micahgchrisccoulson: are we going to do an aurora build as well?00:00
chrisccoulsonnot at the moment00:00
OmegaWill we get an Aurora PPA?01:02
micahgOmega: not at the moment01:04
Omegamicahg: Thanks for the reply, but has discussion about this occured (can you point me to where I might be able to read more about it)? Or if there are any plans for one?01:21
micahgOmega: idk of any official discussion, I asked our team lead chrisccoulson about a half hour before you asked :)01:37
chrisccoulsonthere's no plan to do that yet01:38
chrisccoulsoni haven't figured out how we're going to do all this just anyway01:38
chrisccoulsonbut i don't think we need to provide an aurora branch atm01:38
chrisccoulsonwe'll do beta and mozilla-central for sure01:39
OmegaIt'll be nice to have, for those of us that like living on the edge :)01:47
chrisccoulsonOmega, if you like living on the edge, then I would suggest mozilla-central ;)02:10
OmegaDo you have a link handy?02:16
magciusI'm having a problem with firefox-trunk04:37
magciusOne, why don't you set the URL handlers properly?04:37
magciusTwo, apparently my home page is "chrome://branding/locale/browserconfig.properties"04:38
micahgmagcius: can you be more specific on 1 and 2 I can't reproduce06:07
magciuson two, I think I solved it06:12
magciusit was a broken update06:12
magciuson one, there's some weird thing in the way you do upgrades that makes URL handlers break06:12
magciuswhen I updated from firefox-4.0b15 to firefox-trunk or whatever the versions are06:12
magciusthe URL handlers didn't get set06:12
magciusso I had to go into Preferred Applications and set it from "firefox-4.0b15" to "firefox-trunk"06:13
micahgthat's not URL handlers, that's the binary changing, this is fixed now06:15
micahgfirefox-trunk will remain firefox-trunk06:15
magciusuh, ok06:15
magciuswhy didn't you update the xdg-mime settings then?06:16
micahgwe don't touch personal settings06:16
micahgerr, we try not to touch :)06:16
magciuswhat the fuck?08:13
magciusThat links me to http://msdn.microsoft.com/chrome:/global/locale/intl.properties/vcsharp/aa336809.aspx08:13
magciuswhich is CLEARLY wrong08:13
magciusIs something fucked up in my config that causes Firefox to send the wrong locale header?08:14
* micahg blames microsoft08:15
* magcius looks at "chrome:/global/locale"08:16
magciusIt's obvious something got screwed up in the config.08:16
magciusAnd MS is blindly concatenating the locale header08:16
magciusIf you're curious08:16
magciusThe right link is http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/vcsharp/aa336809.aspx08:17
micahgmagcius: sounds like a bug, maybe ask chrisccoulson in a couple hours when he surfaces08:20
magciuseither way08:21
magciusabout:config flagged it as "non-default"08:21
gnomefreakdo we really need firefox-trunk + firefox-4.0? they are showing as same version08:21
micahggnomefreak: they are the same L(08:22
micahgfirefox-4.0 should be transitional08:22
gnomefreakmicahg: so i can remove one of them08:22
micahggnomefreak: yes, firefox-4.0 is transitional in the dailies now08:23
gnomefreakmicahg: thanks08:23
gnomefreakit seems that apt wants to remove firefox-trunk-gnome-support. IIRC apt-get autoremove lists packages that are not used recently. so either gnome-support is phased out ort apt is broken08:26
micahggnomefreak: that only is to pull in the gnome-deps, nothing in there08:29
gnomefreakmicahg: ok, i guess that makes sense since we cant add just gnome-deps to the firefox package08:30
* micahg -> sleep08:32
chrisccoulsonmagcius, what do you have in about:config for general.useragent.locale and general.useragent.compatMode.firefox (although, i don't think that should matter anymore)08:45
chrisccoulsonand also, intl.accept_languages08:50
chrisccoulsonmagcius, ^^08:50
gnomefreakit sends me to http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/vcsharp/aa336809.aspx also in minefield08:53
chrisccoulsonyeah, it gets it from the Accpet-Language header, which is defined in intl.accept_languages08:54
chrisccoulsonbut intl.accept_languages is a localized pref (which means it is set to a chrome URI, and firefox resolves the real value from the language pack)08:55
gnomefreaken-US, en08:55
gnomefreakis what i have for intl.accept_languages08:55
chrisccoulsonthis should normally work, unless the pref has been modified by something to be non-localized, in which case, firefox will take the chrome URI as a literal value08:56
gnomefreakhow do we know if the pref has been  modified?08:57
chrisccoulsoni suspect that's what's happened in magcius case, but he's not the first person with this issue. i wonder if there's an extension that's screwing this up08:57
gnomefreakhere it is not an extension08:57
gnomefreakoh thats not the same link08:58
gnomefreaki have en-us in my link and he doesnt, so i guess his locales are not set to en-us08:58
chrisccoulsonbug 64389908:59
chrisccoulsonso, someone there confirms that the pref was set to the literal value chrome://global/locale/intl.properties, which is wrong (and not how it is set by default)09:00
gnomefreakchrisccoulson: where is the flash.so in browser plugins?09:02
chrisccoulson/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins ?09:03
gnomefreakchrisccoulson: thanks. is that also chrome?09:03
magciuschrisccoulson, chrome://global/locale/intl.properties -- but I reset it09:05
gnomefreaki guess it is not here. gnomefreak@Develpment:/usr/lib/chromium-browser/plugins$ ls09:05
chrisccoulsonmagcius, did it reset to the correct value?09:05
magciuschrisccoulson, I assume it's a borked config update, and the updates after it assumed it was a user-set value09:05
