h00ktonyyarusso: you got it!01:36
klynchstargate is still an awesome movie. been 16 years. lol02:45
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fisch246hey tonyyarusso got any ideas for door prizes?22:21
fisch246so far i've found Ubuntu and Linux case stickers22:21
fisch246other stuff is like "Linux for the rest of us" which i assume everyone knows Linux for the most part if they're dedicated enough to come to this party22:22
TakyojiOne of my things I was predicting you'd buy is some Linux games, and probably even a Linux shirt or two. :P22:31
fisch246ah good idea22:32
Takyojior in plain general: http://www.thinkgeek.com/brain/whereisit.cgi?t=linux&x=0&y=022:34
TakyojiYES. Every man, woman, child, and their dog needs a stuffed Tux mascot!22:34
TakyojiI keep forgetting I don't have such22:35
TakyojiThere's even open sewing patterns for sewing little stuffed Tux mascots.22:35
fisch246do they ship fast?22:35
fisch246haha white and black hacker hats22:36
Takyojiand some other retailers I've eyed: http://www.hackerstickers.com/22:39
Takyojiand of course http://store.linux.com/22:40
Takyoji(I have this shirt) http://www.linux.com/tshirt-design-contest22:40
fisch246the thing is... i'm just looking for door prizes...22:42
fisch246not game prizes22:42
TakyojiHow about a high-end desktop from System76? :D22:42
fisch246those things are so damn expensive22:43
Takyojialso, you've seen this, y/n? http://www.system76.com/article_info.php?articles_id=922:43
fisch246never got the stickers D:22:43
TakyojiGah, Flash http://www.linuxfoundation.org/22:45
fisch246don't have flashplugin22:45
fisch246why isn't me '?' button not working >.<22:45
TakyojiI suppose usually everyone wouldn't mind a flash drive (nothing to do with Adobe Flash, of course xP)22:46
TakyojiOh, the Shift button22:46
fisch246nah shift is working22:46
fisch246but not the '/' button22:46
TakyojiThere's navigation on that page, and when you rollover, it's rendered BEHIND a Flash-based video player.22:46
fisch246haha "no place like /home" haha22:47
TakyojiI have "No place like" but now they have the IPv6 version "No place like ::1" that I'd like to get at some point. xP22:48
TakyojiI'll most likely just bug someone to print it on the back of my "No place like" shirt. xP22:48
fisch246wouldn't it be
TakyojiLoopback interface22:49
TakyojiNot, LAN IP22:49
fisch246ah ok22:49
TakyojiSince and so on is usually the router as well. :P22:49
fisch246so what do you use lo for?22:49
fisch246never had a use for it22:50
TakyojiWell, I believe X strongly relies on lo. xP22:50
fisch246making a pun or are you answering my question22:50
TakyojiIt actually does. :P22:51
fisch246ah ok22:51
TakyojiIt's part of the reason for Wayland22:51
fisch246ah ok22:51
TakyojiSince X works in the structure of a X server, and an X client, and networking between them, and so on, just on a single desktop.22:51
TakyojiMakes sense for desktops/laptops, but not embedded devices.22:52
TakyojiSince you're not really going to be executing application remotely on an embedded device using X11 over SSH or anything. xP22:52
* Takyoji is curious of how long fisch246 has known of Linux and/or used such.22:53
fisch246i've only been with Linux for a year...22:53
fisch246what a coincidence XD22:53
TakyojiSeen the beautiful IBM/RedHat Linux commercials at all? :P22:53
Takyoji(on YouTube, since the commercials were on television many years ago)22:53
TakyojiSometimes I consider contacting IBM for higher-quality versions of the videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwL0G9wK8j4 xP22:55
fisch246yea i remember that comercial22:59
fisch246o god that's amazing...23:18
TakyojiI can't remember if it's from xkcd or not.23:20

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