student_421how to add repository backtrack to ubuntu?00:00
bastidrazorstudent_421: ask #backtrack-linux00:00
Jeruvystudent_421: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu00:00
silvertopmmmmm bt400:00
student_421jevury:thak you..00:01
qikkyActionParsnip, I did what you said about installing ubuntu with windows 7 but now I cannot boot up windows 7. It won't show the OS in the grub menu but it shows windows and it would go into recovery mode.00:01
PetePortyqikky: You need to fix your master grub boot loader00:02
qikkyCould you please tell me how to do so?00:02
PetePortyqikky: I used https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows , but it seems your problem is the other way around?00:02
swartggg3: I use sshfs00:03
* hylian is having fun with sugar (sucrose)00:03
ggg3thanks swart will check that out00:03
metallicoi have two network cards. do i need to separate them somehow in the interfaces file?00:03
meganerdjstoone: sleuthkit/autopsy might be able to help, but if the file system was ext3/4, you are probably SOL.  Formost on the entire drive might work, PITA though.00:04
metallicothat article only shows how to do one00:04
PetePortyqikky: http://www.webupd8.org/2009/05/fix-restore-grub-boot-loader.html That seems easier, though.00:04
PetePortyAnyone thinks they can help me with my problem?00:04
ggg3swart, thanks but I need to mount the physical hard drive. There is no running machine for me to do that with. That leads to my only option now: build a FreeBSD box to read the disks.00:05
swartah sorry I misunderstood00:05
PetePorty:( ok, I'll try later.00:05
metallicook, restarting networking now.. lets hope i will come back online :)00:05
jessicaBRhello, any idea of how I can add the repository of this package (http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/packages/show/218653) so that I could install it?00:06
Camer0nhow do you unmount cds?00:06
ggg3swart: I know there's a package of tools for diddling for such partitions w/ Ubuntu, but they don't let you actually access the files.00:06
jstooneHi guys, I've never been that good at compileing I checked and gcc and the two lib's are installed but when i ./configure it says my c++ compiler cannot create executeables00:07
metallicowhen i restarted networking i got a SIOCDELRT: No such process00:07
ggg3I didn't specify: the "ufs" type filesystem00:07
JeruvyCamer0n ;just right click and eject00:07
Camer0nno, ubuntu server00:07
qikkyPetePorty, thanks00:07
Jeruvyunmount sr0 :?00:08
Camer0ncommand unmount not found00:08
jessicaBRsomeone help. plzzzz :)00:08
silvertopumount not unmount00:08
Camer0noh okay, I've rebooted now anyway :/00:09
Jeruvyhehe ya I should have been clear, but I was just thinking.00:09
metallicook, changed the file and still have internet.. rebooting now00:10
jessicaBRdon't make me beg :-(00:10
silvertopjessicaBR, did you ask a question00:10
JeruvyjessicaBR: just tell us your problem as complete as you can in one line.00:11
SuperstarCan someone help me recover my NTFS partition please? I can't remember what I did but my data is intact, I don't need to do a sector by sector recovery, I just need to undelete a partition. I'm fairly new to Ubuntu as a desktop, can someone point me in the right direction please?00:11
JeruvySuperstar to recover ntfs you should be using data recovery tools,  try ##windows00:12
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jessicaBRsilvertop, Jeruvy,  er..., I'm interested in installing glade-3 package on my ubuntu, but that package does not exists in my synaptic... So I thought I could add a repository (PPA). I found this (http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/packages/show/218653) but I have no idea where to get the repository...00:13
high-rezSo anyone here have experience with KVM?  I'd really like to be able to install guests directly to LVM volumes, and not have to convert from qcow2.  Any ideas ?00:13
MeanEYEjessicaBR: Easiest way to find it is to go to launchpad.net and search there.00:13
CarlFKjessicaBR: "Repository:     main"   is a default (not sure you could live without it00:13
JeruvyjessicaBR https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu00:13
codex84do you guys00:14
codex84use the gnome ubtuntu dekstop00:14
redDEADresolveI want to see what loading when I boot up my system, how can i get the old text version back00:14
bastidrazor!enter | codex8400:14
codex84or kde00:14
ubottucodex84: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:14
SuperstarJeruvy Do you know of any applications for Ubuntu? Other data recovery tools in windows get the MBR, BootSector and MFT but will only display the files and only allows you to create an image of it. I have Hirens Boot CD but it crashes upon startup because the drive is missing its bootsector00:14
cybrhumanCamer0n: unmount isn't a command, umount is probably what you want00:15
jessicaBRthanks guys00:15
JeruvySuperstar: seriously I wouldn't consider doing recovery in Ubuntu.00:15
SuperstarJeruvy why not? there's no chance of data loss00:15
CarlFKSuperstar: apt-get install testdisk; man testdisk00:16
SuperstarCarlFK thanks I just finished installing it as well00:16
meganerdSuperstar: sleuthkit/autopsy can do some file recovery, there has been some work parsing the MFT recently by some security researchers.  Nothing really easy that I know of.00:16
JeruvySuperstar, I have tools that work perfectly for ntfs.  Why would I use something that isn't native to the fs?00:16
AxlinredDEADresolve: you can hit escape to bring up the text, or, i found this on a forum: "You just need to edit the /boot/grub/menu.lst file, find the line that is used to boot your kernel, and remove the 'splash' option from it. If you want even more text, remove the 'quiet' option as well."00:17
meganerdSuperstar: fixntfs is like a lite version of chkdsk, but you usually want chkdsk00:17
redDEADresolveAxlin, thanks00:17
Superstarmeganerd no chkdsk won't recover mft or bootsector00:17
JeruvySuperstar correct.00:18
metallicostill no joy00:18
KINGOFSWORDSanyone recommend good program to keep track of internet traffic/usage?00:18
meganerdSuperstar: but windows install cd has fixboot and fixmbr00:18
meganerdSuperstar: either way this sounds OT to me00:19
Jeruvymeganerd: this really should be in ##windows.00:19
aeon-ltdKINGOFSWORDS: tomato and ddwrt but they're router based and limited to some routers only00:19
Superstarmeganerd I appreciate your help but those won't recover a deleted partition00:19
__yhvh__I've got my dual monitors set up, in windows now flash can stay fullscreen on one even if you shift focus to another window, is this possible on ubuntu?00:19
PetePortyHey guys, I have a problem... I don't know what caused it, since I wasn't home at the time (my mom said the computer just "turned off"...), but when booting into Linux (after the OS selection screen), the output is the following: http://pastebin.com/dCA8K5aE Then it just becomes a black screen.00:19
KINGOFSWORDSoh...i use 3g fone and have 80gb cap so wanted to keep track00:19
JAQK-JokerDo you think AT&T is a good internet provider?00:20
meganerdSuperstar: foremost can sometimes carve files out of a disk image (or raw disk device), autopsy and sleuthkit are probably your next best bets00:20
LjL!recovery | Superstar, i wasn't following, but some of these can find lost partitions00:20
ubottuSuperstar, i wasn't following, but some of these can find lost partitions: To rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"00:20
LjL!recover | Superstar - sorry not that, this00:20
ubottuSuperstar - sorry not that, this: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel00:20
metallicoi need to sleep now guys. thank you very much for all your help. will figure this out 2moro. good night00:20
JeruvyLjL: lost partition ntfs00:21
salmiakhello, wat is the irc channel for linux mint?00:21
jessicaBRsorry for bothering again, but still can't find out a binary to install glade-3 :( I would like to find the repository URL and add it to synaptic sources. And then just intsall the package with synaptic. How can i do this? Couldn't find the repository in launchpad...00:21
LjLJeruvy: likely doesn't matter to tools like testdisk and gpart00:21
SuperstarIs it me or does Ubuntus desktop look sexier than Windows 7 and Macs O/S?00:22
meganerdSuperstar: fixmbr might be what you want, best to ask about that in a Windows channel00:22
salmiakThere must be one, for more mint-specific questions, right?00:22
jstooneHi again guys, i just found out that the filesystem that the backup.tar file is, is a NTFS filesystem00:22
codex84google it00:22
rww!mintsupport | salmiak00:22
ubottusalmiak: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org00:22
salmiakok thanks00:22
jstooneRefrace: Hi I wrote some time ago and told that I overwrote my backup.tar file with an empty folder, and now i found out that it's a NTFS filesystem instead of ex2-4. Any good ideas on how i could have a chance restoreing the file?00:24
MaRk-IPetePorty: read response #3 and #6 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=116771000:24
PetePortyMaRk-I: Thanks a lot, mate.00:24
JAQK-JokerIs there a Esperanto ubuntu irc?00:25
rhizmoeraido: i was thinking custom kernel and no x00:26
grodiusSup ununtu00:26
rwwJAQK-Joker: #ubuntu-eo exists, but is empty.00:26
chotazcan anyone here help me out with jdownloader? since their channels seems pertty dead00:26
MaRk-IPetePorty: just make sure you use the actual partition of your system00:26
JeruvyjessicaBR: the only packages I can find for glade-3 are from hardy, which is pretty much end of life.00:26
JAQK-Jokerrww: Where have you been?00:27
PetePortyMaRk-I: Of course. ;)00:27
KINGOFSWORDSstupid question? how do i find a files name when i dont know where its isntalled?00:30
visual1ceim having the same problem as these people here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=160407700:31
visual1cealso with ssd00:32
visual1ceit is extremely bizarre00:33
visual1ceafter i do a cold start all the data i changed/added/deleted is undone00:34
KINGOFSWORDSme too but on settings...i have ssd too00:34
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visual1ceso it goes back to the original state00:34
ubottuMail is another medium to communicate. Ubuntu mailing lists can be found at http://lists.ubuntu.com00:34
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visual1cewell this is my 3rd sandforce ssd in just over a month00:35
visual1ceshould've bought an intel ssd00:35
tony__i need help00:36
JAQK-JokerHow do I install Mozilla Firefox on Ubuntu?00:36
qikkyDo I need to create a separate partition for grub settings?00:36
rwwJAQK-Joker: install the 'firefox' package from your package manager.00:36
tony__how do i install google chrome on unbuntu00:36
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JAQK-Jokerrww: Thank You00:37
airtonixany idea why there is a significant pause between user input of sudo password and the expected terminal response when using sudo after the cache timeout ?00:37
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rwwtony__: install 'chromium-browser' for chromium, or see http://chrome.google.com/ for Chrome (which is supported by Google, not us)00:37
rwwor maybe they don't support it either. who knows.00:37
edbianqikky: no00:39
JAQK-JokerIs there a irc channel for talking about anyting?00:39
qikkyedbain: so I should install grub on /dev/sda?00:39
jribJAQK-Joker: maybe #defocus00:39
JAQK-Jokerjrib: Thank You00:40
edbianqikky: grub resides in two places.  The first is in the MBR (master boot record).  That's on the harddrive (not a partition).  The other place is in a folder called /boot.  You can put /boot on another partition. You do not have to.00:40
tony__when i install google chrome it says error amd 6400:41
qikkyOk, thanks.00:41
edbianqikky: Hope that helps :)00:41
KINGOFSWORDStony_ do u have a 64 bit computer with ubuntu00:43
Juv1228tony__: i wouldnt use google chrome, opt for chromium00:44
KINGOFSWORDSwhats the difference between chrome and chromium?00:44
JAQK-JokerHow can I watch 1080p videos on ubuntu?00:45
edbianJAQK-Joker: play them?00:45
Juv1228KINGOFSWORDS, chrome is from google, and they have all sorts of 'extras' that track you00:46
JAQK-JokerI mean which video player has 1080p support?00:46
Juv1228chromium is the open source version00:46
Juv1228JAQK-Joker,  any of them?00:46
edbianJAQK-Joker: Any video player will play video of any quality00:46
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aeon-ltdJAQK-Joker: i think you mean blu-ray support00:46
Juv1228its not the player, its the file00:46
KINGOFSWORDSbut is chromium the same then but just a modified version00:46
edbianJAQK-Joker: It's not like a TV :)00:46
Juv1228KINGOFSWORDS, incorrect, chrome is the modified version of chromium00:47
itaylor57edbian: and I thought this was apple tv support room00:47
Juv1228chrome stemmed off chromium00:47
KINGOFSWORDSdid google copy it then?00:47
edbianitaylor57: :)  This is Ubuntu support!00:47
Juv1228i wouldnt say they coppied it, because they are the maintainers of it i believe00:47
KINGOFSWORDSi got chromium..didnt realise it was any differnt00:47
JAQK-JokerOn another note which is more prone to viruses ubuntu or windows?00:48
Juv1228its really not00:48
Juv1228JAQK-Joker, neither00:48
KINGOFSWORDSubuntu cant get virus00:48
Juv1228computers dont get viruses, the people that run them do :)00:48
edbianJAQK-Joker: Viruses are not a concern on linux00:48
KindariJust curious here, /md0 is composed of sdb and sdc. Configured in raid 1. sdb has partitions 1,2 and 5, while sdc has partitions 1. wut?00:48
edbianJAQK-Joker: windows 7 is much better security than windows xp was.  windows xp was relatively insecure00:48
* Juv1228 facepalms00:48
KINGOFSWORDSi got bit of a sniftal...thought that would stop when i switched 2 linux=(00:49
airtonixJAQK-Joker: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=51081200:49
JAQK-Jokeredbian: Thank You00:49
edbianJAQK-Joker: Mostly because of file permissions.  Files cannot be harmed by programs that don't run as root.  Programs cannot make themselves root without a password.00:49
sndngnrKindari, that doesn't look right00:49
Juv1228basically, dont do stupid things and you wont get viruses00:49
edbianJAQK-Joker: In windows xp.  Every program was effectively 'root'00:49
sndngnrsdb and sdb should match00:49
airtonixJAQK-Joker: you should _really_ read that page i just linked for you.00:50
Juv1228that too00:50
KINGOFSWORDSi want 2 create a shortcut to compizconfig settings manager but cant find the correct file name?00:50
Kindarisndngnr: Thats what I thought. This is a brand new install. sda should always be / right?00:50
Juv1228KINGOFSWORDS,  cssm00:50
edbianKINGOFSWORDS: ccsm00:50
Juv1228ccsm i mean00:50
UbuntuNoobi dont know why, but my laptop decided to open about 1000 terminal windows by itself for no reason other than maybe my enter button was stuck while the terminal icon was highlighted. is there some terminal command line i could use to kill either all open terminals or all open windows instead of clicking "x"s for the next 5 minutes?00:50
edbianJuv1228: typo :)00:50
sndngnrKindari, appears that you have the sdb/sdc rw devices defined as /md0 so raid is overlooking the partition table... but it could still cause problems00:51
KINGOFSWORDSahhh brilliant thx guys00:51
KINGOFSWORDShow would i find that out in the future for other apps thou00:51
edbianUbuntuNoob: pick one terminal and run this: killall gnome-terminal00:51
airtonixKINGOFSWORDS: you could also try out the helper program : fusion-icon00:51
sndngnrdepends on where you wanted /00:51
UbuntuNoobthanks edbiam00:51
Juv1228ubuntunoob: that big button on the front works good too00:51
JAQK-Jokerairtonix: Thank You00:51
itaylor57airtonix: good link thanks00:51
UbuntuNoobjuv1228: yeah,but i was going for something that didnt involve shutting down the computer00:52
lderwhat is /dev/vg0?  i am running something that is looking for that path?00:52
Juv1228then killall is your best bet00:52
UbuntuNoobthanks for the help guys00:52
sndngnrKindari: depends, where is / supposed to be mounted?00:52
KINGOFSWORDS * NVIDIA on Xorg detected, exporting: __GL_YIELD=NOTHING00:53
KINGOFSWORDSdoes this mean open gl is disbaled?00:53
Kindarisndngnr: Not quite sure now :) heres my setup and what I want. I have a 500gb that I installed to, then I have 2x 2TB drives I configured to be raid1 during install, mounted on /data.00:53
KINGOFSWORDScssm doesnt work00:53
edbianKINGOFSWORDS: ccsm  not cssm00:54
KindariNow /data doesnt even exist00:54
JAQK-JokerWhich MP3 player is good to run on Ubuntu?00:54
KINGOFSWORDSsorry i mean cssm doesnt work00:54
sndngnris there an entry in /etc/fstab ?00:54
edbianKINGOFSWORDS: ?00:54
Juv1228KINGOFSWORDS, ccsm00:54
sndngnrfor /data00:54
edbianKINGOFSWORDS: ccsm  not cssm00:55
Kindarino entry00:55
Juv1228two c's one s one m00:55
KINGOFSWORDSlol that make perfect sense now..sorry little dsylexic00:55
KINGOFSWORDSits works btw thanks very much00:55
edbianKINGOFSWORDS: :D00:56
KindariSo now I'm thinking thought sda and sdc are my two data drives. which means my o.0 at different ammount of partitions is solved.00:56
Juv1228is it possible to compile and use libusb as 32bit, on a 64bit ubuntu install?00:56
Juv1228i have a python script that uses pyusb(which in turn uses libusb) and i have a feeling its libusb's fault00:56
itaylor57Juv1228: you can download 32 bit libs for a 64bit system00:56
sndngnrif there is no /data entry in fstab, it might not be mounted00:57
sndngnrcat /proc/mdstat00:57
Juv1228as the same exact setup works on 32bit00:57
Juv1228wasnt aware libusb was available precompiled00:57
KINGOFSWORDSwhen i click GLX dock(cairo dock with openGL) if make mulitple copies of my cairo dock.....is there anything i can do to stop this?00:57
itaylor57!info libusb00:58
ubottuPackage libusb does not exist in maverick00:58
sndngnrthere are some good commands at the bottom00:58
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Juv1228!info libusb-1.0-000:59
ubottulibusb-1.0-0 (source: libusb-1.0): userspace USB programming library. In component main, is optional. Version 2:1.0.8-2 (maverick), package size 30 kB, installed size 112 kB00:59
Kindarisndngnr: thanks for your help, I'll retrace everything I did.00:59
Juv1228so how would i go about installing the 32bit version of that through apt?01:00
Juv1228if thats how its done01:00
itaylor57Juv1228: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libusb01:00
rhizmoesilly question, but how do i get my email notifier to change colors again? is it only in specific themes (like ubuntu default)?01:01
lenyemhow can I get a list of files between a certain size on my filesystem? I'm trying to pin something down. Can't I do this with find?01:01
Juv1228itaylor57, so i just grab the 32bit deb and run deb?01:02
Juv1228<-- long time windows moron just switched to ubuntu01:02
gavdariwell, unity destroyed my laptop01:03
itaylor57Juv1228: you would want the 32 bit libs to be in a different location than the 64bit01:03
Juv1228well, for now ill just overwrite them01:03
Juv1228because i just want to see if this one script will work01:03
gavdariunity doesn't start on the startup, nothing works, just some windows without boarders or controls, what should I do?01:04
Juv1228and if i moved them i would have to change pyusb to find them01:04
what_ifHow can I disable the password length and complexity checks in ubuntu to allow a short simple password01:04
itaylor57Juv1228: this might help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/32bit_and_64bit01:04
JAQK-JokerIs there a Ubuntu irc channel where people can talk about anything?01:05
what_ifJAQK-Joker:  ^^^01:05
JAQK-Jokerwhat_if: Yes what do you need?01:06
gavdariok, so what should I do to return back to the login screen?01:06
what_ifJAQK-Joker: oh... for ubuntu chat to talk about anything:  #ubuntu-offtopic01:06
JAQK-Jokerwhat_if: Thank You01:07
gavdarisuppose my system is set not to show the login screen on the startup, is there any way I force it to do so without using the options inside ubuntu?01:07
rwws/anything/most things/01:07
Juv1228well, not sure how this would work. but python is 64bit, ubuntu is 64bit and i want python to load a 32bit lib01:08
Juv1228so i would need to install a 32bit version of python too correct?01:08
gavdaridoes anyone even sees this?01:09
rwwgavdari: yes01:09
itaylor57Juv1228: I probably have led you down the wrong path01:09
gavdarilol, I was getting delusional01:09
Juv1228itaylor57, probably, im pretty stupid01:09
Juv1228whats the simplest way to get my python script to load32bit libusb on 64bit ubuntu01:10
airtonixJuv1228: virtualenv01:10
gavdariok, I need to create a launcher that logs out, what is the correct command?01:11
airtonixJuv1228: assuming your libusb is a python package.01:11
Juv1228it is not01:11
Juv1228the python script imports pyusb01:11
Juv1228which deals with libusb01:11
Juv1228!info libusb-1.0-001:11
ubottulibusb-1.0-0 (source: libusb-1.0): userspace USB programming library. In component main, is optional. Version 2:1.0.8-2 (maverick), package size 30 kB, installed size 112 kB01:11
Juv1228that being libusb01:11
airtonixJuv1228: have you asked about this in #python ?01:12
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POPEYEis there any way to fix right mouse button bug on ubuntu 9.04 ff301:12
Juv1228sort of01:12
Juv1228they basically said it was libusb01:12
rwwPOPEYE: 9.04 is end-of-life and isn't supported here any mroe.01:13
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades01:13
Juv1228"go ask in #ubuntu"01:13
airtonixJuv1228: i assume you're asking because libusb doesn't provide a 64bit version?01:13
Juv1228it does01:13
FloatingGoatI love unity01:13
Juv1228i want 32bit01:13
Juv1228on 64bit ubuntu01:13
FloatingGoathow do I move launchers on the unity launcher?01:13
FloatingGoatunity 2D01:14
airtonixJuv1228: because pyusb doesn't load the 64bit version?01:14
Juv1228it loads it, but im getting some funky usb errors01:14
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Juv1228so i assumed it was something to do with libusb01:14
Juv1228and it works on 32bit ubuntu in a VM01:14
rwwReleased versions of Ubuntu don't do multiarch, so have fun with that.01:14
=== rcmaehl is now known as NT8
Juv1228hence, 'lets try 32bit libusb'01:15
hylianPOPEYE, it might be that for some reason nautilus is not starting. a good way to check this is to run a terminal session (gnome-terminal) and then type nautilus --no-default-window, and then leave the terminal window open and see if you can use the right mouse button.01:15
airtonixJuv1228: so you want to install both 32bit and 64bit versions of libusb on your 64bit system ?01:15
qikkyhello, after installing ubuntu 9.10 (and deleting vista partition) and dual booting windows 7, grub2 cannot longer identify windows 7 but it identifies windows vista and when I boot into that it goes into recovery mode. Does anyone know how to fix this?01:15
Juv1228airtonix, correct01:15
=== teen-sexy-girl is now known as teen-ugly-girl
airtonixJuv1228: i doubt pyusb is actually pointing at 64bit libusb on 64bit systems... it just tries to load libusb so if you had both.. how would it know which one to get ?01:16
=== teen-ugly-girl is now known as PolarPanda
hylianqikky, there is a command for refreshing the grub menu, which is escaping me at the moment.. it might help...01:17
airtonixJuv1228: unless of course the python bindings libusb provides are named libusb32 or libusb6401:17
Juv1228it would not, but once i get 32bit libusb installed i can worry about that01:17
qikkyHow could refreshing the menu help?01:17
Juv1228i believe it just calls a getlib or something to load the lib from whatever path it finds01:17
SuperstarSay you ssh into a remote vps and you're in the middle of filling in automated prompts to configure something in an application and the terminal disconnects because it's been idle - is there anyway to ssh back and return to that shell?01:18
Juv1228so i can just load it in python manually or specify a path01:18
airtonixSuperstar: use byobu or screen after your initial ssh login01:18
rwwSuperstar: nope. That's why people use screen.01:18
ubottuscreen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen01:18
hylianqikky, it's the update-grub command. sometimes the old grey matter doesn't fire on all cylinders, so to speak. :)01:18
airtonixJuv1228: no idea01:19
Juv1228my question isnt about loading it in python tho01:19
Juv1228its actually getting the 32bit version installed01:19
Superstarrww thanks dear01:19
qikkyhylian, since it identifies the vista partition still, is it possible to edit that out with the windows 7 partition?01:19
Juv1228i assume i can just download the 32bit debs and install those to a non default location?01:19
gavdaricould anyone please help me with window decoration in unity?01:20
qikkyhylian, i think the settings are inside grub.cfg file but I'm not sure if sda4 is the only thing I edit.01:20
Superstarairtonix: yeh i didn't think01:20
hylianqikky, well, i am not a grub 2 comando, not an expert. here is the list of commands, and if you don't feel too overwhelmed with the console, you could do it.. :http://members.iinet.net/~herman546/p20/GRUB2%20Bash%20Commands.html01:21
hylianqikky, hmm, if you are running grub 1, yes. If it's grub 2, then no.01:21
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* hylian wonders why dev's don't add some gui controls to this stuff, not all of us are expoits! ;)01:22
* edbian is an expoit01:22
hylianedbian, not an exploit, aye? LOL01:24
edbianjust an expoit01:24
gavdariI was playing with compiz on natty when suddenly everything went black, so I restarted, now I'm stuck with a pidgin and nothing else, no panel, no launcher, no close or minimize button, nothing at all. Is there anything I can do? c'mon guys help me out here.01:24
edbiangavdari: alt + F2 works?01:25
edbiangavdari: ctrl + alt + F101:25
edbiangavdari: does that work?01:25
anon__updated wine and still no sound01:26
hyliangavdari, sounds like nautilus isn't loading, can you type nautilus --no-default-window into a terminal window? (besides using the ctrl-alt-f1, etc)01:26
anon__if i hit shift+tab it wont let me close the screen either01:26
FlameTai1Hey guys is there anyway to get the new 4.0 firefox in LInux?01:27
ubottuFirefox 4 is the current stable version of Firefox. Current versions of Ubuntu do not have it (see !latest), but there is an unofficial and unsupported PPA that you can use by running the following command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox01:27
edbianFlameTai1: sure is01:27
hylianFlameTai1, probably, if you didnt mind a little console wet work.01:27
* hylian sees that edbian is on the ball, thanks.01:28
FlameTai1edbian: Thank you.01:28
edbianI'm on fire :)01:28
FlameTai1edbian: Would you happen to know why Ubuntu is not coming with it? lol01:28
hyliananon__, hmm, this is specifically a wine problem?01:28
edbianFlameTai1: Because they don't update packages until a new version comes out.01:28
hyliananon__, let me rephrase that, you have sound in everything except wine?01:29
anon__oh yes01:29
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anon__i havent tried any other games though01:30
hyliananon__, what version of 'buntu are you running?01:30
FlameTai1edbian: Ah k thanks.01:31
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edbianFlameTai1: no problem01:31
codex84after you install the kubuntu-desktop onto ubuntu how u use it?01:32
hyliananon__, from what i have read, the two likeliest culprits are either pulse audio, or a corrupted registry file. also some hardware causes this.01:32
anon__so what should i do?01:32
hyliananon__, how long ago did you install wine?01:33
anon__i just now updated it to the newest version01:33
gavdariedbian: sorry I was trying to return to the GUI mode, yes it worked, but I don't know how to restart x from there01:33
hyliananon__, wine 1.3, or did you mean wine 1.201:33
edbiangavdari: well x is running if you have grahpics at all.  You should restart gdm:   sudo /etc/init.d/gdm01:33
weecoldid you have ctrl alt bs01:33
gavdarihylian: there is no panel so there is no launcher for terminal, ctrl + alt + t doesn't work eithrt01:33
edbiangavdari: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart01:34
weecolto close the xserver01:34
RoDiMuS-XHow do I boot Ubuntu into command prompt from grub01:35
gavdariI restarted gdm but everything is the same01:36
hyliananon__, well, it's probably not the corrupted registry then... your two best options are to find out what your audio card is, and look up that with reference to wine, or to wholeheartedly remove pulse audio.01:36
anon__which would have a better chance of working?01:36
edbiangavdari: mmmm, what if you restart (that might be a much simpler way to solve the problem)01:36
darthflatusHowdy, as the requisite preamble, I have been looking for hours for this and numerous other problems on google... thus why i am finally here:  my system is crawling, and top shows that logrotate has been running for over 516 minutes around 90%, this just started today, any suggestions?01:37
gavdariI did restart, it takes me where I am right now01:37
Cortdoes anyone know how to change the icon set in ubuntu 11.04?01:37
RoDiMuS-XWhen I am booting ubuntu it appears to be hanging when launch GDM. How do I boot into command shell from grub?01:37
edbiangavdari: can you start your gnome-panels?  gnome-panel&  ?01:37
edbiangavdari: or perhaps the window manager:   metacity --replace&01:37
hyliananon__, to be honest, wine has worked so well for me, that i have had very little experience troubleshooting it. You might want someone else's opinion first. If it where me, I would remove my audio card and add another. I only have about 70 of them lying around form old machines...01:38
weecolperhaps is logrotate got a locking problem01:38
* hylian also has about 1 billion s3 trio's lying around... :(01:39
Cortsorry, how can i change the icon set in 11.04? the appearance app doesn't have anything for icons in it01:39
banisterfiendhey guys, if i want green colored text in the terminal i can do: "\e[33mtext" but how do i make it 'bold' instead?01:39
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RoDiMuS-XCort: Change Desktop Background, Themes, Click customize, click icons01:40
hylianCort, there might not be a difference. the team has really focused their creative endeavors on unity.01:40
RoDiMuS-XAnyone know how I can boot into command shell from grub?01:40
CortRoDiMuS-X: i'll try, thanks01:40
gavdari1restarting metacity or gnome-panel should be done from somewhere like Alt+F2 I guess01:41
gavdari1but all I have right now is this IRC channel and a console mode01:41
edbiangavdari1: compiz --replace&    ?01:41
gavdari1from the console mode?01:41
hyliani wish you could do graphical things from ctrl alt-f6 or something, a side console to f7. that would be uber handy.01:41
gavdari1hylian, I tried, nothing works01:41
hyliangavdari1, i don't think the terminal em's like ctrl alt f1 are gonna work because those are all strictly non graphics, they don't run anything graphical...01:42
Cortanother question, is the top panel permanently on or can we autohide it?01:43
gavdari1hylian, you're right01:43
CantWinnI was thinking on installing WINE on Natty for some games. Which version might be better suited? 1.2.2 or 1.3.12?01:43
rwwCort: #ubuntu+1 for natty discussion and support, please01:43
rwwCantWinn: you also01:43
RoDiMuS-XCan anyone help01:43
Cortrww: ah, thanks01:43
hyliangavdari1, someone is gonna scream at me, but i wouyld go to ctrl alt f1 and sudo apt-get remove that prog, get it running again, and then re-start. however, while this works fairly often, it is not a true solution.01:43
UbuntuNoobis there a way on xchat to ignore messages about users who join and leave the channel?01:44
j5anyone know why my laptop gets very hot running ubuntu but not that hot running windows?01:44
RoDiMuS-XI can't even do a CTRL-ALT-F1 to get to a terminal GDM is hosing my computer01:44
RoDiMuS-XCan anyone help me pleaseee01:44
gavdari1hylian, what prog do you mean?01:45
sec^ndI need to update a computer that doesn't have internet access, what is the best way to get the packages ?01:45
sec^ndI'm not even sure which packages are needed01:45
hyliangavdari1, c somehting, my brain aint working, cor* you know i cant think.,01:46
weecolhave you looked up apt-offile#01:46
gavdari1I hate to install a fresh maverick, but I guess it's the only way01:46
hyliangavdari1, the one you where working on, the pretty graphics one. start with a c. I am brain dead.01:46
Phong_hi guys, help me with this: hd(0,0): NTFS5: No wubildr01:47
airtonixUbuntuNoob: right click the channel entry.01:47
Phong_i try to install ubuntu within windows01:47
Phong_got this eror during boot up: hd(0,0): NTFS5: No wubildr01:47
hyliangavdari1, compiz01:47
gavdari1hylian, right, that may work, let me check01:47
Phong_can someone help me at all?01:47
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/01:47
airtonixPhong_: sensible people don't use wubi01:48
soreauPhong_: Maybe you should just install using a traditional live cd01:48
Phong_well, is there a way to use part of my C: drive ?01:48
steff12321I need to load the package to let me display PHP files in apache201:48
Phong_because my C drive is SSD01:48
Phong_I want to take advantage of SSD01:49
hylianairtonix, while i agree with you, people are afraid of screwing up their machine, and know that a file on their hd is safer than actually parsing out some real estate on your hd :)01:49
steff12321Phong_: What are you trying to use your "c" drive for (such a windws term D: )01:49
Phong_i have 80GB SSD currently install windows ...all of it...i want to install ubuntu..but want to use this SSD as well.01:49
steff12321I need to load the package to let me display PHP files in apache2 <-- how do I do that?01:49
gavdarihylian, didn't work01:50
anon__should i use bastille on ubuntu 10.10?01:50
edbianPhong_: why do you think you can't do both?01:50
hyliangavdari, did you reboot? that was fast.01:50
steff12321Phong_: Create a raid0 "disk"01:50
soreauedbian: hylian: <gavdari> I was playing with compiz on natty when suddenly everything went black, so I restarted, now I'm stuck with a pidgin and nothing else, no panel, no launcher, no close or minimize button, nothing at all. Is there anything I can do? c'mon guys help me out here.01:50
soreau! natty | gavdari01:50
ubottugavdari: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not currently intended for production systems.01:50
UbuntuNoobthanks airtonix01:50
gavdariok, I'm sorry, I'll take it there01:50
airtonixUbuntuNoob: i'm not even sure why it's default to have it on...01:51
edbiansoreau: ctrl + alt + F1,  log in run compiz --replace& and switch back (ctrl + alt + F7)01:51
soreauedbian: *natty*01:51
soreauedbian: that's the key word here01:51
hyliansoreau, what?!? how did that help gavdari? i still think it sounds like either gnome-panel or nautilus or both are not running... dang, let me think01:51
edbiansoreau: ask in the other room :)01:51
UbuntuNoobairtonix: yeah it seems really inconvenient to me.01:51
soreauhylian: edbian: FWIW, it's just unity-fail01:51
edbianIs this a quiz?01:51
Phong_steff12321, does ubuntu allow you to install and partition windows C drive as space for it?01:51
edbianPhong_: Yes.  Basically you shrink the windows drive down and install Ubuntu in a new partition next to it.01:52
UbuntuNoobanother quick question: if a file begins with a "." in one of my folders, what does that mean, and why can't i see it in the file manager01:52
LetsGo67Why does Ubuntu setup not allow me to click "Next" on the "Creatue user profile" page?01:52
airtonixi'm having some problems with sudo, why there is a significant pause between user input of sudo password and the expected terminal response when using sudo after the cache timeout ?01:52
hyliansoreau, congrats, you get a cookie, now help me help gavdari, please.01:52
TheOmnipotentPilHey, i have ubuntu on a flash drive to try it out, i love it, and i want to install it on my hard drive. If I install it with the "install ubuntu" icon on my desktop, will I be given the option to make it so my computer can boot to windows or ubuntu? And will i keep all my installed packages?01:52
edbianPhong_: 80 Should be enough room for both OSs if you don't have a lot of personal files01:52
steff12321Phong_: YEah, do you know how to do that? It clearly tells you in the installation, bud01:52
soreauhylian: After natty release, we'll support it here01:52
weecol. files are always hidden in unix01:52
Phong_edbian, well, what if later i want to get rid of ubuntu, can i combine the ubuntu back to windows?01:52
brightsparkPhong_, you can partition the hard disk, but "C:" is still going to mean Windows' part.01:52
edbianThen I'll be useless :(01:52
UbuntuNoobhow do i unhide them?01:52
steff12321edbian: I run xUbuntu on 6GB :)01:53
edbianPhong_: yes01:53
gavdariUbuntuNoob: ctrl+h01:53
LetsGo67Why is the Ubuntu setup nearly finished but frozen?01:53
hyliansoreau, his problem currently a non desktop after installing compiz.... can you help gavdari?01:53
edbiansteff12321: I run Debian :)01:53
UbuntuNoobTheOmnipotentPil: I think that if you install it it will give you an option to partition your drive01:53
