dscasselHi staticsafe, cyphermox00:00
staticsafehey dscassel00:00
cyphermoxhey dscassel00:01
dscasselAgenda (such as it is): http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/63/detail/00:01
genii-aroundFor anyone who saw my comment in #ubuntu-offtopic you may find this amusing: http://i52.tinypic.com/sopcah.png00:01
staticsafegenii-around: lol00:02
dscasselMass call! [thor] ayecee bregma FiReSTaRT IdleOne james_w Kamondelious kenjy KombuchaKip Kulag lborda mikkidog ryanakca sipherdee willwh zul00:04
dscasselMeeting time. :)00:04
dscasselTopic #1: Introductions.  Feel free to say hello.00:04
kenjywhats up00:04
kenjyhello n.n00:04
dscasselI'm Darcy, and I'm chairing this meeting.00:04
dscasselHi, kenjy :)00:04
cyphermoxhey, I'm Matt, spy from ubuntu-qc ;)00:05
genii-aroundMike here, in Toronto00:06
dscasselcyphermox: The more the merrier. :)00:06
* dscassel passes genii-around a coffee.00:07
genii-arounddscassel: Thanks muchly!00:08
genii-aroundWork, back in a few minutes00:08
dscasselAll right. #2 Release party!00:11
* genii-around sips his coffee00:11
dscasselSo we're having one in Kitchener, on the 30th.00:11
staticsafeand one in Toronto on the 30th as well. :)00:12
genii-aroundstaticsafe: Yes, that one I'm hosting00:12
BobJonkmanThat's too bad, if they're on the same day then I can't go to both00:13
cyphermoxwe'll be having one in Montreal, I think it's the 21st00:13
dscasselBobJonkman: On the other hand, if they're on the same day, we can have a big, trans-canada LAN party. :D00:13
staticsafecyphermox: oo isn't that a bit early?00:14
cyphermoxit is00:14
genii-arounddscassel: Oooooo interesting. Like AccessGrid or so?00:14
cyphermoxbut we're trying to accomodate other people ;)00:14
cyphermoxbasically, one long-term member from Gaspesie will be around that week, so we hoped he could participate... plus this means now we could theoretically visit from montreal to toronto or ottawa if there's something there :)00:15
dscasselgenii-around: Not familiar with AccessGrid.  But OpenArena and Teeworlds are awesome.00:16
dscasselcyphermox: I haven't heard anything from Ottawa lately.00:18
genii-arounddscassel: How does that get coordinated?00:18
dscasselI should poke those guys.00:18
dscasselgenii-around: A friend of mine is putting a server together.00:19
cyphermoxdscassel, just bringing it up in case00:19
dscasselI was hoping I'd have details for the meeting, but I think I'm going to have to send a message to the mailing list.00:19
dscasselI have a poster for Kitchener I need to get up: http://ubuntuone.com/p/lzI/00:21
dscasselThe source file is here: http://ubuntuone.com/p/lzJ/ (open in Inkscape)00:22
dscasselIf you want to modify it for Toronto or Montreal. :)00:22
dscasselI'll have a lightscribe template for CDs soon too.  Hopefully this weekend.00:23
cyphermoxoh, sweet, tha\00:23
genii-aroundNice :)00:23
genii-aroundI sent out emails to the listings page here for Now Magazine. Also the local LUG and Toronto FreeNet are helping to push the cause.00:26
bregmaanyone know if there's a release party planned in Ottawa00:26
dscasselgenii-around: Good idea. I'm a bit lax on getting event notices out to mainstream places.00:26
dscasselbregma: Don't think so. You should hold one. :)00:27
dscasselYou just need a place to meet up with people.00:27
bregmaI live isolated in the back woods :)00:28
dscasselbregma: There was a 10.10 release party, but the guy who organized it isn't on Ubuntu anymore.00:28
ZykoticK9dscassel, ;)00:28
dscasselOh, hi, ZykoticK9 . :)00:28
dscasselZykoticK9: <- the guy who organized it. :)00:28
ZykoticK9dscassel, i love the "free as in freedom cake" sounds delicious ;)00:28
dscasselThanks. :D00:29
dscasselSo, ZykoticK9, what's up with Ottawa?  Is anyone else around who might take up th torch?00:29
ZykoticK9dscassel, not that i'm aware of - i was kinda hoping someone would, but I guess no takers so far :(00:30
genii-aroundoclug maybe?00:30
genii-aroundThey advertise up to $500 for events promoting Linux :)00:31
ZykoticK9genii-around, several of the oclug board was at the last release party - but haven't heard any whispers about holding on for this release...00:31
genii-aroundAh, OK00:32
bregmaweird... can you ping them to ask about it?00:34
dscasselI can ask...00:34
dscasselI've been meaning to get ahold of CLUG (Calgary) as well...00:34
dscasselJust to say hi and what we're about.00:34
dscasselI'm going to be in Ottawa this summer sometime, hopefully (My sister lives there).00:35
ZykoticK9bregma, honestly, if you're interested in having a release party in Ottawa, but best advice would be to try an organize one yourself - it's not hard, just pic a location and send an email to the ubuntu-ca and OCLUG mailing lists and I'm sure people (probably myself included) would show up.00:35
* genii-around hands Jeruvy a coffee00:36
Jeruvygenii-around :thanks :)00:36
genii-aroundJeruvy: We are just discussing Canadian release parties for Natty00:36
* Jeruvy waves00:37
Jeruvyplease continue.00:37
genii-aroundJeruvy: Are you by any chance up around Ottawa way?00:37
Jeruvy4500km away ;)00:38
Jeruvyor so00:38
dscasselJeruvy: Do you have any contact with CLUG?00:38
genii-arounddscassel: ^00:38
