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MooDoohello all07:53
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dwatkinsmornin all08:22
smittixGood Morning all09:16
MooDoosmittix: morning09:16
BigRedSg'morning smittix09:16
willy1977smittix: morning09:16
willy1977morning all ;)09:16
MooDoohow is everyone today09:17
willy1977yeah I'm pretty good, at work but...can't have everything can we ;) and you?09:17
MooDoowilly1977: i'm the same at work at the moment, but thinking of taking on a big project [swaps his ubuntu hat for his fedora hat briefly] :)09:18
willy1977MooDoo: a big project... sounds interesting you at liberty to discuss?09:19
MooDoowilly1977: Fedora related, so it's not the right channel ;) lol i'll get flamed :p09:19
smittixMooDoo: Not too bad, how are you?09:19
MooDoosmittix: very well thanks09:20
Myrttiwell that's funny09:24
MyrttiRovio is going to publish a cook book09:25
Myrttiwith lots of EGG recipies09:25
willy1977good for when you have the runs then...?09:25
bigcalmGood morning peoples :)09:25
willy1977morning bigcalm & Myrtti09:26
Myrtticook book with distruction and mayhem, lol09:26
bigcalmEggs are funny?09:26
issyl0Morning all.09:26
issyl0matti: Ping.09:26
Myrtti"the idea is to show how the pigs are learning to cook"09:26
bigcalmHi willy1977 & issyl009:26
bigcalmMyrtti: o.O09:27
Myrttia friend commented on Facebook "to be announced for  Christmas: green christmas gammon"09:27
issyl0Myrtti: Errr...09:27
MyrttiANGRY BIRDS COOKBOOK, you silly people :-D09:27
* issyl0 doesn't play Angry Birds.09:28
Myrttihttp://www.digitoday.fi/viihde/2011/04/13/angry-birdsilta-tulee-keittokirja/20115238/66 :-D09:28
willy1977isn't Angry Birds that program off itv at lunchtime with that woman from the cruises on?09:28
bigcalmI haven't played it for so long I had forgotten the connection with the name09:28
Myrttisorry, it's in foreign09:28
bigcalmwilly1977: boosh!09:28
MooDoowilly1977: badum tish :)09:29
willy1977I thank you... I'm here all week09:29
Myrtti"try the fish"09:29
MooDoosmoke me a kipper i'll be back for breakfast :D09:30
* willy1977 loves red dwarf :)09:35
bigcalmDo you love it enough to care that Dave have commisioned a 10th series? :(09:35
willy1977unfortunately not... it had lost it's sheen by 8... I think they should've stopped around 5/609:36
bigcalmCompletely agree09:36
BigRedSThey're making another one?09:38
bigcalmI want to say 'sadly so', but I really hope this one works out well. Bobby Llew seems somewhat excited09:39
willy1977you never know... it might work... I hope so.09:43
JamesTaitGood morning all!09:44
popeyhello JamesTait09:44
popey(and everyone else)09:44
willy1977morning popey09:44
JamesTaitHey popey. So what's this OggCamp thing then? :-P09:44
willy1977I'm hoping for camping to become available as I'm skint...09:45
willy1977but I'll give up the ticket if that falls through :(09:45
JamesTaitI think I need to talk to Mrs Tait fairly quickly and get cheaper train tickets. :)09:46
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willy1977yeah do it, I have no idea what it's about but I thought it'd be cool to rock up anyway and bimble around all lost sheep like :)09:46
willy1977well I've read what's on the site obviously :) http://oggcamp.org/09:47
JamesTaitSounds like a chaotic mess of geeks. Count me in! :-P09:49
MooDoomorning popey09:49
MooDooJamesTait: organised chaos :)09:50
willy1977JamesTait: I've not heard that collective noun for geeks in a long time ;)09:50
JamesTait(Disclaimer: I've been to both of them so far, and thoroughly enjoyed myself)09:50
MyrttiI was at the first one09:51
Myrttithe second was in a silly place in a silly time09:51
JamesTaitMyrtti: I think I saw you knitting at the first one? Or was that at LRL the year before?09:51
MyrttiI still haven't finished the piece I was making IIRC09:53
gordhrm, someone posted on a keyboard review for a keyboard i want. "does not need to be line of sight for the IR receiver which is a plus" - i don't even understand how someone could come to the conclusion that it uses IR....09:54
JamesTaitAh, right. I recognised that it was something with yarn and needle(s), but I'm not that familiar with the crafts.09:54
popeygord: is there some way to reset the unity launcher so it presents the stuff a default user gets?09:54
gordpopey, unity --reset and erm, there is a gsettings key, hold on let me find it09:55
popey\o/ new toy is on the delivery van!09:55
gordpopey, gsettings reset com.canonical.Unity.Launcher favorites09:56
popeywhilst logged in?09:56
willy1977I've read that does something completely different now?09:57
willy1977the gsettings bit... but then again... I know nothing :p09:57
popeythat did it, thanks09:58
popeyneed to do them the other way round though09:58
popeygsettings then unity09:58
gordunity --reset will launch a new instance so it'll pick up the new settings then09:59
willy1977no sorry need to keep my nose out it was gsettings reset com.canonical...etc. favorite-migration that changed sorry again lesson learned.09:59
gordbut it also resets the compiz config back to default09:59
popeyi just did a reset and now Super+E and Super+W don't work10:03
willy1977where can I find out what compiz is/does/fits in the whole picture type thing?10:06
willy1977found the docs ta.10:07
gordpopey, expo is super+s i think10:09
popeythats changed10:12
popeyah yes, there's an s on the workspace switcher10:12
danfishmorning, morning10:22
danfishpopey: what's the new toy?10:22
popeydanfish: http://www.epiphan.com/products/frame-grabbers/vga2usb-lr/10:25
danfishpopey: nice...but yikes, a tad pricy!10:29
MyrttiI need a cave10:33
popeyyeah :S10:35
popeyluckily I'm not paying for it10:35
oimonhi guys. anything exciting happened in the last 5 days ..been away :P10:35
danfishphew :)10:35
oimonmy 11 and 13 years old nephews are into minecraft :S10:36
popeyoimon: http://oggcamp.org/ :)10:36
oimoni was in farnham yesterday :P10:36
oimonwhat's the max capacity for oggcamp?10:38
popeyhard to say10:41
popeywe have some flexibility10:41
popeythey have a lot of rooms, some suitable some not, and we could potentially adjust the rooms we use to make room10:41
danfishso long as there is room for beer - need moar beer :D10:47
popeyplenty of pubs nearby10:48
MyrttiI wish I knew if I can attend or not10:50
danfishJono down on the farm ;)10:50
MyrttiI don't even know if I can attend a happening on Friday, yet alone August10:50
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:53
popeyI am going to Farnham Maltings on friday for the beerex :D10:53
willy1977morning brobostigon10:55
brobostigongood morning popey and willy197710:55
* TheOpenSourcerer is also going to beerex on Friday with popey http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farnham_Beer_Exhibition10:56
czajkowskiAlanBell: ping10:56
brobostigonhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/gwibber/+bug/755311 ideas?10:56
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 755311 in Gwibber "cant add twitter account - sticks on verifying" [Undecided,New]10:56
czajkowskibrobostigon: usually that happens when twitter is being a bit iffy11:02
czajkowskibut can take a few attempts and then is fine unless something has changed recently11:02
brobostigonczajkowski: i have tried repeatedly every day for a few weeks, it hs been there.11:03
oimongwibber3 is out?11:04
brobostigonoimon: my gwibber verson number is
* oimon goes to update natty box11:05
Myrttigwibber still exists? ;-)11:11
oimonyes, although i pronounce it "hotot"11:12
davmor2morning all11:15
brobostigongood morning davmor211:15
davmor2czajkowski: ow am ya kidda11:16
czajkowskigoing back to sleep11:16
davmor2nn czajkowski11:16
MooDoonn czajkowski sweet dreams11:21
davmor2MooDoo: you saying that is enough to her nightmares thats just evil man ;)11:23
MooDoodavmor2: i care :)11:24
popeybug 75642611:31
lubotu3Launchpad bug 756426 in json-glib (Ubuntu) "unable to set double (fixed upstream)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75642611:31
czajkowskibug 75642611:31
czajkowskipopey: dynf11:31
czajkowskidamn your nibble fingers11:32
davmor2czajkowski: are popey 's fingers like nimble only tastier then?11:34
* popey cuddles bigcalm_ 11:35
* bigcalm_ spanks Freenode11:35
bigcalm_Thank you popey, disconnects unnerve me11:36
jpdsHey, nice tail.11:36
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bigcalmWhat tail? ;)11:36
* popey cuddles aquarius 11:46
aquariusdare I ask why? :)11:47
popeydoing anything on 13th/14th August?11:47
aquariusmight be. Have already been bollocked by laura11:48
czajkowskinot me11:48
czajkowskithe other one I assume11:48
MyrttiI shall be drinking Pimms11:48
aquariusno, Laura Cowen :)11:48
* MartijnVdS would go, but YAPC::EU starts on the 15th.. in Latvia.11:48
aquariusNiamh and I go away on holiday just after that weekend, and she's with me that weekend.11:48
Myrttimmm pimms11:48
aquariusI am going to see if I can shuffle things around.11:49
czajkowskiaquarius: bring her!11:49
jpdsMartijnVdS: Just clone yourself.11:49
AlanBellMyrtti: we had pimms at the last one11:49
aquariusczajkowski, no :)11:49
MyrttiAlanBell: I bet you did11:49
MartijnVdSjpds: I would, but the side-effects...11:49
* oimon wonders if he can get 13th or 14th off as a conference for work purposes...11:49
Myrttiaquarius: are you afraid we'd spoil her rotten?11:49
czajkowskiaquarius: :( I want to meet the cool kid who has to put up with you :p11:49
AlanBellMyrtti: http://www.flickr.com/photos/webmink/4574060621/11:49
aquariusno. I'm afraid she'd be bored into the next galaxy, and that I couldn't stay up late and hang out with people.11:49
czajkowskiahh tis the beer :p11:50
Myrttioh well, no tar schapps for you then...11:50
Myrtti(and yes, I know)11:51
aquariushence why I'm trying to shuffle things around. But it does not look promising :(11:51
dutchieAlanBell: i like popey in the background of that pic11:54
dutchielooking evil in some undefinablee way11:54
willy1977Hi Tony,11:56
willy1977I.ve had a message from Joy regarding licensing. We will be able to free up 1 license when we you move live on the new mobile apps, as we won.t need 2 application servers, but unfortunately there will not be any further licenses beyond this freed up.11:56
willy1977I have attached an up to date NAV license FYI. This has the middle tier granule included as well (needed for the new version).11:56
willy1977Matthew Woodhouse11:56
willy1977Microsoft Dynamics Team Director | Technology Management11:56
willy1977damn multitasking...11:56
Myrttilast year that time I was first eating at Nando's in Cambridge and then driving to Cornwall11:56
MyrttiI wish I was in that cottage in Cornwall now...11:56
oimonmmm cornwall11:56
oimonspent my honeymoon in cornwall..it's that good :)11:56
* willy1977 note to self don't right mouse click links...11:57
