jelmergroo_: It hasn't changed recently - see the bzr bug report for details: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/40281400:00
ubot5Ubuntu bug 402814 in Launchpad itself "Importing revisions with submodules is not supported" [Wishlist,Triaged]00:00
pooliegood morning00:37
groo_jelmer: tks for info :)00:49
spivGood morning.00:58
pooliehi spiv, jelmer01:06
maxbbzr: ERROR: bzrlib.errors.BzrCheckError: Internal check failed: Cannot add revision(s) to repository: missing text keys: [('dulwich/____init____.py', 'git-v1:f60d0a17de087f21708f7f32115b7cc957d51a1a'), ....01:16
maxbin our dulwich-daily recipe01:16
* maxb suspects the damaged divergence of pushed and dpushed dulwich01:16
TJNIII've set up bzr as a centralized vcs successfully.  Now I would like to set up a directory that gets updated every time something is committed to the central repo, so that it always the newest and shiniest bits.  This directory will be read only, so merging should not come in to play.  Is a hook script the best way to do this, or can loggerhead do this better?  I'm mainly wondering what documentation to read at this stage.01:47
spivTJNII: loggerhead is a web UI for viewing bzr branches01:51
spivIt looks like http://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/bzr01:52
TJNIIOkay, so that's a no, then.01:52
TJNIIThanks for the example, though.  I was wondering what it looked like.01:53
poolieTJNII: there is a push-and-update plugin that might be what you want01:56
TJNIIpoolie: But that needs to be installed for each client, yes?01:56
maxbalthough, that relies on the person pushing to use it01:57
maxbI think a hook would make the most sense here01:57
TJNIIRequiring all users to run it isn't really feasable.... Is there a sound argument against a hook?01:57
pooliea server side hook to do this would be good01:57
TJNIIOkay, that's what I thought.01:57
pooliethere probably is such a hook01:57
TJNIIThanks for the confirmation.01:57
pooliebut i don't know if there is something that hooks into it that will update the tree01:57
maxbalthough a hook will only fire if the push is over a smart transport01:57
poolieif you know python it should not be hard to run01:57
pooliethere is that too01:58
poolieanother option is to just set up a cron job to update the working tree01:58
TJNIIWhich transports would not be considered "smart"?01:59
maxbOnes which do not rely on there even being a copy of Bazaar installed on the server02:00
spivTJNII: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/plugins/en/automirror-plugin.html might be close enough.02:01
spivTJNII: pushing over bzr+ssh is "smart", i.e. runs bzr on the server.  Pushing over sftp isn't.02:01
maxbbzr+ssh is smart. http will try to use smart bzr+http if available, otherwise fall back to dumb http. sftp is dumb file operations02:02
spivThe automirror plugin is at least an example of using the post_change_branch_tip hook.02:02
TJNIImaxb: How does that work in a centralized configuration without bzr?  I thought bazaar did not maintain a usable tree that could be accessed directly due to logistical reasons at the core repo?02:02
TJNIIBy "usable" I mean "directly accessable"02:02
TJNIIMy verbage was not to good, there.02:03
maxbdirectly accessible by a human using basic file tools isn't the same as accessible using Bazaar remotely02:03
TJNIIOh, so the remote bazaar modifies the .bzr directory?02:04
spivTJNII: is your central repo written to via bzr+ssh?02:04
TJNIIspiv: Right now, yes.  I think I can maintain that, though I haven't played with the Windows end yet.02:05
spivOk, that works well then.02:05
spivBecause bzr+ssh means bzr is running on the server, and the client is merely asking the server's bzr to make changes rather than writing to .bzr itself.  So you just need to install the hook on the server, and it will be run.02:06
TJNIIAah, I understand.02:07
spivI'd try the automirror plugin first, I think it's pretty close to what you want.02:07
TJNIIGotcha, thanks.02:08
pooliejelmer, are you still here?02:31
pooliewhat do you think of bug 758758 vs bug 681582?02:31
ubot5Launchpad bug 758758 in Launchpad itself "bzr out of memory during auto-build (dup-of: 681582)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75875802:31
ubot5Launchpad bug 681582 in bzr-builder "fails to build with "bzr: out of memory"" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68158202:31
