sonjai want 'root' ?00:00
sonjaor netroot?00:00
sonjaor dpkg00:00
sonjafor my sudo purging00:00
bluefox83what the heck, since when is pornview a package in ubuntu package center?00:01
IDWMasterNatty (not nanny) is the code word for Ubuntu 11.0400:01
bluefox83well the screenshot said nanny00:01
sonjasomething on my ubuntu calls itself nanny00:01
sonja'ppa-purge: command not found'00:02
torchienanny nottwall00:02
bluefox83seriously considering just going to debian on my laptop...just worried that the packages are going to be super hella old00:03
sonjaahh need to install that :D00:04
dtoello. ive set up my gnome-pilot-conduits for File, Backup etc, but I can't seem to find the option for synchronizing my calendar with Evolution. the actual hotsync works, it just doesn't do anything for the Evolution calendar. I'm on ubuntu 10.1000:06
arandbluefox83: Well, does old packages really hurt though? ;)00:06
bluefox83well since i am running it on a laptop, yeah...because if they are too old my hardware wont work00:06
fatinoIs it possible to overclock nvidia on 11.04? There is no xorg.conf. Where should I put Coolbits? Generating xorg.conf doesnt work. It doesnt see it00:07
bluefox83ok, now i'm wondering why google chrome isn't in the repo, AND why the heck wont the software center let me install it when i try to download from the website00:09
BUGabundobluefox83: cause chrome only has binairies?00:10
BUGabundotry chromium00:10
fatinoGoogle chrome is closed source AFAIK00:10
BUGabundotry chromium-browser00:10
BUGabundofatino: no. its just binaries00:10
BUGabundosource is all in chromium00:10
DaekdroomChrome is chromium with additional binaries.00:10
fatinoYea I know00:10
DaekdroomLike H.264 support and all that, I believe.00:10
meganerdbluefox83: there is a ton of work to get Debian working on a laptop.  It made me appretiate Ubuntu again.00:10
BUGabundoDaekdroom: nope00:11
BUGabundowe have that too00:11
fatinoThis is what I meant :)00:11
DaekdroomBUGabundo, really?00:11
fatinoDid someone oced nvidia?00:11
Daekdroomchromium-codecs or something00:11
sonjaDaekdroom:  thank you for rescuing me00:20
sonjait worked00:20
DaekdroomNo problem00:21
OmegaBUGabundo: Please point me to the PDF viewer source code.00:22
neerajWhat is the best way to switch from Lucid to natty?00:24
OmegaBUGabundo: There is no one in that channel.00:25
bluefox83neeraj: from personal experience...i would say a full fresh installation...but it CAN be done from an upgrade (thoughi personally do not recommend it)00:25
rwwneeraj: sudo do-release-upgrade -d00:25
bluefox83ok...how the heck do i turn on desktop effects in natty?00:26
neerajbluefox83, I am also confused should I run release-upgrade -d or download fresh iso00:26
bluefox83neeraj: that's going to have to be a personal choice...i can't decide for you00:26
neerajJust wanted to confirm, if  I downloaded daily build of natty then will I get complete step by step gui as we get in maverick at present?00:27
rwwneeraj: for installation, you mean?00:28
neerajrww, yes00:28
rwwneeraj: yes, if you download a Desktop daily build00:28
rwwif memory serves, they have daily-live in the URL somewhere00:28
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/00:28
rwwthere we go :)00:29
* Pici wanders in and out00:29
neerajThanks all :). Downloading it00:29
araujohello guys, how good is Natty working at the moment?00:39
aliendude5300Ok, I can't understand how _anyone_ can use the new version of Ubunut00:40
aliendude5300it's so confusing, and I can't even get right clicking to work :(00:40
aliendude5300also, no menu bars?00:40
aliendude5300what is this, mac os x?00:40
OmegaDo you have something you need help with?00:41
aliendude5300well for starters, I would really be able to right click00:41
aliendude5300how can I change it so that I can00:41
OmegaPress the rightmost button on your mouse to achieve the desired action.00:42
aliendude5300I think my trackpad settings are completely broken :/00:42
OmegaOK, open the dash and search for Mouse.00:43
aliendude5300can't find moues settings, was it removed since the GNOME release?00:43
aliendude5300ah, you have to _search_00:43
aliendude5300was using the "System" drop-down00:43
OmegaYou could use "System settings" too.00:44
OmegaI don't really know what you did.00:44
aliendude5300Ok, I still can't get right clicking to work, my laptop is an HP ProBook 4520s. Since it's fairly new, I'd expect this to just _work_00:45
araujoaliendude5300, this new version breaks too many things for you?, what kind of system do you have?00:45
araujoI see....00:45
aliendude5300My main system is a desktop, but I decided to test this out on my laptop instead, as it's just a beta release00:46
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
aliendude5300I wonder if it's related to the hardware in my system00:46
aliendude5300Everything works perfectly for me on my desktop00:46
aliendude5300apparently I'm not the only one http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=172645000:47
araujoanyone using Natty in a T410 ?00:48
bluefox83man doing a sudo apt-get upgrade from a fresh natty install...hope to hell i don't fubar my sys00:48
bluefox83it's installing like 200 packages00:49
Jerubaraujo: um, X200, but there are T410s in the office00:49
araujoJerub, and how it goes? , nothing badly breaks???00:49
Jerubaraujo: um, do you know what wireless chip you have? is it the realtek or the intel?00:49
bluefox83dang, how many times do i need to uninstall firefox D:00:50
araujoJerub, the Intel one00:50
Jerubaraujo: okay, after you boot the new kernel, there's a good chance your wireless will drop out when you use it.00:51
araujommm ....00:51
Jerubbug report here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/630748 workaround has been posted (diable 802.11n support), and please, if you experience the problem, post something to the bug report.00:51
ubottuUbuntu bug 630748 in Linux "iwlagn degrades quickly during normal wifi session" [High,Confirmed]00:51
araujoJerub, ok, I check, thanks ....00:52
Jerubit's been marked as 'fix-released' but it's still an active problem for me and i'm trying to poke the right people into getting it re-opened, but it's all falling on deaf ears.00:52
araujothough I am still considering if updating or not....00:52
Jerubapart from that it works great :)00:53
araujoJerub, I hit this bug with maverick it seems => https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/52428100:53
ubottuUbuntu bug 524281 in linux (Ubuntu) "Tens of wakes per second in "[kernel scheduler] Load balancing tick" on Core 2 Duo even with only 1 core enabled" [Low,Confirmed]00:53
aliendude5300here's the lshw output from my system if it helps: http://pastebay.com/12029900:53
araujoand seems the solution is to update to natty00:53
BUGabundo nn00:54
aliendude5300I'm going to see if I can right click if I plug in an HP wireless mouse, or if it's the trackpad itself (which works perfectly in windows, btw)00:56
delacaliendude5300: just checking basic things: you have enabled touchpad mouseclicks on the mouse preferences?00:56
aliendude5300delac: yes01:00
aliendude5300ok, so I can right click with my wireless mouse just fine, but I'd really like to get the trackpad working01:01
delacaliendude5300: left click works? what about middle click (with three fingers)?01:01
katsrchey, doing an upgrade to natty and the upgrade is stuck at "Configuring ttf-mscorefonts-installer" window trying to define a proxy...01:01
katsrcis there a way to skip it and resume the upgrade?01:02
aliendude5300delac: I don't believe the trackpad I have supports multi-touch01:03
delacaliendude5300: most of them do not, but if it is synaptics touchpad, then the drivers can emulate multi touch. like on my acer netbook01:04
delacaliendude5300: in other words: it pobably works on your laptop too01:04
aliendude5300delac: I'm not sure what trackpad I have. here's my lshw output: http://pastebay.com/12029901:05
delacaliendude5300: mind giving "xinput list"?01:06
aliendude5300gimme a sec...01:07
aliendude5300http://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=188877&stc=1&d=1302653247 (xinput list)01:08
delacaliendude5300: link doesnt seem to work01:09
aliendude5300here's it on pastebay http://pastebay.com/12030001:09
delacaliendude5300: SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad. So it should support multi touch. Like two fingers for right click and three for middle. Also two finger scrolling01:10
aliendude5300hmm, well those gestures don't work. They did work on my eee pc, but I can't use that right now (charging is broken)01:11
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=== rcmaehl_mobile is now known as rcmaehl
delacaliendude5300: so what works and what doesn't? pointer moves? can you left click? with either the pad or the buttons?01:14
=== rcmaehl is now known as NT8
aliendude5300pointer moves, can left click, dragging often results in a weird behavior where the mouse (and the window) suddenly moves into the bottom left corner, scrolling works.01:15
* araujo decided to update to natty01:16
aliendude5300I'd wait, the new interface is pretty hard to get used to, and there are quite a few bugs (at least for me)01:17
aliendude5300also, is there a way to prevent the window list or whatever from auto-hiding01:17
aliendude5300really annoying imo01:17
delacaliendude5300: you have compiz-config-setting-manager installed?01:18
aliendude5300not that I know of01:19
delacaliendude5300: and I assume you ment the Launcher on the left?01:19
delacaliendude5300: do you know how to use gconf-editor?01:19
aliendude5300no, but I can learn01:20
delacaliendude5300: I recommend you install compiz-config-setting-manager01:20
aliendude5300_I guess I can't complain since I'm on Ubuntu 11.04 beta, but my system just completely locked up01:23
aliendude5300_and by that I mean even alt+sysrq+b wouldn't work01:23
aliendude5300_anyways, I'm back01:23
delacaliendude5300_: well, that is one good lockup01:24
delacaliendude5300_: but yes, this beta seems to lock up time to time01:24
aliendude5300_yeah, it happened when I hit the wifi toggle button01:24
aliendude5300_not going to make that mistake again :.01:24
delacaliendude5300_: ah, bad drivers01:24
Pr070calhi anyone know how to configure gufw to deny in+out and allow out on 80? i get no internet01:25
aliendude5300_blame broadcom :/ no good open-source drivers for my card01:25
delacaliendude5300_: hmm, for me the hardware switch seems to work fine. And I use broadcom drivers too :)01:26
delacaliendude5300_: are you installing the ccsm, or do you want to look the gconf-editor?01:27
aliendude5300_hmm I don't know then, but I'd rather not have my system freeze up like that again01:27
aliendude5300_ccsm package wasn't found01:27
delacaliendude5300_: its named compiz-config-settings-manager01:27
araujodelac, you get your system locked up from time to time?01:27
delacaraujo: sometimes, mostly on boot01:28
aliendude5300_I have ccsm on my desktop, although I thought that was primarily for desktop aesthetics, but I'll try it01:28
delacaliendude5300_: huh?01:28
araujodelac, what kind of system do you have?, and also ... how do you fix it?01:28
aliendude5300_ccsm is mainly for desktop effects like fire and rain, am I wrong?01:29
aliendude5300_also, still not finding the package for some reason... is it in the natty repos?01:29
aliendude5300_"E: Unable to locate package compiz-config-settings-manager"01:29
Daekdroomaliendude5300_, try compizconfig-settingsmanager01:30
delacaliendude5300_: yes, it's the compiz settings manager, and there are options for rain and fire too01:30
Daekdroom!info compizconfig-settingsmanager01:30
ubottuPackage compizconfig-settingsmanager does not exist in natty01:30
aliendude5300_!info compiz-config-settings-manager01:30
ubottuPackage compiz-config-settings-manager does not exist in natty01:30
Daekdroom!info compizconfig-settingmanager01:30
ubottuPackage compizconfig-settingmanager does not exist in natty01:30
aliendude5300_!info compiz-config-setting-manager01:31
ubottuPackage compiz-config-setting-manager does not exist in natty01:31
robin0800aliendude5300_, compizconfig-settings-manager01:31
delacyes, thats it01:31
DaekdroomWho came up with that package name..01:31
aliendude5300_robin0800: that works, thank you01:31
aliendude5300_Daekdroom: I know right? I suggest adding a shortcut package name "ccsm"01:32
aliendude5300_short and simple :)01:32
delacaraujo: using natty on my acer d250 netbook. And mostly restart the computer with alt+sysrq+b01:33
aliendude5300_delac: I have ccsm installed, now what?01:33
robin0800aliendude5300_, then you need the desktop section an the choose the unity plug in01:33
delacfind the unity plugin01:33
araujodelac, I see....01:33
aliendude5300_delac: thanks, figured it out01:34
aliendude5300_now then, right clicking is still broken on my trackpad01:35
aliendude5300_I don't think anyone here knows how to fix that :(01:35
delacaliendude5300_: might be so. it's pretty odd that only one button is not working.01:36
aliendude5300_I'm not the only one. I managed to find a forum post with someone with the exact same laptop with the same problem.01:36
aliendude5300_having to plug in a wireless mouse to right click shouldn't be necessary01:37
aliendude5300_also, why doesn't webgl work in the firefox 4 installed in 11.04?01:37
aliendude5300_here's the thread with the right click problem http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10670060#post1067006001:38
delacaliendude5300_: maybe you should file a bug too.01:40
aliendude5300_delac: good idea, I'll do that now01:40
aliendude5300_what should I include in the report?01:40
delacaliendude5300_: there was one guy (cant remember nick) who seemed to know about input devices quite a bit. Maybe you should hang around and query time to time. He might spot you and be able to help.01:42
Corthi, is there any way to autohide the top panel?01:44
aliendude5300_won't let me file a bug without a package name01:44
gavdari1I was playing with compiz on unity and suddenly ever‌ything went black01:44
aliendude5300_not sure what package would be at fault01:44
gavdari1I had to restart, but now I'm stuck with a pidgin without controls (close, minimize etc. buttons) and console mode, nothing else works01:45
gavdari1any idea?01:45
CantWinnI was thinking on installing WINE on Natty for some games. Which version might be better suited? 1.2.2 or 1.3.12?01:45
delacaliendude5300_: I was thinking the same thing and can't really say what would be appropriate one01:45
delacaliendude5300_: not sure, could be.01:46
aliendude5300_when in doubt, report it as a bug in "linux"01:46
delacaliendude5300_: well yes, someone who knows about things will then set the correct package01:47
gavdari I was playing with compiz on natty when suddenly everything went black, so I restarted, now I'm stuck with a pidgin and nothing else, no panel, no launcher, no close or minimize button, nothing at all. Is there anything I can do? c'mon guys help me out here.01:51
CantWinnAnother question I have is to do with the application launcher, how do you launch more than 2 windows? Ex. Firefox has a window open and want another, if I click on it it doesn't open another window01:53
delacCantWinn: middle click?01:55
CantWinndelac: thanks01:55
delacaliendude5300_: I must be going now. Sorry I couldn't help more. Good luck with the touchpad.01:56
CantWinnAlso, I think the search feature is great. But if I can't remember what I'm looking for and want an old fashion menu to look through where is it?01:58
ubuntuguyI'm thinking about install ubuntu 11.04 on new partition02:28
OmegaYou should do that then.02:29