magciuschrisccoulson, as the person if they had a borked home page as well09:05
chrisccoulsonmagcius, right, we need to try and figure out what's doing on :)09:05
chrisccoulsondo you have any extensions installed?09:05
magciusit got set to chrome://branding/locale/browserconfig.properties09:05
magciuschrisccoulson, LastPass, Firebug, ABP, Scriptish09:06
chrisccoulsonthanks, i'll take a look at those just to make sure they aren't doing something silly :)09:06
magciusAlso, Firefox Sync09:06
magciusBut that's dumb because it doesn't do the main thing I would use it for09:06
magcius... all I want is to be able to sync my tabs and session across dual-boot and other such things :(09:07
magciusbut it doesn't track app tabs and requires me to do this crazy "Tabs On Other Computers" hidden menu item dance that I just found today.09:07
gnomefreakcan someone test bug 657586 we you get a minute. im going for smoke09:11
chrisccoulsonmagcius, have you restarted firefox since you reset that pref?09:15
magciuschrisccoulson, yeah.09:30
magciusI had to restart, otherwise it didn't "work"09:30
gnomefreakit seems flash is no different when using browser-plugin-gnash09:35
fta2[1:1:8764694682:ERROR:native_library_linux.cc(32)] dlopen failed when trying to open libsoftokn3.so: libsoftokn3.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory09:53
fta2[1:1:8764695042:ERROR:native_library_linux.cc(32)] dlopen failed when trying to open libfreebl3.so: libfreebl3.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory09:53
fta2chrisccoulson, ^^09:53
fta2did something change in nss?09:54
chrisccoulsonfta2 - i don't think so :/09:55
chrisccoulsonnss hasn't changed for a while09:55
fta2not very helpful..09:59
fta2oh, it's not new: http://codereview.chromium.org/667203410:04
chrisccoulsonfta - it works with --no-sandbox btw10:07
chrisccoulsonit's a pain how all these problems seem to go away without the sandbox. makes them a bit difficult to debug ;)10:07
fta2"it" == breakpad?10:08
chrisccoulsonfta - "it" = loading the nss libs10:09
fta2chrisccoulson, well, that's the purpose of the zygote, pre-load stuff for use in the sandbox10:09
fta2chrisccoulson, weird, it seems the xdg-utils thing is working here, but not at home, using the same version10:14
chrisccoulsonfta2 - oh, i see why10:16
chrisccoulsoni think they misunderstood me when i said "We're running the new stack which uses the x-scheme-handler mimetypes to register URL handlers, but we aren't actually running gnome 3 yet. This means that the gnome3 check in xdg-utils (which gnome-default-applications-properties 2> /dev/null || DE="gnome3") will tell you that the system isn't gnome3"10:16
chrisccoulsonand they fixed a syntax problem in the gnome3 check, but it still has the same inherent problem on ubuntu10:17
chrisccoulsonfta2, http://src.chromium.org/viewvc/chrome/trunk/deps/third_party/xdg-utils/scripts/xdg-utils-common.in?r1=81021&r2=81020&pathrev=8102110:17
chrisccoulsonit's still checking for gnome-default-application-properties10:17
chrisccoulsonwhich doesn't work for us :(10:17
fta2i patched it using your fix10:17
fta2hm, it's not part of your fix?10:19
chrisccoulsonfta2 - do you have gnome-default-application-properties missing on the machine where it doesn't work?10:27
chrisccoulsonfta2 - we need to drop this from detectDE: http://paste.ubuntu.com/593502/10:29
chrisccoulsoni guess i should do that for our xdg-utils too10:29
fta2hold on10:29
fta2application vs applicationS10:30
fta2no, it's there on both machines10:30
fta2chrisccoulson, ^^10:30
chrisccoulsonoh, ok :(10:30
chrisccoulsonheh, i should have checked what i typed ;)10:31
fta2micahg, i checked the patch for the passwords keyring in stable. they disabled it because ch is deadlocking when you use the sync feature. there's also a security risk behind it. i'd prefer to keep it disabled for now until upstream figures it out10:34
fta2chrisccoulson, doh, so it impacts ch stable too: bug 75976114:02
fta2where is that damn bot?14:02
chrisccoulsonnot sure14:04
chrisccoulsonit's gone on vacation14:05
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Fudgeff 6.0a1 working well with gnome-orca :D14:17
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micahgfta: ok, so do we include a news file stating that passwords will break?  I guess we don't want to pass password-store=detect either if there's a security risk16:41
ftamicahg, what is the news file for? is it displayed somehow?17:02
micahgfta: I'm not sure, on the console it definitely is, I think update manager will display it as well17:02
fta*sigh* http://people.ubuntu.com/~fta/ppa-dashboard/chromium-daily.html17:24
chrisccoulsonfta - we could do with backporting the latest yasm to lucid in the ubuntu-mozilla-daily PPA20:22
chrisccoulsoni can't do that ;)20:23
ftachrisccoulson, well, i'm deep into chromium stuff atm. I don't really have time to prepare that package20:32
micahgI could upload that later20:32
ftahm, i think i finally nailed that chromium translation bug.. now i need to regenerate all the new tarballs :P20:40
ftachrisccoulson, do you need 1.1.0?21:20
chrisccoulsonfta - yeah, that's right21:34
chrisccoulson(sorry, just went away for some food)21:35
ftachrisccoulson, done21:53
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LLStarkseh. did we skip a few epochs or eras with  the ppa packaging of firefox?23:21
kbrosnantrunk builds are 6.0 if that is your query23:22
LLStarksnew roadmap is surefine23:23
LLStarksand yes it was23:23

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