weecoltake off the . ort ask file manager to show hidden files01:53
TheOmnipotentPilIf i install ubuntu from a bootable flash drive, will i keep my installed applications?01:53
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UbuntuNoobthanks gavdari01:53
Phong_ok, i'm going to logout this pc and use a laptop to chat with you guys,01:53
Phong_brb okay?01:53
airtonixTheOmnipotentPil: if you created a casper persistance partition or file, then yes it will01:53
steff12321edbian: Do you know the backage to allow me to allow apache2 to run PHP files?01:53
edbiansteff12321: I believe you just install php  ?01:54
anon__i just downloaded bastille how do i run it?01:54
TheOmnipotentPili'm not sure if i have...01:54
j5anyone know why my laptop gets much hotter on ubuntu than windows or how to fix it?01:54
TheOmnipotentPili'm a bit of an ubuntu noob01:54
airtonixTheOmnipotentPil: if you used the gui on ubuntu to create it and fiddled with the slider at the bottom. then you did01:54
steff12321edbian: Unable to locate package "php"01:54
jt13is there a channel for wine01:54
edbiansteff12321: I'm not sure. Google it ;)01:55
TheOmnipotentPilno, i used a program to install ubuntu on my flash drive01:55
UbuntuNoobTheOmnipotentPil: haha dont worry i am too. it should keep everything you have as long as you dont erase the windows partition01:55
brightsparkj5, same here.01:55
airtonixTheOmnipotentPil: the gui program i'm talking about is called "Startup Disk Creator"01:55
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.01:55
theinkmanhow come when i install 10.10 it gives me a command prompt when i boot up01:55
steff12321^^ edbian haha01:55
TheOmnipotentPili don't have a partition on my main drive....01:55
laptop_userhey edbian, i ended up just uninstalling and starting from scratch01:55
edbiansteff12321: you caught me!01:55
LetsGo67WHY IS UBUNTU FROZEN?  :@01:55
edbianlaptop_user: and?01:55
laptop_useredbian, problem solved lol01:55
steff12321edbian: Aha! Yer under arrest for now memorizing all of the factoids!01:55
hylianjt13, i think there is a channel for wine, give me asec.01:56
edbianlaptop_user: I'm glad it's fixed.  I don't remember the issue though! :P01:56
ubottuHere I am, brain the size of a planet and they ask me to respond to factoid requests. Call that job satisfaction? Because I don't.01:56
edbiansteff12321: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP01:56
theinkmandoes anyone know01:56
laptop_useredbian, couldn't get past plymouth01:56
hylianjt13, it's #winehq01:56
UbuntuNoobTheOmnipotentPil: then i would suggest asking some of the more experienced users how to set up an ubuntu partition alongside an existing windows OS that takes up the whole drive, because im not sure how exactly to accomplish tht01:56
edbianubottu: marvin...01:56
edbianlaptop_user: I don't even know what plymouth is.01:56
jt13hylian, thank you01:56
steff12321edbian: thank you01:56
laptop_useredbian, i do have two questions for you though01:57
laptop_useredbian, plymouth is the splash screen01:57
hylianjt13 no prob, bob. :)01:57
UbuntuNoobTheOmnipotentPil: then i would suggest asking some of the more experienced users how to set up an ubuntu partition alongside an existing windows OS that takes up the whole drive, because im not sure how exactly to accomplish that01:57
laptop_userif you have one enabled01:57
edbianlaptop_user: ah, what are your questions?01:57
edbiansteff12321: no problem01:57
jt13it is however dead hylian01:57
LetsGo67Question #1. Why is Ubuntu frozen?  Question #2: Why is Ubuntu frozen?  and Question #3: WHY IS UBUNTU FROZEN?  :@  :'(01:57
edbianLetsGo67: What are you talking about?01:58
hylianjt13, i am afraid that problem i cannot solve. their is a winehq social club channel, that might be less dead, want the chat room name?01:58
edbianLetsGo67: the version?  Or your OS is frozen right now01:58
jt13hylian,  yes please if you dont mind01:58
LetsGo67Edbian: The Ubuntu 64-bit setup.  It happened TWICE.  And also any video editor is really buggy.01:58
zach_hi i hav a problem with empathy01:58
UbuntuNoobim running 10.10 and for some reason my laptop likes to hibernate for no apparent reason and i have enough time to see a message that has something that says what i think is "atiixp: codec reset timeout". the codec reset timeout im sure it says, and the rest i based of googling similar results01:58
edbianLetsGo67: ?  what?01:58
steff12321edbian: So how do I install it? Do I have to compile it? A LOT of people here know how that went last time I tried to compile something :P01:58
hylianjt13, it is #winehq-social.01:58
laptop_useredbian, my laptop is a HP laptop with the touch sensitive quick launch buttons... how do i identify its label so that i can go to keyboard shortcuts and assign something to the 2 that ubuntu didnt assign01:59
edbiansteff12321: You shouldn't have to compile.  Let me take a closer look01:59
jt13hylian, thanks again01:59
UbuntuNoobLetsGo67: try a restart if your OS is frozen. unless you tried that01:59
LetsGo67Edbian: It won't finished installing and i cannot create an account.01:59
* hylian says no prob to jt13.01:59
Ben64steff12321: what are you asking about?01:59
KNUBBIGHi, I'm trying to install Ubuntu 11.04/10.10 on my pc, and 10.10 gives me an error about not being able to mount /dev/loop and something with casper, and 11.04 hangs up after checking for available space and asking whether it should download updates or not, when shutting it down via CTRL ALT 1 and then sudo reboot, it also hangs at something with casper. Any ideas?01:59
itaylor57LetsGo67: the user name must be in lower case02:00
edbianlaptop_user: Use the keyboard shortcuts thing.  Pick an option, try to change its' keybinding.  Press the button you want.  It should fill it with something like   'xf86audiomute'02:00
edbianLetsGo67: what is your username?02:00
steff12321KNUBBIG: How much RAM do you have on the PC?02:00
zach_edbian when i log onto yahoo messenger and connect to the server it doesn't list the chat rooms02:00
KNUBBIGsteff12321 16 GB02:00
UbuntuNoob16 gigs? :OOOO02:00
steff12321KNUBBIG: Disk space?02:00
steff12321nice comp you got there02:00
edbianzach_: No clue.  I don't use yahoo messenger02:01
UbuntuNoobill say02:01
steff12321are you trying to install 32x or 64x ??02:01
KNUBBIGthanks, just got it, had ubuntu running fine on my old one02:01
Ben64steff12321: have you tried "sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5"02:01
hylianKNUBBIG, i may be a bit off the mark, but i remember seeing that message with a post i read about usb keys or removeable media. This is a faint memory about a post i read a mellenia ago, so like i said....02:01
zach_should i try logging in and out?02:01
KNUBBIGhylian thanks i'll look for that02:01
edbiansteff12321: sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-php502:01
steff12321Ben64: works, thanks :)02:01
steff12321KNUBBIG: server or desktop?02:01
KNUBBIGsteff12321 desktop02:01
UbuntuNoobany clues as to my problem with the random hibernate and the black screen that says atiixp codec reset timeout when its going into hibernate mode?02:01
LetsGo67edbian steff12321: 64 bits02:02
edbianLetsGo67: 32 bits02:02
LetsGo67edbian: Why?02:02
steff12321KNUBBIG: Ahahah, well I dont wanna tell you how much of a waste of ram and money that is... ANYWAYS... Try the alternate install02:02
Ben64UbuntuNoob: have you tried disabling power management stuff?02:02
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal02:02
edbianLetsGo67: I only have 1 Gb of ram02:02
KNUBBIGsteff12321 Ok, I will, thanks. I've got Windows 7 running atm, using it for VMs and stuff02:03
UbuntuNoobBen64: like the autohibernate? i can try i guess, but it happens when im using the computer, so i doubt it would be from idling too long if thats what you mean02:03
steff12321edbian: I have 2.5GB, my rented server has more than my comp... How sad would that makeyou???02:03
X-SuMiDoRI figured it out thanks for the help02:03
UbuntuNoobsteff12321: why would that be a waste of ram and money? just curious02:03
LetsGo67edbian: Whyh does 64GB exist?02:03
LetsGo67edbian: Whyh does 64-bit (sorry) exist?02:03
vinicius# ubuntu-br02:03
=== vinicius is now known as Guest52918
laptop_useredbian, ok... thought i had to do it the other way around.. i.e. know that this specific button is identified as x86blahblah in order to assign02:03
X-SuMiDoR64bit = more than 4Gig of Memory02:03
Ben6464 bit is twice as good as 32 bit02:04
edbianLetsGo67: It allows you to access more than 3.2Gb of ram and it is more efficient  :)02:04
edbianlaptop_user: Nope.  Is that working for you?  (sometimes those buttons don't work at all)02:04
edbianBen64: ahahaha02:04
LetsGo67edbian: So why doesn't Ubuntu give me a popup saying "There's no point of installing 32 bits" instead of just freezing twice on me?02:04
hylianUbuntuNoob, what version are you running? this seems to be a mute point, it looks like this problem was solved in 2005...02:04
steff12321UbuntuNoob: err, because Ubuntu doesnt need more than 1gb to operate, 2gb would be more than enough, 4GB would let you run almost all programs, if anuthin, 6Gb should let you run all of the programs ar=t a great performance... for ubuntu, anything above that is just wasted02:05
kwtmBen64:  I'd say 33 bit is twice as good as 32 bit. And then 34 bit is twice as good as *that*. :)02:05
edbianLetsGo67: I have no idea why the installer is freezing.  You can install Ubuntu 32 bit on 64 bit hardware.  It won't hurt anything.  Some people prefer it (but not really anymore)02:05
LetsGo67edbian: But isn't Flash etc. not available for 64 bits?02:05
slackaholichaick !02:05
wjd86im trying to change permissions on a directory and its files, im looking at this webpage about permissions and im scratching my head...02:05
edbianLetsGo67: Linus Torvalds says that if you assume your users are idiots only idiots will use your software02:05
Ben64LetsGo67: flash works fine in 64 bit02:05
UbuntuNoobhylian: 10.10 very recently installed02:05
=== dabbish_ is now known as dabbish2
edbianLetsGo67: Flash on 64 bit is a solved problem02:05
X-SuMiDoRlol ebian I like that saying02:06
LetsGo67edbian y Ben64: and since when?02:06
onecrazycati'm setting up two dhcp servers and i want one to be a backup… any good docs on how to do this?02:06
laptop_useredbian, havent tried. working on homework. im sure it will though. just thought that i had to query it in terminal (remember coming across a link that told how)02:06
UbuntuNoobsteff12321: oh good point. i wasnt challenging btw just curious. knowledge greedy if you will02:06
HyperShockreally? what about Ming the Merciless?02:06
LetsGo67edbian: Not really nice.  :(  :@02:06
edbianLetsGo67: IDK.  I don't use flash on 64 bits.  I wish I didn't have to use flash at all02:06
UbuntuNoobalso, my ocmputer just decided to hibernate again as i was looking for an answer online....02:06
Ben64LetsGo67: for a pretty long time, adobe released it, then hid it, and released it again02:06
hylianUbuntuNoob, hmm, it's funny but most of the posts are dated 2005 or older, but their is 1 new post for 2010... i'm gonna have to do some digging, brb02:06
edbianlaptop_user: there is probably some way to figure it out in the terminal02:06
UbuntuNoobhylian: thanks, ill try too i guess02:07
Ben64uh oh, its gone02:07
edbianLetsGo67: Linus is not always the nicest :)02:07
steff12321UbuntuNoob: nah, just explaining :) Anyways, anything above 10GB, even on windows should run just about anything and more02:07
HyperShockUbuntuNoob, check your screen saver section and then your power management features, make sure you wack the "make default" button once you find it.02:07
laptop_useredbian, there is... just cant find that link again and dont remember how i came across it02:07
laptop_useredbian, ok 2nd question02:07
wjd86how do i change the owner of a dir from root?02:07
Ben64its there now02:07
loquitusofborg1WHere do I get the sphere desktop option in Ubuntu? I only see the cube02:07
LetsGo67edbian & Ben64: it is annoying02:07
edbianlaptop_user: ready and waiting02:07
Ben64wjd86: chown02:07
UbuntuNoobhylian: also, just to save time maybe, it doesnt say atiixp-modem codec reset timeout, i believe it there is no modem and it says "atiixp codec reset timeout"02:08
wjd86ahh kk02:08
edbianwjd86: sudo chown newOwner filename02:08
UbuntuNoobsteff12321: yeah i was surprised when i saw 16 GB the most ive see in 8 i think02:08
UbuntuNoobHyperShock: will do thanks02:08
KNUBBIGloquitusofborg1 something like compiz-plugins-extra02:08
HyperShockwjd86, as root do "chown -R user:user <dir>"; highly suggest you do "man chown"02:08
henriklIs there a way to create an upstart job that automatically starts and stops whether it has a network connection, i.e. whenever a LAN cable is plugged in or out? Is that what 'start on network' does?02:09
UbuntuNoobalright, i changed screensaver to 15 mins and hibernate to 30 mins so well see02:09
ariel_hello, I did a big mistake and would like to get my bottom bar back with the work space on the right side, how can I get this back.  I don't know how or what I pressed to make it go away.02:09
edbianariel_: right click the top one and choose 'add new panel'02:10
loquitusofborg1KNUBBIG: thanks pal02:10
edbianlaptop_user: what is this second question?02:10
KNUBBIGloquitusofborg1 np :)02:10
veggteppeAnyone got any experience running the game League Of Legends, in ubuntu using either Wine or Cedega?02:10
RoDiMuS-Xariel: gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel02:10
RoDiMuS-Xrm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/panel02:10
RoDiMuS-Xpkill gnome-panel02:10
HyperShockariel_, on the top bar, right click and choose new panel, then you see the bottom bar comes back, then right click it and choose add to panel and go through the list and add things back and move them as you please by right clicking them, unlock and lock as necessary02:10
laptop_useredbian, ok my mute button is blue, and when muted.... red... works fine... but when i shut down (muted) then restart... it restarts (muted) as it should, but the mute button isnt red this time.... is there a way to make it remember [ if muted -> button red ]02:10
steff12321Whats the package for mysql?02:10
KINGOFSWORDSariel_ then right click on things you want and choose move02:11
RoDiMuS-Xariel: that will restore the default gnome panels02:11
ariel_great t/y02:11
steff12321Whats the package for mysql?02:11
edbianlaptop_user: I don't think so.  Sounds like a disconnect between the hardware and the mutedness02:11
edbianlaptop_user: You could figure out what module it is and remove it then re-instert it02:11
HyperShocksteff12321, goto your synaptic and search for it, the answer will be revealed there. :)02:12
laptop_useredbian, what do you mean? how to figure out module?02:12
thetejuis there a way to improve performance for flash player?02:12
hylianUbuntuNoob, you have me stumped. This appears to be possibly a audioo codec problem OR a network/internet problem. since the two are utterly unrelated, i am at a loss. can someone else help UbuntuNoob? I will keep looking02:12
UbuntuNooblaptop_user: my laptop should display a light when it is muted and no light when it isnt, and since i installed ubuntu it hasnt lit up when i press it to mute the sound, although the sound does mute just fine02:12
steff12321HyperShock: Thanks you :)02:12
edbianlaptop_user: look in sudo lspci -k   (maybe it shows up there)  It will be called 'driver' though.02:12
* HyperShock nods at steff12321 02:13
wjd86edbian ; perfect now i can save my html :P02:13
UbuntuNoobhylian: hmm ill try to pay attention to if it happens only when sound is present then to see if it is an audio or network problem perhaps?02:13
thetejui have two system,, On one with intel on laptop,, the flash video plays fine.. while.. other system even though it has nvidia 430 GT the flash video hiccups02:13
thetejuThe source is same..02:13
UbuntuNoobits really more inconvenient than it is crippling; i can press the power button and be back to where i was within a minute or so02:13
HyperShocktheteju, do you have the proper nvidia driver activated?02:14
edbianwjd86: hurray :)02:14
thetejuHyperShock : I have glx 26002:14
hylianUbuntuNoob, that's the strange thing about ati ixp, it can be either. there are plenty of things on google to suggest this. it can be audio codec related, modem related, or network related, or all three... strange.02:14
zrutyI have a raid card in my ubuntu box; how do I know how to addresss it? It is at this moment only configured in the BIOSes.02:15
RoDiMuS-XWhat is the purpose of XChat-GNOME seems to be missing functionality02:15
laptop_useredbian, http://pastebin.com/emXyCsri02:15
Tophwhat is the KDE desktop name. I'm attempting to download it02:16
hylianUbuntuNoob, either way this is related to ati hardware. have a ait gfx card or motherboard?02:16
BiteWhere has software sources been moved to in the new gnome?02:16
jiohditoph used to be kde4 I think02:16
edbianlaptop_user: I was afraid.  I don't see it there.  Not sure how else to find out the module.02:16
edbianlaptop_user: I know lsmod lists all the modules currently being used but that output is somewhat cryptic.02:16
hylianBite, it's hidden. you can access it through synaptic, or go into the menu and make it visible again.02:17
UbuntuNoobhylian: i believe it has an ati graphics card, what is the terminal command to check my hardware?02:17
KNUBBIGUbuntuNoob should be lspci afaik02:17
Bitehylian: where exactly?02:17
Tophjiohdi,,, sudo apt-get install kde4   doesn't work either02:17
laptop_useri was thinking it might be that hp company driver thing02:17
MaRk-IRoDiMuS-X: xchat-gnome is a stripped version of the original XChat with less features and only the most common settings included (KISS principle).02:17
HyperShockUbuntuNoob, "lspci"02:17
edbianlaptop_user: the driver being used is almost definitely the open source one02:18
laptop_useredbian, could it be line 64?02:18
RoDiMuS-XMaRk-I: so there is really no advantage to using Xchat-gnome02:18
hylianBite, if you right click the main menu, and go to edit, it's somewhere in system, either preferences or admin, i'm thinking admin.02:18
HyperShockToph, you're going to have open your synaptic, and install kde from the meta packages you can find them under the meta categories.02:18
MaRk-IRoDiMuS-X: other than simplicity, no you can install the regular xchat if you like02:19
UbuntuNoobhylian, im guessing it has an ati motherboard and gfx card because i see ati pop up multiple times for host bridge, pci bridge, etc02:19
RoDiMuS-Xtry: sudo apt-get kde-base02:19
hylianUbuntuNoob, not certain, i have an nvidia card, it works well.02:19
edbianlaptop_user: could be.  That's a weird thing.  sudo modprobe -r k8temp and see what happens02:19
TophHyperShock,,, thanks,, going there02:19
RoDiMuS-XMaRk-I: I just tried it for the first time and thought I was crazy because I was missing stuff02:19
laptop_useredbian, no feedback02:19
hylianUbuntuNoob, if you type nano /var/log/XFree86.0.log this should give you some clues hopefully, or you could gedit /var/log/XFree86.0.log02:20
jiohdiToph, also kde-full02:20
UbuntuNoobhylian: i do know it has an ati gfx card, i remember that02:20
edbianlaptop_user: Do the buttons light up / do anything?02:20
WeThePeoplePici, the skype wrapper cannot be found. do you know what is going on02:20
BiteI can't find the package ms-sys. Has it been removed?02:20
MaRk-IRoDiMuS-X: lol yeah, kind of "confusing"  I guess is just for emergencies when you need IRC help02:20
RoDiMuS-XAnyone else using Unity3D?02:20
hylianBite it might be part of the winetricks add ons now.02:20
laptop_useredbian, yeah they work fine... just two arent mapped 'dvd' and 'quickplay' and the thing with the mute button not staying red on reboot02:21
UbuntuNoobhylian: i tried both of those, both were blank02:21
hylianRoDiMuS-X, didn't know 3d was even available yet.02:21
edbianlaptop_user: put the module back in.  sudo modprobe k8temp   that wasn't it02:21
RoDiMuS-Xyup I have it working with my ATI 4200 finally02:21
hylianUbuntuNoob, are you running a 64 bit version of ubuntu, because that would account for their being blank.02:21
wjd86anyone mind helping me with a noob issue?02:22
Tophjiohdi,,, that did it02:22
RoDiMuS-XWhats going on wjd8602:22
hylianwjd86, if you don't mind a possible noob answer :) i am only partly not noobish myself.02:22
wjd86im setting up a lampserver, and following a website ; http://grasshopperpebbles.com/ubuntu/setting-up-ubuntu-for-web-development/02:22
UbuntuNoobhylian: not sure, i downloaded it a looong time ago. how to check02:22
steff12321Ok, for some reason, this program wont detech mySQL02:22
wjd86when it comes to testing php02:23
UbuntuNoobim going to assume help > about02:23
veggteppeAnyone got any experience running the game League Of Legends, in ubuntu using either Wine or Cedega?02:23
laptop_useredbian, put back in...02:23
wjd86im not sure what im supposed to see on http://localhost.pInfo.php02:23
hylianUbuntuNoob, i think the command is uname -a, but i could be wrong02:23
edbianlaptop_user: maybe look at lsmod   ?02:23
GatunoRoxHow can I overcome my Bios Limitation of 137GB USB Hard Disk access?02:23
=== root is now known as Guest22060
wjd86<?php phpinfo(); ?> is what i see, but im not sure if thats what im supposed to see02:24
GatunoRoxwhen booting syslinux*02:24
UbuntuNoobi got a lot of info about my laptop, but not about the version im running02:24
jiohdiGatunoRox, partitions?02:24
RoDiMuS-Xwjd86: wanna make it easy, try this http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html02:24
laptop_useredbian, like i said... buttons work except the two unmapped. and then that mute button not staying red if it boots as muted02:24
hylianUbuntuNoob, it should either say x86-64 or x86-3202:24
edbianlaptop_user: I'm thinking if you unload and load the module you can fix the red button problem.  As for the mappings, just set those up in keyboard shortcuts02:25
RoDiMuS-Xif you are seeing <?php phpinfo(); ?> when you visit the page that means PHP module is not loaded02:25
hylianUbuntuNoob, for instance, my machine: x86_64 GNU/Linux02:25
KNUBBIGnormally apt-get install apache2 php5 should do everything for you :o02:25
UbuntuNoobhylian: my laptop, 2.6.35-28-generic #49-Ubuntu SMP Tue Mar 1 14:40:58 UTC 2011 i686 GNU/Linux02:25
edbianhylian: Technically it's amd64   (there is no such thing as X86_64)02:26
RoDiMuS-XI tried that in the past still have to configure some stuff manually02:26
GatunoRoxjiohdi: I boot Grub4DOS fine from syslinuz installed on the firt partition of my 640GB USB HDD, but it is unable to look after 137GB of my drive, as it stalls and crashes02:26
KNUBBIGmysql-secure-setup did everything I needed (only using it for development)02:26
hylianedbian, your right, but thats what uname -a gives me.02:26
wjd86so should i switch to xamp?02:26
wjd86or could i just fix this02:26
RoDiMuS-XI thought 64bit processors where still built on the x86 arch?02:26
wjd86and btw, i am totally new to this as well02:26
edbianhylian: what does it say exactly?  i686_64 or something?02:26
hylianUbuntuNoob, so that's not the proble, your running straight out 32 bit. hmm.02:27
moesUbuntuNoob, cat /etc/issue02:27
laptop_useredbian, how to load/unload module?02:27
edbianRoDiMuS-X: They are.  But technically they are their own architecture.  (obviously they're different than regular x86)02:27
hylianedbian it says x86_64 GNU/Linux. (copy and pasted from terminal, after typing uname -a02:27
wjd86im absolutely surprised at the amount of peer to peer help that comes with the ubuntu experience02:27
UbuntuNoobmoes: Ubuntu 10.10 \n \l02:27
UbuntuNoob is what i got02:27
edbianlaptop_user: sudo modprobe <moduleName>  and sudo modprobe -r <moduleName>   figuring out the module name is the hard part02:27
RoDiMuS-Xwjd86: did you do an apt-get install php502:27
edbianhylian: interesting!02:28
wjd86the -cli ?02:28
tjiggi_fohylian, edbian : it says :Linux AMD64 2.6.32-30-generic02:28
edbianhylian: that's not a thing I don't think.  Although it is clear what htat means02:28
KNUBBIGwjd86 only sudo apt-get install php502:28
hyliantjiggi_fo, for you yes, for me no. i am not who needs the help though, i am trying to help UbuntuNoob.02:28
wjd86lol it just downloaded02:28
wjd86hate being noob02:28
edbianI am wrong?  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X86_6402:28
laptop_useredbian, which module?02:29
KNUBBIGwjd86 everyone starts small :)02:29
wjd86and possibly thank you, lets test it02:29
edbianlaptop_user: that's what I mean.  I don't know02:29
RoDiMuS-Xwjd86: nothing wrong with being a n00b02:29
UbuntuNoobwjd86: the p2p help is my favorite part. i find everyone on the IRC to be exponentially more helpful than any windows support i ever received. oh wait, thats because i had to pay for windows support and never go tany -__-02:29
edbianlaptop_user: lsmod will list them all but I don't know how to tell what each one is used for02:29
WeThePeopleif i uninstall skype will i lose my contacts02:29
hylianUbuntuNoob has a really strange error, and google says it's either a modem problem/net or a gfx problem...??02:29
laptop_useredbian, oh lol my bad02:29
KNUBBIGWeThePeople no02:29
edbianhylian: tjiggi_fo The article says it was renamed to amd64 in 200302:30
RoDiMuS-Xwjd86: I use xampp just because its quick and easy for development testing02:30
laptop_useredbian, how to use lsmod command? i know in terminal... do i sudo lsmod and thats it?02:30
edbianlaptop_user: yeah02:30
wjd86nope php isnt loaded :/ :/ :/02:30
edbianlaptop_user: you don't even need sudo02:30
wjd86same message02:30
RoDiMuS-Xwjd86: you have to restart your apache server02:30
KNUBBIGwjd86 /etc/init.d/apache2 restart02:30
hylianedbian, tjiggi_fo, yes, i know, and thanks :) i was just repeating uname from 10 minutes ago. I got me a strange machine or somehting.02:30
wjd86kk ill try02:31
edbianhylian: pre 2003 processor?02:31
laptop_useredbian, ok02:31
hylianedbian, acutally no, it's only 5 years old, but then again, it could have sat on a shelf for a couple of years.02:31
edbianI guess02:31
UbuntuNoobhylian: i was advised to run dmesg | grep ati | tail after it happened02:31
edbianmaybe they didn't change the string on it right away02:32
wjd86unable to open logs [fail]02:32
wjd86ill pastebin it :/02:32
RoDiMuS-Xwjd86: sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart02:32
hylianUbuntuNoob, good idea, get all the data you can. i also suggest if you do have a 64 bit capable os to consider updating to the 64 bit version. it will handle your hardware better.02:32
hylianUbuntuNoob, i meant 64 bit capable machine, my bad.02:33
wjd86same message at http://localhost.pInfo.php02:33
WeThePeoplewhat is the command for removing skype02:33
sevithCan anyone point me in the direction where I can find everything that is compiled into the ubuntu kernels?02:33
KNUBBIGWeThePeople should be sudo apt-get remove --purge skype02:33
UbuntuNoobhylian: i think it would be, how would i check02:33
RoDiMuS-Xwjd86: Oops! Google Chrome could not find localhost.pinfo.php02:34
* hylian is running FVWM Crystal and loving it!02:34
codex84google is ur freind lol02:34
laptop_useredbian, http://pastebin.com/YJRbEt0H02:34
WeThePeopleKNUBBIG, thankyou02:34
edbianlaptop_user: It makes as much sense to me as it does to you right now buddy :)02:34
RoDiMuS-Xwjd86: I would give xampp a try its easy02:34
codex84the new 11.ubtuntu02:35
codex84is pretty nciee02:35
sevithCan anyone point me in the direction where I can find everything that is compiled into the ubuntu kernels?02:35
ubuntuis this cheatcode "toram" supported for booting the CD? I wish to load the ubuntu cd in ram memory and install02:35
Phong_do i have to select install alongside other operating system?02:36
hylianUbuntuNoob, it's cat /proc/cpuinfo in the terminal, although this will shoot out a ton of data.02:36
Phong_if i do, later on can i delete it02:36
danny__Anyone have any luck with Novatel 4G USB cards?02:37
sndngnrdanny__: LTE or WiMAX?02:37
laptop_useredbian, how bout soundcore?02:37
danny__sndngnr: Verizon so LTE i believe02:37
sevithAnyone care to undertake a task :)02:38
laptop_useredbian, wait, should i be looking for the module for the quick launch buttons or the sound module?02:38
danny__haven't found anything googling the usb id02:38
UbuntuNoobhylian: i did that and this was what seemed relevant: clflush size: 6402:38
UbuntuNoobcache_alignment: 6402:38
UbuntuNoobaddress sizes: 40 bits physical, 48 bits virtual02:38
tjiggi_foUbuntuNoob: cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep flags and if you see "lm" (for Long Mode) in there then your CPU is 64 bit02:39
sndngnrdanny__: LTE is next on list, working on WiMAX at the moment (@work, networking...)02:39
ubuntuany help bot on the channerl?02:39
GatunoRoxWhat's the best way to have a portable Full installation of Ubuntu on USB HDD, in a way it wouldn't be affected by BIOS device adressing (hdX,Y), and be able to overcome 127GiB USB BIOS limitation?02:39
danny__sndngnr: cool enough.  I found a driver for an LG 4G card that seems to be similar02:39
hylianUbuntuNoob, do you have any audio when the machine runs?02:39
UbuntuNoobhylian: yeah, im listening to music right now02:40
sevith127gb usb bios?02:40
sevithThats a huge bios?02:40
UbuntuNoobtjiggi_fo: i do see lm thanks02:40
tjiggi_foPhong_, how big is your harddrive?02:40
tjiggi_foUbuntuNoob, k02:40
sevithGatunoRox, Can you rephrase that?02:40
sndngnrtjiggi_fo: keep it clean...02:41
UbuntuNoobhow would i upgrade from the 32 bit of 10.10 to the 64 bit without doing a new install?02:41
hylianUbuntuNoob, this is one error that is gonna be a toughy to nail down. It could be your sound card, your motherboard, your video card, or all three if the audio and video card are integrated... I am afraid I am personally stumped, sorry.02:41
tjiggi_fosndngnr, what did I say that wasn't?02:41
UbuntuNoobhylian: its all good thank you very much for the attempt02:42
hylianUbuntuNoob, well, thanks, but I wish i could have helped you out...02:42
arandUbuntuNoob: Generally, you don't, it mainly boils down to the fact that in almost all cases, it will be easier to backup and reinstall.02:42
sevithCan anyone point me in the direction where I can find everything that is compiled into the ubuntu kernels? Google yields no results and ubuntu website docs are really what im looking for.02:42
hylianUbuntuNoob, i would definetely try the 64 bit os, it might solve your problems.02:43
UbuntuNoobgah thats my third install in 2 days02:43
tjiggi_foUbuntuNoob, you have to do a clean install to replace 32 with 6402:43
hylianUbuntuNoob, or don't and live with it, if it's not too annoying... :)02:43
GatunoRoxHave Ubuntu prperly installed onto USB HD in a way it could be used in any PC that supports booting from USB, as I tried installing it normally and having Grub problems as it searches for bootfiles on (hdX,Y), which varies depending on BIOS02:43
GatunoRox*and had02:44
UbuntuNoobhonestly im probably going to live with it just to avoid transferring the data around again02:44
=== danny__ is now known as fang0654
hylianGatunoRox, i had the same problem. it's because the bios marks it as a hd, and then when the machine reboots, the drive is not where it was before. drives me nuts.02:45
laptop_userwill a knowledgeable person take a few seconds to help me identify how to fix my mute button? led is blue... red when muted. but if system boots as muted... it remains blue. i have a pastebin of my modules02:45
hyliandanno, howdy back pad'ner. how are you today?02:45
dannoHas anyone else been trying out the 11.04 beta?02:46
sevithlaptop_user, go into the system keyboard shortcuts and make the button mute?02:46
dannohylian: good, thanks; yourself?02:46
GatunoRoxhylian: yes. I tried UUID, wich wouldn't solve my problem, tried Grub4DOS, wich couldn't read past 127GB of my HDD, and I don't know a way of booting it through syslinux02:46
DaGeek247i have joined ubntu!02:46
Seven_Six_Twodanno, there is a dedicated channel for 11.04  #ubuntu+102:46
hylianlaptop_user, i can try, although the key here is knowledgeable, and i have a netbook with few buttons..02:46
WeThePeoplemy right clicker is not working on my mouse, how would i access the panel to remove a icon02:47
laptop_usersevith, what do u mean... the button works functionally to mute but... on reboot it doesnt stay red02:47
hylianGatunoRox, i saw a howto once, let me take a quick gander.02:47
EnigmaticCoderWeThePeople:  hover over it and click that menu button on your keyboard02:47
dannoSeven_Six_Two: Nice; thanks!02:47
EnigmaticCoderWeThePeople: it's by alt, ctrl, and windows keys02:48
laptop_userhylian, like i told sevith, functionally the button works... just doesnt stay red if rebooted and muted02:48
GatunoRoxhylian: I'd really appreciate. I'm trying it for a week. IDK how many Times I've Formatet the MBR so I could try again in another way02:48
WeThePeopleEnigmaticCoder, it doesnt work.02:48
Seven_Six_TwoWeThePeople, are you trying to remove a file or folder from your desktop, or something from your menus?02:49
hylianlaptop_user, i didn't see your older posts, what model is it?02:49
=== max is now known as Guest67787
Seven_Six_TwoWeThePeople, sorry, I got it now. the panel...02:50
GatunoRoxhylian: this only tells me a bootloader really need a proper USB access driver so it doesn't depend on BIOS02:50
laptop_userhylian: hp dv2000 quick launch buttons. i googled, but could not find much02:50
tjiggi_fo!br | graper02:51
ubottugraper: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.02:51
SlotherWhich is more practical make xconfig. make gxonfig. or make menuconfig?02:51
laptop_userhylian, also... i wrote a small tutorial for hp laptops... where should i post it?02:52
cachedIs there a way to request a refund from ubuntu one music store? The file I bought has been stuck on the queue for about 25 minutes now. I should have just purchased from Amazon (for cheaper!!)02:52
WeThePeoplewhat does ctrl alt f10 do?02:52
SlotherWhich is more practical make xconfig. make gxonfig. or make menuconfig?02:53
abstraktanyone know why /usr/bin/most puts these nasty {^[[K sequences at the end of every line when I use ack-grep? http://pastebin.ca/204565702:54
zrutyHow to find out which device my raid is?02:54
tjiggi_foWeThePeople, it takes you to a virtual terminal02:55
hylianGatunoRox, i cant find that blasted page now. i remember i used the -live in my google search. anyways, all is good except for grub rights the data to the wrong device. you can even fix this temporarily by going into the grub commadn area when it first starts. my mind is lost, sorry.02:56
Seven_Six_TwoWeThePeople, I know how to remove something from the panel without right click. I wouldn't say it's the right way, and might leave some mess02:56
hylianlaptop_user, as for the lights thing, man you where right, i cam up with nothing of use. as for where to put your data, i would consider either ubuntu's launchpad or a free google blog.02:57
michael_whats up room02:57
Slotherwutup michael_02:57
michael_how are you02:57
laptop_user!info ubuntu launchpad02:57
ubottu'launchpad' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, jaunty, jaunty-backports, jaunty-proposed, karmic, karmic-backports, karmic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, partner, stable, testing, unstable02:57
Slothergood michael_ ur not mktech are you?02:57
FlameTai1Hey guys is there anyway to make the desktop background in Linux change every so seconds?02:58
GatunoRoxhylian: my problem is that it returns me a File no found or Device not found, so it doesn't access stage 2, cornering me in a way I can't boot02:58
laptop_user!info launchpad02:58
ubottuPackage launchpad does not exist in maverick02:58
michael_whats that02:58
cachedOkay. Last time I use ubuntu one to buy music. Delivery of a single mp3 should not take over 30 minutes.02:58
Slothermichael_, nothing :D02:58
laptop_userhylian, what is launchpad?02:58
hylianGatunoRox, i take that back, grub rights the data to the right device, but doesn't know it needs to flip the hd2,2 (for instamce to be hd0,0. so when you re boot, grub tries to load from 2,2, which either doesn;t exist, or is just in the wrong spot, i.e. hd 1,1 or hd 0,0 instead of hd 2,2. (this is for my machine and not on everyone's., it will be different for you slightly.)02:59
Seven_Six_TwoFlameTai1, I don't know of an easy way, but if you look for the wallpapers that look like a stack, then find them on your filesystem, you'll also find an xml file nearby that dictates how they change. You can use that as a template02:59
michael_why for slother02:59
KNUBBIGFlameTai1 take a look at http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/All+Day+Long+(Animated+Wallpaper)?content=83443 for hwo to do it02:59
WeThePeopleSeven_Six_Two, what is it02:59
michael_you need a tech about something02:59
edgarallanpoeis there a way to make gedit open with python syntax highlighting by default02:59
Seven_Six_TwoWeThePeople, run gconf-editor in a terminal. go to apps >> panle03:00
Slothermichael_, Jw.03:00
SlotherWhats the dev package for qt4?03:00
bonhofferhow do i find what app is using port 80 ?03:00
DaGeek247FlameTai1of course! figure out how to change the desktop background using bash and the make a script that starts with your pc that changes it every so often. :)03:00
