bonnyhow do i know which lubuntu i have?00:22
MrChrisDruifSystem monitor?00:23
MrChrisDruifI don't know if it's installed00:23
MrChrisDruifby default I mean00:23
bonnywhich version of lubuntu i have how do i figure out?00:23
bonnyi had windows first if thats wat your asking for00:23
bonnyi just want to know which lubuntu i have00:24
bonnywhich version00:24
MrChrisDruifIn the Gnome version of Ubuntu (normal Ubuntu) there is an application called System Monitor, in there you can easily spot which version you have installed00:24
bonnyso how do i figure out in lubuntu?00:24
MrChrisDruiflsb_release -a in terminal00:28
bonnyDistributor ID:Ubuntu00:29
bonnyDescription:Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS00:29
bonnyis that up to date00:29
bonnyif it isnt how can i upgrade00:29
bonnyok thanks00:29
MrChrisDruifIt's up-to-date afaik, if you want to stay with the LTS version :)00:29
bonnyis there any gaming channels00:29
MrChrisDruifGaming channels?00:30
MrChrisDruifLike #winehq ?00:30
bonnynvm that what is LTS version00:30
MrChrisDruifLong Term Support if I remember correctly. Meaning it will be longer supported then the default release of Lubuntu00:32
Stew_822Unit193: Were you interested in the wallpaper changer I'm making?00:47
Stew_822I've forgotten :D00:47
Unit193Stew_822: I'll try it!00:48
Stew_822hehe cool as :]00:48
Stew_822Uh, what features do you think I should include?00:48
Stew_822And what program manages your desktop? pcmanfm?00:48
Stew_822*desktop background00:49
Unit193pcmanfm, Picasa/Flickr might be nice, bu hard...00:52
Stew_822That would be hard :P but heck I could give it a try later on :)00:53
Unit193Stew_822: Join #lubuntu-offtopic ?01:15
Stew_822Good idea01:15
bonnyi need help burning ubuntu to a cd i am currently using lubuntu and i need help on how to install it to a cd so i can live cd it02:47
UBuxuBU32 or 64 bit bonny02:48
bonny32 bit02:48
UBuxuBUone moment02:48
UBuxuBUor netbook?02:49
bonnyim already there :D02:51
UBuxuBUsimply dowload it and burn it to a cd02:51
ericybonny:  Hello again.02:51
UBuxuBUhave u d-loaded it yet02:51
bonnydo i open it with x archiver or save it some where02:52
UBuxuBUsave it02:52
bonnysave it where02:52
UBuxuBUru in lubuntu?02:52
UBuxuBUi think it saves t oyour  home by default02:52
bonnyok its downloading02:53
UBuxuBUbut if u want to save to desktop doesnt matter02:53
bonnyso wat do i do when its done how do i burn to cd just copy and past?02:53
UBuxuBUburn to cd02:53
bonnyif i right click it will there be an option to burn to cd?02:54
UBuxuBUim going to boot into lubuntu02:55
UBuxuBUits on my other laptop02:55
ericybonny:  Use Xarchiver (in Accessories menu).02:56
bonnyi know but i saved it and i dont know how to burn something to cd02:56
ericybonny:  Use Xfburn in Sound Menu.02:58
bonnyi dont have that02:58
bonnysudo apt-get install xfburn?02:59
ericyI am surprised because I think Xfburn is a default program.03:00
bonnynvm i do03:00
bonnynevermind srry03:00
bonnyits just not in the menu03:00
bonnyi can run it from terminal though03:00
ericyReally? In Sound & Video menu?03:01
bonnywow i think im kinda freakin out today haha its right there wow03:01
ericyIt might be more convenient to run Xfburn by, Alt-F2. Try that.03:02
UBuxuBUhmmm my xburn refused to open...updating...03:02
bonnyits ok i found it in the menu03:03
bonnyim gonna test something03:03
bonnydo i click burn image to burn ubuntu?03:04
bonnyok back03:06
bonnyericy, have you ever tried ubuntu03:06
ericyAs I said yesterday, I have been using Ubuntu for 2 years, and Lubuntu for 2 months.03:07
UBuxuBUits nice buts kinda slow03:07
UBuxuBUi like ubuntu if i have at least 1 gig of ram preferably 203:08
bonnyoh ok03:08
ericy(Well I just had breakfast so soon I want to get back to writing a small utility in Python language.) )03:09
bonnyceya  ericy bye ubuuxbu thanks for the help03:10
UBuxuBUhmm just noticed xfburn will not work in a vm03:11
UBuxuBUand the warning window crashes03:12
UBuxuBUodd i kept clicking it and it came up its totally malfunctioning03:13
gnewbHello, can I put Lubuntu on a stick/USB ?04:40
Unit193!usb | gnewb04:41
ubot5gnewb: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent04:41
gnewbThank you.04:41
Unit193No problem!04:41
gnewbUnit93: That is where I was having the error at, I think it was Finalizing?04:42
gnewbUnit93: Was also a UC3 part on it, can I just get rid of that?04:45
gnewbOh, ok, I just found that on that Link posted, Thank you kindly.04:46
bioterror booted a cd and installed on a usb stick05:27