ubuntuguyWell, I was going to ask for instructions02:31
jiohdiubuntuguy, just create a blank partition and when you do the install it will ask you if that is where you wish to park it02:32
ubuntuguyWill I get a dual boot?02:32
ubuntuguyAnd how do I remove the partition?02:32
jiohdifamiliar with gparted?02:33
ubuntuguyNot really, no02:33
jiohdiok, from the live cd, run gparted and it will show you your drive... you can then resize and repartition it.... you can create a new partition without any formatting.02:34
ubuntuguyAlright cool, thanks02:34
jiohdiits not 100% risk free... but what in life is... backup your important stuff02:35
ubuntuguyWell, in that case, I'll just wait for beta 2 and run live cd again02:36
jiohdino hurry02:36
jiohdiI am running beta on two machines now02:36
jiohdino major problems so far02:36
ubuntuguyI've used it VIA live machine, I'm liking unity so far02:37
jiohdiI have no use for unity, I am using lxde which is also like lubuntu02:37
jiohdi11.04 allows docky to work with lxde which I like02:38
ubuntuguyI will have no need for docky anymore as unity bar gets the job done02:38
jiohdito each his own which is the beauty of linux02:39
ubuntuguyMhm, nicely said02:39
jiohdiI have tried many desktops and then get bored and try them again :)02:39
jiohdibeen around the cycle a few times02:39
ubuntuguyI've only use the defaults02:40
jiohdiI have some low power machines so I always look for light weight02:40
jiohdilike xfce lxde and iceWM02:40
ubuntuguyOH, I see what your saying02:41
ubuntuguyunity isn't to light weight is it?02:41
jiohdiunity is supposed to be light weight, but its made for touch screens and it has limitations I do not like02:42
ubuntuguyLimitations such as? Because I haven't ran into any02:42
jiohdiits not very flexible... it is what it is and its not much for changing things around02:43
ubuntuguyThat's true02:43
jiohdithe other panels allow additions of gadgets and such02:43
ubuntuguyYeah, that's one thing I hate02:43
ubuntuguyI'm also going to miss the applications, places, etc menu02:44
ubuntuguyWish someone would create an add-on for that02:44
ubuntuguyMay go and request it on the forums02:46
dannoHello all02:48
dannoAny thoughts on the Unity interface? I just am trying the beta now but not sure how I feel about it yet.02:51
ubuntuguyI like unity02:51
ubuntuguyI wish02:51
ubuntuguyI'm also going to miss the applications, places, etc menu02:51
ubuntuguyMay go searching for an add-on02:51
dannoI'm using the ubuntu classic noeffects for now.02:52
ubuntuguyWhat's the point of that?02:52
dannoI was running into too much weirdness with Unity.02:53
dannoSuch as unmovable windows, poor UI performance (clicks took many seconds to register), etc.02:53
ubuntuguyI mean, it's a beta02:54
dannoThese problems disappeared when I switched.02:54
ubuntuguyLets see what happens with beta 202:54
dannoYes, but that's why I'm waiting for the next beta. :)02:54
dannoI think it has potential... I was using the netbook edition on, well, my netbook, but ran into window sizing issues there.02:55
ubuntuguyI like unity though02:55
ubuntuguyI'm always open to change02:55
dannoDefinitely- I hate to bash Windows- I make my living with it- but it's not much fun.02:56
ubuntuguybut again, I'm going to miss the applications menu02:56
dannoIsn't that still available with the ubuntu icon on the top left screen?02:56
ubuntuguybut like02:57
ubuntuguyit loads up02:57
ubuntuguyand then shows you applications and stuff, ok cool02:57
ubuntuguybut I prefer02:57
ubuntuguyclick on applications02:57
ubuntuguyand pick02:57
ubuntuguy1 2 302:57
dannoI usually make short cuts for the 6 to 10 things I use the most but it was more convenient before02:58
dannothe app menu that is02:58
trismubuntuguy: why not the Applications button in the launcher, you can choose the categories in the top right02:59
dannoGotta go for a bit- thanks for the chat!02:59
ubuntuguyik, but I like applications integrated in panel with places and systems along side02:59
=== SethP is now known as |Seth|
cyphase"you're server is broke! it doesn't have any cache!"03:04
magn3tsI sure wish I could view my apps without having to scroll through nine pages of a lens.03:08
magn3tsOr that when I press the application button I'm not shown the first 4 apps that start with the letter 'a'... because that's really what I want.03:08
magn3tscardapio is like, in every way possible, more usable than the application lens.03:09
Cortexhaving sound problems: when I plug in my headphones, sound still comes from the speakers03:24
cyphasethat's not a bug, that's a feature!03:24
Cortexi mean, sound still comes from the computer speakers, not just the headphones03:25
cyphasei know03:25
charlie-tcadoes seem better than no sound, at times.03:27
Cortexwell, is there a way to fix this?03:28
cyphaseCortex, what exactly is the setup?03:29
cyphaseCortex, where are the 'computer speakers', and where are the headphones plugged in03:29
cyphaselaptop or desktop?03:29
Cortexer, i'm not so great at this, i'm using an old laptop03:30
cyphasei think newer laptops usually have a hardware switch03:30
Cortexi've fiddled with the speakers menu, but nothing03:30
cyphasedo you see two outputs in the pulseaudio utility?03:31
charlie-tcaCortex: this might help - http://digitizor.com/2009/10/22/fix-headphone-sound-problem-hp-laptop-linux/03:31
Cortexyou mean sound preferences?03:32
Cortexcharlie-tca: thanks, i'll see if it this works03:33
Cortexcharlie-tca: nope, didn't work :/03:39
cbilljonesI think my icons should bounce a bit when i click them, not a biggie - but i think would be nice polish04:04
cbilljonesand im really missing my lm-sensor app, anyone working on appindicator for that?04:05
DebolazYeah, that's one thing I miss a bit, better visual indication that something was clicked or that something wants attention.04:05
cbilljonesya, i know my grandparents woud keep clicking till window opened lol04:06
DebolazFor me it's just a small thing though.04:08
DebolazHaving it would be an improvement, but not having it would not hinder productivity, so it's not very important.04:09
DebolazIt's productivity hindering stuff that gets me riled up, and so far there haven't been many of those. :)04:10
genii-aroundJust had a kernel oops on the last update. Couldn't make a bug report though, it said something like "the report is damaged" .04:10
cbilljonesoverall ive had pretty good luck with it, i think im maybe getting a little better performance playing WoW :)04:14
cbilljonesand im really liking the zeitgeist search04:14
DebolazIt certainly is more pleasant to use on my netbook than gnome 2 was.04:14
cbilljonesim using on my quadcore desktop04:15
DebolazFinally someone has realized that on netbooks, the mouse isn't a high precision instrument where clicks are cheap.04:15
cbilljonesya, ive never used unity on netbook, i know i find win7 starter extremely aggravating04:16
neerajrww,  sudo do-release-upgrade -d upgraded my system to Maverick :|, have to run update-manager -d for switching to natty04:37
* Debolaz notes that Natty technically speaking haven't been released yet.04:37
neerajDoes not -d stands for currently developing version?04:38
katsrchey, I was trying to upgrade to the latest Natty and the installer stalled at the ms-font installer dialog..04:38
* Debolaz dunno. :)04:38
katsrccan i still resume the installation or is it too messy?04:38
katsrci have no problems of doing a fresh install04:39
gunndawgI am still trying to figureo ut if I like 11.04 or 10.10 better04:39
syn-ackI tend to always recommend doing a fresh install, katsrc04:39
katsrcsyn-ack: i usually get good results with upgrading, but i guess it's beta04:40
syn-ackThough, that's not the answer you're looking for... You should be able to kill it and then continue it, but it could turn out to be a messy decision.04:40
katsrcjust wanted to know if there was a way to resume it or restart the upgrade process?04:40
syn-ackYou may be able to kill it, and then restart it but there's no telling if it's going to work like it should.04:41
katsrcgota ya, just finished burning the image04:41
jiohdikatsrc you might try apt-get install -f04:42
katsrcgonna go try it out, thanks for the tip04:42
syn-ackI have a feeling it's going to end up very messy. :/04:42
jiohdiat least it will fix any missing dependencies of what you already have04:42
katsrcjust gotta back up a few directories and i should be ok to mess the box up :)04:43
syn-acktisk tisk.... you should have done that BEFORE you started the upgrade. :P04:43
katsrcsyn-ack: it's just a few directories that aren't that important04:44
katsrcthanks again04:45
ledah_hi anyone knows if i can install a genius easypen i405 in natty?04:49
trismledah_: there seem to be drivers available: https://launchpad.net/wizardpen but you may need to build them yourself, since the ppa doesn't have natty yet04:56
genii-aroundledah_: Also method here may work for you http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=133726004:57
ledah_thx to both i'm trying right now both solutions04:59
ledah_mmm i get some errors05:02
trismledah_: looks like it will need some patches for natty, several of those symbols have been dropped or replaced, there is already a bug about it: lp 71590405:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 715904 in Gentoo Linux "Support input ABI 12" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71590405:12
habananyis is possible natty usb persistent if it is any tutorial how to make it ?05:21
cbilljoneshabanany i think pendrive linux can do it05:23
habananyi ll take a look cbilljones , thanks05:23
bullgard4What does "status 4" mean in the bootup message: "ureadahead - other main process terminated with status 4"?05:24
cbilljoneshabanany  http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/14912/create-a-persistent-bootable-ubuntu-usb-flash-drive/05:25
cbilljonesnp, thats how i did it05:25
cbilljonesmy menus keep disappearing is this a known bug?05:26
cbilljonesall i get is file, with just close option05:27
bullgard4cbilljones: Yes, I have read in this channel that others experienced the same. - Me personally not.05:31
cbilljonesbullgard4 i did "unity -reset" that fixed it, could be a ccsm setting conflicting05:32
cbilljonesunity --reset i mean05:32
bullgard4I am not using Unity.05:35
IdleOnebullgard4: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1434502  first post explains what status 4 is. at the bottom of the post05:37
bullgard4IdleOne: Thank you very much for your excellent help.05:44
IdleOnewelcome :)05:44
CantWinnI seem to have a bug. I'm using natty, and every time I try to down load a big file (Update manager etc) my system will freeze05:47
CantWinnAny one else getting this issue?05:47
CantWinnAny one on tonight?05:52
JerubCantWinn: yep.05:53
JerubCantWinn: are you using wireless?05:53
perscitusHow is Beta 2 shaping up?05:53
CantWinnJerub: Yes I am05:53
rwwperscitus: it doesn't exist for another two days ;P05:53
JerubCantWinn: okay, is it intel wireless, with 802.11n capability?05:53
perscitusrww,  I meant, hows the bugs.05:53
CantWinnNo, Braudcom05:53
Jerubokay, different bug then.05:54
perscitusrww,  I bet  someone somewhere will release patch to make Launcher movable.05:54
CantWinnJerub: I've tried the Proprietary drivers and the open src from the resource, both do it.05:54
perscitusI tried to find ways to Hide Unity launcher permanantly but nothing in google.05:55
CantWinnOoops, and that should be Broadcom..05:55
ledah_i give up,05:56
ledah_i will reinstall 10.1005:56
ledah_thx for all your help05:56
CantWinnledah_: Not sure what the issue is, but are you able to split your partition? have a common home dir?05:57
perscitusAnyone else know how to make Launcher disappear forever?05:57
superm1hey folks, is there a trick to getting these updated scrollbars to be used in apps?  i'm not seeing them in my gnome-terminal at all on an up to date natty05:57
ledah_well i can't install my tablet and i really need it05:58
ledah_i don't know how to that05:59
ledah_i can install half os leave as natty half as julia05:59
CantWinnledah_: nothing coming up in Google eh?06:00
ledah_heheh i derp let me look06:01
wageI'm having a problem where the screen goes scrambled a lot. Then it goes back to my windows, but I can't do anything. sometimes unity keeps flashing like its crashed and restarting. This has been happening for at least a month now.06:01
wageHas this been reported?06:01
=== cryptk|offline is now known as cryptk
CantWinnSo there's a bug reported for Intel wireless but nothing out there for Broadcom then I take it?06:04
ledah_looks like it's posibble06:05
audhicozziemoto,  are you here?06:08
navatwoHmm.. so there's an issue in natty thats creating *massive* memory leak issues and causing my kernel to panic. This is using natty kubuntu06:12
Paddy_NINo harm to the kubuntu packaging team but I would not use kubuntu if I was after an any way decent kde experience06:17
Paddy_NInavatwo: ^06:17
navatwoPaddy_NI: Hmm, kubuntu was doing well with 10.10.. kinda. It was too behind in mesa that it was killing my system. Hence I updated to natty hoping to fix this06:18
navatwoinstead I now am faced with horrible memory leaks :(06:18
Paddy_NIhave you tried chakra navatwo?06:18
navatwoPaddy_NI: what might you suggest? Debian was OK.. nothing special06:18
navatwonever heard of it06:18
Paddy_NIchakra is still alpha but its pretty great06:19
Paddy_NIChakra is a kde based distro created from arch linux06:19
Paddy_NIIn fact you could try archlinux.. the installer is not very friendly when compared to ubuntus06:19
Paddy_NIChakra has a nice installer though06:20
navatwoI have arch installed inside a qemu vm06:20
wageif no one else has reported the crash is there somewhere I can get a log and send it in?06:20
navatwoMight give fedora a try06:20
navatwowage: depends what the bug is for06:20
Paddy_NInavatwo: Not sure of how they treat kde06:21
navatwoat least where you send it :P06:21
Paddy_NInavatwo: afaik mandriva have the best kde around06:21
wagenavatwo: i think its a unity crash06:21
navatwoPaddy_NI: its available, but I'm thinking its similar to comparing kubuntu with ubuntu06:21
navatwowage: launchpad then :)06:21
Paddy_NInavatwo: although its not up to the minute in terms of which kde release they use06:21
navatwoPaddy_NI: I'm considering switching to GNOME3.. its very nice.06:21
Paddy_NInavatwo: I am happy with my customised gnome 206:22
wagenavatwo: know where i might find the logs for that?06:22
rwwPaddy_NI: You're in #ubuntu+1, not ##linux ;P06:22
Paddy_NIrww: yeah just giving some friendly advice06:22
navatwoIts still on-topic, haha.06:23
navatwo[0mHostname[33m: [0mn2-desktop[33m - [0mOS[33m: [0mLinux 2.6.38-8-generic/x86_64[33m - [0mDistro[33m: [0mUbuntu Natty (development branch) branch)[33m - [0mCPU[33m: [0m4 x AMD Phenom II X4 970 (2200.000 MHz)[33m - [0mProcesses[33m: [0m195[33m - [0mUptime[33m: [0m1d 1h 54m[33m - [0mUsers[33m: [0m5[33m - [0mLoad Average[33m: [0m2.17[33m - [0mMemory Usage[33m: [0m1659.71MB/3959.92MB (41.91%)[33m - [0mDisk Usage[33m: [0m172.27GB/636.71GB (27.06%)06:23
navatwowait.. what? top says my usage is at 3.7Gb06:24
rwwnavatwo: preferred KDE distro is "Ubuntu development release discussion and support" ;P06:24
Paddy_NIrww: yes we just changed it.. did you not get the memo?06:25
rwwPaddy_NI: You need sudo access to change channel topic ;P06:25
navatwoMem:   4054956k total,  3611004k used,   443952k free,    82176k buffers <- thats odd..06:25
=== D is now known as Guest3577
navatwowhen sysinfo says its at 1.6gB06:25
navatwo.. great unetbootin seems to have crashed06:26
bullgard4What is the function of the kernel thread »sync_supers«?06:49