Jeruvydscassel: Not recently.   I think I know where they meet still.00:38
dscasselJeruvy: Interested in running a release party? Or even just an Ubuntu Hour? :)00:39
dscasselI know there are Ubuntu people in Calgary, but they don't seem to get together much. :)00:40
dscassel(Unless there's stuff going on I don't know about, which isn't unlikely)00:40
JeruvyI know nothing of the process, but  I could look into it.00:40
dscasselJeruvy: It's easy.  You can just do a little informal meetup at a restaurant/cafe/pub/etc.00:41
dscasselThe only tricky part is getting the word out.  And that's not so bad if there's an active LUG with a mailing list in town.00:41
ZykoticK9Jeruvy,  honestly, if you're interested in having a Ubuntu Hour in Calgary, my best advice would be to try an organize one yourself - it's not hard, just pic a location and send an email to the ubuntu-ca and CLUG mailing lists and I'm sure people (probably not myself) would show up.00:42
BobJonkmanAnyone from Hamilton?00:42
genii-aroundJeruvy: Sort-of apologies for dragging you in to being volunteered ;)00:43
dscasselI just want ubuntu-ca to be more than Ontario. ^_^;00:43
genii-aroundI'm really surprised there's no Vancouver Ubuntu stuff that I can tell00:44
dscasselgenii-around: Ubuntu Vancouver uses a (closed) meetup.com group.00:44
dscasselSo there's no way to know what they're up to.00:44
genii-aroundAh, OK00:44
Jeruvywell send me details in a email.  I'll see when clug is meeting (usually the 2 or 3 wed. I think)00:45
dscasselJeruvy: Cool.00:45
JeruvyI can follow up that way.00:45
dscasselThankx. :)00:45
BobJonkmanJeruvy: Join the mailing list too: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-ca00:46
genii-arounddscassel: If I send a money order for $50 should that be enough to send some buttons or so on down?00:46
JeruvyBobJonkman: will do thanks.00:46
dscasselgenii-around: That's way too much.  But yeah, I'll be making buttons tonight if I can find the stuff.00:47
BobJonkmanYay!  I still have lots of room on my hat00:48
genii-aroundOne of the units in this building i look after has a kitchen, we will have access to it that day. So the cupcakes will be *very* fresh. Also the coffee of which everyone knows I drink too much of :)00:49
genii-arounddscassel: What kind of connection is tolerable for the LAN party?00:51
dscasselgenii-around: I think it depends on the game.  But I'm not sure.  We have a decent commercial DSL connection here.00:53
genii-around( the place has a Sympatico connection but I can also pull in a wire from here for a Rogers commercial hookup )00:53
dscasselThat would probably work better. :)00:53
* genii-around makes a note to run cables this week00:54
dscasselWe're going to have people doing updates as well.00:54
dscasselBut we're setting up an apt proxy thing to help with bandwidth.00:54
genii-aroundI have an old P3 I was going to hook up like last time to grab just the diffs for the iso. Hadn't thought about an apt-proxy but might also do that00:55
JeruvyI thought you'd just download everything and then share it or burn it?00:57
txwikingergenii-around: don't if you do not want to get sued by Sony ;)00:57
dscasselI think we're using approx, not apt-proxy.  Not sure what the difference is, tecnically.00:57
genii-aroundOh, if anyone has interesting cupcake recipes feel free to email me at geniibuntu@gmail.com00:57
BobJonkmanPost them to the list!00:58
genii-aroundtxwikinger: Pentium3 not PS3 :) But i understand00:58
Jeruvythats what I thought was said.00:59
dscasselWell, it's 8. I'm going to wrap up unless anyone else has anything...01:00
dscasselThanks, everybody. :)01:00
dscasselI'll send out a few emails and post LAN party details.01:00
BobJonkmanQuiet night01:01
Jeruvygood to meet you all :)01:01
bregmaeveryone was hiding in case they were asked to organize something01:01
genii-aroundbregma: Probably :)01:01
dscasselGood to meet you too, Jeruvy :)01:01
genii-aroundI need to head home from work. Have fun!01:05
genii-aroundBleh. http://www.ubuntutoronto.org/ seems to be about ergonomic chairs.02:19
dscasselThe look like nice chairs...02:19
dscasselPersonally, I don't really want to maintain a separate website for ubuntu waterloo.02:20
dscasselAnd we can use all the help we can get on ubuntu-ca.org. :)02:20
dscassel(If we can get openid working again...)02:20
genii-aroundI don't know much about openid :(02:21
dscasselNo worries.  I'm sure txwikinger will sort it out.02:23
dscasselOr we'll switch authentication. :)02:23
txwikingerwhat do I sort out again?02:23
txwikingerAh yes02:24
txwikingerWell.. I can always enable local accounts02:24
dscasselSounding preferable at this point.02:24
txwikingerok.. I can do that02:26
txwikingerWell.. actually you can do both atm02:27
txwikingerdscassel: What was the problem again?02:27
dscasselWith what? Local accounts?02:28
dscasselI think the main problem is users that already exist as OpenID users.02:29
txwikingerWell.. you can login either with local account or with openid when it works02:29
txwikingeryour choice02:29
txwikingerah ok.. I can delete their openid02:29
* genii-around sips04:12
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* genii-around sips23:13

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