bassemthelinuxer, hi09:52
thelinuxerbassem: hi09:56
bassemthelinuxer, why there's two loggin bot in the channel?09:57
thelinuxerlubotu3 is a factoid bot09:58
lubotu3Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:58
thelinuxerwhat is ubuntu ?09:58
thelinuxersorry can't remember how it works09:59
bassemlubotu3, hi10:00
bassemlubotu3, bash10:00
lubotu3The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal10:00
bassemlubotu3, cloud10:01
lubotu3The Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), powered by Eucalyptus, is highly configurable and customizable to a variety of environments. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC10:01
thelinuxersa7 keda :D10:01
bassemthelinuxer, good, thank you and thanks to lubotu3 :-)10:01
thelinuxerbassem: lol10:01
bassemthelinuxer, he ignored me :-(10:02
thelinuxerlubotu3: thanks10:03
lubotu3You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)10:03
bassemlubotu3, I hate you!10:05
bassemlol, <lubotu3> Sorry, I don't know anything about 'I hate you!'10:05
bassemlubotu3, what do you know?10:05
lubotu3I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:05
DigitalFluxokie d4de, shoot them :)20:57
d4deshoot ... hah, hey fellas, where is Bahaa?20:58
d4dealso does anyone know of a guy called Anis?20:58
d4dewe'd like to have a chat with him20:58
DigitalFluxBahaa El Sayed ?20:58
DigitalFluxAnas ya man20:58
DigitalFluxYes i can get Bahaa too20:59
d4dehe lives nearby me in Alex and I don't know ... the admin of ubuntu-eg?20:59
DigitalFluxjust to confirm, the guy from Alex ?20:59
DigitalFluxYes i know the guy20:59
DigitalFluxhe hangs around IRC too ?!20:59
d4dehmm, from time to time yes20:59
DigitalFluxGod, if i only can link my social networks to IRC20:59
DigitalFluxlemme check his phone number, i think i've got it20:59
d4deDigitalFlux, seems like refaey is hovering on your back big time tonight :-P21:00
DigitalFluxhehe, more like pushing, yes21:00
d4deI'd tuck him in myself21:02
d4dejesus, this guy really needs to lighten up on culture21:02
DigitalFluxBahaa Salama is the same Bahaa El Sayed, right ?21:02
DigitalFluxya seedy21:02
d4deI mean, he practically doesn't understand any thing about Netiquette21:03
DigitalFluxI've got a bahaa salama on my phone, not sure if this the guy21:03
d4degimme the number I'll verify it21:03
d4denotice it to me21:03
d4desheesh lol21:03
DigitalFluxthat should have gone into a notice21:03
DigitalFluxDarn you Quassel21:04
d4denop ... straight into the plain21:04
d4deyes, verified, its our guy21:04
=== the-nightphoenix is now known as TheNightPhoenix
d4de"This is AV81, confirm UTZ ... This is UTZ verifying ... Confirmed, roger!"21:05
DigitalFluxcool, so what is he superb at ? what exactly do we need from him ?21:05
DigitalFluxcool, so what is he superb at ? what exactly do we need from him ?21:05
DigitalFluxever saw someone that can post a text into IRC in the same second twice ? :)21:06
d4deI don't know, lets see for ourselves21:06
DigitalFluxi just did21:06
d4deI can do IRC on a pure telnet session ;-)21:06
d4deI talk the protocol like if it were C to me21:06
DigitalFluxhehe, you know the whole protocol ?21:06
d4deI remember RFCs in my head21:07
DigitalFluxAhh, we need to get a life then21:07
d4deI've implemented a couple myself too21:07
d4dePfft, I threw that outside the window long ago21:07
DigitalFluxThat's the reason i guess21:07
DigitalFluxThat Quassel IRC client is pretty cool21:07
d4dethough, I seem to have some very decent group of friends anywhere I go21:07
d4deand actually freinds that do matter ;-)21:07
DigitalFluxonly through IRC ?21:08
d4denop in real life21:08
d4dewell some through IRC of course21:08
DigitalFluxAh about that life thingy21:08
DigitalFluxthis channel looks lame21:08
d4deyou know what works best for me ... prioritize, establish assets, and plan21:09
d4deits boring as hell21:09
d4dehave you been on securitychat.org before?21:09