ubot5Launchpad bug 681582 in bzr-builder "fails to build with "bzr: out of memory"" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68158202:31
spivpoolie: do you know anything about “AssertionError: NoWhoami not raised” test failures on lp:bzr/2.3?06:23
pooliehi spiv06:23
pooliethere is a bug open for it06:23
spivHmm, do you have the number handy?  A search didn't find it for me.06:24
spivI'm a bit puzzled about how it passed PQM, perhaps there's a test isolation problem?06:25
pooliespiv it is a test isolation thing06:25
pooliespecifically the heuristic of having /etc/mailname probably works on your laptop but not on pqm06:25
poolieis supposed to have fixed it06:26
spivBut isn't merged to 2.3?06:26
poolieah ha06:28
pooliewas meant to go in to 2.3 but did not06:28
* spiv wonders where his ssh agent went06:28
* spiv wonders where the environment variables pointing to the perfectly good ssh agent went06:32
pooliethe diff to 2.3 looks reasonable so i'll send it06:33
spivpoolie: if it's the same fix already approved & merged for lp:bzr then I approve without even looking at it :)06:34
spivFor bonus points, do you think gnome-session is a reasonable package to file a bug against if my new terminal instances started by Ctrl-Alt-T (but not Ctrl-Shift-N from an existing terminal!) are lacking environment gnome-sessiony variables?06:35
poolieand, ah, https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/67676906:35
ubot5Ubuntu bug 676769 in Launchpad itself "resubmitting a merge proposal should reuse the old commit message" [Low,Triaged]06:35
pooliefiled by you :)06:36
pooliespiv i'd guess that was a gnome-terminal bug06:36
pooliethat's surprising06:36
* spiv hmms06:36
poolieit seems like it would have to try hard to break it06:36
spivHuh, yes, maybe g-t06:37
spivUsing Alt-F2 to run xterm inherits the vars ok06:37
* spiv wonders what the Ctrl-Alt-T shortcut does exactly.06:37
spivHmm, part of the “Gnome compatibility plugin” in ccsm06:39
poolieok, i sent that to pqm06:43
pooliespiv i might go out for a bit, as i have some calls tonight06:44
poolieshould be back about 506:44
spivOk, see you later06:44
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maxbmm yay it's beta time again, watch the ~bzr/beta ppa become a nightmare of uninstallability07:35
maxbjelmer: I want a bzrtools snapshot in ~bzr/beta for installability, are you interested in having it in experimental too (i.e. should I prepare it on the alioth experimental branch?)07:40
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spivlosa ping: http://pqm.bazaar-vcs.org/ is giving 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable.  Is that a known issue?08:21
spmhrm. not by me.08:22
spmspiv: iz back; had crashed08:24
spivspm: thanks!08:28
spivAnd apparently poolie's patch for 2.3 didn't land.  Hmm.08:28
spmI call cause and effect. poolie's patch is clearly evil and crashed the pqm ui.08:30
pooliemaxb: what happens around beta time?08:31
pooliebzr betas?08:31
maxbthe usual api compatibility versioning nonsense mess08:32
pooliebecause of bzr changes?08:33
poolieoh, from 2.4b1?08:33
maxband of course right up there in front in bzrtools08:33
maxbI have a lot of disbelieve that bzrtools 2.3.x cannot function reasonably with bzr 2.408:35
maxbbut it insists on being awkward08:35
maxbaaaaanyway. I should probably go to work08:36
pooliei agree08:36
pooliei mean i share your disbelief08:36
pooliei'd like to put up a patch to relax the check08:36
poolieeither in bzrtools or bzr core08:36
pooliehi jam08:37
jammaxb: abentley prefers to make sure that at least the test suite passes before he "signs off" on it being compatible08:37
jamhi poolie08:37
pooliejelmer are you up yet?08:39
pooliespiv, spm, i didn't getting a failure message from pqm08:40
spivpoolie: hmm!08:40
* spm hi-fives spiv - troll successful;08:40
pooliei'm preitty sure08:40
spivspm: it's cheating if you use your admin powers to crash the system to rig the result ;)08:42
pooliecanberra must be more boring than i remembered08:42
spmpoolie: 1, spm 008:43
pooliespm, so, seriously, is there any evidence?08:46
pooliehi bob208:46
spmpoolie: that your patch crashed it? Idoubt it. the ui is independant of pqm itself. I've not et chased why it crashed.08:46
spmpoolie: when was your patch sent in? I'm not seeing anything in the log since about 10am our time, and that was something from jam08:48
poolieah, i wonder if it even left my machine08:48
