eamonHello, I'm banned from #ubuntu due to a host ban, I was wondering, is there a functional perl install on the uibuntu live CD?03:26
IdleOneeamon: it appears you were banned for using inappropriate language03:28
IdleOneUbuntu IRC channels have guidelines we ask all user to follow. Please have a look at them.03:28
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines03:29
eamonIdleOne: do you know about ubuntu?03:30
IdleOneI do03:30
IdleOnebut I don't see how that is relevant to your ban03:30
IdleOnethis channel is not for technical support questions03:31
IdleOneif you are looking for support I suggest trying the ubuntu forums or askubuntu.com03:31
IdleOneif you would like to resolve the ban in #ubuntu I need you to read the guidelines and agree to follow them03:31
IdleOneLet me know what you decide03:33
IdleOneeamon: if you aren't interested in resolving the ban in #ubuntu please don't idle in here.03:37
eamonIdleOne: I'm in the process of resolving the ban03:38
eamonThank you for trying to help, I got the answer somewhere else03:38
eamongood day03:38
IdleOnesame to you03:38
CoreyHere's an interesting one.  I've got a crappy netbook I intend to take through customs, and want to install UNR with full-disk encryption.  If I use the alternate installer, what's the netbook meta-package called?04:18
CoreyIdleOne: That... makes a lot of sense.  Thanks. :-)04:39
Paddy_NII have signed the ubuntu code of conduct on launchpad quite a while ago and I am trying to find a way to revoke it, does anyone know how I can do this?06:00
* rww is bored, takes a look06:02
Paddy_NIcheers rww06:03
rwwPaddy_NI: log in, click the 'Yes' part on your profile page, click the checkbox by the relevant entry on the page that comes up, click Deactivate06:03
Paddy_NIheh.. cool06:03
Paddy_NIHey cheers rww, that was simple... and you get a nice clean confirmation email06:13
rwwno problem06:14
rwwI really don't like telling people to use Google, but bullgard4...06:53
rww#ubuntu+1. He drops by various places a few times a day and asks basic questions that make me want to poke him with a search engine :(06:54
rww("basic" in that the first handful of results on the Google for the thing he's asking about answer the question)06:55
rwwSomething inside me twitches whenever two of the set of people in #ubuntu-offtopic that don't make sense start talking to each other :(08:09
hypatiarww: +108:09
bazhangJigJigJigs seems to be that gnaa character08:20
ubottubazhang called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (JigJigJigs)08:24
bazhangwhoops sorry08:24
Tm_TI don't care to give them even a chance to get banned08:24
Tm_Tbanned/automatically K-lined08:25
hypatiathanks, Tm_T08:25
Tm_Tat once I wasn't way too slow to be able to do anything08:26
bazhang<pehden> Any one know Amaranth08:26
Tm_Tye, wondering what they is after too08:27
Jordan_UI think Amaranth helped them before.08:27
Jordan_UTm_T: Even when you're using singular 'they' to be gender neutral you should use plural 'are' rather that 'is' </pedantic>08:28
bazhangclaims to know him personally, so not a support issue08:29
Jordan_UAnd of course I managed to have a mistake in that sentence :)08:29
Tm_TJordan_U: ah, good to know, was having a conflict inside me08:29
dpmhi Pici, or someone else, I've been told that you've got a set of scripts to process IRC logs. Could you show me where they are and how to use them? I'm simply trying to find out the number of attendees to Ubuntu App Developer Week in #ubuntu-classroom08:42
topylidpm: you might mean munin. it creates something like this: http://status.nullcortex.com/other/other/irccountall/_ubuntu_offtopic.html09:23
gnomefreakok that is really odd. i typed google into browser but it showed up here :(09:25
jussidpm: and you can get munin here: http://munin-monitoring.org/ :)09:27
dpmtopyli, jussi, any tips on how to use it to simply get the number of attendees in a given channel? If you've got any hints that will save me from going through the sources at http://munin-monitoring.org/browser/trunk to understand how it all works09:31
topylinot me, i have never played with it09:31
Amaranthbazhang: I used to work with him09:32
jussinor I09:34
dpmok, I'll have a look. Thanks!09:37
dpmhm, to use munin I need to have a running apache server and all that. topyli, do you know who maintains the http://status.nullcortex.com/other/other/irccountall/index.html page? Would it be possible to simply add #ubuntu-classroom to the list of monitored IRC channels?09:57
topyliisn't that Pici's site? :)09:57
Tm_Tdpm: http://nullcortex.com/2010/11/munin-irc-trends/09:58
dpmthanks topyli and Tm_T10:02
