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AlanBellwhich persona do you want to do next?19:59
AlanBellwe have John who is deaf, Simon who is partially sighted, Henrietta who has cognitive issues?20:00
charlie-tcaOrca does not tell me what the windows are in the installation for beta220:11
charlie-tcaIt only reads the keypresses20:12
charlie-tcamaybe stopping to file bugs screws up orca, If I don't interrupt the installation filing bugs, it seems to read most of it, anyway20:33
macocharlie-tca: what did it say on the partitioning page?20:50
macodid it read the labels or the variable names for the radio buttons?20:50
maco(i dont know if that patch was merged yet)20:51
charlie-tcaNothing, I filed two bugs before I got that far, and it quit reading20:51
charlie-tcaStarting over, will let you know20:52
charlie-tcamaco: not the labels20:52
charlie-tcaAt least not what is visible during an install20:52
macoTheMuso: i know that patch isnt perfect, but since it's an improvement over the current situation, can you merge it anyway?  High -> Papercut seems worth it to me20:53
charlie-tcaIf I didn't have a lot of experience, I don't think I would know what to do with it20:53
macocharlie-tca: the papercutness of the patch im asking him about is that with the patch it reads the label then says the variable name. without it, just the variable name. so with it, it's a bit ugly but at least it's informative, whereas without, it's just ugly20:54
charlie-tcaGreat! We could do with something more than what it gives.20:54
charlie-tcaNot sure that this install is okay, if moving the mouse kills orca for the installation20:56
charlie-tcaThe user still needs to know what the screens say20:57
macomoving the mouse killed orca?20:59
macoluke says he thinks the stuff to make the page titles be read will need to be a change to the ubiquity script in orca, not a change to orca itself20:59
macoin order to tell orca what to read20:59
macobecause by default it just reads widgets that can have focus21:00
macobut need to get accerciser to see ubiquity to fix the scripts, and ubiquity runs as root while accerciser dies if you try to sudo it21:00
charlie-tcaYeah, either moving it or using it once to click made it lose the words completely. All it will say after that is the keypress. As far as orca is concerned the pages are blank21:00
macowow thats a change from a week ago21:01
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charlie-tcaheh, a lot changed in a week21:16
TheMusomaco: Could you propose it for merging? Evan or Colin may get to it, I'm rather busy atm.23:26
TheMusomaco: But I'll give it a look when I get the chance.23:27

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