bryceh_RAOF, happen to know what the procedure is for switching between fglrx and ati?  The only howtos I ran across looked rather hairy (and a bit oldish)00:20
RAOFbryceh_: IIUC the ati control panel has a button that you press.00:21
bryceh_hmm, ok00:21
bryceh_I suppose if people have problems we just point them at AMD...00:22
bryceh_RAOF, btw sarvatt didn't think it'd be worth having people test that -intel patch quite yet00:25
RAOFAh, ok.00:25
bryceh_<bryceh_> Sarvatt, did that -intel patch get taken care of by anyone already?  Should I roll up a ppa and solicit testers?00:25
bryceh_<Sarvatt> bryceh_: nope not yet, it'll need a bit of cleaning up for 2.14.0 because of has_kernel_flush00:25
bjsniderbryceh_, wouldn't jockey allow you to deactivate fglrx at which time you'd be using ati by default?00:30
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Sarvattbryceh_: oh I just meant we're gonna need to backport the commit and cant just cherrypick it, we definitely do need to get it in I was just busy at the time01:10
Sarvattor we could just revert http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/driver/xf86-video-intel/commit/?id=cc930a37612341a1f2457adb339523c215879d82 :P01:11
Sarvattbryceh_: you mean like for the hybrid stuff in fglrx now? that runs on scripts we dont ship that rename libs.01:12
Sarvatt(so it doesnt do anything)01:15
Sarvattits really incompatible with how we package fglrx, not sure whats going to happen with it but tseliot was discussing it with them and might have some info on it. they back up and replace the system libs when you pick ati and move things back when you want to switch to intel01:20
Sarvattit also doesnt work for switching between fglrx and ati, only for fglrx and intel hybrids01:20
bryceh_Sarvatt, ok yeah I suspected this as the case01:25
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mdeslaurhmm...is it a known issue that with today's iso, jockey shows the nvidia driver as being installed, even though I am clearly using nouveau?14:27
tseliotmdeslaur: what's the output of "jockey-text -l" ?14:30
mdeslaurtseliot: it says "xorg:nvidia_current - blah blah (Proprietary, Enabled, In use)"14:30
Sarvatthave you rebooted since installing it?14:30
mdeslaurand underneath "xorg:nouveau - blah blah (Free, Disabled, Not in use)"14:31
Sarvatt(stupid question but have to ask, sorry)14:31
mdeslaurSarvatt: yes14:31
tseliotmdeslaur: what about the output of "update-alternatives --display gl_conf" ? (please put it on pastebin)14:31
mdeslaurSarvatt: oh, I didn't change _anything_ in jockey...that's what it came up as by default14:31
tseliotmdeslaur: also your jockey.log  in /var/log/ might help14:32
mdeslaurtseliot: ok., hold on...I'll file a bug and put all those in it14:33
mdeslaurtseliot, Sarvatt: bug 75980414:37
ubot4Launchpad bug 759804 in jockey (Ubuntu) "after fresh install, jockey thinks nvidia binary driver is in use (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75980414:37
tseliotmdeslaur: you're still using nvidia, at least its GL libraries14:38
tseliotyou can't be using nouveau as it's blacklisted when nvidia is enabled14:39
tseliotso, in short, Jockey is right ;)14:40
Sarvattthe nvidia kernel module isn't built14:40
mdeslaurtseliot: did you look at the xorg log file?14:40
tseliotmdeslaur: it seems that the kernel module wasn't loaded. What does "dkms status" say?14:42
mdeslaurtseliot: it doesn't say anything14:43
tseliotmdeslaur: please try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-current" and see what happens. I bet that somehow dkms failed14:44
mdeslaurError! There are no instances of module nvidia-current 270.30 located in the DKMS tree14:44
mdeslaurok, it seems to have built it now14:45
mdeslaurI'll try rebooting14:45
mdeslaurok, looks like I'm running -nvidia now14:47
mdeslaurhmm...not a nice bug14:47
janimoRAOF, I see you commented on this one https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=32254 . Is the fix supposed to be in natty, the comment does not mention which branch the fix went into14:48
ubot4Freedesktop bug 32254 in Other "EGL+OpenGL API failed to work" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]14:48
tseliotmdeslaur: can you close your bug report, please? I don't think we can figure out what happened before...14:49
mdeslaurnow jockey says "This driver is activated but not currently in use"14:49
mdeslaurtseliot: I can reinstall and reproduce at will I bet you14:49
Sarvattjanimo: because it went into master, it'll be in 7.11, no it wont be in natty14:50
janimoSarvatt, ah thanks. Too bad though14:50