hylianlaptop_user, launchpad is a place to post bugs and solves for linux distro's (as well as others), and ubuntu has it's own section.03:00
bonhofferand then kill it?03:00
=== ministry[seannig is now known as w0lfsp1d3r
AlienFrkhi all... I'm trying to settup apache +SSL on ubuntu, is there a decent recommended howto?03:00
laptop_userhylian, link?03:00
Slotherbonhoffer, Sure your not surfin the internet?03:01
Seven_Six_TwoWeThePeople, Some things on the panel are applets and some are objects. Use this with caution, because it won't warn you if you do something dumb.03:01
GatunoRoxhylian: really... it's driving me nuts... even my blackbelt googlefu isn't helping...03:01
michael_oh no i just fiddle wit stuff still in newbe status03:01
bonhofferSlother, i am, but i want to set up a new webserver03:01
Slotherbonhoffer, Your using apache?03:01
KNUBBIGlaptop_user launchpad.net03:01
bonhoffernginx: [emerg] bind() to failed (98: Address already in use)03:01
bonhoffertrying to use nginx03:02
GatunoRoxhylian: worse part is: I'm a total linux noob... started it last week, just before running into this mess03:02
FlameTai1Seven_Six_Two, KNUBBIG, and DaGeek247 thank you for the suggestions.03:02
laptop_userknubbig, fair enough lol03:02
KNUBBIGhehe :)03:02
GatunoRoxhylian: I'd say I've learned more about linux this last week I couldn't have imagined03:03
MeXTuXI installed a RAID1 on a Ubuntu server but when I type fdisk -l a message says that /dev/md0 doesn't have a valid partition table :( http://paste.ubuntu.com/593385/03:05
Seven_Six_TwoGatunoRox, and that's just the beginning. Do you want to find out how far down the rabbit hole goes?03:05
hylianGatunoRox, i found it! http://www.novell.com/communities/node/4536/how-create-external-usb-bootable-linux-hard-drive-without-dual-boot03:05
GatunoRoxSeven_Six_Two: not righ now! Thanks lol! I've had enough of crack for the week xD03:06
hylianlaptop_user, http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&sqi=2&ved=0CB0QFjAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Flaunchpad.net%2Fubuntu&rct=j&q=ubuntu%20launchpad&ei=DAWlTdH1IYafOpGD0MEJ&usg=AFQjCNHu7mNWAInMcBdkeIC9vPrKt0V6mQ&sig2=hYfdd_z9oaoQg3VdP__qxw&cad=rja03:06
hylianlaptop oops03:06
hylianlaptop_user, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu03:06
WeThePeopleSeven_Six_Two, i dont think i can remove a specific icon from the editor03:07
laptop_userhylian, login same as ubuntu one or do i need to make one?03:07
hylianGatunoRox, did you get my link, this was my solve earlier... http://www.novell.com/communities/node/4536/how-create-external-usb-bootable-linux-hard-drive-without-dual-boot03:07
UbuntuNoobso i went to the AllDayLong link with the desktop background that changes depending on the time of day. i would like to make this same thing, but with my own pictures. any tutorials or pointers on how to do this?03:07
hylianlaptop_user, i had to make one myself.03:07
GatunoRoxhylian: yeah thanks03:07
GatunoRoxhylian: Checking it right now03:08
Seven_Six_TwoWeThePeople, you can, but it's not always obvious how. A safer option might be to try to use accessibility modes to fake a right click.03:08
laptop_userhylian, ok thanks03:08
KNUBBIGUbuntuNoob reading the .xml should be enough (haven't done it for some time, though)03:08
* hylian 's brain is on liquify03:08
Seven_Six_TwoWeThePeople, or go and get a mouse with more than one button   ;)03:08
UbuntuNoobKNUBBIG: could i just change the location of the pictures in the xml to my own pictures and then save it?03:08
hylianWeThePeople, a mac user? Just kidding.03:08
KNUBBIGUbuntuNoob I think so, just give it a try03:09
UbuntuNoobon the other hand, i would rather learn how to write some sort of script in terminal myself03:09
KNUBBIGThan try that, it's entertaining and fun :)03:09
WeThePeoplehylian, a intel user03:09
KNUBBIGThen* (I think :p)03:09
* hylian likes WeThePeople's response03:09
keadyhey guys. so i recently restarted my computer and now i get this error when booting ubuntu with grub: Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0) -- i did some googling and it sounds like it's not selecting my boot partition properly [which is (hd0,2) or /dev/sda2] . however, the grub entry does say "set root='(hd0,2)" . any ideas?03:09
=== Alix_ is now known as pylix
GatunoRoxhylian: is there a way to boot linux live images from Grub2?03:09
GatunoRox*I'm already assuming the solution will work xD*03:10
UbuntuNoobid like to, but i havent the faintest clue on where to start. i could navegate to the picture i would want to be my first background, second, third, etc, but i dont know how to use terminal to set them as the background or make it so they change at tie intervals03:10
hylianGatunoRox, yes, though I have never tried it myself. I tried to help a guy the other night with that one. i was to burned out to finish with him.03:10
keadyusing grub 1.9801ubuntu10, lucid03:10
UbuntuNoobalso, is there a way in terminal to navigate to a subfolder of the folder youre currently in without typing the full path name?03:11
=== heaviside is now known as Guest69608
cosgrovebis it possible to install specific packages on an external drive that is not always mounted?03:11
KNUBBIGUbuntuNoob cd foo03:11
KNUBBIGcd bar03:11
GatunoRoxhylian: if this works I'll call you BFF for freeing me from this royal pain lol03:11
hylianUbuntuNoob, there are several, but one i like is mc or midnight commander. very usefull for running around your files tructure without typing a million words a minute.03:11
Seven_Six_TwoUbuntuNoob, yes, just start with the next directory down. If you're in /home/myuser and you want to go to /home/myuser/a/b  use  cd a/b03:11
taglassUbuntuNoob:  sure.  lets say I'm in my home directory and I wanted to be in /home/taglass/Documents/spreadsheets.. just type cd Documents/spreadsheets.03:12
GatunoRoxthe only reason why I want full install is so that I can update kernel/install drivers03:12
GatunoRoxotherwise I'd stick with liveUSB03:12
student-10_how to change folder background03:13
hylianGatunoRox, also, ubuntu doesn't come with some key things i needed to stay installed, like flash plugin and java, just for starters.03:13
KNUBBIGUbuntuNoob TAB for autocompletion is also very useful :)03:13
UbuntuNoobfor instance, from my ~/ folder, i used cd /Pictures to get to pictures. from here i want to go to wallpapers, but without typing cd /Pictures/Wallpapers. how can i get it so i coud just type cd /Wallpapers or something similar?03:13
Seven_Six_TwoGatunoRox, I believe there's a few utilities that will let you roll your own iso from an install, or from a custom filesystem03:13
KNUBBIGUbuntuNoob cd Wallpapers03:13
Seven_Six_TwoUbuntuNoob, drop the leading /   that means you want to start from the root of the filesystem03:14
KNUBBIGcd /Wallpapers would try to access the folder Wallpapers on root level03:14
UbuntuNoobohhhh thanks all03:14
taglassThere'sa ctually a way to do that, but I haven't looked at it in years.  is path completion03:14
GatunoRoxSeven_Six_Two: please rephrase, IDK if I understood right, sorry03:14
UbuntuNoobill be back in a little bit to ask more random questions for whoevers up to it03:14
Big_bearexcuse me, did anyone call MS technology support?03:14
Big_bearmy mistaken03:15
hylianGatunoRox, what he is saying is that you could re-roll your own personal distro, and then just use the live cd install version. it's another solution, although the one your working on, once completed will be less work.03:15
Big_bearwrong channel03:15
=== zupercomputer is now known as ident
Seven_Six_TwoGatunoRox, I've never done it, but there are utilities available from synaptic that will let you create your own live cd. so you get what you need installed in to a special place. whatever kernel you want, and apps. then the utility makes an iso (cd image) that you can burn. It might be harder than that, but you don't have to do it all by hand03:16
noobguyhello all03:16
=== ident is now known as zupercomputer
hylianBig_bear, i would be surprised if someone said they did, LOL :)03:16
jjmalinawhat is the best package to simply install git on ubuntu?03:16
* hylian nods to noobguy.03:16
Seven_Six_Two!info uck03:17
ubottuuck (source: uck): Tool to customize official Ubuntu Live CDs. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.1-0ubuntu2 (maverick), package size 194 kB, installed size 672 kB03:17
noobguysomeone please help! I am havin troubles installing both eclipse and netbeans03:17
GatunoRoxSeven_Six_Two: Thank's but unfortunately I'm only interested in Live Images so I can test distros, I'd like to maintain my full instalation running portable though03:17
hyliannoobguy, ok, do you have an error message, more details please.03:18
KNUBBIGnoobguy Probably someone wants to stop you from making the mistake ans installing netbeans ;-)03:18
Seven_Six_TwoGatunoRox, oh I see... You could test them in a vm easily enough, unless you need to test hardware interaction specifically03:18
hylianGatunoRox, yeah, virtual box could do it. I use it like that all the time.03:19
WeThePeoplewhy does skype disappear when i log in03:19
GatunoRoxI have multiple PC's at home, so I can test multi-case scenarios03:19
hyliannoobguy, please give more details, thanks. :)03:19
KNUBBIGWeThePeople maybe it automatically minimizes?03:19
hylianlucky bugger.03:20
Seven_Six_TwoGatunoRox, hey, I've never thought of that...That's a good idea. No more burining discs just to try it out03:20
taglassUbuntuNoob: the CDPATH environment variable is what you are looking for to change directories.03:20
GatunoRoxI own 7 pcs, which gives me a good scenario base, as I have multiple desktops , 2 notebooks and a netbook03:20
WeThePeopleKNUBBIG, its not in the upper panel or the lower panel03:20
KNUBBIGWeThePeople look if its still running via ps aux | grep skype03:20
hylianGatunoRox, i tipmy hat to thee. I have 2 pc's and a netbook, and I thought I was excessive :P LOL03:21
GatunoRoxinterestingly, almost all with different BIOS manufacturers03:21
GatunoRoxI'm 17, currently living with parents and sister, so I have acces to all, not necessarily all of them are mine03:22
hyliannoobguy, hello?03:22
GatunoRoxI just own the note, net and a Desktop03:22
WeThePeopleKNUBBIG, skype showed up in red03:22
keadyalright, so i got a little further. so i'm trying to boot but for some reason, the kernel isn't recognizing my partitions... it says "Please append a correct 'root=' boot option; here are the available partitions:" and then doesn't give a list of partitions... like it's not realizing there are any partitions. any idea?03:22
KNUBBIGWeThePeople so it's still running hum03:22
WeThePeopleKNUBBIG,  sudo ps aux | grep skype pm        1665  0.0  0.2   3320   804 pts/0    S+   22:21   0:00 grep --color=auto skype03:24
KNUBBIGWeThePeople so it's not running :)03:24
SPEL3OHey all, is anyone here good in configuring lighty? God am I having troubles..03:24
* hylian thinks someone likes the constitution preamble.03:24
KNUBBIGstart Skype in terminal via skype and look for the output03:24
KNUBBIGthere should be an error message03:24
WeThePeopleKNUBBIG, command?03:25
hylianSPEL3O, sorry man, don't even know what lighty is, wish i had better news for ya.03:25
KNUBBIGhylian haha that's exactly what I thought :D03:25
HyperShockSPEL3O, what do you mean by "lighty"?03:26
noobguyi just tried to install libcortado-java again using synaptic package manager and it says E: /var/cache/apt/archives/libasm3-java_3.2-3ubuntu1_all.deb: subprocess dpkg-deb --control returned error exit status 203:26
GatunoRoxWhen loaded from USB, Grub2 inherits the BIOS limitations of only accessing the first 127GB of the drive?03:26
SPEL3OLighty as in lighttpd the http server03:26
hyliannoobguy, give me a sec to look that up...03:26
=== Nick is now known as Guest37638
noobguyok hylian03:27
WeThePeopleKNUBBIG, no error, the login window poped up, 'i didnt type a thing' and it closed03:27
HyperShocknow you will get some help, i don't have experience in that. :(03:27
SPEL3OI had it configured and everything, then I installed php and mySQL and had to mess with the conf file and my site went KABLOOEY03:27
KNUBBIGWeThePeople And there's nothing in the console?03:27
SPEL3OAnyone have a http server to suggest?03:27
HyperShockyou didn't have a backup?03:27
WeThePeopleKNUBBIG, no03:27
HyperShockSPEL3O, have you tried apache?03:28
=== Guest37638 is now known as NickF
SPEL3OHyperShock, nope, is it easy to configure?03:28
KNUBBIGWeThePeople If not, I don't know anything you could do...possibly try pidgin with the skype plugin just to try it, but ni, sorry03:28
WeThePeopleKNUBBIG, it says aborted03:28
hyliannoobguy, you have broken packages. nothing to get worried about, do you know the terminal/console well?03:28
Seven_Six_TwoSPEL3O, I use apache2. A basic config isn't too difficult.03:28
noobguya little hylian03:28
noobguybut i can manage... i guess03:29
Nick_Meisterhi guys im getting this error The following packages have unmet dependencies:03:29
hyliannoobguy, ok, type this into terminal: sudo apt-get install -f (it will ask for your password most likely)03:29
Nick_Meisterand i cant install or remove software because of it03:29
Nick_Meisterpurge dont work03:29
KNUBBIGNick_Meister try sudo apt-get install -f03:29
Nick_MeisterKNUBBIG, doesnt help03:29
Nick_Meisterits trying to overwrite some libraries03:29
Nick_Meisterfrom a previous version or something03:29
Nick_Meistercomputer janitor helped me when i had this issue once03:30
Nick_Meisterbut its not install03:30
hylianNick_Meister, i had this problem, i had to first remove the offending package from /var/cache/apt/archives then i did an update.03:30
Nick_Meisterand neither is synaptic03:30
noobguyk done . it replies : Reading package lists... Done03:30
noobguyBuilding dependency tree03:30
noobguyReading state information... Done03:30
noobguyThe following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:03:30
noobguy  linux-headers-2.6.35-22 linux-headers-2.6.35-22-generic03:30
noobguyUse 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them.03:30
FloodBot1noobguy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:30
noobguy0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 9 not upgraded.03:30
Nick_Meisterhylian, how do i find what to remove03:30
hyliannoobguy, ok, now attempt to do what didn't work before.03:31
laptop_useris there a way to log what happens when a button is pressed? specifically, the mute button.. it has a led in it and when muted, turns red03:31
anon__i just downloaded i2p how do i start it?03:31
hylianNick_Meister, well, if you run synaptic, or do what KNUBBIG said, you should see an error message with your problem package03:32
NickFHas anybody had random reboot problems with Ubuntu 10.04 or 10.10 64-bit?03:32
noobguyit says : libcortado-java is already the newest version. .. is it working then.. ?? !03:32
bkfitzlooking for help with mod_rewrite in apache03:32
bkfitzcan anyone help03:32
bkfitzlooking for help with mod_rewrite in apache03:32
hyliannoobguy, it shure sounds like it.03:33
hylianNickF, not at all.03:33
GatunoRoxhylian: Great... now my pc hangs after selecting the device, it flahes a type dash and stops, ot loading grub at all03:33
hylianGatunoRox, great, just let me smash my head into my desk, and we can continue...03:34
NickFhylian: Thanks. Two different systems in two different buildings, both have random reboots. Was hoping it was systemic.03:34
noobguyhylian ... :) let me install netbeans then03:34
noobguythanks hylian !! See you soon :)03:34
hyliannoobguy, great to be of some help.03:34
NickF32-bit is rock-solid. 64-bit gives random reboots03:35
GatunoRoxI only get it to boot if I set my HDD to force FDD, but then it say no such device followed by UUID03:35
Nick_Meisterhylian, ok so i removed the debs but it did not help anything :(03:35
hylianNickF, all i can tell you is that my, rather older 64 bit hardware runs like a champ. maybe it's because you have different/not ancient hardware. LOL03:35
HyperShockGatunoRox, why are using a FDD?03:35
rumpe1laptop_user, xev03:36
anon__anyone know anything about i2p on ubuntu?03:36
Nick_Meisterhylian, well what happened was i added a repository with a newer package to the apt-get and then tried to do an install but forgetting to run update, and somehow the two packages got mixed03:36
=== xiambax_ is now known as xiambax
Nick_Meisterand now im in this situation :(03:36
NickFhylian: Could be! Both brand new quad-core processors. Diff mbrds, both 8G, two different cases (power supplies)... not running anything that's not in the repositories (except Chrome)03:37
hylianNick_Meister, now you will have to a) run sudo apt-get install -f, and then perhaps run a fix for dpkg, and then try and re-install whatever you where trying to install.03:37
GatunoRoxHyperShock: I'm not, I'm tryint to boot from my USB HDD03:37
laptop_userrumpe1, thanks... i think i figured out a solution.... ledd (scriptable led manager)... how to use xev?03:37
GatunoRoxbut the only way I get a response from it now is when I use Bios to Force FDD on it03:37
anon__how i start I2p?03:37
Nick_Meisterhylian, well it doesnt work03:37
Nick_Meisterhydh, install -f fails03:37
UbuntuNoobokay im back. i located my pictures in terminal and i want to set one of them as the background. how can i do that through terminal?03:38
laptop_user!info xev03:38
ubottuPackage xev does not exist in maverick03:38
hylianGatunoRox, it sounds like in your attempt to get your usb to work, you somehow wrote to the internal hd's boot sector... i yiy yiy.03:38
noobguyhylian... ijust got an error trying to install netbeans. error msg:  ... Errors were encountered while processing: /var/cache/apt/archives/libasm3-java_3.2-3ubuntu1_all.deb   E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)03:38
hylianNick_Meister, so what error does it give you? i have had to go as far as actually changing a log file...03:38
SPEL3OUbuntuNoob, the background of what?03:38
UbuntuNoobmy desktop background (wallpaper)03:39
Nick_Meisterhylian, trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/OGRE/Plugin_OctreeSceneManager.so', which is also in package libogremain-1.6.4 0:1.6.4.dfsg1-103:39
SPEL3OYou can do that in Gnome settings03:39
hyliannoobguy, let me see what i can find out about on that error.03:39
laptop_userhylian, http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man8/ledd.8.html potential solution for leds... opinion?03:39
Logan_anon__: /join #i2p03:39
noobguythats the error giving me quite a headache from the beginning03:40
UbuntuNoobwhat i want to do is learn how to change the wallpaper at a given time, like this: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=8344303:40
UbuntuNoobbut i want to use my own pictures and make my own commands/script03:40
HyperShockUbuntuNoob, are you sayhing you want to make your own desktop background slideshow?03:41
UbuntuNoobHyperShock: basically. the thing i linked changes the wallpaper based on the time of day, which is essentially a very slow slideshow03:41
UbuntuNoobhold that thought, i need to reboot03:42
SPEL3OUbuntuNoob, well that sounds feasable, but you need to find where Gnome stores the image for your backround, and make a script that swaps out the images periodically03:42
SPEL3OPersonally, I do not know03:42
GatunoRoxhylian: not quite. the internal's good03:43
=== KurtBwithkids is now known as KurtBout
Nick_Meisterhylian, so any luck?03:43
hylianNick_Meister, "into /var/lib/dpkg/info and deleting everything that had that name and you may also have to go into /var/cache/apt/archives and do the same thing"03:43
GatunoRoxIt's just unable to load grub03:43
=== WhatToDo is now known as UbuntuNoob
UbuntuNoobokay im back03:43
hylianNick_Meister, oops, somehow i only copied part of that, did you getb the gist?03:44
noobguyhylian can i send you full error log ??03:44
GatunoRoxlike it's stuck03:44
GatunoRoxIt won't boot Grub03:44
Nick_Meisterhylian, yah it worked like a charm thanks03:44
hyliannoobguy, your problem somehow is still broken packages, i would fire up synaptic, and have it do a rfepair on broken packages and see what it gives youy for idea/errors.03:45
GatunoRoxbut was able to boot syslinux03:45
UbuntuNoobso yeah i guess my question would be how do i go about making a wallpaper slideshow via some sort of script03:45
GatunoRoxthat's why I asked if tere was a way to use syslinux as the bootloader03:45
KNUBBIGJust don't use netbeans :p The code it produces is ... well just terribly ugly03:45
hylianlaptop_user, sorry man, beetween my crazyness here and my roommate mumbling something incoherently, i lost you in the process :(03:46
GatunoRoxsyslinux was able to acces my whole drive, grub looks like it can't03:46
laptop_userhylian, http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man8/ledd.8.html potential solution for leds... opinion?03:46
hyliannoobguy, sorry, i somehow lost your request, i yiy yiy.03:46
laptop_userno worries03:46
noobguyi can send it03:46
ggg3To solve all manner of grub problems in dual booting windows, I've used "Smart Boot Manager" available as an image on UNetbootin, home page http://btmgr.sourceforge.net/about.html - I think it's awesome.03:47
luxurymodeI'm having trouble using chown. Terminal keeps telling me I'm missing an operand after the directory I'm targeting...03:48
ggg3luxury: try using chpwn instead :-D03:48
KNUBBIGluxurymode what exactly did you type in?03:48
luxurymodeggg3: lol03:49
ggg3 chown username file file file03:49
KNUBBIGit's chown username:group file03:49
luxurymodeI've got a folder called "src" in my home directory and i just wanna make sure its writable by my primary acct03:49
luxurymodeKNUBBIG: didnt realize i need usernam03:49
luxurymodelemme try again03:50
edbianluxurymode: chmod -R you /home/you/src03:50
raidoedbian: chown not chmod03:51
edbianraido: right-o03:51
codex84chowdown ll03:51
luxurymodesudo chown levi /home/levi seems to have worked03:51
luxurymodewait whoops, needed /src03:51
luxurymodelemme see03:51
hylianlaptop_user, well that article seems to point to possible solutions, but heck if i know what they are. maybe the led states are being read wrong?03:51
luxurymodewhen i try home/levi/src it says no such file or dir03:52
KNUBBIGcd ~/src ?03:53
noobguyhylian any idea?03:53
edbianhylian: link please   (your keyboard right?)03:53
hyliannoobguy, sorry man. ok from what i pieced together, it looks like you recieved a package that is damaged. you may have to go to /var/cache/apt/archives and remove the package, as well as removing it from /var/lib/dpkg/info, however, if this is somehow being caused by a bad net connection, like a damaged wire, it may happen all over again.03:53
rhizmoeluxurymode: primary acct? more than one?03:54
edbianlaptop_user: can you show me the link to the article?03:54
luxurymoderhizmoe: no03:54
laptop_userhylian: i think i need to add a line that will say something along the lines of "if boot audio muted then write led state red" i know thats not the true command but in translation...03:54
rhizmoeso, your home dir has a subdirectory named "src?" what KNUBBIG said.03:54
edbianlaptop_user: Can you show me the link to the how to you're following?03:54
hylianlaptop_user, yes i think so. i hope your a better scripter than i.03:55
laptop_useredbian, http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man8/ledd.8.html potential solution for leds... opinion?03:55
* hylian 's head is spinning.03:55
laptop_userhylian, in basic lol yeah03:55
edbianlaptop_user: reading :)03:55
* KNUBBIG 's, too, 5 am here.03:55
luxurymodeultimately, i just wanna install a program that i have the source for03:56
hylianGatunoRox, have you had any luck, i was inendated with requests.. i think i lost you in translation.03:56
=== user_ is now known as awxsf
noobguyOk I'll try that one myself hylian :) Thanks a lot for this grand help hylian03:56
hylianlaptop_user, just remember to chmod a+x the file  you make. sucks when your script wont run because you don't "own" it.03:56
edbianlaptop_user: I doubt that this program is going to let you affect anything other than numlock capslock and scrolllock03:57
KINGOFSWORDSif i leave laptop on over nite will the screen turn itsself off?03:57
laptop_useredbian, also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hotkeys/Troubleshooting03:57
hyliannoobguy, i hope it helps, as for being grand, my kind of computer repair is less than pretty, usually functional, but not so pretty.03:57
GatunoRoxhylian: nah... same regular problems...03:57
laptop_userhylian, also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hotkeys/Troubleshooting03:57
luxurymoderhizmoe: im confused. i need some hand holding. how do i chown /src?03:57
laptop_userhylian, no doubt lol03:57
GatunoRoxhylian: trying to find a way to boot without grub03:58
bobo_hi, when I insert an usb stick, I don't get the block device /dev/sda. what do I have to add on my own kernelconfig?03:58
KNUBBIGluxurymode sudo chown -R levy:levy ~/src03:58
hylianedbian, thanks man. I have been a little swamped. edbian is the best peeps, he's got the brains.03:58
danielcg25What do I type in the terminal to un-mount a partition?03:58
luxurymodeKNUBBIG: that worked03:58
KNUBBIGnp :)03:59
GatunoRoxhylian: Grub isn't reacting well with my BIOS lol03:59
edbiandanielcg25: sudo umount /partition03:59
apndanielcg25, sudo umount /whereverismounted03:59
KNUBBIGok I'm going to bed, thanks for your help, I'll try the alternate install cd tomorrow, g'nite all03:59
edbianlaptop_user: This is the guide you want IMO https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hotkeys/Troubleshooting03:59
danielcg25Sudo: unmount: command not found03:59
hylianGatunoRox, my way of doing it was to use a program called gag. then i set up one of the boot time options to the usb hdd. however, gag adds a cutesy menu system in the begiining that resembles win 98 on roids. maybe boot commander is more your style. i use gag because i know gag in and out.04:00
edbiandanielcg25: There is no 'n'  it's umount not unmount04:00
edbianlaptop_user: Try and follow that and see if you get stuck.  Come back here with specific questions04:01
danielcg25Thanks! It's working now04:01
hylianGatunoRox, well, i may atleast be able to get grub behaving itself for the internal hdd. if you remove the usb drive, then you should be able to boot? (then use update grub?)04:01
edbiandanielcg25: no problem04:01
laptop_useredbian, also found http://linux.aldeby.org/howto-ubuntu-linux-on-hp-pavilion-dv2000-dv6000-dv9000-series-laptops.html/#index04:01
laptop_useredbian, wish i woulda found WAAAYYY earlier lol04:01
laptop_useredbian, how to use xev?04:02
edbianlaptop_user: I like the first howto better.04:02
cbilljonesIs there a channel for 11.04 discussion?04:02
* hylian vows to try and answer only one question at a time, because he thought his head was gonna explode.04:02
rumpe1cbilljones, #ubuntu+104:02
cbilljonesrumpej thanks04:02
cbilljonesrumpel ^^04:03
edbianlaptop_user: xev  in a terminal.  Then press the buttons you wanna know about and you can see what their special codes are in the term.  It also tracks the mouse in the white window04:03
codex84how u upgrade to 11 bet?04:03
edbianhylian: I know the feeling hahaha04:03
laptop_useredbian; the troubleshooting? thats a child howto from the second link. with xev, do i press enter first or just xev then the button?04:03
edbianlaptop_user: you type xev and press enter.  Now it is 'running' and it records all your mouse  / keyboard activity.  then you press ctrl + C to stop it.  It is used to get the numerical values of strange keys and buttons.04:04
hylianwell, all this research shaprens my ubuntu-fu. *ugh*04:04
codex84how you upgrade to 11.beta?04:04
cheshire_foxHey, is there a CLI based wireless card config tool installed by default on ubuntu?04:04
HyperShockwow "xev" rocks!04:04
laptop_useredbian, thanks again04:05
edbianlaptop_user: you might have to click in the white box before some keys get registered04:05
edbiancheshire_fox: THere are a number of tools.  What exactly are you trying to do?04:05
edbianxev is cool04:05
hyliancheshire_fox, not that i know of04:06
hyliancodex84, this is a howto on that very subject: http://zeeis.me/upgrade-to-ubuntu-11-04/04:07
codex84try to upgrade to 11.beta on the update manager but is not there04:07
cheshire_foxedbian: I was given a HP laptop that vista died on.  Decided to install Ubuntu on it.  Turns out the nvidia chip is fried (it's to late to do a claim), so I'm going to use it as a server.04:07
luxurymodecan someone tell me the easiest way to install from source? i've downloaded a chat client (smack) and wanna install...04:07
joelixnyIs there something similar to \n (new line) but for backspace?04:07
GatunoRoxI'm going nuts with this lol xD04:08
edbiancheshire_fox: sudo iwlist scan    should show you wireless networks.  If it does you're in good shape and you can configure it in /etc/network/interfaces.  If it does not list networks you have to get the card to work first (which might be hard)04:08
edbiancodex84: I don't think you can upgrade to the beta from a normal release04:08
ayeceejoelixny: \b, i believe04:08
GatunoRoxalmost giving up with the full installation Idea04:08
cheshire_foxedbian: card works, I'm sure of it04:08
edbianjoelixny: No04:08
hylianGatunoRox, anything else i can help wreck? sorry man. i can try and help...04:08
raidocheshire_fox: iwconfig04:09
edbianayecee: What would that do?  Delete the character before it when the file is read?04:09
Danielcg25Well, I formatted the partition using DiskUtility in Ubuntu, and Windows installer says it's un-allocated space.04:09
edbiancheshire_fox: It works in linux?04:09
ayeceeedbian: yes04:09
cheshire_foxedbian:yup, out of the box04:09
edbianjoelixny: nevermind!04:09
GatunoRoxhylian: you're the best support I've had this week xD, no complains04:09
edbiancheshire_fox: then is iwconfig and sudo iwlist scan, and sudo ifup wlan0  and a number of others :)04:09
hylianGatunoRox, if it helps any, simply mepis comes with firfox and most of what ubuntu offers, and has flahs plugin and java pre installed.04:10
edbiancheshire_fox: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WiFiHowTo04:10
edbianhylian: blasphemy!04:10
* hylian lowers his head in shame :P04:10
edbianj/k j/k04:10
joelixny\b doesn't work :\04:10
edbianGatunoRox: It's a different linux distro04:10
cheshire_foxwhile I'm here, does anyone know of a way to get X to run soly on the processor.04:10
GatunoRox*distro noob here lol*04:10
edbianjoelixny: Are you writing it to a file?04:10
joelixnya php script04:11
hylianGatunoRox, yeah, it's what i use for my clients sticks because he needs flash player to work "outta da box" (i'm form wisconsin)04:11
edbiancheshire_fox: The graphics card has a monitor out.  If the motherboard has a monitor out then you can plug that in but I'm guessing that since this is a laptop there is no onboard video.  That is, you HAVE to use the graphics card in there04:11
laptop_useredbian; http://pastebin.com/p3115PJa line 1 is mute 11 is unmute no other buttons touched04:12
edbiancheshire_fox: Just run it headless.  You can install graphical applications and run them remotely on some other Ubuntu computer04:12
GatunoRoxhylian: no use telling me where ya from xD I wouldn't suspect as I'm not a native speaker04:12
edbianlaptop_user: This isn't a question :)04:12
hylianGatunoRox, in his case he needs a system that loses all history, i think he does some shady things whilst running that usb key.04:12
laptop_useredbian, so i need to tell the computer that if muted to send command 1-10. how?04:13
GatunoRoxhylian: you never know xD04:13
edbianlaptop_user: I don't know.  Where are you in the how-to ?04:13
laptop_useredbian, i mean if muted upon boot04:13
edbianlaptop_user: I've never done this before either :)04:13
hylianGatunoRox, yeah, so once simply mepis is powered down, all naughty-ness dissapears, atleast on his end.04:13
GatunoRoxhide his p0rn from his wife maybe?04:13
laptop_useredbian, glad to help with the learning curve ;)04:13
cheshire_foxedbian: well, for a while I had a desktop.  That was immediatly after uninstalling the nouveau driver.  I had a feeling it was running on the processor. But I'm not sure.    I just want a graphical interface just to make sure certain website interfaces this server will be producing actually work04:13
* hylian nods04:14
edbianlaptop_user: I don't see a 10 here04:14
cheshire_foxhylian: I read mepis as 'me ****' :o04:14
hyliancheshire_fox, :)04:14
hylianreminds me of how the germans feal about mr. pibb.04:15
edbiancheshire_fox: Some hardware has to run the graphics.  Either it's on the motherboard or it's a graphics card.  Each bit of hardware will have a VGA / DVI out at least.  Since this is a laptop and it has a graphics card I'm betting there is no onboard video.  This means you MUST use the graphics card.  Unless you x-forward over ssh.  I do it all the time.04:15
laptop_useredbian, lines 1-10 is all mute (one single press of button), 11-20 is all unmute (one single press of button)04:15
GatunoRoxhylian: what's the newest release?04:16
cheshire_foxedbian: then explain to me how I was able to have a graphical interface04:16
edbianlaptop_user: Let me read your guide.  Maybe we can figure out how to toggle the light without changing the muted-ness04:16
edbiancheshire_fox: The card was not fried?04:16
edbiancheshire_fox: You can run the graphics all 'on the CPU' what you're really doing is using onboard video (on the motherboard).04:17
hylianGatunoRox, mepis is at 8, but "simply mepis" is at 11. i use simply because it comes with the software my client needs.04:17
UbuntuNoobcan i make an if then script involving a period of time (i want a certain background to appear during certain times)04:17
cheshire_foxedbian: it has to be.  Even with the propritary drivers installed all I would get when x started using it is black and white lines and a weird kernel panic04:17
=== Jens is now known as Guest92398
laptop_useredbian, which guide? the one on linux.aldeby.org?04:18
edbiancheshire_fox: That could be caused by the graphics card being bad or the driver being wrong.  (sounds like a bad card though if you didn't even get cli)04:18
hylianUbuntuNoob, i think i get what your trying to do, but i don't think it would be a if then anymore... just bash scripting it?04:18
edbianlaptop_user: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hotkeys/Troubleshooting04:18
edbianlaptop_user: But I am swamped right now ;P04:18
UbuntuNoobhylian: i have no clue what im doing to be honest lol how would i do it that way?04:19
laptop_useredbian; no worries.... we will pick up tomorrow. i have a test in the a.m.04:19
hylianUbuntuNoob, sorry man, my bash scripting skills are just a hair above the noobish. i could probably look it up, but i don't know of the top of my head.04:19
edbianlaptop_user: alright.  Good night.04:19
edbiancheshire_fox: Maybe you can explain to me in greater deal what is going on with this laptop.04:20
UbuntuNoobhylian: ill look it up no worries04:20
cheshire_foxedbian: actually, after removing nouveau, x probably (by default) loaded vesa, right?  In that case the graphics card isn't completely fried (meaning I can use it unaccelerated).04:20
cheshire_foxedbian: where should I begin?04:20
MK`Is CONFIG_MAGIC_SYSRQ enabled in the default kernel compile with Ubuntu?04:20
edbiancheshire_fox: If you got graphics running on the card at all (accelerated or not) then the card is fine and we just have to find the right driver. (or just use Ubuntu without accelerated graphics.04:21
ejvUbuntuNoob: i scripted it for you, cuz you're special :)04:21
hiexpohola edbian04:21
edbiancheshire_fox: What do you want to do?  What state is the laptop in right now?  Can you turn it on and log in.04:21
edbianhiexpo: Hi :)04:21
cheshire_foxedbian: I can log in (its actually sitting under the one I'm on right now, which is a netbook)04:21
sevithDoes the 2.6.38 kernel have support for Intel core i5 vpro?04:22
edbiancheshire_fox: graphical login or cli?04:22
cheshire_foxedbian: I was orginally hoping to make it my primary machine, as playing minecraft on a netbook is painful, like running vista on 384 megs of ram.04:22
cheshire_foxedbian: cli04:22
edbiancheshire_fox: And you've seen graphics running on this machine before?04:22
edbiancheshire_fox: So the card is not physically ruined.04:22
UbuntuNoobejv: thanks? i have no clue how to even start this but my whole goal was to learn along the way as to what im doing04:22
hylianMK`, yes.04:22
ejvUbuntuNoob: try this: http://dpaste.com/531497/04:23
edbiancheshire_fox: First thing first.  log in and run sudo lsmod | grep n04:23
tony__fuck ass04:23
cheshire_foxedbian: give me a second04:23
edbiancheshire_fox: That will list all the modules currently running on the system that have an 'n' in the name04:23
ejvUbuntuNoob: if you use Vixie-Cron to call this script every 5 or 10 minutes, you'll be good to go ;)04:23
cheshire_foxedbian: I have limited deskspace04:23
IdleOne!language | tony__04:23
hiexpoedbian, just made a fix to the yahoo pop3 block  :)04:23
ubottutony__: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.04:23
sevithDoes the 2.6.38 kernel have support for Intel core i5 vpro?04:23