jamspm: last patch was about 1am my time I think. Which is, 23:00 UTC?08:49
spmjam: dat's der bunny08:49
poolienup, stuck in postfix!08:49
spmpoolie: that's impressive! that your patch didn't even hit pqm and still managed to crash the ui!!08:49
spmspiv: hrm. looks like it may have been down for a while. since ~ 8am on the 11th our time.08:53
spmno reason why, just no running, afaict.08:53
spivspm: hmm.  Please arrange the cosmic ray reflectors in the data centre to point at someone else's box, thx.08:55
pooliespm, you know bradm did the upgrade to lucid the other day?08:55
poolieok, apparently a change to my internet setup was causing my mail to queue up here08:55
poolieit should have left now08:55
spmpoolie: that was just in the chroots aiui?08:56
poolieyes, we copied the chroot, upgraded the new copy, and pointed pqm at that08:56
poolieso it should not have caused pqm to stop running08:56
poolieunless the config change had a typo or something08:56
spmhrm. the timing is sus08:56
spmvery sus. aligns perfectly. I'd say that was it. something about the chroot upgrade crashed it.08:57
jelmerpoolie: hi08:57
spmhey jelmer08:58
jelmerhey Steve08:58
pooliespm, but other pqm requests do seem to have got through in the interim08:59
jelmermaxb: having bzrtools in experimental seems reasonable08:59
spmpoolie: for sure. the UI isn't needed to get stuff thru pqm; it's actually a very separate process(?) within the same code.09:00
jampoolie: are we doing the standup now?09:00
maxbok, I'll look at that after I've got 2.4b1 done for all series09:00
poolieyes, it's time09:04
jampoolie: jelmer spiv and I are in mumble09:05
pooliehm having some trouble getting in09:06
jampoolie: mwa-ha-ha-haaaa!09:06
jelmerjam: your laugh is particularly diabolical today ?09:07
jelmerpoolie: you've muted me, I can't unmute myself as far as I can tell09:10
pooliewhy would i do that? :)09:11
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pooliejam perhaps you should take more inprogress bugs onto your kanban09:20
poolieBazaar version control <http://bazaar.canonical.com> | try https://answers.launchpad.net/bzr for more help | http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | Patch pilot: poolie09:21
pooliejelmer, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-O#preview09:22
pooliespiv, spm, i did get back an apparently real failure09:43
pooliei wish our pqm failures were a bit more to-the-point09:44
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=== psynaptic|away is now known as psynaptic
poolieSRU progressed, yay!10:58
maxbGive Karmic's impending EOL, any objections to changing "not urgent" to "not going to happen" ?11:10
jelmermaxb: I think so11:12
pooliei would like to get the lucid one out though11:13
pooliesomeone asked about it the other day11:13
maxbpoolie: Oh, if you really want to test in a ppa, if you define a new dput configuration stanza using incoming = ~%(ppa)s/ubuntu/maverick, the trailing path segment will override the specification in the changelog and changes file11:13
poolieperhaps this will get faster11:13
pooliemaxb maybe you should apply for upload rights too?11:13
poolieoh, that's useful11:13
pooliecould you add that to the page if you're changing it?11:13
poolieok, really offline now11:13
pooliehave a good night11:13
poolieor whatever11:13
maxbI'm not sure I recomment it however11:13
pooliei think on the whole there are probably enough checkpoints11:14
maxbBecause it will cause .debs to exist in your ppa which are named and versioned like the primary archive, but are not the same build11:14
maxbyeah, maybe I should apply for PPU - between PPA stuff and Ubuntu process knowledge, I probably qualify11:15
jmlpoolie: your blog is down.11:32
jmlhttp://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/aesthetics/interface-levels.html fails11:32
pooliemaxb: i would certainly endorse you11:33
pooliehi jml11:34
pooliei think the machine might be down11:34
briandealwisjelmer: thanks for the new bzr-git release.  But 0.6.0 complains that it needs dulwich >= 0.7.1 – which isn't available12:44
briandealwis…ah, but there is a dulwich-0.7.1.tar.gz available on jelmer's dulwich page, though it's not linked12:58
jelmerbriandealwis: not linked where?13:12
briandealwisAh, it shows 0.7.0 twice13:29
briandealwisjelmer: ^13:29
jelmerbriandealwis: should be fixed now13:30
briandealwiscoolio, thanks.13:30