ericyAs we speak, I am running Lubuntu 10.10 Live & persistent, on a  4GB usb stick. (Using 500GB HDD for data and various linux partitions.)05:39
ericygnewb: (See my last line.)05:41
Unit193ericy: gnewb left #lubuntu some time ago05:43
maliheya... I was here the other day and speaking about helping out, I said if I get around o it I could/would :p05:47
malibut anyway.. I after testing, thinking, trying and all that, think I will settle on *buntu as main desktop.. and will use lubuntu BUT I admit , it is because I wish to have a low resource finished wm.. but also I wish to build up my 'main' DE, being pure compiz + a few things from lxde, kde, and so on.05:48
maliwould you guys recommend a headless ubuntu server to start with or run it on lubuntu (I don't mind the extra space of having lxde/compiz).. and finally.. does lxde work fine on openbox too, and/or why is fluxbox chosen as it's wm?05:49
maliif anyone is around, that is :)05:49
bioterrormali, ubuntu mini.iso06:19
bioterrorminimal installation06:19
malibioterror: !!!!06:20
malithank you omg I am downloading the server now and am wee[ping at the 600 :p06:20
malididn't ever rememebr seeing a mini.iso :)06:20
maliye coudl only find desk, server, altenrate06:23
bioterrorHave fun with creating your own flavour of *buntu06:23
maliwell, I will pull in compiz say06:23
bioterrormy desktop is part of LXDE and part of XFCE on Window Maker06:23
maliI guess the lovely auto mount features are all not gonna be there ;P06:24
bioterrormy laptop has pieces of Gnome, LXDE and XFCE on Fluxbox06:24
maliwindow maker == twm or not? I don't rememebr now.. but06:24
malitwm is my oldskool wm from you know the 99-00 era :p06:24
maliI use it always when i test X06:24
maliand it is remarkable how lovely implemented it is on logic06:25
bioterrortwm should be the default Window Manager of X06:25
bioterrorif I remember right06:25
malismack it down where you need it, resize it, easy minimisation, dead small footprint06:25
bioterrorand you get automount easily06:25
bioterrorat least I have them ;)06:25
malias one know.. everything else is eyecandy really so if one isn't bothered it's a great gui on top of a server say if you absolutely need it in days of visual need06:25
maliyes.. ah isn't window maker the same then?06:26
malihmm, I will look it up as I knwo I used them all back in the day06:26
maliye bioterror: easy and easy, when I try building on top of a lfs or something, I never get the automount's easily setup , at least not with the right RW rights06:26
malibut that's just a lil scrip there and there and should work itself out I guess06:27
maliso if I want to launch the mini.iso from disk, does it use generic names vmlinuz/initrd.img or does it append the kernel version buntu style?06:27
mali(nvm, I will figure that out now it's dl)06:29
maliha! windowmaker.. i got curious now..you know, the only reason I want to have compiz as the engine is for that silly middle mouse click drag cube :p06:31
malithat is the single one thing I love having as eye candy06:31
bioterrorI dont need them06:31
bioterrormakes me feel bad as I change desktops alot06:31
maliall other things to me are unnecessary but I admit I have a weakness for that cube.. can't help it :/06:31
malifor what?06:31
malifor changing and trying.. that's the beauty of the diversity of linux06:31
malichoice :)06:31
maliI tend to stick to something for a year at least but then I tend to have like a month or two of mayhem06:32
maliwhenre I just try out so many different things and tent to fall back on something .. at least I know more what I want and what not06:32
bioterrorhttp://ricecows.org/archhh4.png that's my desktop computer's desktop. beautiful I think. no need for moar eye candy06:33
maliwill check it now.. blah start up creator doesn't accept the mini iso06:37
malican I just dd it?06:37
bioterroronly arch based distros can be dd06:38
maliwell I did dd with squeeze net instl and it worked too :)06:38
maliso I thought debian/ubuntu06:38
malibut ye, both arch and squeeze i managed str8 dd06:38
malidso I do what (z)cat or rsync06:39
malithen get syslinux etc from ftp or?06:39
malivery nice bioterror06:40
malibut on arch I get so much megalahem mayhem haha, I feel like going ubu bare, compiz only and I will compile the odd package I need updated06:41
bioterrorif you compile yourself, remember to use checkinstall ;)06:41
malialthoguh arch = easiest, quickest install ever + grt boot times, but in arch I typically always have this hassle with06:42
