skaetubuntu desktop ( amd64, amd64+mac, i386, powerpc) posted - 20110412 image01:19
dokolamont: still http://people.canonical.com/~doko/tmp/fpc-armel-mav-stage2/ from Sep 201001:35
skaet Riddell, ScottK - kubuntu desktop (amd64, amd64+mac, i386, powerpc) posted - 20110413 image01:43
skaetogra_, GrueMaster,  ubuntu netbook pre-installed (omap3, omap4) posted - 20110413 image02:05
skaetRiddell, ScottK,  kubuntu-mobile daily-live (i386) posted02:33
skaetslangasek, around?02:38
skaetlooks like there's been some failures with xubuntu, mythbuntu on the desktop images.02:39
skaetafter the dvd's finish, I'll try kicking them off again to see what's happening.   Haven't seen any error messages though.   Is there som log location I can look?02:40
skaetalso,  doesn't look like the alternates have triggered....hmm...02:41
charlie-tcaI got an email earlier about a file lock causing a fail to build02:45
charlie-tcabut I deleted it already02:46
charlie-tcaskaet: I don't know if this helps, but this is where cjwatson has me look when I tell him by images did not build02:49
skaetthanks charlie-tca02:49
* skaet looking02:49
charlie-tcaThere are several things towards the end02:49
skaetcharlie-tca, yeah those failures to fetch files and has sum mismatches look suspicious.02:52
skaetI suspect this will be a learning exercise for me :-/02:52
charlie-tcaHoping they didn't. sometimes it just means you have to release a lock and tell it to run aagt02:52
skaetAs soon as the dvd images finish off,  I'll try them individually and see what happens from a command line perspective.02:53
charlie-tcaagain, but I am not very good at reading these things, either.02:53
skaetthanks for pointing me to the logs though... :)02:53
charlie-tcaYou are welcome02:55
charlie-tcaI don't get to help you very often02:55
skaetmythbuntu desktop (amd64, i386) - posted 20110413 image02:58
skaetubuntu dvd (i386, amd64) posted03:43
skaet20110413 image03:43
stgraberskaet: any news on alternte ?03:44
skaetstgraber,  they don't seem to have been triggered,  am going in and trying them manually now.03:45
skaetpackage they were waiting for is in the pool, so, ... fingers crossed.03:45
stgraberok. I don't think I'll still be around to test them tonight but will test LTSP first thing tomorrow morning (eastern time)03:46
skaetkubuntu desktop arm (preinstalled omap, omap4) posted - 2011041304:06
stgraberseems like alternates are ready too04:07
skaetubuntu alternate (i386, amd64, amd64+mac, powerpc) posted - image 2011041304:10
skaetstgraber,  yup04:10
skaetjust came off the builds04:10
skaetkubuntu dvd (i386, amd64) posted - 2011041304:16
skaetkubuntu mobile (omap, omap4) posted 2011041304:32
lamontdoko_: I'll see if that does any better for me.05:03
skaetubuntu headless (omap3, omap4) posted - 2011041305:06
skaetGrueMaster, ogra_ - that should be all the arm images available now.05:06
skaetubuntu-server (i386, amd64) posted  - 2011041305:12
lamontskaet: we're hard-frozen the next couple days, yes?05:29
skaetlamont, yes05:29
skaetlamont,  what's pending?05:30
lamontok.  on the off chance these bits actually build, I'll wait for the unfreeze before I bounce around the arm chroot tarball to bootstrap fpc05:30
lamontalso, I'll build a fresh tarball tomorrow and then make it the current tarball once we unfreeze05:31
skaetcool,  thanks.   window may open on Thursday,   depends on how this set of builds looks.05:31
lamontthereby making the dist-upgrade step a no-op for the first few minutes05:31
lamontdoko_: same error.05:31
lamontskaet: so I can skip that part :(05:31
* skaet nods05:34
skaetubuntu studio (amd64, i386) posted - 2011041305:35
lamontskaet: so in the unlikely event that the current archive proves to be useless for building packages, let me know,eh?05:39
lamont(highly unlikely, I warrant)05:41
lamontanyway, sleep for this one05:41
skaetlamont,  will do.  (me thinking sleep too is a good idea)05:42
skaetpitti, cjwatson, jibel,  all images except xubuntu daily live are posted now.   langasek has that building now.05:45
slangasekxubuntu live posted06:14
pittiGood yawning08:06
pittiskaet, slangasek: excellent08:06
pittihm, edubutu DVD on cardamon failed to build08:08
ScottKpitti: I'm about to go to sleep myself, but if you can squeeze that KDE SRU in, I'll be around in a few hours to keep an eye on it and manage any retries due to archive skew.08:16
pittiScottK: KDE SRU> right, was planning on looking at that today, now that the urgent uploads are settled08:29
pittihmm, mythbuntu uploads in the queue?08:29
ScottKGreat.  Thanks.08:29
pittithe mythtv upload looks relevant, accepting that (fixing oversizedness)08:33
pittiI pinged superm1 about the other ones08:33
pittiskaet: did superm1 happen to talk to you about the mythbuntu related uploads?08:34
mvoin case someone wonders, main-all in the auto-upgrade-tester looks pretty good, the only failure left is bug #655533 - likewise-open I was not able to reproduce in a clean vm, so its something that is installed along with it08:57
ubot4Launchpad bug 655533 in likewise-open (Ubuntu Natty) (and 1 other project) "[master] package likewise-open failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1 (affects: 4) (heat: 20)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65553308:57