briandealwisjelmer: in case you want more nits, lp:bzr-git lists 0.5.4 as the latest and lp:dulwich lists 0.7..0 as the latest13:32
jelmerbriandealwis: you mean the tags?13:32
briandealwisjelmer: both the latest file versions, and I guess the tags (they're listed as "milestones" with an open circle vs the closed circles for the other versions)13:37
jelmerbriandealwis: the milestones aren't related to the tags13:37
jelmerbriandealwis: the file versions on the site are updated automatically by Launchpad, I guess it hasn't picked them up yet13:38
sambatyonhey guys, I need some help. There is some file in the repository, the project file. This project file will be changed in my local branch but I don't want it to be commited, or updated nor pulled nor merged, or anything of the sort, since paths and other stuff are particularly to my environment. However the project needs to be in the main branch so new programmers can customized it. Is there a way to avoid these things to get caught by14:10
sambatyonbazaar in merges and things like that?14:10
maxbThe standard solution is to keep a template file in the branch, and let developers copy it to a new name before making their local modifications14:18
maxbe.g. project.conf.template in the branch, people use it to create a project.conf locally14:18
sambatyonyes, I would do that… unfortunately I am not the admin14:21
sambatyon(and now it is too late for that)14:26
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gypsymauroI'm trying to ceckout a working copy with sftp but I get this error: bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "sftp://root@
gypsymauroany hint?14:57
maxbOk... Is that location actually a branch? Does /home/bzr/.bzr/branch/format exist?14:57
gypsymauroyeah Bazaar Branch Format 7 (needs bzr 1.6)14:59
maxbOK, please try the command again with the -Derror flag and pastebin the output15:00
gypsymauromaxb: http://pastebin.com/WhdUW8A215:07
maxbWhat version is Bazaar on the client side?15:07
gypsymaurothe same on the server 2.1.2-115:08
gypsymaurofunny is that if I run bzr co on local machine it works15:09
maxbPlease try running:15:13
maxbecho "get /home/bzr/.bzr/branch-format" | sftp root@
gypsymauroFile "/home/bazar/.bzr/branch-format" not found.15:18
gypsymaurobut there is that file15:18
gypsymaurotwo ssh processes on the same ip...15:19
gypsymaurosorry :)15:21
gypsymauroI need a cup of coffee..15:21
mgzmaxb or someone, what's the right way of dealing with all these bzr (ubuntu) bugs poolie opened up?15:22
mgzI can mark it confirmed, but should I open it against bzr (upstream) where I have tracker rights?15:23
jammgz: I would use "Also Affects Project"15:28
jamand add bzr15:28
jamand then we can decide what to do with the upstream portion15:28
jamI often close it with a "moving to upstream"15:29
mgzthanks jam.15:29
jambecause we don't usually care about the status in a particular "Ubuntu" package15:29
jamIt is unfortunate that you can't just say "this is Upstream" directly15:29
mgzjust posting a commect on your bug 758652 as well.15:29
ubot5Launchpad bug 758652 in loggerhead "'leaks' Branch objects" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75865215:29
jambut I think there is a bug open in LP about it.15:29
maxbmgz: what bugs?15:29
mgzbug 686735 for eg. which I want to fix today.15:29
ubot5Launchpad bug 686735 in bzr (Ubuntu) "bzr crashed with UnicodeDecodeError in run_subprocess_command()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68673515:29
jammgz: yeah, it looks like reporting bugs via apport defaults to making them private15:30
jamso Martin has to go through them and make sure there isn't anything personal included and manually make them public15:31
* jam doesn't like bottlenecking things through a single person15:31
gypsymaurosuppose I move a repository from a machine to another , there is a way to udpate a local working copy to point to the new location of the repository?15:40
jamgypsymauro: if you are using a lightweight checkout "bzr switch --force"15:41
jam(--force if the old repo no longer is available)15:41
gypsymaurojam: not lightweight15:42
jamgypsymauro: heavy checkout then? 'bzr switch' still works15:42
jamif it isn't a checkout, and just a branch, and you want to update the push and pull locations15:42
jamuse '--remember'15:42
jambzr push --remember new-location15:42
gypsymaurodoen with "checkout" is an heavy right?15:43
vanguardhow much work would it be approx. to do i18n on the bzr cli?15:44
