
puren00bi need some practical advice05:54
puren00bmy name says it all05:54
puren00bis anybody available?05:54
Lord_Rahlwhats up05:55
puren00bi'm running ubuntu 10.1005:55
puren00band the machine it's on is just too old to do it well05:55
puren00bsomebody suggested i try Xubuntu05:55
puren00bWill Xubuntu still run games under WINE?05:55
Unit193puren00b: What's the specs?05:56
Lord_Rahlyes I run WOW WC Many older first person shooters05:57
puren00b700mb RAM, amd mobile 2400+ cpu05:57
Lord_Rahlljsoftnet, any luck05:57
puren00bis it worth the migration? should i just choose an older distro of Ubuntu?05:58
puren00bwhat will i miss out on by choosing Xubuntu?05:58
Unit193puren00b: You can always try a LiveCD to see if you like it05:59
Lord_Rahlpuren00b, truly not much. but it depends on what you want. all the apps web chrome firefox are all the same05:59
Unit193Some defaults differ...06:00
Unit193*default apps06:00
puren00bK.... Wel i'll need openoffice eventually but it can wait06:00
Unit193If you're missing a program, you can always install what you need06:01
puren00bnext question06:01
puren00bwhat's the procedure like for changing from ubuntu to xubuntu?06:01
Lord_Rahlpuren00b, do you have alot of data on your system now?06:02
Lord_Rahldocuments music stuff like that06:02
Lord_Rahlif you do I would move them to a cd or ext usb drive. than it just install ubuntu06:04
puren00bi only put ubuntu on today06:04
puren00band discovered this machine isn't quite up to running this distro06:04
Lord_Rahlyou could just do this if you have a good internet connection http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce06:05
Unit193Reinstall may be your best bet06:05
Unit193The way Lord_Rahl said is also very good...06:06
Lord_Rahli have used that site to test differnt desk works well06:07
ljsoftnetLord_Rahl i cant find volbar06:12
Lord_Rahlljsoftnet, one sec06:14
Lord_Rahlljsoftnet, http://5xdata.com/volume.tar.gz06:15
Lord_RahlThat should have all the changes that are needed06:17
Lord_Rahlfollow the guide on how to install it06:18
ljsoftnetLord_Rahl ok06:20
ljsoftnetwhats the command for volume applet?07:33
lightadamnn why meld doesn't see #include diff ??08:08
TheSheepplease don't swear, what do you mean by '#include diff'?08:09
lightawas writing an header file for a C projet and when I compare branches with trunk version he never detect #include line do you see what I mean ?08:10
TheSheepnot really08:14
lightahmm I wonder if they have a bug tracker, kompare really eating too much cpu :(08:15
TheSheeplighta: do you have a simple test case that demonsrates the problem?08:19
TheSheeplighta: maybe check preferences -> text filters08:20
TheSheeplighta: there is a 'Script comment' filter that ignores '#.*'08:21
lightayeah wait I was thiking about take a screen for you08:21
lightabut since I correct some already doesn't left much when I tought about :(08:22
lightahere TheSheep http://i53.tinypic.com/amwldx.png, I selected texte wich should be detected as a diff08:24
TheSheeplighta: did you check if that filter is enabled?08:25
lightawell most of my filter are enable can you specify ? here mine : C++ comment, C comment, Script comment, other one propose and not selected are CVS keyword, All whitespace, Leading whitespace08:27
TheSheeplighta: disable the 'Script comment' fileter08:34
TheSheeplighta: it's making meld ignore anything that starts with '#'08:34
lightaI fell bad thanks08:35
ljsoftnetwhats the command for volume applet?10:03
Sysiljsoftnet: it should be in the list of "add new items" in panel10:19
ljsoftnetSysi im looking for the one with the slide, when left clicked10:19
Sysioh, pulseaudio thing, it doesn't work as launcher but on notification area10:20
Sysitry getting indicator plugin and sound indicator10:21
ljsoftnetSysi where do i look for it?10:25
Sysisynaptic for example10:26
ljsoftnetSysi i installed indicator-sound but still doesnt show up, after logout10:31
Sysiyou need to add indicator applet to panel10:57
ljsoftneti already did11:00
ljsoftnetSysi i already did11:00
Fenix2hey.. a quick question.. when my Xubuntu starts up it asks for "keychain" (it's in Finnish) password... where do I change this keychain password ? tnx in advance11:39
ochosiFenix2: the first time you started your system you were asked to set a passphrase to protect your keychain (incl. wifi-pwds)11:41
Fenix2ochosi: yes11:41
ochosiFenix2: the only way to get rid of it is to set it to ""11:41
ochosibut that involves losing all your wifi-pwds11:41
Fenix2I know the key. It's different to my normal password11:41
Fenix2ochosi: well the WiFi has been broken all along.. It connects and then it disconnects in a few seconds11:42
ochosiFenix2: right, but that's a different issue11:42
Fenix2ochosi: I have the WiFi key handy so where do I set the keychain password ?11:42
