sergio__and ctrl 1,9, and 0 work but no other numbers? i might have to peek at that code later to see what kind of mess is going on00:00
Omegasergio__: did you report it?00:21
nhainessergio__: Ctrl-I is a tab character.00:25
nhainesI don't know what Ctrl-J is.00:25
sergio__i see00:25
sergio__yOmega im submitting now, got sidetracked00:26
nhainesOh, used to be linefeed.00:26
sergio__funny, i may be retarded but I can't seem to press the printscreen button with the launcher up00:27
OmegaThat is correct.00:29
Omega(meaning, I can't either)00:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 759290 in unity (Ubuntu) "Control Character input does not work for launcher" [Undecided,New]00:29
OmegaYou should file that as a separate bug00:30
sergio__its probably's taking control of screen input, so maybe the fix will bubble those things through.00:33
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hichamfirefox window doesn't seem to be matched correctly01:03
Omegahicham: Hmm?02:03
OmegaHere's someone reviewing 11.04: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaLDMz_e2jQ02:05
hichamOmega: I get one icon per firefox window on the dash02:18
hichamOmega: so the firefox window isn't matched correctly, unlike the other apps who have only one icon on the dash, no matter how many windows are open02:19
OmegaHmm, that's a bamf bug then.02:24
hichamyou don't have that issue ?02:27
hichameither firefox or bamf is patch in ubuntu then02:29
Omegafirefox isn't patched in ubuntu, that's for sure02:29
OmegaFile a bamf bug.02:29
hichamother apps work fine from what I can see02:30
hichamI am gonna finish building the whole stack then report bugs02:30
PASJRCan anyone tell me how do I change the background on the launcher?  I changed the image files I could find, but still have the same black launcer.03:00
pasjr_Can anyone tell me how do I change the background on the launcher?  I changed the image files I could find, but still have the same black launcer.03:03
RAOFpasjr_: As far as I'm aware it's not (yet) possible.03:05
pasjr_Well that really is not cool.03:06
pasjr_It may be time to leave Ubuntu03:06
jbichaI expect it will be themeable for natty+103:09
RAOFMaybe.  It's a rather inoffensive matte black bar; the titlebar and such follow the GTK themes.03:12
floorianwhere is the best place to leave feedback on Unity?03:35
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smspillaz|znerochiaro: pong, but I'm going to be out in a few minutes06:59
didrocksgood morning07:44
didrocksRAOF: hey, any hint on the X freeze since yesterday?07:46
RAOFI've got some small testcases which *don't* reproduce the problem :/07:47
didrocksurgh :/07:47
RAOFAlso, compiz for some reason seems to segfault when run under X trace.07:47
RAOFSo I'm going to attach gdb to compiz and X and watch their communication *that* way.07:48
RAOFThat's a bit more hairy, though.07:48
didrockshum, sounds fun! :)07:48
RAOFIt's like three *whole* barells of monkeys!07:49
RAOFThrown, using a trebuchet, across a *cravasse of fire* into a tarpit of weasels!07:49
didrocksheh, that sentence can be directly attribute to Monkey Island I won't be surprised :)07:50
oSoMoNgood morning08:01
didrocksRAOF: you fixed bug #75830708:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 758307 in unity (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed on initial load of Java Citrix Client" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75830708:03
didrockssalut oSoMoN08:03
RAOFdidrocks: No, that was smspillaz|z, wasn't it?08:04
didrocksoh assignee: nobody → Chris Halse Rogers (raof)08:04
didrocksbut yeah, it's Rick :)08:05
MacSlowgreetings everybody08:05
oSoMoNsalut didrocks, hey MacSlow08:06
didrockssmspillaz|z: ^^08:06
didrocksGuten Morgen MacSlow08:06
MacSlowsalut didrocks08:06
MacSlowhey oSoMoN, smspillaz|z08:06
elriclI just upgraded my natty after a long time and it crashed during boot.08:16
elriclIt said unable to mount /08:16
elriclWait or skip mount08:17
didrocksRAOF: maybe bug #750775 can help you triggering the issue?08:58
ubot5Launchpad bug 750775 in unity (Ubuntu) "Keynav in launcher unfocuses active window, doesn't return to it when finished" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75077508:58
dbarthelricl: hi, what's up?08:59
elricldbarth: as i said after the upgrade natty wont boot08:59
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elricldbarth: during the ubuntu plymouth screen it says, cant boot /09:00
elriclnjpatel: a little help? After upgrade natty stops at plymouth screen,says it cant mount / and goes to a maintainence shell09:03
njpatelelricl, :/ I can't really help with that dude, I think you need to try #ubuntu-desktop09:04
elriclnjpatel: ok. thanx09:04
TheMusoelricl: Actually, #ubuntu+1 would be a better channel for your query.09:19