jamgypsymauro: yes15:44
jamvanguard: There are quite a lot of strings around. I think the biggest hurdle we ran into was that importing gettext is *slow*15:45
jamadded something like 0.5s to every run15:45
jamI don't remember the details anymore, but that was a fair punishment for trying to do it.15:45
vanguardjam: so it is basically cancelled?15:47
jamvanguard: I don't think anyone has confirmed the results in a while (like a couple of years)15:49
jamso it might be wrong15:49
jamI know the guis are translated15:49
vanguardExplorer and qbzr are, bzr-gtk is not I think15:49
jamI know bzr-gtk does import gettext15:50
jamit used to break when in a debugger because of gettext evil and the '_' operator15:50
jam(gettext would create a builtin '_' operator, but pdb uses '_' as the result-of-last-command variable15:50
vanguardmaybe it just has no german l10n. What is the gettext evil?15:50
vanguardright, I see15:50
jamwhich would then break like mad when bzr-gtk would try to _() a string)15:50
vanguardso the _ is not that clever in python I gather15:51
gypsymaurothere was a new file, I made a ci and it marked aas unknown, now if I do a bzr add it doesn't add it :/ the default is recursively right?15:55
jamgypsymauro: what does "bzr status" say?15:56
jamadd is recursive by default, yes15:57
jamThe file might be ignored?15:57
gypsymauroit says, unkown: pathofthefile15:58
jamgypsymauro: if it shows up as unknown, then it should be added by plain 'bzr add'15:58
jamOnly thing I can think is if you have a secret subtree that is in the way15:58
gypsymauroI defenitely need a coffee16:00
gypsymauroyou can see the status if you are in a different subtree16:00
gypsymaurobut bzr add doens't works globally16:00
gypsymaurou need to be on the root16:00
gypsymauroor on the right folder16:00
jelmerjam, vanguard: bzr-gtk uses _i18n rather than _()16:02
jelmerthe gettext import overhead is negligable these days16:02
jamjelmer: it does *now* it didn't many moons ago16:02
jamAIUI, it does specifically because of that16:03
jelmerjam: Yes, exactly16:03
gypsymaurocan bzr and svn work on the same working copy? :) I mean I've a project that is mantained by a guy that uses svn , but I want to keep the revision on my own too, can they live togheter?16:03
jamjelmer: are you including the time to install the specific language, etc for gettext?16:03
jam"import gettext" is pretty fast, but ISTR it costing more to actually set up translations, et.c16:04
jamgypsymauro: you can, but things get weird if you install bzr-svn and try to share a working tree16:04
jelmerjam: I'm not sure about that, this is the overhead on my system (which has LC_ALL=en_IE.UTF-8)16:04
jam(bzr-svn lets you checkout from subversion as though it were a bzr branch, etc)16:04
jamjelmer: my point is that it isn't just 'import gettext', I don't remember the specific invocation, though.16:05
jelmerjam: binding to a specific gettext domain, etc is included (but without any actual translations present)16:06
gypsymaurojam: oh no I want just let him to work on his project with svn , but I want to keep track of theproject on my own with bzr16:06
jelmerI'm not sure how worried we are about overhead for users without i18n enabled vs the overhead for users who do want i18n16:06
jamjelmer: you haven't actually said what the overhead is :)16:06
jamgypsymauro: jelmer is the man to talk to. Anyway, I need to go do family time. See you guys later.16:07
jelmerjam: have a nice evening :)16:07
jelmerjam: I said negligable, which can mean anything.. ;-)16:07
jelmerI'll get some more details16:07
jelmergypsymauro: you should be able to just "bzr branch <svn-url>"16:07
gypsymaurojam:  tank you :D16:09
gypsymaurojelmer: ?16:10
gypsymauroI've already a working copy I want to create a new repository from it16:10
jelmergypsymauro: you'd like to create a bzr branch from a svn repository?16:10
jelmersorry, from a svn working copy?16:12
gypsymauroI'm not sure what u mean with "branch" , I mean that I want to version a svn working copy with bzr :)16:13
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gypsymaurosomething like cvs add16:14
jelmergypsymauro: so you'd just like to version the entire tree, without preserving any of the existing svn history?16:17
jelmergypsymauro: in other words, the fact that it's a svn working copy isn't really relevant?16:17
gypsymaurojelmer: exactly16:18
jelmergypsymauro: see the bzr in 5 minutes guide16:19