evfix for 759401 incoming09:04
Davieymvo: Eucalyptus passed ok?09:14
mvoDaviey: I don't think its installed on this image, the algorithm is greedy so if euca caused more removals than it added it will be rejected from the image. I can add a profile for this or manually add it, probably a good fit for the server-tasks image09:16
mvoDaviey: what packages/metapackage should I install? eucalythus-cloud?09:17
Davieymvo: Odd... i thought you identified a regression some months ago.09:17
Davieymvo: It probably needs two different scenarios tbh.. one being eucalyptus-cloud eucalyptus-cc eucalyptus-walrus eucalyptus-sc09:18
Davieythe other being eucalyptus-nc09:19
mvoDaviey: some of euca is installed on the python-all image, but not much afaict09:19
mvook, let me add that, we got a new disk so there is plenty of space to fill with tests :)09:20
Davieymvo, w00t09:20
pittifor the record, I switched two buildds to manual for urgent natty builds, so that I can keep the rest busy with SRUs09:23
mvoDaviey: the eucalyptus-nc one has just this additional package? and the other 4 euca packages (just to ensure I get the profile right)?09:25
Davieymvo, Yeah... the -nc package is the individual nodes - and normally exists on it's own.  The other scenario is all the components on the same machine (minus -nc).09:27
ev^ right, so the stitch is that all CDs with ubiquity will exhibit that bug, but it's non-fatal.  The error message will show but the install should complete successfully.09:27
pittiev: hm, I wonder why that didn't come up in the testing since Monday09:35
evpitti: it broke with a change from yesterday09:35
evmy fault for testing syntax but not the whole thing in the context of a full install09:36
pittijibel: hm, do we have time for a respin/test?09:36
pittimaybe not the DVDs (we can document that), but at least the desktops?09:37
pittiev: on xubuntu etc. as well, I take it?09:37
pittiev: kubuntu as well? (since this does some gnome-keyring bits)09:38
evanything with ubiquity, though oem-config is unaffected since it exits that function immediately09:38
evcorrect, kubuntu as well09:38
jibelpitti, which images ? all or only ubiquity based images ?09:39
pittiI accept it for now to let it buildl09:39
pittijibel: yes, all desktop images (not alternate/server/etc.)09:39
pittinor the preinstalled armel ones09:39
jibelpitti, okay, only desktop i386 and powerpc are well covered yet.09:41
pittijibel: ok, scheduling a rebuild then09:41
jibelI'm marking desktop images as rebuilding09:41
pittiwe need a mythbuntu respin anyway, so at least for that it doesn't matter09:41
pittijibel: thanks09:41
evpitti: thanks09:43
mvoDaviey: euca-nc just upgraded successfully, euca-cloud is still running, it should show up tomorrow on the regular qa dashboard page10:40
Davieymvo, Well that is odd.. i was expecting a failure :P10:41
Davieymvo, I appreciate that, thanks.10:41
Davieymvo, Is there any way i can get the result as soon as it comes in, instead of waiting for tomorrow?10:41
mvoDaviey: sure, here is the raw log of euca-nc http://people.canonical.com/~mvo/tmp/euca-nc-mav-natty-upgrade.log10:45
mvoDaviey: its based on the minimal server image (just ubuntu-minimal,standard plus euca)10:46
Davieymvo, That is great - thanks.10:49
mvoDaviey: it has a FAILED for the debsums_lite test, but that is expected, I disabled this test on the real upgrade tester as the locale bits always fail10:49
mvoDaviey: here is the other one http://people.canonical.com/~mvo/tmp/euca-cloud-mav-natty-upgrade.log10:51
Davieythanks mvo, big help.10:59
pittijibel: I'm queueing new desktop and DVD builds now, once ubiquity has published, shoudl start in about 15 minutes11:33
pittijibel: I will rebuild DVDs as well; we can then decide whether or not to add them to the tracker11:33
pittii. e. whether we have time to test them, or use the current images with the bad error message11:33
jibelpitti, current DVD builds are untested, when will the new builds be available ?11:35
Riddellpitti: new kubuntu too?11:36
pittijibel: hm, perhaps 4 hours or so?11:36
pittiRiddell: ev said it affects Kubuntu as well, yes11:36
jibelpitti, ok.11:36
pittijibel_, all: new Ubuntu desktops posted (20110413)12:34
pittijibel_: FYI, I marked the DVDs as rebuilding as well, they only got 1 test in total12:36
pitti(which revealed the very bug that got fixed now)12:36
pittiKubuntu images should land in the next ~ 10 minutes; I'm off for lunch and will add them when I get back, unless someone beats me to it13:08
pittiah, already trickling in, adding now13:09
pittiRiddell, all: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/20110413.1/ added to tracker13:10
ogra_netbook preinstalled omap4 doesnt look good13:17
* ogra_ prays its a bad SD or some such13:17
jibelwhat's the ETA for xubuntu desktop images ?13:18
=== chuck_ is now known as zul
pittijibel: should be there now, I'll catch up on adding13:52
jibelpitti, I added them. thanks13:52
pittijibel: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/20110413.2/13:52
pittimythbuntu added13:54
pittikubuntu-mobile i386 added13:55
pittijibel: ubuntu DVD is building now, FYI13:55