jbacheany unity 2d devs in here09:57
* jbache would be happy to help out with gtk2 theming09:59
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cdbsseb128: ping, it appears Apport isn't picking up crash reports when Unity/Compiz crashes10:03
seb128cdbs, hi, how do we receive all those crash bugs on launchpad then?10:04
cdbsseb128: I myself am confused10:05
cdbsseb128: but for some reason the crash files aren't coming up there10:05
seb128where is "there"?10:05
cdbsseb128: Not just me, many others are also experiencing similar things10:05
cdbsseb128: /var/crash10:05
seb128you are sure it's crashing?10:05
seb128do you get anything in that dir?10:05
cdbsseb128: yeah, segfault10:05
cdbsseb128: nope10:06
seb128is apport enabled?10:06
cdbsseb128: yeah10:06
seb128can does status apport says?10:06
cdbsapport start/running10:06
cdbsseb128: ^10:06
seb128can you check apport.log?10:06
seb128or pastebin it10:07
cdbsseb128: empty10:07
seb128then apport.log.110:07
hichammorning didrocks10:08
cdbsseb128: okay, that makes sense:10:08
cdbsseb128: ERROR: apport (pid 3714) Tue Apr 12 15:54:51 2011: this executable already crashed 2 times, ignoring10:08
cdbsOld compiz crash files are lying there alredy10:09
seb128cdbs, right, you need to clean the old crashes10:09
cdbssudo rm -r /var/crash10:09
cdbsoops, wrong window10:09
cdbsseb128: thanks for the info then10:10
cdbsI thought it should overwrite the old crashes10:10
seb128cdbs, it's doing that to avoid spamming you with apport dialogs if a service keeps crashing and restarting for example10:10
didrockshey hicham10:10
cdbsseb128: AFAIK it used to do that in the Maverick cycle10:10
hichamdidrocks: unity finally works here10:10
cdbsdbarth: ^ problem solution found10:10
seb128cdbs, no, it has a counter in the .crash10:10
didrockshicham: nice! what was the cause of the touch crash?10:10
seb128cdbs, it clean those after a delay10:10
hichamdidrocks: it seems that it was supposing that xi2.1 support was there, while it itsn't10:12
didrockshicham: oh ok ;)10:12
hichamdidrocks: removing the crashing code from utouch-geis made it work10:12
didrockscool :)10:12
hichamdidrocks: now I am trying to build the indicators10:12
didrockshicham: good luck! that's another big piece :)10:13
hichamdidrocks: as a side note, vala bindings generation fails when using gtk210:15
hichamdidrocks: the work fine for gtk3 bindings10:15
didrockshicham: yeah, we got a lot of headache with this since maverick, hence the fact we export them ourself10:16
hichamdidrocks: so to install an indicator, I just have to build/install it ? no other step needed ?10:24
didrockshicham: we have patches for some applications to get the indicator integration10:25
didrockshicham: talk to kenvandine when he's back, he's in charge of the integration of them10:25
hichamdidrocks: thanks10:26
zniavregood morning10:42
zniavrei asked few days ago how to change the color of small blue triangle when apps requires attention (im color-blind blue is un-visible for me)10:43
jbacheare there current plans for using gtk3 with unity?10:52
didrockszniavre: it's currently hardcoded though :/ would you mind opening a bug and post it there? We can ask design to have a look at how it should be handled (it should impact the indicator messaging menu color as well)10:52
hichamdidrocks: the search function doesn't work yet ? ( in what replace traditional gnome menu )11:02
didrockshicham: do you have unity-place-applications and unity-place-files installed?11:02
hichamdidrocks: not yet11:02
didrocksyou need them for the search11:03
hichamdidrocks: thanks, how do you start the unity session ? I created two files in /usr/share/gnome-session/sessions and /usr/share/xsessions11:10
hichamdidrocks: but I still don't see how to default to unity (example, for building a live cd )11:10
didrockshicham: we are using compiz profiles for that11:12
didrockshicham: look in an ubuntu box at /etc/compizconfig/11:12
hichamdidrocks: is there a package for that ?11:12
didrockshicham: and /etc/X11/Xsession.d/65compiz_profile-on-session11:12
didrockshicham: it's in the ubuntu compiz package11:13
hichamdidrocks: and the session/desktop files are in compiz package too?11:13
didrockshicham: we basically activate a gconf profile which sets the unityshell plugin by default11:13
didrockshicham: the sessions are in gnome-session11:14
hichamdidrocks: so compiz should be using the gconf backend ?11:16
hichamdidrocks: instead of the default ccp one11:16
didrockshicham: instead of init you mean11:16
didrocks(ccp load init or gconf)11:16
didrockshicham: just create a compiz profile init or gconf with unityshell by default in it11:17
didrockshicham: we choosed gconf for natty11:17
zniavredidrocks,  i already changed the messaging menu icons  i ll fill report this afternoon thank you11:20