dogmatic69willy1977: still waiting for the NAV license11:59
willy1977lol you can have 'em all for me.11:59
oimonis that norton?12:00
dogmatic69sure sounds like it12:00
willy1977is what norton? nav?12:01
dogmatic69norton anti virus12:01
willy1977ah... nope12:01
oimonnorton a. virus more like it12:01
willy1977at my place of work  we provide (amongst loads of other stuff) Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultancy, it's an ERP.12:02
willy1977formerly Navision12:02
willy1977formerly Financials12:02
oimonsounds stimulating12:03
dogmatic69oimon: sounds sarcastic12:03
smittixHow do you get a ubuntu.com forwarder?12:05
jpds!member | smittix12:06
lubotu3smittix: Ubuntu Membership means recognition of a significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.  For more info see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership12:06
* smittix pats lubotu3 12:06
oimondon't you hate it when a printer just refuses to work?12:06
smittixcheers jpds12:06
TheOpenSourcererwilly1977: Dynamics is bloody expensive - at our place of work we provide (amongst loads of other stuff) OpenERP consultancy, it's a Free Software ERP ;-)12:06
jpdsoimon: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/printers12:06
oimonjpds: they are missing the one where the cups server receives it, it says processing, and the printer fails to kick into action12:07
willy1977shhhh don't say that...even if you may be right...12:07
willy1977TheOpenSourcerer: ^^^12:07
willy1977I'm not even sure why I got involved in that little exchange...I'm a .net developer by day ;)12:08
dwatkinsI try to avoid anything relating to licensing.12:09
jpdsoimon: Have plenty with that, yep.12:09
dwatkinswilly1977: does your IRC client not pop-up a warning when you try to paste more than about 5 lines?12:09
jpdsplenty of experience*12:09
directhexopenerp is sorely lacking in some areas, sadly12:09
dwatkinsirssi won't let me paste a lot by accident12:09
AlanBellin what way directhex?12:09
TheOpenSourcererdirecthex: And yet, it doesn't cost ~£1k per seat12:10
willy1977dwatkins: I just went  \o/... I know nothing... I'm using irssi12:10
smittixI just tried logging into the ubuntu forums with my launchpad id and it doesn't work?12:10
willy1977but ssh to home and I keep forgetting that when I right mouse click a link it fires whatever is in the clipboard and presses enter :(12:10
dwatkinswilly1977: which version of irssi?12:10
AlanBellputty right click is a bad idea12:11
dwatkinswilly1977: yeah, I used to have the same problem, I think the 'ask if you really want to paste' feature is new.12:11
dwatkinsAlanBell: that too12:11
AlanBellstick to Linux on the desktop and you will have no problems!12:11
directhexTheOpenSourcerer, indeed. at least it sucks for free :)12:11
TheOpenSourcerer(12:09:53) AlanBell: in what way directhex?12:12
directhexthere was a big long list12:12
directhexISTR many problems were regarding history12:12
oimonjpds: reboot the printer..of course!12:12
directhexe.g. changing someone's hourly wage12:12
TheOpenSourcererIt is unlike you to be so succinct ;-)12:12
jpdsoimon: Three times.12:13
willy1977dwatkins: I thought it was the latest... but I just grabbed it from apt-get so maybe not as new as I thought...12:13
directhexif you need to bump someone's pay, then you need to create a new contract & change their assigned contract type, or you lose the history of them being paid at a lower rate. no easy way to analyse that historically12:13
dwatkinswilly1977: 12:17 -%- Irssi: Client: irssi 0.8.15 (20100403 1617)12:17
dwatkinswilly1977: I don't think it's set as default on mine, actually12:17
* dwatkins goes to check before accidentally pasting a customer e-mail12:17
willy1977dwatkins: nope just found pate_detect_keycount... and a few other settings...12:18
dwatkinspaste_detect_time = 5msecs12:19
dwatkinsIt still allows me to paste a lot, though.12:19
AlanBelldirecthex: sounds like a need for a beefier HR module, from an ERP perspective you would still have the history of all payments12:20
willy1977looking at paste_verify_line_count too12:20
AlanBellthat would be a fairly straightforward enhancement to make I think12:20
AlanBelldepending on what analysis you wanted, it could be as simple as writing a line to a journal field when the rate changes12:21
dwatkinswilly1977: yeah, that's set to 5 on my client, and I have a recent enough version that this all should be there and working, so I'm puzzled as to how it's not asking me for verification when I paste (I created a channel #ubuntu-uk-test to confirm it's definitely not asking me on a channel)12:22
AlanBellor rewrite the pay rates thing so that rates are separate objects with valid from dates12:22
Romeo_Hey guys need help with ubuntu, tried installing it on my laptop and it installed but when it boots it goes into a dos window asking for my login and then password, even if i enter my user and pass it stays on the dos window12:25
Romeo_works fine using live but i have the problem when i install it tried 32 and 64bit12:26
willy1977dwatkins: I've noticed that if you set paste line count to two and pate in a two liner it still pastes the first line...12:26
AlanBellI think it would be best if I wasn't in the hosts.deny of the server I have been trying to get into12:27
TheOpenSourcererWish me luck chaps. Just booked my semi-knackered car in for servcice & MOT...12:27
X3NRomeo_: is this booting from the install disk or after having installed12:27
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: I wish you better luck than I had12:27
Romeo_after install12:27
willy1977TheOpenSourcerer: really really good luck, everything crossed for you.12:27
willy1977dwatkins: so essentially I can paste a whole load of stuff with it set to 5...12:28
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: ours is just fixed, wifey going to get it now12:28
TheOpenSourcererBooked it into the Garage in Pirbright12:28
bigcalmpopey: are you going to try and get 30mb cable?12:28
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: fyi I used ACC in farnborough12:28
Romeo_any ideas?12:29
bigcalmWhy not?12:29
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: oh, i bought mine there12:29
popeybigcalm: because I doubt they will do it on mates rates12:29
popeyRomeo_: you may be better off asking in #ubuntu12:29
X3NRomeo_: if you've just installed it might be quicker to try re-installing rather than trying to fix this12:29
TheOpenSourcererpopey: I wanted it to go to a "proper" Volvo garage this time as a comparison.12:30
X3NRomeo_: or in your terminal do "sudo service gdm restart"12:30
bigcalmpopey: that's the thing, I think they will. But I don't want to call them incase they realise that our friend no longer works for VM12:30
popeyok, so you want me to call them to test that? :)12:30
popey(My friend still works there)12:30
bigcalmpopey: you're a star :D12:31
popeythat was a question not an offer :D12:31
Romeo_tried installing a few times :/12:31
popeyI'll email them12:31
bigcalmpopey: I'll bring you Metroid Prime 3 : Corruption for oggcamp12:31
bigcalmCheers mukka12:31
bigcalmException caught: E_HUNGER12:32
* bigcalm lunches12:32
popeybigcalm: mail sent, will let you know how it goes12:35
popeybigcalm: got a reply already :)12:44
popeybigcalm: you have to phone 150 and pay 30 quid one off fee for the hardware upgrade, then its the same price each month12:44
MartijnVdSMinecrafters: http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/collectibles/e7fa/?cpg=fbl_e7fa12:50
popeyi now realise why Mark Shuttleworth is in Moscow12:55
* Laney spanks an 'l' on the end12:57
gordi forget mark has been in space sometimes...12:58
gordno one believes that i work for a spaceman :(12:59
mattiissyl0: Yes?13:00
issyl0matti: Just saying hi.  :-)13:01
mattiissyl0: Oh, OK :) *hug*13:01
* Laney wiggles13:02
MartijnVdSLaney: !family :P13:02
* Laney waggles?13:02
oimonanyone know if it's possible to get o2 contracts for android phones at 10 or 15 £ per month?13:11
directhexoimon, sim on its own, or with a device?13:13
oimonmy sis wants a htc desire on o213:13
oimontmob do contract for £15pm, but she wants o213:13
willy1977oimon: you'd end up paying around 150 for the desire on that price contract on o213:14
oimon:( ripoff13:14
willy197727.00 a month and it becomes free.13:14
willy1977GBp ^^^13:14
directhexoimon, yes, if you pay for the phone and have a 24 month contract.13:15
willy1977oh and they're 24month contracts13:15
oimonthink i'm gonna suggest she changes the network..13:15
directhexoimon, HTC Desire on O2 is £149.99 up front, plus £16.50 per month (500 meg of data for that)13:15
popeyoimon: get her to look at giffgaff?13:15
directhexpopey, giffgaff is sim-only, so she needs £400 for the phone up front13:16
popeyoh yeah13:16
oimondirecthex: which site? o2 or a reseller?13:16
directhexoimon, o2.13:16
directhexi don't look at resellers13:16
oimon50mins and 250texts...tmob is 300 mins, 300 txt for £15.32, and the phone is about £100 less13:17
oimono2 must think people are mugs13:17
popeypeople are13:17
directhexum... yes, they do13:17
directhexo2 drew people in with the iphone exclusivity13:18
willy1977it's the we're the only provider that do iPhone... what do you mean orange have it mindset...13:18
oimonmy mrs used to be on o2, when she cancelled the contract, they continued to charge us for 3 months until we noticed - they wouldn't pay us back either13:18
willy1977o2 is the best network for me at home :(13:18
oimonso o2 are banned in our house (along with british gas and virgin media)13:18
willy1977gritsih bas don't talk to me about that shower...13:19
Laneyyou should try writing angry tweets at them13:19
Laneyusually gets a response these days13:19
oimoni received a computerised phone call from Ken's Daughter yesterday. it said i have a message for oimon, are you oimon: "yes" ..sorry i did not understand, goodbye13:20
oimonturned out, after googling the number, that it was thames water..not ken's daughter13:20
MartijnVdSoimon: aww13:21
* willy1977 off to tweet angrily at british gas13:21
directhexoimon, my next mobile phone hinges on which network i can buy it on. if it's o2-only, and not available sim-free, then i just won't get the device i want. will need something else13:21
Laneytweeted at my expensive headphone manufacturer, got in touch with their customer service manager and a speedy replacement :-)13:22
oimonhow can companies reply quickly to tweets but not emails?13:22
directhexLaney, i got some free pizza from dominos via twitter :p13:22
oimonfood via http: hmmm13:23
Laneybecause tweets are public13:23
directhexoimon, twitter is public. when you say "o2 sucks because they ate my baby", lots of people see it13:23
Laneyeven better is if your blog post gets picked up by some media13:23
directhexwhereas shouting down the phone, at best your neighbours hear it13:23
