BiosElementBleh, PHP has it's own weird standards.00:00
* dmcglone1 throws hand grenade in flame shelter00:00
* dmcglone1 says that should show him just how secure PHP really is00:00
* dmcglone1 says: it's not the language it's the user00:01
Unit193You should change your nick to BiosElemental for a war...00:01
dmcglone1how do you change your nick on the fly anyhow?00:02
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BiosElementHeh, when the language has dozens of security bugs in the best f/oss software around, I blame the language. :P00:02
BiosElementEvilTI changed to bioselementeviltwin00:02
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dmcgloneI keep forgetting what >.> is!!!00:04
Unit193dmcglone: You also changed it in #cubecreate00:04
dmcgloneman I'm getting too old for these crazy mind games ;-)00:04
dmcglonethat should have happened00:05
dmcgloneI got an alias so over here I don't see the change :-/00:06
* Unit193 has too many open channels00:06
dmcglonewell make sure you keep the porn channels open00:07
Unit193Well... #xubuntu has an X in it... does that count? ;)00:08
dmcglonenope, it's gotta have 3 x's00:08
Unit193I have 3 Xubuntu channels open (support, dev and offtopic)00:09
dmcglonewell I guess that'll do haha00:10
dmcgloneis the picture fuzzy or broken up?00:10
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TheErkHo to tha la.00:20
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dmcgloneHo to tha la back at ya00:43
Unit193Hello TheErk00:46
TheErkMr Unit Sir.  How are you?00:48
Unit193Sir? Fine I guess... you?00:49
TheErkI am fantastical thank you for inquiring.00:54
dmcgloneI'm trying to find something to do!!!01:39
dmcgloneI want to write some code but I keep procrastinating badly01:39
dmcglonedang I'm just lazy!!01:40
BiosElementYes, yes you are dmcglone01:46
Derath-SrvrSup all01:47
BiosElementdmcglone: I'm not however: http://cubecreate.com/01:47
dmcglonesup Derath-Srvr01:47
Unit193Hello Derath-Srvr !!01:47
Derath-SrvrNot much, was just popping in to see if Jacob was active, since he just sent out an email...01:48
dmcgloneyeah, I just sent one of my own :-/01:49
BiosElementJacob sucks, he needs to be around here more often. Without him I don't have anyone to rant with ;)01:49
* Unit193 can't wait 'til the 28th01:49
Derath-Srvrwhat's happening then?01:50
Unit193Xubuntu 11.04!!01:50
BiosElementAnd Ubuntu 11.04 with Unity!!01:52
* BiosElement sighs01:52
Unit193BiosElement: You do use Ubuntu?01:57
BiosElementNot usually, but since kubuntu's shot at the moment, yes.01:57
dmcgloneBiosElement: ditch that unity!!!01:57
BiosElementBlah, I wish01:58
BiosElementAs an ubuntu loco member, I feel it's mandatory for me to at least give it a shot01:58
dmcgloneGood luck. The only shot I gave it was from my 12 guage02:01
Unit193dmcglone: Did you even use it at all?02:01
dmcgloneyup 1 hour that I'll sadly never get back!!02:01
dmcglonealthough I feel bad for that 20" plasma with the shotgun hole in it ;-)02:02
Unit193dmcglone: What do you use/plan to use?02:03
dmcgloneUnit193: after an hour of tinkering only to find out you cannot customize the desktop, I dumped it02:03
dmcgloneI'm using Gnome on my desktop and both my netbooks02:04
dmcgloneGnome has it drawbacks, but nothing as bad as KDE02:05
Unit193dmcglone: So Ubuntu just -Unity +Gnome02:05
BiosElementaka Debian02:05
Unit193dmcglone: Did you try L/X?02:06
gilberthey guys, did anyone end up reserving the room at the columbus library for april 30th?02:06
dmcgloneyup Unit19302:07
dmcglonegilbert not yet just spoke to Jacob about that02:07
gilbertdmcglone: was he here?02:08
dmcgloneNo we e-mailed02:08
gilbertdo you still have the link to the reservation page?02:08
dmcglonewe are going to discuss it at the meeting next week02:08
dmcgloneyes let me find it02:08
