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bradmhead_victim: I'd suggest replying to the RT ticket with that info, makes sure it gets into the system06:38
Bodman456Hey all09:56
sagacinot much for the sydney meet, eh?09:57
sagacipeople are just playing dead09:57
Bodman456Went to that cafe I suggested yesterday, it looks good, and the food's pretty cheap09:57
Bodman456Unfortunatly so, it seems :S09:58
sagacii mean fair enough if you can't make it but an apology note would be nice09:58
Bodman456I'll put the details on the wiki, hopefully more people show up or RSVP09:59
sagaciwhat date did you propose10:00
Bodman456Probably the 23rd of April10:00
sagaciyeah ok10:01
Bodman456Since it's the last Saturday before I go back to school10:01
Bodman456And I go back to school next Thursday, and weekdays aren't really working-people-friendly.10:02
sagaciyeah exactly10:03
sagaciit is easter that weekend tho10:04
Bodman456Hmm, might change it to October, that's what everyone else seems to be putting it at11:00
sagacithe release party.?11:01
valorinbut won't that almost be time for Oneric to be released?11:07
Bodman456But that's the date of the other release parties for Natty11:08
valorinAU parties, or global?11:08
Bodman456That's what the wiki page says anyway :S11:08
Bodman456Wait, shit11:09
valorinwhich wiki page?11:09
Bodman456I was reading the Maverick page11:09
valorinah, lol, that makes more sense!11:10
valorinAnyone know what BC's problem is? (in the mailing list)11:11
head_victimBodman456: I didn't blank it when I copied it sorry11:25
head_victimvalorin: BC seems to be getting a little oddball lately11:26
valorinhead_victim, I just hope he isn't going to troll everything Unity-related...11:27
head_victimvalorin: I've read mixed reviews but I must admit the majority of the people complaining don't appear to have actually USED it much11:29
valorinI've been using it full time, and initially I was sceptical but now I find it great. It's something that needs to be given a chance to prove itself - although all the bugs (which is normal for Ubuntu pre-release) don't help it.11:30
valorinAlso what I've noticed is most people who complain about Unity don't know about Gnome3, which will likely replace their beloved classic gnome in most distro's anyway11:30
head_victimThat's what I don't get, gnome3 isn't gnome 2.x11:31
head_victimBut it's got to be better just because it's gnome?11:31
valorinIt's actually even harder to use than Unity11:31
valorinwith more drastic interface changes11:31
head_victimI withhold my judgement until I've used it a bit11:31
sagaciSorry, who's bc11:49
Bodman456I have backups of GNOME 2.x on my portable HDD, just gotta remember not to lose it11:49
Bodman456I've been using unity for a good 3mo, and honestly, it shouldn't have been placed in a DESKTOP release of 'buntu11:50
sagaciI don't know, i like it. All gnome distro's look the same. As least they're trying to do something different11:52
sagacikinda like the ribbon interface in ms office. Use it a bit and it's much better than before11:52
sagacibut i agree that i won't be upgrading my grandparents desktop from 10.10. If i did, it would be to mint11:53
head_victimBrisbane release party poll - http://www.doodle.com/mgfwuc5u5kydrgi7#table11:54
head_victimWell I figure surely someone will package gnome for it anyway so if you really want it it shouldn't be too hard to make it happen11:55
sagaciIt's just too much of a change for my grandparents. They're up to the stage of deleting emails so it doesn't clog up the bigpond server, ie. When they have more than 10 emails11:57
sagaciIe. 15 years ago11:57
head_victimsagaci: yeah, although if they hadn't tried gnome would unity be better or worse?11:58
valorinThere is a Gnome3 Ubuntu Remix in the works, so I'd say someone will be working on a gnome2 ubuntu version11:59
valorinWhat I want to know, is if Ubuntu is going to upgrade to gnome3 backend to power Unity, or stick with gnome2 and maintain it? Cos the 10.10 netbook unity uses gnome3 backend, but it's a lot slower - hence why they went for gnome212:00
head_victimBodman456: thanks for the wiki update12:00
head_victimvalorin: much more involved than my input would help with :)12:00
Bodman456@head_victim No worries12:00
head_victimBodman456: looking like we'll have a few parties this cycle which is good12:01