directhexand email... /dev/null hears it13:24
Laneydevnull is a very good listener13:25
directhexso i tweet when annoyed. sometimes it helps13:25
Laneynever interrupts13:25
Romeo_couple of questions, is the latest ubuntu 10.10? or 11.10? and what version is the netbook for? laptops?13:26
lubotu3Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.13:26
popeyoh, drat13:26
popeyRomeo_: latest release is 10.1013:27
popeyreleased in october last year13:27
popeynext release is due in april, so 11.0413:27
Romeo_when i start ubuntu on the select screen it says generic 22 but after the updates it says 28, anyway of getting this from a latest download of ubuntu13:28
directhexRomeo_, no. they don't re-burn the images with the latest packages, as mastering the discs takes time & needs testing13:30
Laneywith the exception of LTS releases, which do have point release updates13:30
directhexyes, that13:30
Romeo_cause im having problems installing ubuntu it wount load, but i load on recovery mode failsave with low graphics then update all packages its fine13:31
Laneydoesn't the installer have the ability to update during installation these days?13:31
directhexLaney, won't help with drivers though13:31
willy1977it does if you have a connection.13:31
Romeo_might need to do that then13:31
directhexRomeo_, it sounds like your best bet might be to use the latest beta for 11.0413:32
Laneyif the graphical installer works for you then do that, otherwise yeah — try the beta13:32
Laneybut haven't you already managed to get it updated and working?13:32
Romeo_1104 is the latest? thought it was 10.10? is 10.10 official and 11.04 beta?13:32
Romeo_ok thanx, is it possible to download 11.04 from somewhere and burn it to disk /usb?13:33
popeyRomeo_: 11.04 isnt the latest13:35
popeyI said 10.10 is the latest13:35
brobostigoncdimages.ubuntu.com and use something like unetbootin or startup disk creator.13:35
popey11.04 isn't finished yet13:35
lubotu3Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not currently intended for production systems.13:35
Romeo_you guys using 10.10 or 11.0413:36
brobostigonnatty here.13:36
popeyI am using 11.04 and 10.0413:36
Romeo_whats 11.04 like compare to 10.10?13:36
brobostigonRomeo_: that is a complex question to ask.13:37
directhexnewer. which is important when you have driver woe13:37
Romeo_how is it?13:37
popeyhttp://terminator.wikia.com/wiki/2011/04/21 "Skynet is destined to go online a few days earlier on April 19, 2011 at 20:11." Same release date as Portal 2...13:38
Romeo_i want to try 11.04 if its a beta and crap then ill stay with 10.10 if its good and stable ill try it13:38
brobostigonRomeo_: i am using gnome3/gnome-shell here, unity is stanard innatty, so dont listen to me.13:38
popeylots of buzzwords there brobostigon13:38
popeys/buzzwords/jargon :)13:38
brobostigonRomeo_: make a live usb and or cd as i desicribed, andplay and see, no risk testing.13:38
brobostigonpopey: good point,13:39
Romeo_im new to ubuntu so you saying you using gnome3/gnome-shell means nothing to me13:39
brobostigonRomeo_: so for the language,13:39
popeyRomeo_: grab a copy of the beta of 11.04, put it on a usb stick with unetbootin and boot from it. if the GUI works, then maybe 11.04 is for you13:39
popeybut it's not released/finished yet13:39
Romeo_no probs we all adults13:39
popeyso bugs about13:39
lubotu3For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent13:39
brobostigon!info unetbootin13:40
lubotu3unetbootin (source: unetbootin): installer of Linux/BSD distributions to a partition or USB drive. In component universe, is optional. Version 471-1ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 274 kB, installed size 808 kB13:40
popeyits detailed on that page13:40
Romeo_i used universal usb thingy to put ubuntu on usb stick but it says boot error on my laptop, but its ok on pc13:40
popeyunetbootin is a free download13:41
popeyits quite simple13:41
popeypoint it at an ISO image and a USB stick and you're done13:41
hamitroneasier than burning an ISO13:41
MartijnVdSpopey: you don't even have to point it at an ISO -- it'll download it for you13:41
popeynot natty it wont MartijnVdS13:41
brobostigonhamitron: and it is reusable, :)13:41
MartijnVdSpopey: ah yes, good point13:41
smittixHumble Bundle Is awesome13:43
popeysmittix: unless you have an intel video card13:46
directhexpopey, there's one little thing i should point out in defense of that13:47
directhexpopey, they don't support intel graphics on *any* os13:48
oimonall the H.I.B. games i've tried have been fine on intel13:48
directhexGraphics: Radeon X800 or GeForce 6800 or better13:48
oimondirecthex: is that the new bundle, or the requirements for running unity :P13:49
directhexoimon, trine.13:49
directhextrine has more than 10 polygons on screen at once, so it should be obvious intel can't cope13:49
oimonwin 4.22, mac 6.08, linux 11.82 average prices so far..13:50
ali1234i hate when they say "x or better" - because clearly any intel graphics card is "better" than anything ati have ever made13:50
directhexi hear in 2015 intel might push the envelope to 15 polygons, with up to 3 of them lit and textured!13:50
oimonthe games look a bit like old school games ..in a good way. FPS a boring13:51
* oimon gets back to trying autotune out on audacity :P13:52
smittixoiman is that a plugin?13:53
ali1234so wait, the new humble bundle actually only has two games in it?13:55
directhexali1234, three.13:55
directhexali1234, plus a pre-order for a 4th. plus source and assets to build your own 54th.13:55
ali1234two games, an expansion pack for one of them, one that's not finished, and one that's been cancelled13:55
directhexsurvivor is a sequel, not an expansion pack13:56
directhexfeel free to pay retail if you prefer: http://store.steampowered.com/sub/6957/13:57
oimonsmittix: haven't installed it yet (have a meeting to go to at 2pm), but rading up on it, here is some initial info, http://forum.audacityteam.org/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=50171 i had another link somewhere but can't find it atm13:57
smittixoimon: Awesome thanks13:57
ali1234directhex: that's not retail, steam is cheaper than the "$50 if bought separately" that they claim13:57
davmor2czajkowski: you back from your nap yet?13:59
smittixJack Claw: Please note a xbox 360 controller is needed to play this game14:01
directhexsmittix, it's a prototype with source. add keyboard support!14:03
directhexalso, compile for non-windows14:03
directhexali1234, i find it weird that you're complaining about the poor value of "whatever you want to pay"14:03
ali1234i'm not complaining about poor value, i'm complaining about poor quality14:06
ali1234tbh i wouldn't download either of these games even if they were free14:06
ali1234also i want back the 5 minutes i spent watching the gameplay videos14:07
seekerali1234: You should probably just go back to sleep if you don't want to risk encountering things that are not 100% perfect14:11
gordhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-13060548 - i for one am completely supportive of Japanese companies building our internet infrastructure. they dont' mess around14:12
ali1234can't be worse than BT14:12
Davieygord, really?  The fact that they like to make their own standards?  Almost as bad as the US.14:13
gordnothing is worse than bt14:13
gordDaviey, i don't care, i have 2mbit, its 2011 and i have 2mbit14:13
hamitronI would save the £500 million ;/14:13
Davieygord, heh... you need fibre 'almost to your door'.. giving at least 3.5mbit.14:14
hamitronour country is falling on its knees, I don't consider higher speed internet a priority14:14
Azelphurwilly1977: yay, they mailed me a class 2 card.14:14
AzelphurI bought a class 10.14:14
popeya friend of mine made a game for pyweek14:14
popeyit looks like fun14:14
popeyI haven't played it yet14:14
gordi miss pyweek :(14:15
popeytwo player painting game14:15
directhexi get 18mbit ¬_¬14:15
directhexi'd get almost double if i made bt my isp14:16
willy1977Azelphur: ?14:16
Azelphuryou know the micro sd card saga with ws inspire :p14:16
AzelphurI think it was you I saw talking to? :D14:16
willy1977yeah - sorry slept since then :D14:16
willy1977well that was "nice" of them!14:16
Azelphurgonna call them again xD14:17
hamitrondirecthex: who you with?14:17
directhexhamitron, be14:17
ali1234popey: now that looks like a good game...14:17
popeyali1234: apparently the game dynamic is a bit broken in that it's more fun and easier to spoil the other persons work than do your own14:25
ali1234i don't see why that is "broken"14:26
ali1234anyway at least it's slightly original14:27
Azelphurpopey: the ubuntu-uk minecraft server runs on 512mb ram right?14:29
Azelphurhow much? o.O14:29
dogmatic692gig min ?14:29
hamitronpopey: think the phrase you were looking for is "hell no!!!"14:29
dogmatic69that is what the docs say14:29
Azelphuroh :o14:30
* dogmatic69 has a 256mb slice with 10.10 x64 running it though :)14:30
directhexjava eats ram14:30
* hamitron blames java14:30
hamitrondirecthex beat me to it :/14:30
smittixIs minecraft any good?14:30
dogmatic69and yet, google thought a java vm on a phone is good?14:30
popey 4011 minecraf  20   0 2761m 977m 7820 S    8 32.4 119:52.60 java14:30
directhexpeople call java bloated because it is. it consumes ram in vast quantities.14:30
dogmatic69smittix: o.o14:30
Laney12510 laney     20   0 1580m 1.1g 1436 S    1 28.2 117:29.67 java14:31
directhexdogmatic69, and palm decided on javascript!14:31
willy1977smittix: minecrack...14:31
popeyMem:   3088160k total,  2912668k used,   175492k free,   259352k buffers14:31
popeySwap:  4805624k total,   258616k used,  4547008k free,  1275488k cached14:31
popey^^ Azelphur14:31
directhexsmittix, it's not so much a game as a lego box that sometimes explodes14:31
Azelphuruseful unit of measurement is useful14:31
* Laney has -Xm{x,s}1024M14:31
dogmatic69directhex: android would have wiped the market out if it was some compiled version of c/c++14:31
popeyjava -server -Xmn512M -Xms1024M -Xmx2500M -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+DisableExplicitGC -XX:+UseAdaptiveGCBoundary -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=500 -XX:-UseGCOverheadLimit -XX:SurvivorRatio=16 -Xnoclassgc -XX:UseSSE=3 -XX:ParallelGCThreads=3 -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui14:31
Azelphurwoa, that's a lot of options I don't use o.O14:31
dogmatic69apt-get install <androidstuff> :D14:31
ali1234dogmatic69: use android NDK then14:31
smittixHow much is it?14:32
dogmatic69yes, that is root + hack to do something it should do out the box14:32
directhexdogmatic69, seen the venchmarks of dalvik vs mono? ;)14:32
ali1234whenever i use those -Xm options java just crashes14:32
dogmatic69directhex: nope? any links?14:32
hamitronmore I think about it, it was good move by MS getting into bed with nokia14:33