jelmerbasically - "bzr init; bzr add ."16:19
gypsymaurotank you jelmer16:36
mgzvanguard: I'm curious, why do you want to work on making the cli german rather than just qbzr/explorer?16:51
mgzmost devs I know, even the ones with localised web browsers and so on, don't expect native command line tools.16:53
mgzand the gnu stuff pisses the hell out of my by guessing my prefered language incorrectly.16:53
briandealwisDoes anybody know if I can do a bzr-svn dpush from a loom or a pipeline?  I'm looking to "hide" some (orthogonal) local patches required to get the tree in a running state on my machine.16:56
jelmerbriandealwis: Somewhat; if you don't dpush the tip of the pipeline then you'll have to rebase the unpushed pipes after dpushing16:58
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briandealwisOk, makes sense.  Unfortunately I'm working against an old Subversion installation that won't be upgraded, and I want to avoid polluting with file-properties.16:59
briandealwisThanks Jelmer16:59
jelmerdoes anybody else have trouble accessing e.g. https://code.launchpad.net/~maxb/bzr-builddeb/no-error-unknown-distro/+merge/56998 when logged in?17:05
jelmerI get a 40317:06
maxbHow odd17:06
maxbI can see it fine, anonymous, as ~maxb, and as ~maxb-autobuild17:07
jelmerit's fine now if I refresh but I can confirm it from two machines17:07
jelmermaxb: what about the MP linked from https://code.launchpad.net/~spiv/bzr-loom/plugin-init ?17:08
maxboh, the MP17:08
maxbthe MP OOPSes17:08
maxbShall we transfer to #launchpad-dev ?17:08
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dpmhi jelmer, all set for your appdeveloperweek session later on?18:07
jelmerdpm: still working on some notes, but ready otherwise18:08
dpmjelmer, excellent. Thanks and good luck on the session!18:08
jelmerdpm: It's 4 hours from now right?18:09
dpmjelmer, yeah, at 23:00 for you, if you're on CEST -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek/Timetable18:10
jelmerdpm: Thanks18:11
jelmerdpm: Just double checking, it wouldn't have been the first time I missed up a tz :)18:11
dpmjelmer, no worries, thank _you_ :)18:11
FidelixHello. I have some files in an Unix remote server, and I'd like it to be a central place for developers to commit. How can I do that?18:11
LeoNerdMost likely just something simple over ssh; either bzr+ssh, or sftp.18:16
FidelixLeoNerd, was that for me?18:17
FidelixLeoNerd, how should I create the repository on the remote server?18:17
LeoNerdbzr push sftp://server/path/to/repo18:17
LeoNerdwill create it if it doesn't exist18:17
FidelixLeoNerd, but the files are on the server.18:17
FidelixThe files are already on the server.18:18
FidelixThe files are ONLY on the server.18:18
LeoNerdJust as bare files, not managed by bzr?18:19
FidelixThe project was started there. Using simple FTP.18:19
FidelixLeoNerd, exactly.18:19
LeoNerdI see.. Well... bzr init; bzr add them, bzr commit  to create the first revision... now it's a branch.18:19
LeoNerdOthers can access that branch, check it out, commit to it, etc.. by any of the usual mechanisms18:19
LeoNerdThough note that not all transports can update a remote checkout after a push18:19
FidelixLeoNerd, what is a transport? A user?18:20
Fidelix*an user?18:20
LeoNerdfile or sftp or bzr+ssh or whatever...18:20
LeoNerdURL schemes18:20
FidelixOh, ok. Can bzr+ssh do that?18:20
LeoNerdHmm.. pass. Not sure offhand. Try it out.18:21
LeoNerdThere's a warning message if it doesn't.18:21
FidelixOK. Thanks.18:21
FidelixLeoNerd, what is "Lightweight Checkout" ?18:21
LeoNerdA checkout that doesn't haev a branch.18:22
LeoNerdThink like CVS checkouts18:22
FidelixAlright. That's what I need. Thank you very much18:22
FidelixAuthentication (publickey) successful!18:23
FidelixSecsh channel 1 opened.18:23
Fidelixbzr: ERROR: exceptions.UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xe3 in position 15: ordinal not in range(128)18:23
mgzFidelix: paste the full traceback somewhere? you possibly have some filenames that are not utf-8, or a misconfigured locale.18:28
Fidelixmgz, I closed the window, opened again, and it worked fine.18:28
FidelixI'm using bzr explorer18:29
mgzI'm curious about what the actual error was, can you find it in .bzr.log and put it somewhere for me to see?18:29