dpmPici, when you're around and if you've got a minute, do you think you could give me a hand with this? ^^10:02
ubottuFloodBotK1 called the ops in #kubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from Peace-)12:00
PiciI thought I had read that firestarter was being deprecated, anyone happen to remember anything like that?12:56
jribPici: I also recall something similar.  Is it being developed anymore?12:58
Picijrib: Doesn't look like it. Its at 1.0.3 in every supported release we have, as well as all the debian releases.13:00
PiciAlso, looks like fedora, mandriva, and gentoo have removed it.13:00
LjLthese GUI interfaces to lower level stuff always keep appearing and disappearing like mushroom :\13:01
jussi!info gufw13:02
ubottugufw (source: gui-ufw): Configure system firewall. In component universe, is optional. Version 10.10.1-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 225 kB, installed size 1296 kB13:02
jussiwas the replacement, no?13:02
jussiI dont remember...13:03
LjLno clue13:03
PiciIt looks like (g)ufw is in all of our releases except dapper, and desktop has already EOLed.13:04
Tm_TFirestarter hasn't been maintained since January 2005?14:01
ikoniagood, I hate it14:02
ikonialets drop it14:02
Tm_Tif there's maintained replacement with mostly similar functionality, then yes please14:03
Pici!search firestarter14:03
ubottuFound: firewall, ics, firestarter14:03
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php14:03
popeyfirestarter works well for that specific use case14:03
popeyof connection sharing14:03
Tm_Tmy point, actually (:14:04
popey(I used it at UDS once to share my wifi connection to someone else over crossover cable because his wifi card had blown)14:04
topyliit's the only reason why a normal person would want a "firewall" anyway :)14:04
Tm_Tnever really used it to much of anything else but that and monitoring network connections14:04
PiciIs Gaurddog still around?14:05
jussiI think kde just got that functionality built into its network manager14:05
jussiPici: yes14:05
jussi!info guarddog14:06
ubottuguarddog (source: guarddog): firewall configuration utility for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.6.0-2.1ubuntu3 (maverick), package size 506 kB, installed size 1548 kB14:06
Tm_Tstill around, but is it actively developed?14:06
Pici!firewall =~ s#Firestarter/##14:06
ubottuI'll remember that Pici14:06
jussi!info guarddog natty14:07
ubottuPackage guarddog does not exist in natty14:07
Picijussi: firestarter is still in natty, its just the same version that was in dapper :/14:07
jussilooks like it might have died...14:07
jussior changed name14:07
root___Hello, I need to speak to Tm_T, (s)he asked me to come here today14:36
dpmhi Pici, not sure if you saw the question earlier on. Would it be possible to add #ubuntu-classroom to the list of monitored channels on http://status.nullcortex.com/other/other/irccountall/index.html? Id like to show how many participants are in there during our Ubuntu*Weeks14:47
Picidpm: I didn't, but I can easily do that.14:48
Piciroot___: Tm_T was active earlier, just wait a bit for them to notice your request.14:48
root___Pici: Is Tm_T a group of people?14:54
dpmPici, that'd be awesome, thanks!14:56
topyliTm_T is legion14:58
=== root___ is now known as ranunculoid
=== ranunculoid is now known as eamon
ikoniaeamon: taking offtopic questions to other ubuntu channels is not acceptable15:17
ikoniayou're banned from ubuntu - that doesn't mean take general ubuntu support issues to specialst ubuntu channels such as #ubuntu-kernel15:17
charlie-tcaAnyone watching #ubuntu+1? Guest70768 is a bit disruptive15:20
ikoniaI'll keep an eye out15:20
PiciThere too?15:20
ikoniaeamon: if you'd like to resolve your ban, we can attempt to do that now15:20
ubottucharlie-tca called the ops in #ubuntu+1 (Guest2370 is disruptive)15:20
PiciHe has been doing the same thing in #ubuntu15:21
PiciAfter multiple requests to stop.15:21
PiciBonus: Hes also LarsTorBen15:21
ikoniaooh, that guy15:21
IdleOnehe is?15:21
ikoniacan we remove eamon if he's not going to respond so that Guest can be sorted15:22
PiciLars_G: Hi.15:22
Lars_GPici: Greetings.15:22
Lars_GPici: I wanted to see the general proceedings of the channel, it seems it's not welcome though15:23
PiciToo many Larses15:24
PiciWould anyone else care to take care of the real lars? I really need to do some work (and not get distracted by IRC).15:24
ikoniaI'll sort it15:24
ikoniaI'm taking a break at the moment15:24
charlie-tcaWell, anyway, you know the guest I wanted stopped15:24
IdleOnecharlie-tca: don't you have +o in +1?15:25
IdleOnewhy not!?15:25
charlie-tcaI am only an op in Xubuntu channels15:25
IdleOney essy no ident16:28
