akgranerjcastro you around?01:47
jcastromhall119: he told me todayish02:23
jcastroakgraner: yeah I am now for a second02:23
Ronniekim0: the first code is online: https://code.launchpad.net/~ronnie.vd.c/mapuntu/marker_creation  (run ./manage.py bootstrap to get the app configured)02:40
paultagOh no! I fear for valorie zimmerman, she totally just brought up a thread the list admin is banning people for03:19
paultagshe's such a sweetheart, I hope they go easy on her03:19
ScottLpaultag, are you *still* having trouble with your ISP?03:36
paultagScottL: yes, it's such crud. I've finally got on tonight via my Uni03:36
ScottLthat's gotta be frustrating...i have a hard time imagining being without it03:37
paultagScottL: the worst part are the emails, just tons and tons03:37
paultagScottL: it's really rough03:37
paultagScottL: It's been on and off for about 2 months now03:37
paultagthey keep blaming everything on other things03:37
paultag"It's the signal level!"03:37
ScottLpaultag, that's sooo crap though03:37
paultag"It's the hardware!"03:37
paultag"It's your router!"03:37
paultag"We don't support Linux!"03:37
ScottLif you are paying for it, then they should prorate your bill for the time you weren't able to use it03:38
paultagGawd. It's such crap. If they could *just* get a stable line into the house, they'd be fine03:38
paultagScottL: yeah, for sure03:38
ScottLwhen i had internet through cable at the old house i had that problem03:38
paultagScottL: it's a nightmare03:38
ScottLevery two-three months i wouldn't be able to connect03:38
ScottLthey'd send a guy out and he'd boost the signal03:39
ScottLi bitched and bitched about it03:39
ScottLi got a few bills half off or so03:39
paultagScottL: our router has gone into failure-cycle mode. It will work for a bit of time, then just start rebooting in a loop over and over03:39
paultagScottL: yeah, well that's good at least03:39
ScottLeventually they replaced all the cable lines by the road on my road :P03:39
paultagScottL: t-w is a bear to work with03:39
paultagsorry, modem03:39
paultagnot router03:39
paultagour router is fine03:39
paultagScottL: but, good news is that i've used my downtime well. I have a few nifty proof of concept apps that use libs that I had docs on offline at the time :)03:41
ScottLhah, good deal :)03:41
paultagbut computers are *useless* without internet03:41
ScottL*sigh* pretty much03:41
paultagScottL: anywho, how's things? How's ubuntu-studio? I feel like crap because I've not been able to get to the project03:42
ScottLluckily at our new house (~2 years) we have underground utilities so they don't go down usually03:42
paultagdid someone fill in my loss to get stuff done?03:42
paultagScottL: nice! :)03:42
paultagScottL: a tree took ours down (it's what started all this crap)03:42
ScottLpaultag, no, -controls are still hanging but it's really okay because this stacks 11.10 to be HUGE03:42
paultagwell good news is -controls is 99% there03:43
ScottLwe can't use gnome2 anymore, and probably won't use gnome3 or unity03:43
ScottLwe might be moving to xfce03:43
ScottLwe'll have a new UI03:43
paultagScottL: solid move, I think Xfce would be great for that03:43
paultagI'd use fluxbox, but i'm biased :)03:43
paultagreally biased :)03:43
ScottLthe latest kernel can thread irq's to avoid conflicts03:43
paultagScottL: for -rt?03:43
ScottLcory is back helping with a few things03:43
ScottLpaultag, no -generic can handle irq's now03:44
paultagsolid! :)03:44
ScottLwe're trying to get the -lowlatency into the repos for this release03:44
paultagoh, right, ll03:44
ScottLlike i said, it's a LOT of stuff moving for 11.10 :)03:44
paultagScottL: I hear ya!03:44
paultagScottL: we should hit like half it it within the first few months, IMHO03:44
paultagmost of it's lined up tight and it would let us bugfix when ubuntu makes the changes that will break all our hard work ;)03:45
paultagrather then integrate and bugfix :)03:45
ScottLthere's still a lot of lining up things and making decisions03:47
ScottLi'm glad cory's helping a bit because he will help push things through03:47
paultagfor sure03:47
ScottLthe only trouble currently is our new art lead seems to be MIA :(03:47
ScottLwhich may work out well with cory being more involved *shrug*03:48
paultagI feel bad to be stacked up as MIA as well03:48
paultagScottL: aye03:48
ScottLpaultag, well i've sent several emails but haven't heard anything back for weeks now :/03:48
paultagoh jeez03:48
paultagScottL: anyone know him IRL that might know if he's avoiding or actually MIA?03:49
ScottLnot that i know, i'll try a few other vectors to get in touch and if that doesn't work, then i'll send the "if i don't hear from you..." email03:49
paultagScottL: aye03:50
paultagScottL: what's his IRC nick?03:50
ScottLit's just kinda embarrassing to have posted about it several places and then have to backtrack03:50
