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qwebirc15363Hi everyone. I am just trying to install mythbuntu 10.10 and it give me and error.12:41
qwebirc15363getpwuid_r(): failed due to unkown userid12:41
qwebirc15363the cd dose work on other computer.12:42
mycoDAprolly something to ask in #ubuntu i am guesin12:42
qwebirc15363am i in the wrong place!!12:43
mycoDAsorta - this is more for mythtv stuff, tho no harm askin ur more likely to get help with a starting install issue in #ubuntu since it doesnt sound at all myth specific12:44
qwebirc15363okay thank you for the info.12:48
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jsheezyI am using Mythbuntu 10.10 and keep having lockups and crashes. Is this a known issue and is there a fix?16:14
superm1that's not enough details to solve your problem.  some general things you'll want to do: 1) determine a root cause 2) see if it happens with the latest autobuilds 3) make sure you have all your kernel updates in order16:15
mycosysjsheezy - lockups and crashes in what while doing what on what sort of system is a good starting point, in other words16:16
jsheezyOkay, it is a fresh install and I ran all the updates. The latest crash resulted in it coming back with a BusyBox v1.15.3 prompt16:17
mycoserveso the only extra detail you will give us is the implication it is during boot?16:18
mycoserveWHEN is it happening16:18
mycoserveWHAT are you doing16:18
mycoserveWHAT is in the system16:18
mycoserveWHAT did you install16:19
tgm4883That question just irritates me16:22
mycosysi crash - is there a fix?16:22
jsheezyIt usually happens while in MythVideos. Last night for instance I watched a movie and it played fine, when I went to navigate to a new movie it locked up, exited MythVideos to Desktop then eventually rebooted to the BusyBox prompt. As far as what is in the system it is a mini pc... I am not on here to irritate anyone... I will provide all info that is needed.16:23
tgm4883it assumes that we know about a large lockup and/or crashing issue and have done nothing to fix it16:23
mycosyswe are magicians and technoshamans and telepaths you know16:23
mycosysit assumes ubuntu was released unbootable in this case16:23
tgm4883*cough* logs *cough*16:23
mycosysoh, mayb not16:23
mycosysas suggested - mythfrontend log and mythbackend log in a pastebin - and WHAT IS IN THE SYSTEM!16:24
tgm4883mycosys, better yet16:24
tgm4883!logs | jsheezy16:24
Zinnjsheezy: MythTV logs are stored in /var/log/mythtv/   You can use mythbuntu-log-grabber from the Applications menu to automatically post the most relevant logs to our pastebin.16:24
tgm4883that utility grabs a lot of logs16:25
tgm4883system logs as well16:25
mycosyslol - the ubuntu way :P16:25
mycosysyou guys just make it FAR too easy16:25
tgm4883mycosys, I try :)16:26
jsheezyokay so when I get back into the machine I will grab logs16:26
jsheezymycosys the system is a mini pc16:26
jsheezyit is the ASUS Eee Box with Atom processor16:26
mycosysi noticed - was flabbergasted how easy it was to go from 0.22pre-jaunty to 0.24fixes-lucid16:26
mycosyswhich eee box?16:27
mycosysback in the days of redhat 4 the like of that was the stuff of nightmares16:27
mycosysseriously - a single core atom without a separate gpu? please tell me you arent using it as a backend, or trying to play hd files16:30
jsheezyno it's just a front end machine playing avi files16:30
jsheezyi don't use it for anything other than video playback16:32
mycosysdefinitely wont be able to play HD files (not to be confused with HD display) even on slim profile16:32
mycosysi have a pentium3 in the shed that could keep up with it easily16:33
mycosysanyway - not much can be done without the logs16:34
* mycosys does NOT understand the appeal of atom at all16:37
mycosysnot like it is power efficient or useful for more than basic web browsing16:37
mycosysanyway, night16:38
jsheezyi will get those when I get the system back up. I really do appreciate the help.16:39
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