jibelpitti, why there's no livefs-build log and cd-build log for xubuntu 20110413.2 on http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/{cd-build-logs,livefs-build-logs}/xubuntu/natty/ ?13:58
pittijibel: hm, I'm not sure, their mirroring might lag a bit?13:59
pittijibel: CD build log does exist: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/xubuntu/natty/daily-live-20110413.2.log14:00
cjwatsonmirroring is hourly14:00
ographew, seems it was a bad dd write14:00
jibelah okay, thanks14:01
ograhmm, do we have a trigger for update-gconf-defaults ?14:04
* ogra doesnt want to use a postinst if he can solve the issue with one trigger line14:05
highvoltagelike everyone should!14:05
ograhighvoltage, well, only if the respective trigger exists :)14:05
DavieyCan we consider the current iso a candidate yet?  Has anyone expressed a need for a respin affecting server?14:06
cjwatsonI've not seen one yet14:10
pittineither have I14:10
pittiDaviey: IOW, with the information currently available, "yes"14:11
Davieygroovy, thanks.14:11
stgraberwhat's the ETA for Edubuntu ?14:18
ograall ubuntu armel images look good14:19
ogra(minor issues that can be fixed before final)14:20
ograpitti, hmm,. the tracker is weird, it shows "Ubuntu ARM Preinstalled" as well as "Ubuntu Netbook Preinstalled" for armel, i think there is some duplication14:26
pittiogra: right, the ubuntu netbook armel+... should be dropped, right?14:30
pittiogra: at least our publishign scripts expects "ubuntu arm preinstalled"14:30
ograthats weird14:30
ogragiven we never use the arch name as flavour14:31
pittiwe can also drop ubuntu ARM preinstalled14:31
ograflavour should be headless or netbook14:31
pittiI'm not sure who added it14:31
ogralet me see where the mail link gets me14:31
cjwatsonapparently it needs care to change at the iso.qa side14:31
pittibut yes, anything which brings some more consistency into the naming schema is greatly appreciated14:32
cjwatsonthe last time I tried it broke some bit of Tobin's workfloww14:32
ograUbuntu ARM Preinstalled omap414:32
cjwatsonsee discussion on this channel before beta-114:32
cjwatsonand #ubuntu-testing14:32
ograwell, we definitely shouldnt use the arch in the flavour description14:33
ograbut "ubuntu arm preinstalled" is what the tracker uses atm14:33
ograshoudl be s/arm/headless/ or s/arm/netbook/ imho14:34
ograanyway, to report my results at the right place i guess i have to use "Ubuntu ARM Preinstalled" atm14:34
stgraberpitti: any guess as to when Edubuntu will be done rebuilding ?14:45
jibelcjwatson, I updated the tracker last week, and moved the iso path matching logic to the database. Now the names of the products are less tightly linked and we can change them without breaking the paths to the isos.14:45
jibelwhich means no more hardcoded product name in the tracker code.14:46
stgraberjibel: yeah !14:46
jibeland that should work for dot releases too14:47
stgraberjibel: bug 148944 should have made it easier to watch cdimage and improve the guessing logic. But that's been around for a while and that part of the code was probably the biggest issue of the tracker ;) thnaks for fixing it14:51
ubot4Launchpad bug 148944 in ubuntu-cdimage "File list on cdimage for the Ubuntu QA Tracker" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14894414:51
pittistgraber: it should start in about 15 minutes, ETA 1 h15:03
stgraberpitti: ok, thanks15:03
pittioh oh, do I smell a rebuild there? ^ ogra15:20
pittijibel: ubuntu dvd posted15:21
ograpitti, nope, only fixes for the bugs i found15:23
ogranothing thats serious15:23
skaetmorning all,   just went through the backscroll.    Looks like a bit more rebuilding was needed.... but all seems under control now (arm rebuilds being the question).15:23
ograif we get a rebuild i'd love to have them in, but its also fine post beta15:23
pittihey skaet15:24
skaethey pitti,   busy morning for you looks like.15:24
pittiogra: the description fix seems trivial, the sources.list bug a bit harder to fix on upgrade15:24
pittiskaet: heh, yes :)15:24
ograpitti, yes, the fixes both need to be in at image build time15:25
ograanyway, all armel images seem good to go as they are atm15:27
jibelskaet, there's no ec2 on the tracker?15:40
skaetjibel,  haven't heard from smoser about them yet.15:40
jibelskaet, k15:40
skaetthanks for the reminder - will go ping...15:41
smoserwell, uec images dont build right now :-(15:41
smoserworking on that fix15:41
skaetsmoser,  ok,  good luck.15:41
pittikubuntu DVDs posted15:55
pittiRiddell, jibel ^15:55
ogra_stgraber, your python-apt fix doesnt seem to work16:07
stgraberogra_: hmm, that seems weird. Worked fine with both commented and non-commented line here. Currently in a meeting, can you pastebin your sources.list before and after your run your script ?16:08
ogra_thats a bit tricky since its run in initramfs, but i'll try my best16:09
ogra_in any case the python-apt package is the latest and the sources.list looks exactly like what i filed on the bug16:10
smoseri need someone from the release team to acl https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+queue?queue_state=1&queue_text=cloud-init16:23
pitti(done FTR)16:28