directhexdogmatic69, http://www.koushikdutta.com/2009/01/dalvik-vs-mono.html14:33
Azelphurpopey: java -Xincgc -Xmx2G -jar craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar is all I use, haha14:33
ali1234hamitron: good for MS, bad for nokia14:33
directhexdogmatic69, koush is the guy behind rom manager14:33
hamitronali1234: yeh14:33
hamitronbasically leaving a slow android and iOS to beat14:33
Azelphurpopey: what does all those options do? :)14:33
hamitronor attempt to14:33
directhexdogmatic69, note: these tests predate the dalvik JITter14:34
hamitronbrb, phone :/14:35
ali1234i want to see dalvik vs mono vs native machine code benchmark pls14:35
ali1234using modern versions of each14:36
directhexoh christ on a bike, off on "EVERYONE SHOULD WRITE BINARY MANUALLY" again14:36
andylockranhey guys14:36
andylockranI'm wondering if it makes sense /is possible, to do a 2way rsync.. keeping the newest files.14:37
BigRedSandylockran: csync does that14:37
BigRedSbut does break in all sorts of ways frequently14:37
dogmatic69ali1234: i want to see my *nix running phone able to do ./configure && make && make install with no VM's running java crap14:38
* smittix goes to investigate minecraft14:38
andylockrandirecthex: unison the best call?14:38
directhexunison sucks. but we use it in the office14:38
dogmatic69smittix: best 15 bucks you can spend14:38
andylockranat least yourre honest14:38
ali1234yes, everyone should write machine code with hex editor14:38
directhexreally? you can get bioshock 1 and 2 and some beer for 15 bucks14:39
directhexhex editor? wuss. chaos butterflies are the true test of a developer14:39
dogmatic69directhex: buy minecraft and you wont have time for beer...14:39
smittixI don't like bioshock ;)14:40
hamitronali1234: \o/ nutter ;)14:47
hamitronI agree with the principle though14:47
hamitrongoogle have shown how using the likes of java can be an advantage, having fast development. now they just need to start re-coding some of the things done in proper code, so it does all slow down to a crawl and get a bad name14:49
directhexhamitron, some of their worst code is their non-java code, though.15:00
hamitrondirecthex: probably, but I was just generalising15:00
ali1234can write bad code in any language15:00
hamitronneed to get off the interpretated onto the compiled machine code15:01
directhextheir kernel is the home of their worst mistakes15:01
hamitronespecially if the world is suppose to be wanting to be more energy efficient15:01
hamitronputting aside the cost of energy worldwide, it makes sense to use less in portable devices15:03
oimonshowed my wife the gnome shell live cd the other day15:13
oimontook her less than 10 seconds to decide she didn't like it15:13
popeywhat did she try?15:14
brobostigonoimon: how old or new was/is the cd?15:14
oimonpopey:  it wasn't immediately obvious how you launch apps, since the launcher doesn't display by default15:15
oimonbrobostigon: the new one, based off fedora15:15
brobostigonoimon: what is the build date?15:15
oimondate of download on my machine is 2011-04-0715:16
brobostigonoimon: that isnt quite what i was loking for,15:17
oimonbrobostigon: it was the one on the gnome 3 site15:17
smittixHeh Unity - http://wallbase.cc/wallpaper/8400815:17
oimondownlaoded a few days ago.15:17
brobostigonoimon: let me look it up.15:17
oimonthe issue is that the launcher isn't visible by default, you have to click in the corner. as far as she's concerned, it's too many clicks and not worth the bother15:19
brobostigonoimon: or just swipe up with your mouse,and or hit superkey, for example.15:20
oimoni showed her unity, and she's going to try it when i upgrade a few months after natty gets released, but i reckon she will prefer gnome classic. average users don't want funky stuff and paradigm shifts15:20
brobostigonoimon: build date is a week ago, it should be basicllycomplete then.15:21
popeyi dont think thats a valid argument oimon15:21
popeyend users want a working system15:22
popeyand to be able to get to their data/apps15:22
oimonpopey: yes, true of course. and if it is working now, then they don't want to change for change sake15:22
popeyi hate that phrase15:22
popeynobody changes the desktop "for changes sake"15:22
popeythey do it for perfectly valid reasons15:22
bigcalmpopey: please apply that statement to the window buttons :P15:23
brobostigoni changed, because i liked the improvements, and they improved my usability of the system.15:23
popeylook at unity and tell me the buttons on the right makes sense15:23
oimonworked for UNE15:24
bigcalm_ [] X is what I was refering to15:24
davmor2popey: nope not with everything top left15:24
popeybigcalm: yes, i know15:24
popeydavmor2: that was my point15:24
bigcalmAh, ok. I'll let you know when I use unity again :)15:25
davmor2popey: it's most annoying when you have to use a windows box everything is in the wrong place15:25
oimonif a user uses apps menu, quicklaunch shortcuts and the regular windows list panel, it's quite a jump for them to move to a new way of thinking, when there isn't an obvious benefit to them15:27
popeypeople manage by going from windows 3.1 to 95 to xp to 715:28
popeyand from windows to osx15:28
hamitronand it was all hassle and required re-training of the idiots! ;)15:28
popeyfrequently I hear "oh, they changed that, that sucks" then carry on using it15:28
popeymy wife (or idiot as you put it) didn't need retraining much when she went xp -> debian -> ubuntu -> osx15:29
* hamitron uses what is there and doesn't care15:29
willy1977try to embrace change... but I just cannot get on with unity yet... :/15:30
hamitronmy gf still asks me "is the return key the funny shaped one" when i am telling her what to type15:30
oimonhow many people were upset about new twitter and wanted to keep old twitter?15:30
popeyand then carried on regardless15:31
popeypeople hate change15:31
popeybut when you actually push them they're quite able to cope15:31
popeythey _say_ they can't, but they can15:31
oimonif there isn't a perceived benefit, i'm not surprised15:31
popeythey whinge and moan, but then get on with it15:31
brobostigonsome change is for the better, and good.15:31
popeythen their perception needs adjustment :)15:31
Myrttidabr ftw15:31
willy1977hummm I agree in the most part but I curse  office 2010 ribbon whenever I try and find anything...15:32
oimonwhich side are your buttons on?15:32
willy1977my point being that sometimes the change is flawed...15:32
davmor2oimon: What phone do you have?  What phone did you have before?  was there a perceivable difference did you manage to cope with the change?15:32
dogmatic69willy1977: i liked the ribbon thing. more space for stufff15:32
oimondavmor2: the phone wasn't forced on me. i upgraded from a dumpphone to a smartphone to gain features15:33
popeyI'm thinking of moving my mum to unity when its out15:33
hamitronpopey: I get your point, but still hate having to change my habbits :)15:33
popeyso do I if they are good habbits15:33
popeye.g. I hate that I can't use focus follows mouse on unity15:34
willy1977dogmatic69: I just can't find anything that used to be on a the little tool bar... so I guess popey's point still remains I cope... it's negatively affected my view of office.15:34
X3Nagh why does natty have /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu this is causing such a headache15:34
oimonwhy are users of gnome shell required to ditch the minimise button? minimise still "works", whether the purists will question what it does15:34
davmor2oimon: this isn't forced on you,  you can stick to using maverick15:34
dogmatic69dont like the new unity thing at all :/15:34
dogmatic69used it for a few months on netbook15:34
davmor2oimon: infact you could of stuck to using lucid for 3 years15:35
* hamitron is still using lucid ;)15:35
oimondavmor2: and then what?15:35
brobostigonoimon: you dont, you can still have it there, it ustisnt there as standard, and is a waste.15:35
oimonbrobostigon: minimise isn't a waste. the title bars on gnome shell are enormous15:36
oimonyou could have 50 buttons on there15:36
brobostigonoimon: not here in natty with gnome-shell they arent, theyare alittle big as a direct from svn build, yes.15:36
davmor2oimon: keep using it,  you don't have to upgrade you do it for benefits like updated application and ermmm desktops15:37
brobostigonoimon: and why have minimise, if there isnt anything to actually minimise too. ?, good question isnt it.15:37
popeyi use minimise to get things out of my way15:38
oimonlet's wait till natty day and see what the reviews say15:38
popeyI'd wait till a while after that :)15:38
popeyday one reviews are often "WTF!"15:38
popeybut once people use it for a while, many come around15:39
oimonpoint taken15:39
X3NI thought natty would be more ready given the intended release date15:39
brobostigonpopey: i was refferring to a traditional desktop no longer being there, nd no longer having to minimise for such a function.15:39
popeyhow do you get stuff out of the way then?15:39
brobostigonpopey: i switch to another window.15:39
czajkowskidavmor2: kinda15:39
oimoni wonder if it's possible to get rid of global menu in unity (i know you can in gnome classic)15:39
czajkowskiplaying with the roomba15:39
czajkowskiit's a lot of fun15:39
popeyno, i want to push that out of the way15:40
popeyit is oimon15:40
brobostigonpopey: i dont understand what you mean, sorry.15:40
Myrttithe point of old twitter vs. new twitter and how people can cope with the change is not valid tho, the usebase for twitter is quite young and the flexibility of the mind to adopt new ways of doing stuff seems to go by the years15:40
popeybrobostigon: i want to minimise something for a specific reason, not because I want to "alt-tab" to something else, but I want to dismiss a window for some hours15:40
popeyand come back to it later15:40
oimonpopey: how would you feel if unity got rid of the minimise button?15:40
Myrttijust last week I had to deal with a crying old person in the grocery shop who was in panic because they thought couldn't use the ATM anymore, because they had added an extra button for donating one euro to charity15:41
popeyi haven't tried gnome 3 so dunno how i feel about losing minimise15:41
popeyhence asking15:41
popeyi know i use it, dunno how much I use it15:41
davmor2popey: on gnome-shell there argument if I understand it is that is what you're other desktop is for, and on unity you just minimise to the launcher,  or super-d15:41
oimonMyrtti: a hug and a cup of tea should fix that bug :)15:41
hamitronMyrtti: isn't Ubuntu young? or am i just getting old? ;)15:41
brobostigonpopey: i take the tactic, and shove it on a diferent workspace, untill i want it again, infact,15:41
hamitronoimon: and cakes15:42
BigRedSbrobostigon: doesn't that take longer than minimising?15:42
