SpamapSHi! I was wondering if I could have the ubuntu/member/nickname cloak applied?  https://launchpad.net/~clint-fewbar ... TIA06:16
rwwSpamapS: I don't think any of our group contacts are around right now; I'll poke one if I see them :)06:18
SpamapSrww: cool thanks.06:19
rwwSpamapS: You'll need to identify to nickserv too, btw.06:19
SpamapSyeah I already do that. :)06:19
rwwSpamapS: you aren't right now ;)06:20
* SpamapS autoregs usually..06:20
SpamapSLast failed attempt from: ClintB!47521858@gateway/web/freenode/ip. on Mar 14 18:13:5206:22
SpamapSDefinitely *not* me06:22
jussiSpamapS: let me just sort that for you08:02
SpamapSjussi: :) many thanks08:12
jussiSpamapS: if you have a PM from a staffer, please make sure you anser08:13
jussithere we are :)08:18
SpamapSjussi: danke!08:18
cjwatsonCould we have a bug-lookup-capable bot in #ubuntu-installer, please?14:15
cjwatsonI thought we used to have one, but we don't seem to now14:15
jussicjwatson: Ill join ubottu till your old one rejoins14:16
jussiubottu: join #ubuntu-installer14:16
jussicjwatson: if the old one returns, please ping me14:17
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