Visitor_71question: my menu bar in Unity will no longer dodge windows... it is checked off in CCSM. How do I get the bar to auto hide when I maximize a program?06:55
=== Guest3577 is now known as LarsTorben
inaetyhey guys, i had 10.10 installed and decided to also install kubuntu-desktop.  having since updated to the beta, i want to remove everything kde07:09
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome07:09
inaetyTm_T, nothing there for even 10.1007:09
bazhanginaety, I've not tried it with the beta; it may be updated (ie the link) once you reach final07:09
inaetylet alone 11.0407:09
bazhanginaety, I did do it with 10.10 however07:10
Tm_Tinaety: do you mean that instructions there doesn't work?07:10
inaetybazhang, it looks like removing the apps manually is the way to go07:10
inaetyTm_T, yes sir07:10
Tm_Tinaety: can you give more details so the instructions can be updated?07:10
bazhanginaety, fine; it worked perfectly well in 10.10 for me however07:11
inaetywell, Tm_T trying to just apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop doesn't give me the meta package its supposed to be07:11
Tm_Tinaety: no, that's not how it even should work07:11
inaetyTm_T, those are the first instructions07:12
Tm_Tinaety: hmm, what happens if you remove qtlibs packages?07:12
Tm_Taptitude, apt-get, any tool07:13
inaetycant locate07:13
inaetyis there a more specific name07:14
inaetyTm_T, much more promising07:14
inaetyremoving 500+ megs now07:15
inaetyi'd suggest updating it with07:15
Tm_Tinaety: pay attention on what it is removing and make sure that's what you want07:15
inaetysudo aptitude remove kubuntu-desktop libqtcore407:15
inaetyits removing the kde apps clearly07:15
inaetyi can send you a pastebin if youd like07:15
Tm_Tinaety: "sudo aptitude removing kubuntu-desktop" is supposed to remove all the packages that got installed automatically as dependencies of the package07:16
inaetyit did not07:16
Tm_Tinaety: it's your choice what you want to remove (:07:16
inaetyi meant for the docs07:16
Tm_TI know07:16
rwwTm_T: Ubuntu's default settings mark dependencies of a metapackage as manually installed when the metapackage is removed.07:17
Tm_Trww: really?07:17
Tm_Thohum, that makes things tricky07:17
Tm_Trww: as you know more about this, I leave it to you (;07:17
inaetylibqtcore4 looks pretty golden07:18
inaetybut any ways anyone mess with gnome3 yet07:18
rwwI think it's set by 01autoremove in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/ or the aptitude equivalent07:19
torchienatty beta 1 didn't come with compiz and the ccsm by default did it?07:42
gunndawgwas wondering the same thing my self07:43
gunndawgI want my wobbly windows back! :(07:43
torchiedid you switch to Ubuntu on the login screen?07:43
torchiewhat kind of video card do you have07:43
torchieI have an nvidia 7150m and I was baffled to see all the FX I got on macbook gone07:44
gunndawgsome nvidia mobile card07:44
gunndawgim on laptop07:44
torchiei think with some machines and it assumes you don't have the drivers to run the composited desktop07:44
torchieI don't remember exactly how I did it but I know now when I go to Ubuntu I get all the fancy unity wobbly stuff07:45
torchieexcept it freezes every couple hours so I'm sticking to Classic07:45
gunndawgwont let me install simple-ccsm either07:46
gunndawgfrom package manager07:46
elFidelclassic ftw07:46
torchieclassic, don't like07:47
torchiemy taskbar is just a jumbled mess07:47
torchieI don't even know the name of anything anymore07:47
gnomefreakis anyone able to test if flash videos play normal or are in fast forward(for lack of better words) on 32bit?08:12
rwwgnomefreak: Do you have speakers/headphones/whatever plugged in? I get fast forward flash sometimes if I don't have any sound peripherals plugged in.08:13
gnomefreakrww: yes i get sound on login08:14
rwwah, never mind me then08:14
gnomefreakit happens in both HD and normal vga08:15
Jordan_Ugnomefreak: It is not normal for flash videos to play at anything but normal speed on 32 bit Ubuntu. That said, flash on linux in general is buggy.08:16
gnomefreakJordan_U: i know both of them. just needing to make sure it is not just me08:20
olyhi, can someone tell me have i reported this bug in the correct place ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pyopenssl/+bug/75803708:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 758037 in pyopenssl (Ubuntu) "pyopenssl breaks all ssl apps becuase of changes in python 2.7" [Undecided,New]08:28
Jerububottu: that depends. are you testing 0.12 ?08:28
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:28
Jeruboly: that depends. are you testing 0.12 ?08:28
olyoriginally i posted it against pyopenssl but its fixed there, i am using natty witth all the updates as of last night08:29
gnomefreakim guessing you mean is the package correct, since bugs are reported to Launchpad08:29
Jeruboly: okay, well, pyopenssl 0.12 was released in the last day or so, probably want to see if that gets into ubuntu natty.08:29
Jerublooks like 0.10 is in natty08:30
olyah okay, i will wait a few more days and see if it comes in08:30
olycheers for the info, i was a bit confused when i was told i had reported the bug in the wrong place08:30
olycool, beans i patched my local copy for now anyway just wanted to make sure the fix makes it in :)08:32
uniscriptis there a url to describe how to develop unity lenses?08:32
uniscriptI'm interested in doing one for doc-central08:32
uniscriptof course if someone else would like to take it on, that would make me even happier ;)08:33
bullgard4What is the proper name of the warning triangle symbol in the notification area?08:34
bullgard4"The update information is outdated."08:34
Jeruboly: just checked with some folks, that's definately the right place to file the bug.08:35
olyokay, cheers Jerub i look forward to the fix :)08:43
gnomefreakit seeems my flash problem is not just me and it happens on Maverick as well. bug 65758608:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 657586 in flashplugin-nonfree (Ubuntu) "Flash videos play very fast and with no sound" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65758608:51
wolterdoes somebody know whats happening with nvidia and the fake kms?09:00
wolternvidia proprietary drivers09:00
=== timblechmann is now known as tim
zniavre<bullgard4> What is the proper name of the warning triangle symbol in the notification area? > gtk-dialog-warning-panel.svg09:16
gnomefreakis there a way to download a flash video from youtube and play it locally?09:20
gordonjcpgnomefreak: there are many many ways09:20
gnomefreakgordonjcp: one would be helpful09:23
eagles0513875hey guys has anyone tried natty on a wpa2 wifi connection09:23
eagles0513875cuz every time i try to connect to my wpa2 connection at home natty kernel panics09:23
susundbergthats not too promissing ..09:25
susundbergi am using: IE: IEEE 802.11i/WPA2 Version 109:26
susundbergPairwise Ciphers (2) : TKIP CCMP, Authentication Suites (1) : PSK09:26
susundbergit works but not too well thanks to bad drivers09:26
susundbergwireless-compat drivers are helps littlebit though09:27
susundberg(at least they did when i last tested)09:27
susundbergeagles0513875: can you do iwlist scan ok? does dmesg show anything weird?09:27
eagles0513875i cant it crashes my whole system09:28
eagles0513875with a kernel backing and a trace09:28
eagles0513875atm im wired09:28
susundbergiwlist scan or what?09:28
eagles0513875susundberg: wpa2 works like a charm in maverick09:28
eagles0513875and i find my network just fine09:28
eagles0513875wpa2 crashes then when im at school09:28
eagles0513875using wpa enterprise using radius authentication it works like a charm09:28
gordonjcpgnomefreak: apt-cache search youtube09:29
susundberganyway it might be a) driver issue b) authentication issue c) network manager issue09:29
gordonjcpgnomefreak: sorry, I'm not booted into Ubuntu just now so I can't be more specific09:29
susundbergfor anything to be done one would first need to debug what is causing the troble09:29
gordonjcpgnomefreak: but I'm guessing you neither need nor want spoon-fed anyway09:29
susundberg(or d: other reason)09:30
eagles0513875susundberg: how can i get the required informatino09:31
gnomefreakgordonjcp: thanks anyway09:31
susundbergeagles0513875: well i would start with doing 'iwlist scan' -- and check dmesg for troubles09:32
susundbergif it looks ok, then i would google my adapter with 'natty kernel panic'09:32
eagles0513875susundberg: what kinda wifi do you have09:33
eagles0513875my netbook has an atheros ar242709:33
susundbergusb dongle dlink something09:33
susundberghave you googled the crash backtrace with your adapter name?09:33
gnomefreakit seems flash is no different when using browser-plugin-gnash09:35
eagles0513875susundberg: no i havent yet09:38
eagles0513875gonna try again09:38
eagles0513875see if it does it09:38
eagles0513875susundberg: this is odd09:38
eagles0513875plugged into the wired network then connecting to the wifi doesnt crash09:39
buff27is it possibly to remove the unity shell in the new ubuntu 11.04? and just use normal gnome shell? I tried unity on my netbook with 10.10 but I don't like it09:43
gnomefreakby shell you mean desktop?09:44
buff27yes, I mean desktop sorry just used word shell as I've seen reviews refer to unity as a Gnome "shell"09:45
gnomefreakyou can choose to use classic desktop edition from login screen. classic is the normal desktop09:45
susundbergeagles0513875: and you said the crash was kernel panic?09:45
susundbergeagles0513875: not network manager crash?09:45
buff27thank you for a prompt reply gnomefreak09:46
gnomefreaknp buff2709:46
* gnomefreak thinking aloud, please jump in with any ideas, or thoughts09:47
fuzzybunny69yHey everyone! I just upgraded to Natty and am just wondering how do you remove icons from the unity launcher?09:47
gnomefreakok so flash videos dont play right in gnash than can it be a bug in flash software09:47
gnomefreaksorry i work better reading my thoughts09:48
delacfuzzybunny69y: right click them?09:48
eagles0513875susundberg: whole system crash from the trace it looked like a kernel panic09:48
gnomefreakfuzzybunny69y: you cant remove some but if you right click on the icon you can choose to remove it09:48
eagles0513875susundberg: what i find odd though is if im plugged into my wired network and then connect to wpa 2 it works just fine09:48
susundbergeagles0513875: you need to post the crash report somewhere09:48
gnomefreakapplications, file and folders,desktop switcher can not be removed09:48
susundbergmhh, that is also my case .. i am plugged in wired network09:49
susundbergi'll try without it09:49
gnomefreakand to remove click on "keep in launcher"09:49
delacfuzzybunny69y: that of course works both ways. so you can keep any icon in the launcher by enabling the "keep in launcher"09:50
gnomefreakcant download to test them i removed swf-dec so that cant be the cause as it used to be09:50
susundbergeagles0513875: no mine natty works fine09:50
susundbergeagles0513875: i mean connecting wpa2 when not plugged to wired net09:50
eagles0513875maybe since i did an upgrade from mavrick to natty09:50
gnomefreakmvo: if your around if libunity3 is needed to run unity (at least i think it is) why does autoremove want to remove it if i use unity all the time?09:51
susundbergeagles0513875: might be, please try to reproduce it and post the crash message to pastebin (or similar)09:51
eagles0513875this is i cant09:51
eagles0513875just panics and everythign locks up09:51
eagles0513875at console screen09:51
eagles0513875have to do a hard reset09:52
gnomefreaki dont think a kernel panic log will gfit on pastebins09:52
mvognomefreak: there is a libunity3 and a libunity409:52
gnomefreakmvo: ah thanks09:52
susundbergeagles0513875: can't help with this info, as said the problem could be anywhere, from drivers to user space programs09:53
eagles0513875no worries09:54
eagles0513875hey gnomefreak09:54
eagles0513875my system froze09:54
eagles0513875no kernel panic this time just locked up badly09:54
susundbergeagles0513875: if the 'iwlist scan' can produce the crash, then you could try to run that from console without X running -- if it happens also there then it really might be driver issue09:55
susundbergif the 'iwlist scan' does not cause any problems then i would mayby try to connect the wpa2 from console09:56
susundberg(that is without network manager)09:56
susundbergif that works then the problem is in network manager or some other service started with X09:56
gnomefreakhi eagles051387509:57
eagles0513875how goes it09:57
* gnomefreak feels the need for a smoke again :( this is way too stressful but i need answers09:58
gnomefreakeagles0513875: im good and yourself?09:58
eagles0513875gnomefreak: gd gd stressed and swearing as to why wpa2 hates me09:58
eagles0513875anyone else here upgraded from maverick to natty09:58
bullgard4zniavre: Excellent! Thank you very much for your help.09:59
gnomefreakeagles0513875: yes but i dont use wireless09:59
eagles0513875humm ok :-/09:59
eagles0513875anyone here who uses wifi and upgraded from maverick to natty10:00
gnomefreakby chris10:00
fuzzybunny69ythanks guys your lovely10:04
fuzzybunny69yI did I mention I love you10:04
Chiefcan someone help me ?10:06
eagles0513875!ask | Chief10:06
ubottuChief: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:06
Chiefi tried to change some settings in compiz ( to change from wall to cube and to enable opacify ) and now i don't have anything on my desktop10:07
Chiefno unity sidebar and no taskbar10:08
Chiefi tried to get back default settings but that doesn't work10:09
davidcalleHi all, I'm looking for testers/bug reporters for a Unity Lens, is anyone interested?10:14
buff27how do I updade to natty? I check for updates and don't get A message informing me of the availability of the new release. Have set the update settings to look for new release10:24
gnomefreakbuff27: update-manager -d10:28
gnomefreakin terminal10:28
gnomefreakChief: compiz+unity are not fully compatible at this time10:28
Chiefgnomefreak: i removed compiz but nothing happens . how can i get back to how it was before i messed up ?10:33
gnomefreaki am unable to find the bug10:33
gnomefreaki know ther eis one since i filed one and it was marked as a duplicate of another bug, and it had >15 duplicates added to it10:34
gnomefreaki gave it to someone last week10:34
mwhudson_i'm trying to upgrade to natty and getting10:40
mwhudson_Could not calculate the upgrade10:40
mwhudson_An unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade:10:41
mwhudson_E:Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.10:41
gnomefreakChief: see bug 685552  for your problem10:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 685552 in unity (Ubuntu) "Compiz crashes when (en|dis)abling a plugin (ccsm) aka compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in sigc::signal_base::impl()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68555210:41
gnomefreakmwhudson_: run sudo apt-get install -f10:41
mwhudson_how can i figure out what the problem is?10:41
mwhudson_gnomefreak: completes without anything much happening10:41
mwhudson_ah i do have a ppa package being held back10:43
mwhudson_grr i used to know this10:44
Chiefgnomefreak: where ?10:44
mwhudson_how do i find why a package isn't being upgraded?10:44
gnomefreakChief: https://launchpad.net/bugs/68555210:45
ubottuUbuntu bug 685552 in unity (Ubuntu) "Compiz crashes when (en|dis)abling a plugin (ccsm) aka compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in sigc::signal_base::impl()" [High,Confirmed]10:45
gnomefreakthat should be the bug you are refering to10:45
