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what_ifHello :)  Want recommendation on what to and how to turn off unneeded features in Kubuntu. Can I uninstall or disable "plasma", desktop search?01:16
Mase_wkwhat_if: you can disable plasma and nepomuk ( search )01:19
Mase_wksearch won't have too much impact01:20
Mase_wkif you aren't running plasma then you won't have any task bar / anything other than the window decorations01:20
what_ifMase_wk: hmm, need the task bar. perhaps I'll just disable the search01:21
Mase_wkplasma is not very resource intensive01:21
what_ifMase_wk: just trying to get my laptop (Specifically X) to use less than 80% cpu01:22
James147what_if: there is little point in disalbe the search.. it isnt very intensive or used at all if your not searching :) what you might want to do is turn off indexing01:23
Mase_wkwhat_if: your laptop shouldn't be at 80%01:23
Mase_wkhave a look and see what process it is01:23
James147what_if: no ^^ 80% sounds like something horribally wrong :S01:23
what_ifMase_wk: I agree it is wrong. Fresh install too01:23
Mase_wkif it's saying it's X then what it means is that it is an X application. Krunner has a taskmanager01:23
Mase_wkuse that01:24
James147what_if: what version of kubuntu and kde?01:24
what_if10.04.2LTS Ubuntu with whatever KDE4 is their default01:24
James147what_if: I would advise upgrading ^^ or at least testing a livecd...01:25
what_ifJames147: can't upgrade to a non LTS, unfortunately01:25
James147what_if: why not/01:25
what_ifJames147: This is for an "emergency go-kit" laptop. LTS was specified01:26
what_ifCurrently I'm switching the display driver from the ati to the vesa one. Will see if that fixes or helps01:28
what_ifWhat error is it when the colors are all wrong on a laptop display? Green and purple halos around everything, grainy desktop image. Hew, the CPU usage issue is gone though01:34
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LogicallyDashingI use Konversation. When I right-click the channel name in the tab bar on the left, nothing happens. When I right click in the chat window I get the context menu as usual. But I'm pretty sure there's supposed to be a context menu for channel tabs. What am I missing?02:12
frogonwheelsLogicallyDashing: yeah, there's meant to be a right-click context menu for channel tabs. works for me02:16
Ox0000i'm having problem adding a network printer via cups probably since my password contains some special characters. any help?02:19
LogicallyDashingfrogonwheels: any idea where in the settings I might turn that on?02:21
frogonwheelsLogicallyDashing: you could trying positioning them at the top and see if that changes things?02:22
LogicallyDashingfrogonwheels: nope02:23
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katsrcHey, I was trying to upgrade to the latest Natty and the installer stalled at the ms-font installer dialog04:34
katsrccan i still resume the installation?04:35
katsrcor is it too messy?04:35
linuxtechI just tried an install of the natty daily build and it does not look good, it didn't past the initail menu...04:41
navatwoOK, there is something goings screwey with the natty rbranch06:01
navatwoIts using up 4gb of memory, on idle and it is using 1gb of memory on my netbook.06:02
navatwoSomething is leaking.. HARD. >.> I'm not sure how I can try and find the issue to report it though06:02
Tm_Tnavatwo: natty support in #ubuntu+1 but you could try and see what RES field says for apps in top or htop output06:30
navatwoTm_T: already there06:33
navatwofx4 has 500mb >.<06:34
navatwoThe numbers do not appear to add up though06:34
Tm_Tnavatwo: how do you measure the mem usage in overall?06:34
Tm_Tnavatwo: see what " free -m | grep buffers " says06:35
navatwoTm_T:              total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached06:37
navatwo-/+ buffers/cache:       1652       230706:37
navatwoTm_T: top says I have next to nothing though06:37
navatwoTm_T:              total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached06:38
navatwoMem:   4054956k total,  3580964k used,   473992k free,    80480k buffers06:38
navatwomeant to paste the second line >.<06:38
Tm_Tnavatwo: ah, so all is just fine then, you have 1,6 GiB used for apps, rest is just buffers and cache06:39
navatwoYes, but why is Top saying otherwise?06:39
navatwoalso why is everything crawling and tweaking out >.<06:40
Tm_Tnavatwo: to me it looks like top is saying the same, it's not saying about cache though06:40
mimi2NEED HELP PLEASE. accidently deleted jasper jpeg-2000 library and now it won't even boot!07:28
Daskreechmimi2: hmm?07:35
Daskreechmore info please07:35
mimi2uninstalled jasper by accident. reinstalled it immediately after but nothing worked. decided to reboot but now it won't even boot07:40
Daskreechmimi2: What do you mean it won't boot?07:40
Daskreech the computer won't turn on?07:40
mimi2it hangs just before login07:44
Daskreechmimi2: ...  just before login?07:48
DaskreechBefore you see the login screen? or before KDE loads?07:48
mimi2i see the kubuntu logo where it thinks07:49
Daskreechmimi2: ah ok so you are ok then. What happens when you press Esc there?07:49
mimi2it goes into terminal... last line read checking battery07:50
Daskreechchecking battery eh?07:50
Daskreechcan you press enter?07:50
Daskreechor Ctrl+C07:50
mimi2if i hit escape it goes back to the logo07:51
Daskreechmimi2: can you press alt+ctrl+f1 ?08:08
mimi2turned box off08:08
Daskreechmimi2: ok when you turn it back on you should get a notice at the start saying press any key for menu in 5 4 3 2 108:11
Daskreechsomething to that effect08:11