oimonpopey: there's a gconftool command you can run to hide your minimise.15:42
BigRedSI suppose there's keyboard shortcuts...15:42
popeyon windows i minimise a _lot_15:42
popeyALT+Space, M15:42
hamitronand cry \o/15:42
popeymaybe thats a limitation of the XP UI, dunno15:43
popeyI haven't analysed it15:43
popeywhich is why I'm asking how people deal with not having a minimise option15:43
oimonXP, gnome2, i would use iminimise the same amount15:43
popeyyeah, same here15:43
brobostigonBigRedS: not really, just alttab to it again, got it back, then go back again, and its gone, quick.15:43
Myrttihamitron: the UX paradigm most people use is a good 20 years old15:43
popeyi like minimising because it's "dismising" stuff15:43
oimonpopey: i dealt with it by finding the command to "fix it" and put it back15:43
popeyi like to dismiss windows15:43
popeybut know its still around somewhere if i need it15:44
popeyi find alt-tab behaviour on ubuntu/gnome/compiz to be odd15:44
popeyi prefer the windows xp way15:44
popeyif I minimise something it goes to the bottom of the stack15:44
popeyalt-tab will toggle between two most recently windows/apps15:45
popeyalso alt-tab on xp is very fast, on ubuntu less so15:45
brobostigonin gnome-shell alt-tab categorises to eachworkspace. and then the apps on theose workspaces.15:45
TheOpenSourcererAnyone have a recent Natty working (with unity) in VBox15:45
MyrttiI had to set Ubuntu to be as Windows 2000/XP/98 like as possible to minimize the need of re-educating my sister on how the UX works, and I'm afraid of the day I can't set the main bar on the bottom, Ubuntu button on left, and the min-max-close buttons on the right top corner15:45
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: i have it on native hardware, not in vm15:45
hamitrongood job MS are forcing people to "change" onto 7 then popey ;)15:46
popeyI have resisted that so far15:46
davmor2popey: I like the double tap on an icon in the launcher in unity to show only those application windows very nice15:46
popeyi dont like that at all15:46
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: I am bringing my best mate to the beerex. Was best man at my wedding 10 years ago, and has been my "wingman" for years15:48
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: I apologise in advance15:48
popey(for me, not him)15:48
davmor2popey: Why?  I like it due to the fact that I normally have a couple of terminal windows open at any one time and it makes it really clear which is the one with code running and which isn't :)15:49
popeyopen more than two15:49
popeysee if it's so easy to spot15:49
popeytry 815:49
TheOpenSourcererIs he of the non-geek variety then popey ?15:49
oimoni have 20 right now15:49
TheOpenSourcererOh dear15:49
popeycar fan15:49
TheOpenSourcererOh dear Oh dear15:49
popeycars / football / beer / curry15:49
popeyvery nice chap15:49
popeyrecruitment guy15:50
popeydont hold that against him :)15:50
danfishpopey's takin clarkson :)15:50
davmor2popey: yeap 8 is still easy15:50
TheOpenSourcerer2 out of 4 is OK then15:50
hamitrondavmor2: try 3015:50
popeydavmor2: what resolution screen?15:50
danfishtime to install chillicam - like watching paint dry but hotter ;)15:51
danfishchillicam = a joggler with a webcam attached15:52
davmor2popey: 1280x800 on a 15.6 screen15:53
oimonit's a shame when the only way to find out about new hires and departures at your palce of work is to check linkedin15:54
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: few more than that15:54
AlanBellAlan,Alan,Alan,Gary,Jon,Lanky,Dave is the full lineup15:54
popeyAlanBell: i think he means two out of four attributes15:54
AlanBelloh yeah15:54
TheOpenSourcerer(15:49:54) popey: cars / football / beer / curry15:54
TheOpenSourcerer(15:50:13) TheOpenSourcerer: 2 out of 4 is OK then15:55
davmor2popey: 2 sets of 3 and 2 underneath all quite visible15:55
hamitroncars, football and beer are ok ;/15:55
TheOpenSourcererI would really like to try Natty but as it doesn't work in VBox I can't be arsed.15:55
AlanBellit does work in vbox15:55
TheOpenSourcererWith unity?15:56
oimonTheOpenSourcerer: don't come crying to us when you find bugs after release date ;)15:56
AlanBellin the guest install virtualbox-ose-guest-x1115:56
AlanBellyes, with unity and full compiz bling15:56
TheOpenSourcererOK. TY15:56
AlanBellI might have that package name slightly wrong15:56
* TheOpenSourcerer boots the VM in recovery mode again.15:56
AlanBelldon't attempt to use the guest additions installer thing15:57
AlanBellthe right guest graphics driver is in the natty repos15:57
TheOpenSourcererAhh - too late.15:57
gordit would sure be nice if vbox contributed code to x11 or something to get the guest additions stuff in by default, that would rock15:57
AlanBellit *is* in by default15:57
davmor2hamitron: at that point no visual indicator other than alt-tab highlighting the window would help15:57
AlanBellok, not in X perhaps15:58
BigRedSAlanBell: is that not even doing 'apt-get install virtualbox-guest-additions' ?15:58
AlanBellBigRedS: yeah, don't do that15:58
AlanBellthat is a package you install on the host anyway15:58
BigRedSit is?15:58
BigRedSI thought it's description suggested it was for guests15:58
AlanBellit contains the fake CD it can inject into the guest15:58
AlanBell!info virtualbox-guest-additions15:59
lubotu3virtualbox-guest-additions (source: virtualbox-guest-additions): guest additions iso image for VirtualBox. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 3.2.8-1 (maverick), package size 26817 kB, installed size 32860 kB15:59
AlanBelldoes nothing inside a guest15:59
BigRedSah yeah15:59
BigRedSI just didn't read the second paragraph :)15:59
AlanBell!info virtualbox-ose-guest-x1116:00
lubotu3virtualbox-ose-guest-x11 (source: virtualbox-ose): x86 virtualization solution - X11 guest utilities. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.2.8-dfsg-2ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 1197 kB, installed size 3908 kB (Only available for amd64 i386 lpia all)16:00
BigRedSIt seems logical that it'd be installed on the guest, to me16:00
AlanBellthat is the one you want, and you want it installed on the guest16:00
BigRedSas in, that's where I'd expect to install the guest additions, and I thought the package just automated that16:00
AlanBellconfusing as hell, sorry16:00
BigRedShaha, it's not your fault!16:00
BigRedS(but I'm gonna blame you anyway) :)16:00
davmor2popey: still pretty clear and there are 18 here http://ubuntuone.com/p/mRu/16:01
popeythat is _so_ not clear16:01
popeyyou wouldn't be able to tell one from another16:01
popeythe fact that yours all just show a default prompt shows that16:01
BigRedSthat's effectively useless16:01
oimonsweeeeet , got global menu disabled in unity ..now to find out how to show the buttons on the right in maximised mode - anyone?16:02
davmor2popey: 8 is fairly clear though it's about half the normal window size16:03
TheOpenSourcererTy AlanBell - I now seem to have a Unity desktop.16:03
davmor2beside you can still use alt-tab16:03
AlanBellfull of win \o/16:03
popeyas i said davmor2, alt-tab is painfully slow on ubuntu16:03
popeyapprox half a second between pressing alt+tab, and the window appearing16:04
oimonpopey: i think it's a compiz thing16:04
popeyon a box running _nothing_16:04
TheOpenSourcererSo, how do I configure the workspace switcher? I want more then 416:04
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: install compizconfig-settings-manager16:04
oimonpopey: after disabling compiz completely, speed returns16:04
gordTheOpenSourcerer, alt+f2 - about:config16:04
davmor2popey: not here this is all intel hardware though so that might be why16:04
AlanBellhuh! about:config16:05
popeythats the same thing I get from every single damned canonical employee16:05
popeythats what irritates me more than anything16:05
popey"works fine here"16:05
popeygreat, magic, thanks.16:05
TheOpenSourcererNope. Nothing16:05
gordpopey, no - alt+tab is slow, we know about it, its not an easy fix16:05
popeynot that, the "use intel" dismissive tone16:06
TheOpenSourcererabout:config doesn't return anything16:06
oimoni'm on intel..it's slow since 2008 for me16:06
popeycanonical may or may not be aware, but other video cards are available.16:06
gordi would never ever reccomend anyone "use intel" ;)16:06
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: you need compizconfig-settings-manager16:06
* popey wanders off in a huff :)16:07
gordi would maybe suggest people set fire to intel chips, or blend them or something16:07
AlanBellso does about:config try to run ccsm?16:07
popeyit runs one of the applets in there yeah16:07
gordgoes to ccsm -> unity plugin config16:07
gordyou can back out to the rest of the config options16:07
TheOpenSourcererWTF is the terminal?16:07
oimonaccording to mark s. : "Very, very few people change it [buttons on left/right], despite the ease with which it can be changed and the outcry when the left side was initially adopted in Ubuntu."16:08
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: you still need compizconfig-settings-manager installed for the about:config to work16:08
TheOpenSourcererSo, hang on. So far my questions have been responded too wit keyboard commands.16:08
TheOpenSourcererWhy do we need a GUI at all.16:08
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: i have not given you any commands16:09
popeyi said install a package16:09
popeythe icon for software centre is a shopping bag16:09
AlanBellyou can click on the aplications thingie and find the terminal in there somewhere16:09
popeyyou dont need a terminal :)16:09
gordyou can use the gui if you want, i just find it easier to convey keyboard commands over a text medium such as irc16:09
TheOpenSourcererIt wasn't in Accessories.16:09
hamitroneiiiwwww, popey: that suggests having to get ones wallet out ;)16:09
TheOpenSourcererpopey: I *LIKE* the terminal16:09
popeyso do i16:09
TheOpenSourcererI have *lots open all the time16:09
popeyi was just countering your assertion that "So far my questions have been responded too wit keyboard commands."16:10
AlanBellI find with Unity it is easier to open a terminal and start apps from there than find them in the unity menu16:10
popeyin fact my answer pre-dates all these other losers16:10
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: that is not very encouraging.16:10
BigRedSAlanBell: I found that happened long ago, though with alt+f2 rather than a terminal16:10
oimonAlanBell: lol16:10
BigRedSbut, yeah, apparently the natty menu is genuinely atrocious, rather than just as long-winded as menus tend to be16:11
popeyisnt the idea you type what you're looking for16:11
popeynot go rummaging for it16:11
oimonmaybe someone can create a menu for the launcher that works in the old style16:11
