hazmatjimbaker, yup.. i named it workflowclientstate to distinguish04:41
hazmater. workflowstateclient04:41
hazmatit would also make sense as a method04:41
niemeyer"Gustavo Niemeyer (niemeyer) has assigned this bug to you for Ensemble:"04:42
niemeyerIt'd be cool if Launchpad knew that "Gustavo Niemeyer" and "you" are the same person04:43
_mup_ensemble/bashified-wordpress-mysql-examples r180 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com04:44
_mup_Addressed review points re comments and db check04:44
_mup_ensemble/bashified-wordpress-mysql-examples r181 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com04:44
_mup_Merged trunk04:44
jimbakerhazmat, i like the quote "[mongodb evp] says it took about three months to integrate MongoDB with Cloud Foundry"05:04
jimbakersurely the average app won't take any longer than that05:05
jimbaker hazmat, ok, i will wait for this branch so we don't duplicate work05:07
jimbakerit's obviously pretty minimal05:07
_mup_ensemble/bashified-wordpress-mysql-examples r182 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com05:54
_mup_Get the public hostname for wp config05:54
_mup_ensemble/bashified-wordpress-mysql-examples r183 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com06:06
_mup_Comment on the secret key used in wp config06:06
kim0hey guys .. is the principia repo now broken ?12:55
kim0how hard is it to fix it12:55
kim0niemeyer: I wanted to ask if now we have some simple path for contributing formulas. I suppose that's a good topic to discuss within today's irc meeting13:35
kim0I am aware of previous discussions to customize launchpad for that purpose .. but that's probably more long term 13:36
niemeyerkim0: Yeah, right now the easiest path is simply to publish them in whatever form and expect people to download them 13:36
niemeyerkim0: The repository is on the pipeline13:36
kim0ok .. I'll bring that up today13:37
kim0niemeyer: the other thing .. I understand principia is currently broken due to ensemble updates ? What would it take to fix it to match ensemble head13:38
kim0I was wanting to contribute a doc page about usage, but that needs a working formula :)13:39
niemeyerkim0: It would actually be very simple to fix it13:40
niemeyerkim0: I'm hoping to get a hand from SpamapS in the near future to push that forward13:41
niemeyerkim0: Feel free to bring that up in the meeting too13:41
* kim0 nods13:41
kim0what caused the breakage ? a new hook .. trying to remember13:42
niemeyerkim0: Yeah, we've split a single hook in three13:43
niemeyerkim0: But it's trivial to fix because it was actually already three different hooks conflated into one13:44
niemeyerkim0: So it's basically copy & pasting part of the content out of a file13:44
kim0niemeyer: changed => {changed,established,broken} right ?13:47
niemeyerjimbaker: Almost, changed => {joined, changed, departed}13:47
kim0niemeyer: is joined a rename for established? same for departed/broken ? if so, I'll update docs13:49
niemeyerkim0: It's not, I think jimbaker is already updating them, though13:49
niemeyerkim0: He mentioned yesterday in the call he had a branch to push for review13:50
niemeyerkim0: joined/changed/departed runs whenever a remote unit is detected/modified/removed in a relation13:51
niemeyerkim0: established/broken is called when the unit executing the hook has been taken out of the relation by itself13:51
niemeyerkim0: -broken means the world of that relation is gone.. -departed means a remote unit has left13:51
niemeyerkim0: There may still be other units after -departed.. there's nothing after -broken13:52
kim0niemeyer: so the last departed necessitates a broken, right13:56
niemeyerkim0: That's right!13:57
niemeyerhazmat: ping15:18
jimbakerkim0, the docs are very confusing on that i think15:39
jimbakermy doc branch should fix that, i will be pushing it for review sometime in the next couple of hours15:39
hazmatniemeyer, pong15:40
niemeyerhazmat: Hey there15:45
niemeyerhazmat: It looks like your UDS registration is still pending15:45
niemeyerhazmat: Can you please check Marianna's email to allhands?15:45
hazmati booked a ticket15:45
hazmatoh.. missed that, thanks, bedless and badgeless sounds bad ;-)15:48
kim0jimbaker: awesome :)15:51
=== niemeyer is now known as niemeyer_lunch
_mup_ensemble/new-hook-semantics-5-docs r197 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com16:31
_mup_More copy editing16:31
_mup_ensemble/new-hook-semantics-5-docs r198 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com17:04
_mup_More copy editing. Removed unimplemented -relation-established hook description17:04
=== niemeyer_lunch is now known as niemeyer
_mup_ensemble/new-hook-semantics-5-docs r199 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com17:12
_mup_Copy editing on relation settings17:12
_mup_ensemble/unit-status-remote r200 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com17:22
_mup_unit and unit relation remote workflow clients.17:22
_mup_Bug #759981 was filed: The ensemble command line needs access to the workflow states of units and unit relations. <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/759981 >17:25
_mup_ensemble/new-hook-semantics-5-docs r200 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com17:25
_mup_Minor fix17:25
_mup_ensemble/unit-agent-formula-upgrade r205 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com17:33
_mup_merge unit-status-remote, throw away lots of upgrade workflow tests.17:33
jimbakerkim0, i just pushed up lp:~jimbaker/ensemble/new-hook-semantics-5-docs for review17:34
_mup_ensemble/bashified-wordpress-mysql-examples r184 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com17:54
_mup_Better comments17:54
SpamapSheh.. Marten Mickos talking about how FOSS has changed from "distribution centric" to "service centric" .. hmmm.. where have I heard that before? ;)17:55
