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gary_posterbenji and anyone else who cares, the link to the RSS feed for the kanban board is working again (from Options tab).13:13
benjicool; do you know off hand if it includes comments?13:14
benjiit looks like the answer is no13:16
gary_posterAFAICT, no, benji :-/13:16
gary_posterbac benji danilos, looking an kanban; call in 313:27
danilosgary_poster, ack, ready13:29
gary_posterbac, I assume you are "Investigate and fix LaunchpadTestRequest..."?13:29
gary_postercool, thx.  face was not showing for some reason13:30
_mup_Bug #1: Microsoft has a majority market share <iso-testing> <ubuntu> <Clubdistro:Confirmed> <Computer Science Ubuntu:Invalid by compscibuntu-bugs> <EasyPeasy Overview:Invalid by ramvi> <GNOME Screensaver:Won't Fix> <Ichthux:Invalid by raphink> <JAK LINUX:Invalid> <The Linux OS Project:In Progress> <metacity:In Progress> <OpenOffice:In Progress by lh-maviya> <Tabuntu:Invalid by tinarussell> <Tivion:Invalid by shakaran> <Tv-Player:New> <Ubunt13:38
daniloshttps://code.launchpad.net/~danilo/launchpad/bug728370-direct-subs/+merge/57464 is the latest MP13:59
gary_poster1) claim review13:59
gary_poster2) prettify14:00
gary_poster3) set up pattern for actions14:00
gary_poster4) make UI and actions for direct subscriptions14:00
bacdanilos: r=bac with one issue that may require some work regarding private bugs15:53
baci don't think it is accurate to say the only reason you get mail for a private bug is if you're the bug supervisor.  i'll have to dig out the other cases15:54
danilosbac, well, the text will "may have been subscribed because you are a bug supervisor" (mostly to explain how did you get subscribed in the first place); my understanding was that we don't have enough data to show otherwise, at least we don't export it15:57
danilosbac, regarding the product owner but not the bug supervisor, that's handled separately already15:58
danilosbac, that one doesn't cause direct subscription to be created15:58
bacdanilos: ok15:58
bacdanilos: just wanted to raise it to ensure we weren't overlooking additional vectors15:58
danilosbac, sure thing15:59
gary_posterbug supervisor: bac, danilos, right.  AFAIK, at this point we only know that the person is subscribed.  It's possible that we might be able to dig out the info from some log or other, but...I don't think it's hanging around easy to get to.15:59
danilosbac, that's actually previous branch that puts all of these bits into a list of subscriptions like { reason: 'text with {bugs}', vars: { bugs: '#1' } }16:00
danilosbac, my goal was to easily extend that to be something like { reason: ..., vars: ..., supported_actions: [...] }16:00
bacdanilos: right16:01
danilosbac, then, it'd be up to the call-sites to just deal with all the supported_actions that are really supported16:01
danilosbac, do you think you've got an idea of how you can go about this or do you think we should have a call?16:25
gary_posterdanilos, you are gone...in 30 min?16:26
danilosgary_poster, as soon as we are set for the following steps, actually (started at 8am this morning)16:27
gary_posterI haven't actually looked at your branch yet.  was geting mine in.  Lemme look at it really fast and then see if I have any questions.  That way at least one of me or bac can try to touch base with you a final time on this today.16:28
gary_posteryou ec2 landing that branch danilos?16:28
danilosgary_poster, yep16:28
gary_posterdanilos, I don't understand bac's para: "The elaborate substitution framework you've created looks to be very well thought out and tested.  I hope that the usage of it justifies the work you've done...but I don't see the larger design here."16:33
gary_posterIs he referring to safely_render_description?16:33
danilosgary_poster, I suppose so, it's probably not obvious in the branch he reviewed what kind of substitution it does because strings with all the vars were in the branch you reviewed16:35
gary_posteryeah, maybe so :-)16:35
bacyes, i was just referring to all of the replacement infrastructure danilo put in place16:36
bacas he said, from looking at that branch in isolation the utility of it is not completely obvious16:36
danilosgary_poster, also, I am not exactly sure what to do with {pillar_type}; I feel like just dropping it and saying "owner of {pillar}" instead16:36