Daskreechpress a button and then press e to edit the boot line08:11
DaskreechIf I recall correctly you press it again then you can edit the boot command08:12
Daskreechat the end of the line type the word 'single' then press ctrl-x08:12
Daskreechyou will get an interface where you can reinstall jpeg-200008:12
mimi2i was looking to chroot to reinstall08:13
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annmahi, is it reasonable to install Kubuntu Natty beta? I need to change my distro08:14
annmaand I would like a very recent one08:15
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Mamarokannma: I had and still have quite some problems with it, it chokes on grub mostly08:16
annmaso maybe it's not the wisest08:16
annmaI have a 10.10 CD08:17
annmamaybe I can try to install it and see from there08:17
Daskreechannma: what is it?08:17
mimi2not seeing where you got that dask08:17
Daskreechmimi2: really08:17
annmait takes ages anyway to download an iso here08:18
annmaDaskreech: what is what?08:18
Daskreechmimi2: you don't get a note at the very start to say press to see menu?08:18
Daskreechannma: Oh never mind. Natty. Thought you were looking at somethign specific08:18
annmaI always used rpm-based distros so I am a bit fearful of .deb08:19
Daskreechannma: how so?08:20
annmaeverything is different08:20
DaskreechHave you used Yum?08:20
annmaI mostly do things on command line anyway08:21
Daskreechwell I think you will like the debian way08:21
Daskreechyum is command line :)08:21
annmaI used Mandriva since I started on Linux08:21
DaskreechIt's the same as apt-get08:21
Daskreechah so you have used urpmi ?08:21
annmaDaskreech: it's not about liking08:21
annmait's about time to set up my system08:21
annmaI don't want spending days on having a trunk running08:22
mimi2which do i pick? root, kernel? to add the single to?08:22
Daskreechmimi2: kernel at the very end of the line08:23
Daskreechannma: oh so why do you want Natty then?08:23
Daskreechsounds like you are trying to get into what you are tryin to avoid08:23
annmabecause it would have all the latest dependencies08:24
annmafor building master08:24
mimi2do i type single then ctrl x or hit enter first before crtl x08:24
annmamy main problem is that mandriva lacks behind trunk for a lot of dependencies08:24
mimi2now it says something ro quiet single08:25
Mamarokannma: why not using debian sid then?08:25
annmadebian has too much learning path for repos08:26
annmaand I always heard that debian was also very conservative08:26
Mamaroktrue, that. but if you want an upt-to-date system in Kubuntu you will need to add the various kubuntu PPAs08:26
mimi2going to hit enter then ctrl x08:27
mimi2did nothing08:28
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annmamaybe I should wait for Natty to be out then08:34
Tm_Thi annma, others08:35
annmatrunk will be stabilized for dependencies08:35
annmahi Tm_T08:35
mimi2daskreech, it looks like i have previous kernel versions? can i just boot into one of them and install from there?08:36
Daskreechmimi2: not of jpeg200 is really causing a login issue08:36
mimi2i noticed -_-08:36
Daskreechmimi2: You can just boot into something normally and then press alt+ctrl+F1 if you don't want to parameter hack08:36
mimi2so i can just install via a previous version?08:37
Daskreechannma: which trunk?08:37
Daskreechmimi2: of what?08:37
mimi2boot menu is giving me multiple options08:38
mimi2to boot to. including recovery mode. maybe i boot into recovery and install there?08:38
mimi2or maybe chroot via live cd08:40
annmaDaskreech: kde trunk!!!08:40
annmaDaskreech: I develop on kde08:40
annmawhich is the problem08:40
annmaif I was anormal user I would get 10.10 and be happy08:40
Daskreechannma: :) just checking.08:40
Daskreechmimi2: that would work try recovery mode08:41
mimi2and install from there?08:41
Daskreechannma: perhaps you would like to talk to the development team for Kubuntu?08:41
Daskreech a number of them are upstream developers you can ask how their workflow with Kubuntu works08:42
Daskreechmimi2: yes08:42
annmaDaskreech: I think I would like to talk to someone having kubuntu and developing on kde trunk08:42
mimi2annam, you do? then can you please have the amarok people add a function to count the number of songs in library08:42
Daskreechannma: I just said that :)08:42
annmamimi2: I don't develop on amarok08:42
Daskreechmimi2: You can do that yourself08:42
annmathe development team for kubuntu is not the kde devel team08:42
annmaI don't even use amarok as I can't build it ;)08:43
Daskreechannma: I know that but some of them do a lot of upstream work08:43
mimi2dask, what do i pick? normal boot, netroot, etc08:43
mimi2there's 10? options!08:43
Daskreechapachelogger is well known. JontheEchidna is also doing a fair amount of work08:43
Daskreechhe's the maintainer of the weather wallpaper08:44
Daskreechmimi2: What are they if you don't mind me asking?08:44
annmayeah I know apachelogger and Riddell :)08:44
Daskreechand Riddell of course :)08:44
DaskreechHuggable bear08:44
Daskreechpolar bear. Probably in that club :)08:44
apacheloggerException: apachelogger is undefined08:45
annmaI saw you did a session about KAppTemplate apachelogger08:45
mimi2resume, clean, dpkg, failsafex, grub, netroot, root08:45
apacheloggeractuall KDE Q+A, JontheEchidna was supposed to talk about KAppTemplate but couldnt make it08:45
Daskreechmimi2: netroot should work08:46
mimi2that gets me to terminal i think?08:46
mimi2i guess i do aptget from there?08:46
Daskreechthen you typ,, yes :)08:47
mimi2what's the command? apt-get jasper?08:47
mimi2sudo apt-get install libjasper1 ?08:48
