pkmajumder2011anybody here?06:21
aztekhow to play video in backtrack?14:01
Qui___Good evening21:17
Qui___"enable the component called 'universe'"21:19
Qui___I cant find the component called universe in Synaptic Package Manager21:20
PiciIts not a package. It should be an option in your software sources.21:20
Qui___im not a advanced User, can you help me fix it?21:21
PiciQui___: I'm not sure I remember where the software sources menu lives nowadays, it used to be in System>Administration>Software Sources21:22
PiciQui___: If you don't see it, I suggest asking in #ubuntu, where there are more active people.21:23
PiciI'm mostly a terminal user, sorry.21:23
Qui___ok. Thanks for your time21:25

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