didrockszniavre: thanks to you :)11:21
hichamdidrocks: which package provides unity.pc file ?11:22
didrockshicham: libunity, it's a binding that application can implement to interact with the launcher11:23
didrockslike setting progress bar, icon urgency11:23
hichamdidrocks: thanks, I am sorry if I am asking too much questions11:23
didrockshicham: no worry, I may not be so responsive every time though :-)11:24
dbarthjbache: hi; you should ping Kaleo or agateau for example (well, they're pinged now ;)11:32
jbachedbarth: Thanks. I just pinged kaleo11:33
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agateaudbarth: jbache: what is the question?11:46
jbacheagateau: I am wondering about theming integration. Since I already do something similar with qml and gtk.11:48
jbacheagateau: also plans with regards to scenegraph etc. You already support translucency so why no drop shadows?11:49
jbacheagateau: some context http://labs.qt.nokia.com/2011/03/10/qml-components-for-desktop/11:50
jbacheagateau: also if you need any specific things from qt qt the moment11:50
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agateaujbache: primary target for unity-2d was machine without much gfx power so we did not spend too much time on adding visual effects11:53
agateaujbache: about needing something from qt, yes we need review for this:11:54
agateaujbache: https://live.gnome.org/ThreePointOne/Features/ApplicationMenu11:54
agateauwrong url :)11:54
jbacheagateau: hehe11:54
agateaujbache: https://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qt/merge_requests/916/11:54
jbacheagateau: I'll see what I can do11:55
jbacheagateau: are there any valid technical reason why you couldnt essentially use qml for unity itself?11:56
agateaujbache: unity-3d you mean?11:58
jbacheagateau: yes12:01
jbacheagateau: it seems rather simple to extend it to support those graphical effects12:01
agateaujbache: i'd let dbarth answer this one12:02
* jbache senses it is not the first time the question came up12:05
lucazadeping om26er ... i've updated bug 696427 because I still get it12:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 696427 in unity (Ubuntu) "Unity visual glitches and freeze (libgl1-dri-mesa-experimental)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69642712:55
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zniavredidrocks, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/759719    (sorry for english )13:06
ubot5Ubuntu bug 759719 in unity "(request)small blue triangle un-visible for colour-blind people" [Undecided,New]13:06
hichamdidrocks: I installed unity-places-applications and now I can find my applications :)13:06
didrockshicham: nice :)13:08
didrockszniavre: I'm adding some design task so that designers can have a look13:08
zniavrethank you13:08
didrockszniavre: no worry on the english btw, it's better than mine :)13:09
AnAntHello, how can I add software categories in Unity's application browser ? I've got extra-xdg-menus installed , yet I don't see the Electronics category for example13:18
hichamdidrocks: it would have been nice to have mono as optional build dep, instead of hard-depending on it :(13:24
didrockshicham: mono is a theme name13:25
hichamdidrocks: no, i mean mono (.Net clone)13:26
didrockshicham: where is it a dep?13:26
hichamdidrocks: libappindicator for example ( it is only a build dep, not a runtime dep)13:27
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didrockshicham: well, indicator is for kenvandine and tedg13:27
didrocksI think it's for generating some mono bindings13:28
hichamdidrocks: what part do you develop ?13:29
didrockshicham: unity itself13:29
hichamdidrocks: thanks for the great job !13:30
didrocksyw, all the team does :)13:30
hichamI hope unity will get into fedora sometime13:31
hichamthere is no real blocker for now13:31
hichamI am surprised by how big it is13:32
hichamI have installed 12 packages now for basic functionality13:32
didrockshicham: yeah, it's very modular13:34
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hichamdidrocks: how can I load newly installed indicators without restarting unity ?15:10
didrockshicham: you can't right now unfortunately15:10
AnAntam I asking in the right place ?15:15
miracI liked the interface naty15:18
miracUbuntu how can I support  ?15:18
miracUbuntu how can I support  ?15:19
aquariusRAOF, ping?15:36
aquariusah, man, RAOF's in australia, isn't he?15:37
hichamdidrocks: where ubuntu_gtk_widget_set_has_grab is defined ?16:03
didrockshicham: it's a gtk patch (backported from gtk3.0)16:08
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hichamdidrocks: bad news, indicator-datetime won't work in fedora16:28
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hichamindicator-datetime works18:47