TheOpenSourcererAnd why do the right click popup menus and top bar look like a really old version of gnome or fluxbox?16:11
AlanBellI have been hoping that as the GUI improves I would end up using it more16:11
BigRedSpopey: win7 style? that'd be cool16:12
oimonAlanBell: i had been hoping that as i use it more, i would like it more16:12
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: Once you have CCSM installed it shows up in system settings under the power icon (for some reason) or under applications lens, or under dash, or alt-f2 about:config as a shortcut,  does that help at all?16:12
hamitronTheOpenSourcerer: fluxbox? that is teh first reason i've heard to move to it :D16:12
TheOpenSourcererYou have to hover over the top bar to get the menu?16:12
BigRedSmoreso if the win key opened the menu, but I can imagine that annoying people for no reason other than MS doing it first16:12
AlanBellbest bit for me is that you have to touch pixel 0,0 top left to get the sidebar to pop out and stay out16:14
hamitronomg no AlanBell :(16:14
popeyAlanBell: thats changed16:14
popeyyou just throw mouse to the left16:14
hamitronI use synergy and will stand no chance16:14
popeynot top left16:14
popeyand its configurable16:14
hamitronah :)16:14
AlanBelltop left pixel wasn't too bad in theory, but when running in virtualbox you can't just fling the mouse in that direction and have it land on the right pixel16:16
davmor2AlanBell: not any more just move your cursor to the left of the screen16:16
* AlanBell updates16:16
popeythere's a new ccms thing called "Launcher & Menus"16:18
popeyCCMS is a SAP thing16:18
popeywhich is why I have a real hard time remembering CCSM16:18
TheOpenSourcererSo I can't drag a window to the left (or right) workspace?16:19
popeyi think thats right16:19
popeygrid overrides that16:19
popeywell, you can in expose16:20
* directhex moos. moo!16:20
popeypress meta+s16:20
popeyto get the expose view, then you can drag stuff about16:20
TheOpenSourcererWTF is meta?16:20
popeywindows key16:20
popeyoh, sorry, super16:20
BigRedSI thought meta was normally alt?16:20
directhexthe EVIL KEY OF EVIL MONOPOLY$OFT >8\/16:20
AlanBellthe mono key16:20
hamitronso why call it super? :/16:20
popeyMine has a pretty cloverleaf on it16:20
BigRedSdirecthex: no, the *handy* key of monopolysoft :)16:20
oimonit's the tux key innit?16:21
oimonshould have kept my stash of penguin keys16:21
jpdsoimon: /sbin/init.16:21
TheOpenSourcererSo I need that keypress to drag to another workspace?16:21
hamitronmine looks more like St George's flag16:21
popeyor you may need to fiddle with some compiz plugins16:22
TheOpenSourcererCan't see why I would want a full-height half-width terminal16:22
popeyyou might want two windows16:22
popeyside by side16:22
popey"Aero Snap" as some platforms call it16:22
gordi find dragging to the edge quite useful16:22
directhexoimon, i have a keyboard with a real tux key16:22
popeyand even have adverts about it16:22
TheOpenSourcererI was being sarcastic popey16:22
directhexi like aero snap :<16:23
oimondirecthex: i used to have some too..forgot to keep the tux's !16:23
hamitrondirecthex: seen them and so want one :)16:23
popeyas was I16:23
oimoncheery keyboards i seem to recall16:23
TheOpenSourcererWhy does the UI look so old fashioned?16:23
BigRedSI'd like a cheery keyboard16:23
directhexoimon, bingo16:23
popeyi dont like the odd zoomy thing that aero snap has16:23
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: no you don't need to keypress,  you can drag the mouse to the left of the screen and then clcik on the workspace icon and then drag and drop your app where ever16:23
popeyer grid16:23
TheOpenSourcererJust launched LibreOffice calc and it looks like Win 3.116:24
AlanBellI think a theme has failed to start16:24
popeynah, it really does look dated16:24
popeyvery big buttons in libreoffice16:24
hamitrondirecthex: looks nasty :/16:25
hamitronI like using A and Z for racing games :D16:25
directhexhamitron, that's a german layout16:25
directhexhamitron, mine's a uk keyboard16:26
directhexhamitron, note: it's my spare now, i use a different main keyboard16:26
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: looks like gnome-settings-daemon has crapped out16:26
hamitrondirecthex: it is the keys down the left hand side are in the way :/16:26
gordTheOpenSourcerer, why do you have two panels? o_O16:26
TheOpenSourcererDunno gord - didn't know I did.16:26
bigcalmdirecthex: I don't use SIP, so can't comment on that. But when I was usng the RCs for CM7, the wifi sleep policy wasn't set to 'never'. That caused horrible battery life.16:26
directhexTheOpenSourcerer, looks like a gtk2 app on a system with only gtk3 themes. or somesuch.16:27
popeyits because gsd has crashed surely?16:27
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: ALT+F2, type gnome-settings-daemon, press enter16:27
davmor2gord: because it is in a VM16:27
gordthats the gnome-panel, you shouldn't have a gnome panel16:27
directhexbigcalm, sleep when screen is off is the default16:28
TheOpenSourcererpopey: Same.16:28
bigcalmTell it to never sleep16:28
bigcalmWill save a lot of battery. Doesn't make sense, but works :)16:28
gordoooh okay its a screenshot of a vm with the vm's menu okay16:28
gordthat makes more sense16:28
bigcalmI checked my fiance's and her brother's Wildfire/Desire, both have wifi set to never sleep by default.16:29
bigcalmIn CM6, the default was to never sleep16:29
davmor2gord, TheOpenSourcerer:  You running running it in Virtual box and for some reason I think you a non default icon set16:29
oimonbigcalm: huh?16:29
bigcalmI have no idea why the policy was changed in CM716:29
bigcalmoimon: yes?16:29
oimonis this also an option on sense or just CM builds?16:30
bigcalmoimon: all android16:30
gordTheOpenSourcerer, if gsd is still running, maybe the theme just isnt' set. alt+f2 - gnome-appearance-properties - set the theme16:30
davmor2oimon: it's in settings, wireless16:30
bigcalmoimon: settings -> wifi -> menu16:30
oimonsettings wireless and networks?16:31
bigcalmoimon: settings -> wireless and networks -> wifi settings -> menu -> advanced16:31
oimonah found it, under the advanced menu16:31
oimonmine never sleeps16:31
oimonis that good then?16:32
TheOpenSourcerertried that gord - still looks the same. But never mind.16:32
bigcalmMatter of opinion. If you want your battery to last, then yes :)16:32
bigcalmNot sure why it's an option at all16:32
TheOpenSourcererHow is the launcher thing supposed to pop in and out. Seems a bit erratic to me...16:32
oimonwifi uses less battery than 3g i assume16:32
bigcalmIt would appear16:33
popeyyeah, wifi uses way less than 3g16:33
TheOpenSourcerer(gnome-appearance-properties:2349): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_tree_model_sort_real_unref_node: assertion `elt->ref_count > 0' failed16:34
TheOpenSourcererTried to select ambience.16:34
Azelphurdoes Ubuntu by default stop brute force attacks on SSH?16:34
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: http://askubuntu.com/questions/28086/unity-keyboard-mouse-shortcuts  is a pretty good resource for mouse and keyboard usage in unity16:34
TheOpenSourcererTY davmor216:34
popeyAzelphur: ubuntu doesn't have ssh server by default16:35
Azelphurgood point16:35
AzelphurI'll change my question to does openssh-server  stop bruce force attacks by default :P16:35
TheOpenSourcererAzelphur: I don't think so.16:35
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: by the way do you get the app launcher down the left hand side if not you might be in gnome classic16:35
popeyAzelphur: no16:35
TheOpenSourcererI always install denyhost16:36
oimoni use fail2ban16:36
AzelphurTheOpenSourcerer: cool, is that zero config? :D16:36
TheOpenSourcererAzelphur: pertty much yes.16:36
AlanBellAzelphur: it is, if you don't mind locking yourself out16:36
TheOpenSourcererSometimes AlanBell has to unlock himself16:36
popey\o/ ssh keys16:37
AlanBellotherwise put yourself in hosts.allow before you end up in hosts.deny16:37
Azelphurit locks you out if you get the password wrong a bunch of times?16:37
* davmor2 I'm with TheOpenSourcerer I use denyhost 3 attempt and you can block for a period or black list completely16:37
AzelphurI never get my passwords wrong because I copy and paste from a password safe or use ssh keys, so I shouldn't ever get to 3 incorrect inputs16:37
popeyalan@bishop:~$ wc -l /etc/hosts.deny16:37
popey4606 /etc/hosts.deny16:37
AlanBellAzelphur: I never make mistakes either16:38
popeyI saw you drop a chip once16:38
popeythat was a mistake16:38
oimonhe was feeding a pigeon16:38
popeythats okay16:38
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: Bought a Toyota...16:38
popeyyou got rid of the volvo?16:39
AlanBellthe toyota is now a small cube of metal somewhere I expect16:39
TheOpenSourcererI have a volvo popey16:39
directhexi am so happy i got my toyota back from the body shop16:39
popeyoh i see16:39
TheOpenSourcererNot sure if AlanBell has ever had one16:39
AlanBellhe was poking fun at my toyota purchase16:39
oimoni didn't think i made mistakes until i got married...then you realise how many selfish things you can do in one day16:39
popeyyes, it wasnt clear16:39
popeylooked like he was saying he'd bought one16:39
directhexthe courtesy car was... ungood16:39
AlanBellI have never had a volvo16:40
TheOpenSourcererPidgin adding a ":"16:40
AlanBellis there a package or something that changes the halt command so that it needs the hostname?16:41
TheOpenSourcererOh dear.16:41
AlanBellso instead of sudo halt you have to type "sudo halt myhost"16:41
* TheOpenSourcerer wonders which machine he has just stopped16:41
AlanBellnot a big deal16:42
TheOpenSourcererOh good.16:42
popeyi never type sudo halt16:42
popeyi forget that the command even exists16:42
oimonAlanBell never makes mistakes...ever :P16:42
AlanBellwhy not?16:42
popeywhat purpose does it have?16:42
AlanBellsame as shutdown -h now16:42
popeyi usually do that16:42
AlanBellturns off the machine16:42
popeymore typing16:42
hamitronAzelphur: is it safe copying and pasting passwords?16:43
oimonalias halt='echo "are you sure? you are on `hostname`" '   ...etc16:43
Azelphurhamitron: why wouldn't it be?16:43
hamitronAzelphur: they not stored in the clipboard?16:44
oimona browser hack can reveal clipboard contents16:44
davmor2AlanBell: can you not set it as a terminal variable maybe16:44
Azelphuroimon: chrome doesn't let sites access the clipboard16:44
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: Yes - follow oimon 's suggestion and brush up your bash skills.16:44
* oimon used to type sync;sync;halt because of solaris pedigree16:44
Azelphurhamitron: keepass automatically stales the clipboard after 30 seconds if it has a password in it, and it mitigates keyloggers16:44
