GrueMasterJFo: Re apport-collect and bug 758961.  A) Bug was autofiled by apport (triggered by two oops occurances) B) I can find no correlating oops messages in /var/log/*.  Image is fresh from today with only 4 reboots total.00:40
GrueMasterI am trying to reproduce it, but have not seen an oops since 10:41 (it is now 16:41).00:41
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* apw waves to smb10:23
* smb looks sw10:24
smbapw, Morning10:24
* apw puts up a flare10:24
apwsmb, morning ...10:24
smbapw, too late, latitude already did. :)10:25
apwgondoi, quota modules may not be included in -virtual, i suspect it would be an oversight if so... what specific module names are you missing11:12
MamarokI have problems installing he 38-8 kernel on my system, see also bug 75953112:21
Mamarokthe output of the update is in the report as well12:21
Mamarokafter that I started with the previous -7 kernel: the update doesn't hang anymore but I get the following error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/59352712:24
ppisatiwhat does it happen if i manually modify one of the debian/configs/...? i don't like editconfigs12:33
smbppisati, There is a special place in heck for people like you13:05
smbppisati, Make sure to run updateconfigs after any manual change and see how the effects are.13:06
Mamaroksmb: may I ask you to have a look at my question above?13:12
smbMamarok, Hm might be the dkms compilation of the nvidia driver failed for some reason  but its hard to say for sure13:17
Mamarokthe funny thing is that I don't even have a Nvidia card13:18
smbI would probably try to run apt-get install -f13:18
Mamarokthat doesn't help13:19
smbWhat is done at line 1010 of /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image-2.6.38-8-generic.postinst (which seems to be the failing point)13:19
Mamarokthe output stays the same13:19
Mamarokthere are not even that many lines, I guess it means line 11013:20
Mamarokas it prints later13:20
smbOne seems to be for the headers and the other for the kernel package13:20
Mamarokyes, the line is the same, run-parts13:22
Mamaroksorry,   system ("run-parts --verbose --exit-on-error --arg=$version " 13:22
smbright so that seems to call /etc/kernel/postinst.d/nvidia-common13:23
Mamarokas I said, I don't have a Nvidia card, but it insists on installing it by default13:24
smbYes I believe the wrapper is always there13:24
smbThough it should just do nothing when the binary driver is not there...13:24
smbDoes the file itself look executable/reasonable (not corrupted)?13:25
Mamarokyes, I can edit and search in it without problems13:26
smbI am looking at an older version right now but that would try to read in /usr/share/debconf/confmodule13:27
MamarokI will try removing nvidia related packages I can, just a moment13:28
Mamarokhey, that solved it! I removed nvidia-common and now it works13:29
MamarokI will add a comment in the bug13:29
Mamarokthanks for the hint13:29
smbMamarok, As I said, it should aslo work with it13:29
smbI got it installed here too and no nvidia card either13:30
Mamarokindeed, but since I don't have a card it doesn't hurt me13:30
Mamarokthe problem will be for those using a Nvidia card if they run into that problem13:30
smbDo you have that /usr/share/debconf/confmodule?13:30
smbHm, ok. I would suspect a bit that something goes wrong with fiddling around with the debconf and that may strike again even without the nvidia stuff13:32
MamarokI ha to kill the process a few times then I needed to unlock /var/cache/debconf/config.dat, but I didn't really modify something else13:34
Mamarokhad* to13:34
smbThat would somewhat sound even more like your problem does not only exist for the kernel package but might run into other trouble sooner or later13:36
MamarokI checked again: apparently there were some old nvidia-xx-modaliases packages that I removed, that might be the origin of the problem13:37
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Mamaroksince those are not in the Natty repos anymore13:37
smbHmm odd.13:39
Mamarokanyway, I updated the bug report with this information and changed its status to "opinion"13:41
Mamarokthanks a lot for the hints :)13:41
smbThose alias packages should only contains some hints for jockey. There is multiple of those on my system too13:41
smbMamarok, Welcome. Just don't expect too much feedback for "opinion" bugs. ;) 13:42
MamarokI know, but at least something is lying around if other people run into the same problem13:43
Mamarokfor now the report is out of the way, it can still be reactivated if needed13:43
smbRight, if I had more time I would probably try to run through the upgrade path from Maverick to see that works...13:44
Mamarokme too, but the same applies here, I don't really have time for that13:45
apwmjg59, you heard any complaints of thinkpads overheating on 2.6.38 kernels?14:23
apwmjg59, thinkpad x201* seems to be implicated14:23
mjg59Heard, yes.14:24
mjg59Haven't been able to track down yet.14:24
mjg59There's basically nothing that's changed in the thinkpad driver14:24
mjg59So I'm a bit stumped14:24
mjg59I think someone's really going to have to do a bisection14:24
mjg59The main reason I'm confused is that they don't have ACPI fans, so it's entirely under firmware control...14:25
apwmjg59, i'll ask for some mainline kernel testing then between 2.6.35 and 2.6.38 and see what that gets us14:25
apwmjg59, the last time we had anything like this it was a change of width of a read in acpi was confusing the ec, so it could be anything14:26
mjg59Yeah, it's more likely to be an ec change than anything else14:26
apwmjg59, ok in the reporters court now, thanks for the info14:30
root___Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place but I know that my USB Audio DAC works with ubuntu I was wondering if you could help me set it up in my distro? The receiver is a texas instruments PCM2706 here is the output of lsusb - http://paste.pocoo.org/show/370983/ thanks if you can help at all I don't know where to start14:41
