MarcNmy dreamplug just arrived today.  A little disappointed it came with Jaunty preinstalled...02:40
steevyeah... the jaunty thing was surprising to me too06:18
hrwthey used 9.04 on original sheevaplug and nearly nothing changed probably in rootfs for new devices09:16
hrwkgilmer: hi10:45
kgilmerhi hrw.  saw your tweet, sorry not enough people in the meeting :/10:47
hrwkgilmer: happens10:49
hrwkgilmer: I saw Froyo on bug2 post - nice10:49
kgilmerthx, yeah good to get a release out on time.  even if no one is using it...10:50
kgilmerhrw, dinner calls.  ttyl.10:55
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ppisatihere comes the 1M question: what the heck is musb?15:57
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GrueMasterogra: ping.  When you did the netbook image, did you select autologin?16:30
ogra_why ?16:31
ogra_do you see issues ?16:31
GrueMasterCould you retry it?  I want to see if this is just me.16:31
GrueMasteroem-config restarted on my system.16:31
GrueMasterI'm going to restart fresh and retest.16:35
GrueMasterThen I have to leave for the Dr.16:35
rsalvetiogra: will enable the release ppa with our current sgx packages16:37
rsalvetithen we can test if it's working fine16:38
GrueMasterogra: I am now seeing the color issues on headless oem-config.  Colors are slightly different here, bug fugly none the less.16:47
GrueMasterDidn't see this yesterday (nor did I see oem-config, but hey).  :P16:48
ogra_GrueMaster, hmm, my test might take a while, cron decided that it wants to run update-apt-xapian index right before the package removal step16:48
ogra_so it sitting there now "waiting for apt to finish"16:49
ogra_rsalveti, yeah, one of us needs to do that before release16:49
rsalvetiogra_: should be done in a few minutes16:50
ogra_though the current image still points to maverick16:50
rsalvetihm, yeah, saw that you just fixed these bugs16:50
ogra_fix is uploaded, but i didnt want a rebuild for that16:50
GrueMasterI'll test the ppa packages later today or tomorrow.  After I get the release testing done.16:50
ogra_you will have to fiddle with the channel setup first16:51
ogra_else it pulls maverick16:51
ogra_if you dropped back into oem-config with autologin enabled, the package removal step cant have run16:51
ogra_that looks more like an installer crash16:51
ogra_(if package removal would have run, there wouldnt be oem-config binaries)16:52
GrueMasterNothing was in the logs.16:52
GrueMasterPossible SD corruption.  That's why I reflashed and retried.16:52
ogra_yup, i found a bad SD too today16:53
ogra_my first one actually16:53
ogra_i have five worn out USB sticks, but never managed to trash an SD16:53
* ogra_ goes upstairs to see how far the xapian crap is16:54
GrueMasterLooks like a normal glitch.  It is in package removal phase now.16:56
ogra_yup, finished and logged in automatically here16:57
GrueMasterAlso, I think I found a uboot issue.  On my beagle (C4), I hold the user button when resetting, then it loads uboot from SD.  But it fails to load the boot.scr from mmc unless I do "mmc init ; mmcinfo".16:57
GrueMasterIf I don't do mmcinfo, fatload fails.16:57
ogra_sounds like a broken u-boot16:58
ogra_are you sure the one from SD is actually used in that case ?16:58
ogra_(compare the versions)16:58
GrueMasterX-Loader 1.5.0 (Apr 11 2011 - 09:47:05) & U-Boot 2011.03-rc1 (Feb 09 2011 - 01:33:04)16:59
ogra_sounds fine+17:00
GrueMasterMMC: block number 0x1 exceeds max(0x0)17:00
GrueMaster** Can't read from device 0 **17:00
GrueMaster** Unable to use mmc 0:1 for fatload **17:00
GrueMasterSo I reset and go manual.17:00
ogra_well, only C4 ...17:00
ogra_we can document around it17:00
ogra_as long as xm works fine17:01
rsalvetiweird, will try to reproduce at my C417:02
rsalvetixm should be fine17:02
GrueMasterYea, xm is fine.  No nand to fall back on.17:02
GrueMasterOk, panda netbook worked this time.17:03
GrueMasterGotta go.  Dr. appt.17:03
ogra_good luck17:03
GrueMasterJust pulling a few stitches.  I'm getting more mobile each day.  Currently at ~60%.17:04
alf_Hi! Currently the omap4 gfx -dev packages replace, provide, conflict: libgles2-dev, libgles2-mesa-dev17:37