rwwpopey: Network Manager can do ICS just fine, in my experience ;P16:28
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php16:29
rwwfirst section of the link in the factoid.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing16:29
popeythat looks horrid16:30
rwwIt's like five clicks. Way easier than installing and using firestarter.16:31
popeyfirestarter has a really nice wizard to do this. that nm guide is a jumble of steps16:31
popeynice of them to put "before you start" at the end of the guide. good touch16:31
ubottuIt's a wiki, *you* can edit it16:31
rwwI would, but I'm at work >.>16:31
popeyi wont because I've never done it16:32
rwwcould do with some screenshots and all that jazz anyway (and testing for 11.04 compliance). I'll do it when I get home.16:32
popeybtw rww I have a T-shirt with "It *is* a wiki!" on :D17:47
jussiquassel on android <317:52
* genii-around slides jussi a coffee17:53
macoooh neat17:53
jussithanks genii17:53
* maco ponders android again17:53
jussimaco, its hardly feature complete, but it works.17:54
genii-aroundOn my phone I'm using yaaic for IRC but now I'm tempted to switch :)17:55
jussigenii, quasseldroid. its only for those with cores though17:55
jussimaco, its really nice to have Qt on android :)17:56
ubottuBlouBlou called the ops in #ubuntu (ubd trolling)18:22
jpdsAh, whoops, didn't see jrib there.18:24
jribhmm, seemed like he had a question18:24
ubottuIn ubottu, Arash_ said: so here is my problem18:46
jpdsubottu: tell Arash_ about yourself18:55
keyUphello, Just to ask when will I get unbanned form #ubuntu I have one problem and I need little support, I have been banned for few days20:33
jribikonia: around?20:35
LjLoh no, it's logan coming to delete my factoids :(20:39
* Logan_ is here to fix an obnoxiously wrong comma before a not-coordinating conjunction :P20:39
ubottuIn ubottu, Logan_ said: !downgrade =~ s/supported, and/supported and/20:40
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.20:41
* LjL has seen worse20:41
* Logan_ pokes rww 20:43
* Logan_ also pokes IdleOne 20:43
LjLarrwawah, come here and be a good grandma fixer20:43
jussi!downgrade =~ s/supported, and/supported and/20:44
ubottuI'll remember that jussi20:44
Logan_gracias jussi20:44
jussiLogan_: feel free to go fix all the rest of the factoids if you so desire :P20:45
Logan_believe me, LjL can confirm that I've already been doing that :P20:45
LjLjussi: likes, he's just deleted all my pearls of wisdom :(20:47
LjLlies, even20:47
keyUphello, Just to ask when will I get unbanned form #ubuntu I have one problem and I need little support, I have been banned for few days20:47
LjLyes keyUp i think you should probably wait until ikonia is around as i believe it was his ban20:47
LjLhonestly though, i think i can say it would help if you didn't change nicks all the time20:48
jussiIll take a look at the ban20:48
jussiHrm, the logs on this arent very helpful, same with the commnets. I think ikonia had best deal with it, as he has the knowledge about it.20:50
keyUpi don't believe he/she will unban me :)20:50
keyUphe/she banned me because I argued with him/her20:51
rwwAs I understand it, this is not an accurate view of the situation, as other ops have mentioned.20:51
Logan_hey rww :)20:52
jussikeyUp: if you show the correct attitude now, I think you will be fine - ikonia is usually fair, but it is really up to your attitude and honesty.20:52
keyUpso what should I do now wait for ikonia here or ? I have pm him no reply20:52
keyUphe hate me for real :)20:52
rwwhi Logan_ :)20:52
LjLkeyUp, i'm sure he's just not around20:52
Picijussi: I'm a bit familiar with the situation.20:52
jussiPici: feel free to deal with it :)20:53
PicikeyUp: It looks like we have multiple bans here for you.  According to my logs, we've seen you as dejan, Keyup, goliath, codex, and a few others... does that sound right?20:54
keyUpI used few nicknames, I am sure that is not forbiden no?20:56
LjLkeyUp: it's not forbidden but it doesn't speak in your favor when you're banned, because it makes us strongly suspect you're either trying to evade or confuse things20:56
PicikeyUp: Not strictly, but it seems that you were using different nicks to get past some of the bans that were placed.20:56
keyUpI had argued with ikonia I got eited hit enter much often and flooded #ubuntu channel because I was typing fast I havent read what ikonia said to stop it so i got banned, that is what is this ban for i think20:57
keyUpPici, that wasn't my intenion of course, i don't elieve you ban people by nick no?20:57
rwwYou weren't typing particularly quickly. You were abusing your enter key. One of our channel bots notes that they warned you about it *eight times*20:58