hyliantony__, come on man, this is a family friendly chat room... tone it down will ya?04:23
edbiancheshire_fox: You can just tell me what they are.  Do NOT copy / paste them all in to the channel04:23
edbianhiexpo: What did you fix?04:23
cheshire_foxedbian: that would be impossible, as I am currently on another machine :D04:23
hylianMK`, CONFIG_MAGIC_SYSRQ is enabled by default04:24
edbiancheshire_fox: oh good04:24
MK`Ok thank you hylian04:24
hyliantony__, thanks man.04:24
codex84who got the 1104:24
edbiancheshire_fox: btw,  sudo is not needed for that last command04:24
hiexpoedbian, made it so you can retrieve email from yahoo account with evolution , or Thunderbird04:24
ejvUbuntuNoob: there's nothing wrong with learning by reading ;)04:25
edbianhiexpo: awesome! :)04:25
IdleOne!11.04 | codex8404:25
ubottucodex84: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not currently intended for production systems.04:25
* cheshire_fox thinks there should be a magic program made so she can copy something on one machine and paste it to any machine of her choice >:D04:25
GatunoRoxok... let's call it a day04:25
GatunoRoxMy soul's crushed04:25
edbiancheshire_fox: That would be neat :)04:25
* cheshire_fox would totally start pasting the word 'penis' to the pope's computer04:25
GatunoRoxi really need to sleep04:25
hylianGatunoRox, hope you have better luck tommorrow. bye04:25
ejvall this time i thought cheshire was a guy, what is wrong with me...04:26
* ejv facepalms04:26
mickster04cheshire_fox: you know of scp right :p04:26
* edbian is sure the pope has an AWESOME computer. Probably with it's own hat.04:26
hiexpogonna post a tut by tomorrow somewhere notsure where i am gonna post it yet   i know not ubuntu forums  lol04:26
edbiancheshire_fox: pastebinit  (the package)04:26
hylianhiexpo, you should ubuntu launchpad it man.04:26
GatunoRoxhylian: Thanks for the support, if I make it work, I'll try and report it. G' night fellas o/04:26
hylianGatunoRox, cool beans dude.04:27
edbiancheshire_fox: It's taking you a long time to run one command and read what it says.  Is there a lot of output?04:27
cheshire_foxthats useful it I want to post something to pastebin.04:27
ejvUbuntuNoob: verdict? :p04:27
cheshire_foxAlso, no, I'm way to add04:27
edbiancheshire_fox: If it was on pastebin I could read it..04:27
UbuntuNoobejv: alright i see what it does, but my goal was to have somewhere around 4 pictures that would change depending on the time of day (a light one for morning, bright one for noon, sarker of afternoon, and dark for evening)04:27
UbuntuNoobfjv: and i also have no clue what any of it says haha04:27
cheshire_foxand yes, there is a lot of output04:27
sadsahello guys, i cannot find anywhere that has mod_security for apache for hardy 8.04 ubuntu? someone could help me out?04:28
hiexpohylian, no way man i got kicked out last year for posting a fix for youtube-dl  in the forums and i am still not allowed  in there and the sad thing is they told me youtube-dl was illegal   > but it is in the repos   lol04:28
cheshire_foxedbian: if I could configure the wireless card to connect to my network first, I could paste it to pastebin :D04:28
edbiancheshire_fox: I tried to filter some with the grep perhaps I didn't filter enough04:28
ejvUbuntuNoob: you could cron 4 scripts, one for each04:28
sevithSomone please? my current kernel config is defined as pentium-pro but im using an i5? is this right? Is there no support? Im confused.04:28
edbiancheshire_fox: good point04:28
ejvUbuntuNoob: and have 4 folders for each04:28
hylianwell peeps, my brain is a liquified mush-sickle. See you all tommorrow.04:28
edbianhylian: good night!04:28
green__anyone have a clue as too why compiz is twitchy now with 8.4 when it wasn't before, I tried to install 9.2 but that was a no run04:28
cheshire_foxejv:  It's probably cause you're use to talking to guys all the time04:28
sadsaHello is there a way to install mod_security on ubuntu 8.04 ??04:29
UbuntuNoobejv: the easiest option here is overwrite the xml file i have downloaded with a prearranged set of pictures, and set the filepaths to the pictures i want, but theres too many timeslots04:29
cheshire_foxejv: It's not exactly like common for there to be a linux chick on here.04:29
ejvcheshire_fox: yea i mean 've seen you chat before and didn't catch it heheh04:29
=== sadsa is now known as FastPutty
* ejv bows04:29
edbiancheshire_fox: I want to see the output of that command.04:29
cheshire_foxthere is a lot edbian04:30
ejvUbuntuNoob: good luck ;)04:30
edbiancheshire_fox: ok stop04:30
cheshire_foxI'm trying to see what is useful and what isn't04:30
Adomi have a default install of ubuntu desktop 10.10 on a machine and it doesnt recognize my ipod upon usb connection, is there anything speical i need to install for ubuntu to recognize an ipod? some kind of ipod libraries?04:30
cheshire_foxbefore I even type anything04:30
edbiancheshire_fox: Do this:  sudo lsmod | grep nouveau    (think I spelled it right)04:30
cheshire_foxedbian: I uninstalled it, so it shouldn't be running.04:30
edbiancheshire_fox: sudo lsmod | grep vesa04:30
edbiancheshire_fox: vesa?04:31
cheshire_foxnope on vesa as well04:31
edbiancheshire_fox: Well what the heck is it?  sudo lsmod | grep nvidia04:31
cheshire_foxthats it04:31
UbuntuNoobejv: what i had planned to do was just have some sort of if then where the if would be a certain period of time and the then would be the picture i wanted 4 separate times04:32
edbiancheshire_fox: that's the proprietary one.  I bet if you install noueavou it will work again04:32
edbiancheshire_fox: What do you say?04:32
sevithAnyone Anyone :(...04:32
cheshire_foxedbian: orginally thats what was installed04:32
edbiancheshire_fox: And that worked or... ?04:32
cheshire_foxI got kernel panics and messed up screen stuff04:33
edbiancheshire_fox: mhmmm  but the nvidia driver doesn't work at all...04:33
edbiancheshire_fox: Lemme research a bit04:33
cheshire_foxedbian: sure, go ahead.04:34
edbiancheshire_fox: This is 10.10 ?04:34
cheshire_foxedbian: yup, amd64 version04:34
edbiancheshire_fox: aptitude show nvidia-current04:34
edbianis that installed?04:34
cheshire_foxhold on, trying to recall how to scroll up in cli *is having a hard time remembering things tonight*04:36
edbiancheshire_fox: There are many nvidia graphics cards.  http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=nvidia&searchon=names&suite=maverick&section=all04:36
edbiancheshire_fox: shift + pageup04:36
cheshire_foxthats what I thought it was04:36
cheshire_foxbut its only giving me a ~04:36
cheshire_foxwhich is weird04:37
uofm49426is there a why to share one file with a nother using 2 different flavors of ubuntu04:37
cheshire_foxthe pageup thing04:37
edbiancheshire_fox: haha  good04:37
cheshire_foxedbian: its installed04:37
edbianuofm49426: Yes.  nfs or samba04:37
edbiancheshire_fox: mmm04:37
edbiancheshire_fox: My advice to you:  go through this list and install each package one at a time and see if the system boots on any of them.  http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=nvidia&searchon=names&suite=maverick&section=all04:38
edbiancheshire_fox: I have to go! :(04:39
uofm49426i want to set up 2 files that act like network drives were i can store music and stuff04:39
cheshire_foxedbian: aww04:39
edbiancheshire_fox: sorry!04:39
edbianhave a good night04:39
edbiangood luck04:39
cheshire_foxedbian: night04:39
uofm49426i only have a 40 gig harddrive and would like to store stuff at my desktop with out using a flash drive or something04:40
green__anyone have a clue as too why compiz is twitchy now with 8.4 when it wasn't before, I tried to install 9.2 but that was a no run04:41
mickster04green__: 8.4?04:41
green__9.2 sorry04:41
genii-aroundYou could install ssh server on the desktop and use sshfs in file manager04:42
cheshire_foxanyone wanna help me configure a wireless card to use a AES encrypted network from cli?04:43
mickster04yes irc works guys04:50
mickster04cheshire_fox: ha no :p04:50
cheshire_foxmickster04: :P04:51
juergen_d wach zum chillen04:51
mickster04cheshire_fox: unlucky04:51
mickster04juergen_: wass sons?04:51
juergen_hat jemand etwas ahnund vom betriebsystem ubuntu linux?04:53
rumpe1juergen_, for german support please use channel #ubuntu-de04:55
Sven12345hello how do i unistall graphics driver to ubuntu 10.10 so that i can install a new graphics card?04:55
juergen_wer kennt sich mit dem archivmanager bei ubuntu aus ?04:55
Sven12345hello how do i unistall graphics driver to ubuntu 10.10 so that i can install a new graphics card? Or is that even needed?04:56
rhizmoeSven12345: try joker-gtk (drivers)04:56
genii-around!de | juergen_04:56
ubottujuergen_: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.04:56
rhizmoethe one you install will likely just "overwrite" the existing ones04:56
rumpe1!de | juergen_04:56
Sven12345rhizmoe where di i click that?04:56
rhizmoesystem > admin > add'l drivers04:56
Sven12345rhizmoe where do I click that?04:57
Sven12345rhizmoe it seems to have a remove button, how nice, thanks for the help :)04:58
rhizmoeyou're welcome :)04:58
juergen_also ich kann bei mir keine exe dateien hier  im ubuntu-Linux Betriebssystem  runterladen ,denn mein Archivmanager findet keine zip file direktory05:01
MK`!de juergen_05:01
juergen_weer kan mir helfen oder mir eine adresse geben oder einen link dazu05:01
MK`!de | juergen_05:01
ubottujuergen_: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.05:01
Serephim saying the german outloud05:02
ggg3anyone know if there is a package somewhere that allows mounting a >>>ufs<<< filesystem on a linux system? It's an odd compatibility gap.05:02
Serephthat is german right05:02
leapy0yois there a way to make my ubuntu partition smaller so I can install windows 7?05:03
ggg3leapy@yo -- GParted - install with synaptic pkg manager05:04
MK`Does Ubuntu have any default keybindings using the Windows/Super key?05:04
vivekvI am running Ubuntu on Virtual Box which is running in Debian x64.  I am having a strange problem where all my typing is very sluggish is Ubuntu.  Any ideas?05:04
ggg3MK` no not by your definition05:04
ggg3your box is probably sluggish05:05
ruanledah_: gparted from a livecd05:05
ruanleapy0yo: gparted from a livecd05:05
cbilljonesvivekv have you added virtualbox additions?05:05
ruanMK`: yes i think it does05:06
vivekvyes I have added05:06
ruanMK`: windows/super + D goes to desktop, there are a couple more05:06
vivekvthe VBOx additions05:06
ggg3kewl ruan didn't know that it works...05:06
=== Jr is now known as Jrsquee
vivekvcbilljones - strangely the problem is really bad on  the terminal05:07
MK`ruan: ok thanks.05:07
vivekvits a lot better for example on this IRC client05:07
ruanMK`: windows/super + W for window switching, + E for workstation switching, +M for inverted colours05:08
romeufmelloHello there, I´got wierd error : ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)05:08
cbilljonesvivekv strange, ive always had good luck, i cant think of what it might be :(05:08
romeufmelloafter a hard shutdown05:09
t35t0ris there anyway to give a user access to run setfacl on a file/directory without making that user the owner of the file/directory?05:09
vivekvcbilljones - every other OS works fine... even XP!05:09
cbilljonesvivekv what version of ubuntu?05:10
motla68can someone else test a chat server for me? not sure if it is server or just me:  ynpenn.dyndns.org05:10
kubanchow do i see my gnome-panel and gdm version in terminal?05:10
cbilljoneshmm im at a loss, i have 10.10 in VM at work, everything works great05:10
cbilljonesthough that win7 host05:11
rwwkubanc: 'apt-cache policy gdm' and 'apt-cache policy gnome-panel'05:11
cbilljonesvivekv which virtualbox chipset are you using?05:11
vivekvThe hardware is an I5-760 / 4 Gigs / I have 1 virtual CPU with VT-x enabed05:12
kubancrww, thxn05:12
romeufmelloplease help, i had a mysql issue after a hard reboot05:12
romeufmelloERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)05:12
raevolhello, i am wondering if the javax.media library is provided in a package in ubuntu? any java people here? i am really new to this05:13
ruanromeufmello: try in #mysql05:13
orlokIs the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS background mainly pink or purple?05:13
juergen_Hi MK,sag mir oxh bitte wo muß ich 'ubuntu.de eingeben?05:13
Logan_!de | juergen_05:14
ubottujuergen_: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.05:14
ayeceeorlok: yes05:14
rwworlok: purple05:14
orlokWhich one.05:14
orlokok, this monitor has bad colour reproduction05:14
orlokand a crappy aspect ratio05:14
cbilljonesvivekv i meant virtual chipset, virtualbox has 205:14
vivekvoh hang on..05:14
ruanit looks like a pink/purple/white gradient05:15
Heylookitsbrethello all!05:15
=== romeufmello is now known as dupas
cbilljonesvivekv ICH9 is the new one, might have better luck with that05:16
Heylookitsbretquick question, when i right click on an iso there is not an option to write it to a disc whats going on?05:16
vivekvOK will try...05:16
vivekvon the next reboot :)05:16
vivekvthanks for the suggestion05:16
cbilljonesvivekv, im only guessing; but its what ive been using lately with good results05:16
ruanHeylookitsbret: you have to do that within the cd burner05:17
Heylookitsbretruan: do i drop it in the cd burner and then right click it?05:17
ruanHeylookitsbret: no you use a cd burner that can burn isos05:17
juergen_Hi ,wer kann mir verraten wie ich in den deutschsprachigen chat gelange?05:18
Heylookitsbretyea i have an asus dvdrw drive, i have done it before on windows just never ubuntu05:18
MarcelCoky, ubuntu maverick is installed, but I can't see rank's in ubuntu sofware center, why?05:19
ruanHeylookitsbret: furius iso mount appears to be able to burn isos to disk05:19
MarcelCthat yellow stars (how popular is the package)05:20
rwwjuergen_: type /join #ubuntu-de05:20
Heylookitsbretruan: alright im downloading it now, ill be back if i need more help thank you05:21
Gumbyhi all, I have a quick question about compiling some kernel modules.  I've downloaded the v4l-dvb tree and I really only need two of the modules in it.  Is there a way to just compile those modules?  Normally I wouldnt care, but it takes AGES to compile modules on an acer revo05:22
MK`What command can I use to get a list of key symbols (the ones xev and xmodmap use)05:28
soreauMK`: There's a keysym header in /usr/include/X11/ IIRC05:28
Heylookitsbretruan: alright i downloaded it, browsed to the iso, opened it and selected burn but it doesnt do anything..05:29
MK`I don't see one soreau05:30
yedhucreating 5.1 output in ubuntu05:31
ruanHeylookitsbret: odd. try acetoneiso then05:33
=== soreau_ is now known as soreau
demonsporkBest software for burning playable DVD disks in Ubuntu - go05:34
Ben64!best | demonspork05:35
ubottudemonspork: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.05:35
Ben64that being said, I really like k3b :)05:35
marvin_Dios les bendiga05:36
soreauMK`: Why do you have to make this so difficult?05:36
demonsporkBen64, does it have a gnome version that doesn't require kde dependencies05:36
Ben64demonspork: it still works perfectly in gnome05:37
soreauMK`: Learn to use packages.ubuntu.com and google.com05:38
MK`soreau I come here when I can't find anything on google related to Ubuntu05:38
marvin_como estan05:39
marvin_algien de guatemala05:39
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:39
soreauMK`: Ok but I TOLD you there is a keysym header and where it was05:40
soreauIf you can't take a hint05:40
Seven_Six_TwoMK`, scankey or something similar05:40
Seven_Six_TwoMK`, showkey05:41
luxurymodehow do i specify my home folder (which is my name) as a path?05:41
Seven_Six_Two!info showkey05:41
ubottuPackage showkey does not exist in maverick05:41
MK`Seven_Six_Two: showkey shows key codes, not key symbols.05:42
rrowellmy monitor never turns off, only when I do a manual "xset -pms force off", but not when the 10 minute sleep kicks in for the monitor, it just blanks the screen, but leaves the backlight on.  How to make it force also?05:42
rrowellerr xset dpms force off rather05:42
Seven_Six_TwoMK`, what do you mean by symbols? the hex representation? ascii? or do you want to see and change the mapping (xmodmap)05:45
MK`like, "Escape" "Delete" "Shift_L"05:45
luxurymodehow do i add javac to class path? terminal says perhaps JAVA_HOME does not point to JDK05:47
Seven_Six_TwoMK`, xmodmap -pk05:48
arquebusluxurymode- are you on windows? you have to add the jdk/bin directory to your path, google it05:49
luxurymodearquebus: nope, im in ubuntu. i tried building something using ant and it failed and gave me that error05:49
soreauMK`: I already told you05:50
arquebusluxurymode: did you install the sun jdk with aptitude?05:50
MK`soreau: I looked in the directory, it's not in there :(05:50
luxurymodearquebus: not sure...05:50
soreauMK`: /usr/include/X11/keysymdef.h is provided by x11proto-core-dev and remove the XK_ from each entry05:50
Seven_Six_Twoluxurymode, I don't think the java compiler needs to be in your class path. You're not compiling the compiler05:51
soreauMK`: You're really trying my patience05:51
soreauand I don't have any left05:51
malihmm, I don't find natty stable at all in beta so wish to install ubuntu 10.10 as my desktop.. but I think I'll start with lubuntu but oint is, I wish to build up a buntu with pure compiz and not gnome on top of it (except some of it's components)... what would be best, building it from lubuntu vis a vis with lxde, ubuntu server and adding the head.. or removing gnome components from the normal ubuntu?05:51
luxurymodearquebus: i definitely have the jdk, im using java all the time...05:51
luxurymodeSeven_Six_Two: right. so what does it mean?05:51
MK`I'm sorry soreau :( I'll just drop it and get help elsewhere on this issue05:51
malithen have a coffee and let someone else interact instead of whinging soreau ;p05:51
Seven_Six_Twois that the exact error, or your interpretation? Are you using an IDE or compiling by hand?05:52
soreauMK`: If you can't read english, I feel sorry for you05:52
maliI hate when , asking for help one is treated like a criminal MK`: I feel ya ;)05:52
luxurymodeSeven_Six_Two: i was using ant to build after i applied a patch05:52
MK`soreau there's no need to insult me, I am dropping it.05:52
soreauMK`: Don't drop it, just open your eyes and read05:52
soreau<soreau> MK`: /usr/include/X11/keysymdef.h is provided by x11proto-core-dev and remove the XK_ from each entry05:52
luxurymodeSeven_Six_Two: lemme paste it05:53
maliperhaps, people aren't English speaking soreau: it takes only an example of Amercian English to exemplify someone who doesn't know English but yet can communicate in it, imagine the 200 other languages and counting ^^05:53
Seven_Six_Twoluxurymode, unfortunately I have never used ant. I've only taken 2 half credit uni courses with it, so I'm no pro.05:53
soreaumalakhi: Yes but this is #ubuntu, the english channel. If they're blind or otherwise impaired, I really feel sorry for them05:53
MK`soreau I do not have this file!05:53
soreaumali: ^^05:53
malifair enough :)05:53
maligood point ;)05:53
soreauYou're not reading05:54
soreau!info x11proto-core-dev | MK`05:54
ubottuMK`: x11proto-core-dev (source: x11proto-core): X11 core wire protocol and auxiliary headers. In component main, is optional. Version 7.0.17-1 (maverick), package size 92 kB, installed size 488 kB05:54
malianyway, see , now you're all happy again, get to throw some crap at each other when one is tired and whips , batteries semi-charged wink wink xD05:54
MK`Okay, sorry. Maybe tech support isn't the best place to hang out when you have no patience XD05:54
holmserI have a bunch of files in a single folder that need to be converted in batch.  I have a command that works for converting, but how can I do it in batch?05:55
soreauMK`: Maybe it's not the best place if you're not willing to READ responses you get05:55
maliso if I wish to use pure compiz onubuntu, what is best: getting the headless server, or uninstalling ubuntu-desktop or gnome or whatnot?05:55
maliconverted? how? you mean chang suffix or something?05:55
MK`God forbid I get confused for a moment when asking about something I came here because i was confused about something.05:55
soreaumali: You mean compiz standalone?05:55
maliI forgot but it's a quick google on a for loop05:55
maliyes soreau05:55
=== Raikia_ is now known as Raikia
midhunohi all my dvd drive not detect any disks....what 2 do???05:55
Seven_Six_Twoluxurymode, is the jre actually at   "/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre"05:56
soreaumali: You can either use a DM to load a compiz-only session, or skip the DM altogether and create your own X startup scripts05:56
maliwith small components from kde/lxde say (I don't mind the space overheasd, but like eg. using lxpanel05:56
Seven_Six_Twoluxurymode, or did you install the sun jre05:56
arquebusluxurymode: I'll ask again, do you have the sun jdk installed or just the open jdk05:56
maliyes but how do I get rid of gnome autoload then in ubuntu soreau?05:56
holmsermali, I have a bunch of jpgs that need to be converted to png.  I have worked out the command to do all of the conversions I need, but I was wondering how I could send the command a list of files one by one to do it in batch.05:56
soreaumali: Here's one I wrote years ago: For instructions on how to run compiz as a standalone window manager, see: http://forum.compiz.org/viewtopic.php?f=114&t=7292&p=5073105:56
maliin the DM conf file?05:56
mali /etc/gdm.conf on ubun10.10 ye?05:57
luxurymodeSeven_Six_Two: yes05:57
Seven_Six_Twoarquebus, oh yes. You did ask about that, didn't you05:57
luxurymodearquebus: looking at it now, i think just openjdk05:57
mali(I am on the natty beta so can't double check as I am not sure what gnome shell has changed)05:57
maliok soreau: thank you!05:57
luxurymodearquebus: but im not sure05:57
soreau! natty | mali05:57
ubottumali: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not currently intended for production systems.05:57
Seven_Six_Twoluxurymode, Unable to locate tools.jar. Expected to find it in /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/lib/tools.jar05:57
luxurymodearquebus: how can i install the sun jdk?05:57
arquebusluxurymode: istall the sun jdk, android needs it05:57
maliyesh.. I know.. but I don't like where it is headed :)05:58
arquebusluxurymode: just enter "sun java" in an aptitude search05:58
soreauluxurymode: Enable partner repo and install sun-java6-jdk05:58
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest3824
malialthough I do want a 38 kernel, so will compile it myself and say byebye to support05:58
soreau! partner | luxurymode05:58
ubottuluxurymode: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »05:58
=== SkrappJaw is now known as Skrapp_Jaw
maliand perhap move to natty when it is released on full version, my beta crashes wayyyy too much05:58
=== Guest3824 is now known as gillyman
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not currently intended for production systems.05:59
maliI know, I am staying on 10.10 but I deleted it a few weeks ago as I been runnign server tests06:00
malithanks for the link soreau!06:00
luxurymodesoreau: i added the repo, now what?06:00
luxurymodejust sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk?06:00
Seven_Six_Twoluxurymode, reload your package manager, and search for sun-java06:00
soreauluxurymode: Enable partner repo and install sun-java6-jdk06:00
soreauluxurymode: You need to apt-get update first if you haven't updated repos list yet..06:01
luxurymodesoreau: cool, thank you06:01
luxurymodesoreau: after that, patch should work?06:01
soreauluxurymode: patch?06:02
MarcelCcan someone help me with mouse wheel settings? I wish to make more line's per scroll when I move the wheel down06:02
soreau! cn | xiaoke06:02
ubottuxiaoke: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk06:02
zee313web tv player for ubuntu 10.10????06:02
luxurymodesoreau: ran into this problem because ant failed to build06:03
malibtw soreau: can I ask a last thing.. to get rid of all installed packages I don't want (untill I selectively choose some).. is it better to just uninstall say ubuntu-desktop or get a headless sserver edition for example?06:03
twister004hi guys... where can I find the list of recently installed updates on my ubuntu 10.04 Lucid?... I updated laptop and the touchpad stopped working.. it works during bootup, but stops at the login screen06:03
luxurymodebc it said javac wasnt in classpath...06:03
soreauluxurymode: Oh, what are you trying to build?06:03
malias in, I will use the gtk but don't want to pull down the entire gnome package say06:03
luxurymodesoreau: i had a patch for some jars06:03
soreauluxurymode: Alright, you likely need openjdk then..06:03
zee313I want any software that runs online web tv on my ubuntu 10.1006:04
malilol this all started a fe mwonths ago when I cvouldn't get cpufreq governors to work .. and off I went on the worst distro testing ever THEN i had to start doing server testing, just to find natty lame and back to 10.10 :p06:04
soreau!info openjdk-6-jdk | luxurymode06:04
ubottuluxurymode: openjdk-6-jdk (source: openjdk-6): OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK). In component main, is optional. Version 6b20-1.9.7-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 10821 kB, installed size 34064 kB06:04
luxurymodesoreau: right now im looking at a screen in the terminal with all the sun licensing crap, how do i continue?06:04
audhiluxurymode,  do you have any problem?06:04
azizi dont have anyone06:04
maliluxurymode: space, till you get an accept prompt or so?06:04
luxurymodemali: not working. it just says ok on bottom06:05
maliin red over blue?06:05
luxurymodesoreau: i have open jdk already...06:05
malienter should work :D06:05
luxurymodeit doesnt06:05
malithen ctrl + c it06:06
audhimali how to chat about 11.04 ubuntu?06:06
maliand try again running as sudo or soething06:06
maliby going to #ubuntu+1 you know that06:06
luxurymodemali: doesnt work06:06
maliwell, then I don't know06:06
audhiok mali.06:06
malisun scr***ed up06:06
maliaudhi: I presumed you were being sarcastic06:06
soreauluxurymode: Well I just built something with ant the other day. It was missing some java stuff and I had to install openjdk-6-jdk then do 'export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/'06:07
luxurymodesoreau: you just enter that in the terminal?06:07
ian_herp derp06:08
RealOptyhey, i want to make a data backup partition on my hdd. i want to use it with windows and ubuntu, any suggestions on the best FS to use?06:08
soreauluxurymode: Yes, it will set JAVA_HOME environment variable to /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/. Not sure if this is what your java source needs or not..06:08
red2kicRealOpty: FAT32? :|06:08
soreauluxurymode: After it's set, it should be active for that terminal shell at least06:08
zrutyHow do I know my raid device?06:10
RealOptyred2kic, idk that dont sound attractive. i was thinking bout ext3 but... i dont wanna expose my rootfs to windows06:10
asfjiohello, guys! i asked here yesterday that i can't write on a HFS+ filesystem. some told me to disable the journaling of the partition and then i should be able to write also. this thing should be done under os x. so i disable the journaling on the partition, but now i still can't write on it. how can i check where is the problem?06:10
maliRealOpty: does ext4 do the same?06:10
red2kicRealOpty: Seems like you already know which fs both OS can utilize. However, the pros/cons is solely up to you to determine..06:10
RealOptylol of course, just looking for suggestions :)06:11
luxurymodesoreau: tried again, still tells me its currenty set to usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre06:11
RealOptyanyways g2g, gonna watch a movie so i have to use windows.... cause HDMI sound dont work :(06:11
shaun_Anyone here use Gnome-Mud or KildCLient?06:13
luxurymodei hate computers today06:14
shaun_Im trying to get them working, but dont know any servers06:15
UbuntuNoobwill ubuntu automatically find the drivers for a usb webcam or do i have to d o that myself?06:15
MarcelChow can I change this http://kyleabaker.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/ubuntu-10-04-boot-screen.png to this: http://decoding.files.wordpress.com/2007/04/boot-screen.jpg or something else more eye-candy | pleasant?06:16
red2kicMarcelC: Install old version of Ubuntu.06:16
MarcelCred2kic, lol06:17
Wolfubuntu v 1.006:18
MarcelCnow, serious I'd would like to have some other boot screen06:18
MarcelCis there any other nice and pretty artwork, not just dot's? :)06:18
Wolfno clue06:19
MarcelCWolf,  I remember that first Ubuntu was not with bootscreens and funky stuff, was just a small distro in the start06:19
red2kicMarcelC: Search for plymouth -- There should be some themes included. However, you only see it for really short time so putting your efforts into this kind of thing is pointless.06:20
MarcelCi don't know why my memory associates ubuntu with some cat wallpaper06:20
MarcelCthank you06:20
susundbergapt-cache search boot theme shows also something06:20
red2kicMarcelC: I myself like to see scrolling/buffering texts so I can see what is happening. :)06:20
susundbergi did change it once with my company custom made boot splash06:20
MarcelCred2kic, fbsd is scrolling very nice when it's booting and when compile06:21
MarcelCgratie a tutti06:23
susundbergactually also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy06:23
* MarcelC is reading doc's (eye candy)06:25
Dneed help06:25
=== D is now known as Guest3577
soreau! help | D06:26
ubottuD: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:26
soreau! help | Guest357706:27
ubottuGuest3577: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:27
soreauI quit06:27
chipmenkwhy does my ubuntu live dvd hang on one machine w a hardware raid?06:27
Seven_Six_Twochipmenk, that's not enough information... how far does it get?06:28
chipmenkfive dots changing red to white06:29
Seven_Six_Twochipmenk, there are a few reasons. did you md5sum the iso? did you check the disc for defects?06:29
Guest3577i wanted to ask06:30
Guest3577which ubuntuversion to install06:30
chipmenkdefect check in process06:30
Seven_Six_Twochipmenk, during the boot, hit F12 (someone will correct me if I'm wrong) after you get through grub06:30
chipmenkmd5sum process unknown to me06:30
Seven_Six_TwoGuest3577, that's a matter of personal choice. either 10.04 (LTS) or 10.1006:30
kim27I used to be able to move my windows off screen up, but for some reason I can't. Is there a setting to enable this?06:31
Seven_Six_Twochipmenk, in a console, type     md5sum ubuntu-whateverversionyouhave.iso    and wait for the output (a long string)06:31
sevithah Sweet running on a new kernel :)06:32
Seven_Six_Twochipmenk, then compare it to the md5 sum listed on the ubuntu site for that image06:32
Guest3577okay... @ Seven_Six_Two i ordered two CDs... Ubuntu 10.10 KDE and gnome.. the question is should i download 10.04 ?06:32
Seven_Six_TwoGuest3577, you can. the point of LTS versions is to give people a choice who want to stay on the same version and still get updates. Servers and businesses need that kind of thing. If you're playing around and learning, it doesn't matter.06:34
Guest3577Uhm ...06:34
kim27alt f7 used to let me drag windows that were too big to see up, but for some reason the top of my screen is the far it will let it go these days. It is really annoying.06:34
chipmenkprocess:508 GLob Warning getpwiuid failed due to unknown user id inable to open /dev/sda06:35
Seven_Six_TwoGuest3577, my point is, if you're going to download, you might as well get the latest non-beta available. 10.1006:35
Guest3577it is on my productive machine @ Seven_Six_Two but i musnt go on the same version06:35
zee313hot to install ttf-me-quran on my system06:35
chipmenkmaverick meerkat06:35
Guest3577i can upgrade to 11.04 no problem... :)06:36
chipmenki think used that dvd to install on this computer06:36
Guest3577in 5 moths or so ..06:36
Guest3577chipmenk, cool06:36
Guest3577and should i use GNOME or KDE ?? normally i like gnome more ... but there is nodifference06:37
chipmenkjfc buffer i/o errors what is dev sr006:37
Guest3577dann danke ..06:37
Guest3577then thanks06:37
Guest3577i meant no german :D06:37
Seven_Six_TwoGuest3577, again, personal choice. there are fans of each, some of both. some of none too06:37
sevithSeven_Six_Two, Which do you use? :P06:38
Seven_Six_Twosevith, I have both installed. I used to use kde when it was 3.* but I didn't like plasma when it first started, so now I use gnome06:38
shaneomack91I think KDE is performs better, in my opinion.06:38
Guest3577noo kde is performs slower06:39
Guest3577i think that's clear :D06:39
shaneomack91Not on a Nintendo Wii, xD06:39
sevithSeven_Six_Two, Yeah. I hear ya. KDE was good when they didnt go with a vista ish feel..06:39
Guest3577the problem is06:40
Guest3577i dont want go to Unity later ...06:40
shaneomack91Believe it or not I actually managed to run KDE on a modded Wii. GNOME was a different story...06:40
Seven_Six_Twosevith, yeah. It's a good concept, but was too new when ubuntu replaced 3.* in my opinion. It was too rough06:40
yuskhanzabcan i ask when the official date release for 11.04?06:40
Guest3577so the thing is06:40
yuskhanzabcant wait06:40
Guest3577yuly, 29.april06:40
Seven_Six_TwoGuest3577, you don't have to. It's always your choice. If you want you can use blackbox, TWM, sawfish, whatever you want.06:40
MarcelCthere is a packages witch pop up a console when you hit F12, what is the name of that console?06:40
Logan_!natty | yuskhanzab06:41
ubottuyuskhanzab: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not currently intended for production systems.06:41
shaneomack91But anyway, KDE has more user-friendly features. GNOME is better if you like your CLI stuff.06:41
sevithSeven_Six_Two, Yeah lol.06:41
Guest3577Seven_Six_Two, i want use gnome. not unity... but i heard in ubuntu 11.10 there isnt a possibility to use gnome ?06:41
yuskhanzab28, thx :)06:41
Seven_Six_Twoshaneomack91, sorry, but that doesn't make sense to me. they're both gui. they both give nice access to cli06:41
foodmarcekc: kde- yakuake other yeah console06:42
Seven_Six_TwoGuest3577, no, you'll be able to use gnome. it's just the default. Not a decree.06:42
Seven_Six_Twofood, I use yakuake. I LOVE it06:42
shaneomack91Seven_Six_Two I know both do. But a lot more configuration and various system operations must be done via CLI with GNOME, whereas KDE has more graphical controls06:42
MarcelCfood,  :)) =)) thank you06:42
foodseven_six_two: me too but i also like yeahconsole too06:43
Seven_Six_Twofood, I love how yakuake will open on whatever monitor my mouse is on (dual head!)06:43
MK`when you have more than one desktop environment installed, at what part of boot do you select them? before login or at the login screen?06:43
shaneomack91Seven_Six_Two An example, joystick calibration, isn't even installed by default on GNOME Ubuntu. On Kubuntu, there is a nice graphical config page in the System Settings.06:43
plouffewth uses joysticks?06:44
Seven_Six_Twoactually, I have found that there are quite a few more apps than I expected to realize I have 2 monitors and either adjust accordingly, or give me options06:44
shaneomack91Speaking of multiple monitors, that's another place where KDE works better.06:44
foodSeven_Six_two: i hate using a mouse, i prefer a keyboard only experience06:44
Seven_Six_Twoshaneomack91, then your bane is my boon. I wouldn't want that installed by default...  ;)06:44
shaneomack91That's the main reason I am using KDE, because I often hook up to the TV and with GNOME, my panel icons got messed up a lot.06:45
Seven_Six_Twofood, oh, you're on of *those*...   ;)06:45
shaneomack91Anyway, joystick calibration was just one example. I use it for playing Mario Kart 64 with a steering wheel :P06:45
foodSeven_Six_Two: mouse is slow and a keyboard is fast06:45
MarcelCubuntu 11.10 will not ship with gnome?06:45
Seven_Six_Twoshaneomack91, I have dual head and a tv, but it's good for me. nvidia though.... and I found xinerama made it bad for me06:45
Guest3577MarcelC really ????06:46
Guest3577Seven_Six_Two,  do ou use gnome too?06:46
susundbergMarcelC: no it will ship with gnome06:46
Seven_Six_Twofood, only if your brain works faster than your eyes06:46
MarcelCI am asking Guest357706:46
foodMarcel: unity is gnome06:46
Seven_Six_TwoI use gnome. yes. It's not the default setup, but it's still gnome06:46
foodMarcel: correct unity is a shell of gnome06:46
shaneomack91I'm not biased towards any specific DE, I'm just saying why I personally use KDE currently. GNOME would be better if it wasn't for a few flaws that annoy me..06:47
foodshanemack91: try liunux flame wars lol06:47
foodshanemack91: linus i mean06:47
shaneomack91food, I'm not a flame-war person :)06:47
Seven_Six_Twoshaneomack91, they all have flaws.06:47
Guest3577Seven_Six_Two,  Gnome is super !!!!06:48
inaetyanyone gotten gnome 3 working well? Gtk looks terrible and programs keep crashing on me06:48
shaneomack91I rather like LXDE actually, hahaha06:48
foodshaneomack91: i do not mean you, I mean linus author of linux kernel06:48
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest95870