stgraberogra_: I'm wondering if that may be a ports vs archive kind of issue. I'm updating my pandaboard now so I'll have a good test environment. Should have more this afternoon.16:35
GrueMasterIn my testing of the source.list, I found that software-properties-gtk seems to work properly as far as commenting or uncommenting the sources.list entries.  There may be something missing in the setup to the function call.16:38
smoserok. build of uec images is now polling, waiting for grub-legacy-ec2 at 0.6.1-0ubuntu7 to get into archive and will build 20110413.1 when it arrives.16:44
pittistgraber: edubuntu DVDs posted17:01
pittihttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/dvd/20110413.1/ (still syncing, though)17:01
pittirebuilding mythbuntu now to fix oversizedness17:01
pittithen we are done17:01
* skaet crosses fingers ....;)17:02
stgraberogra_: ok, I reproduced the issue on my pandaboard. Looking at python-apt now to fix it. It's very likely a different issue though giving the same result :(17:32
stgraberhighvoltage: ^ (in case you missed it, edubuntu is ready for testing)17:35
stgrabermvo: so we have another python-apt upload scheduled before final right ?17:36
stgraberogra_: ok, the issue is that python-apt is considering these sources.list entries as invalid or non-official (for some reason), so really a completely different bug17:45
ogra_stgraber, weird, since it considers the deb ones valid17:50
stgraberogra_: yeah, I'm currently adding some debug to it so it logs why each line is being skipped17:51
highvoltagestgraber: I'm rsyncing those images so long, but I might only be able to test them tonight18:00
pittimythbuntu posted18:04
pittiskaet: all images built and posted now, I'm not aware of necessary rebuilds ATM18:07
skaetpitti, excellent!  thanks.18:09
jibelWoohoo no more rebuilds, thanks!18:09
jibelwe can start testing then ?18:09
* pitti hugs jibel18:10
stgrabermvo: ping18:14
stgrabermvo: I'd need someone who's familiar with python-apt's templates ;) I'm pretty sure that's ogra_'s issue18:14
stgrabermvo: if I read the Ubuntu template correctly it says that for != i386 and != amd64, we must use http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ to have it marked as an "official" entry in sources.list18:15
stgrabermvo: what I can't find is how to update the template to say that it's fine using archive.ubuntu.com on != i386 and != amd64 for deb-src entries18:15
stgraberogra_: ^ that's why I didn't get the issue on amd64 btw18:16
stgraberogra_: if I use "deb-src http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports" instead of archive, then python-apt works properly18:17
ogra_well, i didnt add a.u.c there its a default coming from somewhere in the image build process18:18
stgraberI'm not sure if we want whatever adds a.u.c to be changed to use p.u.c or if we want python-apt to be modified to accept a.u.c as a valid deb-src source on ports architectures18:21
ogra_well, a.u.c is totally valid for sources18:22
stgraberogra_: I closed your old bug report again as that issue is fixed and opened a new one: bug 76003518:26
ubot4Launchpad bug 760035 in python-apt (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu.info template doesn't allow deb-src lines using archive.ubuntu.com on ports architectures (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76003518:26
stgrabermvo: ^18:27
mvooh, indeed18:30
mvothanks for this one18:30
stgrabermvo: just looking at the template, it's not obvious if there's a non-hackish way of overriding for source entries. I guess "source" could be considered as an architecture but it doesn't look like it's at the moment18:32
mvostgraber: yeah, I think that is a valid approach18:33
pittiskaet: do you need me for anything else? if not, I'd toddle off to Taekwondo18:35
skaetpitti,  looks like UbuntuStudio is having problems18:36
skaetbuild dependencies,  in discussion on u-testing now18:36
superm1i was working with pitti to get amd64 mythbuntu cd's down in size, just committed some seed changes to make the on media pool smaller.  can someone queue a rebuild?18:36
skaetpitti,  you want me to?  or will you?  re:  mythbuntu?18:37
pittiskaet: if you can?18:37
skaetpitti,  sure.18:37
pittisuperm1: ah, just "ship"? that shouldn't need publisher runs18:38
pittiskaet: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/daily/20110413/report.html <- eek18:39
superm1pitti, well ship-live, but yeah, i wasn't sure if it needed publisher run or not18:39
pittiI bet it's trying to pull in libavcodec18:39
pittisuperm1: I don't think so, only for live18:39
skaetsuperm1, pitti - have kicked it off,  but if its not needed,  will not post.18:39
pittiskaet: these aren't refelected on http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/testing/natty_probs.html, so I guess it's due to libavcodec18:40
pittiskaet: the rebuild is needed, we just don't need a publisher run after the seed change18:40
skaetpitti,  thanks for the explanation.  :)18:40
* pitti waves good bye then; I'll check in again when I'm back in ~ 3.5 h18:41
cjwatsondebootstrap upload (appearing shortly) isn't needed for beta-218:50
* skaet thanks cjwatson for that qualification ;)18:51
skaetScottL,  around?18:52