gary_posterdanilos, I take it that figuring out pillar type name is annoying, if so, sure.  Seems pragmatic and reasonable16:37
gary_posterbac, gotcha16:37
danilosgary_poster, exactly :)16:37
gary_posterdanilos, bac, ok, I understand where we are.  So we need to figure out where we go so you can leave ASAP16:39
gary_posterdanilos is "you" in that last sentence :-)16:39
gary_posterSo, prettifying, easy enough--somebody nees to make some calls, maybe based on the mockups if they actually provide any input16:40
gary_posterthey might, actually16:40
gary_posterfor the inner boxes16:40
gary_posternext is doing the direct subscription widgets16:40
gary_posterThat is sadly green field16:40
gary_posterbut does not need any grand action infrastructure AFAIK, as I said earlier16:41
danilosgary_poster, right, prettifying is going well for me, I believe I'd be able to get it done before tomorrow's call16:41
gary_posterso someone can just take it16:41
gary_posterok cool16:41
gary_posterthen we have "making a an actions infrastucture"16:41
danilosgary_poster, I think the direct-subscription actions can be done entirely independently16:41
danilosgary_poster, that one is the trickiest one16:41
gary_posteryeah, good16:41
gary_posterI'm almost inclined to let someone just start adding actions and then refactor16:42
gary_posterexcept that you seem to have a vision16:42
danilosgary_poster, fwiw, I think the basis here is sound (basically, in the branch you reviewed: other than 'reason' and 'vars' we need to add supported actions, and if it's "unsubscribe-team", that action can go through vars.teams to offer individual team unsubscribe actions)16:42
danilosgary_poster, if folk find it too hard to follow "my vision", I am happy with the approach you suggest as well16:43
gary_posterI think it is a nice simple vision that I feel dumb for not understanding well ;-)16:43
gary_posterSo you think that gather_nondirect_subscriptions should add "actions"16:43
danilosgary_poster, and my vision only concerns the side of "what actions are possible for this subscription box"16:44
danilosgary_poster, exactly16:44
gary_posterhave you thought about what to offer when it is teams, not a team?  One action per team, I'm thinking16:44
gary_posterI think I have enough to do this or watch someone else do this16:45
gary_posterdanilos, thank you very much!16:45
danilosgary_poster, yeah, I think it should be one action per team, but do note that grouping is sometimes not even per team (i.e. each team will have a separate box)16:45
gary_posterwe'll run with what we have and see how it goes :-)16:45
danilosgary_poster, heh, excellent, I hope you find it easy to extend and test (those were my two main concerns)16:45
gary_postercool danilos.  bye :-)16:45
danilosbye :)16:45
gary_posterbac, benji, where are you all in terms of starting something else?  I can do any of the following:16:47
gary_poster- talk with one or both of you all now to figure out what we are doing16:47
gary_poster- have lunch, and then talk with one or both of you to coordinate16:47
gary_poster- some combination of the above.16:47
gary_posterMy plate is cleared, so I can start something or other.  I'll probably have lunch before I start though.16:48
baci'm looking for a task but would like to lunch first16:48
gary_posterI have team lead call this afternoon...3PM I think16:48
gary_posterOK bac, ping me when you are back then?16:48
gary_posterbenji, I suspect you are working on the end of bug 753152, so I won't worry about a task for you until you ping me.16:49
_mup_Bug #753152: You should only be able to mute team subscriptions that are not delivered to you via a mailing list <story-better-bug-notification> <Launchpad itself:Triaged by yellow> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/753152 >16:49
* gary_poster goes to lunch16:49
benjiactually I was working on lunch ;) but yeah, before that I figured out why the help links weren't being created correctly so I should be able to knock it out now17:13
gary_poster:-) ok cool.17:14
* gary_poster still kinda lunching17:14
gary_posterI am starting the "actions" task18:30
gary_posterSomeone should claim the "direct personal subscription actions" task18:31
gary_posterThat one has a mockup to use18:31
gary_posterMine only kinda sorta18:31