Chiefthank you10:48
BauldrickI updated to natty but on reboot I have boot problem as so - 'The disk drive for / is not ready yet or not present' I get options to press 'S' or 'M'.10:57
Bauldrick'S' locks with plymouth disconnected10:57
Bauldrick'M' give read only, so I can't alter anything10:58
mwhudson_bah, no, still an issue11:00
arandBauldrick: Boot a liveCD to modify things.11:01
mateoburis there any place where I can configure my unity launcher?11:01
delacmateobur: in compizconfig-settings-manager11:02
delacmateobur: in there is a Unity plugin where are some settings for the Launcher11:03
mateoburI still can't configure the two things I want :)11:07
mateoburthe most important one will be to make the notifications blink until I have attended them11:08
mateoburotherwise I miss people talking at me11:08
iulianDoes anyone know how one can increase the number of workspaces in Unity?11:08
delaciulian: in compizconfig-settings-manager in the general settings11:09
iuliandelac: Cheers.11:09
KNUBBIGHi, I'm trying to install 11.04 via the x64 alternate CD, because the desktop CDs for 11.04 and 10.10 crashed with come casper-related error, but now the text-based installer doesn't recognize my already existing Windows partitions which is kind of a problem for me as I want to dual-boot. Any ideas?11:51
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stimpieWhen logged in to ubuntu classic the theming of the gnome-panel is 'lost' after about a minute, what could cause this?12:33
achimtrf|2I'm playing a video in Firefox under natty. Now when i move the mouse cursor over the controls (play, fullscreen, mute and so on) it starts flickering and the controls are white, parts of the video too. Here is a screenshot of this: http://goo.gl/9gUJP  Is it more a bug in firefox or should i report is as a bug in Launcpad?12:58
rockyhrm, i have some searches added to my gwibber window (so they show up as magnifying glass icons on the left-side) ... is there anyway to remove those saved searches? (there's no right-click, etc)13:00
achimtrf|2ok. all are sleeping...13:02
* semitones <3 zsync13:03
semitonesi just zsynced my beta to the april 11 daily13:04
semitonestime to ruuunnnnn13:04
=== jackneill is now known as Jackneill
rockyspeaking of sync'ing... what's a good way to sync gnome stuff (hopefully settings, but would settle for sync'ing just evolution data, tomboy data, etc) across separate computers all running same version of gnome? (on natty)13:04
maxbHello, could anyone running Natty with Ubuntu Classic Desktop please tell me if they see a proper icon for the NetworkManager applet?13:27
arif-aliI am runnning natty, no problem with with NM applet13:27
arif-aliclassic desktop, no compiz13:28
maxbarif-ali: Curious, could you go into the Appearance preferences, Customize, and tell me which icon theme you have selected?13:28
arif-alimaxb, Ubuntu-Mono-Dark, i.e. the default13:29
maxbhm. so why do I not see a real icon there :-/13:29
arif-alihave you checked if network manager is running13:31
arif-alimaxb, and check nm-applet is running13:33
BluesKajhowdy folks13:44
ernstpAnyone using btrfs?13:50
ernstpwhen I upgraded to natty it now takes 2m15s to boot, suspecting btrfs related13:52
BluesKajernstp, could be , it's till in dev , isn't it13:53
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zniavredo we really needs to relog to get new application in application-launcher?14:11
Guest70768i have a question14:13
arif-aliok, ask, and if someone knows, someone will answer14:14
pmatulis_has anyone had problems using Unity-2D as a KVM guest?14:14
Guest70768!ask |arif-ali14:14
ubottuarif-ali: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:14
rockyhow do i associate icons with apps i pin to my unit left-side bar?14:16
ernstprocky, they should all be a .desktop file somewhere and they can have any icon you want....14:17
rockyi've creatd a foo.desktop file on my Desktop ... properly configured with an icon, etc... and when i launch it, in the left-side unity bar i get an icon matching the common "screw" picture that is displayed when icon can't be looked up... how do i change that?14:20
=== cryptk is now known as cryptk|offline
nattytonesi woke up from sleep14:30
nattytonesand now everything is screwy14:30
nattytonesi can't click normally14:30
bhearsumis there a way to open up a second instance of an application with Unity? Eg, I want to open up gnome-terminal on a separate desktop via Launcher14:30
gordonjcpbhearsum: middle-click14:31
nattytoneshow do I ctrl-alt-backspace? or the equivalent14:31
nattytonesi want my mouse to behave normally agaign14:31
gordonjcpbhearsum: I have no idea why that's supposed to be easier than double-clicking14:31
gordonjcpnattytones: with ctrl-alt-backspace14:31
nattytonesgordonjcp, does nothing14:32
nattytonesalt sysreg k doesn't work either14:32
bhearsumgordonjcp: ah thank you, that's great :)14:32
gordonjcpnattytones: but you need to enable that in xorg.conf since Xorg no longer ships with that enabled by default14:32
arandnattytones: alt+sysreq+K14:32
nattytonesarand, it doesn't work :(14:32
jabo5360I just upgraded to 11.04 beta, think it will work fine, but when it boots at this point I don't get the grub boot loader it starts to go right into Ubunto, prob to finish the upgrade I think, but my monitor reports "H.V Frequency Over Range" and I cant do anything, is there a file I can edit or something?14:32
nattytonesdoesn't help that sysreg requires the fn key14:32
bhearsumanother thing related to the Launcher, is it possible to adjust the auto-hide/raise delay? i couldn't find anything in the Compiz settings14:32
gordonjcpnattytones: ctrl-alt-f1, log in, sudo pkill X14:33
ceed^gordonjcp, with two button touchpad mice middle click is a bit cumbersome. Do you know if one can change it to right click, or key+leftclick or even hold right mouse button?14:33
nattytonesthanks :)14:35
nattytonesmy mouse is still messed up though :(14:35
nattytonesjumps around, left click is right click14:35
nattytonesactually clicking doesn't do antying14:35
gordonjcpmaybe it's broken14:36
nattytonesgordonjcp, it was working normally when i booted14:36
nattytonesclosing the lid (suspending the computer) and waking seems to have broken it14:36
jabo5360I just upgraded to 11.04 beta, think it will work fine, but when it boots at this point I don't get the grub boot loader it starts to go right into Ubunto, prob to finish the upgrade, but my monitor reports "H.V Frequency Over Range" and I cant do anything, is there a file I can edit or something?14:40
nattytonesok so14:43
nattytonesif i boot from usb14:43
nattytonescan i use the installer to install to the usb drive I booted from14:44
nattytonesoh sweet14:44
nattytonesso to fix the mouse thing14:44
nattytonesall you have to do is wait 5 minutes14:44
nattytonesway is rofs14:53
jpichein xubuntu is there any way to get NetworkManager working without indicator-applet (in 11.04)? I tried #xubuntu, but I was told there is no way to get nm-applet back into the notification area14:57
pietro10Hi. Enhanced Zoom Desktop in Compiz doesn't work at all, even if I set the keyboard shortcuts. What's going on? Thanks.15:12
pietro10The setting is turned on in th settings manager15:13
roadwarriorI am trying to install 11.04 Beta 1 but my locale got screwed up and now its arabic or something and I cant go back past the where are you screen to change to something usable..15:15
Guest70768dont install it its beta !!15:18
ubottuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Natty Narwhal and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Natty. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.15:18
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not currently intended for production systems.15:18
Guest70768roadwarrior,  try this15:18
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)15:18
charlie-tcaroadwarrior: beta2 will be out thursday15:18
charlie-tcaGuest2370: stop that. This is the development version support channel15:19
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:19
Lars_GHi all.15:19
pietro10are you using the ...15:19
delacpietro10: for me it seems to work. what key combinations you use for the zoom?15:19
pietro10are you just a bot that calls up ubottu?15:19
Guest70768!offtopic | pietro1015:19
ubottupietro10: #ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.15:19
pietro10yeah he's just a bot that's calling ubottu15:19
pietro10delac: alt+numpad +/-15:19
Lars_GHas anyone else detected this on +1? when my laptop comes back from sleep, the keyboard is almost unusable in xorg, the alt-gr key is stuck (has to be unstuck), and ctrl and alt do not work at all....15:19
Lars_GI wonder if it's an xmod or xinput problem15:20
pietro10I'm going to run a system update first; hold on15:20
charlie-tca!ops | Guest2370 is disruptive15:20
ubottuGuest2370 is disruptive: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!15:20
IdleOneGuest2370: Please don't abuse the bot15:20
PiciWrong guest.15:20
IdleOneGuest70768: *15:20
PiciGuest70768: Please join #ubuntu-ops15:21
charlie-tcayou are right, wrong guest.15:21
charlie-tcaNot only bot abuse, but telling others not to install beta, use lts, etc15:21
Guest70768charlie-tce here isnt a offtopicchannel !15:23
charlie-tcaYou are correct, this is a support channel for the beta release.15:23
charlie-tcaPlease stop being disruptive15:23
Lars_GHas anyone else seen these keyboard troubles when back from sleep?15:24
charlie-tcaLars_G: I heard a complaint about the mouse not working, but not the keyboard15:28
Lars_Gcharlie-tca: ok15:29
BluesKajLars_G, there should be an update to the KB probs (keyboard-configuration) , I some yesterday , but they seem to be fixed today15:29
BluesKajI had some15:30
Lars_GBluesKaj: I'm updating, and I'll test15:30
charlie-tcaroadwarrior: did you get the info about beta2?15:31
charlie-tcaYou might want to grab the latest daily image and try it instead of beta1 now15:31
Raydiationanyone seen http://www.youtube.com/embed/QaLDMz_e2jQ?html5=1&autoplay=1&vq=medium&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Frockiger.com%2Fde%2Fblog%2Fview%2Fausfuehrlicher-unity-test-video15:33
Raydiationjeeez, that global menu is just crap15:35
Raydiationor at least the current implementation15:35
BluesKajRaydiation, we see more kde converts these days due to the confusion with unity and gnome3 and their related probs15:38
RaydiationBluesKaj: im using the shell atm, but i guess unity also has potential15:39
Raydiationboth have usabilty issues though15:40
Raydiationalthough i think that gnome-shell is better in this case15:40
BluesKajRaydiation, I'm sure it has potential , I even tried unity for a few days due to curiosity , but in my case the curiosity wore off very quickly :)15:41
nemohttp://mozillalabs.com/messaging/2011/04/12/ubuntu-unity-messaging-menu-updated/  - anyone using this?15:42
nemomight be enough to convince me to try unity again :)15:43
RaydiationBluesKaj: using gnome-shell as well?15:43
BluesKajIve been a solid KDE supporter/user for many years and plan to stay with it , Raydiation15:43
DebolazI like the global menu. :/15:44
BluesKajthe gnome confusion seems to be creating new KDE users15:44
RaydiationDebolaz: it would be ok if it wasnt that shitty implemented15:44
DebolazRaydiation: What problems do you experience with the current implementation?15:44
RaydiationBluesKaj: ah ok, i think the kde usability is horrid and its still a bit buggy, but i think no workflow fits em all :)15:44
RaydiationDebolaz: take a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaLDMz_e2jQ&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fembed%2FQaLDMz_e2jQ&feature=player_embedded15:45
Raydiationif they copy it from mac, they should copy it the right way15:45
IdleOneRaydiation: you could do: ubuntu-bug unity15:46
IdleOneand report all the things that you find are bugs/irritating/not well implemented15:46
BluesKajhorrid ? Raydiation ...never had any horrids with KDE , a few bugs maybe , but mostlky solvable15:47
DebolazMy biggest obstacle so far with Unity has been compiz, the notoriously less than perfectly stable doohickey Unity runs on. :)15:47
RaydiationBluesKaj: i dont like the defaults plus i think the menus/settings are too overloaded15:48
RaydiationIdleOne: ive given up on usabilty/design reports, i had bad experiences in the past plus i think that designers are often stubborn/blind to the problem. plus im using gnome-shell15:49
IdleOneRaydiation: ok, well in that case I would just like to remind you that this channel is for support.15:50
Raydiationi think that video will spread, plus adresses a lot of problems, so no need for me to rephrase15:50
IdleOneI am watching the video and I agree with much of what is being said in it. That doesn't mean I come here to rant about it though.15:51
RaydiationIdleOne: yep, sry i guess i wandered into OT without noticing15:51
LULLING_HARDis there any way to configure the top panel in Unity?15:58
charlie-tcaLULLING_HARD: nope, but you can use classic session and configure it.15:59
LULLING_HARDyeah, it sucks because my KDE apps dont appear on the panel and just disappear16:00
LULLING_HARDAnd I guess there's no way to put the file menu on the apps themselves instead of in the panel?16:04
yofelunlock and remove the appmenu applet?16:05
gordonjcpLULLING_HARD: uninstall indicator-appmenu16:05
yofelor that16:05
LULLING_HARDhow do I "unlock" it?16:05
gordonjcpit takes about two or three solid days of work to remove *most* of the retardedness in Unity16:06
gordonjcpas it ships, it's unusable16:06
LULLING_HARD<yofel> unlock and remove the appmenu applet? <------How do I do this?16:07
yofelnot sure, that's what the others said, if you don't know how to uninstall indicator-appmenu as gordonjcp said16:07
LULLING_HARDAnother thing with Unity that sucks is you cant use the Desktop Cube in Compiz because it conflicts with Unity.16:07
pietro10will Unity use the full Compiz or will it provide a replacement for Enhanced Zoom Desktop? I don't like the non-full screen magnifiers >_>16:08
robin0800LULLING_HARD, yes you can see OMG!UBUNTU!16:08
LULLING_HARDrobin0800: link please16:09
LULLING_HARDI still am not sure I will use Unity because it really blows not being able to configure the top panel16:09
=== cryptk|offline is now known as cryptk
BluesKajrobin0800, kde uses a desktop cube without compiz ..set it i desktop effects16:37
lampe2hey can i install the ATI driver on natty?16:40
lampe2the problem is that the fan is running on 100%16:41
IdleOneBluesKaj: can I run kubuntu but have it look exactly like gnome, have all the effects I want without the crashing of compiz?16:41
IdleOnelol /me thinks he is funny16:41
=== achimtrf|2 is now known as achimtrf
KipMacyso where do i set what program to open URLs with in Terminal ( perhaps system wide? )16:48
micahgis there a unity error log somehwere?16:55
pietro10delac: ok, I'm still having problems with the compiz Enhanced Zoom16:55
pietro10my shortcuts are set to alt + numpad+/-16:56
BluesKajIdleOne, dunno for sure , you can use kdm and still run gnome choosing it at login , but desktop effects in kde uses it's own composting engine afaik16:56
cryptkman, lotsa updates today... every day coming home is like opening a present... I never know what bugs will be fixed (hopefully not introduced) and what packages will have new versions!16:56
Picicryptk: Thats what apt-listchanges is for.16:57
cryptkadd to that the fact that I am running natty with gnome3 and it makes it more fun!16:57
cryptkPici, I know, I just mean that when I get home I never know what is going to show up in that list16:57
