henningeHi dpm!11:55
henningedpm: I read through the script of you UADW lesson on Monday.11:55
dpmhey henninge :)11:56
henningedpm: I will try to connect to tha as closely as possible, so I am playing with quickly. (Not for the first time)11:56
dpmhenninge, oh, awesome, good idea!11:56
henningedpm: 'quickly create' did not create a po directory etc. When does that happen?11:57
henningedo I have to it manually?11:57
henningeRun gettextize?11:57
dpmhenninge, you'll have to run a python-distutils-extra command:11:58
dpm./setup.py build_i18n11:58
dpmyou might have to chmod +x setup.py11:58
henningedpm: ah, that's missing in your script.11:58
* henninge tries11:58
dpmyeah, I was running out of time, unfortunately11:58
dpmand I wanted to leave time for questions11:59
henningedpm: Hm, I get a lot of errors but the pot file is there now.12:01
dpmhenninge, yeah, I got that too, but I ignored the errors, as the purpose was to update the template12:03
henningedpm: thanks12:06
dpmhenninge, np :)12:06
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serfus"legal fineprint, do not change without consulting a lawyer" on a developer note on rosetta, means i should leave it untranslated?12:16
serfusas i am not a lawyer, and we don't have one on the team12:16
dpmserfus, which string is it, could you give us a link?12:17
dpmserfus, I'd translate it for now, but trying to remain close to the original12:18
serfusokay, will do :-)12:19
serfusthanks dpm12:19
RawChidGoed that you (re)send that mail dpm, we weren't aware of that!12:36
RawChidFile a request for it to be included by clicking here. ``12:39
RawChidDo need to do this like 6 times? (for each desktop entry)12:39
dpmRawChid, don't worry, leave it for now, they will be picked up tomorrow anyway12:41
RawChidAh great :)12:43
RawChidI'll update the wiki right now12:43
RawChidHmm, I think the nn (just under nl) is forgotten to change it's color12:48
RawChidIt's fully translated though, should I change the color or just leave it as is?12:48
RawChid(not that I know it the translation is correct)12:49
dpmRawChid, please change the color according to the legend, so that the maintainer knows it's a new translation12:50
RawChidYeah, I know, but I'm dutch and just noticed that thing about norway12:50
RawChidAnother question dpm, for me it would be very clear when the first row in the table contains the English text, then I can see what I need to translate at a glance.13:02
RawChidIs it possible to do this?  (i.e. it doesn't break automatisc scripts or something)13:03
dpmRawChid, it could be like this, yeah, the page is processed manually, so it's free format13:05
RawChidMaybe not at the moment, but I'll remember this for the next time ;)13:05
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serfushas a spelling mistake13:20
serfusshould i file a bug against it?13:21
dpmserfus, yes please13:28
serfusnever filed a bug of this kind so it might be a bit ugly :P13:29
RawChidHehe, I see ``ODF document format''. Is that normal in English? In dutch we call that some sort of  pleonasm13:35
RawChid ``The open ODF document format''13:35
happyaronRawChid: have a look at shared-mime-info13:35
RawChidWhere can I find that?13:36
happyaronRawChid: upstream is http://www.transifex.net/projects/p/shared-mime-info/13:38
happyaronand give me a minute for launchpad...13:38
RawChidLet me take a look13:39
RawChidOh, you meant where I can correct the issue? Well I saw that on the wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/Wanted/LibreOfficeStartcenter13:40
happyaronwell, I'm not sure about the wiki, but if you are telling about the mime info when saving a file.13:42
RawChidWell, thanks anyhow, I see that LP link has some untranslated strings in Dutch ;)13:43
RawChidI was just curious how English people think about that string I quoted.13:44
serfusbug submitted, hope i got it right14:19
dpmthanks serfus14:23
gtriderxcanyone here??19:30
AJenbo_gtriderxc, do you have any questions?19:35
gtriderxcBuy storage and plans19:35
gtriderxc"Buy storage and plans"19:35
gtriderxcin ubuntu ne control panel19:35
gtriderxcwhat kind of plans are this?19:35
AJenbo_You sign up for a plan with a telephone company so that you can use your phone.19:38
gtriderxcok, thanks a lot :)19:39
AJenbo_no problem :)'19:39
gtriderxcphone with ubuntu one?19:39
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serfustranslations for libreoffice are done, is it still submitable?20:31
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AJenboserfus, the deadline is in 6 and a half houre20:36
AJenboserfus, what part of libreoffice specifically?20:37
serfusthe desktop entries on the wiki20:37
AJenboserfus, did you put them on the wiki yet?20:38
serfusAJenbo, yup, and submited a question on launchpad like the wiki said to20:38
AJenboshould be good then20:39
serfusgrand :-)20:39
tatardi'm searching for romanian translator group21:39
tatardany ideas how can i reach it?21:39
Andre_Gondimwhy is there one string if there is nothing to translate it? https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/kubuntu-docs/+pots/kubuntu-docs-development/pt_BR/+translate?show=untranslated22:01
damascenetoday is Non Language Pack Translation Deadline22:15
damascenedoes that means I have the whole day or that it's gone?22:16
AJenboYay we just compleated the danish translation of app-install-data, and theres just 1:15 til deadline :D23:45

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