rick_h_how's MUG?01:54
rick_h_guess it's almost done...too late01:54
Blazeixrick_h_: MUG was good. No internet connection though :(03:44
brouschthis sucks for half of the people using a 5 year old computer https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-96/+bug/741930/comments/513:06
brouschsame bug for nvidia-173 legacy drivers13:10
tjagodaYou could be like the current state of my intel13:14
tjagodaand just crash every 2 hours13:14
tjagodawould that be better?13:14
brouschat least you get to use unity for 2 hours at a stretch ...13:15
tjagodaI like how we break, fix, break, break, fix in our release cycles13:16
tjagodaMy formerly rock-solid Ubuntu is now unreliabel and flakey at best =(13:17
tjagodaThis close to launch I am not inclined to accept that as excuse13:17
brouschif you want solid, don't upgrade until 3 months after release13:17
tjagodaThere is an inherent problem in that statement13:18
tjagodain that it says its okay to release things lacking in quality13:18
brouscheverybody does it13:19
brouschmicrosoft started it13:19
* tjagoda explodes13:19
brouscheveryone knows you don't install MS until SP1 is out13:19
brouschif MS does it, that makes it OK for everyone else13:20
tjagodaThis reasoning is flawed13:20
tjagodaIf MS makes shit, it should not mean that everybody else should therefore make shit13:20
tjagodait means they make shit and I don't want to use it13:20
tjagodanon-shit should be the goal!13:20
brouschobviously that is impossible13:21
tjagoda7.04 happened13:21
brouschyou end up with red hat, who releases software that's 2 year out of date so it's stable13:21
tjagodait is not impossible13:22
tjagoda7.04 was the last ubuntu that delivered new features while still remaning solid for me =(13:22
rick_h_sometimes I just love being able to view the code to figure out how the heck to do something, or how to call methods, etc13:34
rick_h_but dammit, when the code makes no sense, it's worse than the lack of docs ugh13:34
tjagodatomorrow is kernel and release freeze day13:35
tjagodaThey then have 7 days until they build the release image13:36
snap-ltjagoda: Which means you'll have a more stable system soon if you file bugs. ;)13:36
snap-lotherwise quitcherbitchin'13:36
tjagodaI have been, thank you =(13:36
snap-lOn the plus side, I have the Ubuntu One Music store again13:36
tjagodaEven a minor unity one where libreoffice close/min/max buttons do not appear when you launch from files versus launching from the launcher13:37
snap-l(under Rhythmbox. Did an uninstall of the old plugin, and an install of the new plugin)13:37
snap-lwas version 0.1.8, now version 0.0.913:38
snap-lThank you, screwy numbering conventions.13:38
snap-ltjagoda: Are you sure the problem isn't with your video drivers?13:38
snap-lThat's sounding an awful lot like video problems.13:38
tjagodaI am absolutely certain that my video drivers do not make only three buttons appear or disappear based on how I launch the program13:39
tjagodaIt's inside libreoffice13:39
tjagodahappens nowhere else13:39
tjagodaAre there any changes in libreoffice apart from the name, btw?13:42
tjagodaI didn't notice much different, but I didn't look very hard13:43
snap-ltjagoda: You should notice more as more release  come forth13:45
snap-lmostly it's the ability to accept patches13:45
tjagodaMostly just organizational changes then?13:48
snap-ltjagoda: Well, there's also a few patches that didn't get accepted into Open Office for one reason or another13:55
snap-lStuff like "Import of Microsoft Works documents"13:56
snap-lMany Wordperfect import improvements*13:57
tjagodaLOTUS BABY!14:00
brouschlotus 123?14:00
tjagodaWe still use Lotus Approach in some DB's here14:00
tjagodaI have like 40 licenses of the Lotus Smart Suite14:00
brouschif it can open lotus 123 spreadsheets i will kiss somebody14:00
tjagodaThey do not explicity mention it14:02
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brouschdamnit. our lotus is too old14:07
rick_h_heh "dammit, we have lotus"14:07
rick_h_had to correct that for you :)14:07
brouschi'm way beyond that14:09
brouschlotus 123 R 4. comes on 4 floppies14:10
brouschdamn thing still runs in win714:10
brouschsorry, 1-2-3 Release 5 for Windows14:11
brouschcopyright 1991, 199414:11
ColonelPanic001how does the Nook compare to the Kindle? Thoughts?14:12
brouschnook color can easily become a real android tablet14:13
brouschthat's +++ in my book14:14