gary_posterI'll point out mockups to the person who wants the task18:33
bacgary_poster: my branch is failing in ec2 so i'd like to take a few minutes to figure out what happened and resubmit it.18:36
gary_posterof course18:36
bachmm, this looks fishy:  NameAlreadyTaken: The name 'person-name859147' is already taken.18:39
gary_posterit does18:43
* gary_poster has team lead call in 10 minutes18:50
benjiyou found out my secret identity18:51
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benjigary_poster: now that the diff has updated, I'd like you to suggest any improvements you might have to the mute/unmute help text: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~benji/launchpad/bug-753152/+merge/5755319:20
gary_posterbenji, ack, looking (and just got off team lead call!)19:20
gary_posterbenji, I think you fixed a new and interestingly related bug to the one I was thinking of. :-)19:24
gary_posterSo, your icon shows up on the main bug page, right?19:24
gary_posternot on our structural subscription edit thing?19:24
benjiright, main bug page19:25
gary_posterI think you may have gotten confused about structural subscriptions19:25
gary_posterquick Skype call might be fastest?19:25
gary_posterreally slow Skype call might be slowest!19:25
gary_posterbenji, I claimed review.  I'll approve with notes we talked about.19:37
benjigary_poster: I figured out that there was a problem with my email; I've fixed it now, but still didn't get your message :)19:50
gary_posterheh, benji, ok. :-)19:51
gary_posterdo you want me to forward it to see if you get it now?19:51
gary_posteror send some other mail, whatever19:51
bacgary_poster: i've noticed the (+) Subscribe link on a bug on production does not work.  is that a known issue?19:58
bacworks for non-malone-alpha19:58
gary_posterit is not known, new bug bac :-(19:59
bacgary_poster: ok, i'll file it19:59
gary_posterthanks.  please put it on board too, or at least gimme number & I will19:59
bacgary_poster: filed and on kanban as bug 76012120:03
_mup_Bug #760121: New feature-flagged JS (+) Subscribe link does not work <Launchpad itself:Confirmed for yellow> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/760121 >20:03
gary_posterthank you20:04
bacgary_poster: my branch landed so i needs more work20:04
bacwhat shall i do?20:04
gary_posterOK I see three choices.  May I Skype about them with you?20:04
bacyes, please20:05
baclet me launch20:05
gary_postercool, tell me when you are ready20:05
benjiis there a faster way to make a branch of db-devl than bzr branch, utilities/link-external-sourcecode, and make?20:17
bacbenji: not that i know of20:41
benjiI've been contemplating getting an SSD for other reasons; it'd probably help there too.20:43
benjiwith the announcement of the Teal squad we officially don't have the worst color any more ;P21:10
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benjigary_poster: hmm, the list of actions is a little icon-heavy now, do you think it's acceptable?: http://i.imgur.com/Ki5ZQ.png21:30
gary_posterbenji, that's what I was afraid of when I talked about it with Graham :-(21:31
gary_posteryes, it does seem icon-heavy21:31
benjian idea: make the help button appear on hover over the enable/disable link21:31
gary_posteranother compromise, yes21:32
gary_posterdoes it look any better if the actions are on new lines?21:32
benji(although that will probably make for either wierd spacing or things jumping around)21:32
gary_posteras I think you had it initially21:32
gary_posterI would get rid of the "or" in that case21:32
benjithe problem with putting them on their own lines now is that there are so many that they may be longer than the things to the left; I foresee a CSS-float-induced nightmare21:33
benjigary_poster: how about something like this: http://i.imgur.com/5mIQM.png where the help link would appear on hover over the enable/disable link21:37
gary_posterbenji I'm OK with that, especially if there's the same amount of space between edit and unsubscribe as there is now with the to-be-filled space between Disable and Edit.21:38
benjigary_poster: it'll be slightly more space than is now (if we want all the spaces to be roughly even)21:39
gary_posteryeah, if I understand you, then agree21:40

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