gilbertwe should probably make the reservation asap02:09
dmcglonetrue, but we need to iron out some details :-/02:09
gilberti think room first, details later02:10
gilbertdmcglone: thanks!02:11
dmcgloneit says in the rules that someone has to be there at all times that the room is reserved02:11
gilberthmm, does not look good for that weekend now...02:12
dmcgloneit was already taken the first time we checked, we had to move the day. that was one of the things I talked about a few months ago02:13
dmcglonewe tried to get it on release day IIRC but had to start thinking of an alternative02:14
gilbertrelease is before the 30th02:15
gilbertisn't it?02:15
dmcglonebut I couldn't get any info02:15
Derath-SrvrGilbert! Hey02:15
dmcgloneI think it's the 28th02:15
gilbertDerath-Srvr: greetz :)02:15
Derath-SrvrOne of the people I wanted to talk to hehe02:16
dmcgloneCheri703: had some good suggestions, but things just weren't falling through02:16
gilbertwhat's up?02:16
Derath-SrvrMind if I msg?02:16
gilbertgo ahead02:16
gilbertso sun may 1st is open, not sure if sun will be worse than sat tho02:17
Derath-SrvrI can be there, but it will be after 1pm before I can arrive... (teaching class until noon in Dayton)02:18
dmcgloneSunday would work for me02:18
Derath-SrvrErr on Sat that is...02:18
dmcglonebut be aware if you get it for a whole lot of hours, we need to find people to be there during the hours the meeting isn't taking place :-/02:19
BiosElementI suppose I could cover and read a book for a few hours if that'd help02:20
dmcgloneI could pitch in a couple hours myself02:21
Derath-SrvrIf someone makes a food run, I won't mind sitting around...02:22
BiosElementCan someone make a wiki page to figure things out?02:22
Derath-SrvrDepending on whether sat or sun, sat is afternoon, sun is most of the day02:22
dmcglonewell if we can get all the details covered, I wouldn't have a problem reserving the room ASAP02:25
BiosElement(As a side notw, I love the humble bundle's new url's "cdn.com/humblebundle.com/each-download-costs-us-money---please-be-responsible/"02:26
Derath-SrvrGuess I need to start nudging carl again, or is it too early for that lol02:26
BiosElementFigure out what day02:26
BiosElementAs soon as that's done, reg the bloody room, we'll use it regardless I'm sure02:26
dmcgloneI agree02:27
dmcgloneHey!!! you know what I know of another place that we might be able to hold the meeting. it's over by the library. Hang on!!!02:29
Derath-SrvrAS long as there's free parking nearby lol02:30
Derath-Srvrgotta go... laters all02:34
dmcgloneit's the Downtown technology center on Town St. I just looked it up, there is free parking, but the conference rooms aren't free. I just tried to get a price, but the site requires asking for prices02:34
Unit193Have a nice one Derath-Srvr02:35
dmcglonelater Derath-Srvr02:35
dmcgloneso thats out the window02:35
Cheri703gilbert: 9Pm to 11Pm?02:35
dmcglonewe very well could find a sponsor :-)02:36
gilbertCheri703: yeah, not really ideal02:36
* Cheri703 didn't think the libraries were open that late02:36
dmcglonelibrary closes at 6pm :-/02:37
gilbertCheri703: it appears to be the case02:37
gilbertat least for dublin library02:37
dmcgloneI will be over at the technology center tomorrow evening I'll ask around about their conference room02:38
Unit193BiosElement: Going to change the default WP theme?04:40
dmcgloneg'night all04:53
SkrappJawany one here?05:54
Unit193SkrappJaw: Nope05:56
* Cheri703 is lurking05:57
SkrappJawHey andy05:57
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Skrapp_Jaware you on facebook Cheri?05:59
Cheri703know anyone who wants/needs to pay someone to do computery things? /me needs clients/money!06:00
Skrapp_Jawcool. I can't friend request?06:00
Skrapp_JawProbably. Katie ended up with a client when she brought some cards to my last gig.06:00