ColonelPanic001is why I ask14:14
rick_h_I say crap, but I know a couple of people that like their nooks14:14
ColonelPanic001why's that14:14
rick_h_I've not been able to check with them on if they've used a kindle14:14
rick_h_when I tried one in the store the software was horrible, bad usability, hung up on me, had to reset it14:15
rick_h_the dual screen thing I found distracting14:15
rick_h_now, they've made some software updates over time14:15
ColonelPanic001I'm still leaning towards waiting on ereaders anyway, for the moment14:15
rick_h_so maybe it's better14:15
brouschi have friends who like their nook14:15
ColonelPanic001though, they're getting cheap enough for me to probably do it soon14:15
rick_h_but I find the kindle better hardware, battery life, and I already buy most of my bookis via amazon14:15
ColonelPanic001how's the DRMness?14:16
rick_h_brousch: but any that can compare nook v kindle? That's what I'm looking for14:16
rick_h_of the nook? it's drm-y, but it does to epub I think so that's a win if you get your books from other sources14:16
rick_h_and kindle doesn't :(14:16
ColonelPanic001of either, I suppose. I just like the idea of getting the books with as little DRM as possible, rather than "rent them until they take them back", etc14:17
ColonelPanic001especially since ebooks are often not that much cheaper anyway, seems14:17
snap-lAny eBook reader is DRMy.14:17
ColonelPanic001equally, though?14:18
brouschi think the drm depends more on where you buy it than on what you run it14:18
snap-lbrousch: ++14:18
brouschwhere you buy the book14:18
ColonelPanic001ah. noted'14:18
brouschor "acquire" the book14:18
snap-lColonelPanic001: If you want the DRM books, buy a device that handles wirless and shopping on the device14:18
snap-lThe Kobo that I bought handles it that way, and I would be hard-pressed to notice the DRM14:19
snap-lThat said, I have two books that I bought that way.14:19
snap-lIf you use the PC client, it's a miserable experience.14:19
snap-lrick_h_: Nice... so Natty is shipping with a busticated pyopenssh?14:40
snap-lI love too that the folks that we're working with to solve the Java "Null Pointer Exception" issue are blaming my script for sending something malformed14:41
snap-lWhich might be true, but it's also true of someone elses' Perl program14:42
snap-lWhich leads me to believe that it might not just be our code that's faulty.14:42
rick_h_snap-l: wheeeee14:45
snap-lYeah, isn't that the first step in debugging: blame the OS14:47
brouschi thought that was only if you're running windows14:48
snap-l(literally had a VB coder tell me that the OS was faulty because his code was crashing14:48
wolfgersnap-l: http://www.teefury.com/15:51
wolfgeralso, any other old school gamers ^^15:51
brouschi am demoing natty next thursday at wmlug. should i use the tablet with broken nvidia drivers, the netbook with broken wifi drivers, or a virtual machine running on my mac?16:39
snap-lbrousch: Tough call. :)16:40
brouschwe'll see how the virtualbox vm works. if it fails unity i'll try to scrounge up a laptop with working drivers16:41
greg-gso sad16:46
brouschyeah, the worst part is i like it and am excitd about it16:47
brouschi might have a usb wifi dongle i could use on the netbook16:49
wolfgernetbook with a wire?16:53
brouschi haven't presented at this location. there will probably be ethernet, but i can't assume it right now16:54
brouschcrap. the last presenter had trouble with the projector in linux16:55
brouschsounds like i need to make a trip out there beforehand16:55
rick_h_ugh, 2.5hrs down the drain debugging stupid IE css bugs with absolute positioned crap17:11
windows_if anyone is looking for a job Urban Science has openings. beware... it's 99% Microsoft17:35
snap-lI wonder if the Circus is hiring, because right now I want to run away and join it17:39
rick_h_snap-l: ruh roh17:42
snap-lJava and I have irreconcilable differences17:43
rick_h_snap-l: time to lawyer up...who's going to get the laptop in the split?17:58
_stink_i think that pre-nup you agreed to by clicking 'Next' is gonna be a tough o ne18:00
rick_h_oooh, good cap18:00
ColonelPanic001I wish I could access my Safari account (via the ACM) through the Kindle for Android app18:11
* ColonelPanic001 daydreams18:11
ColonelPanic001I guess I could do it via a browser, but online online as far as I know, etc. meh, good enough18:13
rick_h_ColonelPanic001: yea, if I could get safari access on the kindle I'd subscribe today18:14
