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faganHey, I caused an issue with lp because of a weird bzr whoami that got pushed and merged17:44
fagan(I think)17:44
jcsackettfagan: what issue? is there an example you can point me to?17:44
jcsackettor just some more details?17:44
faganjcsackett: I had a # at the end of my bzr whoami17:45
fagannow if you go to lp on a merge page it gives an oops17:45
faganI dont know if its all of them but its definitely on the one I merged to17:45
jcsackettfagan: no worries, you're whoami change didn't cause the oops.17:46
faganAh ok17:46
jcsackettwe're currently investigating that issue. you can follow along, if you like, on bug 75992817:46
faganOh I broke tarmac17:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 759928 in Launchpad itself "linked MP is inaccessible" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75992817:46
faganI thought that I blew up lp too17:46
faganits cool17:46
jcsackettfagan: bzr whoami is used to identify a commiter. you may see a change in the "committed by <some-name>" data in the revision logs for your branch.17:48
faganjcsackett: yeah I know but it just strangely started oopsing when I broke tarmc so I thought I should at least ask and/or say sorry :)17:48
jcsackettfagan: just a coincidence of timing. no worries. :-)17:49
nigelbfagan: omg, you blew up LP! :P17:49
fagannigelb: wouldnt that be badass17:49
nigelbfagan: it only would if you got all the builders down17:50
* nigelb touches wood 'just in case'17:50
fagannigelb: good to know ill mark it down that I have to do that to kill lp17:50
* fagan is an intern so breaking everything is a minor possability17:51
* jcsackett makes note to have fagan "watched."17:51
nigelbfagan: this reminds of something :p17:52
fagannigelb: what would that be? :)17:52
nigelbsec, finding17:53
nigelbfagan: http://quotes.burntelectrons.org/280417:54
fagannigelb: yeah thats the idea17:55
nigelbfagan: heh, glad to know :P17:55
faganbut at least I am exposing awesome bugs17:56
nigelbYeah,I follow your blog posts, interesting to hear :)17:56
fagannigelb: oh cool its good to see that people are enjoying them ill have a nice one today anyway17:57
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fagantarmac is fixed now :)18:03
fagan(ill write in my post how the guys fixed it)18:07
FloSofthi - i try to upload a new "orig" file for one of my packages to my ppa but it always gets rejected even i delete the package in the ppa18:12
fagannigelb: http://shanefagan.com/internship-day-1518:15
nigelbfagan: hahah18:17
TheEvilPhoenixFloSoft:  you never should upload a new orig file.18:17
FloSoftTheEvilPhoenix: shouldnt it remove it if the corresponding package is deleted in the ppa?18:18
micahgTheEvilPhoenix: FloSoft: to be more correct, you need an "upstream" version bump when uploading a new .orif file18:18
faganlater all18:19
FloSoftmicahg: okay, i'll try that - but: shouldnt it remove the orig-source from the ppa too, if no package references it??18:21
micahgFloSoft: no, to prevent having to original files w/the same name and different contents18:23
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ScottKlifeless: Error ID: OOPS-1929F1046 is on the package accept page.19:15
lifelessScottK: thanks; triggering a log sync19:18
ScottKGood luck.19:18
bigjoolsthat page is a nightmare19:22
ScottKSame two packages worked on the second try.19:27
lifelessSQL time: 7798 ms19:37
lifeless1/2 a second looking up the same archive 70 times19:37
lifeless0.3 looking up the distroseries arch tags the same 70 times19:38
lifeless0.8 of a second pulling back 6 SourcePackageFilePublishing entries19:38
lifeless1.4 seconds bring back *bug subscriptions* - wtf19:39
lifelessmake that 2.5 seconds19:39
lifelessScottK: lots of fat there, but spread all over in little bits19:40
lifelessScottK: it needs a big flattening19:40
lifelessyou were on a slow appserver we're replacing19:41
lifelessits litle that that was a dominating factor19:41
* elmo twitches19:43
marktraceurHi there, #launchpad, want to help a fellow upload a package?19:44
saulusHELP: I cant login any more and my pw reminder does not get towards me. I had a look in the spam section but there was nothing. I waited 12h. Whan can I do?19:59
saulusIm registered in freenode with this nick. This nick is also on my info page in launchpad. Also I should get all mails that you send me to my launchpad account (hopefully). So there are ways to veryfy me.20:01
sinzuisaulus: https://help.launchpad.net/Feedback20:02
sinzuisaulus: I think you want to use https://forms.canonical.com/lp-login-support/20:02
saulusthy sinzui , Ill try that20:03
DarxusIn a source build recipe, how do I specify an official ubuntu source package as the source of the packaging information (debian directory)?20:09