shaneomack91food: Ah I see.06:49
shaneomack91Damn, I'm just glad to be communicating with people who use Linux, instead of trying to convert unenlightened Windows users.06:49
Seven_Six_Twoshaneomack91, it's futile. people won't change until they care. I prefer the tact of secretly pouring salt water and tinfoil flakes in windows machines. (just kidding. That's not smrt)06:51
UbuntuNoobanyone here upgraded to the 11.04 beta?06:52
red2kicshaneomack91: Let them suffer.06:52
Seven_Six_TwoUbuntuNoob, you've asked that before.06:52
red2kicshaneomack91: Also, ignorance is bliss. ;>06:52
UbuntuNoobSeven_Six_Two: did i? i honestly dont remember asking that06:52
Seven_Six_TwoUbuntuNoob, they're in #ubuntu+1 not here. Ask there. #ubuntu+106:52
Seven_Six_TwoUbuntuNoob, yes. yesterday06:52
inaetyUbuntuNoob, yeah06:53
shaneomack91Seven_Six_Two My course of action was to install Ubuntu on the internet-surfing PC where I volunteer. People used it for a while, but someone snook WinXP back on there..06:53
UbuntuNoobSeven_Six_Two: ohhh i think i was trying to downgrade from it yesterday06:53
=== jbleau is now known as ninwa
Seven_Six_Twoshaneomack91, oh, you need to disable booting from cd, and lock the bios.06:53
shaneomack91Seven_Six_Two Yeah I should have thought of that. Maybe I should try again but use the Redmond theme so they can't tell the difference :P06:54
shaneomack91That PC is just there for people to surf on their breaks. It's not secured or monitored, just donated..06:56
Seven_Six_Twolol. I spent a long time installing ubuntu on my dad's pc a few xmas's ago and making sure his hardware all worked. I forgot to remove the install cd, and my step brother hit enter through the whole install without reading anything. No red flags. No, "hey, this is different"06:56
chipmenkdoes squashfs errors sound like a dvd live media problem ?06:57
FloodBot1PythonGuru19: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:57
inaetyI had ubuntu installed and decided to install kubuntu as well.  I have since upgraded to 11.04 and i want to remove the kubuntu, any ideas?06:57
Seven_Six_Twochipmenk, that's the live disc fs. so, yet06:57
shaneomack91Haha, reminds me of a post I saw on Facebook recently, a friend of mine somehow installed Windows 7 twice...06:57
Seven_Six_Twoinaety, you installed ubuntu and kubuntu of the same version?06:57
shaneomack91inaety, in a terminal run "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop"06:57
Seven_Six_Twoinaety, or did you just install kde in ubuntu06:58
zrutyHow do I know my raid device?06:58
inaetySeven_Six_Two, i simply did apt-get install kubuntu-desktop06:59
inaetyi assumed that just removing that package would....break things06:59
Seven_Six_Twoinaety, then do  sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop06:59
inaetyshaneomack91, ?07:00
Seven_Six_Twoinstalling kde doesn't remove gnome07:00
shaneomack91Don't manually remove kubuntu-desktop. It'll cause hell with dependancies.07:00
shaneomack91It did for me.07:00
shaneomack91Just install ubuntu-desktop, which will automatically deselect ubuntu-desktop.07:00
Seven_Six_Twoshane4ubuntu, kubuntu-desktop is a meta-package. That's what it's supposed to do07:00
inaetyshaneomack91, why would installing ubuntu-desktop get rid of everything07:00
MK`I'm sorry if this was answered before but I missed it: when you have more than one desktop environment installed, at what part of boot do you select them? before login or at the login screen?07:00
shaneomack91MK login screen.07:00
inaetyi just want every kde application gone07:00
inaetyvanilla ubuntu07:01
Seven_Six_TwoMK`, both of your choices are the same. at login07:01
MK`Ok thank you07:01
=== Guest3577 is now known as LarsTorben
shaneomack91inaety install ubuntu-desktop, THEN remove kubuntu-desktop. I removed the kubuntu-desktop metapackage one time and screwed my system.07:01
MK`Lol I meant, before the login screen07:01
Seven_Six_Twoinaety, if you want you can (re)install ubuntu-desktop to switch any defaults, then remove all of kde apps...07:02
inaetyshaneomack91, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop && sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop07:02
shaneomack91inaety, yes, that will do.07:02
inaetyi installed gnome3 over this and it is ruining everything07:02
inaetyterminal is spitting out that removing kubuntu-desktop will only get rid of like 47kb07:03
Seven_Six_TwoI selected kubuntu-desktop to be installed, and it didn't say anything would be removed...You will be fine either way. worst case scenario, you have to install ubuntu-desktop from a prompt, and you already know how to do that.07:03
shaneomack91inaety, That's correct as it is just a meta-package.07:04
rob_pinaety: Just a suggestion... back up your important data now, in case you end up needing to reinstall!07:04
shaneomack91I just don't want you to have the same screw-up I did that's all :P07:04
inaetyshaneomack91, lol it didnt do anything07:04
inaetyrob_p, ubuntu one has me covered :)07:05
rob_pinaety: :)07:05
shaneomack91Being forced to use the console is a PITA if you only have WLAN available for internet :P07:05
inaetyim actually well rehearsed with iwconfig and wpa_cli07:05
inaetybut what should i do here with apt-get remove07:05
inaetydidn't do anything haha07:06
shaneomack91inaety just go ahead and install ubuntu-desktop, you'll probably have to remove the KDE apps individually.07:06
abhinav_singhi have some php script running under screen command...how do i stop the script07:06
bazhang!puregnome | inaety07:07
ubottuinaety: If you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome07:07
inaetybazhang, even for the beta?07:07
bazhanginaety, #ubuntu+1 for the beta07:07
shaneomack91Aptitude... so that should remove all the KDE stuff unlike apt-get?07:08
abhinav_singhhow do Iattach to detached sreen07:08
=== aron___ is now known as aron__
inaetyshaneomack91, nah it didnt work07:08
abhinav_singhhow do I attach to detached screen07:08
inaetyill go to +107:08
shaneomack91inaety Are you familiar with tasksel?07:08
Seven_Six_Twoabhijeet, man screen07:08
inaetyshaneomack91, fraid not07:08
rob_pabhinav_singh: screen -r07:08
shaneomack91inaety, sudo apt-get install tasksel, then sudo tasksel. It's a nice NCURSES-type menu, you can deselect Kubuntu desktop and install Ubuntu desktop via that.07:09
shaneomack91Tasksel is also handy if you want to quickly install a LAMP server or mail server too :)07:10
lashahey guys I wonder how can I download an embed pdf file which needs a paid subrscription to download, is there a way to get the file ?07:11
Seven_Six_Twolasha, do they give you an option to print?07:13
lashaSeven_Six_Two: yes but you need to do the same procedure, you need subscription to print07:14
Seven_Six_Twolasha, sorry, can't help then. I've had access where i could print but not download (flashpaper) and I used cups-pdf07:15
halehi. my cron tab is http://pastebin.com/C204nbwJ. plz see it. i want to run a script in 23:57 every day. i dont know how edit my crontanb. because i dont know the means of run-parts07:16
intokHow can I make Movie Player/Totem tell me what's actually not working instead of just giving me a meaningless error like "GStreamer encountered a general supporting library error."07:17
inaetyshaneomack91, i got it with removing libqtcore407:17
Seven_Six_Twohale, you don't have to worry about that.07:18
zrutyHow do I know my raid device?07:18
haleSeven_Six_Two: ?07:19
codex84what softeware in ubuntu does video recording?07:19
chipminkhow do i prevent the display of all join/parts in channel?07:19
codex84u got to settings07:20
chipminkwith konversation07:20
codex84u dont't wanna see the people joining in?07:20
UbuntuNoobchrpmink: if youre using xchat, right click on the channel name, and under settings, check hide join/part message07:21
Seven_Six_Twohale, run-parts is to run every script in a directory.07:21
SLruanHow to do this  in quassel?07:22
Seven_Six_Twohale, you need to add a new line, not modify an existing one. or put in in the cron.daily directory (may not be at 23.57)07:22
Morten_chipmink: settings -> Chat Window -> Hide Join/part/Nick events07:22
Seven_Six_Twohale, http://www.unixgeeks.org/security/newbie/unix/cron-1.html07:23
haleSeven_Six_Two: ok. i'm studing noew.07:26
SLruanhave chinese?07:29
bazhang!cn | SLruan07:29
ubottuSLruan: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk07:29
mimi2NEED HELP PLEASE. accidently deleted jasper jpeg-2000 library and now it won't even boot!07:29
SLruanok thankyou07:29
mimi2NEED HELP PLEASE!!! accidently deleted jasper jpeg-2000 library and now it won't even boot!07:29
Fuchsmimi2: repeating or writing in caps won't get you help faster, it rather annoys people, so you won't get any help.07:32
Fuchsmimi2: if it doesn't boot, you can still use a live system to boot, chroot into your system and reinstall all packages that might have been uninstalled07:32
morgani just slot an Nvida gigabyte GT440 into my Ubuntu 10.10 Asus 880G motherboard and it is coming up with ata3 (or 5) exception Emask irq_stat phy rdy changed SError: Persist - If I remove the card the machine boots properly07:33
mimi2what if my live cd is of a different version?07:33
mimi2and how do i chroot into it and install?07:33
Fuchsmimi2: it doesn't matter, any live system with chroot will do, does not even need to be ubuntu07:33
Fuchsmimi2: I am looking for an english manual right now, I only have a german one at hand07:33
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot mimi207:34
ileahow to make a bug report because i want to try ubuntu 11.04 and make a bug report for the internet problem conecting with pppoe ?07:35
ileaand after how to send a bug report?07:35
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots07:35
=== root___ is now known as bken017
Fuchsmimi2: http://karuppuswamy.com/wordpress/2010/06/02/how-to-chroot-to-ubuntu-using-live-cd-to-fix-grub-rescue-prompt/   << there you go, but _do not_ execute the last command with grub07:35
Fuchsmimi2: just up to this command, then you are chrooted in your installed ubuntu, where you can use sudo apt-get to install any packages that you might need.07:36
morgananybody got hints on new nvidia card causing machine not to boot ata3: irq_stat phy rdy changed Serror Persist07:36
codex84what software are to do video recording?07:36
pehdenTravis you in here?07:37
osxfr33kI am trying to compile an old linux kernel 2.2.26 under the latest Ubuntu Desktop 10.10   I am getting some errors that when I google search others have reported to use a newer gcc 4.0 rather than 3xx.  Do I need to install an older ubuntu that runs 2.4xx kernel to compile a 2.4xx kernel or can  I can compile a 2.4x kernel under a 2.6x kernel?07:37
osxfr33kthat a MOUTHFUL07:37
pehdenWait i see you07:37
bken017hello . i keep geting this busy box error and it cant load the windows partition automaticaly so i have to always first to load boot from a disk and mount it then reboot how do i coreect this permanently07:37
mimi2hmmm. well, after i uninstalled japser, i reinstalled it immediately after but it didn't help. will chrooting and installing jasper again do anything? isn't jasper already installed?07:38
Fuchsmimi2: no, probably uninstalling it removed some dependencies as well, you need to reinstall those07:38
osxfr33kwhois good with kernel dev?07:38
pehdenok i messed up and had installed ubuntu beside ubuntu and win707:38
mimi2er... what dependencies might those be?07:39
osxfr33kAt least I have my config file :P07:39
pehdenthen discovered a way to fix the first ubuntu07:39
mimi2and when i did reinstall, doesn't it install dependencies too?07:39
=== Seb__ is now known as sebmck
xrfanghi, I have setup password-less ssh login using key file, how can I temporarily DISABLE the key file (found in .ssh) and use password instead? is this possible via ssh command line?07:39
pehdenhow do i fix grub so it only sees the first ubuntu again07:39
sebmckI decided to setup Unity on Ubuntu Desktop as my laptops screen is fairly small and whenever I maximize a window the close, minimize and maximize buttons aren't displayed in the globalbar.07:40
Fuchsmimi2: usually it should07:40
Fuchsmimi2: but it's hard to tell from here what exactly went wrong, you might want to read the log files in /var/log as well, as soon as you chrooted07:41
Fuchsmimi2: you can use the command  less  for that.  less /var/log/filename. You can exit less with the q key.07:41
wjd86anyone available for helping me?07:41
SoftDroidHello, why is the new Ubuntu 11.4 so big. The installation image is 3.9 GB?07:41
ljsoftnetSoftDroid really07:43
ljsoftnetSoftDroid gonna check it07:43
Jon--I want to shut down or suspend in say, 1 hour from now so that my laptop doesn't generate heat and thus degrade my battery all night long, yet I finish my downloads (take about an hour). How can I do this besides making a cron job and removing it later? Something similar to windows at command?07:43
=== jcline_ is now known as jcline
SoftDroidljsoftnet: ok07:43
rwwSoftDroid: no it isn't.07:44
wjd86any apache.conf gurus ? eek07:44
pehdenwjd86 maybe whats issue07:44
wjd86im looking for ServerTokens in my apache2.conf file but i cannot find it :/07:45
mimi2fuchs: guessing i need everything here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/libjasper1 ?07:45
mimi2after i chroot?07:46
pehdenwjd86 let me check my servers conf07:46
sebmck<sebmck> I decided to setup Unity on Ubuntu Desktop as my laptops screen is fairly small and whenever I maximize a window the close, minimize and maximize buttons aren't displayed in the globalbar.07:46
tuhini want to undelete files from ext4 partition07:46
farhanshahid2009I want to promote my blog. :D07:46
nhoc_t3i have a question07:46
Fuchsmimi2: possible. Unfortunately I have to go to work now, but I am sure that someone else will help out. Good luck.07:46
nhoc_t3help me07:47
Fuchsmimi2: in the worst case scenario you can at least save your files and data from a live system.07:47
jclineJon--: lots of ways to do this... man shutdown is a good start.. shutdown +60, or sleep 3600 && shutdown -r now07:47
wjd86lol i searched up and down... im following a tutorial on http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/php/how-to-setup-a-dedicated-web-server-for-free/07:47
tuhinwhich program to use to undelete from ext4 partition?07:47
nhoc_t3i have a question07:47
tuhinnhoc_t3: just ask it07:47
nhoc_t3how to istall media on Backtrack07:47
dotblanknhoc_t3, what kind of media?07:47
dotblankwell backtrack isn't really ment to be  a mobile multimedia distro07:48
tuhinwhich program to use to undelete files from ext4 partition?07:48
pehdenwjd86 is this your first server07:48
farhanshahid2009http://www.techdaba.com :)07:48
wjd86YES :P07:48
dotblanktuhin, have you tried using testdisk? some files might be recovered but I would google07:48
dotblanknhoc_t3, Also this would count as offtopic as backtrack isn't ubuntu07:49
tuhintestdisk supports ext4?07:49
pehdenwjd86 i see07:49
nhoc_t3are you used BACKTRACK?07:49
dotblanktuhin, I would think so07:49
wjd86im pulling out hairs ;P07:49
codex84what are some good software for video recording07:49
wjd86the only diff is i installed an updated version of ubuntu server, but i dont know why my apache2.conf file would be different07:50
pehdenwjd86 i think the tokens are generated as people connect07:50
dotblankcodex84, what type of video recording07:50
wjd86so, i cannot edit it UNTIL someone connects to my server?07:50
codex84yea what type07:50
dotblankwjd86, It shouldn't change your apache2 conf file.. there may have been a conflict and you decided to keep the default version07:51
pehdenwjd86 i know there is a mod07:51
wjd86i think it should still be in the .conf tho07:51
wjd86so an apache2 update is what i need, correct?07:51
=== eddie is now known as Guest70600
wjd86i already did update, but ill run again07:51
dotblankwjd86, well did you browse around in the apache2 config folders07:51
wjd86will do now07:51
farhanshahid2009Bye. http://www.techdaba.com07:51
jclineits funny to look through auth.log and see who's been pounding at the front door..07:52
dotblankcodex84, well recording what.. a capture card.. the desktop..07:52
gtroyon natty with hdmi...i leave the computer running and i kernel panic from no screen found. any ideas?07:52
codex84desktop make a video post on youtube07:52
codex84like camstudio thats use on windows07:52
dotblankcodex84, ok there is a program called gtkrecordmydesktop07:53
dotblankcodex84, if you are trying to record a video game or some performance critical app I would use glc07:53
codex84nah no videogame07:54
codex84but thanks alot man..07:54
wjd86dotblank what should i look for?07:54
dotblankcodex84, if you are an advanced user you could use the x11cap driver from ffmpeg on the command line07:54
pehdenwjd86 the only thing close to what i think your looking for is unique_id07:54
pehdena2enmod unique_id07:55
ub20codex84, recordmydesktop create ogv files and u need to encode them to avi before u post them upto youtube07:55
pehdenwjd86 a2enmod unique_id07:55
gtroyidas on why an idling natty loses screen?07:55
codex84oh u do?07:55
ub20codex84, i use this command to encode mencoder -idx out.ogv -ovc lavc -oac mp3lame -o output.avi07:56
=== Damascene is now known as Guest1646
codex84u just spoke to me to alien dialect lmaoo07:57
codex84lol jk07:57
wjd86nope no codex07:57
codex84im not a pro at linux but getting use to it07:57
morgandoes it make a difference plugging sata drives into higher numbered slots on your motherboard? new nvidia card is causing some sort of irq/ata conflict07:58
JenkHow do I extract 'xz' files ? This command doesn't work : "xz -d -c <filename> | tar xf -"07:58
=== neXus is now known as Guest33160
pehdeni guess im not 100% at what your needing to do07:59
pehdenany one a grub guru07:59
wjd86and no, no a2enmod08:00
nhoc_t39are istall software of linux online?08:00
wjd86im going to try to update apache208:00
pehdenssh your server08:00
pehdensudo apt-get install a2enmod08:00
wjd86what is a2enmod?08:01
nhoc_t39are istall software of linux online?08:01
nhoc_t39are istall software of linux online?08:01
pehdenwjd86 it gives you more options or abilitys with apache08:01
tuhinthanks dotblank , testdisk supports ext4, it was in my system and i thought it only worked with fat/ntfs/ext208:02
Jordan_Unhoc_t39: Please don't repeat your question over and over.08:02
JenkHi ! How do I extract archives having an 'xz' extension ? For example, "file.tar.xz".08:02
Jordan_Unhoc_t39: Could you rephrase your question? It's not clear.08:02
wjd86what is apache-mpm-worker ?08:02
wjd86or apache-mpm-prefork08:02
Jordan_UJenk: unxz /path/to/file.tar.xz08:02
ileahow to make a bug report i have to make one for the internet problem on 11.04 ?08:02
dotblankapache mpm worker is a way to increase speed of page deliver08:02
=== Guest92398 is now known as jbache
Jordan_UJenk: You should also be able to just double click them.08:03
dotblankcertain mods prohibit its use tho.. like php08:03
ileai write ubuntu-bug and then what to write?08:03
wjd86so that shouldnt have any effect on this?08:03
dotblankso it falls back to a different one08:03
nhoc_t39how to install software for linux08:03
Jordan_Uilea: #ubuntu+1 for 11.0408:03
ayambithow do i tell bash to write history in /home/history not waiting for session end?08:03
dotblanknhoc_t39, use the ubuntu software center08:03
JenkJordan_U, Thanks, but I get this error : "bash: unxz: command not found".08:03
wjd86this is def the best way to learn unix, thats no lie08:03
Jordan_Unhoc_t39: Use Applications > Ubuntu Software Center08:03
ayambitI mean /home/user/history08:04
Jordan_UJenk: It should then give you the command you need to run to install unxz.08:04
wjd86if this doesnt work, what are some of my options?08:05
nhoc_t39but i haven't package08:05
Jordan_Uayambit: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ/08808:05
JenkJordan_U, No, it doesn't. I understand, that you get something like 'app' can be installed by 'sudo apt-get install app' but in this case, I only get the above mentioned error.08:05
Jordan_Unhoc_t39: What do you mean by "I haven't package"? What is your first language?08:06
Jordan_UJenk: Can you pastebin the output of "lsb_release -a"?08:07
nhoc_t39i speak English bad08:07
wjd86any apache2.conf ninjas out there?08:07
ayambitJordan_U: thanks08:07
Jordan_Unhoc_t39: What is your first language?08:07
Jordan_Uayambit: You're welcome.08:07
ubottuĐể được trợ giúp về Ubuntu bằng ngôn ngữ Việt, xin vui lòng /join #ubuntu-vn. Rất vui lòng được giúp đỡ08:08
bazhangnhoc_t39, ^08:08
=== Guest33160 is now known as {neXus}
wjd86any apache2.conf rambos?08:09
Jordan_U!anyone | wjd8608:09
ubottuwjd86: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.08:09
wjd86ok i want to be cool, sit back. and go irc nazi on people.08:10
JenkJordan_U, http://paste.ubuntu.com/593458/08:10
wjd86Does anyone have good knowledge of Apache2.conf?08:11
nhoc_t39where download software for BACKTRACK?08:11
Jordan_Uwjd86: Please don't make comparisons to nazis.08:11
rwwnhoc_t39: ask #backtrack-linux; backtrack isn't supported here.08:11
rob_pwjd86: What are you trying to accomplish?08:11
wjd86im a unix noob, trying to set up a web server :/08:12
nhoc_t39where download software for Linux?08:12
Maniac`If I run two instances of "iperf" on a server side, would they interfere?08:12
rob_pwjd86: The default Apache2 install should bring up a, "It works" page.08:12
rwwnhoc_t39: your distribution's repositories08:13
nhoc_t39where download software for Linux?08:13
WeThePeopleis RAM and FSB the same?08:13
rob_pwjd86: Did you install Apache2 yet?08:13
bazhangWeThePeople, no08:13
wjd86rob_p, yea it does, but i need to edit the servertokens within the .conf :/08:13
wjd86rob_p except that its missing from the .conf :/08:13
rwwnhoc_t39: your distribution's repositories08:14
rob_pwjd86: Why servertokens? You trying to spoof server type for some reason?08:14
wjd86following tutorials :/08:14
rob_pwjd86: Don't waste your time with that. It won't buy you any real security!08:14
=== punjabibecks is now known as bubble_
wjd86ok, have any suggestions?08:14
wjd86and thank you very much08:15
=== epzil0n_ is now known as epzil0n
rob_pwjd86: Just get the server up and running and then create/enable your applicable vhost(s).08:15
Kartagishow can I enable NIS lookup on my machine?08:16
JenkJordan_U, Is there a way I can install 'unxz' from source code and then use it ?08:16
Kartagiswhat line do I need to put in my /etc/nsswitch.conf?08:16
Jordan_UJenk: You don't need to. Can you pastebin the output of "lsb_release -a"?08:17
udoprogHey, I've been running the last couple of ubuntu versions, and I have an issue occuring when the updating tool wants to update my existing menu.lst, the UUIDs it uses for the disks are completely off, and I have to manually edit them each time this happens (otherwise booting will be difficult) - could anyone help me figure out why it does this?08:17
JenkJordan_U, Yes, I did send you the link, http://paste.ubuntu.com/593458/08:17
JigJigJigsJigaboo Jigaboo08:17
JigJigJigsWhere are you?08:17
JigJigJigsI've been standing behind the woodpile watching you!08:18
Jordan_UJenk: Sorry, missed it the first time.08:18
JigJigJigsJigaboo Jigaboo come out now!08:18
nhoc_t39how do show the command in LINUX08:18
JenkJordan_U, That's fine, but any luck on this ?08:18
rwwJigJigJigs: Not here, thanks. Try #ubuntu-offtopic.08:18
JigJigJigs"But Ize beez fraid of da white man way down south!"08:18
Jordan_UJenk: Ubuntu 9.04 is no longer supported.08:18
=== twister is now known as texter
Jordan_UJenk: Please upgrade to a supported release.08:18
rob_pwjd86: With Apache2, by default there's very little you need to configure in the global conf file.  All site specific stuff (where all the nitty-gritty is) is configured within each vhost declaration.08:18
pneftalihrm guys08:18
Jordan_U!eol | Jenk08:18
ubottuJenk: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades08:18
nhoc_t39how do show the command in LINUX08:18
rwwnhoc_t39: As I already told you, go ask #backtrack-linux08:19
pneftalimv sourcepath_folder destinationpath_folder, it moves including the folder. lol. all i want is the contents of that folder08:19
wjd86im very new to all this, so extending past tutorials is .... hard :P08:20
pneftalihow do I do that ?08:20
rob_pwjd86: It makes it nice for hosting multiple sites and even multiple domains with just one Apache! :)08:20
JenkJordan_U, Gosh, I'm waiting for natty to come out, and till then this is only a stop gap arrangement. Could you help ma manually install 'unxz' ? Possibly from source.08:20
=== adrien_ is now known as Guest36115
Seven_Six_Twonhoc_t39, don't try to get backtrack stuff working in ubuntu. It's not worth the headache. Honestly08:20
pehdenlol 9.0408:20
Gto286Speaking of EOL.  ubuntu 9.10 ends april 29-2011  i just read the posting a few mins ago from my rss reader08:20
wjd86ok :P08:20
babloohi Seven_Six_Two Jenk rob_p08:20
Jenkbabloo, Hi !08:21
rob_phello babloo! :)08:21
wjd86im not quite sure where to start with it though08:21
babloousing pinguy which is developed on linuxmint :|08:21
Seven_Six_Twonhoc_t39, they base the current version on ubuntu 8.04, but it's all custom stuff. It obviously can be done, but you're in for monster headaches. They have custom wifi modules, for one08:21
Jordan_UJenk: I don't particularly like to try to support EOL software, and it's officially not supported in this channel so you're pretty much on your own :(08:21
bablooproblem in installing AIR Fiorensics tool08:21
Seven_Six_Twohi babloo08:22
rwwbabloo: only Ubuntu and official derivatives are supported here. Please ask your distribution's support channel.08:22
JenkJordan_U, Oh, well. Thanks anyway for your time. :)08:22
rob_pwjd86: I'd start in /etc/apache2/sites-available and create your vhost as per the many tutorials on the 'Net.08:22
wjd86so i shouldnt need to edit the php.ini file in apache2 edither?08:22
bablooK rww  thanks for the info08:22
wjd86rob_p ok thanks man08:22
Kartagisif I am getting dict_nis_init: NIS domain name not set - NIS lookups disabled in /var/log/mail.log, do I need to enable server or client?08:22
Seven_Six_Twowjd86, because they only give you defaults. They often aren't appropriate, and aren't safe08:22
provDoes anyone here know enough about evince to help me to get it to start a specific program (the terminal) when I click a link to a script?08:23
rob_pwjd86: Not to start out with...but that's not to say that you won't have the need to tweak it later for a specific requirement.  By default, it should work for most things.08:23
provIn a pdf file.08:23
Seven_Six_Twowjd86, sorry. I misunderstood. You may need to, but usually isn't required to make something work08:23
provMade with beamer class (LaTeX).08:23
pehdenwjd86 yea exactly rob_p said08:23
wjd86rob_p any good tutorials off the top of your head? i have a knack for finding bad ones08:24
wjd86such as not using xampp on this comp :P08:24
rob_pwjd86: After you have your vhost configured, then you use the, "a2ensite sitename" to enable it.  Afterwards just command a restart (or reload) of Apache and your site should be up! :)08:24
pehdenAny one know Amaranth08:25
bazhangpehden, how does that relate to ubuntu support?08:26
Seven_Six_Twopehden, not personally. but yes08:26
provDoes anyone here know enough about evince to help me to get it to start a specific program (the terminal) when I click on a link to a script? The link to the script is in a pdf file made with beamer class (LaTeX).08:26
rob_pwjd86: None off the top of my head... Sorry.  I don't use them!  But that's not to say that I wouldn't recommend you use them.  I just prefer to create my own way by reading the documentation and figuring it out, "the hard way" so that I know *exactly* what's going on!08:26
jiltdili am recording my voice in audacity but  i want to change the format of the saving it is saves as .aup and it is not opening without audacity i want to change the formant so any player can o[en it please tell how to do this?08:27
red2kic_prov: evince $PDF ?08:27
Seven_Six_Twojiltdil, that's a project file. you have to export it08:27
pehdenseven_six_two bazhang well it doesnt but i knew him personaly and was kinda wondering if any one knew the times he would be in here08:28
rob_pwjd86: I've been hosting domains with Apache for 10 years now so I've been down the road a few times with it!08:28
jiltdilSeven_six_two:please tell how to do this08:28
Seven_Six_Twopehden, no sorry. I don't know08:28
bazhangpehden, #ubuntu-offtopic and lurk08:28
wjd86mind if i open a private chat then? ive got a million Q's :/08:28
Seven_Six_Twojiltdil, Open the file menu, select export, and create an mp3 or ogg.08:28
jiltdilSeven_six_two:thnx i find it08:28
pehdenbazhang lol seriously08:28
=== Alix_ is now known as pylix
provred2kic: What did that mean?08:28
rob_pwjd86: I'm actually at work so I probably shouldn't spend too much time...08:28
wjd86ah kk08:29
pehdenseven_six_two i had a question for him and hes on here more then fb lol08:29
rob_pwjd86: I try to hang out in here and help a few folks from time to time...08:29
ejvkeep the questions in here, not private messages, others can learn from your questions and the answers08:29
pehdenseven_six_two its kool though08:29
red2kic_prov: I have no idea. Usually you can open a PDF file with evince by running "evince whatever.pdf" -- Make a small script with that.08:29
pehdenwjd86 hmm08:30
wjd86well im gonna go to bed i think, ive been working on this and my net book for over 10 hours :P08:30
pehdenwjd86 i have my own server that is runing 10.1008:30
Seven_Six_Twored2kic, he wants to lauch a script that's been embedded in a pdf08:30
wjd86ahhh awesome08:30
wjd86a few more hours wont hurt08:30
provred2kic: Opening the file is not the problem.08:30
pehdenwjd86 ive been runing ubuntu for about 3 years08:31
ylmfosand body?08:31
red2kic_Seven_Six_Two: Ah. That's crazy. Scripts in PDF are not 100% proper. (People use it as example and such).08:31
gregwouldnt it have to be a link to a script?08:32
wjd86well to start, i do not know what a vhost is :/08:32
provred2kic: Let me clarify, the script is in a directory and I compiled the presentation with a link to the script.08:32
gregand if so that script has to be somewhere08:32
rob_pwjd86: Google search for, "apache2 vhost" and you'll get tons of info...08:33
provI just want evince, when I click the link to open that separate file (the script) in the terminal.08:33
gregi must be missing something then, why not just open the script directly, do what you need to it then done08:34
=== D_N_X is now known as DNX
Seven_Six_Twoprov, do you need output from the script?08:34
gregok i get it now08:34
greg<slow tonight08:34
nhoc_t39are you have Gnome08:35
rob_pwjd86: You'll notice that in your /etc/apache2/sites-available directory, there's a default vhost declaration.  Open it up and read through it.  Then use that and other examples from the 'Net to construct others, unless you just need the one site, in which case just modify the default to your liking.08:35
provgreg: I would like to see, as an experiment, if I can create a smooth presentation without fumbling around showing the desktop through the projector. I see that a lot and would like to use scripting to automate locating media files and script in advanced vlc options to do this.08:36
rob_pwjd86: The apache2 documentation on the 'Net is also quite thorough and informative! :)08:36
gregah ok.. Sorry man I wouldn't be much help at all with something like that08:36
nhoc_t39are you have Gnome08:37
red2kicprov: Any chance you can upload (whatever it is). I still don't understand what you're trying to do.08:37
Seven_Six_Twonhoc_t39, stop trolling08:37
provred2kic: Let me see, hold on.08:38
red2kicnhoc_t39: This is not Backtrack channel.08:38
nhoc_t39but i told about linux08:38
Seven_Six_Twonhoc_t39, this channel isn't about "linux", it's "ubuntu support, for the current stable version"08:39
SoftDroidWhat is the different between Ubuntu and Ubuntu long-term support?08:39
red2kic!lts | SoftDroid08:39
ubottuSoftDroid: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)08:39
red2kicSoftDroid: For college, works, schools, etc.08:39
red2kicSoftDroid: It'd be crazy to maintain 100~ machines every 6 months.08:39
wjd86rob_p ah k, thanks.. i think i will get it tonight or tomorrow :/08:39
provred2kic: The script http://paste.ubuntu.com/593467/ and the presentation http://paste.ubuntu.com/593468/08:40
Seven_Six_Twonhoc_t39, you could try #linux or #backtrack-linux08:40
SoftDroidred2kic: Is LTS more stable or what?08:40
Seven_Six_TwoSoftDroid, LTS means a longer support cycle.08:40
red2kicSoftDroid: Yes, it would be considered more stable than current distro -- but you'd be behind with the packages.08:40
rob_pwjd86: I'm sure you will!  It's not too difficult so don't worry too much.  Just don't be afraid to read a lot.  Then you'll be the expert and you can help others! Good luck. :)08:40
SoftDroidred2kic: Ok, thanks08:41
provred2kic: Beyond pasting those texts I am not sure I can explain further. Notice the \href in the presentation. I hope this helps.08:42
red2kicprov: I never use latex myself -- but I can grasp. Does ./video.sh work?08:42
xombiehow to change the logon window08:42
provred2kic: you bet!08:42
xombiei dnt fine the genome manager08:42
red2kicprov: I mean... \href{run:./video.sh}{Sample Video}08:42
red2kicprov: Latex channel might be better place to ask FYI. :)08:43
provred2kic: It loads gvim instead of the terminal.08:43
=== twister004_ is now known as twister004
wjd86thanks again rob08:43
provred2kic: I would have thought here because it has to do with evince and gnome and my user experience. :)08:43
wrathologycan you durn ubuntu on 2 disk?08:43
rob_pwjd86: welcome08:44
red2kicprov: So running .sh will start gvim?08:44
Gto286xombie;  login screen(gdm2setup) to chage the login screen08:44
provred2kic: Yes, but not the terminal, which is what I need.08:44
red2kicprov: Try right-click on .sh file -- Properties. Change that to gnome-terminal.08:44
wrathologycan you burn ubuntu on 2 disk? anyone08:44
red2kicwrathology: One 700MB disc.08:44
Danielcg25The Windows 7 installer sees the partition I made for windows as free space. How do I fix this?08:45
Danielcg25I formatted using DiskUtility and chose NTFS08:45
red2kicwrathology: It also can use USB.08:45
Seven_Six_Twowrathology, if you're talking about splitting a dvd iso, no.08:45
provred2kic: Yes, I have tried this and it will open the terminal but the script is not called. It just sits there waiting and looking as though I opened a new terminal from the menu.08:45
pehden!man ubuntu | pehden08:45
pehden!man ubuntu | grep pehden08:45
^NiNjADanielcg25,  thats a windows issue not ubuntu related08:45
wrathologyred2kic the vsysdterm dont know waht a usb sticvk is08:46
provred2kic: Recap, changing the default open with does change evince behaviour but it does not execute the script.08:46
^NiNjAthis is ubuntu support08:46
provred2kic: Odd right?08:46
bullgard4What is the proper name of the warning triangle symbol in the notification area? "The update information is outdated."08:46
wrathologyred2kic is there a smaller program that will fit on one cd08:47
red2kicprov: I would think that you might have non-proper latex syntax. I can't be certain. Heh.08:47
red2kic!minimal | wrathology08:47
ubottuwrathology: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD08:47
red2kicwrathology: It is only 12MB.08:47
wrathologywhere is it red2kic08:48
provred2kic: That might be the case. I will have to keep trying. Thanks for you help though :)08:48
sunnyI'm using Compiz window picker. The keyword navigation using up/down etc goes in a circle, sometimes I can go right, but not left and have to go the full circle before I can get to that window again. Is that a feature or bug?08:48
wrathologythe download link08:48
red2kicwrathology: ubottu gave you. Look up.08:48
red2kicprov: Look for latex channel. I highly recommend it. :)08:48
Jordan_Uwrathology: How big is the blank CD you have? The normal Ubuntu iso should fit on most blank CDs.08:50
wolterhow do i check which graphics driver is my computer running?08:54
yayoj1run a hardware check08:54
sunnyIs anyone else experiencing trouble with Compiz window picker, like the up/down keys only working in one direction?08:55
pehdenok I had win7 and ubuntu duel boot, and was trying to get netbook edition to work 10.10 but it failed then it wouldnt load anything, so installed 10.10 side by side and now i figured how to fix the original 10.10 how to i get back to the first w7 and 10.1008:56
trackerx90<wolter>: try "lsmod"08:56
wolterthen good news for you people, kms (at least emulation) for nvidia prop drivers exists08:57
pehdenok I had win7 and ubuntu duel boot, and was trying to get netbook edition to work 10.10 but it failed then it wouldnt load anything, so installed 10.10 side by side and now i figured how to fix the original 10.10 how to i get back to the first w7 and 10.10, and remove the second 10.10 from grub08:58
pehdenok I had win7 and ubuntu duel boot, and was trying to get netbook edition to work 10.10 but it failed then it wouldnt load anything, so installed 10.10 side by side and now i figured how to fix the original 10.10 how to i get back to the first w7 and 10.10, and remove the second 10.10 from grub09:00
