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skaet ubuntu desktop ( amd64, amd64+mac, i386, powerpc) posted - 20110412 image01:20
skaetkubuntu desktop (amd64, amd64+mac, i386, powerpc) posted - 20110413 image01:44
skaetubuntu netbook pre-installed (omap3, omap4) posted - 20110413 image02:06
skaetkubuntu-mobile daily-live (i386) posted02:34
skaetmythbuntu desktop (amd64, i386) posted 20110413 image02:57
skaetubuntu dvd (amd64, i386) posted 20110413 image03:43
skaetkubuntu desktop arm (preinstalled omap, omap4) posted - 2011041304:06
skaetubuntu alternate (i386, amd64, amd64+mac, powerpc) posted04:10
stgraberjust finished downloading alternate i386 so I can make sure LTSP now works fine04:11
skaet:)  sounds good.04:12
skaetkubuntu dvd (i386, amd64) posted - 2011041304:16
charlie-tcaGood night. Will run more tests tomorrow (about 9 hours away)04:27
skaetthanks charlie-tca,  sleep well.04:31
skaetkubuntu mobile (omap, omap4) posted 2011041304:32
stgraberand LTSP works !04:33
stgraberat least it does on i38604:33
patrickmwstgraber, nice!04:51
skaetubuntu headless (omap3, omap4) posted - 2011041305:07
skaetstgraber,  :)05:07
skaetxubuntu alternate (i386,amd64) posted - 2011041305:07
skaetubuntu-server (i386, amd64) posted  - 2011041305:12
skaetubuntu-studio (i386, amd64) posted - 2011041305:38
skaetjibel, charlie-tca,  all images should be up now.06:12
* skaet -> heading to zzz06:12
jibelgood morning everyone08:13
ScottKI'll need to install over it eventually, but I'm keeping the btrfs install I did that led to Bug #759503 around for a bit in case additional information is needed.08:15
ubot4Launchpad bug 759503 in linux (Ubuntu) "Crash trying to install over btrfs partition in live installer (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75950308:15
jibelall, we are rebuilding desktop images to fix a bug with ubiquity09:42
mvojibel: bug #759545 is a ucf prompt or a "normal" dpkg prompt?10:59
ubot4Launchpad bug 759545 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "user prompted to update unmodified grub configuration during Ubuntu server upgrade (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75954510:59
jibelmvo, ucf11:00
mvothanks, the auto-upgrade-tester does nt catch those currently unfortunately11:00
* mvo looks to see if he can figure out a way to detect them automatically11:00
pedro_jibel_, is the new dvd image 20110413 ok to test?12:25
pedro_good day btw12:25
jibelHi pedro_13:02
jibelDVDs are rebuilding but there are brand new desktop images to test.13:03
charlie-tcaGood morning13:04
charlie-tcajibel: the double sound icon in Xubuntu upgrade is because of pulling in all of gnome. That is the gnome panel and mixer13:04
jibelGood morning charlie-tca13:05
jibelcharlie-tca, okay, thanks.13:05
jibelcharlie-tca, there's is also the missing network icon, but mrpouit said it's probably a known issue.13:07
charlie-tcaYup, i will have to dig to find that bug number, though13:07
charlie-tcaThanks for doing those tests13:08
jibelcharlie-tca, bug 75960813:08
ubot4Launchpad bug 759608 in xubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "network-manager icon missong from indicator area after xubuntu upgrade to natty (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75960813:08
pedro_jibel, just saw the rebuilding message, thanks ;-)13:11
pedro_good morning charlie-tca13:11
charlie-tcaGood Morning, pedro_13:12
jibelall, fresh Ubuntu and Kubuntu desktop images are available on the tracker and waiting for you.13:13
* jibel writing a shell script with notepad oh dear !13:15
patdk-wkoh? notepad got ported?13:16
psaldenis xubuntu coming up too? I'll wait a bit with installing the current one in that case13:17
jibelpatdk-wk, heh, sadly not, I'm also writing it on Windows :-)13:17
charlie-tcapsalden: alternates are out, but desktop are being res13:18
psaldenalright, will wait a bit longer then13:20
charlie-tcaimages lined out on the ISO tracker are not ready to test yet13:20