alf_Is the 'libgles2-mesa-dev' part because some packages only have libgles2-mesa-dev as a dependency instead of libgles2-dev | libgles2-mesa-dev?17:38
rsalvetialf_: if you check the mesa package, it's not providing libgles2-dev for example17:39
rsalvetiit just provides the normal package, not the -dev ones17:39
rsalvetithat should probably be fixed too17:40
rsalvetitried to talk with roaf be got no answer17:40
rsalvetialf_: I believe the only package that is depending on the mesa one is the mesa-utils17:41
rsalvetimost other packages are depending on libgles2-dev | libgles2-mesa-dev17:41
alf_rsalveti: and cairo, too17:42
rsalvetialf_: hm, why cairo is depending directly on the mesa packages?17:42
alf_rsalveti: not sure, just noticed it probably just a mistake17:43
alf_rsalveti: I will send an email to raof and cc you17:48
rsalvetialf_: cool, thanks17:49
rsalvetiwould be good if we could get that fixed before the release17:49
alf_rsalveti: so just to be in tune, we want libegl/gles...-mesa-dev to provide/conflict/replace libeg1/gles2...-dev, right?17:52
rsalvetialf_: yes, I believe that would be the right solution, but not yet sure, that's why I wanted to talk with raof17:52
rsalvetito understand how it's done with GL, and nvidia/radeon drivers17:53
rsalvetithe libegl1/gles2-dev are needed because we want to depend on something that can be used by the packages17:54
alf_rsalveti: yes, we need to come up with guidelines of how to package up alternative drivers... so other vendors can package up correctly17:54
rsalvetithe only thing it seems weird is that in the end the provided packages for -dev are all the same, even if it's from mesa, sgx or imx17:55
rsalvetias the headers should all be the same, provided by khr17:55
rsalvetialf_: yes17:55
alf_rsalveti: well almost, eg eglplatform.h can be different17:55
rsalvetialf_: why? because x11 integration?17:56
rsalvetiif they are all the same we could just have a common header package17:59
rsalvetibut not yet sure if they need to be the same17:59
rsalvetior if the vendor could also add some other definitions there18:00
alf_rsalveti: khronos recommends to use their file (of course ;)) but each vendor may need additional intergration with systems not covered by the default headers18:01
rsalvetialf_: hm, ok18:02
alf_rsalveti: or variations of existing systems etc for which the default is not suitable18:02
rsalvetialf_: but then, if we compile a package with a specific set of headers, is it going to work fine with a different set of libraries?18:04
rsalvetiif we can't guarantee that then the 'provide' is not necessarily right18:05
alf_rsalveti: supposedly, everyone should provide the same (or equivalent) definitions for the same system config18:07
alf_rsalveti: Khronos STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that you use the default definitions * provided below, since these changes affect both binary and source * portability of applications using EGL running on different EGL * implementations.18:07
rsalvetiogra_: this is the current postinst script for the extra package: http://paste.ubuntu.com/593647/18:08
rsalvetiogra_: what do we need to change to fit the unity-2d favorite system?18:08
rsalvetialf_: I see18:09
rsalvetiit should be the same bug we cannot guarantee18:09
rsalvetiI'd prefer to have a common package set for the headers18:10
rsalvetiso we can kind of force the vendors to respect the default definitions18:11
rsalvetibut then, would prefer to discuss this with raof18:11
rsalvetito understand if they had the same issues with the normal desktop gl drivers18:11
rsalvetialf_: can you put these questions at your email?18:12
alf_rsalveti: the thing is that they may want to just extend them and forcing a single set of headers won't do (for them)18:12
ogra_rsalveti, unity-2d uses a gconf key for the list of favorites18:12
ogra_so some gconftool-2 call that removes the .desktop file from that list is needed18:12
rsalvetialf_: yeah =\18:12
ogra_though hmm18:13
ogra_you can just remove the override file that adds this entry and run update-gconf-defaults18:13
