brandonnheey how do i download it from a virtual disk?00:42
brandonnurmm ubuntu 10.04 server00:42
brandonnnebody know?00:43
brandonni couldn't get ubuntu server installed from the disk01:20
brandonndo i do it from the ubuntu boot menu, which i have already from ubuntu desktop?01:20
brandonnpace_t_zulu: u there?01:22
pace_t_zululooks like i missed brandonn01:23
pace_t_zulusup chris458501:31
chris4585pace_t_zulu, not a lot just playing some fallout, yourself?01:31
pace_t_zulujust got home a little while ago01:32
pace_t_zuluarrived to 8GB of ram to install in my new laptop01:32
pace_t_zulupretty excited bout that01:32
chris4585oh nice01:32
chris4585lappyI have 4gbs in both my desktop and laptop whoo01:33
linuxman410anyone here03:01
vychunei mean o/03:01
vychunei just got here myself03:02
linuxman410vychune i keep trying to update and it says it cannot because it requires installation of untrusted packages what is wrong03:03
vychunewhat disto?03:03
linuxman410ubuntu 10.1003:04
vychunei forgot wha they are called but they are unsigned03:05
vychuneapt line i think03:05
vychuneuse that to fix it03:07
linuxman410vychune there are no keys when i do that03:13
vychunetry updating agian03:15
linuxman410i am updating from commandline03:15
vychuneno gui period?03:16
linuxman410in a terminal03:16
vychuneoh no03:17
vychunetry agian in update man03:17
cyberangerhey linuxman41003:18
linuxman410cyberanger hey what u up too03:18
cyberangera bit, honestly03:18
cyberangerfrustrating night03:18
cyberangerlinuxman410: sudo apt-get update03:18
cyberangermight be the issue03:19
cyberangeroutdated info03:19
vychunewhen you updated from terminal it should have fixed the problem or shown you the bad keys. cyberanger: so im not here right?03:19
cyberangerwhen you update, it doesn't show bad keys on his issue03:19
cyberangeras the keys aren't bad, the sig is03:20
cyberangerin that error03:20
cyberangeror so I presume03:20
vychuneso it would have the NO PUB KEY thingys03:20
cyberangeras for you not here, that's news, I thought your always here ;-)03:20
linuxman410it update through commandline and worked03:21
cyberangervychune: right, signature failure, not key failure03:21
vychunegood now try update man03:21
cyberangersudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:23
linuxman410cyberanger i got me a new ham radio and have to go take test to get my tech license to operate it03:23
cyberangerlinuxman410: cool03:23
cyberangerjust pass the test before you hit the tx key ;-)03:23
linuxman410can still listen without license03:23
cyberangeryes, indeed03:23
cyberangerhence why I only said tx key, not power button, Rx is fine03:23
vychuneoh ok that works too lol03:23
linuxman410no i will not hit the talk key without a lincense03:23
cyberangerI monitor around here, and a repeater or two will cover enough for both of us03:24
cyberangerso let me know when that day happens ;-)03:24
linuxman410will do cyberanger i actually have 2 i bought a good used one before i bought my new one got the used one for 35 dollars03:27
linuxman410i am maxing out my computer now 2 chatrooms email open and fixing to open ebay03:30
wrsthey Xpistos15:07
pace_t_zulusup Xpistos wrst17:00
Xpistosjust chilling working on updating my website17:01
pace_t_zuluXpistos: did you resolve the problem you had yesterday? i heard about it after you were gone17:01
XpistosUh no I didn't actually17:02
wrstpace_t_zulu: doing well, did you get all of our young windows server tycoon taken care of last night?17:02
Xpistosbut it was a CentOS box17:02
XpistosHe was a nice guy17:02
pace_t_zuluwrst: we helped him as much as we could...17:03
wrstha ha pace_t_zulu i know its hard to help some folks nice kid but i fear he is in over his knowledge level right now17:04
pace_t_zuluwrst: i didn't realize he had ubuntu-desktop installed... we could have had him just apt-get install apache217:06
pace_t_zuluwrst: he's doing the right things though... i don't doubt that he'll switch to linux if he keeps it up17:07
pace_t_zuluwrst: he was determined... i'll definitely credit him with that17:07
pace_t_zuluXpistos: what was the CentOS box problem?17:07
wrstyeah and he's willing to learn and that's a huge thing17:07
Xpistospace_t_zulu: I have a website I need hosted here at work. It is an old Joomla install that we are only posting and doing nothing with until the new site is built17:08
Xpistospace_t_zulu: I have it working and ready at mail.lgclicense.com/cityofbaxter.com17:09
Xpistosor http://mail.lgclicense.com/cityofbaxter.com17:09
Xpistospace_t_zulu: I need to get apache to use the localhost/cityofbaxter as localhost17:09
XpistosI tried to change the DocumentRoot and Directory in httpd/httpd.conf but it doesn't work17:10
