superflyheya sakhi07:18
Kilosmorning superfly and everyone else also too as well07:51
KilosMaaz, coffee on07:51
* Maaz washes some mugs07:51
superflyhey Kilos07:53
superflyMaaz: coffee please07:53
Maazsuperfly: Okay07:53
sakhiyo Kilos how goes?07:53
Kilosgood ty sakhi and you07:53
sakhigood thanks07:54
Kilosjust fighting flu07:54
sakhichange of season07:54
sakhiMaaz: coffee + milk please 07:54
Maazsakhi: Go get it yourself!07:54
Kilosi hardly ever get it but my sis got it at work 5 days ago and brought it home07:55
Kiloscheeky bot07:55
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos and superfly!07:55
KilosMaaz, thank you very very much07:55
Maazsure thing, Kilos07:55
superflyKilos: I've never had flu... I've had some bad colds, but that isn't flu07:55
Kilosoh well i got coughing and sore throat from the coughing and worse head from the coughing07:56
Kilosmaybe its a bad cough07:56
Kilosmaybe i opened the window and influenza07:57
superflysakhi: www.humblebundle.com07:59
Kilosdoes anyone remember the name of the guy in port shepstone07:59
Kiloshe used to be here often07:59
Kilosnm i think it was esquire08:01
Kilostook a week to member that08:01
* Kilos very sad about shipit closing its doors08:03
Kilosmaybe i made mark broke. i got from 8.04 from there08:03
sakhisuperfly: www.humblebundle.com looks cool.08:04
* sakhi wonders if froztbyte visited the site.08:04
superflyKilos: hehe, I doubt it08:35
superflyI think I need to send another netiquette e-mail to the list09:19
superflyespecially to William Walter Kinghorn, who seems totally unable to comprehend inline replies and trimming his posts09:21
superflyhi maiatoday09:21
maiatodayhi superfly, sorry super busy, I missed your message11:53
superflymaiatoday: no worries, was just saying hi :-)11:54
mazalHi all17:25
mazalBeen a while since I used irc :P17:25
Symmetrialo mazal :P17:25
SymmetriaNote: mirror.ac.za (which includes za.*.ubuntu.com) will be down tonight for approximately 60 minutes from about 10:30pm17:25
mazalUsing xchat , that ok or is there something better ?17:26
Symmetriait may be a lot less time than that, but Im bargaining on an hour to do what I need to do 17:26
Symmetriaxchat works :)17:26
mazalcopy that17:26
Symmetriaso if anyone sees they cant get ubuntu updates between 10:30 and 11:30 tonight thats why17:26
mazalafter 2 builds in 3 days I think I am done with updates for now17:27
Symmetria:P and cross your fingers and pray that this goes the way its meant to, because its a little complicated 17:27
mazalhehehe , it usually is :)17:27
Symmetriaheh, Im rsynching 3.9 terabytes of data off SAN1 -> SAN2 at the moment, once thats done, I'll unmount SAN1, loopback mount the stuff on SAN2 to the original mount point of SAN1, replace all the disks in SAN1 and reformat it, mount SAN1 on a different mount point, rsync all the data back again, and then at a later point after the rsync is done, remove the loopback mount and remount SAN1 back where it should be17:28
Symmetriabut in theory the loopback mount will allow us to keep the system running properly while the rsync copy back is done 17:28
Symmetria(which can take 12+ hours because of the amount of data involved)17:28
Symmetria:p and once all is complete, the server will have an extra 20 terabytes of space in it taking it to 70TB total I believe17:29
mazalAny reason why the updates came down slower last 2 nights ?17:30
Symmetriano idea, server has plenty of bandwidth available 17:30
mazalhmmm , might have to shout at Telkom then17:31
Symmetriawhere are you in the country?17:31
mazalWas running at 220k average and usually get 420k17:31
Symmetriabecause we did have an issue between pretoria and durban meaning that traffic to certain locations had to take the alternate path around the ring which would have added a fair bit of latency17:31
Symmetriaon the 10G national ring17:31
mazalI'm bout 50km East of PTA17:32
Symmetriaif you're not getting full speed now though there is an issue thats outside of our network17:32
Symmetriayeah, hard to say what path its taking though I dont think that issue should have affected you, since I'd suspect it would flow via JINX and that path wasnt seeing any issues17:32
Symmetria(woulda gone Wits -> I.S Rosebank -> JINX -> internet)17:32
Symmetriaand I know that Wits -> I.S Rosebnk link is working fine because I did testing on it earlier today and was very easily flatlining a coupla gigE nics17:33
Symmetriaheh mazal in 99% of circumstances, you can be guaranteed that if there are speed problems to mirror.ac.za, its not our network17:33
Symmetriabecause we have more bandwidth than most of the country combined 17:34
mazalI've suspected my line from the weekend , think the problem was there17:34
Symmetriahell, mirror.ac.za is plugged 10G into a router that has 60G of connectivity to the rest of the network, and the network itself has 41 gig of national peering/transit in various places17:35
Symmetriaso if you cant get 420k, either something is excessively broken on our side, or someone elses network is broken :P17:35
Symmetriaand it would have to be a *HUGE* problem on our side17:35
Symmetrialike, 4 circuit failures at once :)17:36
mazalnever knew we had such serious Ubuntu network support in ZA17:37
Symmetriawell, the network behind it17:45
Symmetriais TENET's network17:45
Symmetriathe south african academic network17:45
Symmetria(I work for TENET, as their CTO)17:45
Symmetrialol, we believe in building proper networks17:45
mazalThat's kewl. I think the work being done with Ubuntu is amazing. I am enjoying Ubuntu more and more as I learn more and more17:47
Owkkuribrag jy lekker Symmetria? :P17:49
SymmetriaOwkkuri heh, damn straight :)17:49
SymmetriaIm proud of what we've built 17:49
Owkkuriand rightly so 17:49
Symmetria:P its taken me 6 years of my life and much blood sweat and tears, I've earned the right to brag a bit17:49
mazalWhat would be a good place to start if I want to build a mailing list for work on a ubuntu server ?17:51
mazalg2g for now17:55
Kilosnothing wrong with being proud with a job well done18:12
Kiloslo nlsthzn kbmonkey 18:13
nlsthznKilos: hey :)18:13
Kilosinetpro, ping18:16
Kilos is he still ok?18:35
nlsthznKilos: ?18:35
Kilosinetpro, havent seen him inna long time18:36
nlsthznKilos: I am not online enough to notice such things :/ hope all is well18:37
Kilosyeah. ty nlsthzn 18:37
inetproKilos: pong21:09
Kilosyou still ok inetpro long time no see21:09
inetproKilos: hmm... I think so21:10
Kilosgood . i was just checking21:10
inetproKilos: np21:11
inetproKilos: how you doing?21:11
inetproit's actually you that has been more offline than me21:12
Kiloswell ty. maverick been going without probs for a while now21:12
Kilosyes i stretching data21:12
inetproKilos: apology accepted :-)21:14
Kilosgracias amigo21:14
Kilosnight all of ya. sleep tight21:16
KilosMaaz, night21:17
Maazkbye Kilos21:17
inetproKilos: good evening21:17
* inetpro lol21:17
Symmetriamirror.ac.za back online22:45
Symmetria./dev/sda3             532G   35G  470G   7% /22:49
Symmetria./dev/sdc               13T  9.0T  3.9T  71% /diskspace322:49
Symmetria./dev/sdd               26T   23T  3.2T  88% /diskspace422:49

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