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ApOgEEgood morning01:30
thewrathHey all!04:19
thewrathHey dyess0021 and kristian-aalborg04:21
thewrathdo you guys know where one could purchase a cheap hub?04:22
kristian-aalborgI got a used router for almost nothing, it works fine04:25
thewrathi need it for snort04:26
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duanedesignmorning all08:49
Dr0pB3arg'day. quick question for anyone that can help me out. I am trying to use swscanner and whenever I try and start a scan it pops up with "failed to read scan data" . I have tried a few different adapters and no luck10:15
Dr0pB3arwhat's that?10:19
bioterrorapt-cache show xsane10:20
Dr0pB3arswscanner is a wifi scanner not an image scanner10:21
Dr0pB3arI was a bit confused for a sec there10:22
beachbuddahhi all - is there any way to switch from10.10 UNR to the desktop version?  This on a netbook without a CD-ROM10:38
aztekhow to play video in backtrack?14:01
duanedesignhello aztek14:06
aztekhello duadesign14:07
duanedesignaztek: have you installed backtrack or are you running it on a LiveCD?14:08
azteki have install it in my laptop14:09
aztekbut no sound and i can't play video on it14:11
duanedesignaztek: which version is it?14:12
aztek4 r 114:12
duanedesignaztek: I wouls install ubuntu-restricted-extras14:16
aztekwher i can download it?14:17
duanedesignaztek: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras14:18
duanedesignthat command in a terminal should do it.14:19
duanedesignaztek: for video you can install mplayer and the GUI for it SMplayer.14:20
duanedesignsudo apt-get install mplayer smplayer14:20
aztekam at home now14:21
aztekso, i just can use modem14:21
azteki can't use modem in backtrack14:22
azteki am using ubuntu now14:22
aztek i will try it tomorro14:23
duanedesignlooks like their are some meta packages that backtrack has14:23
aztekfor setting modem?14:24


duanedesignI imaging those have hyphens and not spaces14:25
duanedesignso  backtrack­networking would probably be  backtrack-networking14:26
duanedesignthose are meta packages so they likely will download a lot of packages. Something to think about if you are on a modem14:27
aztekmy friend suggested to install sakis, but i don't know how to installl it14:29
azteki wanna off14:55
aztekthank you duanedesign for your help14:55
azteksee u soon14:56
rokyronnieHello there15:30
rokyronnieI've a question, is there a way to control my CPU FAN speed in Ubuntu? ( in windows I used to use speed fan to reduce the speed down to 50% )15:31
Abhijitbot is dead15:34
rokyronniemy fan speed, cooler, isn't FAN the correct word for that?15:34
charlie-tcarokyronnie: yes, that is the correct word.15:35
Abhijitrokyronnie, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=84648015:36
rokyronnieso.. there's nothing with graphical interface?15:36
Abhijitatleast I dont know15:37
rokyronnieI tried now with Thinkfan but I can't figure out with it, can someone help me?15:58
Abhijitwhat is thinkfan?15:58
holsteinrokyronnie: is it too loud?15:58
rokyronnievery very loud15:59
holsteindid you look at the hardware?15:59
rokyronnieyes.... but I can't  do anything  to it15:59
holsteinis there a bunch of crap in the heat sink?15:59
holsteinyou can get some compressed air16:00
holsteinand blow the junk out16:00
rokyronnieI clean it for many times16:00
holsteini mean, the fan is keeping the CPU cool16:00
holsteinas an audio recording guy16:00
holsteini have found computers too loud in the past16:01
holsteini used to keep the tower over in a closet16:01
holsteinand get really long cables16:01
rokyronnieit's not a new model, it's a Sempron 3200+16:01
holsteinthat worked well16:01
holsteinrokyronnie: a new fan is cheap16:01
holsteinfans are a couple bucks16:02
rokyronniedepends of what country are you spoken about16:02
holsteintheres used shops everywhere16:03
holsteincharity shops16:03
holsteinand amazon.com :)16:03
rokyronnieif I want a better one, here it's like 30-40e which means a lot16:03
holsteinwell, im sure you can sort it out16:04
holsteini would suggest not telling the fan to run slower16:04
holsteinits running fast for a reason16:04
holsteineither the fan is going bad16:04
holsteinand not cooling well16:04
rokyronniein windows is running down to 50% from a long time16:04