rsalvetiogra: first I don't understand why this script was removing the .desktop file18:13
rsalvetiprobably a hack18:13
ogra_yes, and still in place18:14
rsalvetibut why we need to remove it?18:14
ogra_because its not comoing from a package18:14
rsalvetioh, sure18:14
rsalvetionce installed it should remove the icon18:14
rsalvetias jasper is the one putting it there18:14
rsalvetiogra_: can you create this new postinst script?18:15
ogra_rm /usr/share/gconf/unity-2d/default/25_jasper-favorites-override18:15
rsalvetiI believe you can easily test at your system18:15
ogra_update-gconf-defaults --source /usr/share/gconf/unity-2d/default --destination /var/lib/gconf/unity-2d.default --no-signal18:15
ogra_thats what needs to be added18:15
rsalvetihm, ok18:15
ogra_for oneric i'll finally put some time into doing it with a package18:16
rsalvetiogra: so /usr/share/gconf/unity-2d/default/25_jasper-favorites-override is now the file that jasper is installing?18:16
ogra_right, it pulls the original favorites list out of the ubity-2d file18:17
ogra_and appends the ti .desktop entry18:17
ogra_because its a higher sequence number update-gconf-defaults then overrides the default entry18:18
rsalvetiogra_: oh, ok18:19
rsalvetiogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/593654/18:20
ogra_so rm'ing it and running update-gconf-defaults again will restore the original system defaults18:20
ogra_well, and the .desktop file18:20
ogra_you should still remove it to not leave unpackaged cruft around18:21
rsalvetiyeah, sure18:21
ogra_but yes, apart from that thats what should happen18:21
rsalvetiogra_: is there any image where I can use to test this?18:22
rsalvetiwith your latest jasper fixes18:22
ogra_unless someone re-rolls18:22
rsalvetihm, ok18:22
ogra_but you can manually hack the two files in netbook18:22
ogra_/usr/share/app-install/channels/ has the files18:23
ogra_you want to modify .list18:23
ogra_(indeed before clicking the TI icon)18:23
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rsalvetiogra_: should we also remove the ti-ppa.svg or we can't?18:29
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ogra_rsalveti, that should probably go too, yeah18:29
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rsalvetiogra_: ok18:30
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rsalvetiok, I'm upgrading my natty rootfs and should be able to test it soon18:32
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GrueMasterogra: That oem-config restart issue I saw earlier on panda netbook I am seeing again on my beagleXM.22:05
GrueMasterWay more than possible coincidence.22:05
jcrigbyrsalveti, we would like to update u-boot but obviously do not want to break you guys in the process.   My proposed branch is here:https://code.launchpad.net/~jcrigby/ubuntu/natty/u-boot-linaro/proposed-2011.04.1  slangasek  is working on merging it22:13
rsalvetijcrigby: we should be fine with it, did you test with latest x-loader with both omap3 and 4?22:13
jcrigbyrsalveti, the reason is device tree support needs to be there for Linaro 11.05 release22:13
rsalvetijcrigby: hm, ok22:14
rsalvetijcrigby: will test it with our images here, ping you back once it's done22:14
jcrigbythanks, I realize I may not have latest x-loader.  An update happened but flash kernel didn't like my arch name22:15
jcrigbynot sure if latest was in the last hwpack I downloaded22:15
jcrigbyI will test again22:15
rsalvetijcrigby: ok, latest one was uploaded at the beginning of this week22:16
jcrigbyok, my hwpack was from last week22:16
dcarr_homeAre there any good opengl examples in the ubuntu 10.10/TI ppa for testing OpenGL (ES) support on the panda board?22:47
dcarr_homeany help would be greatly appreciated22:47
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rsalvetidcarr_home: if you build the mesa-utils package available at natty you'll be able to run es2gears23:06
rsalvetia nice and simple example23:06
GrueMasterrsalveti: Is the edid detect code in the omap kernel yet?23:22
rsalvetiGrueMaster: nops23:24
dcarr_homersalveti: thanks23:32

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