=== davidcalle_ is now known as davidcalle
trackerx90how to use kms, any refer?09:03
woltertrackerx90, is that a question for me?09:04
trackerx90ah yeah :)09:04
morgani think i have some sort of irq conflict stopping me getting past text boot. just installed new nvidia card.. any ideas where to start to fix?09:05
Camer0nwhats the "primary master cd/dvd" code thing?? like scd009:06
woltertrackerx90, well I am using the Beta, and just saw that not only could I play 3D games (I used that to test if the nvidia driver was loaded), but I appear to have KMS09:06
Camer0nor how do I see them all?09:07
wolteras in smooth graphical boot and correct screen resolutions before session09:07
wolterwell I think I heard that nouveau acquired 3D accel, but when I did lsmod | grep nv nvidia showed up, and lsmod | grep nou showed nothing09:08
wolteralso, glxgears shows that the running driver is nvidias09:09
Camer0nHow do I find the right disk number code thing like cd0??09:10
ti03czaja to ciota09:11
woltertrackerx90, ^09:11
=== nibbler_ is now known as nibbier
wolteranyway, I am leaving, good night peoples of mordor09:12
ggg3are you calling me?09:14
ggg3I am ggg3bot 3000, and I will brick the computer of users who call me for no reason.09:16
=== e-DIO-t_ is now known as e-DIO-t
what_ifGood morning... kinda :/  Just installed Ubuntu 10.10 to alleviate an Xorg high cpu usage in the original install ( 10.04.2 ) Problem still exists. Help ?09:18
SoftDroidWhat is the different between the Ubuntu CD and DVD releases?09:21
chocobananaHi everyone!!!09:23
Arcidiashi there09:24
morgananyone - new nvidia card/ removed all sata drives and at the same time the irq conflict.. but it boots into text login and reports gdm already running. why isn't it booting into x?09:24
chocobananaA friend's computer with Ubuntu 10.04 has started to freeze inputs (not background activities) from time to time. Any idea how to diagnose and solve this?09:24
chocobananamorgan: did you install the latest nVidia drivers?09:25
Camer0nis there any way to copy and paste on ubuntu server09:26
Arcidiasdid u try ctrl+shift+v/c09:27
Camer0nhow do I select it?09:27
bullgard4What is the proper name of the warning triangle symbol in the notification area? "The update information is outdated."09:27
sobersabreis there a way to use environment variables inside the .desktop files ?09:28
Camer0nanyone, how do I select text and copy it in ubuntu server??09:28
morganchocobanana - just had a bit of a win - removed my xorg.conf file since it pointed to the ATI onboard GPU settings. Now I've got X and installing drivers. Still may have an IRQ conflict when I drop my Sata drives back in though?!?09:29
chocobananamorgan: no clue about the IRQ conflict, that is probably not related to X… did you try googling for it?09:31
=== TomRone_ is now known as TomRone
morganchocobanana - googled lots on irq conflicts. lots of stale posts but no real information09:36
minimecCamer0n: sudo apt-get install gpm. That gives you a mouse in the console. You ca then use the 'middle' button or left/right together (emulate 3 button) to copy paste the line you want.09:37
bken017 /connect bitlbee1.asnetinc.net09:37
chocobananamorgan: I would suggest installing the drives again and see if the problem still happens. Otherwise your best is posting in the forum…09:37
bken017 /connect bitlbee1.asnetinc.net09:37
=== valium_away is now known as valium
dariusbwhats up09:43
nyuszika7hHi, is it possible to disable my touchpad? I haven't found a driver for it yet. It isn't a Synaptics touchpad.09:44
ether_boyhello! I am facing problems accessing facebook from any browser on ubuntu 10.10. The same problem has been discussed here "http://askubuntu.com/questions/25173/facebook-and-gmail-stop-working-after-10-minutes".09:44
nyuszika7hFn+F9 is supposed to do that, but I suppose it doesn't work without the driver.09:44
nyuszika7h(not to you, ether_boy)09:44
dariusbsounds like a flash or javascript problem09:45
Ziltoid83 I'm running 10.10 but it's on a machine that doesn't cope well with it09:45
Ziltoid83what's the simplest way to downgrade09:46
Ziltoid83and can you recommend something that will be running at its optimum on the machine I'm using?09:46
dariusbdowngrading is a pain09:46
Ziltoid83It's an amd athlon240009:46
dustin_hi yalls09:47
dariusblook for one of the LTS versions09:47
Ziltoid83with 700mb09:47
Ziltoid83can i reinstall from a virtual drive inside ubuntu?09:48
ether_boyZiltoid83,  how much ram do you have?09:48
Ziltoid83700mb ram09:48
dariusbid go with 8.04 hardy09:49
Ziltoid83will it still run chrome and vlc?09:49
Ziltoid83the only things it needs to do09:50
dariusbyeah, not the latest versions tho09:50
Ziltoid83internets and media09:50
bullgard4sobersabre: Try to find a hint in the GNOME Desktop System Administration Guide. I could not find one.09:50
ether_boyZiltoid83,  have you tried some other window managers with the same installation?09:50
Ziltoid83preferably i want it to run as fats as possible while being a media and internet machine09:50
Ziltoid83lol fats =fast09:50
Ziltoid83how old is 8.04?09:51
th^^3 years ? :)09:51
minimecdariusb: Ziltoid83  8.04??? No!! Use the latest LTS if you want to 'install and forget'. 700mb RAM is enough. MAybe consider a alternate window-manager.09:51
ether_boyZiltoid83, try ICEWM or FluxBox, they are light and resposive comparitivly09:52
bullgard4What is the proper name of the warning triangle symbol in the notification area? "The update information is outdated."09:52
Ziltoid83naw dude this thing just isn't happy running 10.10it's out of this computer's league09:53
Ziltoid83everything is slower than it should be09:53
Ziltoid83and videos run really choppy09:53
red2kic_bullgard4: Warning, imo.09:53
Chiefcan someone help me I have a problem with 11.0409:54
red2kic_bullgard4: Warning symbol.09:54
malinahey, I installed ubuntu minimial and added compiz, I followed the ubuntu wiki thing, and have added desktop entry in /usr/share/xsessions/(compiz-session.desktop) and also added the script in /usr/local/bin/compiz-session09:54
dzhibashello guys, can someone help with my boot problem. im getting grub error: symbol not found "grub_putchar" after upgrading my server into 10.1009:54
red2kic_malina: Installing compiz should do all of that. I'm guessing.09:55
ether_boyZiltoid83,  I am using ubuntu 7.04 on an old pentium-3 machine with 512MB of Ram and 16 MB of video memory. Rus like a charm and better, faster than any other OS on it! ;)09:55
malinabut the ~/.compiz-session doesn't launch09:55
Ziltoid83will 9.10 run fast?09:55
minimecChief: --> /join #ubuntu+1 for 11.04 questions.09:55
malinathe commands don't fire :/ and hmm to get mouse working in gdm like that, I guess I need what;'s it called again erm cf86-uvdev-synaptic or soemthing?09:55
dariusbyeah support for hardy is done this april :( sux09:55
malinared2kic_: nah, I added them myself09:55
malinaI did this from minimal09:56
dzhibasis here anyone who mastering grub ?09:56
red2kic_malina: This? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=115596109:56
malinadzhibas: well mastering no, but often have answers yes? (also can try #grub09:56
* jbache is looking for unity2d devs09:56
xro2hi, i use a ubuntu server10.04 64bits as a router... So i activate net.ipv4.ip_forward=1 in /etc/sysctl.conf but it's really slow (10KB) and i have 50MB in the lan... Where should i look to solve this issue?09:56
red2kic_xro2: Ask in #ubuntu-server09:57
minimecZiltoid83: 10.04 will run fast enough. Don't use ubuntu versions lower than 10.04. There is no reason for!09:57
dzhibasmalina, thanks. i have problem loading system after server upgrade, now grub puts me into grub_rescue and writes message: symbol error 'grub_putchar'09:57
malinaI did it manaully according to: one sec09:57
malinagrub 1 or 2?09:57
dariusbziltoid83: minimec is right, ur best bet is lucid09:57
malinagrub2? I presume.. well try this: boot into livecd09:57
malinamount your root device to /mnt say09:57
JamesMRI'm getting an error - "resize2fs: Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while trying to resize /dev/sda1" when trying to repartition my drive to install ubuntu 11.0409:58
malinathen do grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sdX  <= where X = your device number09:58
malina(aka MBR)09:58
ether_boyhello! I am facing problems accessing facebook from any browser on ubuntu 10.10. The same problem has been discussed here "http://askubuntu.com/questions/25173/facebook-and-gmail-stop-working-after-10-minutes".09:58
dexcsHey all, is it possible to "use a video (avi, mpeg ..) as a webcam driver? I want to share a video file in an webinar room, with flash you can select the webcams. Is that possible somehow?09:58
dariusbgetting more ram might help too ;)09:58
dzhibasdone that. and reinstalled grub into all disks. same error :(09:58
malinawell when09:58
dzembaI have exams with linux i need help09:59
malinawell what did you do again, you say?09:59
malinawhat might have happened is that two hard disks have changed idenity like sda to sdb and vice versa09:59
malinaand grub is on both but obviously is failing horribly on the one which does kick up10:00
dzhibasok. i have raid1 on two disks, sda and sdb, after installing grub2 into both of them im getting error, puth_char10:00
malinahave you tried specifying in boot the EXACT disk you got to be sure .. I am guessin gyou have more than one physical disk10:00
dzhibasbut if im installing old grub,10:00
Juv1228can anyone tell me what b[i>>5] does in C?10:00
dzhibashe let me downchain into grub210:00
dzhibasand everything boots10:00
dariusbso wheres the cool matrix-like channel on freenode?10:00
malinawell there u go.. in fact there is another raid guy asking Questions in #grub just now, go and catch it whils tyou can :p10:00
bullgard4red2kic_: I found out it is /usr/share/icons/Humanity/status/22/gtk-dialog-warning-panel.svg. --  Thank you.10:00
=== Moon is now known as Guest64057
dzhibasthanks! going in10:01
red2kicbullgard4: Ah I see. You're welcome.10:01
minimecdexcs: Well this should be possible, but tricky. You would have to use the gstreamer framework and send the gstreamer videopipe to a videoloopback device. http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/Example_GStreamer_Pipelines10:01
dexcsok thx, i will read it10:01
MaRk-Idexcs: you can also stream videos with VLC10:02
dexcsyeah, but i need it as a webcam driver10:02
dexcsso that i can select it from that ugly flash plugin...10:02
dexcsyou know what i mean=10:03
=== nyuszika7h is now known as one_more
malinaI think I when setting up middle mouse button to grab cube.. I sat mouse5 to something thinking it was thumb button but it's prolly scroll down.. now I can't scroll on FF downwards LOLOL , how do I hmm reset that ?10:03
=== one_more is now known as nyuszika7h
zruty64 bit version is only for AMD CPUs?10:03
malinaI mean if I unset it in cube, not sure if FF will automatically regain it's use?10:03
malinazruty: of course not.. amd64 is only called that because back in the day, amd were the ones who went full 6410:03
malinawhereas intel did the whole x86_6410:03
malinaeither way 64 bit is fine with 64 bit comps aka both intel 64 bit cpu's and amd10:04
zrutymalina: Ah, so the 64AMD version also works on Intel... Good, good..10:04
nyuszika7hThis shows how old is Lynx: http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Flynx.isc.org%2Findex.html10:04
nyuszika7hHTML 2.0 o_O10:04
zrutymalina: Thanks!10:05
malinayes zruty10:05
malinaIF yours is 64 bit but I am sure it is10:05
MaRk-Idexcs: not really, you mean something like this?  http://www.ws4gl.org/10:06
malinaand WHY does apt-get sometimes ask and sometimes not for confirmation , I just did a command and it auto accepted a DARN HUGE selection LOL10:08
dexcsMaRk-I: hmm looks good. I want a webcam devise that i can select with the flash browser plugin. An that "virtual devise" should not broadcast me infromt of my pc but a dvd, video or image :-)10:09
malinaah I know why.. cos that link someone gave me grrr10:09
davidcalleHi everyone10:10
malinaand to whomever linked me,no, that 'auto selection script' does nothing but down;load some stuff, and now added gnome tyo my desktop which is NOT what I wanted grrr10:10
davidcalleI'm looking for testers/bug reporters for a Unity Lens, is anyone interested? :)10:11
erUSULdavidcalle: i guess people in #ubuntu+110:11
davidcalleerUSUL, hmm, you may be right :) ty10:12
malinanow im up to almost 1 GB RAM usage10:13
bigmahatmaI'm using clawsmail on a gmail account. My problem is that clawmails created two folders, one named "myAccount" and the other named "[myAcconut]", the second being the exact copy of the first. When I receive a mail, it goes to both folders and the trayicon displays "1 unread message" until I read them both!10:13
pocchahello, how can i remove a packe from ubuntu which is not listed in the software center ?10:14
popeysudo apt-get remove <package>10:14
popeysudo dpkg -r <package>10:14
Arcidiasor purge10:14
pocchabut how do i knoe what the package is called ? :/10:14
pocchai need to reinstall R10:14
popeydpkg -l <searchterm>10:15
minimecpoccha: what software is depending on that package?10:15
popeyor dpkg -S /path/to/binary10:15
pocchadpkg -l r doesnt return a result :/10:16
fairuzpoccha: you can do apt-cache search rkward to find packages that related to rkward10:16
pocchajust returns a description for rkward10:17
wkHi there, I had to reinstall Windows on my other partition and now my GRUB is gone, i am trying to reinstall it but i am getting this error: http://pastebin.com/jxuRpzke10:18
vagvafhello people, can i list all the installed packages by a certain user?10:18
minimecpoccha: 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure rkward'. That should check all dependencies again and install them if missing.10:19
MonkeyDustwk: _https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows10:19
erUSULwk: you have to use sda not sda110:20
wkerUSUL: Thanks, i'll try10:20
=== Moon is now known as Guest22532
erUSULvagvaf: all packages are installed by "root"10:20
wkWorked, thanks10:20
vagvaferUSUL: a pity:( since you can use sood, it would be nice to list which users used sudo as well. thanks anyways10:21
erUSULvagvaf: /var/log/auth.log10:21
pehdenok I had win7 and ubuntu duel boot, and was trying to get netbook edition to work 10.10 but it failed then it wouldnt load anything, so installed 10.10 side by side and now i figured how to fix the original 10.10 how to i get back to the first w7 and 10.10, and remove the second 10.10 from grub10:21
buovI don't quite remember how to remove entries but you can use ./30_osprober (I think that's it) and grub update10:22
buovto add it I mean10:22
pehdeni tried grub update and it looked like it saw all the devices but it didnt actually show up when i boot th machine10:23
buovDid you do the os probe?10:23
vagvaferUSUL: thanks! that was all i needed :)10:23
buov cd /etc/grub/d10:23
erUSULvagvaf: no problem10:23
buovcd /etc/grub.d* then ./30_os-prober10:23
pehdenits still shows the grub from the second install10:23
erUSULsudo update-grub already runs the osprober ...10:24
shomonhi, android related question: I've been on disk usage analyser going through my android sd card. But it has created a "Trash-1000" directory with all the deleted stuff. Is this a normal thing in ubuntu?10:24
shomonand can I delete it too?10:24
pehdenshomon you can delete it but use empty trash instead10:24
pehdenerUSUL is there another way or something to do this10:25
erUSULshomon: yes10:26
shomonthanks pehden and erUSUL - that did the trick10:26
erUSULpehden: what grub are you currently using? the one from the original ubuntu install or the one from the second?10:26
pehdenits grub from 10.1010:27
pehdeni have a grub.cfg10:27
erUSULyeah but you have two 10.10 installs; don't you? which's grub.cfg is using grub?10:28
pehdenthe second installed grub shows when i boot10:29
Ken-Terryhey everybody, can anyone tell me what should i do to lower my cpu temperature? it's about 20 degrees C higher from windows10:29
pehdenbut i need the first installed grub to show10:29
pehdeni know like in win xp there is fixmbr10:30
pehdenis there something simalar10:30
erUSULpehden: then follow the instructions on how to recover grub after installing windows. make sure you use the first install partitions10:31
erUSUL!grub2 | pehden10:31
ubottupehden: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub210:31
pehdengrub-install -v10:32
pehdengrub-install (GRUB) 1.98+20100804-5ubuntu3.110:32
pehdenerUSUL grub-install -v10:34
pehdengrub-install (GRUB) 1.98+20100804-5ubuntu3.110:34
dustin_how do i update my codex?10:34
JamesMRI'm getting an error - "resize2fs: Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while trying to resize /dev/sda1" when trying to repartition my drive to install ubuntu 11.04 would anyone be able to advise me on what's going wrong or what to do differently?10:34
=== Gto286 is now known as gto[afk]
beachbuddahhello everyone - is there a way to switch from 10.10 UNR to the regular desktop version on a netbook without a CD-ROM?10:42
pehdenbeachbuddah at the login screen10:42
beachbuddahoh? OK - I10:43
beachbuddahll give it a try10:43
red2kicbeachbuddah: I think there are an option for classic desktop. Just have to find it.10:43
pehdenbeachbuddah system>admin>login screen10:43
pehdenunlock then select the default10:44
beachbuddahwill that be able to make the change permanent pehden?10:44
pehdenyes the second option will10:45
pehdenbut you can still change it if you want10:45
mehdihey guys i install ubuntu netbook edition on my notebook but wireless device wont work(firmware is not ready)10:47
beachbuddahpehden: worked like a charm - tyvm!10:48
mehdihow can i make it work?10:48
pehdenbeachbuddah np anytime10:48
pehdenmehdi, for that issue i wouldnt know where to start10:49
minimecmehdi: First try to identify your wifi device. You can do that with 'lspci' or 'lsusb' in a console.10:50
Peter_i have to change my login screen ....  i need help..10:51
pehdenPeter_  system>admin>login screen10:51
MemphizzzHow can i access the history of a terminal through slogin?10:51
Peter_i have to change my login screen theme ....10:53
minimecMemphizzz: Doesn't the 'history' command work via ssh?10:53
pehdenMemphizzz    maybe      in shell   cd ~   then sudo apt-get install clex    the clex10:53
pehdenlet me see if that does10:54
pehdenMemphizzz    yea history does it better10:54
Peter_i have to change my login screen theme .... (on ubuntu 10.10)10:55
pehdenMemphizzz    Simple paste this into terminal10:55
pehdenMemphizzz    history > history.txt; nano history.txt10:56
mehdilsusb gives me so much devices10:56
mehdiits Broadcom Corp i think10:56
Peter_peheden   i have to change my login screen theme .... (on ubuntu 10.10)10:57
pehdenlet me check10:58
alexzuluI need 2 variants boot of the system. GUI and without him. how to do this?10:58
minimecmehdi: Ok. Can you give me the ID number, like '046d:c714' for this Broadcom device?10:58
minimecMemphizzz: You can check the history file with the 'history' command and then use the command with the number next to it, like !43111:00
shcherbakalexzulu: To ligin woth no X: press shift on boot to get grub menu, press e to edit, and add text to boot parameters (remove splash eventually)11:00
pehdenminimec but wouldnt it be easy to do history > hist.txt then view that cause i know mine has over 400 comnads11:01
pehdenPeter_  still looking11:01
alexzulushcherbak, I want to use runlevel 3 and runlevel 5. but with the new system initialization is not working.11:01
minimecpehden: That is true. It has a limit of 500 I think. I don't now if you can change that limit.11:02
shcherbakalexzulu: no clue (Using Ubuntu to not care about such things (; )11:02
whitekidneyCan i ask for wine/winetricks help here or should i join winehq for that?11:03
mehdi@minimec 0a5c:4500 here is the id u want11:03
shcherbakwhitekidney: #winehq gives better chances for it.11:04
minimecmehdi: yeah. That seems to be the right one.11:04
whitekidneyshcherbak, thanks11:04
lstoreysoo tired11:05
minimecmehdi: Are you using ubuntu 10.04 or 10.10?11:05
twister004hi guys... the following command was run on my ubuntu box 'sudo modprobe psmouse proto=imps'.. what exactly does this mean?.. please fill me in11:05
mehdihow can i change the channel of wireless?11:05
mehdi10.10 netbook edition11:06
erUSULtwister004: modprobe loads modules ( drivers ) in the kernel. that command loads the psmouse module passing it the parameter proto=imps11:07
minimecmehdi: I don't think you need that. Normally wireless routers are configured to 'auto' choose a channel. You would have to configure your router and wifi device to use the same channel.11:07
minimecmehdi: Can you paste.ubuntu.com the while output of lsusb, please?11:07
minimecmehdi: whole not while...11:08
twister004erUSUL... recently, my touchpad stopped working in ubuntu... it works fine until ubuntu loads.. any idea why this could be happening?11:08
erUSULtwister004: no; sorry.11:09
whitekidney#winehq is pretty idle, so i'll ask here - winetricks doesn't have the permission to create folders, etc, do i run it with sudo ?11:09
Camer0nWhat am I doing wrong, I can't mount my vbox shared folder in ubuntu server. I've tried renaming the directorys but that doesn't work: http://vvcap.net/db/WtEN5OM3GEf6mg0ul_IP.htp11:10
=== nigil is now known as Peter_
spm-DragetAnyone who uses openjdk-jre-6? Any problems in contrast to sun-java-jre-6? Maybe someone can share his/her experience and hlep me decide on which one to use11:12
fantomasHi all. How to simply mount a disk image in Nautilus?11:12
mehdiwell its on the notebook and im corrently using pC11:12
Camer0nWhat am I doing wrong, I can't mount my vbox shared folder in ubuntu server. I've tried renaming the directorys but that doesn't work: http://vvcap.net/db/WtEN5OM3GEf6mg0ul_IP.htp anyone??!!11:13
spm-DragetCamer0n: Are you sue you installed the guest additions?11:13
KNUBBIGhey, I'm trying to install 11.04 via the x64 alternate CD, because the desktop CDs for 11.04 and 10.10 crashed with come casper-related error, but now the text-based installer doesn't recognize my already existing Windows partitions which is kind of a problem for me as I want to dual-boot. Any ideas?11:13
mehdii didnt update it yet coud that be the problem?11:13
minimecmehdi: I see. The ID you gave me seems to be the Bluetoth device.11:14
pehdensorry Peter_ wasnt able to find an easy way for the themes11:14
spm-DragetCamer0n: Well, I do not know about vboxsf. Maybe you find a the documetnation a hint or something.11:16
=== 13WAAJSAX is now known as faruq
spm-DragetIt does not know what to do with host. Maybe it needs to be host/share or \\host or I do not know...11:16
spm-DragetCamer0n: You should be a little bit more paitient :P11:16
Peter_it's ok...  pehden  :)  thanks for the effort..11:16
Peter_fantomas :  just open it using archive mounter...11:17
minimecmehdi: Well.. What you have to do is... Check all ID's until you find the one for your wifi device. Then use that ID in combination with Ubuntu 10.10 as search terms for you search engine.11:17
Camer0nspm-Draget: yes, but if I was a bit more patient I wouldn't get an answer :)11:17
whitekidney#winehq is pretty idle, so i'll ask here - winetricks doesn't have the permission to create folders, etc, do i run it with sudo ?11:18
spm-DragetCamer0n: reposting your question multiple times during 5-10 minutes will just get on peoples nerves. And quite a few of them are already pretty sensetive in here, I know tha myself :P11:18
pehdensorry Peter_  i though there was something i was able to get in sofware center for it but couldnt find anything11:18
minimecCamer0n: Did you get that copy/paste on cosole hint I gave you before?11:19
Camer0nno, it didn't work, how do I select things?11:19
Peter_it's ok...  pehden  :)11:19
spm-Dragetwhitekidney: Not really. It is supposed to isntall to your user prefix. But it tries to create a temporary folder... not sure, eventually in the folders it is run from. Try tunning it from your home directpry11:19
minimecCamer0n: sudo apt-get install gpm. That gives you a mouse in the console. You ca then use the 'middle' button or left/right together (emulate 3 button) to copy paste the line you want.11:19
Camer0nokay thanks!11:19
adacHi guy. Does anyone know if there is a pastebin server available in the packages?11:20
fantomasPeter_: I have no such an option :(11:20
fantomasPeter_: in drop down menu11:20
Camer0nhow do I copy it??11:21
minimecCamer0n: Select the thing to copy and then use middle button or left/right together. It will copy/paste the selected text to your commadline.11:22
minimecCamer0n: --> man gpm11:23
whitekidneyHey, trying to run winetricks, but getting these errors: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=aSm66UC3 - I'm pretty new to this, what can I do?11:23
Peter_fantomas :  just visit http://fileroller.sourceforge.net/ or install archive  manager.....11:23
shcherbakadac: Pastebin is open source project to get from source forge, there is...11:24
shcherbak!pastebin | adac11:24
ubottuadac: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:24
fantomasPeter_: I have archive manager installed. If I use it for open my .img file, it claims it doesn't support file type11:25
adacshcherbak, kk thx11:25
Peter_i'll be back in a min...11:25
shcherbakadac: Seens to be not that active: http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpspastebin/11:26
Camer0nI still can't get this mounting to work11:26
adacshcherbak, yeah I can't find the orignal11:27
shcherbakadac: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_pastebins11:29
cadmielhello there11:29
Camer0nit say mounting failed with the error: no such device, I've googled it and it says to change the name of the directory, which I have done and it still doens't work!11:29
cadmielCan somebody help me?11:31
fantomasI can't mount a trivial .img mount in Nautilus! It was created by simply dd'ing an ext3 partition.11:31
fantomasWhat I do wrong?11:31
cadmielI got an issue here.. I'm a newbie, I'm using LUBUNTU and my web browser chromiun stop working and other applications11:33
minimecCamer0n:  The directory is not your problem. You would get the answer 'mount point /mnt/share does not exist. Your problem seems to be 'host'. Doesn't that fiel have any file format?11:34
whitekidneyAlso it seems like my sound is REALLY distorted, especially my bass.11:34
shcherbakfantomas: Not enough space? that about: mkdir mounthere && mount file.iso mounthere -o loop ???11:36
Camer0nits a vbox shared file minimec11:36
gzoneany one here?11:36
cadmielwhat's up11:38
shcherbakgzone: Sit comfortable, relax, and tell what is going on.11:38
gzonei 'm new here11:38
ehotнарод есть кто?11:38
KNUBBIG!ru | ebot11:39
ubottuebot: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke11:39
shcherbak!ot | gzone11:39
ubottugzone: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:39
fantomasshcherbak: why can't I do this from Nautilus?11:39
KNUBBIGI'm trying to install 11.04 via the x64 alternate CD, because the desktop CDs for 11.04 and 10.10 crashed with come casper-related error, but now the text-based installer doesn't recognize my already existing Windows partitions which is kind of a problem for me as I want to dual-boot. Any ideas?11:39
fantomasshcherbak: I know how this works from command line11:39
gzoneoh i know11:39
shcherbakfantomas: Hm, nautilus? dunno, terminal is easier, faster, better...11:40
minimecCamer0n: So first I would change to the directory, that 'host' file is in... --> then http://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?t=464611:40
fantomasshcherbak: yeah, and things like gvfs, fuse etc - are just toys )11:41
Camer0nI dont knwo what the location is as its a vbox shared folder11:41
cadmielCan somebody help me please???? I'm a newbie!!11:41
fantomasI wonder how homes that such a primitive task like mounting a linux partition under linux is not achieved with ease, by one-click11:42
Camer0nminimec, this tutorial isn't for ubuntu server, it's telling me to edit a file using gedit11:43
minimecCamer0n: It tells you how to mount a virtualbox share. That should be it, or not?11:44
cybrhumancadmiel: what happened?11:44
Camer0nI know how to but it doesn't work!11:44
Camer0nit tells you to use a text editor, which I dont have!11:45
minimecCamer0n: 'sudo updatedb', the 'locate host' to search the host file.11:45
minimecCamer0n: You have nano installed. Nano is a text editor for the console.11:46
Camer0nthe directorys dont exist11:46
MonkeyDustpico is installed, too11:46
Camer0nthere is no directory /ect in the home folder11:46
MonkeyDustCamer0n: /etc/ is not in the home folder11:47
cybrhumanCamer0n: /etc is on the root directory11:47
Camer0nwell it's not there either11:47
gnugrCamer0n: http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/User_FAQ and  http://www.virtualbox.org/11:47
MonkeyDustCamer0n: type cd /etc11:47
Camer0nNo such file or directory11:48
pophoreamy name is Pop Horea-Vasile11:48
pophoreaI'm from Romania11:48
shcherbakcybrhuman: /etc/ , not /home/etc/ or ~/etc/ , you would need to get basic info on linux file system and directory structure.11:49
Memphizzzpehden: im afraid it only saves what ive been typing. but i need the output that a program has written there11:49
KNUBBIGI'm trying to install 11.04 via the x64 alternate CD, because the desktop CDs for 11.04 and 10.10 crashed with come casper-related error, but now the text-based installer doesn't recognize my already existing Windows partitions which is kind of a problem for me as I want to dual-boot. Any ideas?11:49
pophoreaI'm a small contributor tu Ubuntu project since apr. 201011:49
pophoreaI have a question11:49
cybrhumanshcherbak: it is not me mistaking the directories.11:49
daniraczgood afternoon11:49
daniraczim havin problem with the sound on my msi gt73511:50
MonkeyDust!natty| KNUBBIG11:50
ubottuKNUBBIG: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not currently intended for production systems.11:50
pophoreaHow do you suggest or request to canonical11:50
KNUBBIGI doubt that's natty specific, though11:50
minimecCamer0n: 'updatedb' not 'updateb' --> "update" "d"(ata)"b"(ase)11:50
shcherbakpophorea: via launchpad account?11:51
Camer0njust updatedb on its own?11:51
KNUBBIGsudo updatedb11:51
shcherbakcybrhuman: can you please quote command givinig you trouble?11:51
=== bitshifternz__ is now known as bitshifternz
Camer0nstill got the error minimec11:53
cybrhumanshcherbak: I have no issue. I was pointing out to someone else that /etc/ is on the root...11:53
Kiracan i maybe combine ls and another command to list a directory and its creation time as a unix epoch timestamp?11:53
shcherbakcybrhuman: uop, sorry, reading over the cup, my bad.11:54
MonkeyDustKira: try ls -l11:54
whitekidneyHi i'm having a problem with playing music - Instead of enqueuing the new mp3 file it opens another instance of VLC - solution?11:55
cybrhumanshcherbak: hehe, np :)11:56
shcherbakwhitekidney: How do you open files, by clicking on them or vlc <file> command?11:56
facelessloseri could someone help me with a theme problem. i installed the mint linux theme and now when i wake from sleep the menu bars have gone11:56
Kirals -l gives me the time formatted as a human-readable string, no? I want the number of seconds since the unix epoch.11:57
whitekidneyshcherbak: by clicking on them11:58
shcherbakKira: date +%s11:58
facelesslosermy menu bars top and bottom just go and the window trys to fill the gap11:58
shcherbakwhitekidney: Do you have in context menu (left click), option to add it to play list?11:59
shcherbakKira: use ls with --time-style12:01
whitekidneyNope, only "Open with X" X = music apps12:01
shcherbakfacelessloser: does: gnome-panel --replace, hepls?12:02
shcherbak!resetpanel > facelessloser12:02
ubottufacelessloser, please see my private message12:02
Onepamopadoes anyone know how to manually install java-7 jre/jdk @ ubuntu 64bit ?12:03
shcherbakwhitekidney: ok, vlc seems to have issue with playlist, dont you want to use audacious, or banshee?12:04
whitekidneyshcherbak: sure. :-)12:04
whitekidneyshcherbak: What do you recommend?12:04
volveringhello there! i wonder if is possible to change on the terminal the string after @12:05
SuperstarGuys what archiving tool do you use? I want a GUI based universal extracter, similar to 7zip for Windows. One that supports split ZIP and RAR files and the ones that are .001 .002 etc. Any recommendations please?12:05
eth01hi, what command can i use to see in root / which files/folders are the biggest? my hard drive space is running low and i can't find out whats taking up the space12:05
whitekidneyAudaicious looks amazing - thanks mate! :)12:05
volveringmina looks like this volvering@volvering-G71V-Invalid-entry-length-0-DMI-table-is-broken-Stop:~$12:05
shcherbakwhitekidney: personally, moc (text based), but audacious ("clone of winamp") is very light and fast.12:05
* eth01 read tenex12:06
minimecCamer0n: Question?12:07
Camer0nnever mind12:07
minimecCamer0n: mind what?12:07
Camer0nwell... err... I was typing ect instead of etc...12:08
hauptstrasseeth01, du -ks ./*|sort -n12:09
MonkeyDustSuperstar: http://www.linuxlinks.com/article/20110220091109939/CompressionTools.html12:09
shcherbakCamer0n: try this one: http://qntm.org/suicide12:09
Camer0nerr... no12:10
Camer0nhow do you read log files in ububtu server12:11
jribCamer0n: use less?12:12
shcherbakCamer0n: less, more, vim, nano, tail, head12:12
Camer0nhow though?12:12
Superstarmonkeydust: thanks12:13
Camer0ngot it12:13
whitekidneyshcherbak: Have you used amarok before?12:14
shcherbakwhitekidney: yes, it very powerfull, but also heavy (it belongs to KDE camp)12:15
gnugrCamer0n: use " tail -f /var/log/log.file "12:15
whitekidneyshcherbak, Yeah it doesn't play any of my songs. Only the preview song that came with it.12:16
=== moon is now known as Guest79210
shcherbakwhitekidney: you need to configure it, and rescan library.12:16
=== david is now known as Guest89554
whitekidneyshcherbak, Ah I see, Can I add folders that are not on my linux HDD?12:18
ether_boydoes ubuntu 10.10 has DNS caching enabled by default?12:19
alex88[nb]ether_boy: afaik all ubuntu has dns caching enabled12:20
ether_boyalex88[nb], i want to disable it, facebook.com has got some issues with it12:21
alex88[nb]ether_boy: rly? :) btw i don't know how to disable..just that to clear you have to restart networking server12:21
ether_boyalex88[nb], facebook.com stops responding just after few seconds of login, I have to clear cache to use facebook again12:23
ether_boyalex88[nb], i have tried all the browsers, and right I suspect the issue is related to DNS caching12:24
alex88[nb]ether_boy: it's strange, never had that problem.. tried restarting networking?12:25
alex88[nb]what you get connection timeout?12:25
ether_boyalex88[nb], I don't get timeout, It's a unique problem I am facing with all the browsers12:26
alex88[nb]and what you get? if you refresh page, what it happens?12:26
gnugrether_boy: restart your router to get new ip12:26
ether_boyalex88[nb], facebook page loads, I check few comments and notifications, then everything stops responding (it does')12:26
ether_boyalex88[nb], I have to clear my browser cache to access facebook.com again12:27
alex88[nb]so it's a facebook problems..lot of time it keeps loading notifications that doens't came up..or just i click on a profile and it remains in the main page12:27
ether_boygnugr, done restarting many times but no ise12:28
=== eliezer is now known as clik
ether_boyalex88[nb], no, this problem has haunting me from months12:28
SoftarPaulHi! I really want Photoshop to work in Ubuntu. How to?12:29
MonkeyDust!wine| SoftarPaul12:29
ubottuSoftarPaul: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu12:29
ether_boySoftarPaul, which version of photoshop do you have?12:29
SoftarPaulI'm a webdesigner and Gimp isn't good enough. CS512:29
SoftarPaulether_boy: CS512:29
gnugrether_boy: are you with eth0 or wlan0?12:29
alex88[nb]and me from when i was on fb :) years.. btw, probably dns cache is only if you have nscd installed..btw how can it be a dns caching problem :) facebook doesn't change ip 2 times a hour :)12:30
ether_boygnugr,  I have a dial up cable broadband over a dlink wifi router12:30
Romeo_Hey guys need help with ubuntu, tried installing it on my laptop and it installed but when it boots it goes into a dos window asking for my login and then password, even if i enter my user and pass it stays on the dos window12:30
Romeo_ works fine using live but i have the problem when i install it tried 32 and 64bit12:30
kalibAnyone has any idea about how could I download a mms://... stream video?12:30
leagriswith mplayer or mencodre12:31
jribRomeo_: sudo service gdm start12:31
alex88[nb]Romeo_: of course after logging in12:31
ether_boySoftarPaul, i have installed CS2 successfully, search about it on web. CS5 is not so good with wine12:31
kalibleagris, what you mean? mplayer would let me download the video?12:31
kalibleagris, I don't wanna just stream it and watch. I wanna to download it.12:31
Romeo_so type sudo service gdm start after login in?12:31
kalibto watch it offline.12:31
alex88[nb]Romeo_: yup12:32
Romeo_will i need to do this everytime?12:32