jibelScottL, ubuntu-studio is broken, bug 76000818:52
ubot4Launchpad bug 760008 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "amd_64 studio install fails (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76000818:52
jibelthere's a dependency of ubuntustudio-desktop on hal which is not satisfied.18:52
cjwatsonthe libavcodec stuff might go away once the other is fixed ...18:53
cjwatsonwe at least tried to work around that at the seed level18:53
cjwatson(ubuntustudio.natty r1254)18:53
cjwatsonthough, hmm, the metapackages don't look right18:54
cjwatsonI'm going out, will have a look when I get back if nobody else has18:54
scott-workhi, project lead for ubuntu studio here19:03
scott-workhow much more time do we have to test images for beta 219:03
charlie-tcascott-work: <jibel> there's a dependency of ubuntustudio-desktop on hal which is not satisfied.19:17
stgraberskaet: ltsp alternate amd64 is broken due to yesterday's fix (and me assuming that chmod -f would always return 0 ...). I don't think we can/want to fix that for beta2. I have a one line fix that I'm going to push upstream now and once again release a new upstream and upload.19:17
charlie-tcaTrying to get all the tests done today. Beta 2 release is tomorrow19:18
charlie-tcascott-work: bug 76000819:19
ubot4Launchpad bug 760008 in debian-installer (Ubuntu Natty) (and 1 other project) "amd_64 studio install fails (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76000819:19
stgraberskaet: bug 75996519:20
ubot4Launchpad bug 759965 in ltsp "ltsp installation fails on Build LTSP chroot step (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75996519:20
stgraberpatrickmw: ^19:20
skaetstgraber,  ok,  so I'm clear.  we'll be documenting it, rather than trying for another set of images?19:21
skaetor are we going for a fresh set of images?19:21
stgraberskaet: I don't know what else you have pending and how critical it's to have LTSP work on amd64 for beta219:22
skaetstgraber,  is it only on amd64?19:22
stgraberskaet: yep, i386 is fine19:22
stgraberI fixed the bug manually in my VM and am continuing the install with the fix, just to make sure nothing else breaks with LTSP on 64bit. Should have that done in the next 5 minutes or so19:24
stgraberif that's fine, I already have a new ltsp release ready to be pushed on my laptop with the one-line fix19:24
skaetstgraber,  get the fix ready,  and I'll do some asking.   which amd64 images will need respinning.19:24
highvoltagestgraber: is the workaround big? would be nice to have it in the beta2 release notes along with the problem note19:25
highvoltage(or at least have it in the bug report it's linked to)19:25
stgraberhighvoltage: workaround is "wait for it to fail in the installer", chroot to /target, modify /usr/sbin/ltsp-update-kernels, look for chmod line, add || true, restart installer step19:26
stgraberhighvoltage: that's really quite hackish :)19:26
stgraberskaet: AFAIK, only ubuntu alternate amd64 would need respinning. Edubuntu also ships LTSP but shouldn't be affected as we ship i386 LTSP on our amd64 DVD19:26
skaetsuperm1,  jibel  mythbuntu (i386, amd64) posted - 20110413.319:27
highvoltagestgraber: indeed.19:28
skaetstgraber,   ok,  will start getting it ubuntu alternate amd64 queued up for when you give the signal.19:28
stgraberskaet: ok, my ltsp 64bit install just finished and works fine with my fix. I'll have the new package uploaded in the next 5 minutes19:28
stgraberhehe, first time I release a new upstream LTSP with a diff of just one line ;)19:29
stgraberwell, technically, 6 chars ;)19:29
stgraberdebdiff for ltsp 5.2.7-0ubuntu1 to 5.2.8-0ubuntu1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/593691/19:36
stgraber(it's uploaded)19:36
scott-workcharlie-tca:   forgive my ignorance, is this just a matter of removing the dependency on hal?19:45
scott-workcharlie-tca: would we be able to delay the beta 2 release for ubuntu studio ?  i don't think the studio team would mind, but i realize it might make it difficult for others19:46
mvohttp://people.canonical.com/~mvo/automatic-upgrade-testing/current/ <- woah, mostly green (white), amazing. main-all also has a amazing runtime19:47
superm1skaet, yay, finally no longer oversized! :)19:57
superm1it's still weird that amd64 is 50mb bigger, but not a big deal anymore19:57
skaetsuperm1,  yay!19:58
stgraberpitti, slangasek: Can one of you review that ltsp upload ?20:04
stgraberor anyone else who has that power :)20:04
skaetstgraber,  am looking for one of the archive admins to see if they can help... pitti and cjwatson are offline right now.20:10
seb128skaet, what do you need exactly?20:12
jdstrandI am here20:13
jdstrandseb128: ^20:14
seb128ok, I'm here as well ;-)20:14
jdstrandseb128: skaet pinged me privately. I've got it. thanks!20:14
jibelskaet, ^ scott-work> charlie-tca: would we be able to delay the beta 2 release for ubuntu studio ?  i don't think the studio team would mind, but i realize it might make it difficult for others21:01
charlie-tcaI misseed that21:01
charlie-tcaSorry, must have been fighting with screen-reader then21:02
charlie-tcajibel: glad you caught that!21:02
skaetjibel,  scott-work,  charlie-tca;  depends on degree of holding up.  We have some flex.21:03