mimi2what about dependencies?08:48
mimi2problem. it says it's already newest version. nothing installed or upgraded08:50
mimi2what dependencies do i need?08:50
Daskreechmimi2: it will auto install dependencies it needs08:51
mimi2then it installed nothing08:51
mimi2says i alreayd have newest08:51
Daskreechthen jasper1 isn't your problem08:51
mimi2then what is?08:51
mimi2it broke after i uninstalled jasper08:52
mimi2i did nothing else08:52
Daskreechat what point is the boot stopping?08:52
mimi2after the uninstall, nothing would run. i could no longer open a picture via gwenview. and when i click on an icon to open a program like firefox, nothing would happen08:53
Daskreechcan you type service kdm start ?08:53
mimi2the logo08:53
Daskreechthat's all?08:53
mimi2it says kdm start running08:53
mimi2the logo where it thinks. has the dots that run left to right and back and so on08:54
mimi2just before you get to login08:54
Daskreechmimi2: I think that you may have turned off something else08:55
mimi2such as?08:55
DaskreechI don't know.08:55
Daskreechcan you apt-get install pastebinit08:55
Daskreechwhat's your normal username?08:56
Daskreechtrying to get your history of last commands08:57
DaskreechThough you probably removed it with kpackagekit huh ?08:57
mimi2when i uninstalled, it removed a lot of dependencies and i tried to cancel but there was no way so i said i just reinstall as soon as it's done. it looked like it reinstalled but nothing would run08:59
Daskreechmimi2: oh ha ok09:00
pehdenok I had win7 and ubuntu duel boot, and was trying to get netbook edition to work 10.10 but it failed then it wouldnt load anything, so installed 10.10 side by side and now i figured how to fix the original 10.10 how to i get back to the first w7 and 10.10, and remove the second 10.10 from grub09:00
Daskreechpastebinit /var/log/dpkg09:01
mimi2icons for programs under menu were replaced with question marks. like pcitures were no longer supported09:01
mimi2so i rebooted and here we are09:01
vikash_hey did anyone found da way to install guest additions in ubuntu 11.04 in da right way????09:01
vikash_i mean while running ubuntu 11.04 as a guest in virtualbox09:02
mimi2unable to read09:02
Daskreechpastebinit /var/log/dpkg.log09:03
Daskreechvikash_: ask in #vbox09:03
vikash_bt how to open it09:03
vikash_frm where to access this09:04
mimi2gave me an url09:04
Daskreechmimi2: can you copy that url here?09:05
Daskreechvikash_: click on the blue words09:05
mimi2log is blank09:07
Daskreechmimi2: I'm seeing that09:07
Daskreechhow is that  ?09:07
mimi2beats me :?09:08
pehdenvikash_ why not just install 11.04 in the vhbox09:08
mimi2because i am in recovery?09:08
Daskreechmimi2: doi... hm09:09
Daskreechwhat does mount say09:09
mimi2none on at lot of stuff09:09
mimi2but my 2 hdds are mounted09:10
Daskreechwhere to?09:10
Daskreech /?09:10
mimi2looks like / is mounted too09:11
Daskreechwell I need a log of what you removed09:12
Daskreechmimi2: apt-get install kubuntu-desktop09:12
mimi2are you serious?09:12
mimi2it's asking to install a lot of stuff09:13
mimi2looks like kde stuff....09:13
mimi2going to say yes....09:14
mimi2so uninstalling jasper, uninstalls the entire desktop????09:15
mimi2ok. all done. now what?09:17
Daskreechmimi2: service kdm stop09:29
mimi2already rebooted09:30
Daskreechmimi2: and?09:30
mimi2it boots09:30
Daskreechmimi2: you are welcome09:30
mimi2looks like i lost all my "settings"09:30
mimi2firefox is no longer installed09:30
Daskreechthat's not a setting that's a program09:31
mimi2but yes, it boots. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU09:31
mimi2i mean, looks like everything got installed09:31
mimi2amarok is 2.009:31
mimi2even though i had 109:31
mimi2so uninstalling jasper uninstalls the entire desktop09:32
mimi2pretty crazy09:32
mimi2i hate amarok 2 so much09:32
mimi2but i can "fix" it from here09:32
mimi2who are you by the way? =P so expertly knowledgable09:32
Daskreechsomeone who hangs out here a lot09:33
mimi2you don't develop?09:33
DaskreechNot in kdE09:33
mimi2then what?09:33
Daskreechpersonal projects09:34
mimi2oh ok09:34
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Daskreechmimi2: enjoy09:35
mimi2THANK YOU. i should hang around here like you09:35
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Daskreechyou probably should ;)09:35
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amichairwhat does it mean if when I "ls -alh" a directory, I see a bunch of question marks instead of permissions (for . and .. dirs)?09:35
Daskreechwhat is an .. dir?09:36
amichairDaskreech: . is current dir, .. is parent dir (when listed in any directory with -a)09:37
amichairI ran a fsck on reboot too, and I still get "d????????? ? ? ? ?                ? ." and "d????????? ? ? ? ?                ? .."09:38
mimi2i used to hang around ~_~09:38
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Ziltoid83 I'm running 10.10 but it's on a machine that doesn't cope well with it09:43
Daskreechamichair: sounds like serious filesystem corruption09:43
Ziltoid83what's the simplest way to downgrade09:43
Ziltoid83and can you recommend something that will be running at its optimum on the machine I'm using?09:43
DaskreechZiltoid83: install 9.1009:43
DaskreechZiltoid83: or altlinux09:44
Ziltoid83I'm running a laptop wth 700mb ram and an athlon processor09:44
muraliplease help me. HOW TO INSTALL GDE?10:17
Peace-murali: gde?10:18
Peace-murali: wth is ti ?10:18
muralignome desktop environment10:18
buovhttp://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Install-GNOME-3-on-Ubuntu-11-04-194085.shtml Should be close enough10:19