Cheri703nice, does she do computer stuff too?06:01
Skrapp_JawJust for her digital media classes.06:02
Cheri703ah, gotcha06:02
Skrapp_Jawbut she has to use photoshop and one CS2 works well in wine.06:03
* Cheri703 needs to go get more cards printed. it's on the list for this week06:03
Skrapp_JawI should have some coming soon.06:03
Skrapp_Jawneed to like the Mansfield ubuntu hour page. :P06:04
Cheri703I may. I don't generally "like" stuff on fb...06:05
Cheri703I am vaguely contemplating making a fb page for my business, but it feel like selling my soul06:05
* Cheri703 has a vaguely tolerate / hate relationship with fb06:06
Unit193I just hate it...06:06
* Skrapp_Jaw is also in that with androids.06:06
Unit193I have thought about using it again....06:06
Skrapp_JawThey rock, but it'g google.06:06
Unit193It's linux...06:07
Skrapp_JawIt's a vanilla kernel with a java display manager right?06:07
* Unit193 never used it06:07
Cheri703I heart android06:08
Cheri703better than apple!06:08
Skrapp_JawAlso, Verizon is gonna start tracking all users who have root level access to their phones.06:08
Unit193I would love to have one06:08
Cheri703well, that's just verizon being ridiculous06:09
Skrapp_JawI think it's gonna be or may already be followed with some kind of anti-piracy fight propaganda.06:09
Skrapp_JawLike sony's06:09
Skrapp_JawWith jail breakers.06:09
* Cheri703 is firmly in the "I purchased my hardware, I can do whatever the heck I want with it, I am paying you for SERVICE, NOT anything else"06:09
Cheri703also, I heart sprint :)06:10
* Skrapp_Jaw is on sprint06:10
* Skrapp_Jaw also needs to get off the blackberry train.06:10
Skrapp_Jawmy curve is on the down-slope now. lol06:11
Cheri703heh, yeah, I'm definitely ready for an upgrade, unfortunately not coming anytime soon06:14
Unit193Hello pacco06:49
* Derath-Srvr yawns13:43
thafreakMy wife just read me an article15:57
thafreakM$ bought nokia and is phasing out meego15:57
Derath-Srvrbig freaking surprise there...15:57
thafreakWhat does that mean for KDE though...15:57
Derath-SrvrOnly open-source project they can outright buy and get off the market...15:57
thafreakqt when all gpl didn't it?15:57
Derath-Srvrnot to mention that they need something to improve their new phone os...15:58
thafreaknope, nokia is switching to all windows phone 7 the article said15:58
thafreakdoubt they're going to use anything from qt/meego in windows phone 7 or 8 or whatever15:58
Derath-Srvryeah, but ms is still getting the code bsae...15:58
Derath-Srvrthe next win phone may be based of meego (just like OS X using freebsd)15:59
thafreakwell...was qt gpl'd? It was dual licensed right?15:59
thafreakMight need to fork the codebase...:)15:59
Derath-Srvrcan't remember qt's status atm...16:01
Derath-Srvrand can't check either16:01
Derath-SrvrAlso, are you sure the article isn't from TheOnion or something? lol16:03
Derath-SrvrAlso looks like it's not a buy-out... it's a cooperative strategy...16:04
Derath-Srvrworking together much like toyota and chevy to make the geo line of cars16:04
Derath-SrvrNot to mention, who needs meegos when you can root an android?16:05
deejoeDerath-Srvr: they've already bested Mozilla, apparently https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=64940816:23
deejoewho will be first with native CSS3 support?!16:23
* deejoe snerks16:24
thafreakSounds like intel is picking up the slack for meego: http://meego.com/community/blogs/imad/2011/update-intel16:58
thafreakOk, so the announcement seems to really only affect meego...17:00
thafreakSo, quick poll...17:03
thafreakI'm setting up my new vm host...17:03
thafreakdecided to go with KVM on this one, as my old one is xen...and I've been using kvm at work pretty successfully17:04
* Derath-Srvr smirks17:04
thafreaknow the question is...go with debian squeeze...17:04