skaetbut not a lot21:03
charlie-tcaI seem to be a go-between21:03
skaetthanks for flagging jibel,  am bouncing between too many windows today.21:03
charlie-tcaHe asked when the images needed to be tested by. I tried to answer and told him about the bug21:03
skaetcharlie-tca, what's the outlook on a fix?  and the time for retest?21:04
charlie-tcaI don t know21:05
charlie-tcaI think he just has to remove the dependency on hal from the seed, doesn't he?21:05
charlie-tcaI don't know if anything in -studio actually requires hal, but I don't think so21:06
=== chuck_ is now known as zul
highvoltagestgraber: 84% at 68KB/s, 1:57:14 est.21:08
charlie-tcaWe don't actually have anyone available that can authorize any changes to the image right now.21:08
scott-workcharlie-tca: sorry, my webchat dropped the connection, if you responded earlier i missed it21:09
charlie-tcascott-work: As far as I know, yes, it is simply removing the hal dependency21:09
charlie-tcaI don't believe you have anything requiring it, do you?21:09
scott-workcharlie-tca: righty-o, i don't believe so, but i would like to check with luke or persia first to make sure there's nothing i'm missing21:10
charlie-tcaWe were just talking ablut you21:10
scott-workcharlie-tca: about me?21:10
stgraberhighvoltage: I started another transfer in the mean time (rsync against ubuntu DVD that I already had around), 37s remaining21:10
charlie-tcascott-work: yup21:10
charlie-tcascott-work: <skaet> charlie-tca, what's the outlook on a fix?  and the time for retest?21:10
scott-workcharlie-tca: if luke is amenable we can update the seeds tonight i would expect21:11
charlie-tcascott-work: hal was moved from main to universe21:11
charlie-tcaskaet: ^ ^21:11
scott-workbut i believe luke is currently asleep, i usually try to catch him aroud five hours from now21:12
jibelskaet, smoser what's the news about ec2 ? anything ready for testing or is it still building ?21:12
skaetcharlie-tca, scott-work,  how long to retest once the images are biuldt.21:12
jibelskaet, ~ 40mn for an arch21:13
skaetjibel, thanks.21:14
charlie-tcafast connections help; mine are about 45 minutes each test21:14
skaetjibel, re: smoser should speak for himself, but the impression I've gotten is that the bug fix was found, and they're building.   Should be going up in a few hours, but I haven't seen any further details about an actual ETA.  :(21:15
smoserprobably 7 hours-ish from 17:55:15 +000021:16
smoser(that was start time)21:16
smoserso another 4.5 hours probalby. they're being published.21:16
jibelsmoser, thanks21:17
skaetscott-work,  as soon as you have a fix ready, ping me or pitti (depending on the time ;) ),  and if we can generate images and you can get them tested in time, we'll include them.  Otherwise they'll need to go out after the announce.21:23
scott-workskaet: copy that21:25
stgraberskaet: any ETA on the alternate rebuild (if we're still rebuilding ubuntu alternate amd64) ?21:30
skaetstgraber,  waiting for the publisher to land the updates into the archive,  then willl kick it off.21:30
stgraberok, cool. I probably won't have time to test it before I leave the office but will do so when I get back home (probably 10-11pm EDT). Only takes me ~20 minutes to test LTSP.21:31
cjwatsoncharlie-tca: how about I just do it?21:31
cjwatsonwould that be dreadful?21:31
charlie-tcaIt's up to scott-work, I don't have anything to do with studio21:32
cjwatson'bzr blame' says that that seed entry dates from a 2006 commit by mdz21:32
cjwatsonwhich was just comment removal actually21:32
scott-workcjwatson: if you want to remove the hal dependency i wouldn't view that as dreadful at all :)21:32
DavieyDoes anyone here have an VMWare-ESX setup?21:32
cjwatsonand before that, back to revision 1 when I imported the Ubuntu seeds from the wiki21:32
cjwatsonso it doesn't look like it was ever explicitly added for ubuntustudio21:33
cjwatsonscott-work: OK, I'm going to go ahead and seek forgiveness rather than permission then21:33
charlie-tcaTeach me to answer questions here, huh?21:33
stgraberDaviey: that can be arranged. I no longer have access to it but I'm still in a building where we have one ;) (highvoltage has access)21:33
stgraberDaviey: VMWare ESXi 4.1 enterprise plus IIRC21:33
Davieystgraber, Well i wouldn't want to get you in trouble, but would you be able to do the server test case for that?21:34
stgraberhighvoltage: ^ can you start a server install on verdi ?21:34
highvoltagestgraber: maybe mjeanson would do it :)21:34
highvoltagewell, I wouldn't mind either...21:34
Davieyhighvoltage, \o/21:35
Davieyhighvoltage, http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/result/5442/26721:35
stgraberhighvoltage: rdesktop to cooper.appsrv.sherb.rlnx.com, open VMWare vsphere, connect to verdi.dev.sherb.rlnx.com as root (the vcenter seems to be down)21:36
stgraberhighvoltage: it's access to the same shared directory as chopin, so you'd just need to wget the image to chopin's shared directory first21:37
highvoltageDaviey: 64bit or 32bit?21:40
Davieyhighvoltage, either|both :)21:40
DavieyI'm a bad man, because i care more about amd64.21:41
highvoltageI'll start with amd64 then21:42