Peace-murali: this is kubuntu channel10:19
Peace- #ubuntu10:19
muraliyes, i want to install gnome desktop in kubuntu itself10:19
Peace-sudo apt-get install ubuntu-destkop10:20
Peace-that's all10:20
muraliPeace: error: Couldn't find package ubuntu-destkop10:21
Peace-sudo apt-get update10:22
Peace-sudo apt-get install ubuntu-destkop10:22
_BS_Help please. Trying to config wireless. Gone in circles. Don't know which way is up any more. Netgear WNDA3100, usb. 10.04 lts. I can see wlan0 in ifconfig. Gave up on knet<whatever>. Hit refresh on wicd, keeps going back to wired. Help please.10:23
muraliits downloading some files10:23
Peace-_BS_: first10:24
Peace-_BS_: what did you do before?10:24
muraliPeace: still same error message10:25
_BS_I have done so many things, so many days ago, I can't tell you any more. Frustration with default kde nt manager sent me looking for an alternative. wicd is a different net manager. Remind me what comes by default and I'll try to get back to square one. For a long time I could not see wlan0 - but didn't discover that for a while. Now see wlan0, need to start fresh, properly.10:25
Peace-sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop10:26
Peace-[sudo] password for ecchimequa:10:26
Peace-Reading package lists... Done10:26
Peace-Building dependency tree10:26
FloodBotK1Peace-: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:26
Peace-Reading state information... Done10:26
Peace-murali: you have some mess on repository10:26
Peace-!repository | murali fix you source-list10:27
ubottumurali fix you source-list: The packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories10:27
muraliok Peace. WAt shud i do now?10:27
Peace-_BS_: ok i have written here , some stuff10:27
Peace-_BS_: you could try to read this ....10:27
Peace-_BS_: read all the article http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2010/05/15/network-management-disabled-after-suspend-to-ram-kubuntu-10-04/10:28
_BS_Note: Would rather switch adapters than go ndiswrapper. Will look at link, but I don't suspend to anything, let alone ram. (Just in case it matters.)10:29
Peace-_BS_: read anyway i am nowardev10:29
Peace-_BS_: btw you can paaste10:30
Peace-_BS_: iwconfig10:30
Peace-what does it say?10:30
_BS_BTW - what happen to ability to right-click menu item and choose 'put in command', 'run as admin', etc., etc.10:44
_BS_iwconfig says lo/eth2/irda0/eth3: no wireless extensions. wlan0 looks reasonable. Just a minute.10:44
muraliplease help me. HOW TO INSTALL Gnome Desktop10:49
APERSONinstall ubuntu-desktop, murali10:49
annmamurali: and #ubuntu10:49
muralicommand please10:49
ubottuGNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu. To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.10:50
valoriemurali: ^^^10:50
APERSONyou can do !gnome | user next time, FWIW10:51
muraliThank you very much10:51
_BS_Peace-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/593507/10:52
valorieI know, APERSON, but I always forget10:52
valorieuntil I'm half-done10:52
_BS_Peasce-: Link no help.10:52
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_BS_There is just something basic/weird in the wi-fi at the moment. e.g. Network manager only shows wired network. There is no wireless 'tab' to choose.10:59
user12Hello! I need help in offline installing multimedia codecs on kubuntu 10.1011:12
user12Please help me anybody. I can't recognize how to do it11:12
user12There are a lot of docs in internet but they describe synaptics or kubuntu older then 10.1011:13
_BS_OK, I don't know why, but it understands there's wireless out there now. It is finally finding some networks. Question: Why is it always disconnecting wired network when searching wireless - surely it can use multiple network 'cards'.11:17
Peace-_BS_: hi i am here now11:19
Peace-user12: ok11:20
Peace-!restrictedformats | user1211:20
ubottuuser12: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats11:20
Peace-!medibuntu | user1211:20
ubottuuser12: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org11:20
Peace-_BS_: are you there?11:20
_BS_Peace-: Hey. You have messages, i.e. your irc stayed up / no lost messages / you can/will catch up when you chew through the traffic?11:21
Peace-_BS_: so what's your problem now?11:22
Peace-_BS_: i suggest to install wicd-kde11:22
user12Peace- : I need offline installing. How can I do it?11:22
user12offline on Kubuntu, no ubuntu11:22
user12I have not synaptics11:22
Peace-you need basically to11:22
Peace-add medibuntu repository11:23
Peace-sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras11:23
_BS_Peace-: At the moment, working through getting a connection to my router. Bear with me. In meantime: Why is attempt to connect to wireless causing wired to be disconnected - surely multiple 'nics' can connect simultaneiously.11:23
_BS_Peace-: wicd is what I said I was running before you posted link to look at, and your first question was: wicd?11:23
Peace-but i have said now11:24
Peace-user12: packages are saved in this folder11:24
Peace- /var/cache/apt/archives11:24
_BS_Peace-: There is no wicd-kde. However, there is the wicd metapackage that includes all necessary components. wicd is up and running. Not connecting to anything ... but that's a different story. Working on it.11:25
Peace-so if you need to save restricted packages and use them in another computer you have only to copy and paste them from a pc where you have network11:25
Peace-to a pc offline11:25
Peace-_BS_: i need to understand better you computer11:26
Peace-your problems11:26
Peace-because i understood you can use wifi right now!?11:26