cryptkonce I get home I check changelogs and whatnot to see what goodies I get that day/hour/minute16:57
pietro10does anyone else have a clue?16:58
IdleOnecryptk: it's like Xmas morning every day :)16:58
pietro10I can say this: I'm still using the GNOME 2 at this moment; upgrade from 10.10 (which itself was upgraded from 10.04)16:58
cryptkI am running an 11.04 install with gnome3 which started years ago as an 8.04 install running a development version of KDE16:58
BluesKajIdleOne, if you have compiz already installed , it's almost uneccesary on kde unless you're looking for really special effects , not available in desktop effects...it will run fine16:59
cryptkand at 9.10 I moved to Gnome16:59
cryptksame install, new hardware... when I changed to a larger/faster hard drive I imaged the OS install over, so I have technically been running the same install since 2008, just updating it as I go16:59
yofelheh, 9.10 was when I moved from gnome back to KDE ^^16:59
IdleOneBluesKaj: I was mostly kidding about that. I am a gnome person. KDE is nice but I just can't seem to make myself enjoy using it16:59
cryptkhaha, 9.10 was a time for lots of changes then, lol17:00
cryptkKDE was too heavy for me, looked pretty but ran like crap on the hardware I had at the time17:00
cryptkGnome 2 ran much better, and now that I am on some pretty powerful hardware, I haven't even bothered to look into how "heavy" gnome 3 is17:00
BluesKajwell , IdleOne , if you're adventurous then you could try it ...KDE seems more stable atm then what gnome is offering :)17:01
cryptkso far I am liking 11.04 (with the exception of unity, works great on a netbook, not a fan on the desktop though)17:02
IdleOneBluesKaj: I tried a little while back for a week (3 days?) I got frustrated with it, nothing to do with KDE just like how my gnome is setup and I am used to it :/17:02
cryptkbut pair up 11.04 and gnome 3 and you have one highly experimental, but nice looking and fairly well running (given the development status of the entire thing) setup17:02
cryptkbrb, restarting for updates and kernel upgrade17:03
IdleOneI would like to see the Unity launcher be "movable"17:03
delacpietro10: for me, mouse works with alt+button4 (mouse scroll up = zoom in) and alt+button5 (mouse scroll down = zoom out). try those?17:03
IdleOneI think I could get used to it being on the right hand side of the screen17:03
BluesKajIdleOne, understood ..desktops and the "look" are very important and it all boils down to taste :)17:04
IdleOneor at the bottom17:04
pietro10I'm on a laptop so I don't know how to set it to those sorry17:04
pietro10or rather, the system is on a laptop (IRC from my mac — I do cross-platform dev)17:04
IdleOneBluesKaj: yeah for me it really is about look and feel, KDE runs great I have no issues with it technically.17:04
IdleOneSo, yeah. Let me move the launcher to my preferred position on the screen please. :)17:06
delacpietro10: if you have two finger scrolling enabled  from the mouse preferences, those should work.17:06
achimtrfI'm playing a video in Firefox under natty. Now when i move the mouse cursor over the controls (play, fullscreen, mute and so on) it starts flickering and the controls are white, parts of the video too. Here is a screenshot of this: http://goo.gl/9gUJP  Does anyone have an idea, where exactly i can report this bug (package)?17:07
delacpietro10: on the other hand, I gues it should work with the side scroller too...17:07
ninjaiis there any way I can have 4 different wallpapaers?17:08
achimtrfthree naked and the fourth when your wife is in da room? *g*17:09
delacpietro10: I did test alt++/- keys too, and they work also, so it is something on your computer only. maybe conflicting key bindings?17:10
BluesKajachimtrf, could be a server/connection prob17:11
achimtrfBluesKaj: No, it occours straight through: Youtube, nordbayern.de, RTLnow, etc... The same thing happens if i hover the cursor over an video-link17:12
achimtrfEvery time when flashplayer is in action. But it was not in maverick.17:13
pietro10delac: hold on, let me try other bindings17:13
achimtrfIt also occours while playing a video and i hover the mouse over it17:14
pietro10delac: other bindings don't work either17:14
BluesKajachimtrf, reinstall ubuntu-restricted-extras, but sudo apt-get update first17:14
achimtrfBluesKaj: Thanx - i'll try it right now - brb :)17:15
pietro10yay crashes17:18
* pietro10 tries reinstalling compiz17:18
pietro10ugh it still doesn't work...17:20
pietro10IDK: it's on, the keyboard shortcut is set up, and everything's set up right17:20
pietro10is there a way to reset compiz to the default settings?17:20
dupondjesomebody running Gnome3 already ? :)17:21
pietro10meh gtg17:27
yofeldupondje: tried it yesterday again, still no sane gtk theme17:31
yofelsomehow I feel they learned from KDE a bit. "A X.0 release is a tech preview, not something usable"... *sigh*17:33
Raydiationdupondje: yes, runs fine17:34
yofelRaydiation: and nautilus looks for you different than grey in gtk1 look?17:35
yofelgnome-shell itself works fine17:35
dupondjeyofel: you need to install an additional package for gtk :p17:35
yofelwhich would be...?17:36
dupondjeyou have gnome-themes-standard installed ?17:36
yofelduh, how many packages are there? Last time someone told me to install gnome-themes, which didn't help. -standard isn't installed17:37
dupondjetry to install gnome-themes-standard :D17:38
yofeldpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/gnome-themes-standard_3.0.0-1~~build1_amd64.deb (--unpack):17:38
yofel trying to overwrite '/usr/share/themes/HighContrastInverse/index.theme', which is also in package gnome-accessibility-themes 3.0.0-0ubuntu1~build217:38
dupondjethats the one17:38
dupondjepurge gnome-accessibility-themes17:38
dupondjeand try again :)17:38
dupondjerestart gnome & enjoy17:38
achimtrfThnx @ BluesKaj: It worked for the most video-sites. 2 are still remaining with this bug, now i try to figure out, what's the difference betwenn 'em17:39
yofelok, let's try this again...17:39
bjsnideryofel, are you trying gnome 3?17:45
cryptkyofel, the fix that dupondje stated worked for me as well... I did it by rebooting to single user, purging the gnome-accessibility-themes package, re-running the apt-get dist-upgrade, reboot to a full GUI boot and PROFIT17:50
cryptkseems like the gnome-themes-standard package in the PPA needs to be marked as conflicts with gnome-accessibility-themes17:51
ceed^No updates today? What's going on? :)17:54
yofelbjsnider: I am17:54
yofelwell, tried to. Now I never actually get to it, it just hangs itself up somewhere after login17:54
bjsnidersome people have had trouble getting rid of it afterwards17:55
bjsniderso be cautious17:55
bjsnideryofel, ask ricotz in #ubuntu-x about the login issue17:56
lampe2hey i got natty runing and when i wanne start ccsm it crashes !?17:57
yofelwell, I'm using KDE usually so if I can't get rid of it it's ok, I'll just purge anything related to it17:57
genii-aroundyofel: Every update lately was hanging for me at Checking battery state due to nvidia driver... I have now the NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-270.41.03-no-compat32.run in a dir, so I can just now alt-f1 and run it then restart kdm from there, right after which it works again17:57
yofelI'll see later again if I can get logs again from the failure, currently doing iso testing17:58
yofelgenii-around: ah, could be, I am running 270.41.03 here17:58
achimtrflampe2: That's normal... See Buglist @ Launchpad18:00
lampe2okay achimtrf18:01
achimtrflampe2: especially when you en/disable a plugin18:01
lampe2achimtrf, i even cant start anything18:01
achimtrflampe2: i only can tell you that this is a big trouble....18:03
lampe2achimtrf,  okay18:03
achimtrfIf you can start it - then you can't do something....18:03
achimtrflampe2: I gave it up yesterday to change the look and feel of my screen ;)18:04
bjsnidergenii-around, the nvidia-installer will damage your ubuntu system, which is why we have our own installer18:04
lampe2i installed the ati driver now the system fells a kind of lagy18:04
achimtrflampe2: I'm happy that it works (that's not normal on every distro...). I'm not in trouble - have an radeon running. everything ok :)18:06
genii-aroundbjsnider: I did apt-get source nvidia-current and then used the file from there18:11
bluefox83ok, i need to know how to add a way to view my smb server to unity18:11
bjsnidergenii-around, it's still the nvidia-installer18:12
bluefox83the old places -> connect to server18:13
bluefox83i need that18:13
genii-aroundbjsnider: Guess I'll have to go back to reverting to nouveau before updates and then reinstalling nvidia-current ... bleh...18:13
SeRVeR01hello there is there any way to remove the programs menu from the taskbar :) ?18:13
* genii-around ponders what kind of damage it can cause18:14
yofelgenii-around: force-overwrites X libraries18:14
yofelonly the glx related things though I think, so nothing you can't find with debsums18:15
bjsniderit's a blunt-force instrument not tailored to any specific linux distro. its one and only job is to install itself come hell or high water18:15
* genii-around examines the contents of the debian directory for clues18:16
bjsniderwhat we do with our nvidia packages is install them beside each other and use alternatives to link them to the main system so they never overwrite or replace anything18:18
achimtrfbjsnider: I was wondering about that... but now that you mention that...oO18:18
bjsnidernvidia recommends using the distro packages, not its own installer18:18
nyuszika7hHi! I'm wondering if the Plymouth bug will be fixed in Natty...18:25
bluefox83what happened to synaptic? i didn't see it anywhere in my apps list18:27
bluefox83nevermind, found it18:28
Cortis there any way to change the icon effects on the sidebar?18:37
genii-aroundbjsnider: The nvidia-current.README.Debian in that package is pretty good reading and well written18:38
=== timblechmann is now known as tim
delacCort: check Unity plugin in compizconfig-settings-manager. There are some settings.18:38
=== hallyn is now known as hallyn_afk
robin0800bluefox83, the connect to server menu you have to open the home folder then its in the file menu18:43
bluefrogusing the search and launch page on a netbook kubuntu. click on the internet icon. applications icons appear and then "rearrange" themselves. how can I stop those icons from moving?18:46
Logan_!kubuntu | bluefrog18:47
ubottubluefrog: kubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE Software Compilation instead of !Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join #kubuntu - See also !kde18:47
HaksellYou guys know that audacious and audacious-plugins have incompatible versions in the 11.4 repo and that this makes it break?19:12
HaksellWhere to report?19:12
nyuszika7hHaksell: launchpad maybe?19:12
HaksellOk, just checking19:13
arand_Haksell do check if it's a temporary issue, these things ofyrn are since a lot of rebuilds are happening...19:13
HaksellI'm mainly using othher distro's so that's why I asked19:14
HaksellIs there any place where I can see the rebuild statuses etc?19:23
PiciHaksell: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+builds19:25
Haksellfound the bug i was about to report :P19:25
gizmobayhow do you get unity to work on 11.04 x64?19:28
ckwalshHey, I just upgraded to the beta on my netbook, and while Unity is kinda cool, there are a bunch of things that are bothering me and I'm wondering if they are configurable19:28
ckwalshFor example, the left hand menu hover delay19:28
ckwalshAnd my notification icons for dropbox/keepass aren't showing up19:29
ckwalshAny ideas?19:29
macothere isnt a notification area anymore, is there?19:30
macothere's discussion about putting it back for another release19:30
ckwalshWhat the hell?19:31
ckwalshOkay then...19:31
ckwalshmaco, Has the "normal" desktop interface been retired, or can I return to it?19:32
macockwalsh: the login screen has it as a session19:32
ckwalshBe right back then...19:33
Saammcan someone help me out...I made a custom launcher and changed icon image...but unity only shows default custom launcher image :(19:34
jabo5360I just installed the upgrade of 11.04 beta, but when it finished and the system rebooted I did not get my normal grub options.  Instead it tried to go directly into Ubuntu , to finish the upgrade I guess.  But all I get is  "H.V frequency over range"  I'm sure it has to do with the new Nvidia package but I cant get into a vga mode or anything any body have an idea?19:37
trismSaamm: how did you create the custom launcher?19:37
gizmobayI must be missing the obvious19:37
Saammright click desktop and "create launcher"19:37
Saammtrism, right click desktop and "create launcher"19:38
HaksellSaamm, can you open the launcher in a text editor?19:39
SaammHaksell, yep19:39
HaksellThere should be a line that says something like "icon=" in there, that probably points to a wrong or nonexistent file19:40
SaammHaksell, its valid---> /usr/share/icons/Humanity/places/128/user-desktop.svg19:41
SaammHaksell, the correct image shows up on the laucher icon but not on unity launcher dock19:42
Haksellrestarted unity?19:42
saegehey there, is there an existing ppa for kde 4.6 without the standard kde-programs?19:43
trismSaamm: what did you name it? I've had some issues with app names and the launcher (I had to call my custom terminal launcher Gnome Terminal instead of just Terminal, because it would always prefer the one in /usr/share/applications)19:43
SaammHaksell, how to restart?19:43
yofelsaege: as in? we already have 4.6.2 in natty19:44
Hakselllogin and logout again or just reboot19:44
Hakselltrism has a nice one that might be bugging too19:44
Saammtrism, there is no show desktop item on unity launcher so I made a custom launcher for it....but the icon looks bad :(19:44
Saammtrism, I named it "Show Desktop"19:45
flopexwindow cripples when using expo. Anyone with this problem?19:45
Saammtrism, Unity launcher is showing right name but not right icon19:45
saegeyofel: oops :o so is the kdebase-workspace the right one?19:45
jabo5360I just installed the upgrade of 11.04 beta, but when it finished and the system rebooted I did not get my normal grub options.  Instead it tried to go directly into Ubuntu , to finish the upgrade I guess.  But all I get is  "H.V frequency over range"  I'm sure it has to do with the new Nvidia package but I cant get into a vga mode or anything any body have an idea?19:46
yofelsaege: kdebase-workspace is 4.6.2 currently19:46
yofelsaege: or what do you mean?19:46
saegeyofel: well, i only want the kde-core without the kubuntu-splashscreen, kde-games and kde-programs...19:47
SaammHaksell, I logged out and logged in but icon is still bad :(19:48
yofelsaege: hm, try with kdebase-worspace and kdebase-apps as a minimum19:48
saegeyofel: ok, thanks19:49
trismSaamm: did you change the icon when you created the launcher or after in the properties?19:51
trismSaamm: when I change it afterwards in the properties, then drag to the launcher, it selects the icon I picked when I created the launcher, odd19:51
Hakselltrism, what's in the file? just a name or a full directory path?19:52
Saammtrism, after also i removed the absolute path and kept generic name "user-desktop", still no improvement19:52
trismSaamm: however if I delete the launcher and create a new one, selecting the icon you specified, it works19:53
jabo5360I just installed the upgrade of 11.04 beta, but when it finished and the system rebooted I did not get my normal grub options.  Instead it tried to go directly into Ubuntu , to finish the upgrade I guess.  But all I get is  "H.V frequency over range"  I'm sure it has to do with the new Nvidia package but I cant get into a vga mode or anything any body have an idea?19:53
