Ahmuckhi hi03:45
Ahmucktopic on ?03:45
zillahhey everybody03:45
Ahmuckevening zillah03:47
Ahmuckzillah, doubleb ... was in NWAR last last weekend03:48
zillahhow's it going?03:48
Ahmucknot to bad03:48
az7hey hey03:49
DoubleBI was?03:49
Ahmuckno, i was03:50
Ahmucknm, forgot i said that last week03:50
DoubleBWell how was it?03:51
Ahmuckgot lost03:51
Ahmuckenjoyed it, but hotter than kansas03:51
DoubleBoh yeah last weekend was a hot one. It has cooled back down this week after a rain front.03:52
Ahmuckwere still getting frost here03:55
Ahmuckat night03:56
DoubleBI hope we don't anymore. My garden is planted04:02
zillahi tried to till my garden tonight, the ground is still way to wet04:04
DoubleBYeah I hope we have a wet year this year apposed the the dry one last year.04:05
DoubleBHa! Futurama line. I programed a pony for you. 4 million lines of basic.04:07
zillahgood night al04:11
zillah...i mean all04:11

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