ScottLpaultag, lol, i can't even remember right now03:50
paultagScottL: you can always check up on nickserv to see if he's been on IRC03:50
* ScottL is taking muscle relaxers for his neck and feeling pretty darn tired to boot03:50
paultagScottL: get offline, I know how that is, typing ain't helping :)03:50
ScottLoh, and he missed our team meeting as well during this time03:51
paultagScottL: I'll be back on soon. I'll say howdy over in studio again03:51
paultagScottL: get offline :)03:51
ScottLah, i've got to stay up with the kids while they settle down for going to sleep anyway03:51
paultagScottL: excuses, excuses :)03:51
ScottLand i really don't want to watch Dora the Explorer :P03:51
paultagScottL: well, that sucks. Have you looked into someone to step in as an "interm" lead?03:52
ScottLi think cory will do it anyways03:52
paultagBBL, heading home04:08
paultagone love04:08
mhall119pleia2: now I want ropa vieja :(05:42
mhall119instead I will go to sleep05:46
jonoanyone around?06:59
AlanBellmorning jono07:15
jonohey AlanBell07:19
AlanBell130 tickets gone for oggcamp already http://oggcamp11.eventbrite.com/07:20
nigelbhello :)07:49
dpmgood morning all07:51
nigelbhello dpm :)07:52
dpmhey nigelb :)07:53
duanedesignmorning all08:49
dholbachgood morning08:55
dpmheya dholbach!08:56
dholbachhey dpm08:57
nigelbhey duanedesign, dholbach09:01
dholbachhi nigelb09:01
kim0morning o/09:05
kim0howdy fellas .. dholbach dpm nigelb09:06
dholbachhey kim009:07
dpmhey kim0!09:07
nigelbhowdy kim0 :)09:09
paultagmorning, all15:11
Ronnieping kim015:15
Ronniehttp:// <= running new mapuntu code (warning, can be slow, due django development server)15:16
dholbachakgraner, dpm: sorry - I guess I pinged you both about the announce :)15:31
dholbachhope we can sort this out and not post it twice? :)15:31
akgranerno worries....I am posting it now :-)15:31
dholbachdpm, you're almost done, right?15:31
dholbachoh ok :-)15:31
dpmdholbach, about to press publish, but I can leave it if akgraner publishes it15:32
dpmno worries15:32
akgranerdpm, go aheand hit publish :-)15:32
akgranerahead even :-)15:32
dholbachin any case I'm a happy man now15:32
dpmok :)15:32
dholbachthanks a lot to both of you15:33
dpmdholbach, akgraner -> http://ubuntu-news.org/15:37
nigelbdholbach: ping?15:48
dholbachnigelb, pong15:48
nigelbdholbach: can I pm?15:48
kim0Ronnie: Nice work man!15:50
kim0Ronnie: I just added a marker .. where did it go on the map ?15:50
Ronniekim0: did you point a marker on the map, in the submit form?15:52
kim0Ronnie: I fill the form .. click "create marker"15:53
kim0Ronnie: pretty much nothing happens ? or I cant see it15:54
Ronniethe error about latitude/longitude is not shown, because these fields are hidden15:54
kim0Ronnie: what am I doing wrong15:55
Ronniedid you fill in all the fields, AND clicked a location on the map (do you see the map on the bottom of the form)15:56
Ronnieah, we have an extra point15:56
Ronniean server in utah15:56
cjohnstonRonnie: my server isn't where I am... How do I mark that?15:57
Ronniecjohnston: what do you mean?15:57
cjohnstonI am in florida, but my server is in texas...15:57
kim0wrong geoip15:57
cjohnstonif I click do by my ip, it wont work right15:57
mhall119cjohnston: so stop proxying long enough to get it right15:58
cjohnstonI don't proxy..15:58
Ronniecjohnston: you can move the marker manually15:59
mhall119your ip is geoip resolving to texas?15:59
cjohnstonno.. it would resolve to orlando mhall11915:59
mhall119oh wait, server, nevermind15:59
* mhall119 needs more coffee this morning15:59
jonodholbach, jcastro, dpm, kim0 all set?15:59
cjohnstonRonnie: how do i move it16:00
dpmjono, yep16:00
Technovikingloving Chrome-unstable globalmenu16:00
Ronniecjohnston: atm you can only create new markers, not update/change16:00
jonodholbach, ring ring16:01
dholbachI accepted the call16:02
dholbachbut can't hear you16:02
cjohnstonyou just said i could move the marker manually :-P16:02
dholbachoh skype froze!16:02
cjohnstonCan you hear me now? Bad16:02
Ronniecjohnston: you can when you creating a new marker, when you submitted, its 'fixed' (for now)16:02
cjohnstonWhen I go to /hit nothing happens for me anyway16:03
jonokim0, are you on skype?16:03
kim0just call16:03
kim0skype is eventual consistency :)16:03
jonokim0, it keeps disconnecting16:05
kim0killing it16:05
jcastroDaviey: we can deploy today?16:06
jonojcastro, can you mute yourself, can hear typing16:07
kim0dholbach: nice so skype froze for both of us16:07
dholbachkim0, it sucks - I think that's since the skype update in natty16:07
kim0@skype die die die :)16:07
jcastrojono: whoops, sorry16:07
nigelbwe should rename this channel to #ubuntu-skype-haters16:08
* kim0 joins the skype fest16:08
Davieyjcastro, yes - ok.16:08
Ronniecjohnston: /hit does not work in the new version16:09