jibelxubuntu desktop images are ready, I'm adding thme to the tracker now.13:35
psaldencool... I'll get right on em :)13:35
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charlie-tcajibel: xubuntu desktop should be 13.213:38
jibelcharlie-tca, yup, I changed that. Should be ok by now13:39
psaldendamn, still wont load from usb here14:00
charlie-tcaburn it with usb-creator or UNetbootin14:00
charlie-tcaUnetbootin works for me14:00
psaldentried before but will again... it gets stuck in the . . . . loading screen14:02
psaldenits remarkable though, all natty derivatives do this for me while it never happened with older version14:11
charlie-tcagive me a few minutes, I will try it here14:19
charlie-tcaI normally use cd-r's so I have burn the usb image14:20
psaldenalright, thanks a lot :)14:21
psaldenI can't really find similar cases on forums or so though, so it's probably hardware related14:21
psaldenworks through unetbootin hdd method it seems... cool14:33
charlie-tcaUNetbootin is the only I have been able to burn usb sticks that work14:34
psaldenthe hard disk method is neat stuff anyway14:36
psaldenalthough for some reason it needs the usb in parallel, heh14:37
psaldento find its packages during install14:37
charlie-tcapsalden: burned to usb stick using unetbootin, booted to desktop14:42
psaldenyeah not so much luck here :/ how long does it take you to load14:43
charlie-tcaabout 2 minutes on a 1.73GHz celeron14:43
psaldenIll gibe it one last try14:44
psaldeninteresting, it loads after ages, but I must startx myself14:50
psaldenbut barely :) ah well, more trying later, thx though charlie-tca14:53
charlie-tcapsalden: thanks for testing14:53
psaldenI wish I could somehow get something detailed out of it so I could report it14:54
jibelcjwatson, the dump doesn't fit on a DVD. I can send you a usb key.14:57
jibel(it's 7.7GB compressed)14:57
cjwatsonoh yeah, maths14:59
cjwatsonthat would be awesome, I could return it at the release sprint :)14:59
cjwatsonI only had one production FAT filesystem lying around, and couldn't reproduce the bug on that15:00
cjwatsonand I've stared at the code to no avail15:00
cjwatsonso I'm going to have to reproduce it and run it under valgrind15:00
jibelnew DVDs available for testing15:31
* patdk-wk wants one :)15:32
* pedro_ syncing15:33
charlie-tcaI will just work on the cd installs. The dvd will take me about 6 hours to download, and I would prefer not to.15:34
jibelthe following images are untested:15:34
jibelKubuntu Alternate powerpc15:34
jibelKubuntu Desktop amd64+mac, arm, i386, powerpc15:34
jibelKubuntu Mobile armel+omap3/4, i38615:34
jibelMythbuntu Desktop amd64/i38615:34
jibelUbuntu Alternate amd64+mac15:34
jibelUbuntu Desktop amd64+mac/powerpc15:34
jibelUbuntu DVD amd64/i38615:34
jibelUbuntu Studio Alternate amd64/i38615:34
jibelUpgrade Edubuntu amd64/i38615:35
jibelXubuntu Desktop amd64/i38615:35
jibeland 1 day to the release. go ahead!15:35
jibelpedro_, which arch are you testing ? I'll take the other15:38
pedro_jibel, ubuntu dvd i38615:42
pedro_i can only test i386 images15:42
pedro_and i'll do ubuntu studio i386 as well15:42
pedro_and kubuntu dvd if needed15:42
jibelpedro_, okay, I starting amd6415:44
pedro_oki doki15:44
fader_I'm pulling down the ubuntu amd64 dvd right now, so I can start on that in a few16:02
fader_Still reading the seed for zsync so I can't give an eta, but my guess is <=30m16:02
fader_Whew, finished reading.  Download ETA is ~4m.  I probably could have downloaded the whole image faster than using zsync :/16:15
charlie-tca Hello, fader_16:17
fader_charlie-tca: Howdy!16:17
charlie-tcayou been hiding again?16:18
* fader_ is like a ninja.16:18
fader_But I heard about this "ubuntu" thing and thought I'd check it out. :)16:23
charlie-tcaheh, It is quite the thing these days, at least around here.16:24
charlie-tcaThey even got me to try it... ;-)16:24
fader_"*Now* how much would you pay?"16:25
charlie-tcaum, I don't like it that much, really.16:27
charlie-tcabut at least I tried it, right?16:29