user12Peace-, I haven't ubuntu on online PCs. I have gentoo and winxp online11:26
Peace-user12: wtf this is kubuntu channels11:27
Peace-user12: ask to #gentoo then +11:27
Peace-omg kids11:27
_BS_Peace-: Bear with me for a moment while I figure out where I'm at. wlan0 is now present, networks are being found, it is trying to connect to my router. Working through connection issues at moment, e.g. choosing right wpa2 personal password, etc., in client. In meantime: why does attempt to use wi-fi cause wired to go down?11:27
andreas_good by....11:27
_BS_This notification widget is going to drive me bonkers.11:28
Peace-_BS_: well this is how it works11:29
Peace-i guess in the most of itme11:29
Peace-you can get only an ip11:29
Peace-i guess11:29
Peace-you need to interfaces to be connected with router?11:29
Peace-here when i try to connect with ethernet wifi goes down11:30
Peace-and vice versa11:30
user12Peace, thank you11:31
_BS_Peace-: It is not how it works, at least 'til now. What I mean is, in all my playing in the past / various *buntu's, multiple links are always possible. e.g. eth0 and wlan0. e.g. Stick 2 pci network cards is pretty normal. Now, I'm not saying 10.04 hasn't changed things, nor that the current gui interfaces haven't introduced this behaviour as normal, but it is goody and new to me. Irritating, unex11:34
_BS_pected, and thus, I asked. Granted - in *most* situations, it's what you want. I'll guess this is the whole ease of use/automation effort - Leave your wired network, auto connect to a hotspot, come home, auto-connect to home, etc., etc. Sorry, I'll stop whining now.11:34
Peace-_BS_: :S whining or not whining if something doesn't work i know how you could feel11:36
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Peace-anyway the most important thing is to be into internet at least with an interface11:37
_BS_Peace-: Frustrated. Bad password. Repeatedly entered password here and into router. No go. Router SSID currently not being hidden. Using WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK Mixed Mode. Net is now showing up in Wicd Network Manager. Chose WPA 1/2 (Preshared Key). Bad password. <irritated>11:38
Peace-_BS_: ok understood11:39
Peace-_BS_: sudo iwlist wlan0 scan11:39
Peace-i know hidden wifi gets problem11:39
Peace-with network manager11:39
Peace-don't use it11:39
Peace-this would be the most easy way to get wifi works better11:40
_BS_Peace-: Granted, that's why it's currently not hidden. Great system we have here: iwlist wlan0 scan: wlan 0 Interface doesn't support scanning : Network is down.11:40
* Peace- sorry Peace- has eaten a lots and his english is not so goo , he is italian11:40
_BS_I know I know ifconfigwlan0 up. coming.11:40
Peace-_BS_: ok11:41
Peace-_BS_: mm that could be a driver problem11:41
Peace-let me check it out11:41
Peace-you have a notebook ?11:41
Peace-if you have a notebook please check if you have a button to turn on your wifi11:43
Peace-sudo rfkill list11:44
Peace-if something is blocked11:44
Peace-the you need to unblock11:44
Peace-sudo rfkill unblock all11:45
_BS_Peace-: Hmmm. My network not showing up. Yes, this is WNDA3100 on an (old) thinkpad. Router is openwrt. Net shows up under wicd. I'm wondering ... these are 2.4GHz/5GHz devices. wicd shows correct channel and GHz, but bad password. Would iwlist take only first radio, say, the 2.4 not the 5 ...11:45
_BS_Peace-: Hmmm. Give me a moment, I'll turn on the 2.4 and see how far things get.11:45
_BS_Peace-: As I said at beginning ... usb wnda3100. Not internal.11:45
Peace-well i don't know every model xD11:46
Peace-ok so if it's usb you have not button11:46
Peace-but check with rfkill11:46
Peace-if it's blocked11:46
_BS_Peace-: Sorry, don't mean to be cranky at you. Of course you don't know every model, and what you asked/suggested is certainly a reasonable guess.11:50
_BS_Peace-: Doesn't help there's 20+ nets in my area. Same result on 2.4GHz - sees it, tries to connect, validating password, bad password. (How can I get notification widget to stay still and just open a window or something. Up/down/up/down ... getting dizzy.) rfkill?11:53
Peace-_BS_: ok but you said before11:54
Peace- iwlist wlan0 scan: wlan 0 Interface doesn't support scanning : Network is down.11:54
Peace-you have done11:54
Peace-sudo iwlist11:54
Peace-or just iwlist?11:54
_BS_Peace-: OK, on 2.4 iwlist is now showing my net. Remind me ... what am I looking for?11:56
Peace-for wifi i  do this11:57
Peace-first i check if driver works11:57
Peace-iwconfig should show wlan stuff11:57
Peace-then i try to get netwoks11:57
Peace-with this11:57
Peace-sudo iwlist wlan0 scan11:57
Peace-if it can get network = driver works11:58
Peace-if driver works it's only a settings problem11:58
Peace-you can use network manager11:58
Peace-or wicd11:58
Peace-before you a open wifi and try with that11:58
Peace-if works11:59
Peace-try to use a wpa11:59
Peace-if deosn't work try wep11:59
Peace-now youy can try to hide your network11:59
Peace-but i know with hidden netwok you can get a lots of problem11:59
Peace-that's all11:59
Peace-sometime you can get software blocks12:00
Peace-and hardware blocks12:00
Peace-to check them all12:00
Peace-you need to run12:00
Peace-sudo rfkill list12:00
FloodBotK1Peace-: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:00
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Peace-if it says yes12:00
=== _BS_ is now known as _BS_-NOT
Peace-you need to unblock devices12:00
=== _BS_-NOT is now known as _BS_
jussiPeace-: please dont use enter for punctuation12:01
Peace-with sudo rfkill unlock all12:01
=== _BS_ is now known as _BS_-NOT