FidelixI believe it is this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-explorer/+bug/59986018:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 599860 in Bazaar Explorer "bzr: ERROR: exceptions.UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 84: ordinal not in range(128)" [Medium,Confirmed]18:29
Fidelixyes, I'll paste.18:29
Fidelixmgz, where is bzr.log ?18:30
mgzI think explorer will tell you where to find it under 'about'.18:30
mgzotherwise run `bzr qversion` from the command line.18:30
mgzhm, not in about, can do Bazaar/All Commands... and type 'version' in the 'Command' drop down and hit okay, then scroll the output so you can see where the log file is.18:34
Fidelixmgz, I hope you don't mind... I removed some personal data. http://pastebin.com/H8vaabTX18:35
mgzthat's fine.18:36
mgzactually, looks like the bug I am looking into *just this second* which is bug 68673518:36
ubot5Launchpad bug 686735 in Bazaar "bzr crashed with UnicodeDecodeError in run_subprocess_command()" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68673518:36
mgzwhat's your qbzr version? that's something the explorer 'about' will tell you.18:37
mgzfinally, in the parts you starred out, were there any non-ascii characters or % encoded URL bits?18:38
Fidelixmgz, http://felipefidelix.com/f/System_Information-2011-04-13_14.39.59.png18:40
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FidelixNot on the server, but on my computer, maybe... IF # is utf-8, which I don't think it is...18:41
mgzsorry, that's the other dialoge box, I wanted the info in Bazaar Explorer's Help/About Bazaar Explorer specifically the line that says for me:18:43
mgzQBzr 0.20.0.dev, ....18:43
mgzThe # should be fine indeed, just needed to check18:44
mgzthanks Fidelix.18:44
FidelixNo, thank you!18:44
mgzfeel free to +metoo that bug I linked and I'll mark it confirmed.18:45
mgzwait, I... edited the wrong bug earlier >_<18:50
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TJNII_work_I want to set up bzr to run a shell script on post_commit.  I'm looking at the docs, but I don't understand the naming system in .bzr/hooks.  Where should a script like this go?19:03
TJNII_work_The hooks page talks about "types": branch and server, but doesn't clearly state what the differences are, and the hooks help uses post_commit whereas the hooks page uses post-commit.19:07
jelmerTJNII_work_: the hooks are installed by bzr plugins, they're not shell scripts19:09
jelmerwhere do you see a reference to .bzr/hooks ?19:10
TJNII_work_under "Specify hooks in directories"19:14
TJNII_work_So I can't just have bazaar run a shell script on post_commit?  That is no longer supported?19:14
TJNII_work_I need soemthing server side.  Requiring all clients to install a plugin is unacceptable.19:15
TJNII_work_I was under the impression I could install a hook in the server .bzr direcroty and the "smart" protocols would activate it.19:15
mDuffTJNII_work_, I haven't kept up with bzr very closely, but I wasn't aware that server-side hooks were ever supported without a PQM.19:22
mDuffTJNII_work_, (...speaking of which, have you *considered* a PQM?)19:22
mDuff...hmm. Actually, looking at that page, it looks like they are. Nifty.19:23
mDuff(supported since 1.6, apparently)19:24
TJNII_work_What is a PQM?19:24
mDuffa patch queue manager, a central daemon which receives and handles please-merge-my-branch requests (typically with configuration to support running unit tests, or voting on whether to accept the patch, or the like first)19:25
mDuffbtw, http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/latest/en/user-guide/hooks.html and http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/latest/en/user-reference/hooks-help.html look relevant (the latter discusses exactly when hooks are run on the server)19:27
TJNII_work_I see.19:27
TJNII_work_Where is that documented?19:27
TJNII_work_Is is not in the users guide19:27
TJNII_work_The admin guide has a heading for it, but no content.19:27
mDuffhttps://launchpad.net/pqm is one particular PQM instance19:28
TJNII_work_Yea, I'm looking at those pages, but they don't clearly define what pathing bazaar uses19:28
TJNII_work_Would it be .bzr/hooks/branch/post_commit?  Or .bzr/hooks/branch/post-commit?  or .bzr/hooks/server/post_commit?  I don't know.19:29
mDuffDocs clearly specify "the plugins subdirectory of your configuration directory" should have a Python plugin that installs your hook.19:30
mDuff...so you're writing Python code rather than a shell script (even if it's Python code that starts a shell script)19:31