cjwatsonso this ubuntustudio-meta change is going to be kind of guesswork; it's hard to test in advance21:44
cjwatsonI can try21:44
cjwatson(and I'm probably best-placed to fix this particular category of bug, in all honesty)21:45
skaetcjwatson,  thank you.  (and I agree.... )21:45
cjwatsonI've removed hal, and rejigged the Task-Seeds fields to match the STRUCTURE inheritance - the ffmpeg-common seed was what was supposed to make all those libavcodec dependencies behave consistently21:47
cjwatsonregenerating ubuntustudio-meta based on that now21:47
pitticharlie-tca, scott-work: why do you think it's the hal dependency?21:48
pittiare we talking about the ustudio uninstallability here?21:48
pittihttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/daily/20110413/report.html doesn't look like it would be due to hal, as that would reflect on http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/testing/natty_probs.html as well21:49
charlie-tcapitti: yes, since the error was hal unavailabl21:49
pittimy first suspicion would be that it's because something tries to pull in libavcodec?21:49
cjwatsonsee above21:49
cjwatsonI suspect it may well be that and that hal is just a casualty21:49
cjwatsonbut if anything in ubuntustudio-desktop needed hal, shouldn't it be an explicit dependency?21:50
charlie-tcabug 76000821:50
ubot4Launchpad bug 760008 in ubuntustudio-meta (Ubuntu Natty) (and 1 other project) "amd_64 studio install fails (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76000821:50
cjwatsonwhen I went through bzr blame, it looked like it was just left over from ancient Ubuntu seed entries21:50
pitticjwatson: ideally yes; a lot of old packages still just assume that it's there unfortuantely21:50
cjwatsondo you think I should put it back then?21:50
pittithe ones which could need it would  have a libhal1 dependency, though21:50
cjwatsonI can check germinate output for that21:51
pitticjwatson: no idea, I'm afraid; I know that e. g. pitivi still can use it for some features, but it's usually not critical21:51
pittia good test is to start the main things in u-studio and then check if "hald" is running21:52
pittias it's triggered via dbus-activation, this should tell whether anything needs it21:52
cjwatsonis libhal1 a reliable test?21:52
cjwatsonhttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/germinate-output/ubuntustudio.natty/rdepends/hal/libhal1 says that the only thing pulling it onto images is hal itself21:53
pitticjwatson: positively reliable, but not negatively21:53
pittii. e. you can also talk to hal directly via dbus21:53
pitti(which is usually what python programs do)21:53
cjwatsonOK, I'll revert that seed change then21:53
pittiI certainly hope it's just cruft, but I can't really tell without actually examining the programs21:54
pittimy preferred fix for this would certainly be to explicitly add hal dependencies21:55
pittiit's not something that should be seeded; but I realize that it's a little late for that in natty21:55
cjwatsonOK, reverted with a mini-essay in the commit log21:56
cjwatsonand generating ubuntustudio-meta again21:56
stgraberpitti: "grep -r hal /" then filter out the false positives :)21:57
pittistgraber: and org.freedesktop.Hal21:57
pittistgraber: actually, that or a dependency to libhal1 should be quite sufficient21:58
pittiprograms either use libhal1 or open a d-bus connection to org.fd.Hal21:58
* pitti wonders how often we need to stab this beast before it's dead for good21:59
* skaet keeps looking to see if ltsp_5.2.8 has landed.... grrr not there yet.22:01
* charlie-tca tried to kill it again22:03
stgraberpitti: on my laptop (so, mostly standard ubuntu), I get: libnet-dbus-perl, pitivi, pm-utils, python-apport, checkbox, gnome-power-manager and virt-manager22:05
Riddellskaet: it presumably won't get in until this publisher run has finished22:05
stgraberpitti: I can easily run the same check on studio to check the difference if that helps22:05
skaetRIddell, yup, waiting for the publisher run started over an hour ago to finish....22:06
pittistgraber: e. g. pm-utils has a fallback if /sys doesn't work (mostly for BSD right now)22:07
pittistgraber: python-apport?!?22:07
pittistgraber: ah, haha! it's an example stack trace in the test cases :)22:07
pittiguess when I wrote that code..22:07
pittistgraber: I'm just afraid I can't modernize that, because of course udev, udisks, upower etc. never crash!22:08
stgraberpitti: yeah right :)22:08
pittistgraber: but anyway, I doubt that merely having hal installed causes any problems; it won't even start by default22:09
pittiI don't think we should rip it out that lalte22:09
stgraberyeah, that's the kind of things you usually want done before Feature Freeze, so you have enough time to find and fix whatever breaks22:10
pitticjwatson: just to ensure that I understand http://launchpadlibrarian.net/69309093/ubuntustudio-meta_0.83_source.changes, will that install alternative dependencies which lead to not pulling in libavcodec?22:11
scott-workpitti: blender was uninstallable i believe due to libavcodec22:12
skaetpitti, cjwatson, stgraber - ARCHES='amd64' for-project ubuntu cron.daily kicked off22:12