d4deI'm talking DoD, DHS, Intelligence community, etc.21:09
d4deof course you won't find channels there with the title "DOD" lol ... you just stumble upon people you know :-)21:10
DigitalFluxinteresting ..21:10
DigitalFluxso when did you get freakish about security techs ?21:10
d4deyou know what's even more interesting? LinkedIn .. I mean this thing just worked21:11
d4dewhen I was 14 years old finished my first cryptographic algorithm21:11
d4deof course it was nothing compared to the algorithms I do now21:11
DigitalFluxYup, it used to be super .. and that was before they integrated it with twitter, it's kinda useless for me now !21:11
DigitalFluxOh, you climbed the ladder when you were young21:12
d4deI started coding BASIC on a MSX-170 machine21:12
d4dethat's pre PC era right there21:12
DigitalFluxI started with a Sincular computer that used cassette tapes :)21:12
d4deI used to load games and programs off of audio tape cassette21:13
DigitalFluxBut i didn't continue the journey quite right :)21:13
DigitalFluxLOL !21:13
d4deoh there you go :-D21:13
DigitalFluxme too !21:13
d4dehaha ... man, good old days!21:13
DigitalFluxROFL, yeah i used to load a game called Hunter bayen in about 30 minutes21:13
d4deI've known how to clear the motherboard CMOS password when I was in the 5th grade (and I knew few words in English only), I've opened the manual and read it like 10 times21:14
DigitalFluxThat was the only game i had21:14
d4deand BINGO! lol21:14
DigitalFluxbesides a Basic enterpreter21:14
d4deI had two bags full of tabs lol21:14
d4deman the culture back then was just AWESOME21:14
d4depeople knew each other back then that had these kind of computers done some scary shit21:15
d4deI've taken over the central telcom station nearby when I was like 1121:15
DigitalFluxOh, yeah i used to dream of stuff like that, never got to do it or to even learn how to do it :)21:15
DigitalFluxso how come, did you used to communicate a lot with outsides ?21:16
d4deit seems like you've not been reading a lot of phreak21:16
DigitalFluxI mean, you didn't Google that !, wait Google was not there yet :)21:16
DigitalFluxWell, that magazine needs some GFX work man :D21:16
d4deI've had internet access through the EUN network in 94'21:16
d4dehah GFX!! lol21:16
d4dedude, phreak you just read and download the wisdom in your brainz21:17
DigitalFluxASCII FTW21:17
d4deits the one place most visited and sync'ed on by basically all military and intelligence agencies in the world21:17
d4deshit happens there21:17
DigitalFluxyeah, i missed a lot21:17
DigitalFluxalrighty then21:17
d4deAleph One's paper on shellcodes was the pioneer for shellcoding21:18
DigitalFluxlet see if they even cared to send e-mail notifications of new stuff21:18
DigitalFluxor a twitter account, /me hopes21:18
d4deyeah I doubt it, but I never looked for that.21:18
d4dewell ... if you are on IRC you must hear the rumors about when its going to release21:18
d4decuase they don't have an exact release date21:19
d4desome issues were years apart21:19
DigitalFluxit still at #68 !21:19
DigitalFluxyeah, why is that ?21:19
d4dethat's how intensive each release is21:19
DigitalFluxthat #68 was the last time i check it !21:19
d4deyou didn't read any phrack before, did you now?21:19
DigitalFluxthe world is moving man21:19
DigitalFluxi did read a couple of articles i think21:19
d4dewell read the whole thing21:20
DigitalFluxi don't even remember when21:20
d4deit contains very organized and state of the art articles about certain subjects21:20
d4dethese things take time and effort21:20
d4deits not just some magazine21:20
DigitalFluxand that existed in 94 ?21:21
d4deI believe it existed since 198521:22
DigitalFluxoh great, i was just 2 years old then ..21:22
DigitalFluxk man, always exciting to have a chat with you, gotta eat something before i disappear out of hunger now :)21:23
DigitalFluxlets see how that cloud day will go21:23

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