macotangentially related to foss-y types, or rather to the fact that foss-y types are into eff-type stuff....  so, there's this new startup in the dc area, popvox.com, for sending messages to congress and then having it be public the stats on which way that state's constituents are leaning so there's accountability when congress critters vote the other way.  here's about an anti-net-neutrality bill, if anyone'd like to try it out / tell md's senators that15:15
maco net neutrality is awesome http://pvox.co/iVZEgE15:15
JonathanDHi guys15:21
JonathanDmaco: do you know them?15:22
JonathanDI'd like to invite them to fosscon...15:22
macoJonathanD: one of my friends accepted a job offer there today...15:22
JonathanDmaco: they sound like someone people would appreciate being there...15:22
macoi dont think their software is foss though15:23
macothough they are building on django so..python++15:23
JonathanDMight not matter.15:23
macojust the transparency/open-gov thing with crowdsourcing being enough of a thing-we-tend-to-like?15:23
JonathanDYeah, I think so15:24
JonathanDI know foss is in the name, but it tends to be more about "doing things together, making things better"15:25
JonathanDSo personally I think a table and a talk would be awesome.15:25
macowell i can suggest to my friend that she mention it to her new bosses15:27
JonathanDI'd appreciate it.15:28
JonathanDI'm jonathand@fossevents.org, if they want to get in touch.15:28
macoJonathanD: know anybody at the EFF? i feel like the EFF should be one of the orgs on there giving their stance15:28
JonathanDI don't... well I might, but I think he left.15:29
macoi wonder if greg works ther15:29
JonathanDIf they desire I can send them the whole sponsorhip info thing.15:29

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