_BS_-NOTPeace-: freenode just dropped on me (again). Strange. Last thing I see from you is 'it says yes'. Last thing I said to you was 're-set it on the router." Could you repeat please - something about unblocking device?12:02
Peace-_BS_-NOT: http://paste.ubuntu.com/593521/12:03
=== _BS_-NOT is now known as _BS_
_BS_Peace-: Thank you for paste. I'm well familiar with this stuff, just not well versed in troubleshooting linux. Thus, yes, for example, when hidden network not working, make it visible long enough to diagnose problem, etc. Which is where we're at now - visible 2.4GHz. Interesting: Haven't come across rfkill before. And no 'man rfkill.' No blocks. Good try though!12:09
_BS_Peace-: notification widget annoying. Where are wi-fi connection attempts logged: /var/log/messages?12:10
Peace-click on the kde menu12:12
Peace-and search for log12:12
Peace-it should be a program that handle every log in your computer12:12
Peace-with filters12:12
Riddell~[6~/win 1412:13
Peace-Riddell: mm i know you ?12:17
Peace-Riddell: have you read natty feedback ?12:18
_BS_Peace-: OK, have ksystemlog. Interesting, never appreciated it was bring multiple logs into a single window before. What do you suggest I filter on? Last connection attempt appears to end12:20
_BS_Peace-: Never mind, doesn't look like it's bringing multiple files together.12:21
RiddellPeace-: which natty feedback?12:22
_BS_Peace-: And ... ksystemlog just crashed. Anyways ... from your comments, it sounds like I want /var/log/messages anyways. I'll go back to tail -f /var/log/messages?12:22
Peace-Riddell: i am nowardev , there is a bug on knetwork manager12:22
Peace-Riddell: on natty beta112:22
Peace-can be fixed in 1 second12:23
Peace-Riddell: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/NattyNarwhal/Beta1/Kubuntu/Feedback12:23
_BS_Peace-: 'nowardev'? As in 'No war dev' or 'No wardriving dev'? i.e. No wi-fi developer?12:23
Peace-no war12:24
_BS_Peace-: Not war. (Makes sense.) But 'nowardev'? But I don't understand ... you're in #kubuntu - by definition, isn't it ... Linux against the world ... especially war against the evil empire ... Microsoft! D-:12:26
Peace-well no i don't care about microsoft12:27
Peace-for me microsoft doesn't exist12:27
RiddellPeace-: I expect there's a good reason for that, ethernet works fine for me, but if you think it's a bug you should report a bug on network-manager (which isn't maintained by kubuntu developers)12:29
Peace-Riddell: well it's a bug12:30
Peace-well known12:30
Peace-if you use knetwork manager and you have down your ethernet12:31
Peace-it doens't wok12:31
Peace-your probably are using the widget12:31
Peace-Riddell: searching on google that sed -i "s/managed=false/managed=true/g12:31
Peace-you will find it12:31
_BS_Peace-: Well ... there's no need for Peace if there's no War.12:32
RiddellPeace-: as I say it's not a package I maintain, if you want feedback you need to file a bug and the maintainer will get to it12:32
Peace-Riddell: oh well i am trying to release my own kde+lxde iso12:33
Peace-based on natty12:33
Peace-i'll see if i get enough time12:33
_BS_Peace-: This is getting very frustrating. Have tried router at both WPA2-PSK and WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK Mixed Mode. Have been happily using the latter with every other (Windows) system. Pretty sure with kubuntu too, just not on this particular laptop. Have tried both WPA 1/2 (Preshared key) and WPA 1/2 (Passphrase) on client. It tries real hard: establishing connection ... Goofy characters...12:37
_BS_...(\xab\x12\etc) ...12:37
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muraliPlease Help. I am new to Kubuntu. i have installed kubuntu 10.04. Can anyone suggest me weblinks through which i can use  it.13:32
muraliPlease Help. I am new to Kubuntu. i have installed kubuntu 10.04. Can anyone suggest me weblinks or manual through which i can use it.13:34
muraliPlease Help. I am new to Kubuntu. i have installed kubuntu 10.04. Can any1 please provide me links to manuals.13:39
annmawhat manuals13:40
jussimurali: there is also the help program in the main menu :)13:41
* jussi waves to annma13:41
annmahey jussi :)13:42
BluesKajhowdy folks13:43
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muraliThank you SCHU_R. But i was looking for 10.04 version specific13:50
BluesKajmurali, do you have a specific question or questions, ..perhaps we can help13:51
muraliBlueskaj. I have installed kubuntu 10.04. i need a website which has the manual for kubuntu 10.04.13:53
BluesKajmurali, this is a support channel , what would you like to know , but you can try this blog, it may help: http://my.opera.com/JesseMcDuffee/blog/index.dml/tag/Linux%20Kubuntu%2010.04%20guide13:56
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deankquick question; does anyone know why, when customizing the icon for New Message (on the toolbar) in kontact (kmail), it reverts back to the original when changing between application (Mail / Summary / Calendar, etc)?14:09
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elijahWhat is the GUI way to quickly see my computer processor and memory capacity in KDE? Similar to right click my computer properties on Win.14:24
yofelelijah: kinfocenter probably14:26
elijahyofel: You da man!14:26
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Vardanhi all14:43
Vardanpeople do you know about this kind of problem: When I open image in Gwenview and maximize window my X (I think crashing) restarting.14:44
elijahkinfocenter ROCKS14:50
elijahWay better than anything on WIN14:50
elijah.join #ubuntu14:54