rokyronnieand there were no problems16:04
holsteinrokyronnie: xp?16:04
holsteinxp is 10 years old16:04
holsteinubuntu is quite a bit more modern than xp16:05
rokyronnieyeah, which when I came back home from faculty, it was broken, why? "only god knows"16:05
holsteinand linux is typically not as capable of controlling those devices16:05
rokyronniecould not find windws:\... \system43\config16:05
rokyronnieI can't suffer it anymore16:05
holsteinrokyronnie: it?16:05
holsteinyou mean your windows install was broken?16:06
rokyronniesorry if my english is not so good and if I do mistakes, but I am pretty tired16:06
rokyronnieoh no16:06
holsteinrokyronnie: i have an HP mininote16:06
rokyronniejust... I turned my PC on, and that message appeared when I tried to boot to windows16:06
holsteinlots of VIA hardware16:06
holsteinsame deal16:07
holsteinwhen under xp16:07
holsteinfairly quiet16:07
holsteinbut the graphics driver in linux seems to make it run hotter16:07
holsteinand its small anyways16:07
holsteinprone to running hot16:07
aveilleuxLinux doesn't handle fan speed as well as Windows16:07
rokyronniemy fan speed is always on 100%16:08
aveilleuxThe speed control modules are pretty buggy, and they fallback to running at full blast regardless of the heaat16:08
rokyronnieit doesn't have that future16:08
holsteinrokyronnie: maybe you can google the hardware you have16:09
holsteinand find better support16:09
holsteinmaybe a kernel that does a better job16:09
holsteini have had luck cleaning the machine though16:10
holsteinand getting a quieter system16:10
holsteinin win/lin16:10
javatexanhow do I remove all my saved passwords from seahorse without making my machine useless?  I only want to clear out all network resources, printing passwords, websites and such....not any system level stuff....does it keep systemlevel stuff?18:33
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Aman1stHi Guys, can anyone help me in setting up VPN on Ubuntu 10.10?20:00
OmsniffiscentIs there a way to put a clock on my screen after my screen locks out?20:04
Aman1stI did setup the VPN using the connection manager in Ubuntu. But, when I try and connect it says "Connection failed" any advise?20:04
OmsniffiscentI'd have no idea, sorry.20:04
Aman1stThe say VPN works just fine on windows and MAC!20:05
Aman1stsay = same20:06
Aman1stOmsniffiscent, thanks ;)20:06
OmsniffiscentHonestly I don't even know what a VPN is :)20:07
OmsniffiscentOh I remember Virtualized Private Network?20:08
OmsniffiscentI guess there's no way. :(20:11
OmsniffiscentThough, that was in 200820:12
holsteinAman1st: via  ssh?20:13
OmsniffiscentBut all of the other hits are how to change the timer for the lockout screen.20:13
Aman1stit's just a standard PPTP setup20:13
holsteinyou read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VPNClient ?20:13
Aman1stYes I did read that.20:14
Aman1stDidn't help :(20:14
holsteinwhat were the error messages?20:14
Aman1stJust says connection failed. No error message!20:15
holsteinwhat says?20:15
holsteindid you try the pptp-linux package?20:16
Aman1stholstein, stand by... I'm going to set it up again and give you the exact message.20:16
holsteinOmsniffiscent: i would look at screensavers20:16
holsteinwith time20:16
Aman1stwill try that too20:16
holsteinAman1st: im about to run out20:16
holsteinbut that will be helpful for someone20:16
holsteinIF you can run an app from the terminal too20:17
Aman1stthanks mate20:17
holsteinthat will give you more output usually20:17
holsteinhelpful trouble-shooting output20:17
holstein*hopefully :)20:17
OmsniffiscentBut my monitor turns completely off when my screensaver comes on. I guess that's my only option, though.20:17
holsteinOmsniffiscent: check out http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=102836220:18
holsteinits a little old20:18
OmsniffiscentIf I move my mouse to turn my monitor back on it will stop the screensaver lol20:18
holsteinbut, i think thats the angle you should take20:18
holsteinOmsniffiscent: there are settings20:18
holsteinsometimes they are fiddly20:18
holsteinbut, you should be able to have the screensaver without the screen blanking20:18
holsteinOmsniffiscent: are you using gnome?20:18
OmsniffiscentI <3 gnome20:19
holsteini find since that the default20:19
holsteinor was*20:19
holsteinthats usually the best case for things to work20:19