tseliotmdeslaur: if you can reproduce it, please attach your /var/lib/dkms/nvidia-current/270.30/build/make.log14:51
mdeslaurtseliot: ok, I'm reinstalling now, and will attach that log14:51
tseliotmdeslaur: as regards the fact that Jockey says that the driver is not in use, I'd like to see your new jockey.log14:52
mdeslaurtseliot: sure, one sec14:53
mdeslaurtseliot: done14:56
* tseliot has a look14:57
mdeslaurtseliot: I have reinstalled, and hit the issue again15:18
mdeslaurtseliot: there is no log file in /var/lib/dkms15:18
tseliotmdeslaur: you must have something in /var/lib/dkms/nvidia-current/270.30/build/15:19
mdeslaurthe only thing I have in /var/lib/dkms is a file called dkms_dbversion15:19
mdeslaurthat's it15:19
mdeslaurno other subdirectory15:20
tseliotmdeslaur: your last jockey.log should contain some errors15:20
mdeslaurtseliot: huh?15:21
mdeslaurtseliot: do you want my new jockey.log file?15:21
tseliotmdeslaur: yes, if you installed the driver using jockey15:21
mdeslaurtseliot: I don't touch _anything_ in jockey. I just open the window, and click close15:21
mdeslaurjockey already thinks nvidia is installed15:21
Sarvattdid you check the enable 3rd party software box during the install?15:22
mdeslaurSarvatt: yes, I did15:22
mdeslaurSarvatt: would you like me to reinstall without checking it?15:22
tseliotmdeslaur: ok, if you do this manually, please capture the output of the operation so that I can see what dkms says15:23
Sarvattthats ok, wont help figure out why the heck its getting in the state where it thinks its installed and activated but isnt really, it wont install if you dont check that box15:24
mdeslaurtseliot: you want me to trigger dkms and capture the output?15:24
tseliotmdeslaur: I'd like you to reproduce the issue and capture the output15:25
Sarvatthe just did15:25
tseliotlet me check again15:25
mdeslaurtseliot: I'm not sure what you mean....the output of _what_?15:25
tseliotmdeslaur: I guess you remove the driver and then re-install it with apt, right?15:25
Sarvatttseliot: the problem is when you check the activate the 3rd party drivers box during the install it tries to install the blobs and for some reason its not actually installing it but jockey thinks its installed and activated15:26
mdeslaurtseliot: not at all15:26
tseliotmdeslaur: how do you do it?15:26
mdeslaurtseliot: I don't do _anything_. I install, and then open jockey. That's it.15:26
Sarvatthe only opens jockey to see what the status is and it says activated and in use15:26
tseliotmdeslaur: "install" how?15:27
Sarvattfrom a livecd15:27
mdeslaurtseliot: from a livecd (well, from a usb key)15:27
tseliotaah, ok15:27
tseliotmdeslaur: that's not supposed to work15:27
Sarvatthe's installing onto a disk, that part is supposed to work15:27
mdeslaurtseliot: what's not supposed to work?15:27
Sarvattnot trying to install it in a live session where it's not supposed to work15:28
mdeslaurnono, I'm not trying to do anything in a live session....I'm installing a laptop from the livecd15:28
tseliotmdeslaur, Sarvatt: right but while this *should* work it never did. It's likely a bug in the installer which doesn't copy your compiled module15:29
tseliotthen when you boot into your installed system you get no nvidia module15:30
tseliot*kernel module15:30
Sarvattso this has always been a problem and didnt just start happening?15:30
tseliot(the former)15:30
tseliotthis problem is something I can probably fix though:  https://launchpadlibrarian.net/69240249/Screenshot-Additional%20Drivers-1.png15:31
Sarvattcool, thats the main problem15:32
Sarvattoh wait, thought that was the activated and in use pic15:32
mdeslaurso, for our 60% of users that have an nvidia card, and click the "3rd party" checkbox, they will have no way of activating the -nvidia drivers15:32
Sarvattwhat he's saying is when you do a fresh install, nvidia thinks its installed and in use and you cant activate it tseliot15:32
mdeslaurSarvatt: yes, there are two different issues15:32
tseliotSarvatt: yes, it's that picture15:33
mdeslaurissue #1: dkms doesn't get triggered for -nvidia during install. Issue #2: once -nvidia dkms module is rebuilt, jockey thinks -nvidia is not in use15:33
Sarvattmdeslaur: #2 might be intentional until you reboot and it'd show activated and in use15:34
mdeslaurSarvatt: I did reboot between rebuilding the module and opening jockey again15:34
Sarvattapologies if you're saying its still saying that after reboot, i didn't follow it all15:35
Sarvattahh sorry15:35
tseliotissue #1: modules built by dkms are not copied to the installed system.15:35