valorinheh, yeah, it's kinda a question for ubuntu devs12:01
valorinI'm considering emailing about a Canberra one, although I can only really do lunchtime during the week...12:01
head_victimbradm: thanks heaps for nursing me a bit with this RT, hopefully I'll get the hang of it :)12:02
head_victimvalorin: that counts! 2 people having lunch can be a release party12:02
bradmhead_victim: no worries12:02
bradmI've started using unity a bit lately, and its grown on me12:02
bradmit'll be better after release and most of the bugs are stomped too12:03
Bodman456bradm: yea12:03
Bodman456But unfortunately, I'm not really a fan of it, as I've.12:04
Bodman456said already12:07
Bodman456Damn Swype12:07
Bodman456Keep hitting send instead of backspace12:07
Bodman456My Desire's screen is too small :(12:08
Bodman456Speaking of the HTC.De12:08
head_victimI'm hoping tomorrow I get to sort out my new defy (been waiting on an SD card and other bits and pieces) but I have a day off so I can visit the post office to pick up the parcel :12:09
Bodman456HTC Desire, has anyone tried Desirbian or Desirebuntu?12:09
Bodman456head_victim: Ahh, cool12:10
head_victim32gb SD should do me a while. I was concerned it only had 2gb internal12:10
Bodman456Only thing about the Defy is that locked and signed bootloader = NO CUSTOM ROMS 12:11
head_victimI can't imagine I'd ever want to do that while it's under warranty anyway. I'm more a "might change the background and ringtone" kinda guy12:11
head_victimAnd surely when it's past warranty some smart cookie would have worked out how to get around it all anyway12:12
head_victimhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/index.php?title=Motorola_Defy would suggest custom roms are plentiful?12:16
head_victimsagaci: up for a translation challenge?12:29
sagaciSymbian browser vs. Firefox? nty12:32
head_victimsagaci: haha fair enough, I just saw the libreoffice email come though saying it needed to be done before tomorrow12:32
head_victimAbout 1k all up12:32
sagaciTomorrow utc?12:33
head_victimNot sure, you on the -translators mailing list?12:33
sagaciNope, don't really sub to many list as i find myself palming off most of the conversation12:34
head_victimFair enough12:34
head_victim* Bodman456 has quit (Remote host closed the connection)12:36
head_victim<head_victim> http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/index.php?title=Motorola_Defy would suggest custom roms are plentiful?12:36
Bodman456Phone ran flat12:36
sagaci1k will only take you a short while12:37
Bodman456I was talking about PROPER custom ROMs, i.e, ones with custom kernels, which is what the bootloader signature blocka12:37
head_victimsagaci: yeah not sure how long I"ll be around tonight though so will do what I can12:37
head_victimBodman456: oh fair enough, this is my first android so no real idea here12:37
Bodman456Ah, k12:38
head_victimI'm actually still quite happy with my old symbian nokia if it had better web browsing12:38
Bodman456This is my first Android device too, but I got.mine back.in October12:38
Bodman456I ja12:39
Bodman456God damn Swy pre e12:39
Bodman456I had an iTurd before this, couldn't wait to abandon iOS12:40
head_victimMy wife got an iphone412:40
sagaciso that's why you're the better half12:41
head_victimHah I wish it were only true12:41
Bodman456head_victim: I put the syd release party details on the new LoCo directory :)13:06
head_victimBodman456: great work, I think if we start using the loco.u.c it will really help with reapproval down the track. So much easier to show what we've done if we document it as it happens13:06
head_victimBecause I think we're doing enough (lately anyway) to be an approved loco we just need to sustain it a bit and make sure we keep up the documentation13:07
Bodman456Also, I'm bode.i13:07
Bodman456Boden-matthews on the new loco page13:08
Bodman456Damn Swype got me again13:08
head_victimBTW, you should register as attending for your own event ;)13:08
Bodman456Just did :)13:08
head_victimYay :)13:08
sagaciI'd turn up if there's 4 others going13:09
head_victimsagaci: the problem is most people think the same way :/13:09
sagaciOr more...13:09
Bodman456sagaci: are you in NSW?13:09
sagaciProblem is that i live 350k.s away so it's hard to commit to meeting bodman in a cafe for drinks13:10