pace_t_zuluXpistos: did you restart apache after the changes?17:11
pace_t_zuluwrst: the GUI theme in natty is better ... at least the 2d version17:11
wrsti haven't played witht he 2d pace_t_zulu, been completely in unity 3d but it isn't bad i don't think but compared to gnome 3 its just, well lacking17:12
Xpistospace_t_zulu: I am chomping at the bit to get the new rc cause I need to get off this Ultimate edition17:12
pace_t_zuluwrst: 3d unity causes a kernel panic on my machine right now... sticking to 2d until a new version of virtualbox (which i don't doubt will be available around 11.04 release day)17:13
pace_t_zuluwrst: it'd be nice if they ported the ambience theme to gnome 317:13
pace_t_zuluand kde for that matter17:13
pace_t_zuluXpistos: i'm not so sure 11.04 is going to be as good as 10.04 and 10.1017:14
wrstthat is one thing that gnome 3 is lacking is themes ability to customize etc but it will come with time17:14
pace_t_zului'd stick to 10.04 if stability is the aim ... 10.10 if freshness is the aim17:14
wrstpace_t_zulu: i think on most machines that i need to work i'm sticking with 10.04  on things like my mom's machine etc17:14
pace_t_zuluwrst: that'll make it into one of the next releases17:14
Xpistospace_t_zulu: You think I should just reinstall 10.04?17:15
Xpistosor is 10.10 good17:15
pace_t_zuluwrst: yea, 10.04 is solid... i must admit i'm a fan of the updated theme in 10.10 though... it looks sooo much better17:15
wrstyes it does pace_t_zulu much !17:16
pace_t_zuluwrst: i can't hide how much aesthetics appeal to me17:16
XpistosI usually reinstall every 6 months but I haven't don it since Last april so I am due17:16
wrstXpistos: i think 10.10 is good, 11.04 beta i have had little trouble out of but with gnome 3 i haven't used much of it lately either17:16
wrstpace_t_zulu: you are a Mac user ;)17:16
pace_t_zuluXpistos: did you develop that "reinstall every 6 months" habit with windows?17:16
pace_t_zuluwrst: i can't deny it17:17
wrstha ha pace_t_zulu i like my wife's macbook but must admit most of the things i do i prefer doing them in linux17:17
wrstso i guess if i had the mac hardware i would spend most of my time using a linux distro anyway17:19
pace_t_zuluwrst what things do you prefer in linux?17:25
Xpistospace_t_zulu: no linux. It forces me to keep things clean cause I hose it up playing with it all the time17:26
wrstmainly gnome pace_t_zulu, its just easier, and hardware, especially printing is easier17:26
wrstas strange as that is since both use cups :)17:26
wrstnetwork printing on my wife's macbook is a pain17:26
wrstfor one printer i've had to compile drivers17:27
pace_t_zuluwrst: ouch17:29
pace_t_zuluwrst: sorry to hear that about the printers17:29
wrstyeah its an hp p1006 odd printer but supported over usb but when i have it to my ubuntu server using ipp it absolutely will not work, and still doesn't i tried using the foomatic drivers but failed there some how, but the over all process is easier for me in linux, BUT its what i am used to using :) and that makes a HUGE difference17:30
wrstbut i would certainly go mac over windows anyday of the week no contest17:31
wrstbut linux gives me all i need at much lower price point17:31
XpistosI am just happy I got my Epson Artisan 810 to print and scan17:43
XpistosWhen I figure out the print to CD feature I will be good17:43
Mighty_PenguinI will have cable internet tomorrow if everything goes correctly19:55
wrstcongrats Mighty_Penguin!!!!19:58
wrstunlimited downloads for you!19:58
wrstcool that will make you an even mightier penguin, Mighty_Penguin ;)20:01
Mighty_Penguinhar har20:01
* Mighty_Penguin does a waddle dance20:01
XpistosLOL. We waddled.20:02
vychunehey anyone here?21:06
wrstnope noone to be found vychune ;)21:11
vychunehaha little help?21:11
wrsthmm vychune you could attempt to force install but don't know if that is a good idea or not21:19
vychunewhen i apt get update i get this21:20
vychuneE: Type 'in' is not known on line 2 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/unity-2d-team-unity-2d-daily-lucid.list21:20
wrstvychune: how did you add that  ppa?21:21
wrstusing add-apt-repository ppa:....21:23
pace_t_zulushould have got the key with it21:23
pace_t_zuluwhat version? before 10.04?21:24
vychuneheres the key21:25
vychunewhere is the soucres list21:43
vychuneunity2d is not available for my computer21:52
vychune /o\21:52
vychunechibihogoshino sup21:59
XpistosIs it possible to manually edit an rss feed?22:57
Xpistosor better yet manually ADD to an RSS feed?22:58
Xpistoswell lets save that for tomorrow.22:58

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