danfishhamitron: why the problem - my default root password is 'root'. No-one will ever guess :p16:45
* TheOpenSourcerer uses keypass. It seems to be pretty good. And it's on Android, Linux and Winblows16:45
popeyis my password16:45
* popey uses lastpass16:45
hamitronpopey: not "pffft"?16:45
popeyif i want to be secure, yes16:45
* danfish uses post-it notes16:45
oimonanyone else remember typing sync twice before halt?16:45
directhexTheOpenSourcerer, keepass or keepassx?16:45
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: the wind blows I never knew that16:45
AzelphurTheOpenSourcerer: keypass or keepass? XD16:46
* hamitron likes pen and paper16:46
TheOpenSourcererRight - I have to go and prepare supper. Pork chops in a sauce probably16:46
TheOpenSourcererdirecthex: X16:46
Azelphurcya :)16:46
directhexTheOpenSourcerer, that's the Qt clone, right?16:46
Azelphuryea I use keepassx and keepassdroid :)16:46
TheOpenSourcererThink so.16:46
danfishyum install keypass?16:46
Myrttiminecraft ♥16:50
directhexi'm actually excited about 1.516:50
oimonjust bit into a pear that tastes like a potato :(16:50
hamitrondirecthex: why?16:51
directhexhamitron, newer lwjgl, mainly16:52
danfishoimon: if it tastes like a potato, it probably is a potato!16:52
hamitrondirecthex: makes me none the wiser :)16:52
* oimon takes another tentative bite..yep..same hardnes, texture and earthy flavour16:53
directhexhamitron, no more "running off a cliff" bug, for example16:54
danfishoimon: mind you, pears at this time of year have been in storage for ages and probably are a bit 'mealy'16:55
oimonhave a whole bagful , hopefully stewing them will fix it16:55
danfishoimon: add sugar or honey16:56
willy1977oimon just chip and fry them...16:57
oimonwhy do people use wordpress? writing blog posts seems horrible16:57
willy1977writig blogs in wordpress you mean?16:58
willy1977not just writing blogs in general?16:58
oimonwriting a new post in the wordpress website16:58
davmor2oimon: because it's about as bad as writing them in any other server base opensource tool16:58
directhexoimon, wordpress is great!16:58
oimonmaybe i'm holding it wrong16:59
willy1977I like wordpress - but I do use a client based editor and push posts to it ;)16:59
oimonchoosing preformatted text doesn't then let you continue the post in paragraph style format17:00
oimonhmmm.. worked on the 5th attempt17:01
MartijnVdSMyrtti: aww17:12
davmor2popey: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/04/want-to-see-minecraft-in-the-ubuntu-software-centre-let-mojang-know/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+d0od+%28Omg!+Ubuntu!%2917:14
Myrttiomgubuntu :-<17:14
MyrttiTLDR, is there a link to click that doesn't end up in omgubuntu?17:14
Myrtti♥ thank you17:15
* willy1977 will bbl housework dependent :/17:23
smittixwell Trine is a pretty decent game17:28
smittixExcept my mouse is a bit laggy under natty17:28
=== matt_ is now known as Guest44825
Guest44825i have a system that won't start :(     - It says 'the disk at / is not ready, press 's' (to skip)or 'm' (for manaul fix). 'S' just does nothing. What would I need to correct manually?17:34
AlanBellGuest44825: that sounds bad, what happened?17:36
AlanBelland what system was it?17:36
Guest44825I updaated and it got stuck, but said it needed rebooting - so i did, and now it sems dead..17:36
Guest4482510.04 maverick is it?17:37
AlanBellwhat happens when you press m?17:37
Guest44825gives me root prompt but read only - although I can boot livecd if I new what to correct...17:38
AlanBellprobably need to do fsck17:40
Guest44825i have, that says its clean17:41
AlanBellI think it is a disk uuid problem17:42
X3Nwow even my compiler is crashing on natty17:42
AlanBellGuest44825: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1541084&page=117:42
Guest44825i cant run apt-get upgrade when read only to finish the update - if thats what broke it.. uuid's match from what i can tell - I'll read that17:43
AlanBellcheck that fstab and /dev/disk/by-uuid  die up17:43
AlanBelltie up17:43
kaushal0 9,21 * * * /usr/local/bin/mirrorbuild.sh > /tmp/mirrorupdatelog 2>&118:03
kaushalI have a issue here about the process being stopped18:03
kaushali mean the process which gets invoked still runs till 21 hrs18:03
kaushalHow do i prevent it18:03
kaushalinvoked at 918:03
=== tubadaz is now known as tubadaz_away
Myrtti"whoops" http://techcrunch.com/2011/04/13/hacker-gains-access-to-wordpress-com-servers/18:42
=== tubadaz_away is now known as tubadaz
AlanBellthat is a bit of an issue18:48
AlanBellPHP is rather spectacularly architecturally flawed sadly18:48
dutchiethis is why everyone should use dutchieblog18:50
dutchienever been hacked! (probably)18:50
MartijnVdSAlanBell: I prefer to call it "building on a swamp"18:51
hamitron"probably", haha18:53
stuphikaushal: http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/run-one18:54
smittixhas anyone else had problems dragging files to external storage in natty?18:59
=== cbx333 is now known as cbx33
smittixI can copy and paste the same files but dragging and dropping just doesnt work :19:02
=== tubadaz is now known as tubadaz_away
phonex01hello guys19:20
MartijnVdSwow.. my compiz was 6GB19:20
phonex01today i saw a guy using his phone to control powerpoint slides i think he use some kind of software that linked using Bluetooth19:20
phonex01anyone tried that before ?19:20
MartijnVdSphonex01: sonunds possible19:21
JGJonesYeah done it years ago19:21
MartijnVdSthere's a plugin for Libreoffice/openoffice19:21
MartijnVdSand an app for some phone models19:21
JGJonesAlthough that was on Windows19:21
MartijnVdSI've had it work on Uubntu19:21
phonex01what is the name of that library ?19:21
JGJoneswith a Sony Ericsson Z61 phone19:21
phonex01can i use on Nokia C3 ?19:22
Myrttieven old Nokia phones had a remote for Ubuntu slides19:22
phonex01how !19:22
phonex01is that ?19:22
Myrttinow if only I'd remember the name19:22
=== tubadaz_away is now known as tubadaz
MartijnVdSphonex01: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothRemoteControl19:23
Myrttiah yes, amora19:23
MartijnVdSphonex01: simple wiki search19:23
phonex01hahah im read that right now19:23
phonex01i did that19:23
phonex01but it says that it support Ericsson phones ?19:23
MartijnVdSphonex01: https://market.android.com/details?id=ratisbonsoft.presenter.full19:24
zleap11.04 is looking pretty good,  (just fired up daily release from yesterday)19:24
Myrtti"you're welcome"19:29
zleapnot sure if I will upgrade till i have a hard ware upgrade19:32
zleapit may go on my netbook though,  but may have to download the netbook specific version19:32
davmor2zleap: hello19:46
zleaphi, hows you19:47
davmor2zleap: there is no netbook version any more it's an all in one19:47
zleapi just fired up evolution and the next button was off screen until i think i got it to maximise then it sorted it self out19:48
davmor2zleap: it's been that way for a while there is an old bug for that19:48
davmor2you can also alt-grab with the mouse and move it up to get the button too19:49
zleapok,  will take a look19:51
zleapjust checked out which version i need for a kids book on learning python, so may install python 3 at a local youth project ( I am helping to sort out computers for em)  and copy the snake wrangling for kids book 0.7.7 as that covers ver 319:52
zleapsee if one of the kids wants to learn python19:52
ali1234i just found this rant by a game "developer" after rading about the gmod thing today: http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/showthread.php?t=4266320:16
ali1234there are some really hilariously dumb things in that20:16
ali1234"he realized that he'd forgotten to re-install his BIOS update after he  wiped the machine.  He fixed that, all his crashes went away."20:16
ali1234for example this ^20:17
ali1234i didn't realise that reinstalling windows also resets your bios back to the factory version20:17
zleapit does20:17
zleapwhy is windows even touching the bios20:17
ali1234it isn't, the guy is talking rubbish20:17
ali1234then he goes on to talk about how users saying "it can't possibly be my fault"20:18
zleapyou would think a game developer would make sense on the subject eh20:20
ali1234tbh i wouldn't20:20
ali1234so many developers think they are shit hot and can do no wrong20:20
zleapthat seems to apply to many topics20:20
zleaplook at web design,  you get good sites, and others that are full of flash, but look great, but take aeons to load20:21
ali1234lol web designers20:21
ali1234they are some of the worst20:21
ali1234especially the ones who think they are developers when they only know html and css20:21
ali1234and sometimes how to install a CMS20:21
ali1234but not how to update it20:22
ali1234and then they wonder why they get owned 6 months later20:22
zleapdoes anyone know if a game called vultures is in 10.10 or 11.04 it a grapjical front end to nethack,  it looks like a contiuation of nethack-falcons eye which was in 9.04 i think and perhaps 9.1020:30
MartijnVdSzleap: nothing matching "vulture" in natty20:47
MartijnVdSzleap: but you should play "normal" nethack, it's better :P20:47
zleapi tried it,  need to learn all the controls etc20:48
MartijnVdShjkl, same as vi(m)20:48
zleapand ctrl=2 to turn on auto pickups iirc20:48
MartijnVdSI can do it blind.. I've played it for ages :)20:48
MartijnVdSI don't use autopickup, except in special situations20:48
zleapthe controls are the same for nethack anyway only you can use a mouse and you get a nice graphcial game20:49
zleaphmm, is there any advantage to picking up bones, dead bodies etc20:49
MartijnVdSno, dead bodies an be cursed20:49
MartijnVdSstuff on them*20:49
MartijnVdSI only turn on autopickup if stuff is on a trap door.. :)20:50
MartijnVdS(or teleport trap, etc.)20:50
popeybah, i hate nvidia20:50
popeytrying to get nvidia settings to let me set the second screen to be anything above 640x480 is futile20:51
MartijnVdSpopey: is the second screen "bad" (I2C/DDC-wise)?20:51
MartijnVdSpopey: or does it work on its own?20:51
popeyits not technically a display20:51
popeyits a framegrabber20:51
popeywhich pretends to be a display20:51
MartijnVdSzleap: really, I played it for too long :)20:52
MartijnVdSpopey: ah.. stuff like that can have bad DDC infoz20:52
zleapok still on games20:52
popeyso do i need to force it via modelines in xorg.conf?20:52
MartijnVdSpopey: but you used to be able to beat it into submission with some xorg.conf h4x0ring20:52
MartijnVdSmodelines.. yes!20:52
MartijnVdSa lost art :)20:52
zleapcan glest be played over a network ( I am looking for some cool games to install at local youth project as I am installing a internet cafe)20:53
MartijnVdSThis is going to feel very 19920:53
MartijnVdSpopey: how is it connected? VGA? HDMI? DVI?20:53
popeymbp displayport to vga20:53
popeyworks in osx of course20:53
