akgranerdholbach, hey!15:24
dholbachis anybody taking care of getting the UWN out right now?15:24
dholbachhey akgraner15:24
akgranerdholbach, re-launch after UDS is planned15:24
akgranerand production back on a *normal* schedule after that15:24
dholbachah, because I just added something to the wiki page and was surprised that my old news bits were still there15:24
akgraneryeah - I feel bad about that but I just couldn't do anything last cycle15:25
dholbachno, don't worry15:25
akgranerand we asked for more volunteers but...:-(15:25
akgranerso we'll be adding a BP for UDS to see what we can do to improve etc...15:27
dholbachcan somebody get https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-news-team/2011-April/001284.html on ubuntu-news.org?15:27
akgranerfeedburner is fixed on the fridge :-)  NIck fixed it21:47
akgranerand the SSO issue is being worked on21:48
nhandlerakgraner: What about the domain name (so it doesn't merely redirect to ubuntu-news.org) ?21:51
akgranerdunno - let me ask on this ticket as I didn't include that on this one....once sec I'll add it21:52
akgranerthere are two RT tickets now - #16946 and #1695022:00
* nhandler really wishes he was able to add himself as a CC to them22:19
nhandlerakgraner: We had a generic OpenID plugin afaik. All it did was allow users to add an OpenID URL to their profile to use to login. I don't think we want to go back to maintaining access in an Lp team (unless we can grant wp admin access to admins of the LP team and normal author access to members of the LP team).22:28
* nhandler can't view 1695022:28
akgranerI am not sure  what happened to the plugin...yeah we would have to redo some of the LP team and have teams within teams if I understand how the permissions are supposed to work.  I don't my it the way it is now...22:31
akgranerThe admin editors can grant permissions based on what people need to do - it only takes 2 mins to set someone up at that...22:31
akgraneryeah they just assigned 16950 (the automated response I believe) I don't know...maybe they added to the first one...:-/22:32
nhandlerakgraner: Yeah. Unless we can do it with one team like I mentioned above, I think we would be losing more than we would gain by enabling this. But being able to get the openid plugin working with LP again would be nice (it was a curl issue last I checked)22:33
akgranernhandler, I'm not sure what a curl issue is :-) but I trust you...and I agree I don't see us (editors) gaining anything either with these feature as it works (or not as the case is) right now22:34
nhandlerakgraner: http://paste.ubuntu.com/593770/ . That is the status of the OpenID plugin on ubuntu-news.org. From my understanding, we will need libcurl enabled for php in order for the plugin to work again. I think we can ignore the [FAIL] for XRDS-Simple as we don't provide OpenIDs.22:38

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