head_victimsagaci: fair call then, at least you're not sitting at home 5 mins drive away13:10
sagaciif i were living in sydney, i'd be at every ubuntu thingo13:11
Bodman456I'm in the inner west, so it's about 15min away via train13:13
Bodman456But being 14 means having to ask my parents before I go anywhere.13:15
head_victimWhich is also why I wanted the Brisbane release party at an all ages venue so there was at least the possibility of all ages being able to attend.13:16
sagacii wish i knew about linux at 1413:16
Bodman456I found out through trying out VirtualBox13:17
sagaciwell i did, i just didn't know what is was or how you installed in on windows13:17
Bodman456With Ubuntu 8.0413:17
Bodman456Then I came back with 10.0413:17
Bodman456And now here I am, with 11.04 Alpha13:18
head_victimBodman456: how did the CDs go down at school?13:18
Bodman456Good, even my Chinese teacher wanted one13:19
Bodman456And my mathematics teacher13:19
head_victimGlad they were useful :) It's nice to see that even though we had a heap of spare CDs they all went to useful places rather than sitting around in a cupoard13:20
head_victimI've only got less then a full box left13:20
sagaciHow do we go about getting official ubuntu posters etc. I don't mean flogging them off you but could we order a couple through can. and pay for them or are they not for sale13:21
Bodman456Used one for an old laptop I have, I have used Ubuntu to repurpose it for Folding@Home13:21
head_victimsagaci: Basically you just print your own13:21
Bodman456sagacoli: That sounds like a good idea13:21
head_victimOfficeworks and any printer would be able to do them for you13:21
Bodman456I think Mole was designing some a while ago13:22
sagaciI mean like decent size13:22
head_victimAll the ones at the open day were printed at officeworks13:22
head_victimAnd they go up to A0 there13:22
sagacii like some that doctormo did, not just ubuntu, all free software and cc posters13:23
head_victimYep, spreadubuntu.org is awesome for that13:23
sagaciwhat's a0 like13:23
sagacithought so13:24
head_victimA4 x2 = A3, A3 x2 = A2, etc13:24
sagacihow much does it set you back13:24
head_victimI can't remember, I was rushed so I didn't really shop around.13:25
Bodman456Isn't A0 like the banners you see in shopping centres?13:26
head_victim1x1.5 m approx13:28
head_victimDoesn't sound big13:28
Bodman456That's fucking HUGE13:28
Bodman456For a piece of paper, anyway13:28
head_victimFair enough, well yeah, if you want to reuse them, I suggest lamination13:28
head_victimIt adds about 50% to the price of getting it done13:29
head_victimBut if you use them twice it's already saved you money13:29
Bodman456Good for stalls and stuff13:29
Bodman456Like for the side.of a stall13:30
head_victimsagaci: what was the command to add +50 to the translation?13:30
sagaci&batch=50 to the url13:31
sagaci50 is the max13:31
head_victimDoes it save it or do I have to add it to the url every time13:32
sagaciNo, it saves13:33
sagacii'd only do it if i was doing a large set13:33
sagacior more than 10013:33
head_victimFair enough, makes it easier though I reckon13:34
sagaciyeah, would had have been fantastic for firefox13:34
Bodman456Gah, I always found Firefox to be slow and unstable13:36
sagacior the next global jam13:36
Bodman456But nowhere near IE interms of being slow and unstable13:36
sagaciit's a good fallback browser13:36
sagacichrome on both for me13:37
head_victimsagaci: thought anymore about the AU>GB thing?13:37
Bodman456I use Google Chrome, with Opera as fallback13:37
sagaciHave, but have been playing around with sibelius 6 and new guitar amp and thoughts on blogging to be worried about writing a decent email13:38
sagaciCause even if we 100% everything, it's still duplicating effort for new strings that come in13:39
head_victimYep, not sure if there's a way to keep the localisation but point it to the GB or if they just ditch the AU entirely (assuming everyone agrees with the idea)13:41
Bodman456Is this about the localisation of the wiki?13:47
head_victimNah Ubuntu as a whole.13:51
sagaciSerious Business13:53
Bodman456I think we should just keep the AU translation, but just have it use the GB language pack. 13:54
Bodman456If it's possible.13:56
sagaciso any translation we do now is for 11.1014:17
head_victimYep, I'd say so 14:26

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