maliwith write perimssions on auotmounts and all06:42
maliye, I know06:42
bioterrorno problems06:42
maliI found checkinstall and all that a week back06:42
bioterrorexec ck-launch-session dbus-launch wmaker06:42
bioterrorand you get permissions with thunar06:42
maliye I wasn't using thunar06:43
malitried pcmanfm06:43
maliand was using dolphin as well whilst troubleshooting compiz06:43
malithe thing is with arch, I am somewhat unrelaxed about security with rolling release + non signatures on packages06:44
malibut I am getting a new computer in august, even if this one is onl 4 months old :p but then I think I will use arch for my funbox06:44
malias it will be sooo juicy I think06:44
malihmm will unetbootin work then with it.. should do right? will try06:45
bioterrorunetbootin should work06:46
maliwell if I am not back soon it means I am pissin about with that and it worked.. else prolly iwll pop by and say "blah"06:47
malithanks for the tips !06:47
malihehe ye I forgot to sasve the compiz configuration crap when I get to that06:50
malimight try the windowmaker as an option as I wanted lubuntu, cos I don't mind a lightweight alternative but point is comp can handle bloat.. but I like it being concise BUT i want that middle mouse click drag cube rotate :P:P06:51
malithe ONE eye candy I like and want!06:51
maliyou use cli itrc or gui?06:51
malieg. weechat or other?06:51
bioterrorI'm using weechat06:51
malias gui client I like06:51
bioterrorand it makes me cry atm.06:51
maliye.. I was just looking into that06:51
bioterrorI upgraded it yesterday and eeeverything was broken06:52
maliah crap :/06:52
bioterrorI still cant connect to two servers with SSL06:52
malino backup files?06:52
bioterrorI'm using dev tree of weechat06:52
maliI mean, what new features did you upgrade for?06:52
maliye ok06:52
bioterrorlots of, some stuff on act's and so on06:52
bioterrorbut removed them :D06:52
bioterrorWeeChat uptime: 92 days 03:22:49, started on Tue, 11 Jan 2011 04:30:4206:53
bioterrormaybe I should give up with the SSL06:53
bioterrorseems to make life a lot harder06:53
Unit193Irssi: Uptime: 22d 7h 7m 21s06:54
Unit193You win ;)06:54
bioterrorhmm, my vps been up for 103 days06:55
bioterrornot bad06:55
Unit193Ah! I SSH into my own...06:55
maliok bbl am off to play with mini iso :p06:58
Unit193bioterror: Do you use Mutt or Alpine?06:59
malinawell bioterror09:28
malinaI got it just as I wanted it.. kinda ;p09:28
bioterroralmost there then09:28
malinathe .compiz-session in ~ doesn't seem to trigegr :/09:29
malinaand I don't have ouse in 'gdm' as I just took that for now09:29
malinathats a xf86-uvdev09:29
malinaI couldn't find it in apt in the back of my miund09:29
malinaye I have a09:29
malinaas in , my usb mouse won't work in the gdm09:29
malinaonly after I login to compiz09:29
malinaand I have to still do compiz --replace ccp09:30
bioterrorI'm not familiar with compiz09:30
malinaeven if I set up sessions.desktop in usr/share/xsessions,09:30
malinaya it's more about the X not readin gme scripts09:30
malinabut I guess I will figure i tout09:30
malinaand I kinda liked not having a BG, so when I rotrate you can still see inside the cube afterwards, BUT it disappears again on startup.. sigh09:31
malinabut it's at least *almsot* there ;p09:31
bioterrorsome fine tuning :D09:32
malinaye hehe09:33
malinagod I love that lil mouse trail particles thingy alway when I first set up compoz09:33
malinathen I go tired of it aftr a day ;p09:33
bkaplan_Hello, I'm having some issues with the noveau driver and my 7800GT which prevent the Lubuntu installer from starting. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get the Lubuntu 10.10 installer running in a safe graphics mode or in text mode?15:46
=== Evixion` is now known as Evixion
kosaidpo|is there any app to unlock my 3g modem ??21:18
kosaidpo|hello guys22:51
kosaidpo|i have win and lubuntu and now i wanna get ride of win how can i do that without getin any damage ?22:52
MrChrisDruifkosaidpo|: Good choice :)22:53
MrChrisDruifBoot a liveCD, delete the partition of Windows (when you've got all files backed up from it) and enlarge the partition of Lubuntu22:54
kosaidpo|MrChrisDruif: i always do that the only good tghings is when i have a problem on my lbuntu n icant acces so i use win other than that im on lbuntu : D22:54
kosaidpo|MrChrisDruif: okies , btw have u tried it b4 ??22:56
MrChrisDruifWith Ubuntu, yes22:56
MrChrisDruif*When I installed Ubuntu22:57

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