mDuff...in the initial BzrHooks wiki page you pointed at, support for shell scripts is listed as a "desired improvement", not a feature.19:32
TJNII_work_Oh, I see.  So even though the docs clearly say "In addition to plugins installing hooks, users can provide shell scripts to run when hooks are triggered. The scripts to run for hook xxx are specified in the following directories: " it doesn't actually do that.  Which is kinda documented in the "Requested Improvements (Dec 2007)" block.19:35
mDuff...well, you'd want someone who actually knows the code (or is at least willing to grep it) to give a _conclusive_ answer19:35
mDuff...but having a behavior that's documented only in the wiki but not the manual isn't exactly confidence-inspiring.19:38
mDuffoh, that's under "ideas"19:38
mDuff"Configuration Ideas"19:39
mDuff...so yup, that would clearly look to be brainstorming for future implementation.19:39
lifelessTJNII_work_: there is a plugin that will run shell scripts of your choice on actions19:43
lifelessTJNII_work_: you can install that server side19:43
lifelessTJNII_work_: as long as folk use bzr:// to push it will run.19:43
lifelessI don't remember its hane, sorry - but jelmer may.19:44
TJNII_work_lifeless: Where?  I'm looking for it and not finding it.  If you know the URL that would help greatly19:44
TJNII_work_The plugins page lists shell-hooks, but that's dead19:44
TJNII_work_Nothing on the site19:44
lifelessthats what I was thinking of I suspect19:45
TJNII_work_Yea, there's a trunk directory from 2008 that is empty.  No code.19:45
TJNII_work_So, what would the python script / plugin need to be named?  post_commit_hook.py?19:45
mDuffTJNII, ...the plugin's name doesn't matter -- it's the contents that do the registrations19:47
mDuffTJNII, umm, you say "empty" -- it's a bzr repo19:48
* TJNII_work_ smacks his forehead19:48
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maxbOK, this is not so bad. All plugins in ~bzr/beta install and at least load except bzrtools bzr-pipeline and bzr-svn20:35
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maxbabentley: What stage in the 2.4 beta process are you likely to release compatible versions of bzrtools and bzr-pipeline?20:36
abentleymaxb: probably when bzr 2.4.0 goes gold.20:37
maxbah. I should probably think about snapshot .debs then20:38
abentleymaxb: currently, these are both slow-moving projects whose trunk declares compatibility.20:39
abentleymaxb: The whole versioning thing is a mess, as we recently discussed on the list.  But I would expect the last release of bzrtools to work with beta versions of bzr.  It doesn't?20:41
maxbIt looks like we may have mis-transliterated its internal API versioning into debian package dependencies20:43
abentleymaxb: Yeah, it wouldn't be compatible with final bzr releases, but it shouldn't complain about betas.20:45
maxbbzrtools special-cases 'dev' but not 'beta'20:55
maxbSo it will work, but it will warn20:55
abentleymaxb: Oh.  I was assuming that betas were dev, since they're not releases.20:57
maxbThey're beta releases :-)20:58
maxbPerhaps != 'final' would be best?20:58
abentleymaxb: perhaps.  API changes can still happen in the betas, right?21:00
maxbIIRC we pick a specific beta as the start of API freeze? Usually the last beta?21:01
maxb(so, yes)21:02
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abentleymaxb: It doesn't make sense for bzrtools to claim compatibility with 2.4 until it the final bzr 2.4 API is available, so there ought to be a way for bzrtools to work with betas.21:05
maxbRight - so, treat 'beta' and 'dev' version classes the same21:05
abentleymaxb: okay, I'll look into revamping the versioning of pipeline and bzrtools so that they work with the subsequent betas.21:06
maxbbzrtools works now, except that it claims that bzrtools 2.4 should be available if you run it against a beta release21:07
abentleymaxb: Yes.  For now, I guess snapshots are the way to go.21:10
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orospakrHey, can I delete tags from a repository (not a branch)?21:58
orospakrfor that matter, how can I get the equivalent of "bzr log" from a repository?21:58
fullermdOh, removing tags from a repository is easy.  You just...  do nothing   :).  Tags are in branches, not repos.21:59
orospakrah, I found another way around my problem. nvm.22:01

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