_mup_ensemble/unit-agent-formula-upgrade r206 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com18:02
_mup_ensure that install error in agent is handled correctly (skips transition attempt to started)18:02
hazmatniemeyer, so for units of a service just report they won't be upgraded since their not running, and upgrade those that are?18:04
_mup_ensemble/bashified-wordpress-mysql-examples r185 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com18:10
_mup_Removed unnecessary sudo18:10
hazmatniemeyer, also on install_error.. ensemble resolved, would leave it at the installed state, right now post install, the agent moves things through to started. it seems like we should move it to the started state, but on a resolved without --retry from install_error  should we execute the 'start' hook, its not a retried hook, its a hook that hasn't been executed18:24
hazmatelse sans workflow manipulation the unit is in a terminal state18:24
niemeyerhazmat: Sorry, I've been in an intense conversatin for the past hour or so18:25
niemeyerRelated to the repository tech18:25
hazmatniemeyer, cool  w/ lp folks?18:25
niemeyerhazmat: Yeah, sounds good regarding the upgrade=reporting+upgrade rest18:25
jimbakeri have pushed up an updated version of lp:~jimbaker/ensemble/bashified-wordpress-mysql-examples for review, this might be useful for people writing formulas18:26
niemeyerhazmat: I think install_error+resolved should move it to installed so that start is run normally18:26
niemeyerhazmat: No, with ISD18:27
_mup_ensemble/unit-agent-formula-upgrade r207 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com18:48
_mup_filtering and reporting for unit state on upgrade.18:48
_mup_ensemble/unit-agent-formula-upgrade r208 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com18:49
_mup_filtering and reporting for unit state on upgrade.18:49
niemeyerkim0: What time is our meeting today?  In 3 minutes?18:57
kim0niemeyer: yes18:58
jimbakerare we meeting on skype?18:58
niemeyerkim0: I have a meeting overlapping with it this week specifically :-(18:59
kim0jimbaker: irc18:59
niemeyerkim0: I'll keep an eye on it, though18:59
kim0ok cool18:59
kim0so let's jump over to #ubuntu-cloud18:59
kim0and start rumbling19:00
kim0jimbaker: can you please ping others who'd be joining19:00
hazmatkim0, what's the cloud rumble topic?19:00
kim0basically weekly overview of the development of ensemble19:01
kim0let's talk there19:01
hazmatkim0, sounds good19:01
jimbakerbcsaller, we are meeting over in #ubuntu-cloud19:01
bcsallerjimbaker: thanks19:02
jimbakerSpamapS, others, feel free to join us19:02
hazmatbcsaller, jimbaker anything to add in #ubuntu-ensemble19:30
bcsallernot really19:30
hazmatbcsaller, jimbaker, niemeyer postpone standup till tomorrow?19:51
bcsallerhazmat: works for me19:52
niemeyerhazmat: Hmm19:52
niemeyerrobbiew: Are you still up for it?19:52
robbiewniemeyer: I'm up for whatever ;)19:53
niemeyerCool, let's do it19:53
niemeyerhazmat, bcsaller, jimbaker: Let's do a quick stand up with robbiew to talk about the reorg19:54
niemeyerhazmat: Can you quick it off?19:54
jimbakerok, on skype?19:54
robbiewniemeyer: so having never conferenced in skype, is it just a simple means of having one person conference in everyone else?19:58
robbiewI'm a mumble man, damn it!!! :P19:58
niemeyerrobbiew: Yeah, exactly :)19:58
niemeyerrobbiew: It feels like getting someone with more bandwidth to host has shown better results, which is why I generally ask someone else rather than just firing it off19:59
robbiewah, cool19:59
hazmatniemeyer, sure20:01
hazmatsorry.. zoned20:01
hazmatrobbiew, what's your skype id20:02
hazmatrobbiew, yeah.. its one person dialer20:02
robbiewhazmat: robbie.v.williamson20:02
robbiewvery original20:02
niemeyerkim0: Thanks a lot for the meeting.. that was awesome20:03
kim0niemeyer: thanks man .. great work .. great team20:03
hazmatkim0, indeed. thanks20:03
_mup_ensemble/unit-agent-formula-upgrade r208 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com20:26
_mup_upgrade --dryrun reports unupgradeable service units.20:26
_mup_ensemble/unit-agent-formula-upgrade r209 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com20:39
_mup_additional tests for upgrade-formula cli around unupgradeable units.20:39
kim0hazmat: Hi, You had reviewed my tiny branch at https://code.launchpad.net/~kim0/ensemble/doc-fixes .. but it wasnt merged afaict .. should I rebase and bug you to merge it ? :)20:51
hazmatkim0, yeah. i was looking at that earlier today.. if you wouldn't mind rebasing that would be great21:04
_mup_ensemble/unit-agent-formula-upgrade r210 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com21:32
_mup_hook execution prioritization support for upgrade-formula hook.21:32
_mup_ensemble/unit-agent-formula-upgrade r211 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com21:43
_mup_ensure mutation access to _running attribute of hook executor is always done with the run lock.21:43
hazmatits a strange semantic to interact with prioritize through the workflow, with a stopped hook executor21:52
hazmatthe workflow responds to the hook exit, but we won't have that till the executor is restarted21:53
hazmati guess we restart it  inline.21:53
_mup_ensemble/unit-agent-formula-upgrade r212 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com22:07
_mup_hook executor.prioritize now returns after the priority hook is scheduled, and returns the exec deferred of the priority hook, unit lifecycle.upgrade_formula will prioritize the upgrade-formula hook, and start the executor.22:07
hazmatargh.. unity fail22:38
hazmatmumble seems to cause issues with unity22:41
hazmatat least for me22:41
jimbakerbbl, i'm going to the boulder hadoop meetup. my neighbor is giving a talk on katta (distributed lucene), which uses zk to support its scaling23:57

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