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hallynapw: hi, on bug 747090, you say you incorporated a comment from jan - but I don't see such a comment!14:54
apwhe simply suggested merging the xxx += inc_eip into the line above14:55
apwthat was jan wasn't it, or have i miss attributed14:55
hallynthat's what i assumed based on your patch - i just don't see that msg in my inbox14:56
hallynwas that in the kvm mailing list?14:56
hallynoh, you know - maybe he didnt' cc: me.  I'm not actually on the list14:56
hallynlemme go fix that14:56
apwhallyn, ahh ok ... cool14:57
apwhallyn, it was nothing more than a nit, the binary produced should be identicle14:57
hallynapw: yeah the patch in your dir looked fine.  I haven't been able to test the kernel itself yet14:58
hallynapw: say, would you mind sending your version of the patch to the kvm m-l then?  :)14:58
apwhallyn, no worries, how severe is the symptoms of the issue, ie. are we hoping to get it into the release kernel or can it wait for the first sru kerenel14:59
hallynapw: oh, no.  there it is.  I simply missed his comment in the noise.  I don't do well with un-snipped emails some days14:59
hallyni was hoping for release kernel.  let's ask cjwatson what exactly made him track this down15:00
apwhallyn i think you're better doing it, so you get the credit15:00
hallynapw: it seems like ppl  are running kvm just fine, on the one hand...15:00
apwok, i hope we can slip one more kernel in, but we are going to have to hoop jump to get it in15:01
apwand if we do i'll make sure this one is in if we do15:01
hallynsounds good, thanks15:02
apwhallyn, let me know when you have tested, and i'll get that patch out for acks15:05
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apwJFo, about ?15:47
ppisatiapw: in 5bfc8061, any reason why you choose CONFIG_USB_MUSB_TUSB6010 over any other option?15:56
apwppisati, erm15:57
ppisatiapw: easy :)15:57
ppisatiapw: even a "the name was cool" is ok15:58
apwppisati, is that a select ?15:58
ppisatiapw: and we lost musb on omap15:58
ppisatithat's why i was asking15:58
ppisatianywa, i'll modify it locallu15:58
apwppisati, looks to be the default for that new choise on omap, ie the first vslid one16:00
apwso essentislly arbitrary16:01
ppisatiok ok, no prob16:01
apwhallyn, ok i've taken you testing as good, and pushed the kvm patch to kernel-team@ for review16:32
hallynapw: great, thanks16:33
gondoiapw: according to /boot/config-2.6.35-28-virtual: CONFIG_QFMT_V1=m16:57
apwgondoi, yes but only select modules are actually packaged for the virtual flavour to keep it nice and small16:58
gondoiapw: but the files are not there: ls -l /lib64/modules/2.6.35-28-virtual/kernel/fs/quota/16:58
gondoitotal 016:58
* apw waves to cking 16:58
apwgondoi, right that is entirly possible given how -virtual is packaged16:59
gondoiso how can I do quotas on my vm?16:59
apwgondoi, what are the module names which are missing, so i can check if they are meant to be included16:59
gondoior... where can I get the modules16:59
* cking waves to apw16:59
gondoiapw: just a sec16:59
apwcking, hiya, back yet?16:59
ckingapw, still in SFO, will be back on Saturday16:59
gondoiquota_v2.ko and quota_v1.ko16:59
apwgondoi, maverick ?17:00
apwgondoi, doesn't look like they are included, and likely they should be17:02
apwgondoi, is there a bug filed?  if not please file one and let me know the number17:02
gondoii'll have a look and see what I can find17:02
gondoithanks apw17:02
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apwgondoi, if you haven't filed one already you may as well just file one17:04
gondoiwill do17:04
ppisaticooloney: your patch on natty's make the board hags at boot17:38
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vanhoofsforshee: heya if you're interested: http://people.canonical.com/~vanhoof/lazy_itable_init_testing_plus_dirty/debug/18:00
vanhoofsforshee: first directory is at start, last is either right before, or during the hang18:00
vanhoofits hard to tell since forcing a sync w/ sysrq didnt appear to trigger any activity18:01
* vanhoof posts to bug18:01
sforsheevanhoof, cool, I'll take a peek and see if I notice anything interesting18:02
vanhoofsforshee: awesome lmk if you see anything interesting :)18:04
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bjfapw, tgardner, and i have noticed a dramatic drop off in LP bug email, have you seen the same ? i know there have been 37 new bugs in the last 24 hours but i've only received 5 emails18:26
bjfJFo, ^ ?18:28
vanhoofbjf: getting updates from my projects pretty quickly18:30
apwbjf hmmm, not really noticed, but then i don't really read ones which arn't assigned to me18:32
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jjohansenbjf: well I can say I haven't gotten an email for every bug I have filed lately, so something seems off18:40
bjfjjohansen, tim thinks there was a change that you don't get email about LP actions you've performed, but I'm not getting email about any new bugs against the linux source package18:41
jjohansenbjf: odd because I am getting emails from some of the bugs I am filing just not all of them18:42
bjfjjohansen, ok, then, -ENOCLUE18:42
* apw wanders to find some food ... laters18:49
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* jjohansen -> lunch19:59
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michaelh1Hi there.  The latest Natty kernel keeps faulting on my Core 2 ThinkPad.  What should I do next?22:42
hallynwhat sort of faulting?  is it overheating?  (that's a popular one this week)22:43
michaelh1hallyn: I've had a few times where it logs me out and powers off.  The others are where it switches to a black screen and dumps the backtrace on the different cores.22:47
michaelh1hallyn: I'm suspicious that it's due to the rtl8192 driver.  I've switched from wired to wireless to see if the problem reduces.22:47
michaelh1hallyn: (the last backtrace had rtl8192_rx_normal and skb_put in it)22:47
michaelh1Is there a way of recovering the backtrace after a halt?22:48
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