iheartubuntukevin4896 i thought this was a most excellent website... http://www.thechesswebsite.com/00:34
iheartubuntufull details into the basics, opening moves, etc00:35
iheartubuntustrategies, endgames... and even historical matches00:35
kevin4896iheartubuntu: are you going to get into it?00:35
kevin4896let me know if you want to play again00:36
iheartubuntuive got to print out some flyers right now actually and post them up at calstate LA in about 40 min00:37
iheartubuntuthen i can kick it in the library and checkmate anyone who wants to play00:37
iheartubuntuthen around 8pm im going ot head to caltech and put up a few posters there too00:37
kevin4896ooo i shouuld make some flyers going to csulb tomorrow00:37
iheartubuntubut if u are around say 6-8pm i will be avail00:39
kevin4896going to watch ucla and csub play tonight iheartubuntu00:41
iheartubuntuno prob00:41
iheartubuntui will study00:41
iheartubuntuthis guy dimitri is going down!00:41
kevin4896wilshire and sepulveda, ucla's field00:41
iheartubuntu(although he will prob win in 4 moves or something)00:42
kevin4896dimitri, is he in hawaii?00:42
iheartubuntuno, in glendale00:44
iheartubuntuadios! may your team win and be victorious!00:48
iheartubuntuim studying my chess moves02:20
iheartubuntuim playing against "phalanx" which is supposed to mimic human thinking very well02:26
iheartubuntumy sis is complainign her 10.10 system has been increasingly turning itself off without her doing anything special to it. anyone heard of this?03:11
iheartubuntumy only guess is that it could be overheating... but i doubt it03:11
iheartubuntuHere is David Beckham shooting a diet pepsi commercial a few days ago... http://youtu.be/RTLVMKtn0Ew03:23
nhainesiheartubuntu: what makes you doubt it's overheating?03:30
iheartubuntu1my sis is complainign her 10.10 system has been increasingly turning itself off without her doing anything special to it. anyone heard of this?03:44
nhainesiheartubuntu: what makes you doubt it's overheating?03:47
iheartubuntu1thats the only thing i can find on the net bout it shutting down03:48
iheartubuntu1or maybe the power supply is going03:48
iheartubuntu1kev u up for a fast game?04:26
kevin4896ah dang, i missed him04:53
kevin4896probably for the best, i'm kind of beat04:53
MarkDudeUnfortunately the winning name for Fedora was *verne* :P05:10
MarkDudeYawn - boring. Oneric ftw05:10
akkIt's not beefy miracle after all?05:12
MarkDudeNo it is not.05:14
* MarkDude is suggesting *vanilla* for the next one. Verne? Way to play it safe. I mean they had Zod for one release05:15
MarkDudeConstantine, Leonidas, and then a major dip in creativity http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/Names05:16
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kevin4896i think i get the "verne" name for fedora19:11
kduboisseeing as my name is kevin too, maybe i should make my nick kevin<random#> as well :D19:12
kevin4896it's like, your baby...you give your baby a decent name.  you don't want to be referring to your child as "Beefy Miracle"...19:12
kduboiskeep things interesting19:12
kevin4896maybe i should just switch to kdemarest19:13
=== kevin4896 is now known as kdemarest
kdemaresti won't be able to stick to it for very long...i like numbers...sorta' kinda'19:13
kdemarestkdubois: your last name sounds french, what does it mean?19:15
kdubois"of the woods"19:15
kduboissomething like that19:15
kdemarest...looks french19:15
kdemarestbois is woods, or forest?19:16
kdemarestmy last name is french too19:16
kdemarestde-mar i like "the sea" or "of sea"19:16
kdemarestdunno what 'est really means19:16
kduboisi'm not sure if mine means "capenter" or "forester", i like to think "forester" though19:16
kdemarestRanger would be cool19:17
kdemaresthmmm, i think "mar" is actually swamp o_o19:19
kdemaresti think i am confusing spanish and english19:20
kduboisspanish, "mar" is sea. we have a city down here, "del mar"19:20
kdemarestyeah, my mom speaks spanish19:21
kdemarestmy mom's last name is easy, it means "table"19:21
kdemarest"marais" is marsh/swamp according to translate.google19:21
kdemarestmost of the research on the web on the name has said swamp...i think it's safe to say that the name has changed quite a bit...perhaps the French language has as well19:22
kdemaresthmmm, nope, just my last name19:25
* kdemarest runs off19:25
MarkDudeIf I were to have a kid, I would be cool with their middle name being Beefy Miracle.19:28
MarkDudeOf course only if they were a boy19:28
kdemarestmaybe Fleshy Miracle19:31
* kdubois ponders applying for membership in a week...19:40
MarkDudekdubois, do it19:48
MarkDudeIt will be fun to learn the secret handshake they will teach you also19:53
kdemaresti already have a handshake, the only reason it is secret though is because i have no one to shake hands with19:56
kdemaresthmmm everglades19:57
kdemarestthis swamp stuff i find fascinating19:58
kdemaresti'm not sure that i've ever been to a swamp19:58
=== kevin6889 is now known as seidos

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