jribRomeo_: we are troubleshooting.12:32
Romeo_i have ubuntu on my pc and didnt have to do this12:32
leagriskalib, command line like : http://www.summet.com/blog/2007/09/21/saving-a-mms-streaming-video-to-a-file-using-mencoder/12:32
kalibthanks.. ;]12:33
kalibI'll check it12:33
alex88[nb]SoftarPaul: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=20158 check thisout12:33
MonkeyDustSoftarPaul: http://maketecheasier.com/install-photoshop-cs5-in-ubuntu-maverick/2010/11/0212:33
SoftarPaulmy installer crashes12:33
ether_boygnugr, could it be my router that facebook.com dosen't work properly?12:34
alex88[nb]SoftarPaul: it's written that you can't use installer12:35
Romeo_ok i typed what you guys said and screen in gone blank12:35
alex88[nb]Romeo_: no mouse, login window etc?12:35
SoftarPaulMonkeyDust: I'll try that!12:35
gnugrether_boy: pastebin what you get with " ifconfig wlan0 "12:35
Romeo_i type sudo service gdm start then entered my pass and now black screen12:35
alex88[nb]nothing loading Romeo_ ?12:36
Romeo_black screen12:36
ether_boygnugr, ifconfig wlan0 gives me an error 'device not found'12:37
gnugreth_boy: try with " ifconfig eth0 "12:38
gnugrether_boy: try with " ifconfig eth0 "12:39
ether_boygnugr, http://pastebin.com/hJgg4M2412:39
ether_boygnugr, i did ifconfig lo12:39
Romeo_any ideas?12:40
alex88[nb]Romeo_: you've used the desktop cd?12:40
gnugrether_boy: seems it works ok12:40
jribRomeo_: press ctrl-alt-f1, are you back at a terminal screen?12:41
alex88[nb]ether_boy: the problem is only with facebook?12:41
Romeo_i pressed power button on my laptop then i could see the screen for a few seconds before it shut down i quickly seen something like warning gdm no loaded or something like that12:41
ether_boygnugr,  yeah just facebook, (which runs fine with all browsers on other OS )12:41
Romeo_i downloaded desktop cd and burnt it to disk when it loaded i clicked on install not demo12:42
The-Lethal-Vampihello Every body12:42
ether_boyalex88[nb], ,  yeah just facebook, (which runs fine with all browsers on other OS )12:43
gnugrehter_boy: have you done all updates and upgrades? if not do so and restart machine12:43
The-Lethal-Vampiwell can some body hep me12:43
alex88[nb]!ask | The-Lethal-Vampi12:43
ubottuThe-Lethal-Vampi: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:43
ether_boygnugr, done that already.12:44
Romeo_ctrl alt f1 doesnt do anything got black screen again after entering sudo service gdm start12:44
The-Lethal-VampiI can't install Xp programes in Backtrack 4 ?12:44
alex88[nb]The-Lethal-Vampi: this is ubuntu channel not backtrack 4.12:44
The-Lethal-Vampihow can  I do that ?12:44
hdonhi guys :) is there some reason ssh would deny me a reverse tunnel to my own sshd? command: ssh -R user@host12:45
hdoni'm getting this message: connect_to port 23: failed.12:45
hdond'oh... ssh is port 2212:45
alex88[nb]yup :)12:45
MonkeyDustThe-Lethal-Vampi: is backtrack ubuntu based?12:45
alex88[nb]i was just typing that :)12:45
The-Lethal-Vampithanks and good bye12:45
hdonanyone know how to do this with autossh? autossh just seems to exit silently :(12:46
=== Peer is now known as Guest63162
hdonactually... not trying to copy and paste from a stupid web tutorial helps... seems to work now :)12:47
jessicaBRer... hello. I just got a very weird problem with my ubuntu.... Everytime I launch ubuntu now, I get an error telling me "Ubuntu is running in low-graphics mode\n Your server graphics card, and input device settings could not be detected correctly. You will need to configure these yourself."12:49
=== kreative is now known as Kreative`
jessicaBRAfter that I get several options to choose. I chose to archive the x_org log, which last entry is: "[22721.430] (WW)xf86CloseConsole: VT_WAITACTIVE failed:\n interrupted system call"12:50
jessicaBRdoes any of these tell you anything? I'm desperate :(12:50
^NiNjAjessicaBR,  you will probably need to reconfigure xorg12:52
TTSDAHello there12:52
sinananyone can recommend an http proxy that is simpler than SQUID?12:52
jessicaBR^NiNjA, what does that mean? How can I do that?12:52
alex88[nb]sinan: danted?12:53
GauravButolaI am trying to solve a problem where the support executive asks me what GPU I am using and whether drivers are installed correctly. How do I know my GPU?12:53
^NiNjAOk on the boot up it tels you ubuntu is running in low graphics mode12:53
jessicaBR^NiNjA, yes12:54
^NiNjAselect yes to continue running in low graphics mode and it should boot up into a failsafe graphics setup12:54
jessicaBR^NiNjA, tty console12:54
Jacruthhi guys, I'm configuring my iptables and I want to do something like this: iptables -t filter -A FORWARD -p tcp --dport 80 -d -j ACCEPT  ; Why is it wrong?12:55
^NiNjAall you get is a console after selecting yes to continue in low graphics mode?12:55
TTSDAI need help with something, I need a script that would read this JSON string (http://pastebin.com/3T66McAa), get the latest backup file name, and wget http://example.com/backup/$filename12:55
jessicaBR^NiNjA, exacly12:56
Romeo_just started ubuntu on recovery mode then fail safe low graphics and it has loaded12:56
GauravButolaplz help on the my question above.12:56
susundbergJacruth: my iptables accepted that line ok12:56
^NiNjAok then ddo you have either a ubuntu live dvd or alternate install cd?12:56
jessicaBR^NiNjA, er... I think so, somewhere. What should I do with it?12:57
Hedgehog456What is the syntax for extracting .zip files on Ubuntu (server)?12:57
susundbergcheck man unzip12:57
jribHedgehog456: unzip file.zip12:57
TTSDACan someone help me with my question ?12:58
jrib!helpme | TTSDA12:58
susundbergGauravButola: check lspci output12:58
ubottuTTSDA: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude12:58
jessicaBR^NiNjA, can I install an irc client, like X-chat with ubuntu liveCD? If so, I'll enter with it and talk in ubuntu, beacuse right now im in windows12:58
susundbergGauravButola: there you can find line like '01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G92 [GeForce GTS 250] (rev a2)12:58
Hedgehog456thanks jrib12:58
GauravButolasuperxgl: it shows 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)12:59
^NiNjAput it in the drive and reboot, you should get a menu with several options12:59
susundbergif that is your only VGA controller then i would say you have integrated intel driver and no gpu12:59
redcan I somehow run a rsync command so that only files for past 2 days will be copied, even though there might be changed files from earlier time?13:00
susundbergoh well, gpu == graphical processing unit i guess, so if any processing is counted any integrated graphics card will be gpu ..13:00
GauravButolasusundberg: ok, thanks :)13:00
susundbergred: at least you can run 'find' with such option ..13:01
jribred: well if there's no rsync switch for such an option you could always use find and pass the result to rsync13:01
Dr_WillisSome GPU's can be built into the CPU these days. :)13:01
^NiNjAyou can choose to run the live session or install, or repair a broken system13:01
jessicaBR^NiNjA, I see. I think I'm gonna have to create another live DVD since I cannot find the one I made some weeks ago...13:02
^NiNjAHmm, maybe not let me double check something real quick. brb13:02
Romeo_is ubuntu based for amd ?13:03
jribRomeo_: it works on amd and intel13:03
redperhaps yes13:03
jessicaBR^NiNjA, ok, thanks a lot13:03
Hedgehog456How do I determine the size of a directory in Ubuntu Server?13:03
Romeo_i downloaded ubuntu 64bit and it says ubuntu 10.10 amd64???13:03
alex88[nb]Romeo_: it's correct13:04
redneed to create a shell script that will copy files from production servers files folder (images, audio, video) to development server, but we only need files from 2 days or so13:04
jribRomeo_: that's the name of the architecture13:04
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Romeo_cant install it on my laptop  as it goes into a black screen but decided to click on recovery mode then fail save and load with low graphics and its loaded fine13:05
redsomething like: find files for past 2 days in files folder|xargs scp file user@remote:host/var/www/devserver/files13:05
jribHedgehog456: du -sh13:05
Romeo_any ideas?13:05
Romeo_also whats the best file system for ubuntu ext4? fat?13:06
jribred: « man find » read about -mtime13:06
^NiNjAjessicaBR,  what version of ubuntu are you using?13:07
MK`I recommend ext413:07
jessicaBR^NiNjA, I'm using Maverick13:07
LarsTorbenhello i have a question13:07
PiciRomeo_: ext4 is the default and reccomended filesystem.  Do not use FAT.13:08
ortsvorsteherjust ask LarsTorben13:08
Romeo_pici any ideas why it wount work on my laptop?13:08
^NiNjAif you have the live cd/dvd you can hold shift down on the bootup and choose to repair xorg13:08
PiciRomeo_: What filesystem did you use?13:09
LarsTorbeni do not know if i should use 10.04 10.10 or 11 0413:09
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)13:09
red2kicLarsTorben: 10.10 -- Or wait two more weeks until 11.04 offically comes out.13:09
LarsTorbenhave to install today13:10
LarsTorbenbut i can install beta2 ubuntu 11.04 ?13:10
LarsTorbenbeta 213:10
red2kicLarsTorben: If you want to play around with it, go ahead.13:10
^NiNjAcan you use the command line?13:10
Pici!who | ^NiNjA13:10
ubottu^NiNjA: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)13:10
LarsTorbenno i need13:10
jessicaBR^NiNjA, ok, going to burn an ubuntu CD and gonna try that13:10
LarsTorbenproductive maschine red2kidd13:10
^NiNjAok good luck.13:11
LarsTorbennoo i need productive maschine red2kic13:11
ortsvorsteherLarsTorben, if it is a productive system, just use 10.04 or a server distribution if needed13:11
PiciRomeo_: Were there any options under System>Administration>Hardware Drivers?13:11
red2kicLarsTorben: Go for 10.04 LTS -- I guess. If this truly is a productive machine.13:11
jessicaBR^NiNjA, I can use command line13:11
red2kic!lts | LarsTorben13:11
ubottuLarsTorben: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)13:11
LarsTorben32 bit or 64bit ? :)13:11
PiciLarsTorben: You've been coming in here since the middle of march asking the same question over and over. Its getting old now.13:11
red2kicLarsTorben: This mean you don't have to install it again anytime soon.13:11
ortsvorsteherLarsTorben, up to your system, it is a 32 or 64 bit?13:12
^NiNjAjessicaBR,  good try and follow the instructions on this page. http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7222955&postcount=413:12
^NiNjA that should allow you to reinstall xorg from command line.13:13
nunixhi. I need to limit the bandwidth in the network eth0 with iptables.13:13
nunixhow can I do that?13:13
jessicaBR^NiNjA, ok! Thank you very much!13:13
jessicaBR^NiNjA, I'll feedback you as soon as I have that complete (if I find you here, of course)13:14
^NiNjAglad to help. please do13:14
darwichHow do i join a new channel ?13:16
darwichclose? xD13:16
dingdangdonghow does dell 5010 work on ubuntu? anybody?13:16
darwichdingdangdong: im using a 5010 right now with ubuntu 10.10 :)13:16
Picidarwich: /join #newchannel13:16
popeydingdangdong: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/201004-554313:17
darwichdingdangdong: you just need to connect with cable to install wireless network.. and touchpad multitouch doesnt work either13:17
darwichpici thanks13:17
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anth_alchemanyone here need any help with 10.10 msg me13:18
red2kicanth_alchem: Blog it here.13:18
dingdangdongdarwich: and that's it? this multitouch problem seems to be common in all Dells, huh?13:18
Picianth_alchem: We prefer that people get help in this channel.13:18
darwichdingdangdong: seems like it :) .. but really.. other than that no problem at all :) ..13:19
dingdangdongdarwich: thx dude.13:20
Kartagis!find less13:20
ubottuFound: default-jre-headless, gcj-4.4-jre-headless, gcj-4.5-jre-headless, gcj-jre-headless, less, linux-backports-modules-wireless-2.6.35-22-generic, linux-backports-modules-wireless-2.6.35-22-generic-pae, wireless-crda, wireless-tools, bless (and 44 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=less&searchon=names&suite=maverick&section=all13:20
darwichdingdangdong: np, you were lucky, first 5 minutes on this channel and im already helpful.. gotta love that :)13:21
dingdangdongdarwich: what does this "m" or "n" before 5010 stand for?13:21
darwichdingdangdong: dont know .. i have the N5010 with i5 460m, 5650m and 4gigs of ram13:22
dingdangdongdarwich: yay, thx ubuntu community :X13:22
dingdangdongdarwich: one more Q :P, how different a ci5 and ci3 would be when running a vbox for example.13:23
Kartagishow do I make my timezone changes permanent?13:25
LarsTorbenortsvorsteher: my pc is 64 bit13:26
=== alakoo_ is now known as alakoo
ortsvorsteherLarsTorben, so you can use the 64bit version13:27
LarsTorbenbut i have 2 gb memoryy13:27
^NiNjAKartagis,  time zone changes should stay13:27
ortsvorsteherit should be enough for a normal desktop system LarsTorben13:28
SuNotisimahow do i import a session with gnome's cd/dvd creator?13:28
LarsTorbenyes i meant13:28
LarsTorben2 GB 32 bit ??13:28
ortsvorsteherLarsTorben, if it is a normal desktop system, i would use a 64bit installation also if i have 2GB ram13:29
Paullozrm -rf /13:29
usfhii guys13:30
kpettitGood morning.  I just installed Gnome 3.  I really like it.  It has this auto-click thing though if you hover your mouse over anything.  Anybody know how to turn that off?13:32
midhunohi anybody please help me.. i am new to linux...my system hangs after updating the kernal to 35.28 but 35.22 worked good for me13:33
neerajIn my system, for various type of file icons are not getting displayed properly. For *c,*cpp file I am only seeing plain white icon13:33
midhuno hi anybody please help me.. i am new to linux...my system hangs after updating the kernal to 35.28 but 35.22 worked good for me13:34
midhuno hi anybody please help me.. i am new to linux...my system hangs after updating the kernal to 35.28 but 35.22 worked good for me13:34
midhuno hi anybody please help me.. i am new to linux...my system hangs after updating the kernal to 35.28 but 35.22 worked good for me13:34
FloodBot2midhuno: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:34
shcherbakNeed hint with binding wine (cs) on eth0 and anything else on wlan0. Hints? (mostly about anything else)13:39
BluesKajhowdy folks13:44
shcherbakBluesKaj: Shh!13:45
BluesKajshcherbak, at least you're awake :)13:46
shcherbakBluesKaj: Not really, my doctor call it caffeine poisoning.13:47
* BluesKaj sips his java13:48
* BluesKaj expects the offtopic cops to arrive any minute:)13:48
zhangbinwhat a fucking day13:49
shcherbakDont think so, We both using Ubuntu, and helping each other.13:49
zhangbinanybody here?13:49
shcherbakzhangbin: If you going to swear, NOT13:49
LjLBluesKaj: it's boring enough here atm that i'll spare the !ot call :P13:50
BluesKajLjL, , never seen it this quiet here13:50
shcherbakAt first, thought that idoru -q all on channel.13:51
wiijiiCan someone help me with a Vim query here...?13:52
shcherbakwiijii: "vim query"?13:53
wiijiishcherbak If I open some files (vim *.txt) in one tab, I can switch between them with :n :prev. If I open a new file I cannot switch between them13:54
wiijiiI can switch between the previously-opened files, but have to use :bn to get to the newly opened. I guess it's something to do with buffers13:54
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d0v1ki need some help here with openldap replication13:55
shcherbakwiijii: :w:w ? How you open second file, :sp ?13:55
wiijiiUsing e: or tabe:13:55
wiijiiIf I use tabe: I get a new tab. If I then :prev or :n it goes to the previously opened files13:55
wiijiiAnd I have to :bn to get the file I just opened. I'd like to switch between all the files in the new tab, including the one I just opened13:56
d0v1kanybody here have ubuntu 10.04 and openldap replication working13:56
Prajwalguys can anyone help me with this ? http://pastebin.com/eR2UjZ9S13:57
Prajwalremastersys dist mode13:57
shcherbakwiijii: One moment (need to go to man)13:57
wiijiishcherbak Thanks a lot, appreciate13:57
wiijiishcherbak I've been looking for a solution for a while13:57
ikoniaPrajwal: are you asking about this on Squeeze ?13:58
Prajwalikonia: well consider its lucid and what would be your solution for that?13:58
shcherbakwiijii: What :tabs do?13:59
d0v1kseriouly need some help for ldap replication the ubuntu server guide doesnt work13:59
ikoniaPrajwal: no, it's not lucid, it's squeeze13:59
ikoniaPrajwal: I can see you asking in #debian as you're using debian, so please keep it to debian13:59
ikoniad0v1k: I can try, I've done ldap replication before,13:59
Prajwalthe reason i posted it here is i am sure there is some error with copying the files from home13:59
ikoniaPrajwal: it's on a debian system, best ask in #debian please13:59
Prajwalok sure13:59
Prajwalbut that channel rarely replies me :*14:00
Prajwal:( *14:00
wiijiishcherbak Tabs shows correctly14:00
wiijiishcherbak But lets say I open a new file in Tab414:00
shcherbakwiijii: :tabn ??14:00
d0v1kdo you have the ldif ikonia coz the one i took on the ubuntu is giving me problem14:00
wiijiishcherbak It will show the right file. BUT if I then do :n or :prev it cycles through the files that were opened with "vim *.txt"14:00
ikoniad0v1k: not to hand no,14:00
wiijiishcherbak Does that make sense?14:01
wiijiiI think it's because the newly-opened file is in a new buffer and I can't cycle through all files in multiple buffers without changing buffer14:01
d0v1kgive me one sec let me upload my syslog on pastebin14:01
wiijiiBut after opening the new file, I CAN :prev or :n into the originally-opened files. However I cannot :prev or :n back into the newly opened file! Weird...14:02
weecolcan anyone recommend large fonts on ubuntu or kubuntu14:02
d0v1kikonia have a look at this http://pastebin.com/ZUhv2Gsg14:03
shcherbakwiijii: not really, one more moment14:03
weecolcan anyone recommend large fonts on ubuntu or kubuntu14:04
ikoniad0v1k: not seen that before14:05
d0v1klook like this problem is with accesslog14:05
d0v1kam following this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/openldap-server.html14:06
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ikoniad0v1k: I'm not sure it is accesslog, more a conflict in the schema, I "think" access log is just the one "after" the conflict14:07
shcherbakwiijii: Not sure, but you may talk about this one: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/102384/using-vims-tabs-like-buffers14:07
weecoldoes anyone know how to enlarge the fonts in ubuntu14:07
shcherbakweecol: Yes, do you use gnome or kde?14:08
Kartagisif I am getting dict_nis_init: NIS domain name not set - NIS lookups disabled in /var/log/mail.log, do I need to enable server or client?14:08
d0v1kok let me check it nicely14:09
weecolwhat's the solution to each for my knowledge14:09
wiijiishcherbak Really appreciate your help, but I've read that already :-) No worries, I'll just have to switch between buffers I suppose!14:09
shcherbakweecol: hm, feel a bit blind here, themes setting?14:09
weecolusing mag on windows14:10
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weecolchat to me on my linux side14:11
bigmahatmahi. My internal mic doesn't seem to work. Any help?14:13
jjpbigmahatma: mic as in NIC or as in microphone ?14:14
BluesKaj!cn | wsdjeg_14:14
ubottuwsdjeg_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk14:14
Camer0nwhat do you use to read a txt file in terminal?14:14
bigmahatmajjp: microhpone14:14
jjpCamer0n: less or more14:15
BluesKajnano, Camer0n14:15
greppyCamer0n: less or vi or vim14:15
bigmahatmapreferences-sound-input sees the microphone, and the gain is set to 100%.14:15
bigmahatmasound recorder cannot record anything14:15
bigmahatmaoutput works well though14:15
Guest70768!ask |abigmahatma14:16
ubottuabigmahatma: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:16
bigmahatmaI am asking. I would need help to configure the microphone14:16
Guest70768!help |abigmahatma14:16
ubottuabigmahatma: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:16
Guest70768sorry i meant14:17
Guest70768!wait |abigmahatma14:17
ubottuabigmahatma: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:17
shcherbakCamer0n: cat, less, more, nano, vim, tail, head (use man before every of this command to get more familiar)14:17
VocabHi ! Can someone tell me what is the difference between the squashfs and the initrd ?14:17
Camer0nwhats the difference?14:17
Camer0nokay thanks14:17
shcherbakCamer0n: like: man cat14:17
JohnDoe234hello. I am trying to limit the overall download rate and upload rate on my linux machine using tc but I can't figure how to do this. All the tutorials that I have read are limiting on a per-port or traffic type, but none of them showed me how to do this globally. Can you help me with an example? Thank you in advance14:17
bigmahatmaGuest70768: please.. I am writing all the symptoms. I'm not repeating myself. Do you want me to write them all in one signle line?14:18
ssnhi guys14:18
elijahhas anyone here run Rosetta Language software on Ubuntu with Wine?14:18
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sliktshow can I use apt-get without network? i.e., where can I read about preparing a package with its dependencies on an internet connected machine to be installed on an offline machine14:19
ssni have a weird problem with sound. there is no sound at all, although gnome mixer and alsamixer show every channel as unmuted14:19
shcherbakJohnDoe234: you could just monitor tx value in ifconfig, and hook up this to script blocking traffic in iptables or putting interface down.14:19
ssncan anyone help me?14:19
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sliktsnvm, managed to google for "apt-get offline"14:20
Kartagiswhat do do if I am getting dict_nis_init: NIS domain name not set - NIS lookups disabled in /var/log/mail.log?14:20
weecoljust turned down the resolution14:20
bigmahatmaPlease help me configuring my internal microphone. Preferences->sound->input sees the microphone, and the gain is set to 100%. Sound recorder cannot record anything. Alsamixer seems fine, and its volumes are ok. I just added this line to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf: options snd-hda-intel model=laptop-amic. Nothing changes. Please help.14:20
saal7193how do i access libquartz-java after installing it? i typed libquartz-java in terminal and it says 'command not found'14:21
weecoldo bug squad get paid14:21
bigmahatmaGuest70768: can you maybe help me?14:21
erUSUL!info libquartz-java14:21
ubottulibquartz-java (source: libquartz-java): open source job scheduling system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.6-1 (maverick), package size 797 kB, installed size 904 kB14:21
pythonIs anyone familiar with SSH, Trying to run SSH for the first time and its saying Connect to host IPAddress Port 22 Connection Refused14:22
pythonIs there a Config file I need to modify14:22
bigmahatmapython: you should enable the ssh daemon on the server14:22
pythonTo Start it then would the command be service sshd start14:23
bigmahatmapython: I guess so, yes14:24
jabo5360If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated14:24
jabo5360I just upgraded to 11.04 beta, think it will work fine, but when it boots at this point I don't get the grub boot loader it starts to go right into Ubunto, prob to finish the upgrade, but my monitor reports "H.V Frequency Over Range" and I cant do anything, is there a file I can edit or something?14:24
shcherbakpython: try: (on server), sudo netstat -tulp, and ssh
saal7193if i install libquartz-java, shouldnt it start when i type 'libquartz=java'?14:24
pythonTried it and says sshd unrecongnized command, Alright I'll try that now14:25
VocabHi ! Can someone tell me what is the difference between the squashfs and the initrd ?14:25
ssni have a weird problem with sound. there is no sound at all, although gnome mixer and alsamixer show every channel as unmuted14:25
shcherbakpython: sudo service ssh restart14:25
Guest70768Bigmahatma: for sure i can help you14:26
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:26
erUSULVocab: apple to oranges comparision imho14:26
pythonwhen I tried sudo netstat -tulp then it brings up ports but not port 22, and when I try ssh then says connection refused14:26
bigmahatmaGuest70768: so please help me instead of waisting my time with this14:26
Guest70768yes but where is your question bigmahatma14:27
shcherbakpython: one more: sudo service ssh start14:27
pythonsudo service ssh restart brings up unrecongnized service, Does that mean ssh isnt installed14:27
kruxpython: do what shcherbak said you had sshd << it's ssh14:27
VocaberUSUL: maybe but I don't find any good definitions :/14:27
shcherbakpython: Looks like this, try: locate sshd14:27
bigmahatmaGuest70768: Please help me configuring my internal microphone. Preferences->sound->input sees the microphone, and the gain is set to 100%. Sound recorder cannot record anything. Alsamixer seems fine, and its volumes are ok. I just added this line to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf: options snd-hda-intel model=laptop-amic. Nothing changes. Please help.14:27
pythonThought SSH comes with ubuntu, theres a config file in /etc/ssh/ssh_conf14:28
debd how can I mount a partition in the terminal?14:28
Guest70768bigmahatma what operating system14:28
shcherbakpython: or: which sshd14:28
bigmahatmaubuntu 10.0414:28
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ssni have a weird problem with sound. there is no sound at all, although gnome mixer and alsamixer show every channel as unmuted14:28
ssni have a weird problem with sound. there is no sound at all, although gnome mixer and alsamixer show every channel as unmuted14:28
damno how can I mount a partition in the terminal?14:28
Guest70768bigmahatma try to upgrade to ubuntu 10.04 or better 11.0414:28
pythonwhich sshd brings up nothing exit status of 114:28
Guest70768then it should work ! :)14:28
erUSULVocab: squashfs is a filesystem like the name suggest just like ext* xfs jfs fat ntfs and a dozen others. it is compressed and optimized for flash storage ( the one found in gadgets like routers etc )14:29
shcherbakpython: No /etc/ssh/ssh.conf is for client sshd.conf for server14:29
erUSULVocab: initrd is different thing all together14:29
damno how can I mount a partition in the terminal?14:29
bigmahatmaGuest70768: what exactly is you're doing on this channel?14:29
bhearsumis there a way to open up a second instance of an application with Unity? Eg, I want to open up gnome-terminal on a separate desktop via Launcher14:29
VocaberUSUL: so squasfs is the filesystem installed by the LiveCD when you choose "Install Ubuntu" ?14:30
Picibigmahatma: I suggest asking again, and getting a second opinion on that.  You shouldn't need to upgrade to get that to work.14:30
pythono so, the basic installation of ubuntu just comes with the client to interact with ssh server which needs to be on computer to ssh into14:30
pythonso need to locate sshd package and install it14:30
jabo5360I just upgraded to 11.04 beta, think it will work fine, but when it boots at this point I don't get the grub boot loader it starts to go right into Ubunto, prob to finish the upgrade, but my monitor reports "H.V Frequency Over Range" and I cant do anything, is there a file I can edit or something?14:30
erUSULVocab: no squashfs is used by the cd itself14:30
PiciGuest70768: If you don't know the answer to a question being asked here, please don't give random advice, its fine to say that you don't know.14:30
Picijabo5360 : Natty/11.04 is not yet released. Please join #ubuntu+1 for further support and discussion.14:30
erUSULVocab: when you install it will use ext414:30
ssni have a weird problem with sound. there is no sound at all, although gnome mixer and alsamixer show every channel as unmuted14:31
jabo5360K thanks14:31
bigmahatmaPici: don't worry, I'm not taking Guest70768 into consideration. I'm not going to upgrade14:31
Vocab:s ..14:31
gnugrdamno: " sudo fdisk -l "14:31
VocaberUSUL: if I unpack squashfs it looks like the filesystem installed !14:31
damnognugr: that gives the partition table14:32
erUSULVocab: well all linux installs look alike14:32
erUSULVocab: evenm one that runs from a cdrom14:32
erUSUL!fhs | Vocab14:32
ubottuVocab: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier14:32
erUSULfile hierarchy *standar*14:32
VocabHa ok !14:32
damno how can I mount a partition from the terminal? and evoke my internet connectn on eth0 from the terminal?14:33
VocaberUSUL: I was thinking that on a LiveCD : the "live" mode uses the squashfs in RAM etc.... and the "install mode" installes the squashfs on a ext3 fs thanks to unionfs14:33
pythondamn0 run sudo fdisk -l14:33
pythonthen mkdir in /media/HardDrive14:33
pythonthen mount /dev/"" to /media/harddrive14:34
erUSULVocab: the live uses aufs2 ( iirc ) over the squashfs14:34
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shcherbakpython: Can you do me a favour?14:34
bfrihi all can anyone help me with missing BOOTMGR on startup?14:35
bigmahatmaGuest70768: Please help me configuring my internal microphone. Preferences->sound->input sees the microphone, and the gain is set to 100%. Sound recorder cannot record anything. Alsamixer seems fine, and its volumes are ok. I just added this line to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf: options snd-hda-intel model=laptop-amic. Nothing changes. Please help.14:35
VocaberUSUL: ok but you agree that if I unpack the squashfs, modify it, then repack it and reburn an iso, after installing the OS, this one will be impacted by my modifs !14:35
shcherbakpython: try this: shch<TAB> in your irc client , you can add "is awesome" to please me.14:36
erUSULVocab: probably14:36
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility14:36
pythonshcherbak, Is awesome14:36
BluesKajbfri, hold the shift key down when booting , grub boot menu should appear after about 15secs14:36
perlsyntaxHow can i get a usb hardrive to and boot up?14:37
bfribluekaj: its not working14:37
perlsyntaxwell it work:)14:37
bfribluekaj: its a dell if that matters14:38
bfriblueskaj: its a dell if that matters14:38
BluesKajbfri, what are you getting on the scrn ?14:38
bfriblueskaj: bootmgr is missing press ctrl+alt+del to restart14:39
pythonbfri need to use livecd14:39
bfripython: i have a start up usb14:40
BluesKajbfri, did you just install windows after installing ubuntu?14:40
shcherbakpython: sudo apt-get install openssh-server to get server14:40
damnoI'm sorry, did anyone give me a rply?14:40
damno how can I mount a partition from the terminal? and evoke my internet connectn on eth0 from the terminal?14:40
bfriblueskaj: no i was trying to do that14:40
piszudamno: mount14:40
pythonscherbak Thanks I'll try that and see if I can get it up and going14:40
bullgard4What is a simple method to switch off and on Avahi  on my laptop computer which I am using at Linux meetings too?14:40
meganerddamno: your ethernet connection should already be up14:40
bfriblueskaj: then on what i thought was a reformat resulted in this14:40
BluesKajbfri, how far di you get with the windows install ?14:41
bfriBlueskaj: cant be certain but obviously not all the way14:41
fillayuI'm installing ruby on rails. And I need execute the command bundle. But it doesn't work. Any soft should I install?14:41
BluesKajbfri, what di you reformat?14:41
meganerddamno: "sudo mount /dev/sdX /somewhere/on/your/filesystem" should mount a disk.  You might want to be a little more specific14:41
damnomeganerd:  it is now. but am asking how to evoke it from terminal14:42
meganerddamno: it depends, static IP or DHCP?14:42
bfriblueskaj: i was gonna just upgrade to 10.04 but on a fresh install wiping out the harddrive14:42
meganerddamno: or wireless?14:42
damnomeganerd: i want to login in a txt only mode and mount my drives as normally its done when i open a drive14:42
damnomeganerd:  static. wired.14:43
pythondamno you could disable gdm14:43
toffcan any body help me in doing mac based auth using freeradius?14:43
Camer0nhow do I give virtualbox it's own ip with ubuntu server??14:43
BluesKajbfri, so you fnished the 10.04 install , correct?14:43
toffi have done settings as per http://wiki.freeradius.org/Mac-Auth14:43
meganerddamno: "sudo ip addr add dev eth0" is an example14:43
bfriblueskaj: no it didnt finnish14:43
toffbut while connecting the server is ignoring my request14:43
meganerddamno: "sudo dhclient eth0" for dhcp14:43
bfriblueskaj: and i cant be sure where it stoped cause i stepped away14:44
damnopython: you know txt only installation?14:44
damnomeganerd: thanks14:44
meganerddamno: what drives did you want mounted?  USB or internal ones?14:44
damnomeganerd: intenal14:44
boomtopperHi when I run gvim from gnome-terminal then do :echo $PATH. It shows the correct full $PATH as i've added onto the path with .bashrc. If I run gvim from gnome by double clicking on a txt file then echo the path it doesn't have the extra bits added to the path?14:45
meganerddamno: are you planning on not running a GUI at all (eg. like the default server install)14:45
damnomeganerd: I just want to use my martitions in a text only mode14:45
roadwarriorI am trying to install 11.04 Beta 1 but my locale got screwed up and now its arabic or something and I cant go back past the where are you screen to change to something usable..14:45
damnomeganerd: partitions14:45
meganerddamno: most of the partitions should be mounted at boot, if they are not the file you are interested in is /etc/fstab14:45
BluesKajbfri, ok, well the best thing is reformat to ext4 , and if it's an older pc then the alternate install pc might be what you need if the live cd install wouldn't finish14:46
toffcan any body help me in doing mac based auth using freeradius?14:46
meganerddamno: instead of specifying the device (eg. /dev/sdb2), have a look at /dev/disk/by-uuid, the /etc/fstab can mount based on the UUID, in case the device name changes.  This is also handy for mounting a USB or other removable device in the same place14:47
damnomeganerd: in my normal ubu installation (gui) I have to mount the drives necessary by opening them. otherwise they cant be accessed in oy\ther apps , say a torrent client14:47
toffi have done settings as per http://wiki.freeradius.org/Mac-Auth14:47
toffhey guys14:47
meganerddamno: OK, if you want them to always be mounted, then /etc/fstab is what you want to edit14:47
roadwarrioranyone has a clue?14:48
ScuniziIs there anything in the repo's that will either open or convert DXF files?14:48
BluesKaj!alternate | bfri14:48
ubottubfri: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal14:48
bullgard4roadwarrior: Ask in #ubuntu+114:48
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bfriblueskaj: thats the thing im stuck on that bootmgr screen.  i cant reformat i cant do anything but restart and go into bios14:49
damnomeganerd: what should i give as the mount points?  /media/drive uuid  ?14:49
meganerddamno: whatever you want.  You are not limited to /mnt or /media14:49
meganerddamno: you have to create the mount point first, which is only a directory14:49
Scunizidamno: /media it typically where you mount things of your own.  Just create a directory name that you want there.14:50
meganerddamno: you could create a /torrents folder, then mount one of the partitions to that if you really wanted to.14:50
HyperShockbfri: they're telling you to make an alternate cd using the ubuntu alternate iso and reinstall on your comp using that, since it is text based vs gui based it will actually complete the install and you'll get past this road block you are experiencing now.14:50
bfriblueskaj: i can do this from a usb right?14:50
meganerddamno: what I do is put non standard stuff in /opt, that is just my way of organizing things.14:50
eurofordhi there14:51
BluesKajbfri, read my post above about alternate-cd , you're obviously on a diff pc so DL the alternare-cd and burn it14:51
eurofordI'm developing a gwibber plugin for Sina14:51
eurofordI meet a package problem14:51
eurofordSina has some icon file, and how could add them to the gwibber package?14:51
FloodBot2euroford: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:51
bfriblueskaj: i got you but it has no cd drive14:51
BluesKajbfri, you can from usb if you're bios allows14:51
bfriblueskaj: it does14:52
Camer0nis there anyway to view internet pages on ubuntu server14:52
HyperShockbfri: sounds like you are installing to a netbook, no problem again, on the good pc, download the alternate-cd, burn it, open it on the good pc, use the usb-creator that is there, done.14:52
icerootCamer0n: lynx, w3m14:52
damnoScunizi: meganerd:  all i want is to use my prtitions from the terminals, when they are not yet mounted. I think editing fstab is the best idea.  Thanks.14:52
meganerdCamer0n: install links214:52
bfrihypershock: right ok14:53
BluesKajthe live-cd/usb should have worked in your case , if the pc allows it, bfri14:53
bfriblueskaj:  so this alternative ubuntu is just command line ?14:53
meganerddamno: you can mount them manually by typing "sudo mount /dev/sdXN /path/to/mount", but /etc/fstab can do this automatically for you at boot.14:53
HyperShockbfri: it actually uses intelligent text based menus (using ansi)14:54