rick_h_but then there's little desire to buy the books, just subscribe18:15
jrwrenwhat did java do to you?18:16
rick_h_"bend over user..."18:17
jrwrenthe virus that is the win32 installer?18:17
rick_h_sorry, have a strange thing going today, part monday's, part just out of it18:17
rick_h_so who's getting hacked next18:31
rick_h_lol, jrwren what did you get called a fanboi for?18:59
brouschi declare ubuntu 10.04 the ubuntu developer edition. it's so easy to get it up and running and it's just like your deploy environment19:03
jrwreni'm watching the mix keynote.19:03
rick_h_brousch: so LTS == dev edition?19:04
brouschsounds good to me19:05
brouschi really miss apt-get when i work in osx19:05
rick_h_#1 reason to not use osx19:06
brouschoh awesome, pydev is now included with aptana 319:14
brouschno need to install it seperately19:14
rick_h_snap-l: you guys going to Ignite tomorrow?19:31
snap-lI have tickets, but I'm thinking I'll pass19:34
snap-lrick_h_: You planning on going?19:35
rick_h_yea, we've got babysitter and all19:35
rick_h_so we're a bit more dedicated lol19:35
snap-lAh, very cool19:35
snap-lApparently. ;)19:35
rick_h_well, when we leave the house it takes us a bit more planning/commitment19:36
greg-grick_h_: cool man, I bet jcastro will be there. carrie and i are about 50/50 at this point19:36
jcastrothere's going to be like 1000 people there this time19:40
jcastrowe should go!19:40
snap-lI sent JoDee some of the particulars. She might be interested in going19:47
jcastrogreg-g: you guys should come, haven't seen carrie since ... the wedding? that can't be right.19:52
greg-ggeez, uh, maybe!19:54
rick_h_greg-g: any word yet from put west?19:55
rick_h_so about the news19:55
jjessewhat news?19:56
rick_h_greg-g: news or no news...just curious19:56
greg-gnews, complicated news19:56
greg-guber short version: a no19:57
jjessegood complicated or bad complicated? or none of our business news19:57
rick_h_hmmm, well don't like the uber short version19:57
greg-gless short version: no, but we still want you here, so we're looking for a place for you, how do you like this other position?19:57
rick_h_did you get a name and address? Road trip!19:57
_stink_well, that's good.19:57
_stink_greg-g: do you like the other position?19:57
greg-gyeah, the best rejection I could have gotten really19:57
rick_h_greg-g: ok, that's cool. Other position isn't janitor right?19:57
rick_h_well I mean it wasn't an insulting no19:58
greg-gso, the other position is more dev than I want, but the guy who I was referred to is also hiring for a position that I do like, so when I chat with him, I'll work my magic19:58
rick_h_"we really like you, how about you come make fries for a bit and we'll see where we can fit you in"19:58
_stink_that's the sort of thing where in like 3 years they surprise you with an offer that's really nice.19:58
jjessemmmmmm fries19:58
_stink_or, based on that, << 3 years.19:58
rick_h_more dev than you like? How is that possible?19:58
* rick_h_ doesn't compute that bit19:59
greg-ghaha, yeah19:59
rick_h_well ok, so that's still kind of cool, but not as cool19:59
greg-gbut apparently, my skill level is higher than most of the people who have already applied for that position (my skill level being low)19:59
greg-gstill working my way in :)19:59
rick_h_in the door is 90% right19:59
snap-lgreg-g: That's awesome!19:59
snap-lAt least it isn't a "no, go away, and lose this number"20:00
greg-gno kidding20:00
snap-lI hate those20:00
greg-gmade me feel sad and nice at the same time20:00
rick_h_that's kind of funny that you've got more dev exp than the CA applying people20:00
rick_h_I thought great devs were falling out of trees if you're in CA20:01
brouschwait, what did i miss?20:01
jjesse<greg-g> less short version: no, but we still want you here, so we're looking for a place for you, how do you like this other position?20:01
rick_h_brousch: the coolest best thing ever...but too late20:01
brouschi disconnected for like 13 seconds20:01
rick_h_yea, too bad20:01
snap-lIt's gotta be hanging out with rick_h_20:01
rick_h_so I missed that reference20:02
rick_h_probably better that way20:02
rick_h_man I have the monday's today20:02
snap-l"We just thought you were a poor schlub, but you know the true power of VI. I must speak with the master at once!"20:02
snap-l"Master, it is THE ONE that was prophesised"20:03