davmor2fader_: I didn't know they had unfit ninjas16:31
charlie-tcaOther people think it is worth a lot. You can probably get at least a book for it16:31
fader_davmor2: You must be referring to my carefully padded and insulated body.  It keeps me safe and warm in cold environments.16:32
davmor2fader_: No I was on about the fact you were whining like the wimp you are from the walk to the pie pub in oxford :P16:33
fader_Ah, that's different.  Complaining bitterly about not having beer in hand is totally legitimate.16:34
yofelhm, what do I have to set in the qt tracker that I started I test? Select 'Started' as result and submit?16:42
yofel*started a test16:42
fader_yofel: That should be it16:42
yofelok, seems right16:43
patrickmwstgraber: please see bug 75996517:09
ubot4Launchpad bug 759965 in ltsp "ltsp installation fails on Build LTSP chroot step (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75996517:09
stgraberpatrickmw: do you still have that VM running ?17:29
stgraberpatrickmw: if so, a screenshot of the fourth VT would be useful17:29
patrickmwstgraber, I attached a screenshot to the bug17:45
patrickmwstgraber, ah, ok. I will get a screenshot of VT 4 as well17:46
stgraberpatrickmw: yeah, I saw the screenshot, but that's a screenshot of VT 1 (big scary red background), not VT 4 (syslog)17:46
stgraberthe error message means: ltsp-build-client return != 0. So something is wrong with LTSP but that can be anything from a package failing to install in the chroot to the target fs being full.17:47
stgraberpatrickmw: thanks!17:47
patrickmwQA meeting in 5 mins #ubuntu-quality17:56
patrickmwstgraber, added syslog image to bug :)17:58
stgraberpatrickmw: ok, doesn't really help :( I'll have to do a test install here once I'm done fixing my current bug.18:01
patrickmwstgraber, good luck. let me know if there is anything else I can do to help18:02
fader_Bleh, ubuntustudio has some dependency issues preventing install18:33
jibelskaet, ^ ubuntustudio seems broken18:34
jibelfader_, what's the missing/broken dependency, I'll try it there18:34
fader_jibel: It looks like some of the stuff in the audio editing task... I excerpted the relevant log bits in bug 76000818:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 760008 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "amd_64 studio install fails (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76000818:35
skaetjibel, fader_,  ack18:35
fader_I'm expecting the same thing to happen on i386 but I'm syncing to test that anyway18:36
jibelfader_, I have i386 ready for testing18:37
fader_jibel: I'm putting it on a USB stick right now but if you're already running that install I'll abort it and grab something else18:38
fader_(Bad timing :) )18:38
jibelthe purple background for derivatives looks like a bug18:39
fader_Hmm, not sure if it's a bug per se.  They were all consistent and blue before, and they're still consistent, just aubergine now18:39
fader_I'm just glad it's not orange :D18:39
charlie-tcaWe fixed the colors, had them right for beta1, Ubuntu changed something and tossed the colors around again18:39
charlie-tcaIf you do encrypted lvm and mistype the password, they change for the new password input, then go back to purple for the rest of the install18:40
yofelonly? here d-i on the kubuntu alternate images is purple all the time18:41
charlie-tcaand we kind of gave up fighting to get them to change18:41
yofelwhich looks really inconsistent since the boot selection screen is blue18:41
yofelmost of the color bugs are unfixed I think18:42
jibelfader_, what did you select at the 'Software selection' screen ?18:47
fader_jibel: The audio editing item... I don't remember the exact wording.  I should be coming up on that within a minute or two and can let you know18:48
jibelfader_, I'm snapshoting the VM there, and start with nothing selected.18:49
jibelfader_, failed18:49
fader_jibel: Cool.  I'm running this on real hardware so I wasn't easily able to do those sorts of comparisons18:49