jcastroDaviey: ok so theoretically once the slots are made it should start populating right?16:16
mhall119Daviey: are we going to deploy summit now that you've had a full night's sleep?16:19
nigelbmhall119: Nice conditions :p16:21
nigelbsomeday I should put in enough work into summit and beg for commit access :P16:21
mhall119Daviey: hold on16:25
mhall119Daviey: okay, rev 77 of summit trunk is now South 0.6.2 compatible16:31
manishnigelb: ping16:35
jonojcastro, FYI, there will now be a Hardware track too16:38
jonojcastro, Vic is going to ping you about how to get sessions on it16:38
jcastroI can make that now16:39
jcastrovic is lead I take it?16:39
jcastroIf I put him down as Vic Rattlehead would he be mad?16:39
jonojcastro, not sure, ak him16:40
nigelbjcastro: what did you put down jono as? Mr. Metal?16:41
dholbachalrightie - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!17:04
jcastropopey: do we have an example of an ideal membership application?17:29
popeyideal or exceptional?17:29
jcastroboth would be great17:30
jcastroI don't want people to think that exceptional is the standard17:30
jcastroif I had to rewrite one to be exceptional I would just give up. :)17:30
popeyif the wiki ever responds I'll tell you17:30
jcastrothis one looks good17:30
jcastroman this is hard!17:33
popeythats quite nice17:35
popeyhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/drubin also17:36
vishTHE BEST!! ยป https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JorgeCastro17:37
* vish hides17:37
vishthats like this guy needs no intro :)17:37
popeyWho is that chancer!?17:38
* popey deletes the page17:38
popeya stain on our wiki!17:38
mhall119jcastro: I made a membership application template back when I applied17:45
vishmhall119: it is actually great that there is a lp user ~you ;)17:47
vishnice template, we could probably add a link to that in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership17:52
mhall119vish: it's funny, there wasn't a ~you when I made the template18:18
=== daker is now known as daker_
cjohnstonjcastro: http://uds.ubuntu.com/travel/  the "If you are not a Canonical..." sentence needs help. ;-)18:32
jcastroon it18:49
jcastroDaviey: you broke summit18:53
* jcastro whistles18:53
Davieyjcastro, you did!18:59
jcastroone of my fish died19:00
jcastroI don't want to go dig him outta there19:00
jcastroit's my sucker fish, so I just know he's full of putrid death19:00
jcastrook that wasn't so bad19:18
jcastroDaviey: my puppet shirt got here19:18
jcastroDaviey: I coined their slogan so luke sent me a shirt19:18
Davieyjcastro, wtf19:23
Davieyjcastro, get me a t-shirt.. kkthnxbye19:24
jcastroDaviey: :D :D :D19:26
manishjcastro: ping19:30
manishI have been shortlisted for UDS sponsorship19:30
manishI dont think I have time left plus I am moving my house in 1st week of May19:31
manishjcastro: so can I be removed from the waitlist queue?19:31
jcastrothere's always next time!19:31
jcastrojono: next time you have a call with the managers can you remind them to approve sessions for UDS?19:39
jcastrothis is the list so far19:39
Davieyjcastro, with help from mhall119, blueprints are now importing20:05
jcastro\o/ \o/ \o/20:05
Davieyauto scheduling is disabled, as i don't think enough people would have marked themselves as required to make it worth it20:05
Davieyonly 9 blueprints so far, anyway20:05
jcastrook so give me like a day or two to make the track leads accept a bunch20:05
jcastroand then we can kick it on20:06
Davieyserver ones will start coming in soon btw20:06
jcastroI like how you roll20:06
mhall119nigelb: your /today/ code is live now too, not that you'll see anything today20:06
jcastrothe QR code is AWESOME20:07
AlanBellsquillions of rooms again20:07
AlanBellare any sessions in yet?20:10
jcastroneed to get the track leads accepting some20:10
mhall119jcastro: did you try the qrcode?21:33
* mhall119 doesn't have a smartphone yet :(21:33
jcastroyeah it worked awesome21:34
jcastrotook me right to the conventionist app21:34
AlanBellanyone got the showimages plugin working in etherpad?21:35
mhall119FYI, that qrcode is going to be changing21:40
jcastromhall119: changing to what?21:49
mhall119jcastro: they're re-branding themselves from "Conventionist" to "Guidebook", complete with a new QR Code21:56
mhall119Daviey: jcastro: https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/summit/guidebook-rebrand/+merge/5759121:57
akgranerohhh so we are going to use conventionist at UDS?  yay!22:01
akgranerI <3 that app  :-)22:01
mhall119akgraner: yup!22:04
mhall119akgraner: http://summit.ubuntu.com/mobile/22:05
akgranermhall119, should he guide be there now?22:10
akgranercause I am not seeing it in my list of guides22:10
Davieymhall119, nice22:22
Technovikingnot see guide either22:48

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