keyUpit's my style20:58
keyUpI will try to improve it..20:58
PicikeyUp: Its against the channel rules.20:58
keyUpit is ok if I am banned for more time I will try to improve my typing style and listen a bit more..20:59
PicikeyUp: I'm sorry if I'm going all over the place with this, but there is a lot of stuff here.20:59
PicikeyUp: It also looks like you stopped by #ubuntu-ops about 3 days ago and claimed that you've never been in #ubuntu21:00
keyUphonestly I am using more nicks because there are some people I am not sure officials or not but I am sure kids that say some not really nice words to me because I am beginner to linux and in past month or so I asked really a lot of questions on the channel21:00
keyUpso when they see my nick they make fun of me which i dont like :@21:00
keyUpthis is my brother computer it has different IP21:01
keyUpI used few times when I got banned honestly21:01
keyUpmy brother wanted to use support so unban him at least I am banned on 2 IPs I believe because of the same nick21:01
keyUpsame reason* sorry21:01
keyUpI will ot use his PC anymore just mine21:02
PicikeyUp: Because you have done things that warrant being banned on both IPs.21:02
keyUphe installed ubuntu too :D21:02
keyUpits ok21:02
keyUpjust unban this IP if possible asap, and leave other one for some tie as punishment.. if you feel so21:02
keyUpif possible..21:02
keyUpill ot log in from this IP anymore, and my br is nicer then me :_)21:03
keyUpok I am off now21:03
keyUpthanks for listening21:03
keyUpanything else?21:03
PicikeyUp: I think you really need to work on pressing the enter key so often.21:03
keyUpI must work sry21:03
PiciOkay. Stop by here later and we'll discuss some more. (or ikonia will).21:03
keyUpthanks alot21:03
Pici@mark keyup21:03
ubottuThe operation succeeded.21:03
* Pici shrugs21:04
eamonHello, are you there Tm_T?21:06
Picieamon: I haven't seen him since before the last time you were here.21:09
ikoniasorry I was just away21:10
Piciikonia: Only a few moments too late, check your pm.21:11
eamonok, I'll be back later on since there's a no idling policy in this channel21:11
Picieamon: thanks.21:11
ikoniaPici: thanks21:13
keyuphello friends :)23:21
IdleOnehello keyup23:21
keyupikonia arround?23:22
IdleOneI don't know23:22
IdleOneikonia: ping23:22
nhandlerHe has been idle over an hour, so there is a good chance he is not around right now23:25
IdleOnekeyup: have you read the !guidelines ?23:25
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines23:25
keyupanoying by any chance using apache?23:26
IdleOnekeyup: have you read the !guidelines ?23:26
keyupyes i m now23:27
keyupI am muted on #httpd too and i desperately need 2 min help 2 min max23:27
LjLwhy am i not surprised23:27
LjLkeyup, the way it works is not that when you get banned from a channel you get help from an unrelated channel23:27
IdleOnekeyup: part of the reason you are banned in #ubuntu is that you do not seem to follow any direction23:27
IdleOneI need you to focus and tell me if you understand the guidelines for using #ubuntu23:28
keyupyea yea23:28
keyupyou all are smart23:28
keyupno doubt about it23:28
* LjL acts all idiotic23:29
keyupbut only thing you need is to lower your ego just a bit sometimes on some occasions23:29
keyupah this guy wont unmute me on #httpd for 46 days :!23:29
IdleOne#httpd is not in our control you would need to speak to a  channel op there23:30
IdleOneSo, back to the ban in #ubuntu23:30
IdleOneDo you wish to be unbanned?23:30
LjLerr maybe he was reading the guidelines though23:33
IdleOnehe is to busy spamming #freenode with enter23:34
LjL ah23:34
IdleOneto be reading23:34
keyupI am sorry i was discussing my apache prolem with guy in #freenode he was going off so i must hurry there..23:34
keyupyes i wish..23:35
keyupto be unbanned in #ubuntu if possible23:35
IdleOneyou understand the channel guidelines for using #ubuntu?23:35
keyupI use ubuntu and apache I need support from time to time, i will try to be strickly professional23:35
IdleOneok I am going to give you a chance. Please understand that next time it will be a lot longer before the ban is removed.23:36
IdleOneplease join #ubuntu23:37
LjLkeyup, do us a favor, HOLD that Enter key and don't hit it until you're finished with your train of thought. otherwise the ops here will be forced to take action again :\23:37
keyupok thanks23:37
keyupwell I suggest you watch the logs before analyzig my ban removal23:38
IdleOneplease join #ubuntu so I can make sure you are unbanned23:39
keyupok thaks again23:39
keyupill leave from here23:39

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