DarxusI mean, what's the path?20:13
DarxusAh, looks like I want lp:ubuntu/spamassassin ?20:17
FloSofthi, any idea to https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/15271520:21
DarxusI can't edit https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/SourceBuilds/Recipes ?20:32
Darxus"Conflict adding file debian.  Moved existing file to debian.moved."20:39
Darxus"bzr: ERROR: Conflicts from merge"20:39
DarxusIn a source build recipe I told it to merge the debian directory from the normal ubuntu package on top of the source from spamassassin's svn trunk.  Trunk contains an (old, useless) debian directory.  Moving the old one out of the way was the right thing.  What do I do to get it to ignore this and build?20:40
DarxusBuild log was https://launchpadlibrarian.net/69302542/buildlog.txt.gz20:43
sinzuiDarxus: I think you want to branch the upstream. You can delete debian/ from that one.21:02
sinzuiDarxus: The alternative is to try nest instead of merge with a packaging branch with some hope that the nested branch overwrites the old debian dir21:03
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Darxussinzui: I did use nest-part.  https://code.launchpad.net/~darxus/+recipe/spamassassin-daily21:12
DarxusI don't want to branch it, because the whole rason I was trying to do this was automated daily builds.21:13
DarxusShould I open a (feature request) bug against launchpad?21:13
lifelessDarxus: please21:14
lifelessDarxus: what you can do in the interim is:21:14
lifeless - branch it and delete debian21:14
lifeless - have a three-rule recipe21:14
Darxuslifeless: Thanks.  Three rule recipe?21:15
lifelessthat is - start with trunk, merge your branch (which deletes /debian only), merge the packaging (which adds a good /debian)21:15
sinzuiSwitching from bzr-builder to recipes was harder than I hoped for me. many things are easier with shell commands21:17
Darxuslifeless: Ohh, I didn't realize merging a branch could delete a directory, thanks.21:17
lifelessDarxus: definitely file a bug21:18
DarxusI am.21:18
lifelessDarxus: because it would be nice to do it more directly.21:18
lifelessDarxus: but this should get you going21:18
ubot5Ubuntu bug 760201 in Launchpad itself "Daily build can't overwrite upstream "debian" directory" [Undecided,New]21:21
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lifelessDarxus: see sinzui's comment on your bug22:56
lifelessDarxus: he has given you a few steps22:56
Darxuslifeless: Oh, thanks.22:58
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dokoNot allowed here23:13
dokoSorry, you don't have permission to access this page.23:13
dokois this expected?23:13
dokolifeless: ^^^23:14
lifelessdoko: iz bug23:14
lifelessthere is an embargoed build shown on the page right now23:14
lifelessUnauthorized: (<lp.code.model.sourcepackagerecipebuild.SourcePackageRecipeBuild object at 0x1931a150>, 'title', 'launchpad.View')<br />23:14
dokoahh, ok23:14
lifelessI thought there was a bug but I can't see it - filing one23:15
lifelessbug 76030323:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 760303 in Launchpad itself "builders page inaccessible if a private build is building" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76030323:16
mwhudsonthat's a but that keeps reappearing23:17
lifelesswe haven't fixed it by filtering on load :)23:18
maxbThe same class of bug exists on the +code-imports list23:20
sinzui403 bugs should be tagged as such. I think several of them could be fixed together if we knew them all23:25
DarxusSo why does https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/natty/spamassassin/natty contain patches against spamassassin v3.3.0 when the spamassassin package has contained patches against v3.3.1 since lucid?23:28
sinzuiDarxus: I think the package maintainers could answer that. Source package branches are copied/cloned for each release. So while the package might be updated by a human, I doubt he will update the branch unless something breaks23:30
DarxusAh, thanks.23:31
DarxusThat sucks :)23:31
maxbDarxus: That sounds like an automated package import branch.23:44
maxbSometimes the importer has issues with some packages, leading to the branches being stale23:44
maxbAnd indeed in this case: http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/spamassassin.html23:45
DarxusAhh, thanks.23:46
DarxusI'm pretty sure that second tarball shouldn't be included.23:47
DarxusI think the whole point was to keep rules separate so people would set up a cron job to update them regularly via sa-update.23:47
bryceh_https://launchpadlibrarian.net/68484762/Lspci.txt (and other attachments) are giving out 503 errors23:59

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