holsteingood luck folks20:19
OmsniffiscentI tried KDE and it was just completely foreign. Pretty. But it didn't stay up very long.20:19
* holstein gotta run20:19
OmsniffiscentI'm off too. Later20:19
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Juestok, how do i change root password?23:11
holsteinJuest: we dont really have root23:12
holsteinunless you have changed the default setup23:12
holsteinyou use sudo23:13
holsteinand use your user pass23:13
holsteinin a terminal23:13
holsteinyou can run sudo -s23:13
holsteinand have a root shell23:13
Juestyes, i want to login with root23:13
Juestnot root shell23:14
holsteinyou can run GUI apps with gksudo23:14
Juestand ttys are not there anymore23:14
Juesti just see black screen23:14
holsteinJuest: is something broken?23:14
holsteinyou really shouldnt need to enable a traditional root account23:14
Juesthmmm, is a partial installation, using update manager to fill it23:15
holsteinsudo apt-get install23:15
Juesti just want to login as uid0 (root)23:15
holsteinyou have to really go against the grain to facilitate that23:15
holsteinand i suggest not doing it23:16
holsteinand cant really imagine a scenario where you would have to23:16
Juestjust like i have done in my older ex-mandrake23:16
holsteinits do-able23:16
holsteinyou want me to google it for you?23:16
Juesthow do i do it23:16
Juestyes, please23:16
MrChrisDruiflmgtfy.com ;)23:16
Juestlol noob23:17
Juestholstein, ok, i just want the command/place to change root pw23:17
holsteinskimming that article, it looks right23:17
holsteinJuest: by default there is no root password23:18
holsteinits not the way it works23:18
holsteinyou sudo23:18
Juestyes, but the system asks for pw -.-23:18
holsteinand bascially elevate the privs of the normal user23:18
holsteinbut there isnt one23:18
holsteinbecause you havent enabled the root user23:18
Juestyeah, but i rather use root user instead of su23:18
holsteini mean, you put in the user butt23:18
holsteinand it'll ask you for a password23:18
holsteinJuest: right23:19
holsteinsee that link23:19
holsteinand enable the account if you wish23:19
holsteinand you can log in as root :)23:19
holsteingood luck, i gotta run23:19
MrChrisDruifJuest: Your calling me a n00b? :P23:19
Juestoh, got it23:19
Juestlol, because of lmgtfy :P23:19
Juesti hate that sh********23:19
kristian-aalborgholstein: ping23:40
kevin6889MrChrisDruif: ping23:44
MrChrisDruifAloha kevin688923:44
kevin6889natty wouldn't boot MrChrisDruif from a live usb23:47
MrChrisDruifHmm, not nice23:48
kevin6889what should i do?23:48
* kevin6889 throws the problem at MrChrisDruif 23:48
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MrChrisDruifOw....your seidos :P23:48
seidosOw, or Oh?23:48
MrChrisDruifDid you check md5sum?23:49
MrChrisDruifseidos: Same with me ;)23:49
seidosit was a torrent, i'm sure that's not the problem23:49
MrChrisDruifNever be sure23:49
seidoshey MrChrisDruif do you know how to create a live usb using dd?23:49
MrChrisDruifAlways check23:49
MrChrisDruifUsing dd?23:49
MrChrisDruifI've made live usb with unetbootin before23:49
seidosif i check and the md5sum matches, will you pay me $1 for my time?23:49
MrChrisDruifHmmm, no :P23:50
seidosi heard it's possible with dd, at least with fedora23:50
seidosbut i couldn't get fedora to boot either23:50
MrChrisDruifMaybe USB is broken?23:50
seidosdd if=F12-Live-i686.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=8M23:50
seidosnah, it's worked before23:50
seidosit's some software thing, i'm sure of it23:50
yofelwhich image? beta1? try the beta2 candidate images, at least there wasn't a failed to boot bug filed for them yet http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/23:50
seidosi can read it too23:50
seidosyofel: yeah, beta1.  i'll see about getting beta2.  i didn't see it under releases.ubuntu.com, but beta1 was there, so that's what i grabbed23:53
yofelyep, beta2 is due tomorrow, so you can help testing the isos if beta1 doesn't work ;)23:53
Juestseidos: #ubuntu+123:53
seidosJuest: but i'm a beginner ;)23:54
Juestidk then23:54
Juestask there where's beginner channel for beta,etc23:55
seidosJuest: just messing with you, it's a good idea.23:55
seidosah, so beta2 is out tomorrow, all right23:57

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