damnomeganerd: will you see my post at   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1727385       ?  I got no replies :(15:00
damnomeganerd: are those apps?15:16
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_BS_Been struggling with getting my wi-fi going (10.04 lts) for a while now / tonight. Have just reproved that all is well using windows. i.e. No hardware failures, right passwords, schemes. By any chance ... windows seems to be using aes. My linux laptop tkip. Laptop will not connect. Is tkip/aes being interchangeably / automatically used, and my problems lie elsewhere?17:11
_BS_wicd shows connection attempts, but always comes back bad password. I know the password to be good. I know the hardware and router to be good. What I don't know is why kubuntu isn't happy.17:17
BluesKaj_BS_, which wifi chip , sudo lshw -C network17:17
_BS_BluesKaj: Have tried a couple of adapters. Currently, Netgear WNDA3100 802.11n dual band. Hmm. your lshw isn't showing me which chip. What info/line are you looking for?17:21
_BS_Dah. Sorry, haven't said ... old ibm thinkpad, this is a usb wi-fi adapter.17:23
BluesKaj_BS_, is this a USB wifi adapter on a pc , or are you on a laptop?17:23
_BS_BluesKaj- So, for example -C network shows the wired, and a product/vendor line, the usb wi-fi adapter does not.17:26
_BS_BluesKaj- lsusb shows Bus 002 Device 008: ID 0846:9010 NetGear, Inc. WNDA3100 802.11n. lshw does show the adapter, description/physical/logical/serial/capabilities/configuration, but not product/vendor/chip info.17:27
BluesKaj_BS_, I don'tr see a lot of info on the forums etc about the netgear usb adapter , but ti seems to have a broadcom chip. I assume you've tried this adapter with network manager and went with wicd afterwards ?17:32
BluesKaj_BS_, bbiab ...stuff to do17:33
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bluefrogusing the search and launch page on a netbook. click on the internet icon. applications icons appear and then "rearrange" themselves. how can I stop those icons from moving?18:44
anoneemousehi.... there was a power failure today and now plasma-desktop crashes when it starts18:45
anoneemouseany help would be greatly appreciated18:45
shadeslayeranoneemouse: can you pastebin the backtrace ?18:45
shadeslayerbluefrog: i might be wrong here, but i don't think that's configurable, you could ask in #kde18:46
anoneemousesure... i have no debugging symbols installed... will it still be helpful?18:48
shadeslayeranoneemouse: well .. it might be, still might give me a idea what's wrong18:48
shadeslayeranoneemouse: oh and which KDE Version?18:48
anoneemouse4.6.2 i think18:48
anoneemouseupdated quite recently18:49
shadeslayerokay, can you please confirm it's 4.6.2 ?18:49
shadeslayerJust launch any KDE app and go to Help > About KDE18:49
anoneemouseyup... looked in konversation about kde18:49
shadeslayerah okay ...18:49
shadeslayeranoneemouse: looks like a issue with the microblog plasmoid there18:52
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anoneemouseokay... then it wasnt even the reboot because i just started using that plasmoid18:52
shadeslayerwhat you could do is, try removing the plasmoid if you can18:53
shadeslayeranoneemouse: does plasma-desktop crash as soon as you start it up?18:53
yofelIIRC someone else had a trace like that a few days ago, I remember giving up and telling him to file a bug and then remove the plamoid18:53
anoneemouseim looking for the rc file thats got the plasmoid configurations in18:53
shadeslayeryofel: bug with 4.6.2?18:53
anoneemouseyeah... i dont have a chance to see the desktop18:53
yofelshadeslayer: could be, he was running 4.6.2 too18:53
shadeslayeranoneemouse: .kde/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc is my guess18:54
shadeslayerhttps://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=270327 indeed18:56
shadeslayeranoneemouse: ^^18:56
anoneemousethanks shadeslayer18:56
ubottuKDE bug 270327 in widget-microblogging "Plasma shell crashes on system startup each time since 4 6 2 (related to MicroBlog) [QGraphicsItemPrivate::setVisibleHelper, QGraphicsItem::setVisible, hide, MicroBlog::downloadHistory, MicroBlog::configChanged]" [Crash,New]18:56
shadeslayeranoneemouse: sure no problem :)18:56
anoneemousekind of sucks that it drags down the entire desktop with it18:57
shadeslayeranoneemouse: yeah, i think they're working on sandboxing widgets or sth18:57
shadeslayeri wonder if i can reproduce this on natty18:58
shadeslayeryofel: ^^18:58
shadeslayeranoneemouse: this happened when you added the plasmoid and rebooted right?18:59
yofeltry it, I didn't have time to foobar my desktop back then18:59
shadeslayerok reboot time then19:00
anoneemouseyes it did shadeslayer19:01
shadeslayerworks fine on natty19:03
shadeslayeryofel: possibly a problem with our maverick packages?19:04
yofelanoneemouse: are you on 32 or 64bit?19:04
yofelcould be, I didn't look into the crash much yet19:04
shadeslayeryofel: i have yet another possible cause for this crash, Qt 4.7.0 ( but that's only if they ported the microblog plasmoid to QML in KDE 4.6.219:09
shadeslayerokay it's not Qt ... so back to bad packaging19:12
Daskreechanoneemouse: They are trying to rewrite it so that it kills itself and that's all19:14
cymewanyone have any recommendations for webcam software? I'd like to record some video. I tried kamoso, but it crashes everytime I choose folder for output.19:21
James147cymew: you can try kdenlive ^^ its a video editing program.. but I think it can capture video from webcams as well19:22
shadeslayercymew: can you give me a backtrace so as to figure out why it does that?19:23