Saammtrism, let me try19:53
Hakselljabo5360, Try hitting ctrl+alt+f219:55
trismHaksell: ah hah, when editing it in the properties, it adds an addition Icon= line, and the launcher seems to prefer the first, while the desktop appear to take the second19:55
jabo5360Haksell:  while booting?19:56
Hakselljabo5360, when it's past booting19:56
HaksellIf you can't get a graphical interface, we want a text-based one.19:57
HaksellIf you have ssh on the box that might work too19:57
Hakselltrism, interesting19:57
HaksellBut logical, cause the slackware box i'm on now with XFCE does the same and uses the same format for launchers19:58
jabo5360doesn't get past booting, just to the screen H.V frequency over rang, but I'll give it a try19:58
Saammtrism, wow now it shows correct icon....i created a new launcher but changed the icon at the time of creating it and not oafterwards19:58
Hakselljabo5360, It might get past booting, but we can't see it, because what you see is probably an error from your monitor19:59
stojabreakhi !19:59
jabo5360If I do get to a text base screen how do I fix the problem?20:00
HaksellIt'll prompt you for a login20:00
Haksellyou have set that one up during the installation20:00
Hakselllog in20:00
jabo5360K I'll give it a shot20:00
stojabreakI have frequently mini freezes in my laptop Asus n61jq20:01
Saammtrism, wow what abug20:01
HaksellSaamm, someone didn't hit shift while coding :-)20:02
Saammtrism, do you think this is unity or gnome 2x bug...20:03
SaammHaksell, ahaha20:03
stojabreakhow can disable HPET in Natty ?20:04
HaksellIf you can reporduce this, file it, regardless of the fact if it's a unity or gnome2x bug, it'll get to the right person eventually20:04
SaammHaksell, will have to report a bit long and painful bug with screen shots hehe...can't explain it in two lines ;D20:05
Haksell<thing you used to create launcher here> outputs "icon=" instead of "Icon=" into the desktop launcher file. As a result the icon is not shown.20:07
HaksellYou mean something like this?20:08
SaammHaksell, That seems fine...thanks...i will file a bug....but its not only about 'i' in icon...I thinks it also creates an extra redundant line...nevermind I will file the bug20:10
HaksellSaamm, it's easy once you get the hang of it. But examples always help :-)20:11
SaammHaksell, I also got this another thing BTW....I am using command "xdotool key Control+Alt+d" in launcher..but the icon on unity keeps pulsating and works only for the first time....is there a way to end this command once I click it?20:14
trismSaamm: yeah, I'm not sure, would go with a unity bug, and they can possibly change it to nautilus later (I'm not really sure what the correct behavior should be, but it should be consistent between the two)20:15
HaksellI don't have a clue on that one, never used xdotool20:15
=== hallyn_afk is now known as hallyn
SaammHaksell, all right20:15
trismSaamm: it will work again after it stops pulsating (in about 5 seconds), had a similar issue the other day20:16
Hakselltrism, I'm sure the dev's will figure it out.20:16
Saammtrism, ok then unity it is20:16
=== cryptk is now known as cryptk|offline
BajKif I now install Natty Beta (or tommor Beta2) on my notebook will it then upgrade to a fully final version once it is out when doing apt-get dist-upgrade or are there then still some "beta remains" leftover?20:17
Saammtrism, oh yeah it works after 5 seconds but its too annoying not being able to click twice successively20:17
trismSaamm: I agree20:18
HaksellBajK, It should update fully except for the changes you make to your system and the configuration in your home directory20:18
baslisksdoes anyone know of any problems with sunjava or openjava not installing right in 11.4?20:19
BajKHaksell: so it is safe to install it now? since I cannot wait for the 2.6.38 kernel and all the other improvements it brings :P20:20
HaksellYou have to decide for yourself if it's safe to install beta software that's being heavely updated20:21
BajKHaksell: it's just my notebook^^ my regular machine runs on solid LTS :)20:22
serenityhere can i find the config from cpufreq?20:22
yofelbaslisks: openjdk installed fine, and from what I know sun-java6 does too20:22
baslisksalright, what would be the best way for me to debug whats happening?20:22
baslisksbest way to downgrade from 11.4 to 10.10 or 10.4?20:30
guntbertbaslisks: downgrade is not supported™20:32
baslisksso back up the data and redo it20:32
baslisksgot it20:32
semitoneshey you guys, is the "ubuntu startup disk creator" the same as unetbootin?20:34
guntbertsemitones: similar purpose, different program20:36
psusisemitones: they do very similar things, but are very different programs20:36
delac_semitones: ubuntu starup disk creator is only for ubuntu based distros20:37
psusistartup-disk creator only works with Ubuntu afaik, but unetbootin works with just about every distro out there20:37
Logan_!downgrade | baslisks20:37
ubottubaslisks: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.20:37
semitonesguntbert, psusi, delac_ thanks :)20:38
semitonesto your knowledge, is there a way to alter the startup usb so it boots straight to "try ubuntu" instead of giving you the choice to install"\20:38
semitonesso I could use it as a persistant USB natty installation20:38
psusiI'm sure you can, just not sure exactly how... probably need to edit the syslinux config files20:39
BajKnow I have 10.10 32bit installed (i used the wrong iso to create an usb because I have a lot of isos for virtualbox and stuff of ubuntu) and want to install 11.04 64bit, i format the root partition and keep /home20:43
BajKthis won't generate problems would it? since therer are no exectables or whatever ont he /home just configs20:43
aciculaBajK: correct20:44
BajKok :)20:44
BajK*generating usb*20:44
BajKI hope in natty the kernel headers work, in 10.10 when building a kernel module using the mainline 2.6.38 kernel from the kernel ppa (i installed linux-headers as well!) it said /lib/kernel/whatever/headers not existing, but we'll see :D20:44
aciculaanyone got gnome-shell 3.0 running on 11.04? i have to manually restart it after login because it either never starts or exits20:45
penguinbaithello, I am trying to download packages for 11.04 armel, and I am working in chroot.  I can see the packages on launchpad https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+package/xserver-xorg-video-omapfb but I cannot find aptitude my sources = http://pastebin.com/3jwZgFkd      any idea what should I add or enable, or add?20:46
aciculaBajK: under /lib/modules/<yourkernel> there is a directory that symlinks to some headers i think20:46
BajKso, now we'll see if kubuntu 11.04's installer is still as bad as 10.10'S20:54
BajKand it seems so20:54
BajK*waiting for partitioning program to load*20:54
semitoneswould it be better to install natty to a USB drive20:54
semitonesor make the 'live usb' persistant20:54
BajKand even a nice addition, whenever a new window appears the screen flashes20:54
semitonesif my goal is to have a persistant natty installation on a usb drive20:55
yofelBajK: what image?20:55
BajKmy usb stick is just 1 gb and yes, I have a persistent live on my 250gb external20:55
BajKyofel: kubuntu 11.04 beta1 amd6420:55
BajKat least it feels a bit better and still Kubuntu's installer does not recognize any networking besides a cable20:55
yofelBajK: can you retry with a beta2 candidate image to see if it still fails? http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/20:55
BajKyofel: sure20:57
BajKwhat's that "mandatory" 7/7 stand for?20:57
yofelBajK: those are testcases reports, 7 of seven mandatory test done20:57
BajKah, *downloading*20:57
BajKit was kind of nice in Mythbuntu (which has a similar installer to Ubuntu), it features a full capable networking configuration during setup.20:58
BajKin my living room I dont have internet yet, so I plugged in my smartfone via USB wifi tethering and it was recognized fine20:58
BajKKubuntu's installer requires a wired network20:58
yofelI think ubuntus destkop image requires that too, but I'm not really sure there20:59
BajKI dont know but it recognized a usb tethering! I doubt kubuntu does it, it doesnt even offer me to connect to my wifi20:59
BajKbut well, it's always handy to have a ethernet cable lying around somewhere *g*21:00
DaekdroomThis is sad. shntools says I don't have flac.21:00
beefmanhas anyone gotten it to work on mac?  i've put the natty-desktop-amd64+mac disc image on a usb stick using unetbootin and it won't recognize that it's bootable.21:01
beefmanbut it did recognize that the non-mac 11.04 beta x64 on a stick was bootable, just crashed while booting21:02
dajhornHow can I disable the maximize-window-at-top-edge feature in Natty?21:02
BajKyofel: *creating usb disk*21:02
yofelbeefman: which image did you use?21:03
BajKyofel: ok so I will now use the iso from the page you provided21:07
BajKman how I love that plymouth splash on that glossy display, it looks sooo damn noble21:08
semitonesAre there any problems with installing natty on a usb flash drive21:09
BajKsemitones: I am doing it right now :D I can keep you tuned^^21:09
BajKok, not ubuntu but kubuntu which has a different installer21:09
beefmanyofel: err no, i used the daily build for mac21:10
BajKyofel: it is even worse here21:10
semitonesBajK, awesome :D21:10
yofelBajK: ouch, what happened?21:10
semitonesBajK, i'm trying to decide whether to use the persistant feature of the live usb to have a permanent install :P21:10
beefmanbut i used the beta also.  it recognized the bootable device but hung before booting21:10
semitonesthat i can install programs on and keep up to date21:10
semitonesor whether i should try what you are trying21:11
BajKyofel: I click on a partition, then the whole screen turns grey  (window background color) with garbled text (probably of the window that is being opened) for a second and then the new window appears21:11
BajKand double clicking a partition to edit it doesnt work, I need to click on "Change" everytime21:11
jabo5360Upgraded to 11.04, things seem OK but I cant get it to recognize my thumb drive but it does mount my 250 gig one touch drive , any ideas21:11
yofelBajK: please file a bug with 'sudo ubuntu-bug ubiquity' about the double clicking, not sure where the screen flashing comes from though21:12
BajKyofel: and two minor layout things: the dropdown box for the Filesystem is one entry too small, so I need to scroll up one entry (ext4) everytime which is annoying, also the area wshere it says "boot loader" is a few pixels too small and so it shows a vertical scroll bar here, and the partition area is almost untranslated21:14
BajKalso the screen flashes whenever I expand a scrollbar (so every element that is not directly part of the ubiquity window thing makes the screen flash)21:15
skramer_hi everybody. I have a problem with Akonadi on Kubuntu Natty: After every system start, I need to "sudo aa-complain mysqld-akonadi" and then "akonadictl start", otherwise Akonadi is not working. Anybody knows how to solve that, so that Akonadi would start automatically without the need to put these commands first?21:15
yofelskramer_: anything in syslog? it works fine here, so you probably changes some folder settings which makes apparmor think you're not allowed to run akonadi21:17
BajKyofel: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/76019621:18
ubottuUbuntu bug 760196 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Cannot double click on a partition to edit it" [Undecided,New]21:18
dajhornTo disable maximizing a window at the top edge of the screen:  Run `ccsm`, click "Window Management", and disable the "Grid" plugin.21:18
skramer_yofel: there are few messages like this one: "Apr 13 21:55:58 laptop kernel: [  149.491181] type=1400 audit(1302724558.814:34): apparmor="DENIED" operation="exec" parent=3424 profile="/usr/sbin/mysqld-akonadi" name="/usr/sbin/mysqld" pid=3426 comm="mysqld-akona21:20
skramer_di" requested_mask="x" denied_mask="x" fsuid=1000 ouid=0"21:20
yofelyep, that's the apparmor rejection message, but /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld-akonadi does give it access to mysqld:21:23
yofel  /usr/sbin/mysqld cx,21:23
beefmandoes the daily build not make a bootable cd?21:26
BajKwoho, install complete :)21:26
BajKcan't this dialog be a bit more noble than a simple dialog in front of a black background that sports the X server cursor?21:26
BajKoh and well nothing happens. so it seems i am not supposed to remove the usb drive until it is shut down? :D21:27
skramer_yofel: I have three different files in /etc/apparmor.d: usr.sbin.mysqld-akonadi, usr.sbin.mysqld-akonadi.current, usr.sbin.mysqld-akonadi .dpkg-dist21:27
skramer_yofel: each of them has different file size21:28
yofelok, that... sounds like debconf didn't do it's just right at some point because the profile was changed recently21:28
BajKso far, everything works21:29
yofeltry to 'sudo dpkg --purge --force-depends akonadi-server', remove any leftover files and install it again21:29
BajKeven my pinned programs are still there yay21:29
dupondjeseems like not many people are on Gnome 3 already eh :)21:33
WWWwhen is the new ubuntu coming out21:34
BajKyeah nice, networkmanager notifications work and bluetooth works out of the box now :)21:36
BajKand bluedevil is evne fully translated, thanks to me :D21:36
skramer_yofel: ok, before I restart   my system: do you have an idea why Dolphin always segfaults when I close it?21:37
yofelno, doesn't crash here21:37
shane4ubuntuis it true that Natty by default is going to unity for all systems?  Desktop and notebook?21:37
yofelexcept if I try to enable infos for camera raw files, then it always crashes21:37
skramer_hmm..... anyway, I'll  reboot now & see if Akonadi is working...21:38
yofelshane4ubuntu: yes21:38
BajKNICE! I'm going to love natty :) bluetooth works, sewnding and receiving files :) strigi indexer applet is back, wow :)21:38
WWWshane4ubuntu: can you tell me what is the unity thing21:38
shane4ubuntuyofel: wow, I just read that, I didn't realize that, I thought unity was only for netbooks, but I see now that isn't true.21:38
dupondjehalf of the things crashes here :p but maby thats because of Gnome 3 /P21:39
ubottuUnity is a shell for GNOME, but it is not GNOME-shell. See http://unity.ubuntu.com and http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/10/31/unity-some-further-clarification-points/ for more information. Have a question, check http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/unity21:39
shane4ubuntuWWW: it is Canonicals own desktop system, I don't know much about it either.21:39
WWWis ubuntu going to look more and more like aqua?21:40
shane4ubuntuyofel: thanks for those links that is what I was looking for info. :)21:41
WWWthats the enw thing like when you are downloading a new program you can leave a comment  and things like that?21:42
WWWhmmm my ubuntu will be more and more online connecting with other ubuntus? sharing my information to others?21:43
BajKso, now the whole procedure of rebuilding kernel modules for the acpi stuff and applying bug fixes (brightness etc) and performance thinggs (prelink, render backend)21:43
Siavasheverything looks so ugly in nayytb1, I guess gnome-setting-daemon problem, but forcing it to run with a delay didn't help, the error in xsession-errors is "** (gnome-settings-daemon:3169): WARNING **: Ignoring unknown module 'org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.gconf'"21:44
Siavashany solution?21:44