Derath-Srvrbeen using hardware kvm myself lol17:04
thafreakor natty, so that I can hopefully migrate to 12.04 eventually17:04
Derath-SrvrHmm... so you're looking at a vm server?17:05
thafreakseems natty will have qemu 0.14...which has spice support17:05
thafreaksqueeze and everyone else (lucid, maverick, etc) all only have 0.12.517:05
thafreakSo, try for the bleeding edge, or just stick with what's stable?17:06
Derath-SrvrAgain, you're looking at a server that is running vms?17:06
thafreakI really want to be able to test spice17:09
thafreaksince some of these vms will be remote desktops17:10
thafreakbut, at the same time, I prefer a more stable host os...17:10
Derath-SrvrWell, since you're looking for a more stable environ... I'd probably go with deb's stable build rather than natty... but that's just me...17:10
thafreakwho knows...spice may not be all that great anyway17:10
Derath-Srvryou can always get qemu 14 packages and install/build them anyways17:11
thafreakyeah...maybe it'll get backported...17:11
thafreakI could probably put it in an alt location too...17:11
thafreakit just wouldn't hook to libvirt then...but just for testing it wouldn't be bad17:12
thafreakHave I said recently that I *LOVE* the fact that you can run the debian installer over a serial port!17:13
* Derath-Srvr shrugs17:14
Derath-SrvrCool, thanksfully never have had to do that17:14
thafreakyou can also run the installer over ssh...17:17
thafreakmakes remote work easier17:17
Odathafreak: do motherboards even come with serial ports anymore?17:17
thafreakthey seem to have a spot to plug one in still17:17
thafreakyou can buy a bracket and cable online...17:18
thafreakI had one in my basement luckily17:18
thafreakneed to buy a few more though.17:18
Odanever had to use one in 6 years of messing around with PCs17:18
Derath-Srvrhaven't used one since the old dos days where that was the only way to plug in a mouse...17:20
Derath-Srvrwell, and keyboards were AT connectors as well lol17:20
Odaoh lawd17:20
Odalkfa;daf ports for skype are blocked17:22
thafreakSo, I usually do 1-2x ram size for swap...17:37
thafreakbut what do you do when you have 16gb of ram? :)17:37
Derath-SrvrAgain, depends on need... for vms I would probably go with about 4-8G...17:38
Derath-Srvrif it were a large db server, I'd probably go with 16-32g...17:38
canthus13Derath-Srvr: ...what about a VM server full of DB servers? :)19:49
Derath-SrvrUnless you have a MASSIVE system, would not even attempt it...19:54
Derath-Srvra rack full of blades clustered would work for that19:55
* Unit193 hands Oda a desktop IRC client21:01
Unit193Hello dmcglone21:02
dmcgloneHiya Unit19321:02
* Derath-Srvr smirks21:08
Derath-Srvr16:01  * Unit193 hands Oda a desktop IRC client21:08
Unit193What one are you using?21:09
Derath-Srvrirssi lol21:09
Derath-SrvrNot exactly the easiest client, but for screen support, it's great21:10
* Unit193 uses it too21:10
Unit193Just my theme differs21:10
Derath-SrvrAnd just how do you know what theme I'm using? O.o21:12
Unit193Your paste of what I said21:14
Derath-SrvrTrue, I think there are a few characters that didn't translate well though...21:14
dmcgloneBiosElement: wake up21:17
Billy_Mays88paultag: are you on the ball?21:40
Derath-SrvrGuess it would depend on which ball21:41
Billy_Mays88get on the ball!21:41
Billy_Mays88FOR ONLY 19.9921:42
dmcgloneI hear him chuckling and cackling over his latest invention21:42
Unit193dmcglone: I think BiosElement is still sleeping...21:45
dmcgloneI'm on my way over to his house to get his butt up! ;-)21:45
Derath-Srvrtime to make the long trip home... laters21:55
Unit193I hate art...22:14
OdaUnit193: art is cool mayne22:16
thafreakI ate art22:38
thafreakice sculptures are "cool"22:38
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