fader_jibel: On i386?18:49
jibelfader_, yes18:49
fader_jibel: Cool, thanks.  I'll try a different task on the i386 I'm running then.18:50
jibelfader_, the problem is the dependency on hal which moved to universe in natty18:51
fader_Hmm, what is depending on hal?18:51
fader_I mean, the metapackage obviously does, but why?18:51
jibelI pinged ScottL on #u-release18:53
fader_Yeah, that's what I mean... not sure why that metapackage depends on it18:53
stgraberpatrickmw: installing now, should have some more details on the ltsp failure soon18:55
jibelfader_, the release team is aware of the bug and working on it now. Thanks18:57
fader_jibel: Thank you!18:57
jibelI'm off for a few hours, see you in a bit18:57
davmor2fader_: why were you never this polite when I told you stuff like that?18:59
fader_davmor2: Because jibel is a nice guy! :P19:00
davmor2fader_: You know what I don't care what you say you not squirming out of it no pie for you :P19:01
skaetjibel, all,  new mythbuntu (i386, amd64) posted - 20110413.319:29
charlie-tcascreen-reader installations fail; orca does not speak the windows and you don't know what to next20:03
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charlie-tcaTrying screen-reader again; it apparently only quits reading if the mouse is moved20:45
bdmurrayyofel: are you still working on kubuntu alternate i386?20:50
yofelI am, expert install currently20:50
bdmurrayon hardware or a virtual machine?20:50
yofelmy eeePC20:50
bdmurraydid you try rekonq / the browser?20:50
yofelI did in the full disk install, worked fine there. but didn't try with the full encryption20:51
bdmurrayHmm, it crashes for me after launching it and I have a ksplashx crash too20:52
bdmurrayI don't think my environment is screwed up but am starting to wonder20:52
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jibelRiddell, I tested kubuntu-mobile,21:29
jibelit boots, but the UI is ... disappointing21:30
Riddelljibel: but UI exists?21:35
jibelRiddell, Yes, which is an improvement since last milestone.21:36
Riddelljibel: exactly :)21:41
Riddelljibel: unfortunately upstream's Plasma Active work requires newer kdelibs than we have so we haven't been able to update the UI21:42
jibelRiddell, np, I set the test to pass with a comment.21:42
cjwatsoncharlie-tca: I'll try to make the d-i colours consistent across derivatives for final, if I remember.  kirkland did add the basic facility ...21:46
charlie-tcaThank you! You know, I didn't file any bug for it.21:47
charlie-tcaIt will happen sooner or later, I know.21:47
cjwatsonit wouldn't hurt to file one, target it to natty, and milestone for final ...21:47
cjwatson(or tell me the bug# and I'll do that)21:48
charlie-tcaOkay, I will go do that21:48
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skaetjibel,  ubuntu alternate amd64 build started to pick up ltsp fix.22:13
skaetjibel,  ubuntu alternate amd64 posted.22:20
jibelskaet, should I say Yay! pitti promised 'no more rebuilds' ;-)22:22
jibelskaet, what's in it ? do we need to retest it all or only ltsp ?22:22
skaetonly expected change was ltsp, but.... :P22:23
skaetjibel,  smoke test it a bit, and if seeing same results as prior version,  I think we should be fine.22:24
jibelpatrickmw, ^ can you help with ltsp, you seem to enjoy it22:24
* skaet just wants to make sure no regression weirdnesses introduced.22:24
patrickmwjibel, skaet: i will test it as soon as its ready22:25
skaetpatrickmw,  should be on the iso tester now.22:25
skaetlook for a timestamp of 686512 -rw-rw-r-- 1 cdimage cdimage 702294016 2011-04-13 21:15 natty-alternate-amd64.iso22:26
patrickmwjibel, I've encountered an issue with a simplified Chinese install.  Its most likely a translation bug, but I want to be sure.  Submitting the bug now22:26
* charlie-tca been at this too long, he is doing a non-english installstallation in Korean22:27
jibelcharlie-tca, xubuntu is all done \o/22:27
charlie-tcayeah, Ubuntu6422:27
charlie-tcaI can do both desktops if you want this done in each one22:28