snap-l"He comes to us seeking employment as a mere community manager, but he knows too much"20:03
snap-l"his eyes sparkle as one who knows the true path to enlightenment"20:04
snap-l"I have waited many years for this. It is truly a sign. We had a place for THE ONE, but it was shuffled away during the last reo-org. We shall indeed make a place for 'the one'"20:05
brousch"his beard bristles with boundless knowledge, each hair represents a hard-won fiber of The Truth"20:05
snap-lWhy is it that book publishers that should know better don't have eBooks?20:17
brouschthey want to die20:22
brouschinteresting. vbox 4.0.5 guest additions pre-release for natty http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads20:23
brouschmaybe this will fix unity in vbox20:23
brouschomg it worked20:47
brouschi have unity in a vbox vm20:48
brouschgreg-g: how about github? http://jobs.github.com/positions/3dbea538-6575-11e0-8264-7c5c81f937a220:50
brouschjjesse: i can't tell if you're being sarcastic or foreal20:50
jjessei've been fighting vbox and natty for a long time20:50
jjessemakes hard to document when you keep having display problems20:51
brouschfor some reason i had to mount that iso manually20:51
jjessei'm thinking about spending the weekend reloading my laptop, might just go to natty20:52
brouschthen ran 'sudo /media/cdrom1/aurorun.sh'20:52
jjesseaurorun?  is that some harry potter command?20:52
brouschindeed, it is magic20:53
jjessesummon the aurors from azkaban20:53
rick_h_brousch: damn, you beat me to it21:03
rick_h_just saw that on twitter21:03
brouschsaw what?21:05
brouschoh, the github thing?21:05
rick_h_yea, the github community mananger opening21:05
brouschur tubez r 2 slow21:05
rick_h_what I get for driving21:06
rick_h_I should keep myself parked in front of my laptop21:06
brouschhootsuite brings the tubes to me everywhre21:06
rick_h_yes, but I don't think it does the irc to greg-g21:07
rick_h_that took me stopping at the coffeeshop21:07
snap-lThat would be the one "blah blah is a githubber" message that would be woth the subscription. :)21:09
rick_h_so guess we need to check out greg-g's ruby is these days21:10
snap-land natty is flakey21:10
rick_h_we're just now stating that?21:11
snap-lBut that's while running compiz on the host machine21:11
snap-lI meant in a VM21:11
snap-lBah, and gnome-settings-daemon kees crashing21:12
brouschit's stable so far, but my host is my mbp21:15
brouschshadow under the top panel is acting funny21:17
snap-lWordpress.com had a major security brea, btw21:18
rick_h_snap-l: yea, pasted that earlier. Concensus is that bmark.us will be next high priority target21:19
rick_h_bah, I shold have brought hedaphones21:20
snap-lcaribou noisy?21:20
rick_h_yea, and getting busier21:21
rick_h_this is the one on 16mi though21:21
snap-lAh, OK21:21
snap-lIf you want to drop down, I can loan you some headphones21:21
snap-lthough that'll likely defeat the purpose21:21
rick_h_heh, naw all good.21:22
rick_h_just whining as I'm apt to do21:22
rick_h_heh, let's see if I can get kicked off the network here by trying to readable my whole install now21:23
snap-lApparently the new hotness is to put stuff on the JVM other than Java21:47
rick_h_man, always suprises me how many people have their ringtone the thme song from american beauty21:48
ColonelPanic001I don't think I've heard that21:49
snap-lI don't remember the theme21:52
greg-gbrousch: huh, do you know when that was posted?21:53
rick_h_greg-g: just saw it shared on twitter today21:53
rick_h_and that was from the github twitter account21:53
greg-grick_h_: cool21:54
greg-gtbh, this is what I'm hoping to weasel my way into: http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Job_openings/Head_of_Community_Fellowship_Program21:55
snap-lGah, afternoon confernce calls are the worst22:12
ColonelPanic001a car crash would be worse.22:12
snap-lI meant of the genus conferencus callus22:13
ColonelPanic001a conference call to discuss it later would be worse.22:13
* ColonelPanic001 ducks22:13
* waldo323_ most likely will miss CHC tonight due to name on plane flight needs to be fixed problem :(22:13
snap-lColonelPanic001: This WAS a conference call to continue a conference call on MOnday22:13
ColonelPanic001lolz, that's pretty annoying, you're right there22:14
snap-lwaldo323_: Ugh22:14
jcastro$2 oberons at ignite tomorrow22:14
snap-lI feel sluggish today.22:15
rick_h_snap-l: +122:15
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