BajKis it just me or is natty like 10 time sfaster than maverick? does that bkl and task grouping thing improve it so much?21:44
WWWBajK:  in booting or daily usage21:45
BajKlaunching applications for example or yes regular usage21:45
BajKboot, dunnow, just started it once so far^21:45
WWWBajK: so now the panel works like in mac os x like aqua21:46
yofeloh, you mean the application menu now being in the panel? Yeah, that's mac style21:46
gavdarieverything looks so ugly in nayytb1, I guess gnome-setting-daemon problem, but forcing it to run with a delay didn't help, the error in xsession-errors is "** (gnome-settings-daemon:3169): WARNING **: Ignoring unknown module 'org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.gconf'"21:47
BajKI'm a KDE user :P21:47
WWWeven better21:47
WWWhow do you like the new kde 4.621:47
BajKWWW: it's great but the new notifications are quite buggy21:47
WWWkde was always buggy :D21:48
BajKbut that makes me really happy that Bluetooth works ootb21:48
gavdariWell, I guess I'll have to move back to kubuntu when 11.04 is released21:50
gavdariI hate unity21:50
gavdarignome3 is very buggy and basic right now21:50
yofelwe'll be happy to welcome you, but you could stick to gnome2 too21:50
WWWi dont understand it21:50
gavdariand I don't like the way gnome classic behaves21:50
skramer_yofel: after I re-installed akonadi-server it works now without any problem21:50
skramer_thank you21:51
yofelnp :)21:51
* yofel does prefer gnome-shell over unity though tbh21:51
WWWas i read the gnome ppl helped kde with the new 4.6.221:51
gavdarime 2, at lease gnome shell shows some improvements over gnome 2.*21:52
yofelthough I can't get myself to really like it either, having to click on activities every time I want to switch between apps gets annoying fast21:52
gavdariI don't understand the reason behind switching to unity21:52
WWWcan some one explain unity in simple words21:52
yofelWWW: not really, but they are trying to get better at communicating between the projects, so some efforts are indeed shared now21:52
gavdariWWW: it is the UI which was used in ubuntu netbook versions instead of gnome, but canonical has decided to use it for ubuntu too21:53
dupondjeyofel: after some days you get used to Gnome3 .. but still it feels weird21:53
nattytonesWWW, it's ubuntu's answer to Mac's Dock and Windows' Awesome bar -- more better way of accessing programs and windows than what we had before21:53
nattytonesit's also kind of like spotlight21:54
gavdarito be honest, it is very good on notebook or some portable devices with small screen size21:54
gavdarisorry, netbooks21:54
BajKah and the touchpad is recognized as well, yeah :D unfortunately it doesnt recognize its a multitouch pad21:54
WWWso no "desktop" you cant put icons on the desktop?21:54
nattytonesWWW, not correct21:54
nattytonessame desktop as before21:54
Ian_Cornequestion: to apply security updates, is using apt-get upgrade enough21:54
nattytonesWWW, its like an extra panel21:55
nattytoneson the left hand side21:55
rwwIan_Corne: yes21:55
Ian_Corneor should I use dist-upgrade to upgrade for example the kernel version21:55
nattytonesand there's no panel on the bottom in natty21:55
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. Please see !upgrade for the proper way to upgrade to a new version of Ubuntu.21:55
Ian_CorneI read about that :)21:55
rwwjust upgrade should work fine.21:55
gavdariit's a dock on the left side of the screen, but the upperside panel is almost useless21:55
yofelBajK: multitouch works for me in so far that I can now use two finger scroll on my thinkpad, which is enough to make me happy :)21:55
nattytonesrww, you are 66% similar to WWW21:55
gavdariit's application is nowhere near gnome-panel21:55
nattytonesrww unless you are case sensitive21:55
Ian_Cornebut i conclude that security patches are done to the 'old' kernel version like 2.6.32-28 when 2.6.32-30 is available21:56
rwwnattytones: I am21:57
WWWnattytones:  can you move the "launch bar"the unity thing21:57
yofelIan_Corne: I don't think so, they are applied to the latest 2.6.32 kernel in use, thus -3021:57
gavdariWWW: I don't think so21:57
nattytonesWWW, i'll try it right now21:57
BajKyofel: hm kubuntu just says "How many fingers does the touchpad recognize? 1"21:57
yofelIan_Corne: if they break the ABI, the patched kernel will be -3121:57
BajKand it seems nothing works... neither scrolling vertically nor horizontally nor mouse button emulation in one corner21:57
BajKeven though it is configured and the touchpad things all are configurable and set21:58
Ian_Corneso to apply all security updates, one should use dist-upgrade ?21:58
yofelah sad, here it says 3 for my touchpad, but I only seem to get 2 fingers to work21:58
WWWnattytones: is it movable or at least removable21:58
yofelIan_Corne: yes21:58
nattytonesWWW, it's not obvious how to move it -- i can't find out how21:58
BajKyofel: hmm any idea? it says "AlpsPS/2 ALPS GlidePoint" for device name21:58
Ian_Cornebe happy you have 2 :( my touchpad is recongnised only as a ps/2 mouse :(21:58
nattytonesWWW, you can go without it though21:58
Ian_Corneok thanks yofel21:59
WWWthanks nattytones21:59
nattytonesWWW, when you login, you can choose "classic desktop" or something21:59
yofelBajK: no sorry, mine's a SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad21:59
nattytones"you have 0 bytes remaining" :p21:59
yofelnattytones: *that* is _not_ good :P22:00
nattytonesyofel, i'm just gonna ignore that :p22:00
nattytonesdang now firefox is crashing22:01
WWWfirefox 4?22:01
yofelwe have ffx4 in natty, yes22:01
nattytonesfirefox-bin is how you start it from terminal, right?22:01
yofelnope, firefox22:02
simon__i'va problems upgrading from maverick22:02
yofelfirefox-bin is the actual file, needs some scripted setup to be run correctly though22:02
WWWyou want to start it as su?22:02
simon__it have and error calculating chaanges and wont upgrade22:02
nattytonesI wonder why natty's clock doesn't tell the weather the way maverick did22:02
WWWsimon__:  try apt-get update before22:03
simon__neither by iso(from the computer) nor liveusb(it works in another pc but it doesn't in mine)22:03
nattytones"The application had a problem and crashed. Unfortunately, the crash reporter is unable to submit a report for this crash. Details: The application did not identify itself."22:03
simon__WWW, i dont have any obsolete package22:03
nit-witsimon__, do you have all your stuff backed up22:03
simon__nit-wit, yes i do22:04
nattytoneshuh, cool22:05
nattytonesnow ubuntu has view in the system bar22:05
nit-witsimon__, you might consider installing natty in its own partition, I have only found the xubuntu version tolerable myself.22:05
nattytonesjust like mac :) (I always felt it to be more logical up there)22:05
simon__nit-wit i dont have cds and my computer wont boot by usblive22:06
simon__(but the usb live works in other computer)22:06
nit-witsimon__, bummer, does the computer not bot a usb at all.22:06
BajKyeah, i just restarted and no nothing happens..22:07
BajKgrub appears (it's now ubuntu puirple by default :D)22:07
BajKand then the screen stays black22:07
simon__nit-wit i configured the bios but it still wont boot, it gave me "boot error"22:07
BajKKernel panic - not syncing22:07
BajKAttempted to kill init!22:07
nit-witBajK, het e at the grub menu and replace splash with nomodeset and see if you boot in in low graphics22:08
BajKPid: 1, comm: init Tainted: G   D 2.6.38-8-generic #42-Ubuntu22:08
nit-witsimon__, how did you load the thumb?22:08
nattytonesyofel, i think this 0 bytes of space thing is causing problems after all22:09
nit-witsimon__, ther is a boot from menu outside the bios a key prompt gets you there mine is f1222:09
simon__sorry i duno what is a thumb(i speak spanish)22:09
BajKnit-wit: ah, now I get some kernel messages and boot messages, ah now it starts22:09
BajKI think it has to do with the weird entry22:09
simon__mine is "enter"22:09
nit-witsimon__, a pendrive a usb flash is that what you using?22:09
BajKshouldnt there be a value?22:09
yofelnattytones: it is, most applications need some space, esp. firefox22:10
simon__a datatraveler 2.0 kingston22:10
nit-witsimon__, are you familiar with the out of the bios boot from menu?22:11
yofelBajK: $linux_graphics_config has a value probably? That's auto-recognised now somehow, or at least supposed to be22:11
BajKah ok22:11
BajKi tried setting it manually22:11
simon__i don't get you22:11
BajKmaybe I can strip it down a bit and see which parameter causes it22:11
simon__you mean a log¿?22:11
BajKyofel: yep, this param was it definitly22:11
BajKnow it starts (but no plymouth)22:11
yofelBajK: you could set 'GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=text' in /etc/default/grub as a workaround, but file a bug first22:12
nit-witsimon__, So you can set the bios to read a media device first like the HD or a usb, cd, floppy. You can get a menu of these choices with a key propmt at powering on Like you would do to get to the bios. On my computer I get that menu with a f12 prompt, your may be different thus is a per session prompt.22:13
nit-witsimon__, sometimes ytou have to do this to get something to boot, and how did you load the thumb?22:14
simon__yes, yes, i configured it22:14
simon__the priority is my usb device,22:14
simon__second cdrom and third is hard disk22:15
nit-witsimon__, read carefully what I posted, first answer the way that you loaded the usb. I'm giving you a way of bypassing the bios menu to choose the usb to boot.22:15
ubuntuguy__I installed ubuntu 11.04 on my usb using disk creator. There was an option to reserve space on the usb drive so I can download stuff etc, so I did. I just want to know where it's being reserved... I know it's reserving because when I finished with the bootable cd, I turned off my computer, turned it back on, loaded ubuntu 11.04 from usb again and all my settings/ changes were there22:15
BajKubuntuguy__: that's whjat that preserved space is for ;)22:16
ubuntuguy__Where does it save though?22:16
ubuntuguy__on my usb22:16
ubuntuguy__or computer?22:16
delac_ubuntuguy__: usb22:16
BajKone thing that always bugged me: why isn't there a script that installs common bug fixes on startup? something that detects "ah you got an Acer Aspire 3820, so you need a fix here to fix the screen brightness and a fix here to fix the touchpad" but no we have to do all the same s*** on ever fresh install22:17
BajKi mean sure that there are bugs and stuff but many things are common issues that should be known22:17
delac_ubuntuguy__: but do note that they are not in a human readable format there, but in a one single file22:18
ubuntuguy__oh, what's the files name?22:18
nit-witubuntuguy, it saves in the casper-rw file22:18
ubuntuguy__with all the saves22:18
simon__i'm sure it's charging by the usb 'cause it gave me a "boot erro" but if i quit the usb and press enter, it will start22:18
ubuntuguy__best community ever, I swear22:18
BajKyofel: so that stupid payload thing dfefinitly was the cause22:19
nit-witsimon__, how did you load the usb?22:19
BajKI just removed it and BAM it works22:19
BajKso, now I need to look where I can permantently remove it, somewhere in grub's auto-detect scripts22:19
simon__how i did put the os in it?22:19
ubuntuguy__One last question: I'm using a netbook, the applications thingy in ubuntu 11.04, how do I make it not take up my full screen?22:19
simon__with unetbootin and usb creator(it comes with ubuntu)22:20
simon__btw, it works in other computer22:20
delac_ubuntuguy__: you mean the Dash, that comes up when you click the Ubuntu logo?22:20
nit-witsimon__, what is the computer that wont boot the thumb22:21
delac_ubuntuguy__: I dont think there is any way to do that on netbook. At least I havent found a way.22:21
ubuntuguy__Alright, thanks man, cool22:21
nit-witubuntuguy, you can build a larger then 4 gig casper-rw if you want more space and the usb is big enough22:21
BajKgot it, it is "set gfxpayload=\$linux_gfx_mode22:21
BajKthjis \ shouldnt be there?22:21
simon__my computer wint boot it :(22:21
ubuntuguyYeah, I'm going to do that now22:22
BajKoh well, it should22:22
BajKbut there are missing brackets22:22
nit-witsimon__, correct what is the model and manufacturer?22:22
saegehey, have anyone the problem that gwibber dont post messages in twitter?22:22
simon__of motherboard?22:22
yofelBajK: as I said, set it manually22:22
nit-witsimon no I looking fr like mine a acerasoire d25022:23
yofelin /etc/default/grub22:23
yofeltext was the old behaviour22:23
ubuntuguyCan't wait for this release22:23
ubuntuguySo the bigger my usb, the more space I can reserve?22:23
BajKyofel: won't help there22:23
BajKI removedit from /etc/grub.d/10_linux22:24
yofelBajK: and the next grub update will add it back22:24
yofelreally, set 'GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=text' and it will stick22:24
BajKmaybe the next grub doesnt have this bux22:24
shane4ubuntudoes unity pick the settings off of gnome-menu or panel or something, I installed unity to give it a test drive in my 10.10, and it's  umm, ugly? and not very functional, I'm assuming it isn't setup right.22:24
nit-witsimon__, I want to look on google for the persession key prompt for your computer to see if this will work, this is not a new area for me, and have found many users just needing to know this method.22:24
nattytonesi think maybe that i have 0 bytes22:24
yofelBajK: it will have it, file a bug too, this shouldn't happen22:24
simon__2gb of ram ddr2 core 2 duo 2.5ghz maverick a video card integrated22:24
nattytonesbecause i made so much space for persistance in the ubuntu startup creator22:25
nattytonesi moved the slider all the way to the maximum22:25
nattytones"oh, this will give me most space"22:25
nattytonesbut maybe that took up space22:25
nit-witsimon__, the model and manufacturer, is it a HP, Dell...........etc and the model22:25
simon__mmm no, it is not from a brand22:26
simon__i assembled(?)22:26
BajKman I love that system, even my wifi password and everything is still there, just said "enable wifi", bam, connected :)22:26
nit-witsimon__, alright I have tried here and probably have the fix for you but you seem assured that you are correct goo luck I give up.22:26
BajKso and now we just need to configure that multitouch thing (yofel i found a topic about that in ubuntu forums^^) and change plymouth and grub background to match the KDE theme and now everythings fine22:29
BajKhm now networking doesnt work, both wired and wireless hang at "getting network address"22:31
ubuntuguyubuntu beta 2 is coming out tomorrow22:33
ubuntuguyalmost forgot22:33
BajKhuh? "Boot a list of commands: alloc magic is broken at 0x92ed9720 Aborted."22:38
BajKokay my X fuzzing was the problem, but lol that this prevents the system from booting^^22:40
torchieinstalling hfsplus22:41
torchiehow do you know when the "ldcnofig deferred processing" is done and it's safe to plug in the drive22:41
ubuntuguyI'm loving unity so far22:47
ckwalshI know the dissent of one person isn't going to change anything, particularly now, but there are a couple things, particularly the lack of a notification bar, that have been nothing me. What's the appropriate place to chime in for these things?22:50
torchieI'd love unity if I wasn't on a dv600022:51
gordonjcpI'm enjoying unity more now I've got rid of the big ugly drop shadows, put the menu bar back at the top of the app window, put the window buttons on the right side where they're meant to be and various other wee bugfixes22:53
gordonjcpwhat I'm not enjoying is the lack of a weather applet - seriously, what the hell, guys?22:53
gordonjcpthe lack of a volume control22:53