charlie-tcapatrickmw: is that something I will hit in Korean, too?22:29
patrickmwcharlie-tca, Traditional Chinese was ok.  I'm hoping Korean and Japanese are ok.22:29
charlie-tcaKorean seems to be, so far22:30
patrickmwcharlie-tca, if you finish Korean, I will take Japanese22:30
patrickmwcharlie-tca, when you log in, check the applets22:30
charlie-tcaI can only read Korean22:30
jibelpatrickmw, I can't help with chinese. The only sign I remember is the 'exit' sign on the highway :-)22:31
chadadavisAre the results of tests from previous builds still useful? I did a number of tests on Mac, but only had time to retest a few cases that I thought might have changed, given the bug descriptions that were fixed.22:31
patrickmwcharlie-tca, clock, shutdown, chat, email, network.  Check for empty labels or for the literal "Label Empty"22:31
charlie-tcaWill do22:32
charlie-tcashouldn't be any empty, I thought22:32
patrickmwjibel, skaet: good and bad news about LTSP. good news, the bug displaying the error at install time is fixed.  Bad news, I get a kerneloops when the thin client connects to the server22:57
jibelpatrickmw, is it reproducible ?22:57
patrickmwjibel, yes22:57
patrickmwjibel, I am going to record the VM so I can see the kernel errors22:58
jibelchadadavis, can you smoke test a few iso to ensure that there's no regression?23:00
chadadavisjibel, will do. Just amd64 for tonight, though. I will have the mac back in the morning. Is there a time when the tracker will close for new reports, or when they're no longer useful?23:01
jibelchadadavis, the tracker is opened 24/723:01
jibeland there's no useless report23:02
skaetpatrickmw,  ack.    please make sure there are no other regressions with that image - otherwise we may fall back to the prior one.23:04
DavieyHi, is someone available to test server-raid1 http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/result/5443/287 ?23:16
Daviey(ideally on bare metal)23:18
skaetpatrickmw, is there a bug with the kerneloops in it it?   would like to get it infront of the kernel team23:34
patrickmwskaet, the recoding didn't catch anything additional, but I do have a screenshot.  I am still trying to dig a bit.23:35
patrickmwskaet, I can report the bug23:35
patrickmwstgraber, ping23:36
skaetthanks patrickmw,  screenshot welcome.23:37
patrickmwskaet, I need to check if this is a VM issue23:37
skaetok.  will stand by.   If its looking likely to be a valid kernel oops,  let kernel team know in #u-kernel.23:38
patrickmwstgraber, bug 727448.  did we determine this was a virtual box issue?23:41
ubot4Launchpad bug 727448 in ltsp (Ubuntu Natty) (and 1 other project) "thin client does not boot to ltsp server (affects: 1) (heat: 101)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72744823:41
patrickmwthere's no comment, and I don't recall beta 123:41
patrickmwI'm now getting this same issue with alternate amd6423:42
stgraberpatrickmw: I think it might have been the kernel/nbd issue that was fixed a while ago23:43
patrickmwstgraber :( I'm seeing it again23:44
stgraberI'm finishing an amd64 ltsp install now in kvm, but the one I did this afternoon worked fine23:45
kais58is there a way to lock the menu bar in unity?23:45
jibelpatrickmw, depending on the vm you're using, there are some facilities to redirect the output of the console to a file and catch the full boot log23:45
patrickmwjibel, ok thanks. I will look into this23:46
stgraberpatrickmw: are you testing with kvm or virtualbox ? (just wondering)23:47
patrickmwstgraber, virtualbox.  I just found out how to output the console.  doing that now23:48
stgraberpatrickmw: might be interesting to try with KVM, highvoltage had some weird bugs happening in virtualbox in the past that we couldn't reproduce with kvm23:48
patrickmwstgraber, ack23:50
jibelskaet, what is Ubuntu Netbook armel+omap3/4 without testcases ?23:52
jibelskaet, is it the same as Ubuntu ARM Preinstalled omap3/4 ?23:52

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