Daskreechcymew: or cheese19:32
cymewcheese just lock up. :(19:33
cymewshadeslayer: I'll see if there's a dbg package that can give some useful output.19:33
shadeslayercymew: just pastebin what you have right now and we can go from there :D19:33
cymewJames147: Interesting suggestion. I'll look into it.19:33
cymewkdenlive did actually work. Not easy to understand, but it did capture to a file, which was replayable. Thanks for the hint, James147!19:47
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James147cymew: yeah well it want designed to capture video, but to edit it.. thats just an extra feature to make eidting easier :)19:47
cymewshadeslayer: That pastbin was the crash output you asked for, btw.19:47
shadeslayercymew: ah okay, please highlight me when sending stuff i have to look at :)19:48
cymewYeah, I just realized I should have...19:48
shadeslayercymew: i see dangling pointers in that backtrace19:50
cymewIf you say so...19:51
shadeslayercymew: please report this crash upstream on bugs.kde.org19:51
shadeslayeroh, before you do, please install the necessary debug symbols :)19:52
cymewI just looked to see if there was a dbg package. Not in my repos, no. :(19:52
shadeslayercymew: you just need to click on "Install Debug Symbols"19:52
cymewok, I'll try that19:53
shadeslayerin Dr. Konqi .. when you see the backtrace19:53
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germynHello all. I have been learning html. I want to learn how to do flash.What do I need to learn flash?20:01
BluesKajgermyn, this ia kubuntu support channel. I suggest you search for a flash tutorial on the web.20:03
germynOk. I will try that. Thank you.20:05
* James147 suggest to germyn to look at html5 instead of flash if he has no requirement to use flash20:05
Daskreechgermyn: HTML5 is a much better growth prospect right now20:06
tsimpsonActionScript is notoriously difficult to do on Linux, because Adobe won't release any tools for it20:06
cymewshadeslayer: Bug reported with dbg symbols included.20:06
shadeslayerthanks! :)20:07
cymewI'm very good at finding bugs, I'm afraid. ;)20:08
c2taruncan anyone please help me in reproducing this bug https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=26643520:21
ubottuKDE bug 266435 in kfileplacesview "Place bar: Edit entry dialog location field ridiculously small" [Minor,Unconfirmed]20:21
Torchc2tarun: i don't get the problem... the dialog is resizable for me, so i can just make it larger and see as much as i like.20:28
Torchah, should have read all of it... the report even says so.20:29
Torchc2tarun: what do you want to reproduce about it?20:29
c2tarunTorch: actually how did you open that dialog?20:29
c2tarunTorch: ping....20:30
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Torchc2tarun: right click on an entry in dolphin's places bar.20:32
Torchc2tarun: pick "edit"20:32
c2tarunTorch: well its quite large :/ and it is small only when the window is small :/ how can  anyone make a large LineEdit in small window :/20:34
c2tarunthat bug is invalid20:34
Torchc2tarun: that was my impression, too.20:37
d_edsurely the bug is saying the default window size is too small20:38
d_edthat's legitimate20:38
Torchd_ed: that's debatable. what i would do is add code to remember the size the user sets the dialog to and restore that size (KDE has functionality for exactly that)20:40
c2tarunTorch: I think it already do that. it remembers the previous size.20:44
Torchc2tarun: not for me on 4.6.2 though20:45
c2tarunTorch: I am also on 4.6.2 but it always open fully maximized when I close it in such state.20:45
c2taruncheck it once more plz20:45
Torchc2tarun: fully maximized? that's not what i'm talking about.20:46
Torchc2tarun: it also doesn't remember that setting for me.20:46
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lovesthethianoodim trying to follow this:http://embraceubuntu.com/2006/09/20/disable-touchpad-temporarily-when-typing/ to dissable my touchpads eratic behavoir of jumping aroudn the screen and cut/pasting when i dont want it to. but when runnning sudo kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf my xorg.conf file dosenot show up. can anyone tell me an easyier way to acomplish my goal or where xorc is hiding its conf files?21:50
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James147lovesthethianood: by default there is no xorg.conf and more ^^ look in xorg.d21:53
James147lovesthethianood: or you can create an xorg.conf by stoping X and running "sudo Xorg -configure"22:00
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DaskreechJames147: That was it !! I know there was a default way to make one22:20
James147Daskreech: if your running nvidia then nvidia-xconfig is generally better... there is probally a similar util for the ati cards22:21
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Daskreechthe person was running a nvidia so that saved me but I knew there was a way to make a default one22:23
DaskreechX is a little strange22:23
* James147 wonders what wayland will be like ^^22:24
* James147 goes to see if his laptop is willing to compile it now...22:24
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masesehow to install webcam on kubuntu 10.04?22:27
James147masese: plug it in?22:27
masesei've plugged it22:29
James147masese: then open an applcatiion that can use it and used it...22:30
masesewhich application uses it?22:37
masesethink should appear somewhere22:37
James147masese: skype, kdenlive, kopete, cheese...22:37
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masesedoesn,t show anything23:44

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