gordonjcpI mean really, it's a volume control! It *used to* work, how did you manage to break it?22:53
ckwalshgordonjcp, Yup22:54
gordonjcpI don't like the left bar with the squares22:54
gordonjcpand I don't not being able to add launchers to the top panel22:54
ckwalshBut irc doesn't seem like the right place to dissent - I'm hesitant to use the word "complain"22:54
ckwalshI'd rather put my $0.02 in where it's more productive22:54
ubuntuguyMan, I wished ubuntu changed the email client22:55
ckwalshWebmail ftw22:55
BajKseems networking is somehow broken22:55
ceed^ubuntuguy, from Evolution?22:55
BajKthere pops up "your system encountered a serious kernel issued" and networking doesnt work22:55
ubuntuguyevolution sucks22:55
SuperstarHas anyone upgraded to 11.04 from 10.10 without issues? Would there be much difference from uprgading and doing a fresh installation aside from retaining settings and customisations?22:56
ceed^ubuntuguy, works with our groupware and I'm used to it, so I don't mind.22:56
gordonjcpevolution has some egregiously nasty bugs that no-one wants to admit are there22:56
ckwalshSuperstar, I just did this morning22:56
ubuntuguyIt takes forever to get my emails on 10.1022:56
gordonjcpthere's a real showstopper bug in evolution22:56
ckwalshMy first successful ubuntu upgrade, and this is starting from 8.1022:56
Superstarckwalsh, how are you finding it?22:56
ckwalshIt defaulted to unity, but wasn't too hard to switch back to "classic"22:56
gordonjcpI'd be embarrassed to release evolution in its current non-functional state22:57
ceed^gordonjcp, the main issue right now seems to be that Google contacts can't be synced. Only on natty though22:57
ckwalshI'm not noticing many changes22:57
gordonjcpceed^: no, the main issue is that you can't reply to HTML emails as plain text22:57
ckwalsh(I'm on a netbook if it makes a difference to you)22:57
gordonjcpceed^: it's been like that for years22:57
=== cryptkf is now known as cryptk
ceed^gordonjcp, doesn't bother me. Email client is a personal preference matter. Always strong opinions on what's good or bad22:57
gordonjcpceed^: when you reply, it kind of half-removes the formatting from HTML but you can only select the entire text of the reply - which is sent with HTML tags in22:57
Superstarckwalsh, what about performance? does it feel stable to you?22:58
gordonjcpand it forces you to always top-post when replying to HTML email22:58
Superstarpersonal opinion^^22:58
ckwalshSuperstar, Seems so, but I haven't taxed it at all22:58
ceed^gordonjcp, I don't read html mail if I can avoid it. :)22:58
ckwalshWell that's interesting22:59
ceed^next we'll have html in IM and SMS. I don't want it22:59
gordonjcpceed^: it must be nice to have the choice22:59
BajKok seemed to be a dhcp issue, manually it works fine22:59
ckwalshThe battery meter says "Laptop Battery 4:50 left" twice22:59
gordonjcpceed^: unfortunately, some people insist on sending it22:59
Superstarckwalsh ok thanks anyway i'll do a little research first22:59
ckwalshAny ideas?22:59
vachoi want to try ubuntu 11.04 .. where do I download the desktop version?22:59
ceed^gordonjcp, for my work mail I have to read it at times.22:59
Juestvacho: google it23:00
ckwalshI always upgrade a couple weeks before, so I don't have to race people on the update servers on release day23:00
ceed^gordonjcp, I think most people who send html mail doesn't even know they're doing it23:00
Juestok, i want to root my ubuntu 10.1023:00
crazedpsychello, anybody know how to skip updating unimportant packages during a distro upgrade?23:00
ckwalshJuest, Huh?23:00
gordonjcpJuest: O_o23:00
gordonjcpJuest: I suggest you keep your private life out of the channel... ;-)23:01
ckwalshcrazedpsyc, The package lists are completely separate. Pretty sure it's all or nothing23:01
Juestcrazedpsyc, use update manager to uncheck them23:01
IdleOnegordonjcp: if you look in the evolution settings you will see that you do have the choice to top or bottom post. you can also chose to quote the text or not in replies.23:01
Juesti just want to root the system23:01
vachoJuest: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/natty/beta#Download%20Beta23:01
Juestnot just su23:01
vachowhat link23:02
vachoso confusing23:02
torchiewe have contact23:02
Juestinstead login23:02
torchieMACINTOSH HD23:02
ubuntuguyOnly thing I hate about unity is the fact that you have to scroll through the unity bar23:02
Juestroot login23:02
gordonjcpIdleOne: yeah, that doesn't work23:02
ceed^IdleOne, I dug through Evo settings ages ago. It has worked fine for me since23:02
Juestand i lost ttys23:02
crazedpsyci got disconnected right after my last msg23:02
gordonjcpIdleOne: when you have plain text composition set and you reply to an HTML email it just goes all to hell23:02
gordonjcpJuest: why do you want a root login?23:03
IdleOnegordonjcp: it does work. and html mail is bad23:03
gordonjcpJuest: are you nostalgic for the 1970s?23:03
ckwalshJuest, Root login is a bad idea23:03
IdleOneand yuck23:03
gordonjcpIdleOne: no, it doesn't23:03
gordonjcpIdleOne: it reproducibly does not work correctly23:03
Juestyes bad idea but i want it23:03
IdleOneworks for me23:03
* ckwalsh was playing with old++ versions of Solaris this weekend23:03
SuperstarI'm not feeling the unity bar but I do like the window controls (minimise/restore/exit) integrating into the top panel - efficient use of space :)23:03
ceed^gordonjcp, all text are kept so it works for me also23:03
ckwalshPlenty of root exploits there...23:03
gordonjcpSuperstar: I'd prefer that if the buttons stayed on the right side23:03
yofelJuest: well, root is passwordless - i.e disabled by default, just set a new root password and you can use it23:04
gordonjcpJuest: it's totally unnecessary23:04
Juestlol, i just want to root login just like i have done in ex-mandrake23:04
icerootJuest: there is no single reason to have a root-shell23:04
Juestnot for me23:04
gordonjcpbeing able to log in as root is a defect23:04
ubottuIn Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/56423:04
gordonjcpit's one of the most utterly broken and retarded things in Linux23:04
yofelnot really, it's a design. A bit obsolete one23:04
BajKyofel: changing the thing to text doesnt help at all23:04
IdleOne^^ easy way to reset the buttons23:04
gordonjcpall Linux distros should have a script that checks for a root password, and if one is set it should zero out every attached disk23:05
Juestok, yofel, i failed to change pw using usermod23:05
yofelBajK: there's another setting, something like vt.handoff=7, maybe remove that23:05
Superstargordonjcp t's unusual for me coming from Windows but why for you?23:05
yofelJuest: sudo passwd ?23:05
BajKyofel: ok I try23:05
gordonjcpon the basis that whoever sets the system up with a usable root login is fundamentally too stupid to use a computer23:05
ckwalshiceroot, root shells aren't all bad, but for the regular user yes, you are right23:05
Juestbecause when i did su root and typed my password it failed23:05
BajKJuest: sudo su23:05
Juestusermod --password i did23:05
yofelthat shouldn't happen...23:05
icerootBajK: wrong23:05
ckwalshgordonjcp, Especially if it's from ssh23:06
gordonjcpSuperstar: it's just a stupid and broken idea23:06
BajKyofel: ah ok this vt.handoff also helps :D23:06
yofeland use sudo -i instead of sudo su23:06
icerootBajK: that is the badest way to have a root shell23:06
gordonjcpckwalsh: oh, jeez23:06
BajKif I remove one of them it works, doesnt matter which one :D23:06
gordonjcpckwalsh: people enabling root login over ssh make my piss boil23:06
Juestok, i just want to root it, how do i change user pw?23:06
gordonjcpckwalsh: how can anybody be so bloody irresponsible23:06
gordonjcpJuest: dude23:06
ckwalshThis weekend I was at the NCCDC competition23:06
ckwalshWe were all running as root to do stuff23:06
gordonjcpJuest: if you don't know how to set passwords, then - not wishing to be cruel here - you really shouldn't be messing around as root23:07
ckwalshFirst thing we did was lock out sudo and ssh root23:07
gordonjcpJuest: or, if you are, you should keep some install media handy23:07
ceed^gordonjcp, I often do stupid things to my system because I'm bored with it working right. I like to fix it :)23:07
ckwalshSudo is damn dangerous on servers23:07
Juestok, got the user control ui23:07
gordonjcpckwalsh: more dangerous than a root login?23:07
SuperstarNice bantor23:07
gordonjcpckwalsh: how do you allow more than one person to admin the server then?23:08
ckwalshPerhaps not, but it's easy to misconfigure to let any user run anything they want as root23:08
ckwalshWe just had one admin password for each machine23:08
SuperstarWhat IRC client is everyone using?23:08
ckwalshNCCDC is a special case though23:08
gordonjcpckwalsh: ... which everyone knows?23:08
ckwalshSuperstar, XChat23:08
yofelSuperstar: quassel23:08
gordonjcpSuperstar: irssi23:08
torchiedoes ubuntu/nautilus calculate whether or not you have enough space for a particular folder23:08
torchiewhen you transfer that folder to the hard drive?23:09
ckwalshIt checks the file size and available disk space first?23:09
torchiedoes it do that before it starts transferring23:09
ckwalshor it doesn't - it just keeps copying over until it runs out of space23:09
yofeltorchie: not that I know of, unless something changed very recently23:09
SuperstarThanks ckwalsh, yofel, gordonjcp23:09
Juesterm, why happens nothing when i click change account type or advanced settings?23:09
torchieO SHHHHHHHHHH23:09
gordonjcpckwalsh: without sudo you have no control over who does what as root23:09
Juestin 10.1023:09
gordonjcpckwalsh: you've got severely limited logging too23:09
ckwalshYou have all sorts of control - you don't give out the root password23:10
Juestand where i can reach root administration?23:10
gordonjcpckwalsh: right, but that goes back to the original problem23:10
ckwalshI'm not saying sudo doesn't have it's place - it is useful23:10
gordonjcpckwalsh: what happens when more than one person needs to do adminny things to the server?23:10
yofelJuest: 10.10 support is in #ubuntu (or #ubuntu-beginners), this channel is 11.04 exclusively23:10
ckwalshBut depending on the situation, I'd rather be more secure with less people having access then potentially let everyone had access23:10
gordonjcpckwalsh: then don't misconfigure sudo23:11
ckwalshwe were worried about attackers compromising local accounts and going up from there23:11
ckwalshMuch safer to disable than deal with a safe config23:11
gordonjcpckwalsh: it's *really really hard* to misconfigure it to the extent that just anyone can run stuff as root23:11
BajKnice, unified startup, from grub to desktop :D grub has horos background, plymouth has it, kdm has it and ksplash :D23:11
ckwalshSo many highlights... :P23:11
* gordonjcp hasn't even had a root password set for over a decade, on any machine23:12
ubuntuguyWhy do you have to scroll up and down the unity bar23:14
ubuntuguyugh so annoying23:14
DavideShi all23:14
ckwalshubuntuguy, yup...23:14
ubuntuguyThat's the only downside23:14
ubuntuguylike, just make the icons get smaller when you have a lot of stuff open23:15
ckwalshit also seems slower; I'm back on the classic look on my netbook23:16
DavideSi am new to the chat and i am desperately looking for help with my alps touchpad on acer aspire 1830t with ubuntu 11.0423:17
DavideSi hope i am in the right place23:17
gordonjcpUnity is so *nearly* nice23:17
ckwalshI can see how it would be nice for some people23:18
ckwalshbut for me, there is so much stuff that gets in the way, and that is missing which I expect23:19
gordonjcpsadly, as it ships, it looks like some stoned 15-year-olds found all the worst features of Mac OSX and decided to make a kewl desktop with as much flashy shit as possible23:21
gordonjcpthat big drop shadow on the selected window is truly nauseating23:22
gordonjcpto the extent that I couldn't actually use Unity until I found a way to modify the theme to disable it, since it gave me eyestrain and a blinding headache within about ten minutes of booting into Ubuntu23:22
gordonjcpthe blurry icons in the annoying side panel thing are just as bad23:23
ubuntuguyUnity bar just needs to stop the scroll thingy ma jing23:23
DavideShi guys, I was wondering if anybody knows how to get vertical scrolling working with alps touchpad on acer aspire 1830t23:23
gordonjcpif sabdfl really wanted to make a nice-looking desktop he should go round to the graphic designer's houses and take away their Blur functions23:24
ubuntuguyI do davides23:24
ubuntuguygo to system settings23:24
ubuntuguyand find mouse23:24
DavideSi am there23:24
arandgordonjcp: Presumably that is an exclusive opinion though, since I haven't heard that one before =þ23:25
DavideSi am in mouse preferences > touchpad23:25
ubuntuguyNow just look for what your looking for23:25
ubuntuguyit may be there23:26
gordonjcparand: you don't find the big blurry "broken monitor effect" around the selected window a bit hard to look at?23:26
ubuntuguylook under scrolling23:26
ubuntuguyand click23:26
DavideSi have done this earlier but it still doesn't work23:26
gordonjcparand: blur on a major visual element is a Bad Thing, as any designer will tell you23:26
ubuntuguyIdk what to tell you then23:26
DavideSbefore getting here i searched for several days23:27
DavideSbut no success23:27
gordonjcparand: your eyes interpret it as being out of focus, and are constantly hunting the lens trying to bring the blurry thing into focus23:27
ubuntuguyMay need to install most recent ubuntu 11.04 image23:29
DavideSi have installed beta 64bit two days a go23:29
DavideSdo you know if there is anything more recent?23:29
yofelDavideS: not if you installed all updates23:30
DavideSi have the most recent one then23:30
ubuntuguybeta 2 comes out tomorrow right?23:30
torchieclassic users what do you guys do about cluttered taskbar23:30
DavideSubuntuguy: i think so23:30
DavideSi will wait23:30
ubuntuguyYeah, I'll do that23:31
DavideSmay be there is a fix23:31
arandgordonjcp: I can definitely see your point, and no I haven't looked into unity, since I run in kvm with no 3D-support... I have a hard time thinking that it is something designers wouldn't have though about, presumably the surfaces that are blurred are supposed to be ignored by the user...23:31
arand*looked into unity, much,23:32
gordonjcparand: it's a big deep blur around the active window that makes it look like your monitor is on its last legs23:33
torchieunity app bar seems unintuitive23:34
gordonjcptorchie: I don't like the random way that sometimes clicking a square makes an app launch, and sometimes it just makes the windows whirl about the screen23:36
ubuntuguyWoo, I'm loving unity,23:42
=== TerminX_ is now known as TerminX
lcbsome like tomato /təˈmeɪtoʊ/; others tomato /təˈmɑːtoʊ/ -  but they all love ketshup23:46
lcbon 28th we will all have here a ketshup party23:48
ubuntuguywow, ubuntu 11.04 live cd cut off on me and now I can't load it up23:50
seidoswhere can i get a torrent of 11.04 beta2?23:55
charlie-tcaWon't be out until tomorrow,23:55
arandBut then again, the current dailies may very well be what ends up being the beta2...23:57
arandmd5sum is great for that...23:57
charlie-tcatrue, do they have torrents?23:58
seidosah, but i can direct download it here:  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20110413/natty-desktop-amd64.iso23:58
seidosi guess that's better than nothing23:58
charlie-tcaupdated, it will become beta223:59
arandI thought the dailies had torrents, but I might misremeber..23:59
seidosi'm not sure why torrents aren't the default xfering method23:59

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