ochosiFenix2: let me quickly check just to be sure...11:43
Fenix2tnx for your input and effort ochosi11:43
ochosiFenix2: run this command in the terminal "rm -r ~/.gnome2/keyrings"11:44
ochosiFenix2: then log out and log back in11:44
ochosiFenix2: then you'll be asked to set a new keyring pwd11:44
ochosiFenix2: set it to "" (meaning: blank)11:44
ochosiFenix2: then you will be warned about unsafe storage and then that's it11:44
Fenix2hai ochosi I deleted the keyring file and logged out and in .. then the system asks for password to WiFi ... I enter it but the system doesn't ask for a new keyring file ... what do I do ?11:55
Fenix2I try logging out again11:57
Fenix2now it doesn't ask the keyring password at all ... I'd really like to set it to something11:58
ochosiFenix2: sry, maybe you have to reboot for changes to take effect12:06
Fenix2'k rebootin12:18
Fenix2( this machine is OS X so I don't have to disconnect :)12:18
bilal03hello there12:22
Fenix2ochosi: ok.. rebooted.. now it says "Insert password to open the log-in key-chain" ( or thereabouts, it's in finnish) puttin <enter>, ""<enter> or oldpassword<enter> doesn't work12:22
Fenix2ochosi: Maybe I have to sudo something..12:22
bilal03i've got problem with package manager12:22
bilal03anybody for help??12:23
bilal03when i want to install anything via terminal i got this message12:24
bilal03Reading package lists... Error!12:24
bilal03E: Encountered a section with no Package: header12:24
bilal03E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/ci.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_maverick_restricted_binary-i386_Packages12:24
bilal03E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.12:24
Fenix2ochosi: help! how can I set the "log-in keychain" password after I deleted the previous keychain with 'rm -r ~/.gnome2/keyrings' ???12:27
Fenix2ochosi: ok that second reboot fixed it... Now it asked me to enter and confirm the key-chain password so problem solved. Big Thanks to you for your kind help12:34
ochosiFenix2: sry, was away, but good to read it worked out12:39
PDaniwhere can i find in xubuntu dual monitor settings?13:56
Sysiinstall arandr13:58
GibarianI have a problem with my xubuntu session14:30
GibarianI got logged off inmediatly after login14:30
GibarianEverything fine and dandy, with the exception of my xubuntu session14:58
LogicallyDashingdo you mean the default "Xubuntu Session" selectable from the login prompt, or the one it autosaves for you when you log out?14:59
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Gibarianthe one from login prompt15:12
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=== thermi is now known as Thermi
redcodeHello there.17:39
redcodeIs this just me, or does the Xubuntu install CD not actually fit on a CD? : /17:39
redcodeAlso, I mean the PPC port.17:39
charlie-tcappc port does not fit cd's,17:39
charlie-tcaIt is oversize.17:40
charlie-tcaIt is also discontinued for Natty17:40
redcodeIt's like the last PPC Linux I didn't try yet :P17:41
charlie-tcaIt won't be updated anymore for Xubuntu17:42
charlie-tcaXubuntu community meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 60 minutes. Everyone is invited to attend. Agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings19:01
charlie-tcaXubuntu community meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 8 minutes, or when TB finishes theirs. Everyone is invited to attend. Agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings19:52
An_Ony_MooseI set the xfce panel to always group tasks and now it complains about a floating-point exception when I try to restart it. Where are its config files so I can undo the change?20:52
charlie-tcaAn_Ony_Moose: ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-panel.xml21:03
An_Ony_Moosecharlie-tca: thanks21:05
An_Ony_Moosecharlie-tca: wai, that doesn't exist21:07
An_Ony_Mooseonly a couple of other xmls21:07
charlie-tcaGot to be something there for panel21:07
An_Ony_Moose{22:08:29} linus@eeepc:~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml$ ls21:08
An_Ony_Moosexfce4-desktop.xml  xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts.xml  xfce4-mixer.xml  xfce4-power-manager.xml  xfce4-session.xml  xfce4-settings-manager.xml  xfwm4.xml  xsettings.xml21:08
charlie-tcawhat about in ~/.config/xfce4/panel?21:10
charlie-tcathat's what 10.04 used21:10
An_Ony_Mooseyep, that seems to exist21:11
An_Ony_Moosebut I switched to xubuntu AFTER the upgrade to 10.10... oh well, thanks for the help21:11
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canchishi i want to install a virtual machine in my xubuntu 1010 what should i do?23:05
charlie-tcaInstall VirtualBox-OSE from software center23:06
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