hichambut I can't seem to bet the menu on the panel18:47
henridvhi all18:52
henridvI'm new to unity hacking, and i'm looking on how to obtain the icon height in the launcher?18:53
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NateWanyone from the design team around?19:26
NateWwell, when an application is asking for attention. in the dash, the arrow turns blue showing that it needs attention.19:29
NateWthat is way too subtle in some cases.19:30
NateWwhen im working, I usually don't wear my glasses and I have a 1920x1080 screen on a 15" laptop. this makes it almost impossible to tell which application is asking for attention19:30
NateWinstead, the app icon in the launcher should pulsate or do some sort of animation to make it more distinguishable19:31
nhainesNateW: it does this for 1-2 seconds, then it turns blue after that.19:33
Saammcan someone help me out...I made a custom launcher and changed icon image...but unity only shows default custom launcher image :(19:33
NateWwhat turns blue? and also, the launcher is usually hidden because of a maximized window19:34
NateWrhaines: this is what it is like for me. launcher is hidden, a blue triangle appears at the top left, i reveal the launcher and then have to search for what application is asking for attention19:35
nhainesNateW: the little arrow turns blue.  When the launcher is hidden, the icon still slides out and shakes.19:36
NateWyou shouldn't have to look for the application19:36
NateWit doesnt slide out here19:36
nhainesThe easiest way to demonstrate this is to have Firefox in the background, then click on a hyperlink in another window.19:36
jbichayes, I agree the blue arrow & the blue triangle are too small & subtle19:37
NateWnhaines: that works.. but as an example, i was using firefox, and when you sent a message through irc here, empathy didnt pop out and shake19:37
nhainesI wouldn't mind seeing a background color pulse similar to the fade-in and -out when you launch an app.19:38
NateWthats what i'd like19:38
nhainesNateW: that is by design in Empathy, I believe... the expected user behavior is to use the Messaging Menu.19:38
NateWthe messaging icon didnt turn blue either19:39
nhainesI think applications can denote "notification" and "urgent notification" seperately.19:39
NateWbut back to the point i was originally bringing up.. there should be a bigger effect in the launcher19:39
NateWsuch as the app backlight pulsing19:39
nhainesNateW: file a bug and post it here.  I'll chime in and confirm it.19:40
NateWHere is the bug. Hopefully it's straight forward enough: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/76010319:45
ubot5Ubuntu bug 760103 in unity "Attention notification in the Unity launcher is too subtle" [Undecided,New]19:45
NateWnhaines: ^^19:50
nhainesNateW: thanks!19:54
nhainesNateW: now we'll see what happens.19:56
NateWnhaines: hopefully this gets fixed. it would make my life easier19:57
nhainesNateW: I hear you.  I'm campaigning for 740515 myself.19:59
nhainesErr, that's bug 740515.19:59
ubot5Launchpad bug 740515 in unity (Ubuntu) "Window controls in Unity panel do not extend to top of display" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74051519:59
NateWthat would also be nice20:02
NateWbut i usually find myself using alt+f4 for exiting, and using the grid plugin for maximizing and i dont minimize20:03
nhainesI usually do Alt-Space, x to maxmize/unmaximize.20:03
nhainesBut if I'm mousing around by the Application Menua anyway, it'd be nice.20:04
kim0Guys bug 750464 has been proposed for merging with bug 486154, but they don't seem the same to me20:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 750464 in unity (Ubuntu) "beep sound is muted under unity (dup-of: 486154)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75046420:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 486154 in metacity (Ubuntu) "System beep broken in Karmic despite heroic efforts to fix it" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48615420:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 486154 in metacity (Ubuntu) "System beep broken in Karmic despite heroic efforts to fix it" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48615420:25
kim0Unity by design doesn't handle xkb bell event .. while the old bug was about metacity having problems emitting a beep sound20:26
Saammis there a way to minimize pulse time on unity launcher?20:38
SaammI have dragged a custom launcher on unity launcher...once i click it, it keep on pulsating for 5 seconds so I cannot do two clicks in succession. How to solce this?20:41
RAOFaquarius: Correct!  00:36 is not a good time to get me :)23:48
kais58what would the equivelant of "gnome-session-save --logout" be for unity?23:59

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