MartijnVdSWhat happens if you connect it to a "normal" PC (if you have one of those)20:54
MartijnVdSand/or a "normal" graphics card ;)20:54
popeyoh it works connected to the mac via displayport20:54
popeyit is a working device20:54
popeyits just that nvidia seems to think 640x480 is the mac20:54
popeygonna haxor the gibson20:54
MartijnVdSgood luck with the modelines20:55
popeykilling x kills nm20:55
popeykilling ssh20:55
* MartijnVdS orders some emergency tea and cheese for popey towers!20:56
zleapohh cheese = good20:57
Keniicchiiany of you good with computers20:58
MartijnVdSKeniicchii: I've done some things with them20:59
zleapme too20:59
willy1977is it plugged in?20:59
MartijnVdShave you tried turning it off and back on again?20:59
willy1977Click Start/Run then type in CMD... oh no wait... :p20:59
Keniicchiiahaa :L well the screen resolution on my computer is too small, its only 800x600 and i was wondering how to make it bigger20:59
willy1977I know nothing and that's easily proven21:00
MartijnVdSKeniicchii: you're having the same problem as popey :)21:00
MartijnVdS!private | Keniicchii21:01
lubotu3Keniicchii: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.21:01
Keniicchiilubotu3: how do i do that.. sorry im like reli new at this21:03
lubotu3Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:03
Arash_Any lady wanna chat, I am 34 years and a male.21:09
Seeker`Arash_: not that sort of chatroom21:10
willy1977what you want Arash_ baby?21:10
zleapArash_, this is not a dating forum21:10
Arash_But I am not looking for any date21:10
Seeker`still not that sort of chatroom21:11
willy1977was going to say you'll not find it here ;)21:11
Arash_I just want to have chat with my opposite sex?21:11
Arash_Okay my mistake then21:11
willy1977try /join #bigandbouncy then?21:11
Seeker`feel free to go out and find a lady to chat to21:12
Seeker`we aren't stopping you21:12
willy1977or /join #meloveyoulongtime21:12
Arash_Willy I was born in 1977 too, which month you born?21:13
Arash_Me in December 1621:14
Seeker`you were born in the month of december 16?21:14
Seeker`just how many decembers were there in 1977?21:14
Arash_Why ?21:15
willy1977or you could try /join #thejokehasbackfiredonwilly1977andhereallyneedstonottakethepissanymore21:15
popeyMartijnVdS: my natty with nvidia driver seems to ignore my modelines :(21:22
* popey boots lucid21:22
popeyer, maverick21:22
Davieypopey, on your mbp?21:22
Davieypopey, how come you need custom modelines?21:22
popeyexternal vga device21:23
HazRPGhowdy all21:23
Davieypopey, ah!21:23
Davieypopey, you pre-empted me asking :)21:23
popeywhich is supposed to say "hey, I'm a 1280x800 device"21:23
popeyand it does in osx21:23
popeybut the linux nvidia driver seems to need more of a shove21:23
Davieypopey, is it the doggies danglies?21:23
popeynot yet21:24
Davieyi want /something/ for external, just undecided waht21:24
popeyit will only do 640x48021:24
Davieypah, 1988 style.21:24
popeymight have to nag their support people21:24
* popey tries their live support thing21:25
Seeker`Daviey o/21:25
HazRPGepic clipboard! (even has videos!) http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/supplies/e769/?cpg=157H&head21:26
DavieySeeker`, o/21:28
Davieypopey, I've been considering dualhead2go, which presents itself as a single screen HUGE X by Y, but splits out into two VGA's21:29
zleaphi Daviey21:29
Davieyhey zleap21:30
zleapwe finally got the lighthouse running a ubuntu internet cafe :D21:30
zleapwe have windows too, but only so we don't have big holes in the walls, lol21:30
issyl0zleap: o/21:33
mattiissyl0: License is not that much ;]21:34
issyl0matti: For what?21:34
zleapactually they are gettting some macs,  but we are a music venue,  so they need them for a mash up project or something so it will be a mix of linux and macs21:34
zleapissyl0, hows you21:34
issyl0zleap: I'm fine - you?21:35
zleapi am good21:35
zleapjust downloading parted magic to add to my utility collection21:36
mattiissyl0: TextMate21:37
issyl0matti: Ah.  It's 40 quid!21:37
mattiissyl0: Unless you are a hard-core VIM nerd already ;p21:37
issyl0matti: I'm not already, but then how will I learn?  But TextMate is sooo nice.  :P21:38
issyl0(Why are we discussing Mac OS in here?  :P)21:38
mattiissyl0: I know, I use it at work ;]21:38
mattiissyl0: We are not, I am just talking to you ;p21:38
issyl0matti: OK, OK.21:38
issyl0matti: Oooh, TextMate at work, you lucky thing.21:39
mattiissyl0: :)21:39
mattiissyl0: I have Ruby Mine too, but I prefer TextMate.21:39
mattiissyl0: Can you get academic license?21:40
issyl0Ooh.  There's a 15% educational discount apparently, but whether that's for individuals or, say, universities is unclear.21:41
issyl0matti: Yeah, you have to be an actual educational institution.21:42
issyl0Indeed.  P21:42
gingi'm an educational institution21:43
mattiissyl0: Give me your mail.21:44
issyl0matti: PM?21:46
issyl0matti: Mail as in?21:47
mattiissyl0: Snail Mail died 20 years ago when they invented Internet ;]21:47
issyl0matti: Good good.  :-)21:47
AlanBell"this week's guest publication" correct apostrophe?21:56
* popey wonders how unity is in nouveau these days21:59
phonex01hi popey21:59
phonex01good night21:59
willy1977AlanBell: I think that's right yes.  You are indication the the publication listed afterwards belongs to this week... by doing it like that.22:04
issyl0AlanBell: Yes, that's correct.  It's "the week's", so thereby implying "week" singular.  :-)22:07
AlanBellgreat, two confirmations that I got it right, both of them including an error!22:08
zleapnite all22:10
issyl0AlanBell: Gah!22:11
issyl0AlanBell: Trust me.  :-)22:12
AlanBellI do!22:13
* daubers has just got home :(22:14
willy1977daubers not funny at all that!22:14
issyl0daubers: From where?22:14
daubersissyl0: work22:15
issyl0daubers: :-(22:15
daubersSilly custom software/hardware builds22:15
gordpopey, i think it depends on your card, nouveau has... changing.. support for card generations22:15
AlanBell!info mumble22:17
lubotu3mumble (source: mumble): Low latency VoIP client. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.2-4ubuntu0.1 (maverick), package size 2161 kB, installed size 4064 kB22:17
popeygord: sadly multi monitor is lacking22:17
HazRPGwoo mumble \o/22:17
AlanBellhttp://www.theopensourcerer.com/2011/04/13/ive-started-so-ill-finish/ issyl0 how does that look?22:17
popeyi cant seem to get the nvidia driver to actually do what I want22:18
popeywhich is very frustrating22:18
AlanBellpopey: how was your live support experience?22:18
popey"our device is not at fault"22:18
popey"sounds like a bug in the nvidia driver"22:18
popeywhich is ever so slightly less than useful22:18
issyl0AlanBell: PM?22:18
HazRPGpopey: your not alone in thinking the nvidia drivers are poor lol22:21
Nafallopopey: check PM22:21
HazRPGwait till you have 2 screens to contend with...22:21
popeythat is exactly the issue I am dealing with22:23
popeyI have another plan though..22:24
* popey ferrits about under the desk22:24
AlanBellpopey: I have a mad plan too22:27
AlanBellI have a projector with vga in and vga out22:27
Seeker`popey: is that behaving like a small mammal made of iron?.22:27
AlanBelldo you have one of those?22:27
popeyi have no projector22:27
popeybut i have a desktop which has a much better behaved nvidia card than my laptop22:28
AlanBellbecause if you do I think you could plug it all to gether and the computer would see the edid of the projector and not the framegrabber22:28
AlanBellthus 1024x768 passthrough22:28
popeyi need 1280x720 :)22:28
AlanBelleven with the projector bulb off22:28
AlanBellwell it might do that too22:28
popeythis might need testing22:28
popeywhat an utter bag of spanners22:29
ubuntuuk-planet[Ubuntu UK Podcast] S04E04  Back in the Village - http://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/2011/04/13/s04e04-back-in-the-village/22:29
AlanBellthe only podcaster in the village22:29
popey30 people stopped following me on twitter22:30
Seeker`what did you do popey!22:30
popeyi need therapy!22:31
Seeker`popey: jimmy carr was following you O.o22:32
* gord wonders what popey said to get unfollowed22:36
* popey reboots into linux22:36
AlanBellis that 30 lost followers over a long period?22:37
AlanBellQuiz: 16th April 21:00 <--22:38
HazRPGAlanBell: \o/22:38
HazRPGadd to gcalendar :D22:39
popeyAlanBell: a few weeks i guess22:39
AlanBellwell you do have rather a lot of stalkers22:40
AlanBellprobably people who followed you then realised after a few weeks worth of your tweets "oh, probably not actually Elvis"22:40
NafalloAlanBell: haha22:41
brobostigongood night everyone, sleep well.22:45
directhexpopey, 30 spam accounts deleted, you mean?22:54
AlanBelllike fabsh22:54
AlanBellalthough actually fabsh stopped following everyone on twitter22:55
gordonjcpI stopped following fabsh when he wouldn't shut up about football22:55
popeyhe quit twitter22:55
popeyvery quickly after he and I had a heated discussion about twitter vs identica ;)22:56
AlanBellthe world would be a better place if everyone used identi.ca22:58
AlanBellbut they don't22:58
HazRPGAlanBell: I would use it if my jabber account *just* worked with identi.ca like they said it would :/23:02
Seeker`Jabber \o/23:02
HazRPGI planning on federating my own domain to have an XMPP server on it at some point so I won't need to have a jabber account after that :P23:04
NafalloHazRPG: ehrm. why do you want a jabber server if you're not gonna put a jabber account for yourself on it? that doesn't make sense to me...23:05
AlanBellonly 45 oggcamp tickets left23:05
HazRPGNafallo: oh, I mean I can scrap the jabber account I have, and just use my own XMPP server instead23:06
HazRPGso that people can add me via me@domain.com instead of me@jabber.org23:07
popeyhmm, spotted an interesting natty bug23:12
popeyopen nautilus, switch to list view23:12
popeymake the window a bit narrow so you get a horizontal scroll bar23:12
popey(which is the new orange one)23:13
popeyput mouse over orange bar and scroll wheel23:13
popeyit lets you scroll past where it should23:13
AzelphurAnyone here somewhat handy with drupal? I have a nasty case of the missing menus :(23:17
popeybug 76030723:22
lubotu3Launchpad bug 760307 in unity (Ubuntu) "Artifacts left behind when horizontal scrolling" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76030723:22
HazRPGomg! http://adamatomic.com/canabalt/mega/23:22
HazRPGtoo addictive! WHY!?23:22
HazRPGactually take the "mega/" off if you want the normal sized version, just realised that the HD one might be too big for some screens23:23
ubuntuuk-planet[Alan Bell] Ive started so Ill finish - http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2011/04/13/ive-started-so-ill-finish/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=ive-started-so-ill-finish23:29

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