tseliotissue #2: Jockey doesn't detect the driver as activated and in use in some cases15:35
mdeslaurtseliot: yes, exactly15:36
tseliotmdeslaur: while I can fix issue #2, you should talk to cjwatson about issue #115:36
tseliotit might be useful to ping pitti too15:36
mdeslaurI'll add ubiquity to the bug15:37
tseliotmdeslaur: I think it would also be worth updating the bug description with these 2 issues15:38
Sarvattits gotta be specific to nvidia, otherwise wl wouldn't work and it does15:39
Sarvatti need to double check that, i might have been using brcm80211 in these recent installs instead and not have noticed15:41
tseliotit would be interesting to know15:45
Sarvattbryceh_: think 40-xserver-xorg-video-intel.rules is triggering too much? http://paste.ubuntu.com/593618/ :)16:54
bryceh_Sarvatt, heh18:15
bryceh_Sarvatt, probably about time for us to turn it off anyway18:15
Sarvattrunning the rule and dumping was triggering these http://paste.ubuntu.com/593614/ and they stopped when i got rid of the udev rule18:18
SarvattRAOF: hrm software-center started working without 113_fix_tls.diff again18:21
Sarvattthe tls patch was causing problems on amd64 with mesa master so i haven't been adding it in edgers18:22
dbarthbryceh_: hey bryce; hi18:27
dbarthi'm suddenly getting some x crashes since monday or so, and i can only get that kind of backtrace in the xorg log: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/593615/18:27
dbarthno real test case, but the info is that it's almost the first time in the cycle that i've had crashes with my server at all18:28
bryceh_hmm interesting18:28
bryceh_dbarth, RAOF posted a new (bugfix) release of mesa on Monday18:29
dbarthah right, i heard about it18:29
dbarthso do you want me to downgrade and see for a day or two?18:29
Sarvattnot fixed in that, i'm digging up the bug number for that one18:29
dbarthi don't want to add another bug report to the pile with so little info18:30
bryceh_dbarth, your /var/log/dpkg.log should have the details of what exactly got upgraded; I'd probably start by downgrading packages to isolate what package regressed18:30
dbarthand wait a little bit to see if the sudden crashes go away18:30
dbarthok, i'll do that18:30
Sarvattdbarth: that backtrace is a known problem, i've only been able to reproduce it closing the lid for >30 minutes here18:30
Sarvatttrying to find the bug for it so you can track it still18:30
Sarvattonly happens in a unity session18:31
dbarthSarvatt: ah thanks18:31
dbarthuh, /that/ doesn't sound good 18:31
Sarvattdbarth: hrm I take that back, got it confused with the other one where X doesn't crash, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/740126 18:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 740126 in compiz (Ubuntu Natty) (and 1 other project) "compiz hangs randomly several times per day (affects: 4) (heat: 24)" [High,Confirmed]18:35
Sarvatti've seen that backtrace a few times in the past few days though, robert_ancell had it http://paste.ubuntu.com/592987/ checking to see if he filed a bug18:35
dbarthSarvatt: ah that one is the xcb hang18:36
dbarth(or let me check)18:36
dbarthwell, it's an xcb hang18:37
Sarvattthat xcb hang was what I was saying I could reproduce and only had happen in unity, sorry about that :)18:37
dbarthbut i'm aware of 2 of those18:37
dbarthone that was involving an xgetwindowproperty18:37
dbarthand that we workarounded18:37
dbarthand that other one18:37
dbarthbut which may actually be triggered by another change we made to fight the stacking issues18:38
dbarththere is a daily build of compiz where you can turn the stackattack otpion off18:38
dbarthand that may help with this bug18:38
dbarthie not trigger it that often18:38
dbarthSarvatt: is there a bug that i could subscribe to for the backtrace?18:39
Sarvatti'm not seeing one, it'd be appreciated if you could file one against xorg-server and we can dupe it later if we find it18:42
Sarvattneither of the 2 people i've seen the backtrace from ended up filing a report and i'm not seeing a one filed against xorg xorg-server or compiz18:44
Sarvattguess i should check intel, both of the other reporters were on intel18:44
bryceh_I don't see one against -intel18:46
bryceh_jeesh so many bugs18:47
bryceh_Sarvatt, on https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34014 check comment 28  :-/18:49
ubot4Freedesktop bug 34014 in Driver/intel "[i915gm] GPU lockup (ESR: 0x00000001 IPEHR: 0x02000004)" [Major,Resolved: fixed]18:49
Sarvattbryceh_: ugh...18:50
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