ojwbare there any public stats for comparative usage for the various ubuntu releases?01:00
mwhudsoni doubt it01:02
mwhudsonthere aren't any public stats for the usage of ubuntu at all, afaik and the private ones are pretty much guesses i think :)01:02
ojwbjust package downloads normalised would be handy01:04
ojwbI'm curious is there's much point backporting packages to hardy now, for example01:04
ajmitchojwb: it's a bit hard to get even download stats, given the number of mirrors around01:07
ajmitchI don't know if the 'official' mirrors supply stats back to canonical or not & even then you can have further caching01:07
ajmitchbut yeah, I doubt there's a lot of point backporting to hardy01:08
ojwbyeah, though for my purposes "quite a few people" vs "practically nobody" is useful01:08
ojwbi gave up on dapper some time ago01:08
ajmitchhardy should be EOL on desktop support soon01:09
ojwbyes, though this is xapian which is widely used on server01:09
ajmitchhow hard is it to backport for hardy as well?01:09
ojwbit already supports it, but there are a few special cases which are for hardy only now02:20
* ojwb wonders if there are PPA stats02:20
ojwbI can't see an obvious link in the interface02:20
ojwbbe a nice guide for cases like this02:20
ojwbthat was quick02:21
ojwbhmm the linked to blog is frustrating02:23
ojwbtells you how to manipulate a ppa object02:23
ojwbbut not how to create it02:23
ojwbwhich seems to be the hard part...02:23
* ojwb bookmarks it anywya02:25
ajmitchI've managed to get a ppa record & the build records by a bit of hacking around02:35
ojwbyeah, don't really have time for that this week - off to the UK tomorrow02:35
ajmitche.g. lp.people['ajmitch'].getPPAByName(name='ppa') gets the first ppa I have (and probably the only one)02:36
ajmitchhopefully it's a nice, uneventful flight :)02:37
* ojwb wonders what an lp is02:37
ajmitchfrom launchpadlib.launchpad import Launchpad02:37
ajmitchlp = Launchpad.login_anonymously('staging')02:38
ajmitchthen with the ppa, I cheated & used getPublishedBinaries()[0].getDownloadCount() to get something to show :)02:40
ajmitchI think there's a better way than looking at wach published binary, but I haven't used this02:40
ojwbfrom launchpadlib.launchpad import Launchpad - needs more mentions of launchpad I feel02:41
ojwbhmm, 002:41
ojwbnobody loves your first binary02:42
ajmitchit's old, probably predates the stats02:42
ajmitch& I was using it only for build testing in the PPA02:42
ajmitchyou're getting somewhere with it?02:45
ajmitchlooks like you can get stats per day02:46
ojwbfor b in lp.people['xapian-backports'].getPPAByName(name='ppa').getPublishedBinaries(): print "%d\t%s %s" % (b.getDownloadCount(), b.binary_package_name, b.binary_package_version)02:55
ojwbdoesn't work for the xapian-1.2 ppa for some reason02:57
ajmitchojwb: what do you get?03:08
ojwboh, it works sometimes03:09
ojwbother times: TypeError: 'int' object is unsubscriptable03:09
ojwbi guess that's flakey server or something03:09
ojwbme speak english good03:09
ojwbseems to work the second time in quick succession pretty reliably03:10
ojwbI guess the first may pull data into cache03:10
ojwblooks like hardy is about 10% of lucid03:13
ojwbwhere lucid is 100 ish03:13
ojwbvaries a lot by the subpackage though03:13
ajmitchmight be useful to graph it & see how many of the hardy downloads are recent comared to lucid03:14
ojwbthis was for the 1.2.4 release, which was december I think03:15
* mwhudson_ gets 403s from nz.archive.ubuntu.com ... whut12:32
Atamirawhats the matter ibeardslee ?21:43
Atamiraheh. they're all terrible21:44
Atamiraaccording to forbes, we're the 8th in the world for a corrupt govt...with iceland and finland21:44
ibeardsleethe problems is they can make choices about what the right thing to do is21:45
timClicksi'm pretty confused that things have come to this21:48
timClicksespecially b/c officials and politicians have been told of the negative consequences21:48
Atamiraoops. cant find the article..i might be wrong on that21:48
timClicksAtamira, I think you'll find we're the least corrupt country21:49
ibeardsleeit seems (without getting as crass as I really could) that they are starting to line us up to bend over for the TPPA21:49
timClicksfrom Transparency International21:49
Atamirawe're mild compared to some of the others in the world thats true21:49
Atamirawe were debating who was the worse21:49
Atamirathe sth africans at work reckon africa is the most corrupt21:50
timClicksI know that there people within MED & MFAT that are concerned21:50
Atamiratechnically its somalia..which i guess is close21:50
timClicksbut, Wellington's very smal21:50
timClicksand leaks can be career destroying21:50
ibeardsleenot soverignty destroying?21:51
timClicksthis is a trend that has been going on for a long time21:53
timClicksmany trade agreements are taking place internationally21:53
timClicksactually, WIPO (World IP Organisation) agreements didn't really suit the USA21:54
timClicksso they created TRIPS21:54
timClicksI don21:54
ojwbno, you tim21:54
timClicksI don't have too much time this morning to go over the whole thing21:55
timClicksBut, in terms of sovereignty.. I wouldn't fight the battle on that front21:55
timClicksPoliticians are advised by economists21:55
timClickswho are advised by economic models21:55
timClicksthat give way to empirical data21:56
timClicksTherefore, if the right data can get to the policy advisers, then the legislation will change21:56
timClicksThere's increasing evidence that strict IP laws protect the businesses that know how and are able to utilise those monopolies21:58
timClicksBut, they tend to make a country worse off21:59
timClicksFor example, take copyright21:59
timClicksthe argument goes that we need a 100+ year monopoly in order to incentivise creative works22:00
timClickshowever, I think that confuses the incentive to create a work from the incentive to distribute it22:00
timClicksdistribution costs are extremely low for digital content22:01
timClickstherefore, they're mostly irrelevant22:01
timClickswhich means, we should only provide the term of the copyright that would incentivise the *creation* of the work22:02
timClicksthat's the hard bit - getting a new novel written22:02
timClicksonce it's written, it's easy to reproduce22:02
timClickswe need to create a system that does enough to get creators rewarded for the first bit. Once that's done, what matters is that consumers can access a work at the lowest cost possible (which increases consumer surplus, e.g. economic win)22:03
ojwband there's a lot of work which is based on out of copyright stuff, so out of copyright likely has economic benefits22:09
ojwbnot for the original author, but for the economy, probably22:09
ojwbendless sherlock holmes inspired stuff, for example22:10
snailmorning all23:08

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