ScottKpitti: Not that it's relevant for Ubuntu Studio, but we do have a problem in KDE where if hal is present, KDE solid will start it and use a mixture of data from it and upower with unfortunate results.  So there are cases where installing it can cause problems.22:13
cjwatsonpitti: so libavcodec is odd22:14
cjwatson(and friends)22:14
cjwatsonpitti: there are a bunch of libfooN, and then a bunch of libfoo-extra-N22:14
cjwatsonpitti: they conflict - you have to consistently select one set or the other22:14
cjwatsonpitti: normally, we use libfooN; but a few things in ubuntustudio need libfoo-extra-N, so ubuntustudio needs to consistently select that throughout22:15
pittiand libavcodec-extra-52 is sufficiently patent-free to allow it on media?22:15
cjwatsonpitti: convincing the package management toolchain to do that is most easily done by seeding the lot further down22:15
pittior do we basically ignore the libavcodec patent issue on u-studio?22:15
cjwatsonI *think* the latter22:15
pittiit makes sense as we don't press CDs for that, anyway22:16
cjwatsonbecause we've shipped libavcodec52 before, and we avoid even that for Ubuntu22:16
pitticjwatson: thanks for the heads-up22:16
pittiI'd like to accept shared-mime-info and xdg-utils (translation updates only), objections?22:17
pittierm, xdg-user-dirs22:17
pittimostly as an opportunistic improvements for any rebuild we might need to maek22:18
cjwatsonI don't mind22:18
pitticjwatson: what is lxc? do we need the debootstrap upload for b2 for anything?22:20
cjwatson18:50 <cjwatson> debootstrap upload (appearing shortly) isn't needed for beta-222:20
skaetjibel, stgraber,  ubuntu alternate amd64 posted  (ltsp fix)22:20
cjwatsonlxc => containers.  the bug in question has been worked around in lxc already, but fixing it properly in debootstrap is IMO the right thing to do22:20
scott-workpitti, cjwatson, charlie-tca, skaet :  i am going home, if you need me for any ubuntu studio issues you can reach me at ScottL in about 30 minutes22:21
cjwatsonscott-work: ok, it'll need retesting after metapackage lands and CDs rebuild22:21
scott-workcjwatson: aye22:21
highvoltageDaviey: this is just creepy :) http://irc.jonathancarter.org/files/dump/esxi-aubergine.png22:25
cjwatsonoff for a bit22:27
Davieyhighvoltage, Sorry, i don't follow.22:30
highvoltageDaviey: it failed :( ubuntu-standard is installed and the virtual kernel not, I'm *quite* sure I chose install minimal server from gfxboot, but I'll double-check now just to be sure22:30
Davieyhighvoltage, oh dear... thanks.22:31
stgraberskaet: downloading22:31
highvoltageDaviey: an aubergine debian-installer with a windows task bar? maybe it's just me then22:31
Davieyhighvoltage, OIC :)22:31
highvoltagethis time d-i seems to get confused when I enter my password22:36
highvoltageI get a blue screen then a red screen telling me my password is blank and when I press enter it doesn't give me a chance to go back22:37
highvoltage(eventually it worked, weird)22:37
Davieyhighvoltage, yeah, i noticed on error it seems to present traditional blue.22:38
DavieyI'm not sure we need to fiddle with the colours anymore this cycle :)22:38
pittiskaet: want me to set up a triggered rebuild for ubuntustudio, or want to kick it off yourself?22:39
skaetpitti,  i'm fine with kicking it off, once things are ready.   What should I be triggering on?22:41
* skaet likes to be able to see directly when its done.... ;)22:41
highvoltageDaviey: this time it did ok, but it's oversized (>500M)22:49
Davieyhighvoltage, yeah... someone else found that on KVM... technically it's failed the test case - can you mark it so?22:50
DavieyI think we are OK with it (i think maverick released with the same)22:50
Davieyhighvoltage, really appreciate your help with this.22:50
Davieyhighvoltage, RoAkSoAx is raising a bug for it as we speak.22:51
highvoltageDaviey: I just finished filing a bug for it22:53
ubot4Launchpad bug 760288 in ubuntu "JeOS is oversized (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]22:53
Davieyhighvoltage, ah perfect, thanks22:53
pittiskaet: when ubuntustudio-meta 0.83 binaries are available on antimony, i. e. wait-for-package ubuntustudio-desktop_0.8323:02
skaetpitti,  yup that's what I was looking to know.:)23:03
pittiskaet: cool; then I think I'll head bedwards :)23:03
pittiskaet: btw, on TechOverview do you actually like the sections which just say "Shotwell has been updated to 0.9.1."?23:04
pittiTBH I think we should remove them; version numbers aren't very interesting IMHO23:04
skaetpitti, well some folks care about versions (kernel folk for instance ;) )23:05
Davieyskaet, When do you need TechOverview done by?23:06
skaetpitti,  I'll get the known bugs put into the tech overview tonight,  and if you could take a pass in the morning to sanity (delete the uninteresting ones) that would be great.23:06
skaetDaviey,  EOD today...23:06
pittiskaet: sounds great23:06
pittibeta-2 will be a nice bday present tomorrow \o/23:07
Davieyskaet, great... now - 5 hours. ;)23:07
pittiso, good night everyone!23:07
skaetDaviey,  today being 3/13.23:07
skaetDaviey,  yup.23:07
skaetsleep well pitti23:07
Davieyjolly good.23:07

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