meganerdbfri: it is still menu driven14:54
BluesKaj!alternate |bfri14:54
ubottubfri: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal14:54
damnomeganerd:  yes thats possible. but I have to make the dirs 1st where I want to mount14:54
eurofordI'm developing a gwibber plugin for Sina14:54
meganerddamno: yes, that is correct14:54
bfrimeganerd: ok well im gonna give it a shot14:55
eurofordI meet a package problem14:55
elijahIf I get a new laptop with 8 GB ram do I need to install 64bit Ubuntu to make use of it all?14:55
bfriblueskaj hypershock meganerd: thanks14:55
eurofordSina has some icon file, and how could add them to the gwibber package?14:55
damnomeganerd: better mount all the partitions at bootup :)14:55
* HyperShock smiles at bfri14:55
bullgard4What is a simple method to switch off and on Avahi  on my laptop computer which I am using at Linux meetings too?14:55
damnoHyperShock: how didi you smile??14:55
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meganerddamno: if that makes sense to do so :)14:56
jonzelijah: Yepp14:56
HyperShock'/me <verb> <rest of sentence>14:56
elijahjonz: thx14:56
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* meganerd grins like and idiot14:56
damnomeganerd: will you see my post at   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1727385       ?14:57
meganerdwell that did not work out14:57
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* HyperShock looks at meganerd and notes him down for a gold star!14:57
elijahDoes Ubuntu 32 bit have a max memory usage of 3-4 GB like Win 32?14:57
Camer0nwhats the command to find your ip address14:57
jonzcamer0n: man ifconfig :)14:58
elijahCamer0n: That is only internal ip not external14:58
meganerdelijah: yes14:58
macoCamer0n: or "ip a" if ou want something more...compact14:58
HyperShockelijah: yes and no, yes, but it will install a driver that accesses the excess ram, so that makes it a no.14:58
macoCamer0n: and also guaranteed to be available even with very minimal installs (ifconfig is only on full installs)14:58
meganerdelijah: PAE can sometimes get around this, but the short short answer is yes14:58
elijahmeganerd: and HyperShock: so it is better to just run 64bit?14:58
Camer0nthanks maco14:59
meganerdelijah: why not?14:59
elijahmeganerd: I thought there were still issues with 64bit anything...14:59
HyperShockelijah: considering the annoying flash issue has been fixed there is no reason i can think of that you would not want to run 64 bit14:59
elijahHyperShock: Good to know!14:59
meganerdCamer0n: ideally you want to use ip <command>, but it is a good idea to know how to use both ifconfig and ip14:59
* HyperShock nods at elijah.15:00
meganerdelijah: perhaps in some edge cases, like flash15:00
damnomeganerd: will you see my post at   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1727385       ?  I got no replies :(15:00
westmiwhy is 10 of my updates blocked?15:00
westmiI did not block them15:00
meganerddamno: sorry, I had a look.  I am pretty good on the CLI, but have never used conky15:00
damnomeganerd: ok, thanks.15:01
HyperShockwestmi: its because you have incomplete package installations, so while the updater wants to, it doesn't dare do so until it knows for sure.15:01
westmiso how can I fix it?15:02
westmior, can I fix it?15:02
HyperShockwestmi: a simple 'sudo apt-get autoremove' will drastically change what that updater will say, not to mention tweaking your repos.15:02
HyperShockwestmi: nothing to fix really15:03
HyperShockwestmi: unlike that other OS, no black hole is going to open up and allow malevolent entities into your system.15:03
HyperShockresult 1: test completed.15:04
sliktshow can I find out the ubuntu version if it's not shown in uname -a?15:05
HyperShockslikts: click system->about ubuntu15:05
ehwslikts: or "lsb_release -a"15:05
sipiorslikts: "lsb_release -a"15:05
damnois pulse audio better than alsa?15:06
sipiorsorry, echo :-)15:06
meganerdslikts: the CLI version is "cat /etc/lsb-release"15:06
meganerddamno: pulse sits on top of alsa, so it is really not the right question15:06
HyperShockdamno: pulse uses alsa15:06
ljsoftnethow do i connect my netbook to my celphone using bluetooth?15:06
meganerddamno: pulse is easier for developers to work with15:06
LjLljsoftnet: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothDialup (might be old, haven't checked it in a while)15:07
HyperShockljsoftnet: if both devices have bluetooth, then you can use the bluetooth configuration in your system config menu15:07
HyperShockljsoftnet: other than that you'll be limited to using duct-tape.15:07
damnomeganerd:  in the mailing list I heard pulse gives "awesome" sound15:07
damnomeganerd: some ppl do say so.15:08
meganerddamno: well, alsa is still what is talking to the sound card, so unless they are doing additional processing to the sound, I can't imagine how15:08
HyperShockdamno: do you need "awesome" sound? ie, is the sound you are experiencing somehow not awesome enough?15:08
Guest70768!ask | damno15:09
ubottudamno: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:09
meganerddamno: I get awesome sound when I don't use the crappy, noisy, internal soundcard on any of my PCs15:09
The_Pugilistanyone care to guess why on my home server which is running debian squeeze (with no monitor/keyboard/mouse attached) the grub timer decides not to work and my computer will not restart unless i plug in a keyboard and push enter a few times to select the boot item?15:09
meganerddamno: I also have pretty good headphones.  This is a really deep rabbit hole to get into :)15:09
Guest70768!debian | The_Pugilist15:09
ubottuThe_Pugilist: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!15:09
damnoHyperShock: the only regert with alsa is that I cant have specific sound effects like in the realtek audio mixer15:10
HyperShockdamno: are we making music?15:10
meganerddamno: sure you can, it is just a little more complicated.  What exactly are you trying to do?15:10
The_Pugilistunderstood, although this problem existed when i had ubuntu installed as well15:10
sliktsehw, sipior, meganerd: thanks15:10
sliktsHyperShock: click on your mom15:11
damnoHyperShock: nope. but its good to have a theatre like effect at your home :)15:11
HyperShockslikts: what?15:11
damnomeganerd: are you talking about alsamixer?15:11
sliktsHyperShock: i'm insulting you for using a GUI15:11
meganerddamno: no, that is just what it says, a mixer15:11
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots15:12
Makkimeganerd why cinelerra is not included in ubuntu repositories?15:12
HyperShockslikts: but that wasn't an insult, now if you had told me to use windows, then I would have been insulted.15:12
meganerdMakki: I have no idea15:12
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories15:12
HyperShockMakki: because it doesn't fit with the central goal of making a massively popular user friendly linux distribution for the general computer consumer.15:13
Makkimeganerd : cinelerra is the best video editing software in linux if i'm not wrong.15:13
damnomeganerd: I love the preset set of of effects in the realtak mixer. only if those was available with alsa15:13
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.15:14
ljsoftnetwhen i run Bluetooth Manager i get an error "Connection to Bluez failed... Bluez daemon is not running..." how do i fix this?15:14
meganerdMakki: maybe, but I don't do that sort of thing, so I don't really follow it15:14
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup15:14
MakkiHyperShock: so any alternatives you suggest15:15
meganerddamno: you do a whole lot more with jackd and jackrack, but it is a little more complicated than that windows software15:15
subramkhi there15:15
meganerddamno: that should be, you can do a whole lot more15:15
HyperShockMakki: just because it's not fitting with the goals doesn't mean you can't install and use it.15:15
ArneyIs there any way to reduce mouse lag on ubuntu? My mouse is making ubuntu almost unuseable.15:16
damnomeganerd: are those apps?15:16
MakkiHyperShock : yea but I can not install from source.15:16
subramki am facing some some problem with intel video card and by system freezes on boot15:16
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories15:16
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto15:17
subramki am not able to proceed further15:17
Pici!msgthebot | Guest7076815:17
ubottuGuest70768: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".15:17
sliktsHyperShock: I've been using vista since it was released and I still like it15:17
Guest70768!ask | pici15:17
ubottupici: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:17
subramkthe only option i have is to hard reboot the system15:17
PiciGuest70768: Stop throwing factoids at people.15:17
* HyperShock comforts slikts!15:17
sliktsHyperShock: therefore you are both pwned and trolled15:17
mesutustunhi all15:17
HyperShockslikts: nope not in the least15:18
damnomeganerd: are those apps?15:18
sliktsHyperShock: it's called denial15:18
meganerddamno: yes and no.  Jack is an audio layer that sits on top of alsa, much like pulse.  It was designed for "pro" audio types.15:18
HyperShockslikts: no its called "you are in the wrong channel"15:18
meganerddamno: there is quite a lot of power there if you want to spend the time learning it.15:18
blueghosthi, i has an idea. Do not know good or bad15:18
meganerddamno: gotta run, ciao15:19
blueghostAn idea. Can develop an application, mixing multiple sources based on different package management. Such as yum, abs, apt. A program can install the different packages. For example, a software package provided only fedora. But I want to install under ubuntu. This program can be installed from the fedora source.15:19
damnomeganerd: thanks for all your rplys. I'll try them all.15:19
blueghostAnd general source software is still installed in ubuntu15:19
gnugrMakki: "  https://launchpad.net/~cinelerra-ppa  "15:19
sliktsHyperShock: using vista on desktop doesn't mean I don't use ubuntu elsewhere15:19
Piciblueghost: Thats not really on-topic for this support channel. #ubuntu-offtopic would be a better place to discuss.15:19
HyperShockslikts: but your comments are in the wrong channel, they belong in off-topic15:20
blueghostPici:) thx15:20
Picislikts: Can we try to keep #ubuntu free for support topics, general discussion belongs in #ubuntu-offtopic ( HyperShock thanks).15:20
HyperShockor as private msgs15:20
sliktsHyperShock: the topic of topics is also meta and off-topic15:20
=== factran is now known as pvullo
ljsoftnetwhen i run Bluetooth Manager i get an error "Connection to Bluez failed... Bluez daemon is not running..." how do i fix this?15:20
=== David is now known as Guest62080
dr0idi dont understand the use of -f in tar -xvf file.tar.gz , can someone explain quick ? :)15:21
sliktsit means file15:21
Ham79I have added a disk to lvm and run resize2fs but when i run an upgrade then / still doesnt' have enough space15:21
kpettitdr0id you can use the same "tar" program to create .tgz as well as un-archive them15:22
=== cerebellum115 is now known as cerebellum
kpettityou need to specific the -f so it knows you are picking an existing file15:22
dr0idbut i am specifying the name15:22
dr0idgotcha, :D15:22
HyperShockljsoftnet: did you follow all the instructions at15:23
HyperShock!bluetooth | ljsoftnet15:23
ubottuljsoftnet: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup15:23
UnguidedHello all! I am looking to replace a windows home server with ubuntu. Total noob to linux. Should i use use ubuntu server or desktop?15:24
ArneyHow do I stop my jerky mouse... Its the only thing stopping me from actually using ubuntu15:25
ArneyMy track pad and my logitech mouse both jerk on ubuntu...15:25
BluesKajdr0id, you must specify the path to the file , if it isn't in the /home/user dir15:25
subramkcan any one help me with the graphics freeze with ubuntu15:26
MonkeyDustUnguided: http://linuxinexile.blogspot.com/2010/06/moving-to-linux.html15:26
=== CleRiK is now known as MartineZ
panda__mam problem z uruchomieniem compiz fusion15:27
Abhijithow to install clipart for libreoffice in lucid? or is that openclipart is okay?15:28
panda__wyskakuje mi komunikatze nie moga byc uruchomione efekty ekranu15:28
BlouBlou!english | panda__15:28
ubottupanda__: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList15:28
panda__czy wie ktos jak to cholerstwo uruchomic?15:28
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.15:28
bullgard4subramk: Analyze /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old . In particular grep for "EE" and report here these errors.15:29
subramkbullgard4: just a minute booting into recovery console to access the log15:30
Abhijithow to install clipart for libreoffice in lucid? or is that openclipart is okay?15:30
jiffe98is there a way with ufw to see what the default is set to (allow or deny) ?15:30
UnguidedMonkeyDust: Thanks I will check it out15:30
Abhijitjiffe98, sudo ufw status15:30
jiffe98Abhijit: that shows the rules but doesn't seem to show the default15:31
ljsoftnetHyperShock i followed it but still the same15:31
ljsoftnetwhen i run Bluetooth Manager i get an error "Connection to Bluez failed... Bluez daemon is not running..." how do i fix this?15:31
BlouBloujiffe98: then install a GUI application, like Firestarter15:31
jiffe98BlouBlou: this is on a server install, no gui15:31
Abhijitjiffe98, sudo ufw status verbose15:32
BlouBlouSame with Gufw?15:32
HyperShockljsoftnet: does your machine actually support bluetooth? (if yes) have you rebooted it.15:32
jiffe98Abhijit: gotcha that does show it15:32
ljsoftnetHyperShock wait il reboot15:32
kpettitIs there anyway to control where your windows open?  I have a dual-screen setup and hate having to open/move/adjust the common apps I'm always using15:33
gnugrAbhijit: get libreoffice from there: http://el.libreoffice.org/download/15:33
Abhijitgnugr, i dont want libreoffice. i am looking for its clipart15:33
Maucat_hello everyone15:34
subramkbullgard4: the file doesn't have enough information about the error15:34
subramkto be precise it doesn't have any information about the error15:34
BluesKaj!ask | Maucat_15:35
ubottuMaucat_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:35
Abhijithi Maucat_ ask your ubuntu question here with details on one line15:35
ljsoftnetHyperShock still nothing15:35
HyperShockgnugr: goto the libreoffice download page, download the big tar, uncompress it, one of the sub archives will be the clipart, uncompress that where you want it, delete the rest.15:35
HyperShockljsoftnet: what about your bios, does it say anything about the bluetooth? do you have a switch for turning it on if you have it.15:36
gnugrAbhijit: http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/en/search/node/clipart15:36
dostojis there some sort of config file for gnome-screensave so i can permanently disable it becoming a daemon?15:36
UnguidedCan anyone direct me to a good book to read for noobs to learn more about ubuntu?15:36
ljsoftnetHyperShock its not in the bios15:36
erUSULUnguided: ubuntupocketguide ?15:36
bullgard4subramk: Hm. May be dmesg will reveal more about this freeze.15:36
subramkfrom the recovery console i am able to access the X without any issues by typing startx15:36
Abhijitgnugr, thats openoffice one. i want for libreoffice15:37
GOMIgot a problem with shockwave ? in chrome . it doesnt want to play15:37
GOMIin midori its fine15:37
GOMIworking good15:37
GOMIalmost good15:37
UnguidederUSL: is their anything out there that can direct me on installation server vs desktop etc?15:37
subramkbullgard4: ACPI Exception: AE_NOT_FOUND, Evaluating _DOD (20110112/video-1139)15:38
Abhijitgnugr, now i am installing openclipart which is in repo. i really appreciate your effort to help. thank you.15:38
subramkbullgard4: dmesg reveled that info15:38
subramkbullgard4: let me know if you want my system info15:39
ljsoftnet when i run Bluetooth Manager i get an error "Connection to Bluez failed... Bluez daemon is not running..." how do i fix this?15:39
bullgard4subramk: This seems to be related to your problem. Please google for this error, may be in addition to your computer type. --  I personally do not know this error.15:39
HyperShockljsoftnet: if bluetooth isn't in your bios anywhere, it is highly likely you don't have bluetooth, ubuntu comes with that icon preinstalled even if you don't bluetooth, you can't make it work if you lack the hardware to do it.15:40
ljsoftnetHyperShock ok, im currently on xubuntu15:41
subramkbullgard4: okay let me give a try, i happened to me when using 10.10. Today morning i installed a fresh copy of 11.04 but still the error persists15:42
UnguidederUSUL: is their anything out there that can direct me on installation server vs desktop etc?15:42
erUSUL!install | Unguided15:42
ubottuUnguided: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate15:42
Pumpkin-hmm, why am I seeing mentions of dhclient and NetworkManager in my logs despite having a Server install and all static addressing ?15:43
=== takeshi is now known as t4k3sh1
ScuniziPumpkin-: you might also ask that in #ubuntu-server15:44
Pumpkin-ahh, its apparmour profile loads15:44
Pumpkin-strange, but not a particular issue15:44
SoulRavenplease help me how to monitor the trafic on a vpn tunnel, using cacti15:44
ubottuFor information about the AppArmor security framework employed in Ubuntu (since Gutsy Gibbon), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor15:44
bullgard4subramk: So your hardware peculiarities play a role, I guess.15:44
osseHow can I recreate what happens when I click on an unmounted drive in Nautilus in the terminal?15:44
theoshi! is there an app which can tell you how much power your system is consuming>? the mains power15:45
DotNetHello. For some months ago I installed ubuntu and encrypted the home directory. Later I formated the computer. I have some bad sectors when I check with Disc utility.  Do formating remove the encrypted home directory15:45
DotNetor is the bas sectors due to the encryption_15:45
Scuniziosse: nautilus calls a mounting script.. you'll have to type it or something similar.. sudo mount /dev/<device> /media/<directory made for that device>15:46
boomtopperHI, I've adjusted my $PATH in .bashrc and this is reflected fine when I create an instace of gnome_15:46
erUSULosse: udisks --mount /dev/sdxx15:46
boomtopper.. terminal but when I load gvim the path is invorrect.15:46
theosDotNet, you format a partition. i think formating the partition erases everything on that partition. not sure though15:46
DotNettheos ok, thanks.15:47
DotNetanyone who is sure about that formating a partition will remove the encrypted home directory_15:48
theosDotNet, you can however try to retrieve your files using testdisk if you want :)15:48
steelnwoolUnity is a 11.04 thing right?15:48
osseThanks, folks!15:48
popeyyes steelnwool15:48
DotNettheos how_15:48
subramkbullgard4: how do i find my graphics card related info?15:48
theosDotNet, maybe they are still on the disk if you didnt overwrite them. install testdisk and see15:49
DotNettheos do you know any good sofware to check a disc and know which sectors are damaged?15:49
bullgard4subramk: '~$ lspci | grep VGA'15:49
theosDotNet, windows has one. but i dont remember the name.15:50
happytweakAnyone: just did partial update that basically broke ubuntu. Got broken pipes, no load graphics, screwy graphics, no network manager, so I can't even fix it because I can't use synaptics (no wifi)15:51
HyperShocktheos: which are trying to check a linux disk or a windows disk?15:51
theosHyperShock, dont know. DotNet will tell :)15:51
subramkbullgard4: its not giving me the graphic card model etc. it just says 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)15:51
theosDotNet, your hdd manufacturer should provide diagnostic tools on its website. check them out15:52
HyperShockDotNet: which are tryhing to check? a linux or windows disk?15:52
happytweakI'm gonna hunt down the UB disk, hope someone else has been through this and can send a few pointers my way15:53
DotNettheos i need a linux software :)15:53
SoulRavenplease help me how to monitor the trafic on a vpn tunnel, using cacti15:53
=== kochankA is now known as Kochanka
HyperShockDotNet: under system->administration choose disk utility and then drive, click on smart data.15:53
ooggoocan someone point me in the right direction, i want to use launchpad to file bugs and also use single sign on and ubuntu one, where do i register to use all three.. single sign on ?15:53
theosDotNet, hmm check your manufacturer's website for diagnostic tools. ubuntu is lacking in this area afaik15:54
bullgard4subramk: Is your computer very old? I only know more meaningful output of this command.15:54
dr0idHEH HEH HEH15:54
theosDotNet, what hdd do you have? which company? model?15:55
subramkbullgard4: no upgraded it on Dec 201015:55
subramkbullgard4: mine has i5 processor and inbuilt intel video graphics card15:55
HyperShockooggoo: https://login.ubuntu.com/15:55
HyperShockthen click new user/registration15:56
karlowhen I hit the fullscreen button on youtube then it go fullscreen but there are 2 big black bars up and down, this problem is here since I have 2 monitors, any advice?15:56
ooggookarlo, file a bug15:56
DotNettheos i will check it now15:56
karloooggoo, what?15:57
DotNettheos Segate15:57
DotNettheos seagate15:57
theoskarlo, you may try choosing the right resolution and see. maybe15:57
=== blueghost is now known as blueghost_lemonh
=== blueghost_lemonh is now known as ghost_lemon
karlotheos, you mean resolution on youtube or resolution of monitpr?15:58
zeroburn-laptophay all i need help with synaptic package manager, when i try to install "gvfs-backends" it gives me error "Depends: gvfs (=1.6.0+git20100414-0ubuntu1) but 1.6.1-0ubuntu1build1 is to be installed" any ideas?15:59
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:59
bullgard4subramk: My graphic card knowledge comes to an end with your information. May be the information "00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)" is sufficient for experts. You can try to google for the dmesg error message and this "00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller...16:00
bullgard4...(rev 02)" data. May be that obtains a clue as to what configure in your computer to overcome the freeze. If not, please ask a more knowledgeable person.16:00
HyperShockkarlo: see if this site describes your problem if so it then also has the solution: http://paste.ubuntu.com/593599/16:01
Juv1228is there a system wide EQ for ALSA in ubuntu 10.1016:02
karloHyperShock, its exactly that problem, tnx :D16:02
theosDotNet, you may try downloading this http://download.seagate.com/seatools/registration.nsf/l_j_file_return?openform  there is a download button in the end16:02
HyperShockJuv1228: in shell, use alsamixer16:02
HyperShockkarlo: yw :)16:02
Juv1228id rather not use pulse as the EQ seems to do funky shit on my card16:02
Juv1228HyperShock, so no gnome version i take it?16:03
twtduckWhenever I unplug my laptop it says that the battery is critically low, but still 100%. Can anybody help?16:03
HyperShockJuv1228: i don't know, have you tried searching your software center for "mixer"?16:03
HyperShockyou might want to enable all repos too16:03
subramkbullgard4: thanks i will google it and try to solve it16:03
theosalsamixer in terminal looks like gui :)16:04
DotNettheos THanks alot but how can i runt a .rpm file_16:04
HyperShockJuv1228: try 'sudo apt-get install gnome-alsamixer' that should get you a gui16:05
twtduckcan anybody help? I got issues with the Gnome Power Manager.16:05
HyperShocktwtduck: can you be more specific?16:06
m4xxi've installed festival16:06
dostoji have no entry in startup applications for gnome-screensaver. still it runs the daemon on startup. how can i disable the daemon for gnome-screensaver?16:06
twtduckWhen i unplug my laptop it says that it only has three minutes left, but is at 100%16:07
Juv1228HyperShock, thats a plain old mixer, i am looking more for a band EQ16:07
Juv1228for treble/bass ect16:07
theosDotNet, you can try alien to install it or convert it to .deb and then install it. its something like "sudo alien -i file.rpm"16:08
karloHyperShock, I do not know how to do it x)16:08
DotNettheos ok thanks16:09
theosDotNet, you can read alien manual if you got doubts :)16:09
Camer0n123how do I give ubuntu vbox its own ip address, bridging it doesn't work16:09
DotNettheos thanks for your time. Im very grateful16:10
Juv1228Camer0n123, bridging it is how you do it, likely your just not doing it right16:10
Juv1228ubuntu host with ubuntu vm?16:10
=== Kasjopaja23 is now known as Kasjopaja
Camer0n123no, ubuntu guest windows 7 host16:11
theosDotNet, you can also pm me if you like for more help :)16:11
Camer0n123it gives it the same ip as my pc but not its own16:11
Juv1228what vm software16:11
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest77891
DotNettheos thanks :(16:11
HyperShockJuv1228: have a look at this one >> http://paste.ubuntu.com/593602/16:11
HyperShockmake sure you view the screenies before you judge it16:12
Juv1228HyperShock, i have seen that16:12
Juv1228and i actually installed that exact thing16:12
Juv1228but it was doing some funky shit16:12
IdleOneJuv1228: Please mind your language16:13
=== ccohen is now known as ChamSys
Juv1228IE extremely loud pops, buzz, screeches16:13
Juv1228Camer0n123, ive never used virtualbox on windows16:13
Juv1228but i can say for sure vmware workstation works with windows host ubuntu guest16:14
Juv1228each with their own IP on your LAN's sub16:14
OinsIs it possible to change the borderwidth for resizing of a window. My mouse is not so sensible, so i have problems to grab the border for resizing.16:14
Juv1228workstation costs a butload, but i think vmware player does almost the same thing16:15
OinsWhat i mean is the area, where the cursor change to resize icon16:15
Oinscan i expand this (virtual) area16:15
HyperShockkarlo: you'll have to download the source, get the second one, then detar that and less the readme file. which will tell you what else to do, just tread carefully and you'll make it through.16:16
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:16
m4xxive installed festival on my ubuntu server 10.04 box, installed the init.d script and /etc/defaults/festival, yet when i run the festival init.d script, it either doesn't start or doesn't stay running16:17
m4xxi dont see anything in logs16:17
ks07Hey all, in /etc/sudoers I've added a NOPASSWD: line for a shell script which works fine - However, It doesnt if I give the script any parameters. How can I let them use sudo /path/to/script.sh <any param> ?16:18
BluesKaj!info unp16:18
ubottuunp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0~pre4 (maverick), package size 13 kB, installed size 100 kB16:18
m4xx!info festival16:19
ubottufestival (source: festival): General multi-lingual speech synthesis system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.0.95~beta-2ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 894 kB, installed size 2612 kB16:19
BluesKajks07, perhaps using an alias in ~/.bashrc to invoke the script which includes the path16:20
Kartagishow can I set a NIS domain name? I want to get rid of warning: dict_nis_init: NIS domain name not set - NIS lookups disabled message16:21
pr0tonhas anybody on 10.04 noticed the new chrome update, asks for an updated version of flash?16:23
pr0tonbefore executing anything16:23
pr0tonit's pretty annoying, also flash is not easily updatable16:23
pr0toni dont want to build from source or anything16:24
ks07BluesKaj, sorry, I don't quite understand. :p I need a user to be able to use sudo ~/add.sh <anything> without a password. Currently they can do sudo add.sh without a password, but if they do something such as sudo add.sh test , it asks for a password16:24
Kartagis!sudoers | ks0716:25
* ks07 waits16:25
gedOHi guys16:25
Kartagisks07: man sudoers16:25
ks07I shall have a read16:26
PudabudigadaHello, I'm looking for a program to write hard disk images, any suggestions? The software centre doesn't seem to turn anything up.16:26
PudabudigadaHello, I'm looking for a program to write hard disk images, any suggestions? The software centre doesn't seem to turn anything up.16:26
Kartagisks07: but beware, it could be pretty dangerous to give out sudo access without password16:26
KartagisPudabudigada: genisoimage16:27
rumpe1Pudabudigada, dd  (old-school magic wand)16:27
gp5stso, me being dumb just deleted a bunch of old log files.  anyway to get them back? ext4 fs16:28
gedOGuys, I need your help. I have to write paper at university. My paper's title is Linux VS Windows. Can you say how I could compare linux and windows?? Can name books good to this title?16:28
aeon-ltdgedO: security.16:28
idefixI wish some hot woman would ask me to marry her16:28
Pumpkin-did you pick the papers title ?16:28
idefixhot and rich16:28
gp5stgedO: what are you compaing?16:28
ccvvcchow can i do that http://pastebin.com/2snA8dT716:28
ks07ah ty Kartagis, this should work16:29
gedOaeon-ltd: Can you name some books for this?16:29
gedOgp5st: I can compare anything16:29
gedOgp5st: security, user interfaces, anything16:29
aeon-ltdgedO: nope but the structure alone should be worth writing about, or if you can go off the technical side i'd reccommend writing about how communities has helped linux grow16:30
gp5stgedO: that's not a paper, that's a multi volume treaties:-p16:30
gp5styou have to pick something16:30
BluesKajgedO, that's avery general wide ranging question , why not google "Linux vs Windows" ..see what comes up16:30
gedOso I'm looking for a hook to start16:30
gedOGuys, can you say how windows user interface are calle??(Windows XP)16:31
BluesKajgedO, security and filesystems would be a good start16:31
Dark_Star1Hello.. Somehow I got Samaba to banjax the 10.10 setup I have. I'd like to know if there's a way, short of re-installing, to revert back to the initial state ?16:31
gedOBluesKaj, Thx. Can yuoou name some good books for this?16:32
aeon-ltdgedO: wait a better idea, how about its modulability-ness16:32
nicolausIm doing a networks project and i need to find out some information about Ubuntu servers can someone help me get some info like the specs to use and some difinitions plz?16:32
gp5stgedO: you need a specific topic16:32
gedOaeon-ltd, This is greate too. I think aabout this :)16:32
aeon-ltdgedO: heh, though i don't modulability-ness is a word.... yet.16:33
gp5sthow user interface affects the ability to do blank. or guiding principles in the user interface16:33
gedOgp5st, Yes.I know. So I'm looking for one16:33
aeon-ltdI COINED IT FIRST!!!!!!11!!! modulability-ness16:33
gp5stwell, what interests you?16:33
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:34
aeon-ltdnicolaus: the specifications (minimum, though you can push it a little) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements#Ubuntu%20Server%20%28CLI%29%20Installation16:35
airtonixevolution is forgetting my mail passwords when returning from "suspend to ram" ... T_T16:35
gedOThx guys. Now going to think about all thys topics you tell me16:35
GOMIhow can i use DSTAT to write my processes to a file , so that i can see what causing my pc to shutdown16:36
thinkpadQuestion: My samba domain controller will not serve up scripts upon login, and acts very slow when not connected to the Internet. Once the net connection comes back up, everything is fine. Anyone know why this may be happening?16:36
GOMIi need a line for a script16:36
Scunizik3b doesn't recognize my cd/dvd for burning (but use to), Nautilus will open a udf or closed cd with data and allow access so the drive works.. what could be the issue?16:37
GOMInohup dstat -c -m  > filename                           <------ is this good ?16:37
airtonixthinkpad: #ubuntu-server16:38
thinkpadairtonix, thnaks ill try there16:39
m4xxapparently festival.scm needs to be in /etc/ not /usr/share/festival/16:39
m4xxapparently festival.scm needs to be in /etc/ not /usr/share/festival/16:40
m4xxthanks all =]16:40
Picim4xx: Sorry we couldn't be of more help.16:40
m4xxit's cool16:40
henry_I'm trying to make a drag and drop .sh file, what's the keyword/placeholder/whatchamacall it that I need to put in place of something in the script that I want to pass to script what ever the filename of the thing that's dropped on the .sh is16:40
jan__i'm searching a programm to read the sms on my umts-sim card in my thinkpad16:40
m4xxi just wanted to at least post the answer if chan is logged16:40
m4xxlater =]16:41
GOMIi tried this dstat -c -m  >> checklist &16:41
hwilde$ alsamixer  -  cannot open mixer: No such file or directory     HELP16:41
genii-aroundhenry_: $1 probably16:41
GOMIhopes its good16:41
mbeierlhenry_: #bash might be a better place to ask, but I'd agree with genii-around that $1 (or $@ for all of them..) would be it16:42
bhaveshI want to install BRUG, in a tutorial at http://linux-software-news-tutorials.blogspot.com/2010/06/burgbeautify-your-bootloader.html#comment-form they tell I have to use this command sudo burg-install "(hd0)" .Should it be hd0 or anything other depending on my drive?16:42
henry_#bash came to mind right after hitting enter :P16:42
PudabudigadaKartagis, rumpe1  Thanks16:42
bhaveshand how can I find it?16:42
Kartagishow can I set a NIS domain name? I want to get rid of warning: dict_nis_init: NIS domain name not set - NIS lookups disabled message16:43
bhaveshI mean from a tutorial*16:43
BluesKajaeon-ltd, adding  -ness after a word doesn't change the meaning od words ending in -ability, they mean the same thing16:43
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hwilde$ alsamixer  -  cannot open mixer: No such file or directory     HELP16:45
BluesKajhwilde, install alsa-base and alsa-utils16:45
henry_genii-around, mbeierl: it worked16:45
hwildeBluesKaj, done.16:45
mbeierlhenry_: yay :)16:46
hwildeBluesKaj, also upgraded alsa to latest 1.0.2316:46
henry_I don't get a notification when it's done doing what I want it to do though, but I guess I'll live16:46
bhaveshanyone has installed BRUG here?16:46
brightsparkHow do I remove old keyboard layouts from the menu that shows up when I click my picture at the login screen?16:46
BluesKajhwilde, lspci | grep -i audio16:47
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hwildeBluesKaj, 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High Definition Audio (rev 06)16:48
BluesKaj!intelhd | hwilde16:48
PudabudigadaKartagis, rumpe1  geniso seems to be CD images only, and dd a reder.16:48
Pudabudigada* reader16:49
hwildeSorry, I don't know anything about intelhd16:49
ubottuFor fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto16:49
OinsAre there alternatives to the system monitoring tool conky ?16:49
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KartagisPudabudigada: dd is also an image creator16:49
voshhello people of ubuntu16:49
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Kartagis!hi | vosh16:50
acer__jest tu ktos16:50
PudabudigadaKartagis, I want to write an image to a USB attached PATA drive.16:50
ScuniziOins: sure.. one is "system Monitor" .. right click a panel and "add" then look for system monitor.. there are also other options in synaptic16:50
insanity99hey guys, i installed trine from the .ren included from humble bundle pack but i i click launch nothing happens16:50
KartagisPudabudigada: you can use dd16:50
Kartagisman dd16:50
EnissayHow can I add new fonts for figlet please?16:51
ScuniziEnissay: what figlet?16:51
OinsScunizi: No what i mean is a tool which display the results on my desktop16:51
PudabudigadaOk, thanks. The help file is unclear though, is there a full manual online?16:51
acer__zna ktos program w stylu gg na ubuntu16:51
KartagisEnissay: copy them to ~/.fonts16:51
theoshi! is there an app which can tell you how much power your system is consuming>? the mains power16:51
ScuniziOins: look in synaptic.. perhaps gdesklets etc.. and others16:51
Kartagis!gr | acer__16:52
ubottuacer__: #ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes16:52
Kartagistheos: look at gkrellm16:52
Scunizitheos: the only real way is to put a monitor on the AC power plug16:52
rumpe1Pudabudigada, many manuals and tutorials... dd is a very mighty tool16:52
varunhey guys16:52
ScuniziOins: gkrellm is another16:52
varuni m new here16:52
Guest70768need help16:53
EnissayScunizi, http://www.figlet.org/figlet-man.html16:53
Kartagis!ask | Guest7076816:53
ubottuGuest70768: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:53
theosdont ask to ask. just ask the right question for the right answer :)16:53
novitololohi :)16:53
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WeThePeopleis there a way to access the system tray without right clicking on the icons16:53
=== enoex|away is now known as enoex
gerihi, how can i switch off the acceleration of my graphic card?16:54
WeThePeopleor left clicking16:54
lampe2hey i got natty runing and when i wanne start ccsm is crashes !?16:54
gerihi, how can i switch off the acceleration of my graphic card ...in ubuntu 10!?16:54
ScuniziEnissay: thanks.. basically an ascii type print or similar.. in the man page it says to put .flf fonts for figlet in the figlet font directory.. must be a different directory from ~.fonts by the look of it.. and a different font file format16:55