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root___damn there's a lot of ubunutu channels14:46
ebelIRC is used for a lot of ubuntu development14:48
slashtomoh, i think there may be a PoTD tomorrow14:58
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infoturtleairurando ping18:56
airurandohello infoturtle19:35
infoturtlehello, are you well? any chance you could DM the user name and password for the site to put the pics of UGJ Limerick up?19:36
infoturtleI can't seem to keep on to passwords19:36
airurandowill do19:46
airurandojust getting them now19:46
infoturtlefantastic, thanks!19:46
airurandolet me know when they are up19:48
airurandoinfoturtle, while you are here.19:49
airurandoI know there are some who want to drop/amalgamate UH Dub in preference to ILUG PoTD.19:50
airurandoI can understand this.19:51
airurandonot deciding that here (probably at next weeks meeting)19:51
airurandobut for this month at least, with the release party likely set for the evening of Thurdsay 28th of April, should we just drop UHD and UHL?19:53
infoturtlesorry, be right back, my mam just called and wants to drop something off, I've to go meet her19:53
airurandoUHD would be due to tsake place on 27th and UHL on 28th19:53
airurandono bother19:53
infoturtlesorry bout that20:01
infoturtleWell is their a want to convert the UHL to a Ilug POTD? if not I say leave it as it is if that suits everybody20:03
infoturtlethe turn out is usally just two of us so I wouldn't say changing the name will help us in anyway20:03
airurandonah I'm speaking specifically about dublin for the amalgamation with PoTD20:05
airurandothe concept behing UH differs from PoTD.20:06
airurandobut some of the Dublin crew don't believe UHD is working with just the same folks turning up each month.20:06
airurandolow numbers also20:07
airurandobefore UH the Irish LoCo guys attended the PoTD regularly.20:07
airurandonot sure what will be decided long term but just for this month I'm suggesting we scrap both UH events for the release party.20:08
airurandohaving UHD on the 27th and UHL on the 28th seems pointless when we're likely having the release party on the 28th.20:09
airurandoinfoturtle, what say you?20:10
infoturtleah, now I see where this is going20:10
infoturtlenever spotted the dates were so close20:10
infoturtleOK, I can still get my fix of Ubuntu out and about-ness from the release and we can discuss it in dept at the meeting next week but I agree with leaving out the UH for this month20:10
airurandogood.  I'm a bit worried that this hasn't been agreed at meeting but I only thought of it recently20:11
airurandowill try to get others opinions over the coming days20:12
infoturtlewell, we both suffer from the problem of having the same people attend over and over so as long and they agree and we just make a notice that there will be no UH this month I don't think anyone will be let down20:12
airurandoI'll cancass opinions anyway to be safe.20:13
airurandoregarding the future of UHL that is completely up to you guys.  I would love if it continued.  You could invite others to attend and perhaps ammend the title to UH + something.20:14
airurandodon't really have that option in Dublin.20:15
infoturtlet'would be best, how do you inteend asking people? should we put in on the social sites, mailing list of Ubuntu-ie.org? just wondering if I can help20:16
infoturtleI think UHL as a name works, just need more awareness about it, I duno though, maybe others have ideas about it20:16
airurandosuppose we can chat about it face to face next thursday :020:17
infoturtleya, that would work better!20:18
infoturtlepics are up (sorry for the ages it took, internets painfully slow)20:37
airurandothanks infoturtle, they look great.20:55
airurandoI see they have made it into our loco dir team page photo stream :)20:55
infoturtlesome are blurry and hadn't much time to take pics as they only came for the last 2 hours, but ya they look good20:56
infoturtleha, wiat till ericka see shes on the ubuntu loco page, now the teasing of being a nerd begins!!20:57
airurandoha ha20:59

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